Riga Township, Lenawee Co, 1850-1880 Mortality Schedules

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1850-1880 U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules can be found on Ancestry.com (with a census subscription). Those found on this website are my transcriptions of the mortality schedule images and are always subject to corrections and additions. If you are looking for a certain surname and don't find it, please check the actual images as the handwriting is often difficult to interpret. In addition, please keep in mind that these are not the only deaths occurring between Federal Censuses, but only in the years listed.
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US Federal Mortality Schedule, 1850; Riga Twp., Lenawee Co, MI

No Mortality Schedule Available for Riga 1850

US Federal Mortality Schedule, 1860; Riga Twp., Lenawee Co, MI

The Name of Every Person Who Died During the Year Ending 1st June, 1860,
Whose Usual Place of Abode at the Time of His Death was in this Family.

Name AgeSexM/WPlace of BirthMonth of deathOccupationCause of Death # days ill
GRAFT, Mary25FeMMichiganMarch, 1860*consumption365
FISHER, Christiana38FeMSaxonyApril, 1860*child birth4
RHODES, Jane38FeMNYAug., 1859*consumption14

US Federal Mortality Schedule, 1870; Riga Twp., Lenawee Co, MI

The Name of Every Person Who Died During the Year Ending 1st June, 1870,
Whose Usual Place of Abode at the Time of His Death was in this Family.

Name AgeSexM/WPlace of BirthMonth of DeathOccupationCause of Death
BAILEY, James3/12M*MichiganMarch, 1870*lung fever
FULLER, Emily17Fe*OhioApril, 1870no occupationrheumatic fever
ANGELL, Mary57FeMNYMay, 1870keeping housecancer
CASSADY, George1/12M*MichiganApril, 1870*whooping cough
ORWELL/OSWELL, Levi2M*MichiganJuly, 1869*drowned
COMPTON, Myron13M*OhioNov., 1869at schoolinflammation of lungs
BIRD, Martin31MMNYAug., 1869farmedfell from barn
HARSH, Fred K.46MMVirginiaFeb., 1870farmeddisease of heart
HOOD, William19MMOhioDec., 1869farmedcancer of stomach
BLAKE, Eddie2/12Fe*MichiganApril, 1870*inflammation of lungs
McMUNN, James2M*MichiganMarch, 1870*lung fever
LIPP, Susan1Fe*MichiganSept., 1869*chronic dysentery
ALLEN, Clarence1M*MichiganAug., 1869*cholera infantum
BURK, Louise10/12Fe*MichiganAug., 1869*cholera infantum
CABEL, Evaline57FeMOhioJan., 1870keeping houseconsumption
SEEBURGER, Christina2Fe*MichiganSept., 1869*cholera infantum
MIETH, Laura2/12Fe*MichiganSept., 1869*cholera infantum
BAKER, Catharine63FeMHesse DarmstadtNov., 1869keeping housechronic dysentery
HEISEL, ******M*MichiganAug., 1869*at birth
GOLL, Polly16Fe*MichiganJune, 1869no occupationbilious fever
BRIARLEY, Gottleib4MFeMichiganAug., 1869*cholera infantum
BRIARLEY, Christian6/12M*MichiganAug., 1869*cholera infantum
DREHLE, Anna7/12Fe*MichiganSept., 1869*cholera infantum
BLATTSTARGER, Elizabeth63FeMPrusia (sic)Aug., 1869keeping housechronic dysentery
WAGONLANDER, William7M*OhioOct., 1869*cholera infantum
FILBEL, Elizabeth35FeMHesse KasselApril, 1870keeping houseconsumption
SCHWEN, Philapena3/12Fe*MichiganNov., 1869*inflammation of lungs
FISHER, Alma2Fe*OhioApril, 1870*lung fever
MERSEREAU, Flora2/12Fe*MichiganApril, 1870*typhoid fever
POOL, David48MMNYMay, 1870farmedconsumption
WOOLERD, William22M*OhioOct., 1869telegrah opp'torconsumption
VanDENBURG, Cornelius30MMPAMar, 1870?farmedconsumption
ENGELHART, Julia4Fe*Prusia (sic)Oct., 1869*scarlet fever
COX, Mary1/12Fe*MichiganOct., 1869*apoplexy
LYONS, John3M*MichiganJuly, 1869*inflammation of stomach
GILLAM, Josephine1/12Fe*MichiganMar., 1870*inflammation of lungs

US Federal Mortality Schedule, 1880; Riga Twp., Lenawee Co, MI

The Name of Every Person Who Died During the Year Beginning June 1, 1879,
and Ending May 31, 1880.

Name AgeSexM/W/SPlace of BirthPlace of birth/fatherPlace of birth/motherOccupation Month of DeathCause of DeathResident of County
PASELK, Ludwig2/30MSMichiganPrussiaPrussia*Aug., 1879croup2/365
HOLTZ, Minnie58FeMPrussiaPrussiaPrussiakeeping houseApril, 1880apoplexy15
PRICE, Charles66MMPrussiaPrussiaPrussiafarmerJuly, 1869pneumonia27
ALBRING, Jessie H.2/12FeSMichiganMichiganMichigan*Nov., 1879congestion of lungs2/12
BELMAN, Oscar H.45MMNYPANYfarmerMay, 1880congestion of stomach22
MEDSKER, Enoch8/12MSMichiganOhioOhio*Nov., 1879burned8/12
JENTZ, Mary1/30FeSMichiganPrussiaPrussia*Feb., 1880croup1/30
STOCK, William E.6/12M*MichiganWurtemburgBaden*July, 1879bilious fever6/12
SCHWIN, August4MSMichiganSwitzerlandPrussia*June, 1879drowned in cistern4
GROSS, John20MSOhioBadenPrussianone; cripple from 5 yrs oldDec., 1879pneumonia-
VAUGHT, Minnie27FeSPAWurtemburgWurtemburg*Jan., 1880consumption25
WALTERS, Louis1/30MSMichiganOhioMichigan*July, 1879croup1/30
HAHN, Louis1/30FeSMichiganHesse DarmstadtMichiganDec., 1879*1/30
HOUSER, Cathrine77FeWHanoverHanoverHanover*Dec., 1879old age10
MATTINGER, Samuel2MSMichiganSwitzerlandNY*Jan., 1880diphtheria2
SILVERHORN, George75MMBavariaBavariaBavaria*Jan., 1880typhoid fever25
BAKER, Elisabeth70FeWPrussiaPrussiaPrussiakeeping houseMar., 1880general debility7
MOHR, Anna C.77FeWPrussiaPrussiaPrussiakeeping houseOct., 1879old age16
HAMBURG, Teressa58FeWPrussiaPrussiaPrussiakeeping houseSep., 1879enteritis (footnote on record states that
as far as the recorder could tell, "Mrs.
Hamburg's death was caused by rupture.")
BARNES, Andrew73MWIrelandIrelandIrelandfarmingNov., 1879delerium tremens30
KLINE, Epentus84MMNYunknownunknownfarmerDec., 1879heart disease8
ALLEN, Ella24FeMOhio**keeping houseJuly, 1879child bed fever1
ELDER, Burnard6MSMichigan***Feb., 1880diphtheria*
ELDER, Alfred8MSMichigan***Feb., 1880diphtheria*
ELDER, Carrie3FeSMichigan***Feb., 1880diphtheria*
WESTFALL, Wm. B.7M1Michigan***Oct., 1879diphtheria*
WESTFALL, Jno.42MMCanada***Mar., 1880cancer*
WHITE, James17M****laborerMay, 1880malarial fever*

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