Sebewa Recollector
Items of Genealogical Interest

Volume 35 Number 6
Transcribed by LaVonne I. Bennett

     LaVonne has received permission from Grayden Slowins to edit and submit Sebewa Recollector items of genealogical interest, from the beginning year of 1965 through current editions.

THE SEBEWA RECOLLECTOR Bulletin of the Sebewa Center Association, Sebewa Township, Ionia County, MI.
JUNE 2000, Volume 35, Number 6. Submitted with written permission of Editor Grayden D. SLOWINS:

SURNAMES: Hitchcock, Larkin, Zemer, Fineis, Rowe, Hayes, Olmsted, Warren, Ritter, McWhorter, Gibbs, Sandborn, Darling, Morrison, Cotter, Kubish, Lehman, Gregie, Slowinski, Meacham, Friend, Baldwin, Phillips, Pryer, Haskins, Green, Clark, Lakin, Merrill, Badger, Clark, Watson, Green


MAXINE HAYES ZEMER, 90, widow of Norm Zemer, sister of the late Nevene FINEIS, aunt of Nancy McNAMARA, Hayes FINEIS & John FINEIS, daughter of Frachon ROWE & Austin C. HAYES, son of Mary OLMSTED & Nathan BRADFORD HAYES, son of Lucinda WARREN & Hector HAYES, who settled in North Plains Township in 1836. (See Volume 27 Number 6, June 1992, for Nathan B. HAYES family and HAYES-Ionia Auto-Body Corp.)

RITTER UPDATE: Mrs. Max McWHORTER calls with information on Maynard & Virginia RITTER. Maynard stood up with the McWhorters at their wedding. He & Virginia live at 527 Fairlane Drive, Alma, MI 48801, in summer and in Florida in winter.

GIBBS UPDATE: Byron GIBBS writes that his father, Bruce GIBBS, first taught the HALLADAY School, south of Sebewa Corners, in 1897-1898 at the age of 18, when he had completed his Junior year at Portland High School. He went back and completed his Senior year in 1898-1899. He taught the HALLADAY School again in 1899-1900. Then he taught the High School, north of Sebewa Corners, in 1900-1901 and 1901-1902. The last year his contract was for $275 for the nine-month school year.

The GIBBS families in Orange Township were no known relation to those in Sebewa. However, the descendants of Sarah Jane GIBBS & Columbus SANDBORN did and still do live in Orange, Portland, Danby & Sebewa Townships in large numbers, as do those of Norman GIBBS & Mary WASHBURN, although in much less numbers than the SANDBORNS.

DARLING UPDATE: Merrilee MORRISON COTTER continues to pursue the connection between the various DARLING families of Orange, Sebewa, Lake Odessa and Ionia. She is descended from Theo RICE DARLING and Mary Clarissa HOLLY, who settled in Orange Township on what was later the Harold WHITLOCK farm just east of Riley SANDBORN, in 1844.

THEIR CHILDREN WERE: Benjamin Franklin, Ephraim, Orlando, Myron, Ira & Charles DARLING, and Maria DARLING MARTIN. We have known several Charles DARLINGS in our lifetime. Pierce G. COOK, Justice of the Peace in Sebewa Township long before me, performed the wedding of William DARLIN & Mary LIBOLDT right after the Civil War.

FIRST FAMILIES OF IONIA COUNTY SOCIETY: We have recently received word from the Ionia County Genealogical Society that our applications have been approved as members of the First Families of Ionia County Society. We were able to prove that our ancestors settled in Ionia County prior to the end of 1880. The names on my certificate are: Frank & Regina (KUBISH) LEHMAN and their daughter Wilhelmina, my grandmothers: and Christopher and Mary (GREGIE) SLOWINSKI, and their son Daniel, my grandfather.

The names on Ann’s certificate are: John & Polly Ann (MEACHAM) FRIEND and their daughter Phoebe Maria FRIEND BALDWIN & her husband Rush P. BALDWIN and their daughter Estella E. BALDWIN, Ann’s grandmother; and Thomas & Cornelia Ann (PHILLIPS) PRYER and their son, Frank W. PRYER, Ann’s grandfather. If you think you may be eligible to join, you should contact the following: Pamela K. SWILER or James R. MOSES, First Families of Ionia County Society, 13051 AINSWORTH Road, Lake Odessa, MI 48849.


Ann Lois LAKIN SLOWINS’ parents were Marian Addie PRYER & Elon Dwight LAKIN, both born in 1900, Elon on August 5, and Marian had her 100th birthday on March 17, 2000. We have written about PRYERS in Volume 28 Number 6, June 1993, FRIENDS in Volume 30 Number 2, October 1994, BALDWINS in Volume 34 Number 1, August 1998. All three families on Marian’s side located early in Danby, Sebewa & Portland Townships.

Today we cover the HASKINS, GREEN & CLARK families, settlers beginning in 1836 in Portland Township, and bring them to joining with the LAKINS, who came from Putnam Township, Livingston County, near Pinckney, MI, to Portland Township in 1887. William Dwight LAKIN & Elizabeth HITCHCOCK had one son, Claude Dwight LAKIN, 1876-1954, who married Nora Elizabeth CLARK, 1877-1917, in Portland on November 26, 1896. Nora was the daughter of John & Harriet GREEN CLARK. As shown on the accompanying chart, Claud & Nora were ninth cousins once removed in the line of descent from Prudence BIRD MERRILL, born 1548 in Suffolk, England.

The William LAKIN farm house & barn on Charlotte Hwy. at Lillian Boulevard still stand and were long occupied by the BEARD Mower Repair Shop. The LAKIN & NUNNELEY Eggs-Butter-Poultry warehouse stood on Water Street, just north of the Fred RUSSMAN Blacksmith Shop, both of which were north of the Ed GOODWIN Monument Works now replaced by Tastee Freeze. Arthur NUNNELEY was a partner in the business. They had teams & wagons gathering produce around the country daily for shipment to Lansing, Detroit & points east by railroad.

1. Marjorie LAKIN, 1899-1937k married Hope DURKEE, Melvin BENTLEY and Evert LONG.
2. Elon Dwight LAKIN, 1900-1987, married Marian Addie PRYER, 1900
3. John (Jack) LAKIN, 1903-1987, married Nan, 1903-1979.
4. Harold D. LAKIN, 1904-1987, married Mabel MEADE, 1908-1998
5. Theodore F. LAKIN, 1906-1977, married Alta NICHOLSON, Cleo, Altha FOX
6. Lucille Mable LAKIN, 1908- , married Edward LOEPKE, 1906-1983
7. Eleanor LAKIN, 1909-1975, married Loren HAZEN, 1901-1968, and John ONDRUS
8. Claud LAKIN (Jack ZEMKE), 1913-1976, married Madeline MUCK
9. Arlene LAKIN (GALLERY), 1915-1988, married Allan BLACK
10. George A. LAKIN, 1917-1983, married Geraldine Ann SMITH

Our sincere thanks to Ionia Hall-Fowler Library for Internet access to and for our research.

Ode to GOODWIN Bridge by J. K. SWIPES, husband of Lucy GREENE:
This bridge was built by Burton DRAKE,
And ice may jam, old earth may quake,
Cyclones may come and floods may rush,
Tails of comets, too, may brush;
The sun and moon may change their course,
And lightning may exhaust its force,
Yet the bridge will stand, a monument,
To labor, skill, and good cement.


Prudence BIRD MERRILL b. 1548 Suffolk, Eng. Mother of Nathaniel MERRILL b. 1571, Suffolk, Eng., whose son John MERRILL was born 1599 in Suffolk, Eng, along with Nathaniel MERRILL born 1601 in Suffolk, Eng.

John had daughter Hannah MERRILL SWEET or SWIFT, born 1622 Mass. Who had Hannah SWEET BADGER born 1661, Mass.

Hannah had Nathaniel BADGER born 1674 Mass.

Nathaniel begat Mehitable BADGER HASKINS 1700 Mass; who had Elkanah HASKINS born 1732 in Conn., had Abraham HASKINS born 1755 or -6 Conn. Abraham begat Jesse HASKINS 1795 in N.Y.; Jesse had Melinda HASKINS GREEN 1814, N.Y.

Melinda had Harriet GREEN CLARK, born 1843, Mich. Who had Norah CLARK LAKIN and Norah had Elon Dwight LAKIN 1900 Mich.

Nathaniel MERRILL born 1571 also had son Nathaniel MERRILL born 1601 Suffolk, Eng. Who had a son, John MERRILL born 1635 or 36 in Mass. John begat John MERRILL born 1669 Conn. Who had son John MERRILL born 1695 Conn. Who begat Gad MERRIELS born 1733 Conn.

Gad had son Daniel MERRILL born 1758, Conn. who had son Daniel born 1790 Mass who begat Hulda ELLIS MERRILL LAKIN born 1822 N.Y.

Hulda had William Dwight LAKIN born 1852 in Mich. who begat Claud Dwight Lakin 1876, Mich.

Norah CLARK LAKIN born 1877, was a 9th cousin of Claud Dwight Lakin born 1876, Mich.

John and Nathaniel MERRILL, brothers, came from England to America in 1633 and landed at Ispwich, Mass. In 1635 they were among the original proprietors of Newbury, Mass., where they resided until their death. John died 7-14-1682, leaving one child, Hannah, who married Stephen SWIFT. Nathaniel is the progenitor of perhaps all of the early MERRILLS of New England.

NATHANIEL born 1601, Wherstead, Suffolk, England, moved to Newbury, Mass., 1634 or 1835; died there 3-16-1655. He married Susannah WALTERTON, probably in England, and they came to America together. She died 1-5-1672.

1. John MERRILL, b. 1635, d. 7-18-1712; married 9-23-1662 or 63, Sarah WATSON b. c. 1637, Hartford, CT. They moved to Hebron Township, Tolland County, CT
2. Abraham MERRILL, b. 1637, d. 11-28-1772
3. Nathaniel MERRILL b 1638, married Joanna KINNEY
4. Daniel MERRILL b 8-20-1642, died 6-27-1717, Salsbury; married
5-14-1667 Sarah CLOUGH, d. 3-18-1705 or 06; married 5-29-1708 Sarah MORRILL
5. Abel MERRILL b 2-20-1645
6. Thomas MERRILL b. 1648

JOHN MERRILL b 1635, d 7-18-1712; married Sarah WATSON b. ca. 1637

1. Sarah MERRILL b 9-19-1664; m Samuel KELLOGG
2. Nathaniel MERRILL b 1-15-1665 or 66
3. John MERRILL b 4-7-1669; m Sarah MARSH
4. Abraham MERRILL b 12-21-1670; m Prudence KELLOGG
5. Daniel MERRILL b 6-15-1673; m Susannah PRATT, Mindwell KING
6. Wolterton MERRILL b 1675; m Elizabeth COLLIER, Ruth PRATT, Hannah WATERS
7. Susannah MERRILL b 5-20-1677; m John TURNER
8. Abel MERRILL b 1-25-1678 or 70; m Mehitable Mabel EASTON
9. Isaac MERRILL b 3-11-1680 or 81; m Sarah COOK
10. Jacob MERRILL b 3-27-1686; m Abigail WEBSTER

JOHN MERRILL b 4-7-1669 Hartford, Hartford County, CT d W. Hartford, Hartford, CT; m 9-29-1694 Hartford, Hartford, CT Sarah MARSH b c. 1673 Hartford, Hartford, CT

JOHN MERRILL b 9-29-1695 Hartford, Hartford, CT, d 1762; m Hannah PARMALEE

1. Elizabeth MERRILL b 3-3- or 31-1732
2. Asher MERRIL b 2-26-1734 or -5, d 1807, Herkimer Co, NY; m 1-13-1759 Delight SAWYER b 3-26-1739
1. Ezekiel MERRILL b 7-1-1757; Hebron, Tolland, CT
2. Daniel MERRILL b 8-9-1758 Hebron, Tolland, CT, d 8-23-1808 Pittsfield, MA; Pvt. Revolutionary War
3. Mary MERRILL b 10-30-1759 Hebron, Tolland, CT
4. Hosea MERRILL b 6-19-1761 Hebron, Tolland, CT, d 3-2-1853; Capt. Revolutionary War. Married Sarah (Sally) PHILLIPS and had children:

1. Justus MERRILL b 1792, Pittsfield, Berkshire County, MA; 2. Phillips MERRILL b c 1793, Pittsfield, Berkshire County, MA; also a grandson John E. MERRILL b 1820, d 6-14-1896, Pittsfield, Berkshire Co, MA
5. Lydea MERRILL b 2-7-1763 Hebron, Tolland, CT
6. Easter MERRILL b 6-15-1764 Hebron, Tolland, CT
7. Gad MERRILL b 6-6-1768 Hebron, Tolland, CT
8. Anne MERRILL b 4-10-1771 Hebron, Tolland, CT

DANIEL MERRILL b 8-9-1758 Hebron Township, Tolland County, CT, d 8-23-1808 Pittsfield Township, Berkshire Co, MA; m Jan. 1788 Pittsfield, Berkshire, MA, to Hulda ELLIS b 10-18-1761 Hebron, Tolland, CT, d 5-2-1812 Pittsfield, Berkshire, MA or Onondaga, Onondaga, NY

1. Mary MERRILL b 4-8-1798 Pittsfield, Berkshire, MA
2. Daniel MERRILL b 1790 or 91 or 95, Pittsfield, Berkshire, MA, d 1845 Calhoun County, MI; bur. Newton Cemetery, Calhoun Co, MI. Daniel MERRILL (b. c. 1790) bought 60 acres in W. Pulteney (now Riga) NY, 3-14-1818. Had been Ensign in a company of riflemen in the 177th Regiment of Infantry, NY, 1819. According to the N.Y. 1820 & 1830 census, was living at Avon, Livingston County, N.Y. He came to Michigan in 1835. Settlers arriving in Newton Township, Calhoun County, MI, in 1836 included Daniel MERRILL. At the first meeting of Newton Township (at his home) was elected Township Clerk April 1838. Was Clerk 1838 to 1842. Was Schools Clerk. Was a Deacon of the religious group which included Presb., Meth., and a few Baptists. Was a Deacon of the Congregational Society organized in May 1840. Was appointed Postmaster of Newton 1841.

Married (first wife) who died about 1835, m 5-20-1840 in Calhoun Co, MI Mariah MORTON b 1802 or -3; Of Fredonia Township, Calhoun County, MI

Daniel’s children were:
1. Huldah Ellis MERRILL b 5-31-1822 Riga, Genesee or Monroe County, NY, d 5-23-1891 Putnam Township, Livingston Co, MI; bur. Gilkes cemetery; m 11-16-1848 John LAKIN b 5-21-1819 Grainthorpe, Lincolnshire, Eng. D 1-30-1889 Putnam, Livingston, MI; bur. Gilkes cem. Their children were: 1.Harriett LAKIN b 1-12-c 1850, m Geo. REYNOLDS; 2.Sarah LAKIN b 2-22-1854, m Henry LOVE;
3.William LAKIN b 1852, m Elizabeth HITCHCOCK; 4.Maria LAKIN b 1857, m Valentine DINKEL; 5.Henry LAKIN b 1862, d 1863
2. Araminta S. MERRILL b 1826 or 07; m 1-15-1846 Asahel RUST Jr. of Marion, Livingston, MI, b 1824 or 05.
3. Louisa MERRILL b 1820 or 21, d 11-15-1845 bur. Newton Twp Cem., MI; m 3-16-1841 Rev. Wm. Eastman b 1795 or 96, d. 2-16-1853, bur. Newton Cem, Calhoun Co, MI
4. Nancy Maria MERRILL b 1818 or 19, d 8-19-1844; m 7-6-1841 Jonas DAVIS of Vermontville b 1812 or 13. Daughter Hannah DAVIS b 1842.

MELINDA HASKINS GREEN’S father was Jesse HASKINS b 9-30-1795, d 12-21-1875, Spencer Township, Kent County, MI. His second wife was Lucy PATTERSON, born 1788 or 1799, MA, death info unknown; third wife was Henrietta.

The Ionia County Tract Book shows Jesse to be a resident of Ionia County and buying 160 acres in section 22, Portland Township in Sept. 1836.

MELINDA HASKINS AND SAMUEL GREEN married in 1833 in NY; came to MI, arriving in Portland July 4, 1837, and living on section 22, Portland Township.

On 3-2-1839, Jesse & Lucy (Lucy’s mark x) sold to Melinda GREEN for $100 N ½ of NE ¼ of NW ¼ of sec. 22 (20 acres); and to Samuel GREEN for $100 the S ½ of the same (20 acres); one of the witnesses was Daniel HASKINS, Melinda’s brother.

According to Schenck, the list of jurors for 1840 included Jesse HASKINS.

By 1842 Jesse had sold all of his land in Portland Township. His son, Daniel, bought land in Plainfield Township, Kent County, in 1848. He was the first township treasurer of Celsus (later renamed Spencer) Township when it was organized in 1861. Later he moved to Hastings, MI.

In 1852 Jesse was buying and selling land in Oakfield Township, Kent County. He also owned land in Spencer Township. At the time of the 1860 census, his grandson, Daniel’s son Arthur E., was living with Jesse. At the time of the 1870 census, he was living in Spencer Township and was a grocer. His wife at that time was Henrietta, born in Vermont.

We drove around thru Oakfield and Spencer townships and found the land he had owned; much of it is near small lakes and appears swampy-good land for trapping and hunting.

Jesse was the son of Abraham and Lois WATTS HASKINS who lived in NY state.

Samuel GREEN was also a trapper and hunter, and would be gone several days at a time. Indians would come to Melinda’s home asking for food.

1. Lorenzo Wayne GREENE b Jan. 1, 1835; married Cornelia Augusta FINCH
2. Lucy Ann GREENE b Aug. 21, 1837; m Charles Eugene GOODWIN “J. K. SWIPES”
3. Mary Ann GREENE b June 17, 1838; m Warren HOPKINS
4. Samuel GREENE b 1840; m Bertha SUTTON
5. Harriet GREENE b 1843; m John CLARK
6. Caroline GREENE b 1844; m George MADISON
7. Cordelia GREENE b 1847; m W. D. SPRAGUE
8. Burton A. GREENE b 1848; m Libbie CLARK
9. Elvira GREENE b 1849; m Joe C. SUTTON
10. Norton GREENE b 1855; m Louise F. RANDALL
11. Alfred E. GREENE b Dec. 9, 1857; m Lina M. YOUNG
12. Clara A. GREENE b March 17, 1860; m Henry J. RANDALL



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