Ionia County, Michigan

Posted Queries for February thru March 1997


BADDER, BARRY, BETTS, HAMILTON, HOUSEMAN, HUNT, VEDDER posted by Sally on Sunday, February 2, 1997

Would you please post the names Hiram and Charlotte HUNT from Lake Odessa.They are on the 1860 census with my Houseman children. It's possible That when John Houseman died his wife Charity (which could be a nickname for Charlotte) remarried a Hiram Hunt. Charity and Charlotte show to be the same age. Hiram is 40 and Charlotte is 53. The families the Houseman children married into were "BARRY, BETTS, HAMILTON, HUNT and BADDER. The name VEDDER could possible be Charity or Charlotte's maiden name. I'm also looking for where to get land records for Lake Odess, John Houseman owed land there in 1850.. Sally

COTTON, ELLSWORTH, ROGERS posted by Tom Cotton on Wednesday, February 5, 1997

I am not all that familliar with Ionia County but I need to access some information about my ancestery that I hope is avaialable there. In the 1850 Boston Township, Ionia County, MI lists Benjamin ELLSWORTH 65 Farmer, Dolly, John 21, Fidelia 13, Theadore COTTON 46 Cabinet Maker. Theadore I believe to be my gggf and the father of Zara Luzern Cotton. In the 1860 Boston Township, Ionia County, MI lists Eli ROGERS 59 M Farmer, Sally 49 F, James 29 M, Esther A Cotton 19 F- Zara Luzerne's Wife, Zara L Cotton 26 M (My ggf for confirmed), Charles H Rogers. Zara and Esther are also in theory listed with Theadore Cotton in this township in 1860. I do not have access to the census for 1860 Ionia county Boston township. Ester and Zara apareently were just married. Any help would be appreciated. I will gladly pay for postage, copy costs, ect. Thanks.

HYATT posted by Betty Hompoth on Friday, February 7, 1997

I am searching for a Hyatt family who lived in Mecosta County from 1829 and on. I understand they moved to Elk Rapids somewhere around the 1890's. I would be ever so greatful if someone new of a Hyatt from this area.

KIDDER posted by Michael Carmichael on Sunday, February 9, 1997

This is our first exposure to the GenWeb Project and it's amazing! My wife's Grandfather, Harvey Kidder, was the owner of the Ionia Pottery, mayor, Postmaster and a major player. We have a lot of the records of the Pottery and would like to share them. Michael Carmichael and Pamela Lawrence Carmichael


Searching for family of Calvin WOODARD and sp Mary B. (SMITH) WOODARD, m.1840, Ionia. Issue from this union incl sons Lester C. WOODARD, Benjamin F. WOODARD, Martin A.WOODARD, Adelbert E. WOODARD, daus, Calista Ann who m. Dillucene STOUGHTON, Melissa Jane who m :? JEUK or JEUKS, Marian Ione WOODARD, Maria SOPHIA WOODARD, Frances L. who m. John E. LOWE. Mary WOODARD who was widowed remarried Loren DEXTER in 1872. My ancestor (Calvin WOODARD, 1813-?) was one of the first settlers of Ionia county being in that area as early as 1835. He may have been with Samuel Dexter when his party came to MI in 1833 and founded IONIA. Thank you very much. Chuck Also searching for info on the surname BRACE. Mary WOODARD had a grandson, Charles BRACE who was one year old in 1876. I believe the father's name was James BRACE" John E.LOWE's father was William LOWE who was a veterenarian surgeon in Sebewa Center, Ionia county, ca. 1850-1860 William's spouse was Mary Ann Partigeter.William had at least another son, probably Benjamin LOWE who was m. to Francis REDFERN and they lived in Lake Odessa, Ionia county. Chester SCOVILLE and his sp Abbey, were witnesses at the marriage of Calvin WOODARD and Mary B.SMITH in IONIA , 1840. According to the History of Ionia county, Abbey SCOVILLE and Mary B. SMITH were sisters. Who were their parents?

GRISSY, HURD, MORRISON posted by Kathy Laux on Wednesday, February 19, 1997

Searching for info on ancestors or descendants of Roy Merton HURD, born 1878, and Desdamona MORRISON, born 1881, both from Ionia County. Believe Desdamona's parents were Margaret GRISSY and Seth Morrison. Would appreciate confirmation of this and any other info you can add.

CLARK, ROBERTS posted by Larry Roberts on Monday, February 24, 1997

Am searching for parents and siblings of Andrew J. CLARK (about 1828-New York) and his sister Malvina(June 23,1831) Andrew had five children, Leroy(1850),Franklin(1852)Seth E.(1857), George W.(~1860) and Sarah A.(August 10,1866 at Lake Odessa-Jan.21,1951 at Winnipeg, Manitoba. Malvina married Isaac Nelson ROBERTS, Dec.20,1849 lived in Walton tsp. Eaton County. They had three children, Roscoe A.(1851),Ella(1853) and Clark(1859)A nephew of Andrew and Malvina was a State Governor.

BROAD posted by Kathy Knall on Thursday, March 6, 1997

My grandmother, Margaret BROAD grew up in Ionia (her father emigrated there from England in 1857). I could sure use a section map of Ionia County and also wonder if you have a short history of Ionia (I'm especially interested in 1850's). Has anyone worked on organizing old newspaper articles, obituaries? I have tried for years to find an obit. for George Broad, who died in Jul 1889 and his wife, Isabella, who died either late 1886 or early 1887. Hope to hear from you.

HAVENS, HOUSEMAN, ROWLEY posted by Mrs Pam M Black on Sunday, March 9, 1997

Searching for descendants of Joseph* Havens b: Abt 1753 in Long Island, NY d: 01 April 1833 in North Cohocton, Steuben, NY - married Martha* Bennett b: 07 April 1755 in MA d: 09 October 1845 in North Cohocton, Steuben, NY m: 10 May 1779 in Greenwich, Washington, NY. Children were Stephen Simon Havens b: 07 March 1780 in Greenwich, Argyle, Washington, NY d: 1820-1826 in Farmington, Ontario, NY who married Nancy Rowley b: 12 October 1783 in MA d: 24 April 1863 in Orange, Ionia, Michigan m: 1802-1803 in prob. Argyle, NY. They had a number of children - four daughters, George W Havens b: 1810-1812 +[1] Not Married, Havens b: 1810-1820, Thomas Robert Rowley Havens b: 05 March 1812 in Farmington, Ontario, NY d: 18 February 1875 in Ionia, Orange twp, Kent, Michigan who married Martha Houseman b: 25 April 1815 in Adams, Jefferson, NY d: 09 August 1880 in Easton Twp, Ionia, Michigan m: Abt 1833 in Farmington, Ontario, NY

HORNE, MALONE, MATHENSON posted by Roxanna Malone McGinnis on Sunday, March 16, 1997

Looking for information on Thomas MALONE. He was born in Ireland and lived in Ionia County in the 1860's then is believed to have moved to Kent Co. His wife, MaryAnn MATHENSON, died in Grand Rapids on 29 Aug, 1870. He later remarried, possible name of 2nd wife is Mary HORNE, although that is not confirmed. He had three children, William Webster MALONE (b. Ionia Co. 22 Feb 1862), Carrie (unk birthdate) and Christopher(?) who was an infant or toddler when his mother died, and was put up for adoption at that time. I have not been able to find any information on Thomas' life or heritage prior to when he lived in Michigan, and would appreciate any info that might help me make that link.

BUNKER, NEWALL posted by Nancy on Monday, March 17, 1997

I was wondering if there was anyone willing to look up the name of Bunker in Ionia, MI on any records, 1850 census, etc.? Adelbert Bunker was born September 21, 1845. Who was his wife and who were his children? Also an Adolphus Lycurgus Bunker born 6/12/1848 in Ionia, MI. Were they brothers? There was a William Marion Bunker born March 7, 1843 in Ionia also and he married a Harriett Newall 8/4/1867 in Ionia. Any further information about any of these Bunkers would be gratefully received. Thank you so much. - Nancy

JUPP, WALLACE posted by Steven E. Wallace on Sunday, March 23, 1997

I am searching for children and thier siblings of Charles Howard WALLACE b. Dec. 1849 in Ohio m. Alice Jupp b. Sept. 1850 also in Ohio. The couple then moved to Bethel Twnsp. in Branch Co. MI where they had four children: Ida Mae b. 1872, James Wilbert b. 1873, Charles F b. 1880 and William Ernest b. 1883. The family then moved to Ionia Co. MI where Charles and Alice had three more children: Dayton b. 1887, Oland b. 1888 and Clyde b.1893. I have had no luck in locating the burial place of Charles or Alice. I do know that Alice must have died between 1910 and 1920 as she is not listed in the 1920 census. Charles is listed as living with William in Clinton Co. MI. Any information on WALLACEs in Ionia Co. would be greatly welcomed. Thank you - Steven E. Wallace

BROWN, CAREY posted by Ron Carden on Sunday, March 23, 1997

I am researching the life of William Montgomery Brown, a native of Ohio. I needed to trace his parents, Joseph Morrison Brown and Lucina Elzina (Cary) Brown. One source was an interview with William Brown in 1911. He said his father was a day laborer in Wayne County, Ohio near Orrville in the 1850s, and in 1855 married Lucina Cary. William was born on 4 September 1855. In 1856 Joseph Brown and his family removed to "Iona" Michigan, I think the real name is Ionia County. He joined the Union Army on 30 October 1861 at Lyons and was mustered in on 17 January 1862. Joseph Brown then was released from the army in September 1862. He died in Ionia County. My problem is twofold: was Joseph Brown of Hubbardston the same one who bought land there in 1852 and had to sell out? Perhaps records indicate where he then went, perhaps he went to Ohio, earned some money, and then returned to Ionia in 1856. Secondly, I know that Joseph Morrison Brown was buried in Ionia Michigan around 1862 or 1863, and I need to know exactly what his birth and death dates are in order to connect all this information together. There is a volume on Civil War Veterans Buried in Ionia County, Michigan, but I have not seen it. Nor for that matter have I been able to look at the 1860 census. Joseph M. Brown was in the 13th Michigan Infantry, Co. F. In that record he was listed as 36 years old, but no occupation nor description was recorded. Does anyone have a copy of "Civil War Veterans Buried in Ionia County"? I can, of course, get the census also. He and his wife had William M. Brown, a daughter born in Ionia, Mary, and another son Joseph. Lucina Brown returned to Orrville in late 1862 or early 1863. The purpose of all this is to establish just when Joseph M. Brown died and perhaps even to see if Lucina Brown is buried next to her husband and thus establish her birth and death dates, especially the latter.This is a bit much, but any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks! Ron Carden, Levelland, Texas


Looking for descendants of James DODDS (born ca 1805) and his wife, Elizabeth HOLLINSHEAD, who, according to old family letters, died in 1850 at Avon Twp., Ionia Co., MI. After Elizabeth died, James "farmed" out the children and we don't know where he went after 1850. Children: Hugh DODDS, husband of Margaret MCDONALD (my ancestors); Phillip DODDS, husband of Eleanor GREEN; Nathan DODDS, a Civil War veteran, who lived briefly in Berrien Co., MI; Katherine of Riverside, MI, wife of Nathan FIELDS and Mr. VORHEES; Millie, of Lowell, MI, wife of Jerome DUFFY; Harriet of Keene Twp., Ionia Co., and Lowell, MI, wife of Allison KNEE; and Nancy CLARK of Emmons, MN. There may have also been a daughter, Keziah. Willing to freely exchange information.


Looking for descendants of Henry Bonaparte AUNGST (10 July 1825, Jefferson Twp., Richland Co., OH - 18 Sep. 1900, Berlin Twp., Ionia Co., MI) and his wife, Sarah Ann BILLS (23 Apr 1829, Kent Co., England - 4 Mar 1909, Berlin Twp., Ionia Co., MI). They lived in Wood Co., OH 1851-56; Richland Co., OH 1854; Noble Co., IN 1859-69; Ionia Co., MI 1877+. Children: Ruth Ann, wife of Lewis TORPY of Saranac and Woodbury; William AUNGST, of Adrian, husband of Sarah Marice DAVIS; Francis Marion AUNGST, of Kendallville, IN, husband of Jennie SWEET and Ella Mae ADAMS; Charles C. AUNGST, of Sheridan, MI, husband of Emma J. FRANKS; Abram Shue AUNGST of Galesburg, MI, husband of Mary Henrietta Peter Nelia SMITH; Henry Bonaparte AUNGST of Mt. Pleasant, MI, husband of Cordelia Delra ROBART; Daniel B. AUNGST, of Sunfield, husband of Minnie PEABODY; Andrew Jackson AUNGST, of Lake Odessa, husband of Bernice Jane LOWREY; and Mary Florilla, of Woodbury, wife of Chester GRAY.

HUBBELL, LOWREY, MCMULLEN, MCMULLIN, MUSGRAVE posted by Debra J. Eddy on Friday, March 28, 1997

Looking for descendants Ebenezer Norton LOWREY who was married on 3 May 1837 in Trumbull Co., OH to Jane MCMULLEN (18 Aug 1818, OH - 2 Sept. 1860, Ionia Co., MI) Was Jane's father Archibald MCMULLEN? Was he a son of the Revolutionary War soldier, Neal MCMULLEN of Trumbull Co., OH? Jane and Ebenezer LOWREY lived in Trumbull Co., OH, Ossian, IN, and settled in Berlin Twp., Ionia Co., MI. They had the following children: Archibald, John V., Ebenezer N., Serona MUSGRAVE, Jennie HUBBELL, and Ruth D. Am willing to freely exchange information about the Lowreys of Ionia County, MI.


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