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The Hudson Baptist Church, Lenawee County Michigan

A Very Hearty Thank You to Barbara Robinson for typing this information and sending it along for inclusion onthis Lenawee County Site. That was a lot of work.

Vol. 1 Hudson, Michigan, August, 1883 No. 12
First Baptist Church
East Main Street
Hudson, Michigan

Rev. F.L. Patterson, Pastor
Residence and Study on Washington St., nearly opposite High School Building
Deacons: Charles Dunham, Walter Pixley, Seth Anderson.
Church Clerk, Wm. Loyster
Boasrd of Trustees, Walter Pixley, Chairman: George P. Knapp, Secretary: Abram Loyster, Treasurer:Wm. Crisher J. Beachboard and Wm. Loyster.
Officers of Sunday School, Orin Gleason, Superintendent, Rev. F.L. Patterson, Assistant Superintendent;Matie Loyster, Secretary; Abram Loyster, Librarian; Lucinda Aldrich, Treasurer: A.W. Smith, Chorister:Eliza Ames, Organist.
Officers of "Woman's Mission Society", Mrs. Winslow Day, President: Mrs. Abram Loyster, VicePresident: Mrs. F.L. Patterson, Secretary: Mrs. J. Beachboard, Treasurer.
Officers of "Social Society" Mrs. J. BeaPresident: Allie Perkins, Vice President: Eliza Ames,Secretary: Mrs. O.W. Pease, Treasurer.
Prudential Committee: Rev. F.L. Patterson, Chas. Dunham, Walter Pixley, Abram Loyster, W. Loyster, Chas.Eastman, Heman Bailey, Daniel Keller.
Officers of the "Mission Band" Sylva Swain, President: Bertie Day, vice President: Carrie Stone,Secretary: Effie Crisher, Assistant Secretary: Earl Beachboard, treasurer: Mrs. H.L. Force, Directress:Hattie Medhurst, Assistant Directress.
Thanks to Rev. J.L. Hudson for copies of his church paper. Rev. J.S. Holmes and wife are at Sand Lakethis week. Bro. Conley's temperance address is very highly spoken of. ----Addison is cursed with threesaloons, and drunkenness and fighting are the result (couldn't resist putting this in too!) Rev. T.S.Wooden, of Fairfield, takes his exercise this year by tilling an acre of ground. --------Dr. North is theefficient superintendent of the Baptist Sunday school in Tecumseh. Rev. H.C. Beals will be here someSunday in September to present the cause of state missions.-----We are glad to welcome to our congregationSister Hapgood, who recently came here from Iowa. -----We have recently received by letter Brother Z.B.Chambers from the Baptist church at Bethel, North Carolina. ----The first number of this paper was issuedin August, a year ago, and has appeared every month since except November. We are glad to announce thatSister Wilcox will soon unite with us by letter from the Baptist church at Palmyra, N.Y. Prof. Smith, whohas been giving musical instruction to the Hudson band, will hereafter play the tuba in our Sunday school.-----------Bro. and Sister Hamlin, who have recently moved into the place from Medina, will receive a heartywelcome from our brethren and sisters.

Rev. C.D. Gregory is about to be settled as pastor at Church's Corners. We congratulate the church therein securing an able preacher who is loyal to our denomination. Rev. J.M. Whitehead, of Goshen, Ind., willexchange with the pastor on some Sunday in August. Bro. Whitehead was pastor at one time of the NorthStar church in Chicago. Rev. C.E. Conley preached an excellent sermon last Sunday morning, and alsodelivered an excellent address on prohibition at the union meeting in our church Sunday evening.----------Are we going to do our part towards building the "Young Ladies Dormitory& atKalamazoo? Would it not be well to invite sister Crane, of Adrian, to lay the matter before------Wepublish the names of our members in this number. There are very few of us who know the names of all ourmembers. This will enable each one of us to know all the rest. ---------We have received the firstnumber of "The Baptist Item," a paper published by the Baptist church at Tecumseh. It containsnews items from the church and Sunday school, and the names of their members and other interestingmatter.------------The prayer meetings in the Egypt neighborhood held on Saturday evenings as conducted byBro. Elias Wolf, have been largely attended since the winter series of meetings closed. People come adistance of two and three miles to attend them. This is unusual, especially at this time of year. Officersof the Mission Band: Sylva Swain, president: Bertie Day, vice-president: Carrie Stone, secretary: EffieCrisher, assistant secretary: Earl Beachboard, treasurer: Mrs. H.L. Force, directress: Hattie Medhurst,assistant directress. ---------On the occasion of the birth-day of Bro. Bailey's oldest boy (Romie) whichoccurred last month, a large number of children who had been previously invited from town and elsewhere,assembled at Bro. Bailey's, together with several of their Sunday school teachers and the pastor and hiswife. --------

FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, ROLLIN, MICH. Rev. B.T. Bailey, PastorDeacons, George T. Rice, George Hodges and William Rice. Clerk: Dr. Charles C. Hyde. Officers of SundaySchool, Dr. C.C. Hyde, Superintendent: Austin Fitts, Assistant Superintendent: Elmer Cole, Secretary: JohnB. foster, Treasurer: Wm. Holbrook, Librarian: O.E. Clark, Assistant Librarian: W.P. Rowley, O Officers ofWoman's Mission Circle: Mrs. Edna Holbrook, President: Mrs. Elvira Cole, Vice President: Mrs. V.A. Rowley,Secretary: Miss Julia A. Sherman, Treasurer. --------

FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, Clayton, Mich. rev. D.Q. Barry, PastorDeacons: Brethren D. Rowley, Van Auken and Hutchins. Church Clerk E. Nichols. Treasurer, N. Perkins S.S.Officers: Bro. Van Auken, superintendent: E. Nichols, assistant: Ella Hicks, secretary: Mrs. Van Auken,Treasurer. J. Kessler, Librarian: E. Nichols, chorister: Kitty Hicks, organist: Freddy Foster, messenger.--------

The Names of the Members of Our Church.

Perrin Shepardson, Mrs. Mary D. Shepardson, Wm. C. Taylor, Mrs. Ann Taylor, Wm. B. Ames, Mrs. Maria Ames,Samuel Eddy, Mrs. A. Eddy, Mrs. Lucretia Purchase, Mrs. Roumina Power, Philander Aldrich, Mrs. LucindaAldrich, Mrs. Ellen Barkman, MMrs. Fannie Burrows, Mrs. Fannie Medhurst, Mrs. Phebe Fenton, Mrs. HarrietBills, Mrs. Martha Ann Coppins, Mrs. Marietta Van-Epps, Mrs. Mary Goodsell, Mrs. Catherine Hathaway, WmHurd, Mrs. Harriet Knapp, Mrs. Mary Jennings, Mrs. Mary H. Keith, Mrs. J. Beachboard, Hattie Medhurst,Walter Pixley, william Loyster, Mrs. Hannah M. Loyster, Mrs. Anna Highland, James Blurton, Mrs. SarahBlurton, Mrs. Mary Grench, Mrs. Harriet Smith, Mrs. Anna Taylor, Mary Coppins, Mrs. Anna Ames, Mrs. RichardBrown, Mrs. Cora Finch, Allie Perkins, Richard Brown, Mrs. Mary Goodnow, Abbie Beasom, Kittie Wood, BerieBurrows, Seth Anderson, Mrs. Harriet Anderson, Mrs. Jane Thompson, P.O. Pittsford, Mich., M.B. Felshaw,P.O. Pittsford, Mich., Mrs. M.B. Felshaw, P.O. Pittsford, Mich., Scott Ames, Mrs. Scott Ames, Mrs.Catorine Steadman, P.O. Pittsford, Mich., Mrs. Sarah Eastman, Luella Anderson, Oren W. Gleason, Mrs. JaneGleason, B. L. Shear, P.O. Pittsford, Mich., Mrs. Eliza Shear, P.O. Pittsford, Mich., Vincent Jurd, Mrs.Lareta Hurd, Glorence Eddy, Mrs. Sarah Fuller, Mrs. Lucy Loyster, Abram Loyster, Mary Loyster, MarthaLoyster, Charles Dunham, Mrs. Chas. Dunham, Mrs. Amanda J. Pease, Mrs. Dora JaMrs. Verna Howes, Mrs. MaryCarter, Mrs. Sophronia Pixley, Mrs. duninda Bidwell, Edith Medhurst, Mrs. Jane Day, Mrs. Amelia Stone,Mrs. Mary Harris, Mrs. Mary Ann Halleck, Mrs. Charles Purritt. T.K. Hathaway, Mrs. T.K. Hataway, WilliePease, Fred. Bills, Nary Long, Eliza Ames, Emma Day, Mrs. Emma Frost, Jessie Long, Lyman Dewey, CarrieDewey, Etta Dewey, Allie Goodnow, Mrs. Marcus Rush, Alfonzo Rush, Alfred Highland, Mrs. Ann Highland,Hattie Highland, Mary Day, Mrs. S.A. McQueen, William Crisher, Hiram Force, Aldis Smith, Mrs. Sarah Smith,H. DeWitt Jennings, Carrie Stone, Elsie Stone, Callie Brush, Nathan U. Tracy, Silvia Swain, Mrs. N.A.Atkinson, Oren Whitmore, Jessie M. Whitmore, Mrs. Sarah H. Whitmore, Daniel Keller, Mrs. Mary M. Keller,Elias Wolf, Joseph N. Howe, Nellie McNiel, Olie E. Densmore, Ettie M. Bakway, Hattie N. Barkway, Mrs. EmmaB. Force, F.L. Patterson, Mrs. Lucia H. Patterson, J.M. Swain, Mrs. J.M. Swain, Mrs. Clara Treadwell, Mrs.Harriet Robbins, Mrs. Catharine Hubbard, Alexander D. Holmes, Carles H. Eastman, Leon T. Hathaway, JonasWolf, S. Rowley, Mrs. S. Rowley, Mrs. Olive Hood, Cornelia Beaman, Mrs. Harriet Vandervolgen, Mrs. LydiaDewey, Mrs. Mary Hounson, Mrs. Elizabeth Morelan, U. Pauter, Ambrose Burrows, Mrs. Rebecca Swinehart,Heman D. Bailey, Mrs. Martha M. Bailey, Mrs. D. L. Winn, Randall Swinehart, Mrs. Charlotte King, Mrs. AnnPalmer, Mrs. N. Weaver, Hattie Dingley, Z.B. Chambers, Mrs. Alice E. Barkway, Wm. Swain, Mrs. F. JoanaYeagley, Fredreick Barkway, Mrs. Susan McFee, Mrs. Jennie Boothe, Mrs. Eliza M. Daniels, Mrs. Susan McCreary,A.M. Parks, Mrs. M. J. Parks, Frank Childs, Mrs. Emaline Martin.

NON RESIDENTS (since some of these are my relatives, I know that they were originally from Hudson)Mrs. Mary Underhill, Lansing, Mich., Emma Brown, Lansing, Mich., Emma Livermore, Adia, Ohio, Wm. Taylor,Vacaville, Cal., Cary Bugby (it is Bugbee), Vacaville, Cal., Mrs. Emma Bugby, Vacaville, Cal., M.S.Lathop, Dundee, Mich., Mrs. Helen Clement, Coldwater, Mich., Mrs. Lizzie Rice, Adrian, Mich., Mrs. LouiseMead, Dundee, Mich., Mrs. Sarah Purrett, Toledo, Ohio, Henry Ledyard, England, Mrs. Sarah Johnson, Mo.,Mrs. Ida Cadwell, St. Paul, Minn., Mrs. Martha Wirts, Clayton, Mich., Mrs. Margaret Cogswell, St. Johns,Mich., N.B. Eddy, Swanton, Ohio, Mrs. Carrie Eddy, Swanton, Ohio, Alice Eddy, Swanton, Ohio, Mrs. Jane B.Gowen, Honesville, Mich.

Well, that's it. Where I put the -------- I left out mini sermons etc.
I only typed that part which referred to people in the congregation.
I hope this helps you. At least it gives a time and a place where these people were.My family in Michigan were Bugbee, Taylor, Aldrich, and somehow the Eddy family (I think they were cousinsof my g. grandmother, some of them came out to California together) My G.G. Grandparents, Daniel and Sylvia(Aldrich) Bugbee and Alexander and Anna (Bassett) Taylor remained in Hudson and died there. Someday I hopeto find out more about them. I am glad I could share this with you. If you should ever hear of anyoneresearching these lines I would appreciate knowing about it.   Sincerely, Barbara Robinson

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