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PLEASE NOTE: Entries in italics and denoted with *s are not on the original birth records.

Compiled by and all rights reserved byGrace Dooley.
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Birth Date
Father's Name
Mother's Name
Albers, Grace155/13/1885Alfred AlbersUnknown
Alexander, Sarah Catherine179/8/1885Edwin F. AlexanderBell Alexander
Allen, Baby Boy62/22/1882Jay AllenJessie Allen
Allen, Clifford2611/27/1887Alfred AllenMary Jane Allen
Allen, Robert H.198/10/1885Jay AllenJessie Allen
Amberg, Amber503/19/1890James AmbertMargarette Amberg
Amberg, James85/6/1882James AmbergMarietta Amberg
Amberg, Minnie52/6/1881James AmbergHarriett Ambert
Ammond, Blanche May482/1/1890Jerry AmmondJane Ammond
Anderson, Allna? May4312/8/1889John AndersonDela Anderson
Andrus, Emma154/16/1885James Kendrick AndrusEstella Andrus
Arthur, Dwight E.186/14/1885Frank B. ArthurMaggie A. Arthur
Arthur, Gerald481/20/1890Frank B. ArthurMaggie Arthur
Arthur, John Alfred418/15/1889Saurin ArthurAmelia Arthur
Ashford, Blanchie May228/25/1886Charles AshfordLucy J. Ashford
Ashford, Florence Isabelle449/28/1889Charles N. AshfordJane Ashford
Atherton, Baby Girl535/28/1890Charles AthertonLaura Atherton
Atherton, George H.2110/6/1886Charles AthertonLulla? D. Atherton
Atherton, Lilly276/15/1887Stephen AthertonElla Atherton
Atherton, Rosanah128/15/1884Stephen AthertonElla Atherton
Babcock, Julia448/10/1889??? H. BabcockJulia Babcock
Badour, Nellie123/9/1884UnknownMargaret Badour
Bagley, Baby Girl4612/23/1889John BagleyMrs. Bagley
Bagley, Henry M.519/30/1890William H. BagleyElizabeth M. Bagley
Baker, Grace487/19/1890William BakerRena Baker
Baker, Oliver C.358/23/1888Thos. C. Baker Jr.Lydia R. Baker
Ballantine, Blanche E.516/14/1890Thomas W. BallantineJosephine A. Ballantine
Ballantine, Thomas Ernest243/14/1886Thomas W. BallantineJosephine Ballantine
Barnes, Andrew311/30/1881George BarnesElizabeth Barnes
Barrett, Elizabeth271/18/1887Albert BarrettRosa Barrett
Bassett, Edward Lee416/18/1889Albert BassettRose Bassett
Battels, Albert364/4/1888Charles BattelsMary Battels
Battles, Mary213/29/1886Charles BattlesMary Battles
Baurn, Bertha Mabel94/28/1882William B. BaurnSarah J. Baurn
Beacham, Bertha327/19/1887George BeachamLillian Beacham
Beacham, Fred167/7/1885George BeachamLilliam Beacham
Beaton, Baby Girl4012/28/1888Hugh BeatonMary Beaton
Beck, Rosetta131/19/1884James M. BeckAbby Beck
Belanger, Joseph Leo201/25/1886John BelangerArtemus Belanger
Belanger, Regina338/23/1888John BelangerArt??? Belanger
Bell, Baby Girl445/29/1889Robert M. BellRebeca Bell
Bell, Bruce?515/16/1890Frank G. BellEva Bell
Bell, Ona402/26/1888Frank G. BellEva Bell
Bejamin, Archey D.132/9/1884James P. BenjaminAlvena Benjamin
Benjamin, Baby Girl134/14/1884D. W. BenjaminMatilda Benjamin
Benjamin, Daniel E.44/14/1881Daniel W. BenjaminEmma Benjamin
Benjamin, Frances M.188/8/1885Daniel W. BenjaminMatildla J. David
Benjamin, William27/10/1880Daniel BenjaminAlvena Benjamin
Bennett, William497/17/1890William BennettMariah Bennet
Bennett, William Henry457/17/1889William BennettMarie Bennett
Benson, Leana295/4/1887Samuel BensonEmma Benson
Berger, Earle416/12/1889William BergerMatilda Park
Bergquist, Anna Elizabeth1410/28/1884Gust BergquistMary Bergquist
Bergquist, Elmer336/26/1887Gust BergquistMary Bergquist
Blancher, Mary L.495/26/1890Philip O. BlancherMargaret A. Blancher
Blancher, Viola Maud249/3/1886Phillip BlancherMaggie Blancher
Boeghner, Westley423/11/1889William BoeghnerMaggie Boeghner
Bohnard, Joseph225/6/1886Donatis BohnardRosena Bohnard
Bohnard, Rosanna329/30/1887Donatis BohnardRosanna Bohnard
Bond, Gertrude I.397/4/1888C. S. BondJune Bond
Booza, Annie4410/1/1889H??? BoozaJosie Booza
Borden, Baby Girl310/00/1881Hiram Borden(Blank) Borden
Borden, Dora110/8/1880Hiram BordenHannah Borden
Bottles, Freda533/29/1890Charles BottlesMary Bottles
Boutle, William Ray308/14/1887William BoutleCassie Boutle
Bradley, John474/14/1889Edward BradleyMary Bradley
Bradley, Theresa2911/22/1887Edward BradleyMary Bradley
Brady, George Cleveland1210/28/1884David BradyChristina Brady
Brigham, Lucinda193/1/1885Walter BrighamNancy Brigham
Brindley, Franklin237/10/1886Edward BrindleyLaura Brindley
Brindley, George463/10/1889Edward BrindleyLouisa Brindley
Brindley, John H.67/16/1882Edward BrindleyLouisa Brindley
Brooks, Bessie C.376/20/1888Oscar BrooksClara Brooks
Brooks, Clyde538/11/1890Hiram BrooksSarah Brooks
Brooks, Goldie Ellen4110/00/1889David E. BrooksCora L. Brooks
Brooks, Hiram158/25/1885Hiram BrooksSarah Brooks
Broughman, Hattie474/2/1889George? BrohmanMary? Brohman
Brown, Thos. Franklin176/4/1885John H. BrownAnna Brown
Buckingham, Claude P.71/31/1882Ellis BuckinghamMary Buckingham
Burgess, Baby Boy391/30/1888Joseph BurgessMay Burgess
Burgess, Edward J.526/15/1890Joseph A. BurgessMary Burgess
Burgher, Burt Clarence354/8/1888Henry BurgherMary Sheltrown
Burns, Franklin Thomas246/4/1885J. H. BurnsAnnie D. Burns
Burnes, Nancey1410/15/1884Hugh BurnesAngelena Burnes
Burt, Benjamin J.123/29/1884Edwin M. BurtCaroline Burt
Burt, Floyd2511/22/1887Edwin M. BurtAdaline Burt
Burt, George451/19/1889Edwin BurtEvaline Burt
Burt, Sara J.189/10/1885Edwin M. BurtEveline Burt
Butler, Cora Francis378/19/1888Burnett ButlerMartha Butler
Caldwell, Lucy A.19/17/1879D. M. CaldwellHelen R. Caldwell
Campbell, Ann91/10/1883Henry Campbell??? Campbell
Campbell, Duncan Archie325/16/1887Findley CampbellMary McFadyen
Campbell, Harry J.395/17/1888James CampbellLouisa Campbell
Campbell, Lizzie468/24/1889James CampbellEmma Campbell
Campbell, Sadie Minnie108/9/1883Linley CampbellMary Campbell
Campbell, Sarah87/20/1883Finlay CampbellMary Campbell
Canan, George C.319/5/1887Charles B. CananJessie Canan
Cardinal, Joseph97/29/1883Edward CardinalCatherine Cardinal
Carline, Martha Ellen419/8/1889John CarlineEmma Carline
Carr, Baby Boy3910/11/1888Levi CarrMary Carr
Carr, Freeman3111/2/1887Levi CarrEmma Carr
Carter, Florence Ethal306/17/1887Joseph CarterMary C. Carter
Chamberlain, Maude Mary18/31/1880Chandler ChamberlainMary Ellen Chamberlain
Chandler, Harry J.277/31/1887William ChamdlerMary Chandler
Churchill, Clarence311/21/1887Joseph ChurchillHattie Churchill
Churchill, Eddie68/7/1882Joseph ChurchillHarriett Churchill
Clark, Alice Grace238/15/1886Dayton? D. ClarkLouisa Clark
Clark, Goldie Alena2011/21/1886William ClarkIda May Clark (sic)
Clark, Goldwinnis159/5/1885Father UnknownIda or Ada Clark
Clark, Jennie205/18/1886John ClarkMargaret Clark
Clark, Ted C.114/23/1883Frank ClarkBell Clark
Clement, Elva S.4810/4/1890Robert ClementEva M. Clement
Clement, Marquis E.4810/4/1890Robert ClementEva M. Clement
Clerk, Iva May143/4/1884Dayton ClarkLoese Clark
Cochran, Blanch I.3011/19/1887Clarence F. CochranFlora B. Cochran
Cochran, Frances Marion5010/26/1890Chester CochranRachel M. Cochran
Cochran, Myrtle Bell373/30/1888Chester CochranRachel Cochran
Cochran, V??? G.194/22/1885Clarence F. CochranFlora B. Cochran
Cochran, Wellington1611/18/1885Chester CochranRachel Cochran
Connor, Ant?? Elmer129/8/1884William H. ConnorCharlot J. Connor
Connor, Edith E.346/16/1888William H. ConnorCharlotte Connor
Connor, Emma A.1810/21/1885Isaac ConnorLouisa Connor
Cook, Arthur19/1/1880Lester CookMary Cook
Cook, Earl910/23/1883William CookNellie Cook
Cook, Estella M.74/20/1882Earnest P. CookMary Cook
Cook George3712/15/1888George CookMrs. Cook
Cook, Ida Jane217/25/1886Lewis CookMary Ann Cook
Cook, Ray M.87/27/1882William H. CookNancy J. Cook
Cook, William John375/19/1888Lewis CookMary Cook
Cottell, May G.255/26/1887Albert CottellUna E. Cottell
Craft, Albert245/1/1886George CraftMary Craft
Craft, Henry523/6/1890Henry CraftKate Craft
Craner, Edward511/4/1881Henry Harrison CranerHenrietta V. Craner
Craner, Edwin511/4/1881Henry Harrison CranerHenrietta V. Craner
Craner, Frank M.412/24/1878Henry H. CranerHarriett? Craner
Craner, Gery Victor339/4/1887William M. CranerNancy Elizabeth Craner
Craner?, H???1112/18/1883George CranerEtta Craner?
Craner, Herbert H.116/2/1883William M. CranerNancy Craner
Crawford, George211/10/1880George M. CrawfordMay Crawford
Crawford, Gertrude May143/4/1884Fred CrawfordCora E. Crawford
Crawford, Mabel Elizabeth2712/12/1887Fred CrawfordCora E. Crawford
Cropp, Joseph3610/30/1888Barney CroppRosa Cropp
Cumming, Baby Girl493/7/1890A. L. CummingA. Cumming
Dale, Herbert W.31/9/1881Harry F. DaleRuth A. Dale
Dale, Ruthella276/24/1887Henry F. DaleRuth A. Dale
Davis, Mertibeth?176/20/1885Albert M. DavisAbbie B. Davis
Davis, Monroe E.3912/28/1888William DavisRosie Davis
Davis, Wessie?87/13/1882Albert M. DavisAbbie Davis
Davison, Crase366/14/1888Thomas DavisonJulia Davison
Davison, George448/28/1889Frank B. DavisonFlorence Davison
Davison, Mary163/27/1885Frank DavisonFlorence Davison
Day, John476/?/1889Joseph DayMrs. Day
Deagon, Ruby423/7/1889Hiram DeagonMinnie Deagon
Deford, Mina Grace148/30/1885Levi DefordDilena Deford
Delaney, Ernest421/5/1889John DelaneyMinnie Delaney
Demming, Francis476/13/1889Kent? DemmingMrs. Demming
Demming, Hattie403/25/1888Eli DemmingAnna Demming
Demming, Lizzie476/13/1889Kent? DemmingMrs. Demming
Depue, Baby Girl293/20/1887Monty DepueDella Depue
Depue, Marvin385/6/1888Monty DepueDella Depue
Devan, Baby Girl399/29/1888George DevanLouisa Devan
Dewitt, Clarence84/1/1882Hiram E. DewittMary A. Dewitt
Dewitt, Roy H.359/19/1888Hiram DewittMary Dewitt
Diamond, Gertrude E.86/23/1882Henry W. DiamondMartha E. Diamond
Diebold, Barbara Elizabeth244/11/1886George DieboldCatherine Diebold
Diffiner, Joseph181/1/1885John Diffiner?LaChana Diffiner?
Dill, Edward Fremont513/16/1889James? DillBarbara Rohr
Dillenback, Ethel259/12/1887Alton DillenbackElla Dillenback
Dishaw, William354/9/1888Oliver DishawEmma Dishaw
Dobbyn, Charles R.3511/26/1888William DobbynMary Ann Dobbyn
Dobson, Ross E.129/10/1884James K. DobsonMaryan Dobson
Dockham, Vernie427/30/1889John DockhamLucretia? Dockham
Dodge, Virgie May3110/15/1887Edgar A. DodgeElizabeth P. Dodge
Dollar, Verna E.2912/18/1887Andrew DollarEliza Dollar
Donovan, Baby Boy322/23/1887Lawrence B. DonovanJane A. Donovan
Dowler, Effie A.172/2/1885George R. DowlerAlice Dowler
Dowler, Effie A.232/2/1886George R. DowlerAlice Dowler
Dowler, William S.412/25/1881George R. DowlerAlice Driffice Dowler
Drocwick?, Joseph1111/10/1883John Drocwick?Mary Drocwick?
Druckes, Baby Boy275/19/1887Nicholas DruckesLucy Druckes
Duma, Katie Mable1011/9/1883John DumaMary A. Duma
Dunbar, James297/10/1887Stephen DunbarEmily Dunbar
Dunham, Baby Girl98/16/1883Wallace DunhamEmma Dunham
Dunham, Myron226/23/1886Franklin O. DunhamEster Dunham
Durham, Harry Charles175/13/1885Wallace DurhamEmily Durham
Durham, Lena79/23/1882John DurhamMary Durham
Durham, Mable V.439/15/1889Wallace DurhamEmma Durham
Durham, Mary E.43/31/1881Manly W. DurhamClara Durham
Durham, Morris J.288/17/1887John F. DurhamMary E. Durham
Durham, Muriel E.435/3/1889John DurhamMary Durham
Durham, Russell Alger2812/10/1887Manley W. DurhamClara H. Durham
Eccleston, Ethel May526/10/1890Richard EcclestonLizzie Eccleston
Edgett, Nelson406/18/1888Nelson EdgettCharlotte Edgett
Eggeston, Jennie96/20/1883Harry EggestonJennie Eggeston
Ehinger, Anna51/00/1881(Not Listed)(Not Listed)
Ellig, Mary Tilda263/14/1887Bernard ElligMary C. Ellig
Ellis, Bertha175/30/1885Thomas EllisCarrie Ellis
Emes, Amy3410/6/1888William EmesAlice Emes
Emes, Aron L.4512/13/1889William EmesAlice Emes
Engle, Agnes E.67/8/1882John EngleElizabeth Engle
Engle, Hannah1910/2/1885John EngleElizabeth Engle
Engle, Louisa474/19/1889Lorenzo EngleMartha Engle
Eno, Minnie203/15/1886Edward EnoMary Eno
Erler, Mary15/10/1879Peter ErlerFrancis Erler
Everett, Sadie4912/8/1890John EverettMargarite Everett
Eymer, Gracie155/17/1885George EymerBella Eymer
Fagen, Clara368/21/1888Peter FagenMary Ann Fagen
Falconer, Ida M.4411/9/1889John FalconerJane Falconer
Fayette, Grace E.477/20/1889George W. FayettePhebe A. Fayette
Fayette, William5310/4/1890George W. FayettePhebe Fayette
Finerty, Catherine495/17/1890Michael FinertyCaroline Finerty
Finerty, George197/18/1886John FinertyMary Ann Finerty
Finerty, Mary4010/8/1888John FinertyMary Finerty
Fisk, Arthur W.711/24/1882Hiram W. FiskMary M. Fisk
Fisk, Floyd Burt353/8/1888Hiram W. FiskMary M. Fisk
Fitchett, Aaron348/11/1888John W. FitchettMaggie Fitchett
Fitchett, Baby Boy263/28/1887John FitchettMargaret Fitchett
Fitchett, Laura M.497/30/1890John W. FitchettMargaret E. Fitchett
Fletcher, Nellie1110/21/1883John? Fletcher(Blank)
Flurey, Ernest326/17/1887Octave FlureyMatilda Flurey
Flynn, Lois Bell418/15/1889Wilford A. G. FlynnMary Flynn
Follman, Ada39/12/1880Wm. M. FollmanCora Follman
Foot, May4211/24/1889Eli FootMary Foot
Foote, Hannah339/7/1887Eli FooteMary Foote
Fournia, (Baby Boy52/9/1881(Not Listed)Mary Fournia
Francis, Albert293/25/1887William FrancisMary Francis
Francis, Ray Addison384/24/1888William FrancisMary Ann Francis
Freckler, Phoebe156/17/1885Fred? FreckerPhoebe Freckler
Freed, Abner L.68/22/1882John FreedElizabeth Freed
Freed, Delbert5112/16/1890Frank FreedAdalade? Freed
Freed, Marie398/24/1888William FreedAtha Alzina Fulmer
Freed, Mary517/14/1890William FreedAltha Freed
Freed, Sarah E.316/2/1887William FreedAltha A. Freed
French, Elizabeth462/28/1889Grant FrenchAnna French
French, Lula J.3012/26/1887Fremont F. FrenchMary A. French
Fulmer, Arthur J.610/24/1882William FulmerEvaline? Fulmer
Furnia, Emma139/26/1884Joseph FurniaMatilda Furnia
Gard, Edward L.519/20/1890Edward GardEmily Gard
Gardner, Clinton166/18/1885Chapman GardnerSattie Gardner
Gaskill, Albert Ernest3310/27/1888George L. GaskillDelphina Gaskill
Geroy, Jennie207/20/1886Joseph GeroyFlorence Geroy
Geroy, Joseph13/14/1878Joseph GeroyFlorence Geroy
Geroy, Stephen312/24/1881Stephen GeroyFlorence Geroy
Geroy, Stephen612/24/1882Joseph GeroyFlorence Geroy
Gilchrist, Archie401/23/1888William GilchristFlorence Evelyn Darling
Gillies, BurtN/A5/10/1889N/ANot on Record
Gillies, Byron208/24/1886John GilliesAnnie A. Gillies
Gillies, Roy MalcomN/A4/21/1885N/ANot On Record
Gillis, Joseph475/10/1889John GillisMrs. Gillis
Goff, Claud523/12/1890Squire GoffEliza Goff
Goff, Seydie Susan124/26/1884W. R. GoffUnknown
Goff, William M.4510/19/1889Squire GoffMrs. Goff
Goodrich, Daniel189/13/1885Daniel GoodrichJewell Goodrich
Goodrich, Olive288/11/1887?? GoodrichJennett Goodrich
Goodwin, Baby Girl412/8/1881Philip GoodwinSusan Goodwin
Goodwin, Etta Viola185/26/1885Philip GoodwinSusan Goodwin
Graham, I. F.22/15/1880Orin GrahamSusan Graham
Graham, Lizzie18/25/1878Orin GrahamSusan Graham
Graham, Lulu L.486/20/1890Thomas GrahamHattie Graham
Grant, Robert162/10/1885James GrantGeorgina Grant
Gravell?, Alfred H.134/12/1884Frank Gravell?Mary Gravell?
Graves, Luke Elgie524/15/1890Augustus GravesEmma Graves
Gray, James363/25/1888Frank GrayCarrie Gray
Gray, James G.353/20/1888Frank GrayCarrie Gray
Green, Agatha Margaret Josephine371/15/1888Alexander GreenAgatha Lobsinger
Green, Lawrence Joseph2812/3/1887Joseph GreenPhilipena Green
Green, Nicholas William4810/1/1890Alexander GreenRosina Green
Greene, Charles107/17/1883John Greene??? Greene
Greene, John107/17/1883John Greene??? Greene
Greenia, Harry1312/24/1884John GreeniaAdmira Greenia
Grenie, Baby Boy2512/25/1886John GrenieMary Grenie
Griffeth, Abbie111/29/1883William GriffethBertha Griffeth
Griffeth, Elizabeth138/21/1884William GriffethBertha K. G. Griffeth
Griffith, Cora F.1912/4/1885George GriffithCora F. Griffith
Griffith, Sefrona256/22/1886William GriffithBertha Griffith
Gringrich, Sarah2810/4/1887John GringrichMartha Gringrich
Grossman, Anthony371/17/1888John GrossmanLouisa Grossman
Guerin, Mary426/30/1889Julius GuerinEmma Guerin
Guthrie, Frank Walker4510/7/1889Andrew GuthrieAnnie Guthrie
Guthrie, Neil M.345/10/1888Andrew GuthrieAnna Guthrie
Hacht, Charles H.4610/2/1889John HachtFrancis Hacht
Hageman, Eril Chas.96/25/1883John HagemanNettie Hageman
Hakes, Walace S.303/2/1887Chas. A. HakesIda May Hakes
Hall, J. S.2310/11/1886DeVere HallAugusta Hall
Hallead?, Edgar Glenwood2610/17/1887Arthur J. Hallead?Emma Hallead?
Hallick, Mable May226/10/1886James E. HallickEmma Hallick
Hamacher, Baby Girl211/14/1878Henry HamacherSarah Hamacher
Hamacher, Flora31/31/1881Henry HamacherSarah Hamacher
Haman, Florence A.428/8/1889Edward HamanAddie A. Haman
Hammond, Bennett347/4/1888David HammondMatilda Hammond
Hammond, Ina May381/30/1888Charles HammondMay Hammond
Hammond, Phoebe173/24/1885Daniel HammondMatilda Hammond
Hamon, Ben507/28/1890George Hamon?Hannah Harmon
Hann, Elmer A.2811/14/1887William H. HannAlice Abline Hann
Hannah, Charles94/26/1883Peter HannahDora Hannah
Hansey, John J.401/2/1888John J. HanseyMary A. Hansey
Hansey, Sarah B.5112/18/1890John J. HanseyMary A. Hansey
Harmon, Hattie L.337/9/1887Edwin F. HarmonHattie A. Harmon
Harrington, Elmer George106/29/1883George HarringtonIsabell Harrington
Harrison, Nettie June169/3/1885George HarrisonHannah Harrison
*Haskill, Lucy**None**1/15/1882**Albert J. Haskill**Unknown*
Hayes, Floyd16/28/1880Fluters Hayes?Ellen Hayes
Heath, Tillie Estella210/8/1879Henry L. HeathHarriet Heath
Heath, William L.412/30/1181Henry L. HeathHarriett M. Heath
Henderson, Harlie J.119/26/1883John HendersonMahala Henderson
Hennen, Clyde Joseph513/22/1890Peter C. HennenDora Hennen
Hennen, Frank194/1/1885Peter HennenDora Hennen
Hennen, Herbert H.312/16/1887Peter HennenDora Hennen
Herrick, Frank476/7/1889Charles HerrickMrs. Herrick
Hicks, Edward C.287/28/1887Joseph HicksLula E. Hicks
Hilts, Eva I.258/9/1887Frederick HiltsMary Hilts
Hisey, Sybill235/20/1886William HiseyIda Hisey
Hodge, Gertie Olive425/30/1889Alonzo HodgeCatherine Hodge
Hoig, Robert2210/5/1886Thomas I. HoigLillian E. Hoig
Holdred, John111/2/1878Christ HoldredCaroline Holdred
Holdred, Mary69/28/1882Christopher HoldredCaroline Holdred
Holdred, Mary Ann23/10/1880Frank HoldredLizzie Holdred
Holdried, Joseph468/11/1889Christopher HoldriedCaroline Holdried
Hoor, Mary J.48/16/1881Henry M. HoorSarah J. Hoor
Horan, James Benjamin389/12/1888William Henry HoranMaggie E. Horan
Horcus, Thomas J.318/20/1887Henry HorcusMaggie E. Horcus
Houghton, Howard326/10/1887Elias HoughtonCarrie Houghton
Houghton, Howard G.276/10/1887Elius HoughtonCarrie Houghton
Houghton, Neil Dow447/24/1889Elias HoughtonCarrie B. Houghton
Houghton, Rita Vernal447/22/1889Harvey HoughtonJennie Houghton
Housten, Sylvester L.4912/29/1890Louis HoustenVictoria Housten
Howell, Clyde J.2210/14/1886M.D.L. HowellHelen Howell
Huckins, Kittie114/9/1883Burt HuckinsJennie Huckins
Huffman, Margaret454/13/1889??? Huffman(Blank)
Hughes, James E.1810/12/1885James A. HughesAdelia Hughes
Hughson, Alvina L.484/9/1890George R. HughsonAnna E. Hughson
Hughson, Mable G.354/20/1888George R. HughsonAnna E. Hughson
Humphrey, Edith513/20/1890Edward C. HumphreyEmma Humphrey
Humphrey, Georgena223/24/1886John H. HumphreyHattie A. Humphrey
Humphrey, Mary M.111/23/1883John H. HumphreyHattie Humphrey
Humphrey, Victor414/8/1889John H. HumphreyHattie Humphrey
Humphrey, William S.3010/24/1887William A. HumphreySarah L. Humphrey
Hunneywell, Jennie611/23/1882Oscar F. HunneywellMary J. Hunneywell
Hunt, Nina Dell388/13/1888John B. HuntHarriet Hunt
Hunt, Ralph509/14/1890John B. HuntHattie Hunt
Hunt, William L.5010/2/1890William D. HuntMary Hunt
Huntley, Elain A.811/27/1882Alonzo HuntleyHannah Huntley
Hutchins, Fannie462/17/1889Almond? HutchinsMrs. Hutchins
Ingram, Clara C.383/22/1888James IngramMary E. Ingram
Ingram, Frank T.476/22/1889James IngramMary Ingram
Ingram, Henry E.129/23/1884James IngramMary Ingram
Ingram, Sarah E.201/12/1886James IngramMary E. Ingram
Jackson, Ruffice58/7/1881Alonzo JacksonBenita Jackson
Jones, Carra E.187/15/1885Isaac JonesEster Jones
Jones, James Flushing23/29/1880Isaac JonesEster Jones
Jones, Oscar E.106/10/1883Isaac H. JonesEster Jones
Joss, Baby Girl217/19/1886Robert JossEugenia Joss
Kaltz, Frank2310/2/1886William KaltzMinnie Kaltz
Karcher, Israel C.475/30/1889H. S. KarcherIsadore Karcher
Kartes, Daniel Joseph338/17/1888Peter KartesCatherine Kartes
Kartes, Francis3311/12/1888Stephen KartesMaggie Kartes
Kating, Gertrude Hannah454/30/1889Thomas KatingAnnie A. Kating
Kellar, John101/29/1883Frederick KellarBella Kellar
Keller, Maggie37/00/1880Frederick KellerBelle Keller
Kelly, Floyd H.178/25/1885Hugh KellyRebecca Kelly
Kelly, James W.2910/10/1887James KellyMary E. Kelly
Kenlock?, Baby Girl278/22/1887Asa Kenlock?(Blank) Kenlock?
King, Edgar M.324/2/1887Edgar M. KingMary A. King
King, Joseph E.33/20/1881Charles KingCatherine King
Kesler, Zulin? Mable812/16/1882J. J. KeslerMartha Kesler
Klacking Nicholas129/22/1884John KlackingElizabeth Hoffman
Knight, Edythe Georganna3612/1/1888George Henry KnightDelia Ruger
Krug, Emma538/10/1890Karl KrugAnna Krug
Krug, George362/1/1888Karle KrugerKattie Kruger
Kruger, William Albert158/3/1885Carl KrugerUnknown
Lake, Baby Boy4010/29/1888Warren LakeJulia Lake
Lalley, Marie4112/4/1888Peter LalleyJose Lalley
LaPorte, William J.612/27/1882Demias LaPorteLeah LaPorte
Larkins, Charles James54/29/1881James LarkinsSarah D. Larkins
LaRue, Archie229/2/1886Peter LaRueMalvina LaRue
Lattimer, Lucy May45/30/1881E. W. LattimerMay Lattimer
Lavigne, Helen462/19/1889Eugene LavigneMrs. Lavigne
Layman, Arthur R.293/24/1887Abram LaymanLucinda Layman
Lee, Baby Boy262/27/1887John LeeMary Lee
Lee, Violet E.137/28/1884John H. LeeMary J. Lee
Lehman, Albert Louis444/18/1889Lawrance LehmanFrancis Lehman
Lehman, Ida Joannah243/1/1886Lawrence LehmanCatherine Lehman
Lehman, Rosanna E.171/8/1885Lawrence LehmanCatherine Lehman
Lehman, Sarah35/3/1881Lawrence LehmanCatherine Lehman
Lepard, Baby Boy322/16/1887Hiram LepardElizabeth Lepard
Lepart, Hiram124/15/1884Hiram LepartElizabeth Lepart
Lilliberg, Cora441/27/1889William LillibergAnnie Lilliberg
Lillsberg, Charles William528/2/1890William LillsbergAnna Lillsberg
Linam, Baby Boy409/18/1888George LinamMary Linam
Linam, Baby Boy4612/8/1889William LinamMrs. Linam
Linseman, Caroline A.498/13/1890George LinsemanCaroline Linseman
Linseman, Eva2310/5/1886John LinsemanCaroline Linseman
Linsenman, Susan337/3/1888George LinsenmanCaroline Linsenman
Linsimann, Julia1910/6/1886George LinsimannCaroline Linsimann
Linsinmann, Lena52/14/1882John LinsinmannCaroline Linsinmann
Lintz, Clarence H.222/27/1886Hiram LintzCaroline Lintz
Lintz, Hiram173/27/1885Hiram LintzCaroline Lintz
Little, John Cyrus4812/22/1890Archibald F. LittleMary E. Little
Little, Twin Baby Girl76/10/1882Samuel LittleCalista Little
Little, Twin Baby Girl76/10/1882Samuel LittleCalista Little
Logan, Lilly Gustine?2011/27/1886Charles LoganIda May Logan
Lomason, Grover388/11/1888Byron LomasonEva Lomason
Loney, Jane134/8/1884Redrick LoneyJessie Loney
Loney, Kathorn76/4/1882Roderick LoneyJessie Loney
Lonney, James Archibell4512/27/1889Roderick LonneyBessie Lonney
Losee, George Arthur538/7/1890Nelson LoseeElsa Losee
Lupton, Ada3811/00/1888Martin LuptonEllen Lupton
Lynch, Edward321/28/1887James LynchAnna Lynch
Lytle, Clarissa E.2510/5/1886Samuel LytleKittie? Lytle
Lytle, Leon C.1312/29/1884Samuel A. LytleCalista A. Lytle
Mahoney, Louis Edward538/2/1890John MahoneyMaggie Mahoney
Mahoney, Sarah Elenore147/25/1885John MahoneyMaggie M. Mahoney
Marsh, Arvilla208/23/1886George W. MarshEmma Jane Marsh
Masters, Charles367/8/1888Thomas MastersMaggie Masters
Matthews, Nelson298/3/1887Peter MatthewsMollie Matthews
Matthewson, Baby Girl243/00/1886James MatthewsonLizzie Matthewson
McCallum, Edith R.406/7/1888Frank McCallumPercie E. McCallum
McCallum, Fremont303/11/1887Frank McCallumPercie E. McCallum
McCasey, Lena5210/3/1890Maurice McCaseyMargaret McCasey
McCasey, William Franklin444/15/1889Maurice McCaseyMargaret McCasey
McConnell, William H.131/24/1884Clark McConnellMelvina McConnell
McCoombes, Wallace H.3712/22/1888William McCoombesMary McCoombes
McCormick, Clayton Wallace84/23/1883William McCormickCatherine McCormick
McCormick, Hugh J.317/8/1887Hugh McCormickCatherine McCormick
McCormick, Mary E.406/27/1888Dan McCormickLizzie McCormick
McCrimmon, Donald C.408/15/1888Daniel McCrimmonKate McCrimmon
McDonald, Rachal N.2112/27/1886David McDonaldJane McDonald
McGowan, Jennie Henrietta98/28/1883John C. McGowanMary A. McGowan
McGowan, William C.301/23/1887John C. McGowanMary A. McGowan
McKinnon, Florence255/4/1886John McKinnonMary McKinnon
McKinnon, John W.347/24/1888John McKinnonMary McKinnon
McLain, Grace475/3/1889Art? McLainMary? McLain
McLaren, John Colburn107/15/1883John McLarenEmma McLaren
McLarren, John1610/16/1885John C. McLarrenEmma McLarren
McLarron, Mary Cleophas54/15/1881John McLarronEmma McLarron
McLean, Christeena251/23/1886Neil McLeanChristeena McLean
McLean, John H.123/29/1884Neil McLeanChristina McLean
McLean, Mary Margaret79/15/1882Neal McLeanChristine McLean
McLean, Neil43/19/1881Neil McLeanChristina McLean
McLeod, Joseph H.111/29/1883William McLeodClaricy F. McLeod
McTaggart, Ettie355/10/1888Calvin McTaggartMinerva McTaggart
McTaggart, Lydia Pearl418/7/1889Calvin McTaggartMinerva McTaggart
Meadows, Georgina2111/24/1886Fred MeadowsNora Meadows
Meir, Conrad812/7/1882Conrad MeirMary Meir
Meir, Derosa J.2112/7/1886Jacob MeirAnna Meir
Meir, Ignatius108/6/1883??? Meir??? Meir
Meir, Louisa29/27/1880Henry MeirCatherine Meir
Meir, Rachel L.210/8/1880August MeirLizzie Meir
Mellen, James R.127/7/1884Redman MellenPersila Mellen
Mellon, John310/10/1881Edward MellonMinnie Mellon
Mellon, Lawrence389/9/1888Redmond MellonMinnie Mellon
Mellon, Sarah208/15/1886Redmond MellonMinnie Mellon
Merrick, Leo Robert356/23/1888Joseph MerrickMargaret Merrick
Merrifield, Joseph3211/24/1887James MerrifieldMary Merrifield
Mier, Albert38/12/1881Conrad MierMary Mier
Mier, Albert154/15/1885Conrad MierMary Mier
Mier, Arthur151/29/1885Jacob MierAnna Mier
Mier, August284/1/1887August MierElizabeth Mier
Mier, Elizabeth175/20/1885August MierElizabeth Mier
Mier, Francis3111/18/1887Ignatz MierAnna Mier
Mier, Gustave2812/20/1887Henry MierMary Mier
Mier, Henry441/14/1889August MierElizabeth Mier
Mier, Jacob15/24/1878August MierLibbie Mier
Mier, Mary177/6/1885Henry MierKate Mier
Mier, Michael John489/10/1890John MierDora Mier
Mier, Rachel454/3/1889Conrad MierMary Wangler
Miller, Baby Boy244/22/1886August MillerJane Miller
Miller, Baby Boy3912/13/1888August MillerEliza Miller
Miller, Ellen379/5/1888Louis MillerMargaret Miller
Miller, John342/4/1889Joseph MillerMary Miller
Miller, Mary Elizabeth4812/20/1890Louis MillerMargarete Miller
Mitchell, Herbert302/22/1887James MitchellJennie Mitchell
Monting?, Leo Joseph13/19/1880Mathias MontingAnne Gertrude Monting
Moodie, Baby Boy4612/16/1889George MoodieMrs. Moodie
Moore, Alla May810/16/1882Charles S. MooreEsther Moore
Moore, Baby Girl344/12/1888Robert J. MooreEllen Moore
Moore, Ellen217/23/1886Charles MooreMrs. Moore
Moore, Jennie Bell245/24/1886Robert J. MooreMrs. Moore
Moore, May Francis456/29/1889Robert MooreEllen Moore
Moore, Peter Burr19/6/1880Charles L. MoorMonieta Moor
Morrison, Emma Lucinda485/1/1890Frank MorrisonElizabeth Morrison
Morrison, Henry E.371/27/1888Frank MorrisonElizabeth Morrison
Morrison, Sarah1712/24/1885Frank MorrisonElizabeth Morrison
Morton, Blanch309/27/1887Frank B. MortonSarah Morton
Moss, Florence A.234/19/1886William MossCharlotte Moss
Moss, Olitha A.525/15/1890William MossCharlotte Moss
Moss, Vernon W.66/14/1882William MossCharlotte Moss
Murphy, Thomas469/25/1889Thomas MurphyJoHanna Murphy
Murry, Andrew248/10/1886Peter MurryHelen Murry
Murry, Sarah E.358/26/1888Peter MurryEllen Murry
Nauman, Daphne S.409/10/1888Cass L. NaumanFannie C. Nauman
Neal, Elmer537/31/1890Charles NealEliza Neal
Neal, Franklin19/6/1880Charles L. NealElisa Neal
Neal, Hellen89/8/1882Decatur A. NealAnna Neal
Neal, Sherman166/24/1885Charles NealIda Neal
Nesbitt, Hugh3010/00/1887Hugh NesbittEliza Nesbitt
Nesbitt, Hugh398/6/1888Hugh NesbittEliza Nesbitt
Nesbitt, Irene194/26/1885Hugh NesbittEliza Nesbitt
Nesbitt, Mary M.2310/5/1886Hugh NesbittEliza Nesbitt
Newbecker, Effie312/15/1887Peter NewbeckerFrances Newbecker
Newbecker, Emma312/15/1887Peter NewbeckerFrances Newbecker
Nixon, Arthur156/3/1885Thomas NixonMillie Nixon
Nixon, Baby Boy3612/25/1888Thomas NixonAllie Gertie Nixon
Orr, Mildred428/3/1889John OrrNora Orr
Oyster, L. G.384/12/1888Amos OysterAnna M. Oyster
Palm, Lavina335/17/1888Joseph PalmMary Palm
Palm, Paulina437/25/1889Joseph PalmMary Palm
Parliament, Baby Boy22/29/1880James ParliamentClara Leonora Parliament
Parliament, Burt107/25/1883John ParliamentAddia Parliament
Parliament, Charles E.251/4/1886John W. ParliamentAdda Parliament
Parliament, Effie M.342/24/1888Joseph ParliamentLucinda Parliament
Parliament, George399/14/1888Jake ParliamentMaria Parliament
Parliament, Mabel Evaline497/2/1890Joseph L. ParliamentLucinda Parliament
Parliament, Minnie79/7/1882Alonzo ParliamentAlfort Parliament
Parliament, Nettie612/15/1882Franklyn ParliamentNettie Parliament
Parliament, Ray3412/31/1888John W. ParliamentAdda Parliament
Parliament, Sarah Jane1011/24/1883Joseph ParliamentLucinda Parliament
Parliament, Walter13/21/1878Frank ParliamentNellie Parliament
Parmalee, Guy Leman341/15/1888Orville ParmaleeNellie Parmalee
Peaver, Oscar Earl214/4/1886Ernest J. PeaverElla M. Peaver
Perry, Baby Boy394/3/1888William PerryEliza Perry
Peters, Otto214/25/1886Fred J. PetersBertha Peters
Peterson, Gracie Ann189/11/1885George W. PetersonCharlotte Peterson
Phelps, Ray C.46/18/1881Clarence J. PhelpsEmma J. Phelps
Phillips, Gordon199/7/1885William PhillipsMary Phillips
Phillips, Peter235/8/1886Peter PhillipsMary Phillips
Pierce, Charles Emery87/28/1882Franklin Arthur PierceIda May Pierce
Pilsbury, Charles475/23/1889Chas. PillsburyMrs. Pillsbury
Place, George Jr.416/28/1889George W. PlaceJennie E. Place
Place, Pearl1110/10/1883George PlaceAnnie Place
Place, Pearl A.811/15/1882George W. PlaceJane Place
Place, Thomas19/4/1880George W. PlaceJennie Place
Polhemus, Eliza G.237/18/1886J. G.? PolhemusCharlotte Polhemus
Pormater, Frank45/6/1881Chester A. PormaterElla M. Pomater
Potts, Jennie277/26/1887Myron R. Pottssusan Potts
Power, Emma497/6/1890Harry PowerEmma Power
Power, Sarah Ann245/22/1886Harry PowerEmma Power
Powers, Sarah Ann174/5/1885Harry PowersEmma Powers
Prevost, John W.467/15/1889Michael PrevostBridget Prevost
Quackenbush, Loy75/31/1882Irving QuackenbushJane Quackenbush
Quigley, Grace E.186/15/1885William R. QuigleyCaroline Quigley
Quigley, Justin?23/23/1880John N. QuigleyAlice Quigley
Quigley, Philip Elijah2511/16/1886John QuigleyAlice Quigley
Quigley, Rhoda V.711/5/1882William R. QuigleyCaroline E. Quigley
Quigley, William R. V.112/3/1883John A. QuigleyAlice A. Quigley
Rabidue, Ida Bell433/28/1889william RabidueEmma Rabidue
Randall, Hazel May298/12/1887Merrett A. RandallZella C. Randall
Randall, Mabel B.197/1/1885Merritt A. RandallAdella Randall
Ranger, Aldae?2110/2/1886Arthur RangerAgnes Ranger
Ranger, Alexander H.148/8/1885Arthur RangerAgnes Ranger
Ranger, Arthur Emery95/14/1883Arthur RangerLiza Ranger
Ranger, Baby Boy312/00/1881Arthur RangerAgnes Ranger
Ranger, Conley A.127/27/1884Arthur RangerAgnes Ranger
Rankin, Homer475/24/1889Homer RankinMrs. Rankin
Rau, Louisa434/29/1889Gotleb RauCary Rau
Raw, Michael T.269/23/1887Charles RawGertie Raw
Raw, Rosa Gertie264/00/1887Gotleb RawCarrie Raw
Raymoure, Edna May281/3/1887Charles S. RaymoureAdah E. Raymoure
Raymoure, Lena M.75/7/1882Charles RaymoureAda E. Raymoure
Redman, Clyde A.2011/5/1886Harry A. RedmanEmiline Redman
Redman, Gerty M.125/29/1884Henry A. RedmanEmaline Redman
Reetz, Ada29/24/1880Christop. ReetzMargarett Reetz
Reetz, Maggie523/29/1890Gustave ReetzDora Reetz
Reetz, Otto August1110/26/1884Christopher ReetzMargaretta Reetz
Reeve, Bertice Alvin137/25/1884Joshua ReeveEllen J. Gongiver
Reeve, Delbert Benton711/6/1882Joshua ReeveEllen J. Reeve
Regan, Amanda1412/10/1884John ReganPhebe Regan
Regan, Ida Bell508/22/1890John ReganPhebe Regan
Regan, Jane228/13/1886John ReganPhoebe Regan
Regan, John55/10/1881John ReganPhoebe Regan
Reinhart, Louis518/20/1890August ReinhartLena Reinhart
Relyea, Millie164/22/1885David RelyeaJulia Relyea
Relyea, Millie Odell334/20/1887David RalyeaJulia Ralyea
Relyea, Wellington55/20/1881David RelyeaJulia Relyea
Reminder, Albert E.308/30/1887George ReminderEva Reminder
Reminder, Baby Girl4011/22/1888Casper ReminderSarah Reminder
Richardson, Ann Jane505/27/1890John RichardsonLilly Richardson
Richardson, Halon J.283/8/1887John RichardsonLetty M. Richardson
Richardson, Henry Ward144/27/1884Henry RichardsonEva Richardson
Rickard?, Baby47/00/1881(Blank) Rickard?(Blank) Rickard?
Robbins, Robert L.317/1/1887William A. Robbins Jr.Amelia A. Robbins
Robbins, William L.317/1/1887William A. Robbins Jr.Amelia A. Robbins
Roe, Bessie Myrtle364/10/1888Ephraim Howard RoeCora Matilda Roe
Roe, Clarence Melvin5211/14/1890Edward RoeHannah Roe
Roe, Iris429/14/1889Curtis RoeAlice Roe
Roe, Maudie421/23/1889(Blank)Josephine Roe
Rohr, Baby Girl475/3/1889(Blank)Annie Rohr
Roll, Alexander4910/2/1890John RollMary Ann Roll
Roll, Attillie E.374/11/1888John RollMary Roll
Rose, Allen S.164/14/1885Seth B. RoseEunice Rose
Rose, LaFayette412/18/1889Joseph H. RoseOlive Jane Rose
Rose, Mary496/12/1890Charles RoseLouisa Rose
Rose, Myron E.373/24/1888Seth RoseUnice Rose
Rosenthal, Robert4610/11/1889??? RosenthalMary Rosenthal
Sabin, Belmont3812/14/1888Pliney? SabinCora Sabin
Sanford, Edward A.316/18/1887Edward J. SanfordEthel Sanford
Sargent, Annie325/22/1887Edward D. SargentElenor Sargent
Sawyer, Oscar Adalbert275/24/1887Peter SawyerEva Sawyer
Schaible, Lulu236/18/1886John SchaibleRosina Schaible
Schaigel, Elizabeth E.2811/3/1887Ellison SchagelAnna Schagel
Schanafelt?, Daniel379/9/1888Daniel ShanafeltMrs. Shanafelt
Schick, Antony Peter483/12/1890Alexander SchickMaggie Schick
Schick, Emma284/15/1887Joseph SchickSusan Schick
Schick, Susannah161/22/1885Joseph SchickSusannah? Schick
Schindehette, Minnie68/5/1882George N. SchindehetteLucinda Schindehette
Schmidt, Madeline Catherine5210/27/1890George SchmidtCatherine Siegfried
Schnuw, John174/6/1885Gustav SchnuwKatie Schnuw
Schroder, Bella213/4/1886August SchroderMrs. Schroder
Scott, Adison94/15/1883William ScottFanny? Scott
Scott, Baby Boy213/29/1886William ScottFannie Scott
Scott, Bertha142/7/1884Thomas ScottHarriet Scott
Scott, Clarance411/3/1878David R. ScottMary Scott
Scott, Cloey L.493/10/1890Thomas ScottHarriet Scott
Scott, Delbert188/1/1885Thomas ScottHarriet Scott
Scott, Elmer52/23/1881David ScottMary Scott
Sermeyer, Mary5210/5/1890John SermeyerElizabeth Sermeyer
Shanafelt?, Daniel379/9/1888Daniel ShanafeltMrs. Shanafelt
Schick, Antony Peter483/12/1890Alexander SchickMaggie Schick
Schick, Emma284/15/1887Joseph SchickSusan Schick
Schick, Susannah161/22/1885Joseph SchickSusannah? Schick
Schindehette, Minnie68/5/1882George N. SchindehetteLucinda Schindehette
Schmidt, Madeline Catherine5210/27/1890George SchmidtCatherine Siegfried
Schnuw, John174/6/1885Gustav SchnuwKatie Schnuw
Schroder, Bella213/4/1886August SchroderMrs. Schroder
Scott, Adison94/15/1883William ScottFanny? Scott
Scott, Baby Boy213/29/1886William ScottFannie Scott
Scott, Bertha142/7/1884Thomas ScottHarriet Scott
Scott, Clarance411/3/1878David R. ScottMary Scott
Scott, Cloey L.493/10/1890Thomas ScottHarriet Scott
Scott, Delbert188/1/1885Thomas ScottHarriet Scott
Scott, Elmer52/23/1881David ScottMary Scott
Sermeyer, Mary5210/5/1890John SermeyerElizabeth Sermeyer
Shanafelt?, Daniel379/9/1888Daniel ShanafeltMrs. Shanafelt
Shappee, Baby Boy1811/19/1885Wm. ShappeeMaranda Shappee
Shappee, Sarah E.367/22/1888William ShappeeMiranda Shappee
Sharpe, Baby Boy221/26/1886James L. SharpeElenoar Sharpe
Sharpe, Donald B.3110/22/1887Nelson SharpeFrancis B. Sharpe
Sharpe, Kate242/3/1886Albert E. SharpeLucy Sharpe
Sharpe, Leopold194/26/1885Nelson SharpeFrances L. Sharpe
Sharpe, Lewis Edward476/1/1889Albert Edward SharpeLucy Lean Sharpe
Sharpe, Sarah S.304/28/1887Albert E. SharpeLucy Sharpe
Shattuck, Charles Delman5312/13/1890Willard Orville ShattuckElica Durgan
Shattuck, Clara263/20/1887Orvil ShattuckEliza Shattuck
Sheffe, Milie A.509/25/1890Joseph SheffePhebe Sheffe
Shelenberger, Nora Christina438/25/1889Albert ShelenbergerMary Shelenberger
Shephard, Robert W.14/8/1878Wilson ShephardJulia Shephard
Sheppard, C??? E.458/2/1889William B. SheppardCharlotte Sheppard
Sheppard, Charles W.277/18/1887Henry SheppardIsabella Sheppard
Sheppard, Jennie162/5/1885Richard H. SheppardIsabell Sheppard
Sheppard, Richard I.389/12/1888Henry SheppardIsabella Sheppard
Sherman, Ada1912/1/1885George ShermanRachel Sherman
Sherman, Ida52/15/1882George W. ShermanRachel Sherman
Shigley, Lottie A.316/22/1887Albert L. ShigleyEugenia Shigley
Short, Mary A.??457/29/1889Prosper D. ShortChristena Short
Shroder, Albert268/9/1887August ShroderEtta Shroder
Shults, Margaret E.357/29/1888Charles ShultsMary Shults
Shultz, Baby Girl407/28/1888Charles ShultzMary Shultz
Shunk, George4112/27/1889John H. ShunkMary E. Shunk
Simpson, Claude Albert299/15/1887Albert SimpsonLucinda H. Simpson
Simpson, Harry486/16/1890Frank SimpsonSalena? Simpson
Sinclair, Emma102/13/1883Duncan Sinclair??? Sinclair
Sizeland, Samuel Nelson2910/27/1887Geo. H. SizelandSarah A. Sizeland
Smaltz, Raymond508/15/1890Joseph SmaltzLisa Smaltz
Smith, Baby Boy58/00/1881Alanson SmithUnknown
Smith, Baby Girl45/7/1881UnknownEve Smith
Smith, Baby Girl5010/20/1890Alanson SmithLibbie Smith
Smith, Caroline76/5/1882Gaylord O. SmithSarah A. Smith
Smith, Claud I.221/20/1886Edward S. SmithAmanda Smith
Smith, Clinton Perry5212/4/1890Frank SmithLaura Smith
Smith, Clyde246/20/1886John SmithElizabeth Smith
Smith, Earnest F.79/18/1882Myron A. SmithCaroline Smith
Smith, Edith F.4412/3/1889Frank SmithL??? Smith
Smith, Edward911/7/1883Alonzo SmithElizabeth Smith
Smith, Ephraim516/2/1890Frank S. SmithFrona Smith
Smith, Frank J.504/25/1890Herbert SmithAnnie H. Smith
Smith, Gladys5010/20/1890Alanson SmithLibbie Smith
Smith, Inez?446/3/1889Herbert SmithAnnie H. Smith
Smith, Mary Ann152/25/1885George SmithKaty Smith
Smith, Norman Clyde221/17/1886Alanson SmithElizabeth Smith
Smith, Sophronia413/4/1889James B. SmithMary J. Smith
Snodgrass, Alice E.1910/25/1885Foster L. SnodgrassGertrude V. Snodgrass
Snyder, A. I.536/12/1890William SnyderLaura Snyder
Snyder, George W.2712/9/1887William SnyderLaura A. Snyder
Snyder, Martha146/28/1885William SnyderSarah Snyder
Spade, George3912/31/1888Daniel SpadeAnna Spade
Spearman, Daniel A. C.357/10/1888Thomas SpearmanAgnes Spearman
Squires, William3210/3/1887Thomas SquiresMary Squires
St. Clair, Ida M.459/8/1889Lester St. ClairMrs. St. Clair
St. John, Charlotte1510/11/1885C.? N. St. JohnEmma St. John
St. John, Raymond310/19/1881Edwin St. JohnAnn E. St. John
St. John, Salhea?268/15/1887E. N. St. JohnEmma St. John
St. Peter, Blanche232/15/1886Dennis St. PeterMillie St. Peter
St. Peter, Florence517/15/1890Dennis St. PeterMillie St. Peter
St. Peter, Lulu69/23/1882Demis St. PeterAmelia St. Peter
Stalker, Nettie Belle52/00/1881James StalkerClara Stalker
Stanlake, Baby Girl94/30/1883Charles StanlakeEveline Stanlake
Stanley, Margaret Mary4411/30/1889George StanleyMertis? Stanley
Steinke, Baby Boy329/21/1887W. J. MartinAmelia Steinke
Stephens, George F.133/11/1884George StephensMary A. Stephens
Stephens, Gordon344/12/1888George StephensMary Stephens
Steuernol, Belma Isabella526/6/1890Henry SteuernolKatie Steuernol
Steuernol, E. G. H.265/16/1887Henry SteuernolKattie? Steuernol
Stewart, Edna3512/3/1888Charles M. StewartSusie? Stewart
Stewart, Kattie May257/28/1886William A. StewartMary E. Stewart
Stoner, Alfred2511/29/1887James StonerAnna Stoner
Stringer, Margaret A.338/12/1888John StringerLydia Stringer
Tabor, Charles313/15/1887Charles TaborLydia Tabor
Talbert, John W.491/3/1890William TalbertElizabeth Talbert
Talbot, Ada Izora118/12/1883William TalbotElizabeth Talbot
Talbot, Dora Lavina32/8/1881William N. TalbotElizabeth Talbot
Thompson, Ethal329/22/1887John ThompsonAnnie Thompson
Thompson, Grace Hayes142/14/1884Frank M. ThompsonPhebe P. Thompson
Thompson, Joseph Ernest453/14/1889Joseph H. ThompsonSarah A. Thompson
Timothy, Catherine467/15/1889N??? TimothyKate Timothy
Tolman?, Arthur George1011/4/1883Wilson E. Tolman?Louisa Tolman?
Tolman, George J.248/12/1886William M. TolmanCora L. Tolman
Tranzow, Baby Boy509/30/1890Harmon TranzowFrederike Tranzow
Tranzow, Rosa M.434/17/1889Harman TranzowFrederike Tranzow
Traut, Andy265/27/1887Henry TrautMinnie Traut
Trippen, Vora? M.99/19/1883Myron L. TrippenElva M. Trippen
Tulloh, Levi Clare397/14/1888William TullohCatherine Tulloh
Tupper, Augustes336/25/1888Mason L. TupperElla Tupper
Turner, Ernest A.218/29/1886Charles A. TurnerDella Turner
Turner, Harry293/24/1887Cha?? B. TurnerMary Roserer
Turner, Ina106/7/1883Charles TurnerSarah Turner
Turo?, Benjamin204/11/1886Dennis Turo?Adda Turo?
Valley, Edward C. A.5110/12/1890Benj. F. ValleyElizabeth Valley
Valley, Mabel5212/25/1890Merrit ValleyMary Valley
Valley, Maggie E.2811/26/1887Charles C. ValleyCaroline Valley
Valley, Merritt3011/28/1887Merritt ValleyMary Valley
VanAllen, Clarence1511/19/1885George VanAllenClaisa VanAllen
VanAmburg, Flora A.47/7/1881Albert A. VanAmburgAlice VanAmburg
VanHorn, George F.84/27/1882George F. VanHornMille B. VanHorn
VanMeter, George P.11/21/1880Elias VanMeterL. Adelaide VanMeter
Venel?, Alice M. A.109/21/1883David ???Margrett ???
Voorhies, Claude G.311/11/1881Byron VoorhiesMary A. Voorhies
Voorhies, Katy E.155/15/1885Brin VoorhiesUnknown
Wager, George W.427/27/1889George WagerNora Wager
Walker, Clayton165/28/1885Fred D. WalkerHelen Walker
Walker, Mina487/15/1890Neil L. WalkerAddie Walker
Wallace, Acelia May184/22/1885Charles WallaceJennie Wallace
Wallace, Byron Tracy253/24/1886Charles WallaceJennie Wallace
Wallace, Charles R.343/4/1888Charles WallaceJennie Wallace
Walter, Charles2611/20/1887Joseph WalterTerisa Walter
Walter, Charles3411/21/1888Joseph WalterTheresa Walter
Walter, Lewis438/25/1889Joseph WalterLaura? Walter
Walters, Ada276/6/1887Barney WaltersMary Walters
Walters, Bell411/11/1889Abram WaltersRachael Walters
Walters, George413/23/1889Barney WaltersMary Walters
Walters, Vancie J. P.3510/18/1888Thomas WaltersEmily M. Walters
Wangler, Josephine341/23/1888William WanglerCora Wangler
Wangler, Mary2510/25/1886William WanglerCarrie Wangler
Warner, Clarence507/28/1890Andrew J. WarnerLaura Warner
Warner, William Edward2010/30/1886Andrew J. WarnerLaura Warner
Wasson?, Baby Boy210/2/1880John Wasson?Mary Wasson?
Weeks, Hertha5112/18/1890William A. WeeksCarrie? D. Weeks
Weeks, Lewis J.265/28/1887Stephen WeeksCorintha Weeks
Weishuhn, Ada B.4212/22/1889Chas. WeishuhnLora Weishuhn
Weishuhn, Chester158/14/1885Charlie WeishuhnLillian Weishuhn
Welltin, Mary Ann4310/29/1889Gregor WelltinMargrette Welltin
Weltin, Theresa Amelia482/22/1890Gregory WeltinMaggie Weltin
White, Edward427/15/1889Henry WhiteAnn White
White, Frederick H.267/24/1887William WhiteRachel White
White, George W.166/27/1885Leander A. WhiteMary White
White, Leander A.3812/9/1888Leander A. WhiteMary White
White, Percy384/10/1888Eugene WhiteMargaret White
White, Ray W.231/25/1886Potter WhiteAlice White
Whitman, Leon5311/17/1890Clifton WhitmanEmma Whitman
Williams, Charles L.1312/13/1884Joseph H. WilliamsAlmeria Williams
Williams, John A.102/20/1883Joseph WilliamsMinnie Williams
Williams, Maggie May282/4/1887Joseph H. WilliamsAlmiria Williams
Williams, Myron E.433/21/1889Joseph H. WilliamsMinnie Williams
Willie, Peter245/30/1886Leo WillieEmma Willie
Willis, Flora Jane295/23/1887Peter WillisLuella Willis
Wilson, Franklin527/20/1890Joseph Herbert WilsonIda May Wilson
Wilson, Harold W.505/7/1890Charles D. WilsonAlice Wilson
Wilson, Laura May3811/8/1888William WilsonNellie Wilson
Wilson, Marshel Arthur368/13/1888Joseph WilsonEmma Wilson
Wilson, Mary Ione3911/14/1888Charles D. WilsonAlice Wilson
Wilt, Anna3011/10/1887James WiltMatilda Wilt
Winter, George438/19/1889Leo WinterElizabeth Winter
Winter, John Peter438/12/1889Harman J. Winter Jr.Annie Winter Illig
Winter, William493/22/1890William WinterMary Winter
Winters, Ambrose332/12/1888Herman J. WintersAnnie Winters
Winters, Joseph198/31/1886Joseph Winters Jr.Annie Winters
Winters, Lizzie204/30/1886UnknownKaty Winters
Wirges, Jacob212/26/1886Jacob WirgesMargaret Wirges
Wirges, Mary Katharine506/10/1890Jacob WirgesMargerett Wirges
Wirges, Rosina3711/27/1888Jacob WirgesMargaret Wirges
Withey, Charlotte Lucinda188/12/1885Charles M. WitheyAcelia C. Burt
Withey, Ella May435/23/1889Charles WitheyCelia Withey
Withey, Grace A.277/6/1887Chas. WitheyLula Withey
Withey, Mary Anne435/16/1889Albert WitheyBell Withey
Withey, Orris Frank277/19/1887Albert E. WitheyBell Withey
Witt, James391/14/1888James WittMatilda Witt
Woodiwiss, Nellie234/14/1886John WoodiwissLena Woodiwiss
Woodrow, Baby Girl210/10/1880John WoodrowJane Woodrow
Woods, Maud L.2911/3/1887Chas. WoodsRuth Woods
Woughter, Holden Linneaus611/26/1882Geo. J. WoughterSusan Best
Wright, Dora169/2/1885Elmer WrightClara Wright
Wright, Edith E.227/5/1886Charles F. WrightOlive M. Wright
Wright, Maggie Bell327/6/1887Delbert WrightClara Wright
Wright, Mary98/17/1883Charles WrightMary Wright
Yantz, Ida338/17/1888Anthony YantzCatherine Yantz
Yeager, Thomas1211/25/1884Thomas YeagerSarah Yeager
Zeran, William Henry205/13/1886Henry ZeranRebecca Zeran
Zettel, Louis149/14/1884Louis ZettelCatherine Zettel
Zettel, Regina3711/3/1888Jacob ZettelKatherine Zettel
Zettel, Rozena Catherine221/17/1886Jacob ZettelCatherine Zettel
PLEASE NOTE: Entries in italics and denoted with *s are not on the original birth records.

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