Burials of Veterans of the War of 1812 in Lenawee Co, Michigan

Source: Soldiers of War of 1812; Roster of soldiers of the War of 1812 who are buried in Michigan; v.1 & v.2;
Compiled by Mrs. Lynn T Miller, Ithaca, Mich., Honorary State President, U. S. D. 1812; State of Michigan; 1940
with permission from the U. S. D. 1812; State of Michigan

Aldrich, David, bu. Cambridge Center Griswold, Thomas, b. 22 Feb 1790 Southport, Chemung Co, NY; d. 15 Oct 1836, Tecumseh, MI; bu. Brookside, Tecumseh Raymond, Daniel, b. ca. 1792 Montgomery Co, NY; d. Apr 1845 Raisin Twp; bu. probably in Raisin Presbyterian (Holloway) Cemetery
Bartholomew, Daniel, b. 19 Jan 1798; d. 25 Oct 1879; bu. Blissfield Cemetery Hale, Roswell, d. 15 Feb 1846, ae 53y7m14d; bu. North Dover Cemetery Reasoner, Jacob, b. prob. Dutchess Co, NY; d. 25 Nov 1855, ae 76y, 9m; bu. Old Morenci Cemetery
Bennett, Moses, son of Jeremiah Bennett, b. 18 Oct 1795 NJ; d. Oct 1883 Palmyra; bu. Crane Cemetery Hartley, John, b. 1776 Buck Co, NY; d. 22 Oct 1868, ae 92y6m29d; bu. Raisin Center Friends Burying Ground Reynolds, Samuel, d. 1850 , ae 76y; bu. Rome Twp.
Bennett, Rev. Moses, son of Moses Bennett; b. 1786; d. 1844; bu. Rollin Cemetery Hicks, Ephraim, b. Mass; d. 12 May 1879, ae 85y9m23d; bu. Underwood Cemetery, Palmyra Rheubottom, John, d. 09 Sep 1850, ae 63y; bu. Canandaigua Cemetery, Medina Twp.
Blanchard, Nathaniel, b. 09 Aug 1774 Munson, Mass; d. 06 Oct 1876, Medina Twp; bu. Perry Cemetery, Medina Twp. Hiler, David, bu. Palmyra Village Cemetery Rogers, Samuel, d. 15 Apr 1860, ae 75y10m; bu. Old Osborn Cemetery, Macon Twp.
Bliven, Samuel, son of George Bliven of Westerly, R I; b. 28 Feb 1792; d. 14 Oct 1888, ae 98y8m14d; bu. Blissfield, no stone. He is probably buried on his son's lot Section A Row 16. Hitchings, Timothy, d. 21? Oct 1879, ae 82y8m1d; bu North Dover Cemetery Root, Simeon, d. 28 Sep 1870, ae 84y9m24d; bu. North Dover Cemetery
Blood, Ezra, b. 28 Oct 1798 Deering, Hillsboro Co, NH; d. 18 Feb 1887 Tecumseh, MI; bu; Brookside Cemetery Holmes, Benj., d. 13 Mar 1881, ae 83y6m23d; bu. Whitney Cemetery, Medina Twp Rowley, Caleb S., b. 11 Jan 1794; d. 23 Apr 1861; bu. North Dover Cemetery
Boulton, Wm. J., b. 24 Jun 1798, London, Eng; d. 1886 Palmyra Twp; bu. Palmyra Village Cemetery Holmes, Isaac, d. 15 Apr 1877, ae 91y3m0d; bu. North Dover Cemetery Russell, Abijah, b. 22 Dec 1791; d. 04 Aug 1870, ae 79y. bu Brookside Cemetery, Tecumseh, MI
Bowen, Geo. R., b. 09 Jul 1783; d. 06 Dec 1852, ae 69y; bu. Brookside Cemetery, Tecumseh, MI Huntoon, Willard, d. 14 Apr 1844, ae 68y; bu. North Dover Cemetery Salsbury, Levi
Briggs, John, b. 01 Jan 1785 Washington Co, NY; d. 06 Oct 1875; bu. Cambridge Junction Cemetery Ingersoll, Isaac H., bu. Ridgeway Cemetery; no stone Sawdy, Joseph, owned lot in Adrian in 1858 and probably buried there; no stone.
Brooks, Chester, d. 21 Oct 1868, ae 66y11d; bu. North Rome Cemetery Johnson, John, d. 09 Mar 1865, ae 67y1m23d; bu. North Dover Cemetery Schreder, John, b. 10 Sep 1788 PA; d. 29 Nov 1883, ae 95y; bu. Brookside Cemetery, Tecumseh, MI; also a soldier in the Black Hawk War
Burch, Levi, d. 08 Jun 1861, ae 68y; bu. Porter (Packard) Cemetery, Seneca Twp; also served in the Mexican War Jones, Abner, d. 31 Dec 1874, ae 86y9m19d; bu. North Adrian Cemetery  
Cady, Col. Rufus M., b. Dalton, Mass; d. 1867 Adrian; bu. probably Packard Cemetery, Seneca Twp on Fuller lot Kelley, Daniel Seabring, Andrew, d. 23 May 1869, ae 72y5m21d; bu. Peebles Cemetery, Ogden Twp
Camburn, Wm. Kies, Capt. Alpheus, s/o Joseph & Mary Kies; b. 18 Apr 1788 Woodstock, Conn; d. 1864, ae 76y; bu. Riverside Cemetery, Clinton Twp Selleck, Ebenezer, son of Peter Selleck & Mary Lockwood; b. 19 Sep 1796 Stafford, Conn; d. 30 Dec 1880, ae 84y3m11d or 31 Jan 1881 Adrian; bu. Oakwood Cemetery, Adrian.
Carpenter, John Hathorn, d. 03 Jul 1874, ae 83y2m1d; bu. Hagaman Cemetery, Fairfield Twp King, David, b. Litchfield, Conn; bu. Holloway Cemetery, Raisin Twp Shaw, Brackley; (b. 26 Apr 1790, Abington, Mass; d. 02 May 1869 Abington, Mass; resided in Dover Twp; Lt. in the War of 1812; had chrge of a battery of an island near Boston in defense of that city
Carpenter, Samuel, son of Joshua; b. 28 Feb 1779, Orange Co, NY; d. 06 Oct 1870 Fairfield Twp; Bu. Hagaman Cemetery Knight, Roswell W., b. 11 Apr 1792, Conn; d. 12 Mar 1860, ae 65y; bu. Riga Cemetery; drummer boy in War of 1812 Shaw, C. W., d. 31 Dec 1863, ae 76y; bu. Dover Center Cemetery
Carpenter, Wm. Lamberson, Coonrod, 19 Oct 1868, ae 80y; bu. Ridgeway Cemetery Smith, Henry, d. 1891 Cambridge; bu. probably Cambridge Junction Cemetery
Cheever, Jacob; b. Jefferson Co, NY; d. Aug 1859, ae 84y;
probably buried in Ridgeway Twp.
Latham, Robert, b 1790 Chautauqua Co, NY; d. 1874; bu. Dover Center Smith, Jesse
Clark, Benjamin, d. 12 Mar 1846, ae 62y; bu. 'first cemetery Palmyra Village, back of Decker property' Losey, Joseph, d. 14 Apr 1869, ae 72y2m25d; bu. North Dover Cemetery Smith, John C., d. 02 May 1878, ae 87y5m; bu. Dover Center Cemetery
Clark, Thadeus, b. VT; d. 15 Apr 1870 Clinton; bu. Riverside Cemetery, Clinton Twp; helped construct a ship for service in war of 1812. Mann, Thomas, d. 14 Apr 1862, ae 78y1m4d; bu. Medina Cemetery Smith, Luther, d. 23 Feb 1848, ae 55y9m; bu. Pleasant View Cemetery, Blissfield Section E, Row 4
Cook, Benjamin, s/o Johannis Cook, grandson of John Cook; b. 03 Mar 1789 Palatine, Montgomery Co, NY; d. 10 Feb 1876 Raisin Twp; bu. Brookside Cemetery, Tecumseh Millard, John L., d. 02 Aug 1858, ae 75y; bu. Oakwood Cemetery, Adrian Smith, Samuel, b, 1774; d. 1872; bu. Pleasant View Cemetery, Blissfield Section D Row 1
Corbett, Ziba, b. 17 Jul 1785; d. 28 Apr 1859 Palmyra Twp; bu. Blissfield Section C Row 5; promoted to Capt. at Battle of Sackett's Harbor Miller, Isaac, d. 05 Jun 1859, ae 88y4m26d; bu. Ridgeway Cemetery; Lieut. Under Capt Whitney; promoted to Capt. Spalding, Samuel, b. 23 Sep 1788 Steuben Co, NY; d. 14 Feb 1879 Macon; bu. Lake Ridge Cemetery, Macon Twp.
Crane, Daniel C., d. 08 May 1872, ae 83y; bu. Crane Cemetery, Blissfield Twp. Miller, John Stockwell, Eliathah, b. 19 May 1791 Whitehall, NY; d. 27 Feb or 23 Feb 1867 Dover Twp; bu. Dover Center Cemetery
Decker, Jacob, son of Wm. & Rebecca (Bent) Decker; b. 1794 Greenbush, Rennselear Co, NY; d. 26 Oct 1879; bu. Blissfield, no stone. Miller, Peter M. Stoddard, Whitman, d. 07 Jul 1867, ae 76y5m2d; bu. North Rome Cemetery
Dix, Wm., d. 19 Mar 1876, ae 86y9m12d; bu. North Dover Cemetery McConnell, Amzi E., b. 02 Dec 1785 Elmira, NY; d. 29 Jul 1837 Adrian Twp; bu; either on his farm or in W Adrian Congregational Church Cemetery Stoner, Nicholas; (resided in Adrian)
Driggs, Joseph, son of Elisha or Elijah Driggs; b. 28 Jul 1800; d. 1883; bu. West Rome Cemetery, no stone; enlisted in War of 1812 at age of 11; served with his father as a drummer 1813. Niblack, Samuel, d. 30 Jul 1853, ae 80y or 13 Jul 1853; bu. Brookside Cemetery, Tecumseh Tabor, Paul, son of Stephen & Comfort (Parker) Tabor; b. 12 Aug 1788 Bedford, Mass; d. 03 Sep 1878; bu. Oakwood Cemetery, Adrian; surgeon in the War of 1812
Dunton, Winslow, d. 10 Jul 1852; bu. Blissfield Cemetery Section D Row 2 Nichols, Alexander, b. 1795; d. 1866; bu. Canandaigua Cemetery, Medina Twp Teachout, John
Elliott, Smith, d. 21 Jan 1861 Rome Twp; bu. Rome Twp Northrup, Stephen, b. 25 Jul 1783; d. 15 May 1857, ae 73y9m20d; bu. Hagaman Cemetery, Fairfield Twp Terwilliger, James B.
Fisk, Jabez; son of Daniel Fisk (b. 03 Jun 1794 Wendell, Mass; d. 1867; resided Madison Twp. Older, Wm. Thayer, Rufus, d. 03 Dec 1865, ae 68y3m18d; bu. Lime Creek Cemetery, Medina Twp
Fleming, James, b. 28 Jan 1787 Pa; d. 11 Jul 1874, ae 87y; bu. Rome Union Cemetery, Rome Twp.; was in the Battle of Lundy's Lane. Osborn, James Van Doren, Cornelius; b. 1785; d. 14 Aug 1857; resided Adrian Twp.
Gibbs, Julius, b. 12 Aug 1792; d. 16 Jan 1880; bu. Palmyra Village Cemetery Osburne, John, d. 28 Jan 1863, ae 72y9m14d; bu. Osborn Cemetery, Macon Twp. Van Fleet, Samuel, d. 11 Sep 1858, ae 79y; bu. Old Protestant Cemetery, Hudson, MI
Gifford, Stephen, d. 01 Mar 1866 ae 72y11m; bu. Ridgeway Cemetery Osborn, Richard, son of Joseph & Eunice (Turner) Osborn; b. 1784; d. 1878;
bu. North Rome Cemetery, Rome Twp.
Van Wey, Henry; bu. Palmyra Village Cemetery, no stone
Giles, George, d. 22 May 1841, ae 53y3m15d; bu. Pleasant View Cemetery, Blissfield Section D Row 3; imprisoned by the British because he refused to fight the US in 1813. At that time he lived on the River Thames in Canada. 5, James, b. 20 Apr 1792 Salsbury, Conn; d. 22 Jul 1864 Clinton, MI; bu. Riverside Cemetery,Clinton, MI Weter, Josephus; d. ca. 1877, ae 83y
Gillespie, Richard B., b. 1790 Steuben Co, NY; d. 16 Jun 1870 Clinton Twp; bu. Brookside Cemetery, Tecumseh; was a Major in the War of 1812. Paulding, Isaac D., d. 20 Feb 1892, ae 81y3m20d; bu. Oakwood Cemetery, Adrian; was with Perry on Lake Erie. Wilder, Artemas, d. 10 May 1866, ae 70y; bu. Palmyra Village Cemetery
Goss, Levi, d. 31 Mar 1872, ae 78y; bu. Perry (Goss) Cemetery, Medina Twp. Peck, Comfort Willey, Heinrich, b. 13 Feb 1788 E. Haddom, Conn; d. Aug 1859 Blissfield, MI; bu. Pleasant View Cemetery, Blissfield Section D Row 5.
Graves, Stephen, d. 02 Aug 1854, ae 63y; bu. North Dover Cemetery Peck, Jeremiah, d. 27 Mar 1864, ae 70y; bu. Oakwood Cemetery, Adrian Winter, Asa, b. ca. 1778 Conn; d. ca. Aug 1847; bu. Oakwood Cemetery, Adrian served in PA Army War of 1812
Green, Dexter; bu. Rome Center Cemetery, unmarked grave Phetteplace, Asa, b. Warren Co, NY; d. 19 Nov 1865, ae 77y9m20d Madison Twp; bu. Hunt Cemetery, Fairfield Twp. Bump, Bartlett, b. 06 Sep 1793 NY; d. 23 Aug 1880, ae 81y11m17d; bu. Maple Grove Cemetery, Hudson, MI
Griffith, Abner, b. 09 Mar 1793 Canandaigua, NY; d. 13 May 1859 Medina twp; bu. Canandaigua Cemetery, no stone; Pvt in NY Rgt. Randall, Isaac, son of John Randall; b. 18 Apr 1787 near Portland ME; d. 08 Dec 1852, ae 64y7m20m; bu. Pleasant View Cemetery, Blissfield Section C Row 3; prisoner of Battle of Lake Erie. Maxon, Jesse, b. 12 Sep 1798 R I or NY; d. 21 Jun 1877, ae 78y9m9d; bu. Maple Grove Cemetery, Hudson, MI

Additional 1812 Burials in Lenawee Co

Breese, Elias b. 21 June 1775; d. 29 Jan 1863; bu. Canandaigua Cemetery, Canandaigua; Served with Swartwood's Regiment of the NY Militia
Info courtesy Margaret Rorick Beach, April, 2015
Clafin, Cornelius b.; d. 10 Aug 1855; originally in the Old Hudson Cemetery, re-interred in the Maple Grove Cemetery, Hudson Twp; served in the 13th NY Militia
info courtesy of Betty-Jane Lee, Jan 2011
Larzelere, William b. 10 May 1793; d. 05 Jan 1875; bu. Riverside Cemetery, Clinton Twp; Corporal in Capt Blain's Co; 1 NY Militia
Mudgett, David, Jr. b. 2 August 1788; d. 12 August 1879; bu. Brookside Cemetery, Tecumseh MI; Served in 3rd Battalion (Roberts), New York Militia, on the Niagara frontier.
info courtesy Mark C. Mudgett, January 2017.
See Find-A-Grave for photo of the grave.
Mudgett, Truman b. ca. 1872; d. 11 October 1862; bu. Brookside Cemetery, Tecumseh MI; Served in Hopkins' Regiment, New York Militia, on the Niagara frontier.
info courtesy Mark C. Mudgett, January 2017.
See Find-A-Grave for photo of the grave.

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