Seneca Township, Lenawee Co, Special Census
Surviving Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Widows


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Name RankCo.Reg't/VesselEnlist DateDischarge DateLength of Service Post OfficeDisability Incurred; Discharged
CHAPIN, Loren W.Pvt.F18 Mich Inf05 Aug 186226 June 18653yrsMorenci, MI 
ALLEN, JohnMusicianBand14 Ohio Inf10 Aug 186130 May 186210mthsMorenci, MI 
GARRETT, Vinson L.Capt.B110 NY Inf04 Aug 186222 Aug 18624mthsMorenci, MI 
BONDY, Sarah A.,
widow of Isaac BONDY
Pvt.C2 Res Corps10 Oct 186217 July 18652yr 1mths 7dysMorenci, MI 
TUCKER, William H.Pvt.K3 NY Art30 Aug 186216 Jan 18652yr 9mths 17dysMorenci, MI 
CRABB, Susan
widow of
Chaplin*67 Ohio Inf11 Nov 186107 July 18642yr 8mths 4dysMorenci, MI 
CONVERSE, James O.Sgt.F11 Mich Inf11 Sep 186119 Jul 186210mths 8dysMorenci, MI 
PAUL, John S.Sgt.E1 Mich SS10 Nov 186202 Dec 1864*Morenci, MI 
SMITH, Lewis O.Pvt.E68 Ohio Inf18 Oct 186119 June 18629mths 1dysMorenci, MI 
HARTWELL, Joseph J.BuglerBattery F1 Mich L Art21 Nov 186101 July 18653yr 7mths 13dysMorenci, MI 
ALFORD, HenryPvt.B75 Ny Inf07 Nov 186109 Dec 18643yr 2mthsMorenci, MI 
HANNA, John D.Mast. Sgt.G13 IND Inf28 Oct 186121 July 18653yr 7mths 7dysMorenci, MI 
RICE, Francis M.Cpl.I1 Mich Art15 Aug 186214 Jul 18652yr 11mths 1dysMorenci, MI 
KEEFER, DanielMusicianBand14 Ohio Inf10 Aug 186130 May 186210mthsMorenci, MI 
GOODRICH, William A.Pvt.G88 IND Inf31 July 186207 Jun 18652yr 11mths 7dysMorenci, MI 
LEE, Peleg S.Pvt.D130 Ohio Inf2 May 186422 Sep 18644mths 22dysMorenci, MI 
CHAPPLE, James N.Pvt.D130 Ohio Inf2 May 186422 Sep 18644mths 20 dysMorenci, MI 
CHAPPLE, James N.Pvt.F182 Ohio Inf30 Sep 186404 Jul 18641yr 2mthsMorenci, MI 
BALDWIN, Ciros M.Pvt.A18 Mich Inf06 Aug 186226 Jun 18652yr 10mthsMorenci, MI 
MONSON, Jessie3 Sgt.C31 IOW Inf04 Aug 186217 Aug 18631yr 13dysMorenci, MIShot in ankle with buck
shot by shot gun
HAMMOND, Sarah J.,
wife of James HAMMOND
Sgt.H***4yrs 4dysMorenci, MI 
SUTTON, Andrew J.Pvt.G16 Mich Inf16 Aug 186107 Sep 18643 yrs 1 mthsMorenci, MI 
SMITH, Henry C.Pvt.I or J1 Mich SS06 Aug 186315 Aug 18652 yrs 18dysN. Morenci, MIGun shot in wrist
WHITE, Philo J.Pvt.K16 Mich Inf16 Aug 186317 Jun 18653 yrsN. Morenci, MI 
LESTER, AlonzoPvt.B128 Ohio Inf22 Aug 186409 Jun 186511 mthsN. Morenci, MI 
GARDNER, AbrahamPvt.K11 Mich Inf01 Sep 186130 Sep 18643 yrs 30 dysN. Morenci, MIBreached(?)
SPALDING, Delos A.Pvt.C30 Penn Mals?16 Jun 186326 Jul 18631 mths 10 dysCanandaigua, MI, MI 
BENETT, Mathew M.Pvt.I6 Mich Inf16 Jan 1864* Jun 18651 yr 6 mthsCanandaigua, MI 
DURFEY, GeorgePvt.F11 Mich Inf19 Nov 186120 Nov 18643 yrs 1 dysAdrian, MIBayonet wound thru arm
STONE, Edwin D.Pvt.I169 Ohio Inf02 May 186404 Sep 1864100 dysCanandaigua, MI 
BAGERLY, ZebedeePvt.IMich Bea*en Sharp Shooters***Canandaigua, MI 
CLARK, HenryPvt.F18 Mich Inf04 Jan 186410 Jul 18651 yr 6 mthsSeneca, MI 
PICKENS, Benjamin M.Sgt.L1 Ohio Artly08 Jun 186325 Jul 18652yrs 2mthsSeneca, MI 
widow of Summer MANNING
Pvt.I11 Mich InfFeb 186*does not recall2 yrsCanandaigua, MI 
CULVER, James H.Cpl.D11 Mich Cav10 Sep 186310 Aug18651 yr 11 mthsSeneca, MI 
SAWDY, WilliamLandsman General Sherman**23 Aug 186423 Jun 186510 mthsSeneca, MI 
WILBER, HenryPvt.D55 Ohio Inf28 Sep 186426 May 186510 mthsMorenci, MI 
ELY, Francisco D.Pvt.H86 Ohio Inf186318648 mthsSeneca, MI 
ELY, Francisco D.Pvt.F182 Ohio Inf13 Sep 186407 Jul 186511 mthsSeneca, MI 
SPENCER, HenryCpl.M2 NY Lt. Art.21 Nov 186130 Nov 18643 yrsFruit Ridge, MIMiddle finger left hand shot off
CARTER, Louis J.Pvt.H6 Mich Art.28 Dec 1863* Aug 18651 yr 7 mths 23 dysMorenci, MI 
TREADWELL, Seymour B.Pvt.H6 Mich Art.28 Dec 18635 Sep 18651 yr 8 mthsMorenci, MIDeaf in one ear
SAVAGE, David L.Pvt.A33 NY Inf18 Dec 186102 Jun 18625 mths 16 dysSeneca, MI 
SAVAGE, DavidPvt.A148 NY Inf08 Jul 186212 Jan 18636 mths 4 dysSeneca, MI 
COPP, John J.Pvt.I or J123 Ohio Inf23 Aug 1862**Seneca, MI 
DELINE, Maryann
wife of
No information: "she sent his
discharge to Washington and could not tell"
      Seneca, MIShe could not tell anything
RIGHTER, Matilda,
wife of
Pvt.F4 Mich Inf03 Sep 186420 March 18651 yr 3mthsSeneca, MI 
FRAYLICK, EmanuelPvt.I or J139 Ohio Inf02 May 186426 Aug 1864*Weston, MI 
FRAYLICK, EmanuelPvt.C82 Batalion N Gards14 Jul 186302 Apr 18663 yrsWeston, MI 
SHRADER, AndrewPvt.B17 Mich Inf25 Feb 186428 Jul 1865*Fruit Ridge, MI 
RILEY, George W.Pvt.B184 Ohio Inf25 Jan 186520 Sep 18658 mthsWeston, MI 
DESHLER, Walter J.Pvt.I50 NY Vol Inf (?)25 Aug 186213 Jun 18652 yrs 10mthsMorenci, MI 
STITEN, Peater B.Pvt.B22 Ohio Inf16 Oct 186529 Aug 186610 mthsWeston, MI 
MORFORD, John F.Pvt.H 6 Mich Inf20 Aug 186131 Jul 186211 mths 11daMorenci, MI 
MORFORD, John F.Pvt.D1 Mich Art.29 Jun 186403 Aug 18657 mths 26 dysMorenci, MI 
WALKER, William Sr.Pvt.A192 Ohio Inf01 Mar 186526 May 18652 mths 25 dysMorenci, MI 
FOX, JohnPvt.C128 Ohio Inf14 Jun 186218 Jun 18653 yrs 28 dysMorenci, MI 
DONEVAN, George W.Pvt.G16 Mich Inf1 Sep 186108 July 18653 yrs 10 mths 16 dysMorenci, MI 
CLARK, OrvilPvt.F15 Reg Inf07 Sep 186004 Sep 18655 yrsMorenci, MI 
DRISKELL, AlfredPvt.I67 Ohio Inf17 Nov 186103 Jul 18631 yr 7 mths 6 dysMorenci, MI 
FOX, Myron B.Cpl.D12 Ill Cav02 Feb 186429 May 18662 yrs 4 mths 27 dysMorenci, MI 
ASHLEY, Emaline,
wife of Chancy ASHLEY
Pvt.A18 Mich Inf14 Aug 1863**Morenci, MIDied in the South
METCALF, Amoes N.Pvt.drafted unassigned*21 March 186522 April 186531 dysMorenci, MI 
METCALF, VachelPvt.G11 Mich Inf16 Feb 186516 Sep 18657 mthsMorenci, MI 
RUSS, Daniel H.Cpl.D44 Ill Inf01 Jul 186120 Oct 18654 yrs 4 mthsMorenci, MI 
ROCK, HenryPvt.F4 Mich Inf10 Sep 186420 May 18661 yr 8 mths 10daMorenci, MI 
HART, Oscar G.Ordly SagM11 Mich Cav02 Jan 186415 Aug 18651 yr 6mthsMorenci, MI 
BARMAN, Christinia F.,
wife of
Pvt.?19(6?) Ohio Inf22 Feb 186511 Sep 18657 mthsMorenci, MI 
PAYNE, Henry H.Pvt.F8 NY Art.28 Jul 186205 Jun 18652 yrs 11mthsMorenci, MI 
ONWILLER, James W.Pvt.Troop D(6?) US Cav11 Dec 186410 Dec 18695 yrsMorenci, MIRegular Army 5 years
HECKMAN, JamesPvt.F4 Mich Inf04 Sep 186426 May 18681 yr 9 mthsMorenci, MI 
STONE, Oliver P.Pvt.E4 Mich Inf20 Jun or Jan 186127 Nov 18623 yrsMorenci, MI 
GRICE, Hattie M.
widow of
Pvt.Lancers (?)*13 Oct 1861**Morenci, MISpinal fever;
died the 7 dy March 1862 at ****
DEYO, AlbertO. Sarge'tD or O130 Ohio Inf02 May 186424 Sep 18644 mths 22 dysMorenci, MI 
MARTIN, WilliamPvt.A67 Ohio Inf14 Dec 186408 May 18625 mthsMorenci, MI 
SMITH, Frank E.Pvt.D27 Mich Inf09 Feb 186413 Jul 18665 mths 4 dysMorenci, MI 
SHAW, Calvin M.Pvt.Battery HDegolya (?) Battry24 Jul 186217 Jul 18653 yrsMorenci, MI 
PAUL, John W.Pvt.B44 Ill Inf19 Aug 186115 Sep 18643 yrsMorenci, MI 
STANINGER, DanielPvt.F4 Mich Inf15 Aug 186525 Sep 18661 yr 10 dysMorenci, MI 
FULLER, Arther J.Pvt. C18 Mich Inf25 Jul 186226 Jun 18653 yrsMorenci, MI 
GIBB, JohnPvt.*18 Mich Inf04 Jan 186403 Jul 18651 yr 6 mthsMorenci, MI 
DARROW, Joseph C.Pvt.C4 Mich Inf20 Jan 186116 May 18621 yr 6 mthsMorenci, MI 
BARRON, William H.Pvt.B6 Vermont Inf15 Oct 186114 Jul 18629 mthsMorenci, MI 
COTTRELL, Lovina M.,
widow of George COTTRELL
Cpl.K38 Ohio Inf01 Sep 186124 Sep 18643 yrs 23 mthsMorenci, MIGunshot wound
through right knee
NEGUS, George W.Pvt.F11 Mich Inf21 Sep 186113 May 18628 mthsMorenci, MI 
widow of Robert F. WHITNEY
Sgt.F28 NY Inf09 May 186102 Jun 18632 yrsMorenci, MI 
widow of Zelotes CRITTENDEN
Pvt.I or J130 Ohio Nat'l Guard02 May 186422 Sep 18644 mthsMorenci, MI 
ROTHRACK, John M.Sgt.I or J67 Ohio Inf01 Jan 186201 Sep 18653 yrs 8 mthsMorenci, MI 
WALKER, Roswell R.O Sgt.G6 NH Inf23 Sep 186111 Jan 18632 yrs 4 mthsMorenci, MIFirst finger left hand shot off
VanALSTINE, Gardner P.Sgt.E7 NY Arty07 Aug 186212 Mar 18653 yrsMorenci, MILoss of right leg near hip joint from gun shot
BABCOCK, Abram V.Pvt.F67 Ohio Inf10 Oct 186113 Aug 18643 yrsMorenci, MIInjured by fall; sent to
hospital and discharged
HAYNES, JamesPvt.A84 Ohio Inf27 May 186220 Sep 18623 mthsMorenci, MI 
HAYNES, JamesLandsmanGen. Bragg, Gen. Boat*27 Aug 186325 Dec 18634 mthsMorenci, MI 
WILSON, Ira F.Pvt.G11 Mich Inf11 Feb 186516 Sep 18659 mths* 
BOON, Mahala M.,
widow of Clark A. BOON
Pvt.A72 Ohio Inf25 Oct 186115 Dec 18643 yrs 2 mths* 
BORTON, JosephPvt.A67 Ohio Inf15 Aug 186221 Jun 18652 yrs 9 mths* 
BOON, Lemuel D.Pvt.G145 Ohio Inf02 May 186424 Aug 18643 mths 22 dysMorenci, MI 
WEAVER, HenryPvt.I1 Mich L. Art.16 Aug 186214 May 18653 yrsMorenci, MI 
BENJAMIN, Fordyce E.Cpl.F22 Mich Inf09 Aug 186227 Jun 18653 yrsMorenci, MI 
widow of James ONWILLER
Pvt.A68 Ohio Inf09 Nov 186124 Jun 18627 mths 15 dysMorenci, MI 
HAMLIN, PerryPvt.G1 Mich Eng & Mec (?)25 Dec 186225 Sep 18651 yr 10 mthsMorenci, MI 
STONE, Horace W.Pvt.I4 Ohio Inf05 Jun 1861* Jun 18643 yrs 21 dysMorenci, MI 
DRAKE, Theodore F.Cpl.I1 Mich Lt Art22 Aug 186215 Jul 18653 yrsMorenci, MI 
SMITH, CalvinSgt.K1 US SS04 Mar 186204 Mar 18653 yrsMorenci, MIShot in left leg
SMITH, Calvin*(transferred to) B5 Mich Inf04 Mar 186204 Mar 18653 yrsMorenci, MI 
PRICE, William H.(reinstated)
A67 Mich Inf01 Feb 186117 Dec 18654 yrs 45 dysMorenci, MI 
PALMER, John (Chis COLSON)Pvt.F18 Mich Inf28 Jul 186226 Jun 18653 yrs 3 mths 11 dysMorenci, MIEnlisted under name of Colson
HONLEY, James H.Pvt.B182 Ohio Inf03 Sep 186411 Jul 186510 mthsMorenci, MI 
PALMER, Martin V.Cpl.E68 Ohio Inf14 Oct 186118 Jul 18653 yrs 9 mthsMorenci, MI 
HANN, Isaac S.Pvt.C7 NY Cav28 Sep 186130 Mar 18626 mths 2 dysMorenci, MI 
OVERTON, Adelbert V.Pvt.G8 Mich Inf30 Aug186131 Dec 18621 yr 4 mthsMorenci, MI 
VALENTINE, George W.Pvt.D130 Ohio Inf02 May 1864*4 mthsMorenci, MIHis discharge was burned
WYMAN, Henry S.Cpl.*8 IND Inf20 Aug 186111 Jun 18642 yrs 9 mths 21 dysMorenci, MI 
McDUFFEE, Dexter M.Pvt.L11 Mich Cav15 Sep 186325 Jul 18651 yr 10 mths 10 dysMorenci, MI 
SKAATS, Sarah L.,
widow of George C. SKAATS
Pvt.I67 Ohio Inf25 Nov 186101 Dec 18621 yr 3 dysMorenci, MI 
STONE, Simon, Jr.Cpl.G10 Minn Inf15 Aug 186219 Aug 18653 yrs 3 dysMorenci, MI 
ARMSTRONG, WellingtonPvt.B182 Ohio Inf30 Aug 186407 Jul 186511 mthsMorenci, MI 
CAMPBELL, George D.Pvt.D135 Ohio Inf07 18 Dec 18659 mths 14 dysMorenci, MI 
OLDFIELD, George B.Pvt.B182 Ohio Inf12 Aug 186407 Jul 186510 mths 25 dysMorenci, MI 
WILSON, Cintha,
widow of George WILSON
Pvt.G1 Mich Eng. Mech.Dec 1863**Morenci, MINo discharge; died at Savanna

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