Sebewa Recollector
Items of Genealogical Interest

Volume 28 Number 6
Transcribed by LaVonne I. Bennett

     LaVonne has received permission from Grayden Slowins to edit and submit Sebewa Recollector items of genealogical interest, from the beginning year of 1965 through current editions.

THE SEBEWA RECOLLECTOR Bulletin of the Sebewa Center Association,
JUNE 1993, Volume 28, Number 6.

Submitted with written permission of Editor Grayden D. Slowins:



We want William H. Pryer to be Administrator of all our Property. (Editorís Note: All spelling & punctuation is as in original.)
ďEMILY is to have the work table up stairs and the Table in our room A Dresser A Chair in the parlor A rocking Chair one Feather-bed pillows and some of the beding Pa Bible that Aunt Hanah gave to him and the Server that was his Motherís My Pasley Shall and some of my Clothes my little Chair A Temperance picture that Libbie gave to me in our room.

WILLIAM is to have the Book Case and all the Books except the two Bibles his Fathers picture and the Easel the three Graces A picture Pa Grange Deploma and the Declaration of Independence our Marridge Certific and the frame with the family in it Dick Nickerson family Picture.

CHARLIE is to have the Table in the parlor one of the Dressers Mannie and Laura picture that is framed his Father Upholster Chair that he sets in the piece of work that my Mother worked that is framed the yarn Rug that Aunt Frank made for me in the parlor the two pictures of the fuit the Cottn Mattress and the one in the front room. I want Alelia to have part of my Clothes and some of the beding.

SYLVESTER is to have the Rocking Chair in the parlor and the Beaura that Pa made Libbie Picture that is framed Mr. Fishell family picture that is framed and the half Dossen Chair in the Parlor.

FRANK is to have the Upholstered Rocking Chair in the Parlor and the Looking Glass his and Mannie Picture belong to him Pa and mine and little Mannie I gave to him when they were taken his and Mannie that is framed together My Bible I want Frank to have the Pickel Factory is for Frank it is framed. Stell is to have the Referator and my willow chair.

MANNIE (MARY) is to have one of the Feather-beds and pillows some of the beding my work Box and the Red Stool and Cushon on it. Welter (Wellington) wants his house that is framed I told him he could have it

TOMMY is to have the table that Pa gave to him A long time ago that little knife of Pa the large picture of Jackson that is framed up stairs and Washington Tomb that is framed.

BLANCH is to have the organ her Father and Mother and hers and Tommys picture that is framed and our family picture that is framed my Silver Cake dish and Butter dish there is two Silver Teas Spoons and two Knifes and Forks give them to Blanch.

RAY is to have that little Stooll that Pa made for me before we were married in the parlor and the Banner that his Aunt Marry painted for me.

Pa said Vet & Frank must not be hurry up to pay what they owe must give them time.
If any of the family wants our house when we are done with it they are to have it for 12 Hundred.
The Carpets and Rugs and the Dishes divide Among you all the Silver Knieves and forks the same and Tea spoons and Table spoons the rest of the Chairs to Frank and Charlie what ever else there is each A share Pa and I have talked it over and made up our minds that each one of Libbie Boyes are to have one hundred Dol A piece.
Signed: Thos Pryer & Cornelia Pryer
Witnessed: Herbert Tubbs & Grace Tubbs.

THOMAS PRYER, born in New York City, #1 Cherry St, corner of Peach St, at end of present Brooklyn Bridge, September 23, 1820, died in Portland, MI, January 28, 1906, son of Mary Inglis & Merselus Pryer, born in New York 1779, died in New York, 1781, son of Sarah Andressen & Casparus Pryer, born 1691, died 1755, son of Johanna Steinmets & Andreas Pryer, born in Holland, 1669, died in New Jersey, 1698, son of Margaret & Thomas Preyer, who emigrated from The Netherlands to Constaples Hook, Bergen County, New Jersey, prior to 1674, having descended from Thomas Pryer, an officer in Queen Elizabeth Iís army, who fought in Holland in 1586-1587, and whose family had originally gone to England from the Normandy Province of France with William The Conqueror in 1066.

MARY INGLIS, mother of Thomas Pryer, was born in New York, February 18, 1786, daughter of Hudson Inglis & Hannah Couch, who were married September 23, 1779. Their children were: Joseph, 1780, Sarah, 1784, Mary, 1786, Rachel, 1787, Archable, 1790, Thomas, 1792, Nancy & Hanna (twins) 1794, James, 1797 & Hudson, 1800.

THOMAS PRYER was married November 16, 1843, to Cornelia Ann Phillips, born in New York City, June 23, 1824, died in Portland, December 30, 1910, daughter of Sylvester & Margaret Phillips. They located their farm in 1846 at NE3/4 NW1/4 Sec. 23 Danby, where William S. Pryer lives today, returned to New York in 1848, then they returned and finally settled in 1850.

The original deed from the United States Government was obtained in the name of his brother John of New York in 1835, at which time Thomas was only 15 years old.

Thomas had gone to Canada at age 13 and learned the cabinet-makerís trade, which he followed along with farming. He was a Grange member, Republican, Danby Township Treasurer, and Highway Commissioner.

In retirement they lived in the house on the west side of Quarterline Street at the head of North Street, long occupied by Mrs. Edith VanSickle and more recently by Harold (Bud) Ward. They are buried in Portland Cemetery.
1. Emily L. Pryer, 1844-1936.
2. Elizabeth A. Pryer, 1847-1887.
3. William H. Pryer, 1849-1936.
4. Charles H. Pryer, 1852-1944.
5. Sylvester Pryer, 1856-1933.
6. Mary C. Pryer, 1858-1898.
7. Frank Wilson Pryer, 1862-1921.

Emily L. Pryer, born Aug. 10, 1844, died Feb. 9, 1936, was married June 18, 1862, to George W. VanBuren, who died Dec. 11, 1910. Her family all lived in Detroit area and she died there. They are buried in Danby Cemetery.
1. Willie VanBuren, 1863-1879.
2. Orren A. VanBuren, born March 19, 1866, died Nov. 22, 1928.
3. Anna Elizabeth VanBuren, born Jan. 1, 1868.
4. Frank P. VanBuren, born Nov. 25, 1871.
5. Elbert B. VanBuren, born Aug. 16, 1874.

ELIZABETH A. (LIBBIE) PRYER, born Jan. 4, 1847, died July 15, 1887, was married Oct. 1, 1973, to Lester C. McCrumb, who died May 1, 1908 in Danby. They farmed at W1/2 NW 1/3 Sec. 24 Danby Township, on McCrumb Road.
1. Emmet McCrumb, born April 12, 1874, died Sept. 29, 1943.
2. Frank McCrumb, born Oct. 11, 1875, died Dec. 8, 1941.
3. Vernon McCrumb, born Feb. 9, 1878, died May 29, 1937.
4. Glenn McCrumb, born Dec. 1, 1886, died Jan. 3, 1980.

WILLIAM H. PRYER, born Feb. 26, 1849, died in Danby, Sept. 26, 1936, was married Jan. 1, 1874, to Margaret E. Woodin, who died in Danby, Jan. 27, 1918. He was a Danby farmer at SE3/4 SW1/4 Sec. 14, just north of his father, built the big house before birth of Pearl.
1. Infant daughter born & died May 15, 1875.
2. Sarah Blanche Pryer, born May 1, 1877, died May 15, 1947.
3. Thomas C. Pryer, born Aug. 4, 1879, died Dec. 4, 1934.
4. Roy Webster Pryer, born Aug. 9, 1885, died Nov. 30, 1936.
5. Pearl Pryer, born Dec. 21, 1890, died March 31, 1929.

CHARLES H. PRYER, born Dec. 16, 1852, died Nov. 1, 1944, was married March 12, 1878, to Acelia Barnard, who died in Danby, Aug. 24, 1919, daughter of Mary A. Page & Levi Barnard Jr. He married Mrs. Stockwell & they were divorced. He married Ella Coddings, who died May 30, 1940. He farmed at E1/2 SE1/4 Sec. 23 & W1/2 SW1/4 Sec. 24 Danby.
1. Ray Hudson Pryer, born Aug. 6, 1889, died 1961.

SYLVESTER (VET) PRYER, born April 24, 1856, died July 3, 1933, was married March 9, 1881, to Sarah B. Towner, who died in March, 1932. He succeeded his father in farming the old homestead, and later on Butler Road. They had no children.

MARY C. PRYER, born June 27, 1858, died May 1, 1898, was married Sept. 3, 1887, to Wellington Saxton, born Feb. 11, 1860, died Nov. 7, 1946. They farmed east of Frost Corners, are buried in Portland & had no children.

FRAND WILSON PRYER, born Aug. 1, 1862, died July 3, 1921, was married Nov. 20, 1895, to Estella E. Baldwin, born Dec. 15, 1876, died Feb. 16, 1909, daughter of Rush Baldwin & Phebe Marie Friend. He later married Evangeline Abbey March 8, 1911. They were divorced and she died October 4, 1949. He married Ethel Friend Coman, sister to Phoebe, on Feb. 27, 1915. He farmed in Sec. 3 Danby.
1. Marian Addie Pryer, born March 17, 1900.
2. Margaret Morna Pryer, born Nov. 2, 1902, died 1974.

ORREN VanBUREN married Nina May, who died of T.B., then he married her sister, Eliza May, who became mother of his children.
1. Orie VanBuren, born July 3, 1889, died June, 1937.
2. Mina May VanBuren, born March 28, 1892.
3. Fred VanBuren, born March 27, 1895.
4. ella VanBuren.

ANNA ELIZABETH VanBUREN married William A. Ellison Sept. 18, 1889.
1. Raymond A. Ellison, born Aug. 9, 1890.
2. Agnes E. Ellison, born Jan. 9, 1893.
3. Harold D. Ellison, born Jan. 29, 1895.
4. Mary C. Ellison, born Feb. 16, 1902.
5. Beatrice E. Ellison, born Aug. 12, 1905.
6. Edna M. Ellison, born Feb. 21, 1908.

FRANK P. VanBUREN married Emma Bauchman in 1897 or 1899.
1. Violet VanBuren.
2. Reva VanBuren, born August, 1910.

ELBERT B. VANBUREN married Laura Parks. The families of Frank P. and Elbert B. VanBuren lived in Blackberry, Minn.

EMMETT McCRUMB married Hattie Selden Oct. 18, 1900. She and infant child died Feb. 10, 1903. He married Sadie Lehman Dutcher, sister to Leo Lehman, Jan. 25, 1905, and they farmed on Clintonia Road, Sec. 18 Eagle Township.
1. Agnes McCrumb, born May 31, 1906, died Mar. 6, 1982.
2. Helen McCrumb, born Oct. 15, 1908.
3. Mary McCrumb, born April 18, 1911.
4. Lester McCrumb, born Sept. 1, 1918, died Jan. 2, 1925.

FRANK (BOB) McCRUMB married Myrtle Buckley Jan. 16, 1901. She died in May 1947. They farmed on the south side of the tracks in Eagle.
1. Stanley McCrumb, born Feb. 10, 1903, died Mar. 3, 1970.
2. Lola McCrumb, born 1904, died of diphtheria June 18, 1910.
3. Stewart McCrumb, born 1906, died of diphtheria June 18, 1910.
4. Dudley E. McCrumb, born Dec. 22, 1908, died Mar 14, 1984.
5. Clare McCrumb, born Jan. 18, 1911.
5. Marvin McCrumb, born May 12, 1913.

VERNON McCRUMB married Helen Stoll Aug. 13, 1901. They lived at Ann Arbor and ran a grocery store.
1. Harold McCrumb, born April 9, 1909.

GLENN McCRUMB married Marie. They lived in Grand Rapids, where he had a small farm on Leonard St., and was a feed salesman. They had no children and are buried in Grand Rapids.

SARAH BLANCHE PRYER married Robert C. Brooks June 16, 1897. They farmed at W1/2 SE1/4 Sec. 10, later lived in Portland and he worked at Smith Hardware.
1. Infant daughter died Sept. 1, 1898. They are buried in Portland.

THOMAS C. PRYER married Bertha Howe in 1902, in California. She died Sept 6, 1930. They farmed for a few years with his father and lived in the old house.
1. Lloyd Pryer, born Dec. 31, 1902, lived at Mt. Clemens, MI.
2. Clyde Pryer, born Jan. 3, 1904.
3. Merlin Pryer, born Dec. 25, 1904.
4. Vernon Pryer, born Dec. 21, 1914, lived at Santa Anna, CA.
5. Donald Pryer, born Aug. 3, lived at Copemish, MI.
6. Maxine Pryer, born Sept. 4, 1921, lived at Washington, DC.

ROY W. PRYER married Lucile Strong Dec. 22, 1914. He was a Doctor at Michigan Department of Health and she was a teacher at Okemos and Principal at Palo. After his death she married LeRoy W. Blaker of Alvordton, OH. Buried in Danby Cemetery.
1. Margretta Pryer.
2. William S. Pryer.

PEARL PRYER married Guy Peake Feb. 26, 1919. They farmed with Will, and after her death Rob & Blanche Brooks lived there too, until Guy married Maude Bradfield Starr Aug. 15, 1934.
1. Wilbur H. Peake.
2. Forrest W. Peake.
3. Margy Eva Peake.
4. Lynn Alden Peake.

RAY HUDSON PRYER married Belle Peake Beard Dec. 10, 1919.
1. Elizabeth Pryer.

MARIAN ADDIE PRYER was married March 27, 1923, to Elon D. Lakin, born August 5, 1900, died October 20, 1978. They lived in Ionia, then on the Frank Pryer farm in Danby.
1. Lois Ann Lakin
2. Ann Lois Lakin
3. Phyllis Marian Lakin

MARGARET MORNA PRYER married Dan Moriarty Dec. 27, 1921. They were divorced and she married William Corey of Grand Rapids. They were divorced and she married Hugh J. Jacques. She had two children with Dan, and both died as infants.



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