BIRTHS 1900-1909

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PLEASE NOTE: Entries in italics and denoted with *s are not on the original death record

Birth Date
Father's Name
Mother's Name
ABBOT, JAY 9/28/1905 Levi Abbot Mattie Abbot
ABBOT, MABLE 3/17/1905 Robert Abbot Effie Abbot
ABBOTT, CLAUDE 3/4/1901 Clifton Abbott Laura Abbott
ABBOTT, CYRIL DEVERE 7/29/1909 Clifton Abbott Laura Graham
ABBOTT, EDITH BELLE 6/14/1902 Levi Abbott Mattie Abbott
ABBOTT, EFFIE BELLE 10/9/1907 Robert S. Abbott Effie B. Harvey
ABBOTT, PEARL 4/25/1900 Robert Abbott Effie Abbott
ABBOTT, ROBERT A. 1/1/1903 Robert Abbott Effa Abbott
ADAMS, AEKEY? 4/7/1901 Thomas Adams Angeline Adams
ADAMS, BABY 7/8/1909 George Adams Elsa Williams
ADAMS, EDITH LAVINA 1/19/1903 Thomas Adams Cora Adams
ADAMS, FLOYD ELSTON 1/19/1908 Geo. William Adams Elna or Elva Williams
ADAMS, JULINA M. 2/10/1907 Claud Adams Clara E. Scott
ADAMS, RUTH 10/15/1906 Y. M. Adams Elva William
ADOLPH, NORMAN JOHN 9/25/1902 Otto Adolph Mary Adolph
ADOLPH, VIOLET MAY 3/22/1906 Otto Adolph Mary A. Jackson
AIKMAN, CALISTA E. 7/4/1900 Robert Aikman Cora Aikman
AIKMAN, HATTIE F. 1/29/1902 Robert Aikman Carry Aikman
AINSWORTH, GRACE MARY 1/19/1907 Henry? L. Ainsworth Mary M. Nichols
ALDERTON, ETHEL RITA 6/7/1908 Jacob West Alderton Lillian B. Guilford
ALDERTON, FAYTH 1/28/1905 Oliver H. Alderton Linnie Alderton
ALDRICH, FREDERICK E. 9/18/1905 Frank Aldrich Chloe Aldrich
ALEXANDER, ELLA 2/2/1908 Robert F. Alexander Armenta Tupper
ALEXANDER, ELLA 2/2/1908 Robert Alexander Armeta Tupper
ALEXANDER, ELSIE LOUISA 9/6/1903 Horace A. Alexander Ella May Alexander
ALEXANDER, FLOYD MAX 11/5/1905 Trueman Alexander Maud Alexander
ALLARD, LILLIAN MAE 9/7/1908 Arthur S. Allard Cordie M. Spencer
ALLEN, CHESTER 11/24/1904 Herbert Allen Addie Allen
ALLEN, HATTIE ELIZABETH 2/22/1902 George Allen Lydia Allen
ALLEN, MARTHA L. 9/20/1902 Ethan Allen Lillia Allen (sic)
ALMOND, BASIL 3/6/1901 William Almond Penmilla Almond
ALVORD, DELIA F. 3/30/1906 James A. Alvord Edna Deford
ALVORD, JOSEPH V. 2/1/1906 William Alvord Pernillia Piper
AMBS, CARRIE 12/27/1903 Peter Ambs Minnie Ambs
AMBS, ERNEST JOSEPH 10/14/1906 Peter Ambs Minnie M. Heying
AMBS, LEO J. 10/12/1906 Peter Ambs Minnie Haying
AMBS, MARIE BERNICE 11/17/1907 Peter Ambs Mary Minnie Heying
AMMOND, CLYDE R. 11/17/1901 Henry M. Ammond Elizabeth A. Ammond
AMMOND, ELIZABETH 11/7/1902 Jerry Ammond Jane Ammond
AMO, MARTHA 4/15/1900 Edward Amo Mary Amo
ANDERS, SILVA FAY 3/22/1908 Louie Anders Bessie Cooper
ANDERS, SYLVIA FAY 3/22/1908 Maurice Anders Betty Cooper
ANDERSON, ATTICA 9/4/1902 Thomas Anderson Carrie Anderson
ANDREWS, (BLANK) 3/5/1909 Alonzo Andrews Cora Longeis
ANDREWS, FLORENCE EDNA 4/24/1907 Alonzo S. Andrews Laura E. Longlois
ANDREWS, HARRIETT 4/21/1905 Loney Andrews Lora Andrews
ANDREWS, VERA 6/5/1905 J. K. Andrews Mary Andrews
ANDRUS, NELSON B. 5/13/1902 James K. Andrus Mary Andrus
ANDRUS, VERNA 6/5/1905 J. K. Andrus Mary Andrus
ANSCOMB, RUTH 10/22/1908 John Anscomb Hattie Robinson
ARMON, MABEL 6/14/1908 William Armon Ida Quigley?
ARMOR, GRANT 1/20/1903 Wm. Armor Mary Armor
ARMSTRONG, ALLAN M. 6/15/1906 William? A. Armstrong Ameil? White
ARMSTRONG, ELMER VERDIAR 6/10/1907 Dan Armstrong Eda Walters
ARMSTRONG, FLORENCE 6/13/1908 Milton Armstrong Amelia White
ARTHUR, INEZ 3/26/1902 Frank Arthur Della Arthur
ARTHUR, LILA 10/1/1905 Frank Arthur Della Arthur
ARTMAN, HUGH S. 10/13/1903 Joseph Artman Agnes Artman
ARTMAN, MARGUERITE 3/16/1903 John Artman Mary Artman
ATHERTON, CECIL F. 8/1/1905 Chas. Atherton N. Ella Atherton
ATHERTON, GEORGEANNA 8/28/1900 Charles Atherton Luella Atherton
AUERY, AZOR EMUEL 4/27/1908 Levi S. Awery (sic) Rosa Knappen
AUGUSTINE, AREBA M. 5/20/1906 Archie M. Augustine Bella M. Marsh
AUSTIN, JENNIE PEARL 12/19/1907 Elmer Tedman Austin Malinda Armstrong
AUSTIN, VIRGINIA C. 10/25/1903 Claud Austin Violet Austin
AUSTIN, VIRGINIA COSTEL 10/25/1902 Claude L. Austin Violet Austin
AWOREY, ARNOLD 3/17/1907 Levi Aworey Rosa Kneffler
AWOREY, ARNOLD NORMAN 3/17/1907 Levi Aworey Rosa Kneffler
AWREY, DANIEL H. 12/31/1907 Robert D. Awrey Mary J. Rose
AWREY, ROBERT LEROY 2/4/1906 Robert D. Awrey May Jesse Rose
BABCOCK, BABY BOY 4/1/1906 William Babcock Rilla Woods
BABCOCK, BENJAMIN B. 4/22/1904 Arthur R. Babcock Rilla Babcock
BAILER, CARL 3/31/1907 Edmund J. Bailer Mary Willey
BAILER, CARL 3/31/1907 Edmund Bailer Mary Willie
BAILER, CLARENCE JOHN 10/25/1909 Edward Bailer Mary Willey
BAILER, EMERY 10/5/1903 Edman Bailer Mary Bailer
BAILER, EMERY 3/28/1904 Edward Bailer Mary Bailer
BAILER, EVELYN 10/5/1903 Edman Bailer Mary Bailer
BAILER, EVYLINE 3/28/1904 Edward Bailer Mary Bailer
BAILEY, CARL TRUMAN 1/13/1906 Bruce Bailey Bessie B. Bailey
BAILLARGEON, (BLANK) 8/-/- (1907) John Baillargeon Mora W. Allen
BALLARD, EMILY 9/1/1906 Henry Ballard Carrie Bradford
BALLARD, EMILY LORMILE (sic) 9/1/1906 Henry C. Ballard Carrie Bradford
BALLARD, LOTTIE 5/19/1903 Harry Ballard Hattie Ballard
BALLARD, MAUDE 1/31/1903 Thos. W. Ballard Sarah Ballard
BALLARD, NEVA 11/20/1905 George Ballard Lizzie Ballard
BARBER, ALLEN A. 2/27/1904 William Barber Mary Barber
BARBER, ANNIE 4/21/1902 William Barber Mary Barber
BARBER, FRANK E. JR. 9/13/1905 Grant Barber Lydia Barber
BARBER, HARVEY LIONEL 2/27/1903 James Barber Elizabeth Barber
BARBER, STACY 4/14/1900 William Barber Maryetta Barber
BARD, CLAUD J. 4/29/1906 Arthur S. Bard Georgie Sweet
BARKER, DOUGLAS EDGAR 11/3/1906 James H. Barker Elizabeth Bora
BARRANGER, LIONEL 11/13/1907 Wm. C. Barranger Florence Wheeler
BARRANGER, STANTON 11/13/1907 Wm. C. Barranger Florence Wheeler
BARRINGER, CHARLOTTE B. 3/24/1908 Walter Barringer Lucy Bell Williams
BARRINGER, CHARLOTTE BELLE 3/24/1908 Walter Barringer Lucy Bell Walters
BARRINGER, DEWELLYN WHEELER 9/13/1908 Wm. C. Barringer Florence Wheeler
BARTHOLEMEW, EDWARD THEODORE 1/5/1904 Wm. Bartholemew Minnie Bartholemew
BARTLO, BETRICE MAY 8/15/1905 Charlie Bartlo Delia Bartlo
BASS, THOMAS HARTWALL 10/1/1906 Robert A. Bass Mary E. Bass
BAUMCHEN, HENRY JOS. 3/12/1907 John Baumchen Johanna Breining
BAUMCHEN, HENRY JOSEPH 3/12/1907 John Baumchen Johanna Brindley
BAUNCHERE, MARY 3/13/1903 John Baunchere Johana Baunchere
BEACH, CHARLES 5/12/1902 David Beach Bertha A. Beach
BEACH, RAY A. 6/4/1903 Lemuel Beach Edith Beach
BEATY, JOE 1/14/1900 Henry Beaty Cloe Beaty
BECK, ALVENA 2/16/1901 Michel Beck Maggie Beck
BECK, CLYDE HENRY 10/24/1902 Barney Beck Elizabeth Beck
BECK, JOHN ERNEST 7/14/1907 Barney Beck Elizabeth Mayer
BECK, MARY 1/28/1906 Barney Beck Elizabeth Mazer
BECK, MARY 1/28/1906 Barney Beck Elizabeth Moyer
BECKER, KENNETH J. 6/14/1908 Clarence Becker Addie Clark
BEDELL, FRANK J. 11/15/1902 George W. Bedell Grace E. Bedell
BELANGER, LOUISE E. 3/7/1907 Alford Belanger Bernice Pierce
BELL, OSCAR G. 8/21/1904 Robert Bell Martha Bell
BELL, OTTO EMIL 11/20/1902 Robert M. Bell Martha Bell
BELLE, CARL ERWIN (sic) 9/18/1907 Robert Bell (sic) Martha Caroline Stork
BELLENGER, ANDREY (sic) 2/8/1908 Adelbert Bellenger Emma P. Abbott
BEMIS, EARL EDWARD 8/28/1905 Herbert Bemis Clymenia Bemis
BEMIS, RACHEL G. 9/21/1901 Herbert Bemis Clymena Ordway
BEMIS, RUSSEL ERNEST 7/12/1908 Herbert Wallace Bemis Clumena Ordway
BENARD, GLADYS 2/14/1900 James Benard Bessie Benard
BENEWAY, VIVIAN 4/7/1901 ??er F. Beneway Maude Beneway
BENJAMIN, BABY 2/19/1909 William Benjamin Clara Wiltsie
BENJAMIN, ERNEST ADDISON 11/25/1903 Harry Benjamin Nellie Benjamin
BENJAMIN, ETTA MAE 8/8/1906 William Chester Benjamin Edna Lue Goff
BENJAMIN, FRANKLIN 11/25/1907 Daniel E. Benjamin Ella Bell Franklin
BENJAMIN, GLADYS MAY 10/7/1902 Harry Benjamin Nellie Benjamin
BENJAMIN, HAROLD EDWIN 6/21/1909 James Elijah Benjamin Madeline Elnore Blanc
BENJAMIN, HARRIS W. 11/1/1906 Edward Benjamin Eva Bell Franklin
BENJAMIN, JAMES O. 6/3/1907 James E. Benjamin Adeline E. Blane
BENJAMIN, PAUL BUNYON 12/25/1908 William Chester Benjamin Edna Lou Goff
BENJAMIN, TRUMAN 8/28/1904 Elijah Benjamin Adeline Benjamin
BENNETT, CLARA MAE 4/24/1906 Charles Bennett Lena Hacht
BENNETT, HAZEL LEONA 3/10/1900 William Bennett Maria Stevens
BENNETT, JOHN H. 7/17/1900 John Bennett Liz Bennett
BENNETT, LAURA 9/15/1908 Charles Bennett Magdallena Hacht
BENNETT, LAURA 9/15/1908 Charles Bennett Magdelona Hatch
BENNETT, SAMUEL WARD 5/20/1902 Wm. Bennett Maria Bennett
BENNETT, STELLA 12/13/1904 Charles E. Bennett Magelena Bennett
BENTLEY, SARAH JANE 5/19/1907 Thomas Bentley Christina Avis
BEREQUEST, HAZEL 9/26/1904 Gus Berequest May Bergquist (sic)
BERGQUIST, HAROLD E. 3/18/1907 David Bergquist Viola Weishuhn
BERGQUIST, LLOYD ALBERT 11/16/1908 David Adolph Bergquist Viola May Weishuhn
BEST, ALVAH 11/13/1904 John Best Francis Best
BEST, CELIA LUELLA 8/14/1909 John Albert Best Frances E. Moore
BEST, CHAS. WM. 7/24/1907 James Best Lizabeth May
BEST, CLAUD HAROLD 5/10/1906 John A. Best Francis E. Moore
BEST, CLAUDE HAROLD 5/10/1906 Albert Best Francis Elizabeth Moore
BEST, CLAUDE HAROLD 5/10/1906 Albert Best Francis Elizabeth Moore
BEST, FANNIE ELIZABETH 11/2/1909 James Best Elisebeth May
BEST, GEO. JAMES 2/23/1908 James Best Elizabette May
BEST, MYRTLE 8/11/1907 David R. Best Lizzie Best (Pike)
BETTS, (BLANK) 6/29/1907 Frank Betts Evangeline Nichols
BETTS, HAROLD 3/15/1905 Bert Betts Clara Betts
BIDWELL, LONZO 9/22/1908 Wm. C. Bidwell Mollice Odell Relyea
BIGELOW, OWEN BENJAMIN 1/22/1907 Geo. Levi Bigelow Francis Benjamin
BINDSCHEATHEL, GEORGE 9/24/1902 Frank Bindscheathel Clarice? Bindscheathel
BINDSCHEATTEL, ESTHER 3/27/1906 Frank Bindscheattel Fannie Bindscheattel
BINDSCHETTLE, LEO ARTHUR 4/14/1904 Frank Bindschettle Laurie Bindschettle
BISBEE, MABEL ESTELLA 4/17/1906 Lynn Crandel Bisbee Estella Evelyn Bisbee
BLACK, FRANK O. 8/17/1908 Jno. R. Black Clara Olliver
BLACK, JAMES A. 4/28/1903 John Black Clara Black
BLACK, ROWLAND JNO. 2/21/1907 Jno. Rowland Black Clara E. Oliver
BLACKWELL, LEON ALLEN 6/10/1906 Wm. Wal. Blackwell Mary Richardson
BLAIR, (BLANK) 1/17/1909 Frank Blair Eva Crawford
BLOOD, FLORENCE EUPHENA 9/8/1907 Chris Blood Nona Meyers
BLUMENTHAL, SUGFRIED 6/7/1902 Bernard Blumenthal Sophia Blumenthal
BOATH, AUGUSTIN MAY 11/3/1907 Carl H. Boath Grace Brown
BODDY, MAY 1/8/1906 Robert N. Boddy May J. French
BODDY, RAY 1/8/1906 Robert N. Boddy May J. French
BOHNARD, ALVINA G. 9/6/1902 Daniel Bohnard Kate Bohnard
BOHNARD, BULAH ESTER 7/2/1908 Frank Bohnard Kate Ehinger
BOHNARD, CLAYTON E. 7/9/1906 Chas. Bohnard Louise Ehinger
BOHNARD, EDWINA JOSEPHINE 2/26/1906 William Bohnard Cora Anna Valley
BOHNARD, ESTELLA BLANCH 4/18/2908 Daniel Bohnard Katie Mary Scheele
BOHNARD, GENEVIEVE M. 4/21/1906 Frank C. Bohnard Kate Ehinger
BOHNARD, GENEVIEVE MARIE 4/21/1906 Frank Havier (sic) Bohnard Kate Ehinger
BOHNARD, GLADYS ROSENA 11/7/1909 Frank H. Bohnard Catherine Ehinger
BOHNARD, RANDOLPH DONATUS 9/17/1907 William H. Bonhard Norah A. Valley
BOHNARD, RANDOLPH DONATUS 9/17/1907 William Hiram Bohnard Norah Anna Valley
BORDEN, CALVIN 3/10/1901 Floyd Borden Bertha Borden
BORDEN, DENES G. 8/30/1905 Floyd Borden Bertha Borden
BORDEN, FLORENCE E. 3/10/1905 Caleb Borden Lizzie Borden
BORDEN, LEAH 1/17/1902 Caleb Borden Lizzey Borden
BORDEN, SARAH 4/25/1902 Floyd Borden Bertha Borden
BORELAND, (BLANK) 3/20/1907 John H. Boreland Dora Talbot
BORELAND, INEZ BELLA 3/20/1907 John H. Boreland Dora L. Talbot
BOVEES, (BLANK) 4/4/1907 Fred Bovees Nina Hodge
BOWDEN, ANNA REBECCA GOULD 9/14/1909 Clifford Earl Bowden ?? James
BOWEN, (BLANK) 6/23/1908 John B. Bowen Cora B. Hanes
BOWEN, LEON LUMAN 1/3/1907 John B. Bowen Clara (sic) B. Hanes
BOWEN, MELVIN 7/15/1904 John Bowen Cora Bowen
BRADLEY, HARROL R. 5/30/1901 Philo Bradley Tillie Bradley
BRADLEY, WILLIS 8/26/1903 Scott Bradley Dora Bradley
BRAGG, CLARENCE NORMAN 8/6/1904 Norman Bragg Fanny? Bragg
BRAGG, ROY FRANCIS 11/24/1907 Norman Bragg Fannie Beninger
BRALEY, EARL B. 4/4/1907 B. Braley Sarah Bower
BRAUNSCHEIDEL, CECILIA CATHERINE 2/7/1906 ??? Braunscheidel Francis Schmitt
BRAWN (sic), IRMA ETHAN 2/26/1909 T. E. Brown (sic) Flora L. Wheeler
BRICK, ALMA 10/31/1907 Phillip Brick Sarah Lehman
BRICK, ALMINA 12/24/1904 Phillip Brick Sarah Brick
BRICK, CLARENCE 5/18/1909 Joseph Brick Cecelia Newbecker
BRICK, FRANK G. 1/29/1903 Philip Brick Sarah Brick
BRICK, LUELLA FRANCIS 1/31/1907 Joseph Brick Celia Newbecker
BRICK, LUELLA FRANCIS 1/31/1907 Joseph Brick Celia Newbecker
BRIGGS, EVERT WARREN 10/15/1908 Charles M. Briggs Jessie M. Fritts
BRIGGS, PERCY ERNEST 3/19/1901 Chas. Briggs Jessie Briggs
BRIGGS, RAYMOND C. 3/22/1907 Chas. Briggs Jessie M. Fritz
BRIGGS, RAYMOND CARNIE 3/22/1907 Charles M. Briggs Jessie May Fritz
BRINDLEY, ALVINA 2/7/1907 Wm. E. Brindley Mary Ann Illig
BRINDLEY, ALVINA LOUISE 2/7/1907 William E. Brindley Mary Ann Hlag (sic)
BRINDLEY, EVA 5/10/1906 John Brindley Lillie? Illig
BRINDLEY, EVA 5/10/1906 Jno. Brindley Lillie Illig
BRINDLEY, FREDRICK 9/7/1904 Ed. C. Brindley Louise Brindley
BRINDLEY, HERMAN 6/19/1909 William Brindley Mary Ann Illig
BRINDLEY, MARY ANNA 3/5/1908 William Edward Brindley Mary Anna Illig
BRONSON, CECIL EVERT 8/2/1909 Samuel Bronson Alma Chipps
BRONSON, CELIA EVELINA 8/2/1909 Samuel Bronson Alma Chipps
BRONSON, HARVEY 7/24/1905 Sam Bronson Elma Bronson
BROOKS, VERA CHRISTINA 4/12/1903 Hiram Brooks Sarah Brooks
BROWN, ARVETIS F. 2/18/1907 Franklin Brown Anna C. Nichols
BROWN, ARVETIS FRANKLIN 2/18/1907 Franklin Brown Anna Charlotte Nichols
BROWN, AUSTIN 7/3/1901 Murry Brown Mary Brown
BROWN, BESSIE ELIZABETH 6/30/1907 Archie Norn Brown Eva Pearl Thomas
BROWN, (BLANK) 7/28/1909 ? Deneen Brown Sarah Morrison
BROWN, ERMA E. 2/26/1908 Lyman E. Brown Flora L. Wheeler
BROWN, FERN 3/-/1900 Murry Brown Harriett Brown
BROWN, FLORENCE E. 4/26/1907 Floyd Brown Lena Lince
BROWN, GRACIE LUCILLE 7/10/1909 Archibald M. Brown Eva Pearl Thomas
BROWN, HILDA 1/20/1907 Conrad Brown Henrietta Lipsek
BROWN, LILLIAN LUISIA 6/3/1909 Loyd Wm. Brown Angela Lince
BROWN, LUCY MAY 2/8/1908 Adelbert W. Best (sic) Olive Brown
BROWN, SUSAN 11/3/1904 Murry Brown Harriet Brown
BROWN, SUSIA 9/5/1905 Murray Brown Olive (Blank)
BROWN, VERN MAXWELL 7/20/1906 Lyman E. Brown Elma L. Wheeler
BROWN, WM. FRANCIS 11/5/1905 James Brown Bessie Brown
BUCKINGHAM, JANICE PEARL 1/16/1907 Fred Buckingham Edith M. Marthen
BUCKINGHAM, JANICE PEARL 1/15/1907 Fred Buckingham Edith Marthen
BUCKEL, ANNA MATILDA 12/25/1909 Henry Buckel Susanna Gildner
BUHLMAN, CLARENCE 9/6/1906 Leonard Buhlman Louise Meir
BUHLMAN, NINA 1/14/1909 Leonard Buhlman Louis (sic) Mier
BULLOCK, BABY BOY 3/18/1906 J. Bullock C. T. Carry
BURCHFIELD, ELLIS 7/11/1905 Wm. Burchfield Clara Burchfield
BURCHFIELD, WILLIAM 11/8/1901 William Burch(sic) Harriet Burchfield
BURCHFIELD, WILLIAM 11/8/1902 William Burchfield Hattie Burchfield
BURGESS, JOHN L. 5/4/1903 John D. Burgess Pola Burgess
BURGESS, PAUL LENORE 10/26/1905 John Burgess Paula Burgess
BURGLAR, LEO A. 1/21/1903 Wm. Burglar Matilda Burglar
BURGUR, DOLEMY 1/16/1901 William Burger(sic) Matilda Burger(sic)
BURLEY, ANNA AMELIA 6/1/1905 David H. Burley Nancy Burley
BURR, ROBERT 4/19/1903 David Burr Mildred Taber
BURT, EDWIN 8/1/1907 John T. Burt Rosa Tuper
BURT, EWIN (sic) 8/1/1907 Jno. T. Burt Rosa Tupper
BURT, GLADYS 5/3/1904 John S. Burt Rosey Burt
BUVIA, KATHERINE PEARL 1/12/1909 Frank Buvia Katherine McDonald
BUVIA, NELLIE MAY 1/20/1907 Frank Buvia Catherine McDonell
BYCE, ANNA 4/2/1908 Clarence Byce Lottie Mummour
BYCE, FLORENCE 4/2/1902 Clarence A. Byce Lotta Byce
BYCE, RUBY 1/25/1904 Clarance (sic) Byce Lottie Byce
CADY, GEORGE A. 3/6/1904 Charles Cady Mary Cady
CADY, LOUIS 6/30/1908 Charlie Cady Mary M. Cady
CAHILL, JAMES RICHARD 3/15/1908 Frank Cahill Estella Eggleson
CALKINS, BESSIE A. 8/13/1905 Philip Calkins Ethel Calkins
CALKINS, (BLANK) 3/29/1904 Philip Calkins Marcena Calkins
CAMERON, SARAH 11/30/1901 Angus Cameron Alma Cameron
CAMERON, SARAH 11/30/1901 Angus Cameron Alma Cameron
CAMPBELL, AGNES LEONA 7/31/1908 Bolivar Campbell Lizzie Nickers
CAMPBELL, EDWARD PAUL 12/25/1905 Henry J. Campbell Minnie Campbell
CAMPBELL, GEORGE 8/23/1901 George Campbell Maggie Campbell
CAMPBELL, JOHN J. 3/7/1909 John Campbell Mary McKeller
CAMPBELL, KATIE D. 2/6/1905 J. D. Campbell Sarah Campbell
CAMPBELL, PRUDENCE FLORENCE 10/17/1906 Jay D. Campbell Sarah Ann Chrivia
CANDY, DELBERT 8/11/1905 George Candy Nellie Candy
CANDY, JOHN E. 9/25/1903 Geo. Candy Nellie Candy
CANFIELD, FRANCIS P. 10/21/1907 F. G. Canfield Ethal J. Phelps
CAREY, RUTH H. 6/5/1902 Wm. T. Carey Grace Carey
CARPENTER, RUTH GLADYS 4/18/1908 Herbert D. Carpenter Emma Eikelberg
CARR, LILA MORENA 6/7/1908 Truman Carr Anna Chatlin
CARSCALLAN, JOHN FRED 8/10/1905 Roy Carscallan Christina Carscallan
CARSCALLEN, CARROLL 12/3/1904 Herbert Carscallen Hannah Carscallen
CARSCALLEN, GLADYS MINERVA 10/14/1907 Roy Oldfield Carscallen Christena Marion Crothers
CARSCALLEN, HAROLD 2/11/1903 Herbert Carscallen Hannah Carscallen
CARSCALLEN, OLGA ELLEN 11/3/1906 Herbert Carscallen Hannah Selle
CARSCALLEN, ONA MINNIE 11/11/1908 Herbert Lee Carscallen Hannah Augusta Selle
CARSCALLEN, ROY F. 1/8/1901 Herbert Carscallen Hannah Carscallen
CARSCALLEN, U?? ADELINE 1/9/1903 Roy Carscallen Christina Carscallen
CASCADDEN, CHARLES HILTON 5/27/1909 Charles L. Cascadden Minnie E. Kinyon
CASH, VIOLET MAY 4/21/1902 Lewis Cash Hanna Cash
CAUFIELD, THOMAS 2/14/1904 James Caufield Lizzie Caufield
CAULFIELD, ANNA 11/14/1909 James Caulfield Elizabeth Randall
CHADWICK, KENNETH J. 10/12/1908 Frank L. Chadwick Laura Jackson
CHAMBERS, ELIAS W. 1/7/1903 Walter Chambers Mae Chambers
CHAMBERS, FLORENCE MILDRED 3/15/1907 Wilber Chambers Gladys Norton
CHAMBERS, FLORENCE MILDRED 3/15/1907 Wilber Chambers Gladys Norton
CHAMBERS, IRVING 1/29/1905 Walter Chambers May Chambers
CHAMBERS, LLOYD E. 1/25/1907 Walter S. Chambers May Giles
CHAMBERS, LOYD ENCH (sic) 1/25/1907 Walter S. Chambers May Giles
CHAMBERS, MELVIN W. 3/4/1909 Walter Chambers May Giles
CHAMBERS, WALTER EDWIN 11/28/1909 Wilber Chambers Gladys Norton
CHAMPAIN, MABEL LOVILA 4/5/1908 Fred Champain Ellie Kent
CHAMPAINE, RALPH 4/27/1902 Frederick Champaine Etta Champaine
CHAPIN, ELAINE WARNER 7/11/1909 Earl R. Chapin Ethel J. Warner
CHAPMAN, EDITH MURIEL 12/25/1907 Chas. B. Chapman Florence Clark
CHARRON, ALPHONSE 3/22/1906 Arfield (sic) Charron Mary Rau
CHARROW, ALPHONSO 3/22/1906 Alfred Charrow Mary Rau
CHASE, CHARLES 7/19/1902 Charles Chase Mary Chase
CHEENEY, CLARENCE 5/4/1903 Burt Cheeney Floy E. Cheeney
CHREVIA (BLANK) 12/30/1906 Levi Chrevia Flora May Williams
CHREVIA, EDITH M. 4/17/1904 Levi Chrevia Flora Chrevia
CHREVIA, VERA M. 2/16/1907 Dennis Chrevia Ruby Sheply
CHRISTMAN, (BLANK) 6/28/1906 Edward Christman Pauline Palm
CHRISTMAN, EDNA B. 6/28/1906 Edward Christman Pauline Palm
CHRIVIA, BEULA EDITH 9/16/1908 Dennis J. Chrivia Ruby Shepley
CHRIVIA, FLOSSIE 1/3/1903 Joseph Chrivia Anna Chrivia
CHRIVIA, GLADYS LUCIEL 5/22/1906 Joseph S. Chrivia Anna Leveck
CHRIVIA, LAUREEN 3/22/1901 Lewis Chrivia Sarah Chrivia
CHRIVIA, MAUDE 12/30/1906 Levi Chrivia Flora May Williams
CHRIVIA, VERA MARGUERITE 2/16/1907 Dennis Chrivia Ruby Sheply
CHURCH, LOIE MAY 6/30/1905 Ernest Church Ida Church
CLAIRMONT, JOHN JOSEPH EDWARD 7/10/1906 Edward Clairmont Eva Cooley
CLARE, GERALD DEVERE 4/11/1908 Stephen E. Clare Pearl M. Shepley
CLARE, LEON 8/21/1906 Stephen E. Clare Pearl Shepley
CLARK, (BLANK) 4/18/1902 Joseph Clark Mary Clark
CLARK, CLARENCE 1/20/1908 John W. Clark Gertrude Crandel
CLARK, EARNEST 3/29/1908 Elmer J. Clark Ida Allis Ellworth
CLARK, ERNEST 4/24/1902 John Clark Gertrude Clark
CLARK, ERVIN 7/-/1900 John Clark Maggie Clark
CLARK, LENARD 7/30/1906 Joseph Clark Mary Allen
CLARK, LENVARD (sic) 7/30/1906 Joseph Clark Mary Allen
CLARK, MABEL MAY 4/12/1903 John Clark Gertrude Clark
CLARK, MARY 3/10/1902 Berton Clark Susanna Clark
CLARK, MAYNARD 8/20/1903 Jos. Clark Mary Clark
CLARK, MILTON E. 11/4/1906 Joseph E. Clark Ida Ellsworth
CLARK, MILTON E. 11/4/1906 Joseph E. Clark Ida Ellsworth
CLARK, NELLIE GERTRUDE 4/14/1906 John W. Clark Gertrude I. Crandell
CLARK, NELLIE GERTRUDE 4/14/1906 John Wilson Clark Gertrude Isabel Crandell
CLARK, NELLIE GERTRUDE 4/14/1906 John Wilson Clark Gertrude Isabell Crandell
CLARK, PEARL MAY 11/29/1901 Lettie Clark (Blank)
CLARK, SIDNEY LEE 8/18/1909 John W. Clark Gertrude Crandell
CLARK, SHORBA 4/11/1909 Melvin Cole (sic) Katie Spring (sic)
CLARK, WM. ARTHUR 6/30/1906 Charles F. Clark Josephine Veneer
CLARK, WM. ARTHUR 6/30/1906 Charles Clark Josephine Veneer
CLAYTON, CARL NORMAN 10/7/1908 John Norman Clayton Iva Darling
CLAYTON, GRACE M. 3/19/1907 John N. Clayton Iva Darling
CLAYTON, LAWRENCE 5/13/1906 Alba P. Clayton Cora Smith
CLEAVER, LUCILLE MAY 5/12/1909 Guy Robert Cleaver Anna Lavinia Gautz
CLEAVER, (NONE GIVEN) 5/13/1909 Guy Robert Cleaver Anna Gantz
CLIFF, ALTA MAY 2/19/1904 Charles F. Cliff Tilla Cliff
CLIFF, BABY GIRL 2/13/1906 Robert H. Cliff Charl. Plumly
CLIFF, WM. B. 5/25/1901 Wm. H. Cliff Jennie Cliff
CLINE, GARFIELD HERBERT 1/15/1907 Charles A. Cline Dora Amelia Palmer
CLINE, GARFIELD HERBERT 1/15/1907 Chas. A. Cline Dora A. Palmer
CLINE, HOWARD A. 5/27/1908 Bert Cline Dora Palmer
COF, BABY 2/24/1907 John Cof Jane Robertson
COKE, EMMA 6/4/1908 Frank Coke Lettie Hatch
COKE, WILLIS MILFORD 6/19/1906 Frank Coke (Blank)
COLE, CECIL CHAS. 1/5/1908 Ethum Cole Kittie Webster
COLE, SHORBA 4/11/1909 Melvin Cole Katie Spring
COLLEY (sic), MABEL S. 5/30/1903 Vat Cooley Minnie Cooley
COMBS, LOUIS 9/17/1900 Peter Combs Minnie Combs
CONGDON, GLADYS 12/26/1906 Eugene Congdon Blinda Stoner
CONGDON, GLADYS 12/26/1906 Eugene Congdon Blenda Stoner
CONGDON, RONALD DELOS 10/13/1902 Eugene Congdon Belinda Congdon
CONNER, JOHN 6/-/1900 John Conner Mary Conner
CONNER, VIDA ELLEN 7/22/1906 William H. Conner Rose Bell Parker
COOK, BEATRICE M. 1/21/1906 Nicholas Cook Sarah Hall
COOK, BEATRICE MAUD 1/29/1906 Nicholas Cook Sarah Hall
COOK, CARL J. 12/22/1908 Geo. Cook Eva Hollinger
COOK, DANIEL R. 7/12/1903 Geo. Cook Eva Cook
COOK, OTIS 9/10/1905 Geo. Cook Eva Cook
COOK, THEODORE 6/7/1900 George Cook Eva Cook
COOLEY, ARTHUR LESLIE 9/10/1908 George W. Cooley Emma Jackson
COOLEY, HAZEL D. 2/15/1902 Chas. Cooley Lizzie Cooley
COOLEY, JENNIE MARIE 5/23/1904 Charles Cooley Lizzie Cooley
COOLY, ADDIE LEULA 3/31/1907 Geo. Cooly Emma Jackson
COOPER, ALBERTIE 2/28/1906 Andrew Cooper ??tie Cooper
COOPER, DENTON JAMES 5/5/1908 Andrew Cooper Nellie Daugherty
COOPER, FLORENCE N. 8/28/1905 Eugene Cooper Bessie Freeman
CORBETT, ALMAN ELLIS 5/6/1905 Benjamin Corbett Adelaide Corbett
CORBETT, LEWIS 6/1/1903 Benjamin Corbett Adeline Corbett
CORESON, MARIAN GERTRUDE 3/25/1905 Jeremiah Daniel Coreson Mary Henrietta Carpenter
CORESON, VIOLET NAOMI 10/14/1906 Jeremiah Coreson Mary Carpenter
CORESUN, (BLANK) 5/7/1908 Geo. H. Coresun Bell Schroeder
CORNICK, (BLANK) 12/27/1907 Charles H. Cornick Julia A Cochran
CORVIE, FRANK 9/23/1904 Walter A. Corvie Emily Corvie
CORWIN, CLARK OSCAR 1/4/1901 Bert J. Corwin Emandis Corwin
CORWIN, HENRIETTA 11/4/1902 Berton J. Corwin Firdniss? Corwin
CORWIN, SARAH L. 7/7/1909 Burton J. Corwin Linandas? Corwin
COSAND, BERTHA G. 9/27/1905 Albert Cosand Harriet Cosand
COSAND, LESTER WENDAL 3/1/1908 Albert W. Cosand Lottie B. Small
COTTLE, DOROTHY ESTHER 12/5/1907 William John Cottle Lora Jane Milne
COVEL, HELEN L. 8/25/1909 Ed. Covel Pearl Morse
COVIL, ALONZO JUDSON 11/13/1907 Edward J. Covil (Blank) Morse
COVIN, LILEY M. 7/1/1901 Wm. Covin Libey Covin
COWAN, EARL ROBERT 9/23/1907 Robert Cowan Minnie Miller
COWAN, LEONA 2/13/1903 Robert Cowan Minnie Cowan
COWELL, LAURIN 12/25/1908 Lewis Cowell Daisy Roe
COWELL, SHIRLEY 10/19/1907 Lewis Cowell Daisy Roe
COX, BABY 2/24/1907 John Cox Fan Roberter
COX, ELIZABETH 5/10/1902 John Cox Jane Cox
COX, LILLIAN 9/4/1907 Edwin Cox Mary Robinson
CRAFT, (BLANK) 11/23/1902 Henry Craft Catherine Craft
CRAFT, CHARLES ALBERT 2/5/1907 Albert Craft Myrtle Setitia Nichols
CRAFT, CHAS. A. 2/5/1907 Albert Craft Myrtle L. Nichols
CRAFT, EMERY 5/6/1905 Harry Craft Katherine Craft
CRAFT, LESLIE THOMAS 4/19/1907 Geo. Craft Laura Colbath
CRAFT, LYLE G. 9/22/1908 George Craft Lena Colbath
CRAMER, BERTHA 12/28/1903 W. S. Cramer Mattie Cramer
CRANER, BEULAH V. 4/23/1907 Edward Craner Bessie Evans
CRAWFIELD, MARY JANE 5/6/1902 James Crawfield Lizzie Crawfield
CRAWFIELD, THOS. 2/11/1904 Jas. Crawfield Lizzie Crawfield
CLIFF, (BLANK) 2/16/1908 Robt. H. Cliff Charlotte Plumby
COX, LAVINA GRACE 5/2/1908 John Cox Jane Robinson
CRIPPS, BABY GIRL 3/14/1906 Walter Cripps Mary Cripps
CRIPPS, BLANCHIE 3/6/1904 Walter Cripps Marie Cripps
CRIPPS, CAROLYN ELIZABETH 4/28/1908 Jacob Cripps Grace Stark
CRIPPS, EMERY A. 12/24/1906 Alfred Cripps Alta Clise
CRIPPS, EMERY E. 12/24/1906 Alfred N. Cripps Alta Clise
CRIPPS, GERTRUDE 4/29/1908 George Cripps Fannie Jolley
CRIPPS, JACOB D. 4/5/1909 Alfred Cripps Etta Cripps
CRIPPS, LOLETA PEARL 12/22/1902 Geo. A. Cripps Fannie M. Cripps
CRIPPS, MARGARET M. 11/16/1908 Walter Cripps Mary Newbecker
CRISHER, LOUIS B. 6/3/1909 Geo. Crisher Mary Staley
CRISS, EMMA 10/10/1902 Theodore Criss Hattie Criss
CRIST, ETHEL MAMIE 11/7/1908 Joseph Crist Emma? Nichols
CROSS, BEN. HAROLD 10/18/1904 Ivan Cross Unknown
CUMMING, BERNICE IRENE 6/17/1905 John Cumming Hannah Cumm
CUMMING, FRANK 3/28/1902 Archibald Cumming Ida Cumming
CUMMINGS, JAY WILLIAM 3/22/1909 Elmer Cummings Agnes Green
CUMMINGS, TEDDY 7/22/1907 Elmer E. Cummings Agnes Green
CURRIE, GEO. GILBERT 8/14/1906 Robt. H. Currie Grace Belle Eymer
CURRIE, GLADYS 5/3/1903 Robert Currie Grace Currie
CURRIE, HAZEL 1/4/1903 Peter Currie Annie Currie
CURRIE, JANE L. 12/6/1904 Peter Currie Anna Currie
CURRIE, LEONA 9/12/1904 Robert Currie Grace Currie
CURRIE, RUSSELL EDMUND 1/27/1909 Peter Currie Anna Champagne
CURRY, DOUGLAS 10/14/1902 Walter Curry Helen Curry
CURTIS, (BLANK) 9/10/1908 Ira Curtis Alice Slingland
DACK, HARRY 4/24/1903 Levi W. Dack Annie Dack
DAIL, GLEN EDWIN 4/2/1908 Charles Dail Hattie L. Harman
DANIELS, WILLIS TONY 12/26/1908 Willis Edgar Daniels Anna Kuptz
DANTZER, BEATRICE 4/16/1900 Ignatus Dantzer Philipena Dantzer
DANTZER, ESTHER 5/25/1901 Ignatius Dantzer Philifna Dantzer
DANTZER, JOHN I. 11/18/1902 Ignatius Dantzer Philipena Dantzer
DARLING, BEATRICE A. 12/8/1900 Willis Darling Agnes M. Darling
DECKER, AURTHUR W. (sic) 11/19/1908 Arthur W. Decker Lennie Wellwood
DECKER, DARRELL DEAN 8/26/1906 Arthur W. Decker Lennie Welwood
DECKER, ELMER 11/2/1903 Elmer Decker Mary Decker
DECKER, GERTRUDE ETTA 7/14/1908 Elmer Decker Mary Maxwell
DECKER, HELEN HAZEL 9/12/1903 Lester Decker Mabel Durant
DECKER, MARJORIE 8/2/1904 Arthur Decker Linnie? Decker
DECKER, MARY 4/12/1906 Elmer Decker Mary Maxwell
DECKER, MARY 4/12/1906 Elmer Decker Mary Maxwell
DECKER, MAURICE W. 11/21/1902 Arthur W. Decker Jennie Decker
DECKER, SELMER 7/17/1907 Wilbuse L. Decker (sic) Mabel Durant
DEITZE, JOSEPHINE TRESSIE 10/1/1905 Nicholas Deitze Susan Deitze
DEITZE, MARY LEONA 9/25/1905 John Deitze Eade Deitze
DELL, DEARDELD? A. 6/12/1906 Mart Dell Christina Dell
DELL, LESTER EDGAR 7/14/1909 Medford Dell Cristina Steffen
DEMMING, CYRIL 10/4/1903 Lester Demming Della Demming
DENISMORE, RUSSEL GEO. 11/26/1905 Delbert Densimore (sic) Ida Quance
DENNIS, ELMER 3/4/1904 Elmer Dennis Alice Dennis
DENNIS, WALLACE 12/28/1901 Elmer Dennis Alice Dennis
DENNISON, CHARLES WILLIAM 4/28/1903 Charles Dennison Margaret Winter
DENSIMORE, NORMAN ALVIN 10/6/1903 Norman Densimore Cora Hamacher
DENSMORE, JOHN CHESTER 5/26/1905 Norman Densimore (sic) Cora Hamacher
DENSMORE, LULA M. 12/28/1907 Norman Densmore Cora Hamacher
DENSMORE, MILTON DELBERT 6/5/1904 Delbert Dolphus Densmore Ida Elizabeth Quange?
DENSMORE, SARAH E. 12/28/1907 Norman Densmore Cora Hamacher
DEPUE, FRANK 10/18/1906 Monty Depue Jennie Ashbury
DETCHLER, AGNES 10/3/1904 John Detchler Edith Detchler
DETZLER, HENRY J. 6/25/1903 John Detzler Edith Detzler
DETZLER, LEO B. 7/16/1908 John Detzler Edith Priest
DETZLER, RUSSEL 9/6/1906 August Detzler Alice Elmhurst
DETZLER, RUSSELL 9/6/1906 August Detzler Alice Elmluise?
DETZLER, RUSSELL 9/6/1906 August Detzler Alice Elmbush
DIEBOLD, EMMA MARIE 11/8/1905 John Diebold Emma Diebold
DIEBOLD, GEO. A. 1/12/1903 Anthony Diebold Catherine Diebold
DIEBOLD, JOHN G. 9/8/1907 John D. Diebold Emma Wirges
DIEBOLD, JOSEPH J. 9/13/1903 John G. Diebold Emma W. Diebold
DIEBOLD, KATHLEEN HELENA 6/30/1909 John G. Diebold Emma Wirges
DIEBOLD, LUCELLIE (sic) MARIE 3/14/1907 Toney Diebold Kate White
DIEBOLD, LUCILE MARIE 3/14/1907 Tony Diebold Kate White
DIEBOLD, WILLIAM D. 5/8/1902 John G. Diebold Emma Diebold
DIETZ, AMBROSE RUSSELL 9/10/1907 Nicholas Dietz Louise Susan Lobsinger
DIETZ, HERMAN CLARENCE LEON 2/23/1908 John G. Dietz Edith Little
DILLENBECK, CECIL VERICK 9/16/1907 Carlton H. Dillenbeck Sarah Eliza Weeks
DILLENBECK, RALPH STEPHEN 4/20/1906 Carlton H. Dillenbeck Sarah Eliza Weeks
DIX, BABY 4/16/1906 William Dix Marrie Robinson
DOANE, RUSSELL 8/9/1902 Wm. Doane Mary Doane
DOBSON, (BLANK) 5/10/1906 Alonzo E. Dobson Anna Tomlinson
DOBSON, ELDEN J. 9/16/1907 Alonzo E. Dobson Ann Tomlinson
DOBSON, ELSIE E. 4/13/1905 Alonzo Dobson Anna Dobson
DOBSON, GENEVEVA LORINA 9/29/1908 Alonzo E. Dobson Anna Tomlinson
DODDS, ALICE 2/5/1903 Robert Dodds Mary Dodds
DODDS, ELMER L. 5/14/1901 Robert Dodds Mary J. Dodds
DODDS, ZELLA 3/25/1908 Robert A. Dodds Mary Jane Ingram
DOHERTY, ALBERT 12/8/1904 John Doherty Amelia Doherty
DOHERTY, ALBERT ARTHUR 12/8/1903 John Doherty Amelia Doherty
DOOLEY, EDITH ORDELIA 6/3/1907 Peter Dooley May Ellen Near
DOOLEY, JOHN J. 5/8/1900 Peter Dooley Mary Dooley
DOOLEY, MARY ELLEN 6/3/1904 Peter Dooley Mary Ellen Dooley
DOOLEY, THOMAS H. 12/17/1901 Peter Dooley Mary Dooley
DOOLEY, THOMAS HENRY 12/17/1902 John Dooley Mary Ellen Dooley
DORAH, OLIVE 2/15/1909 Louis Doran Elva Gingrich
DORON, MARY GLADYS 2/16/1902 Louis Doron Celia Doron
DOROTHY, BABY 8/8/1906 John Doherty Amelia Schroeder
DOUGLAS, BERNICE M. 8/16/1909 A. R. Douglas Myrtle M. Huntley
DOUGLAS, EDNA BELLE 11/19/1909 Delbart Douglas Maggie Richesva?
DOUGLAS, LENA 6/11/1902 Alfred Douglas Mary Douglas
DOUMAR, EDWIN 3/9/1905 Henry Doumar Lacinda Doumar
DREW, ARMINA 10/9/1908 Seman Drew Armina LaCross
DUERPSEY, BABY 3/17/1907 Dennis Duerpsey Lizzie Walker
DULEY, BABY BOY 4/9/1906 ?? Duley Lola Perkins
DUMAW, BRADLEY J. 4/10/1908 Bert J. Dumaw Lillie G. Joslyn
DUMAW, MINA GRACE 8/20/1909 Bert Dumaw Lillian G. Joslin
DUMPSEY, BABY 3/17/1907 Dennis Dumpsey Lizzie Walker
DUNBAR, EDGAR 7/2/1908 Henry Dunbar Mina Persal
DUNBAR, EDGAR 7/2/1908 Henry Dunbar Mina Persal
DUNBAR, LLOYD H. 5/14/1903 Henry Dunbar Mina Dunbar
DUNCAN, GLENN G. 8/21/1903 Delbert Duncan Julia Duncan
DUNLAP, IRA SILVANUS 4/18/1902 Abner Lawrence Dunlap Elizabeth Tomlinson
DURFEE, CLYDE NELSON 1/23/1909 Chas. Durfee Georgie Bailey
DUSENBERY, CHAS. H. 3/23/1901 Chas. M. Dusenbery Daisy Dusenbery
DUSENBERY, DORATHE 6/23/1903 Chas. M. Dusenbery Daisy Dusenbery
DUTCHER, MARY 9/20/1905 John Dutcher Jane Dutcher
DUTTON, HENRY 11/9/1900 Joseph Dutton Myrtle Dutton
DUVEKOT, SAMUEL 2/8/1908 Samuel Duvchot (sic) Eva Polmanteer
EARLER, ALBERT JULIUS 5/25/1904 Joseph Earler Margaret Horn
EARLER, ARTHUR HERALD 9/11/1902 Joseph Earler Maggie Horn
EARLER, ERNIA? 7/3/1906 Joseph Earler Maggie Horan
EARLY, FLOYD ARTHUR 2/17/1905 Patrick Early Melissa Early
EARNS, ALONZO W. 11/13/1901 David Earns Mary Earns
EASTMAN, CARLYLE 2/4/1909 Bert Eastman Maud Steinhouser
EASTMAN, CARLYLE ERIC 7/4/1906 John Albert Eastman Frances? May Avory
EASTMAN, NEVA 1/12/1904 C. W. Eastman S. J. Eastman
ECKER, ERA ALMEDA 4/30/1908 James A. Ecker Jennie Ecker
ECKER, LAWERANCE 4/29/1909 Melvin Cole (sic) Katie Spring (sic)
ECKER, LAWRENCE 4/29/1909 Abraham Ecker Ellen Ida Kerr
ECKER, SYBIL M. 5/4/1901 James Ecker Genie Ecker
ECKER, (UNNAMED) 11/6/1906 Abram Ecker Ellen Kerr
EDDY, MARION ELIZABETH 7/16/1907 Walter Eddy Nina Fireman
EHINGER, MARIE M. 1/26/1908 Anthony T. E. Ehinger Elizabeth Mary Winter
EHINGER, MARIE MARGARET 1/26/1908 Anthony T. Ehinger Elizabeth M. Winters
ELLIOTT, LULU MAY 8/4/1907 Charles Elliott Lura Ealiar Varvenau (sic)
ELLSWORTH, ELSIE MAY 9/4/1908 Geo. Roy Ellsworth Lottie Aldrick
EMBURY, DANIEL RUSSEL 4/4/1908 Thomas G. Embury Lucinda M. William
EMBURY, GLENN 10/29/1903 Thomas Embury Lucinda Embury
EMBURY, LLOYD J. 2/19/1903 Chas. S. Embury Rose Embury
EMBURY, LUKE JAMES 10/3/1901 Thomas Embury Lurinda McMillen
EMERSON, IRVIS 2/3/1908 Elias Emerson Charlotte A. Dewey
EMES, LUCILE 2/26/1906 William Emes Alice Raines
EMMONS, LEONA BELLE 10/31/1907 Edward J. Emmons Lillian Harmon
EMMONS, LUCY 2/22/1901 William Emmons Mary Emmons
EMMONS, LYONAL DELL 10/31/1907 Edward J. Emmons Lillian Harmon
ENGELS, BENITA GENEVIEVE 6/20/1905 Frederick Engels Florence Engels
ENNIG?, ARCHIE 9/15/1900 Leon Ennig? Katie Ennig?
ENO, MARY EVELYN 8/23/1907 Edward Eno Mary L. Desjardins
ERB, CHARLES C. 7/1/1909 Chas. F. Erb Ada Carter
ERICKSON, LENA M. 8/22/1903 Theodore Erikson Sarah Erikson
ERLER, GERTRUDE FRANCES 3/1/1901 Joseph Erler Maggie Horan
EVANS, (BLANK) 6/8/1907 Rolland Evans May Jones
EVANS, (BLANK) 6/8/1907 Rolland Evans May L. Jones
EVANS, CENETH G. 9/5/1904 John Evans Lillian Evans
EVERETT, CHARLES 3/27/1901 Andrew Everett Katie Everett
EVERITT, WILLIAM HENRY 1/15/1908 Henry Detchler (crossed off) Janie Everitt
EWING, ARCHIE 9/15/1901 Leon Ewing Julia Ewing
EWING, HARPER ERVIN 3/25/1909 Leon A. Ewing Katie Baine
EYMER, GEO. HENRY 2/19/1908 Harry Eymer Mabel N. Zeran
EYMER, HAROLD WM. 10/20/1906 Harry Elmo Eymer Mabel Norene Zeran
FARRELL, GLADIST ETHELINE 8/2/1907 George Farrell Violet Hodge
FARRELL, GLADYS ETHELINE 8/2/1907 George Farrell Violet Hodge
FELL, OLIVE REGINA 3/9/1909 Charles M. Fell Regina Balanger
FELLOWS, (UNNAMED) 9/1/1909 Jay E. Fellows Viona Alvord
FENEMAN, LEO 7/2/1904 George Feneman Katie Feneman
FERGUSON, BEATRICE LUCILLE 8/15/1908 Frank B. Ferguson Frankie Phillips
FERRINGTON, HARRY 3/25/1907 Charles Ferrington Huldah Hughs
FERRINGTON, HARRY 3/25/1907 Charles Ferrington Huldah Hughs
FESTOR, DANIEL W. 3/12/1904 Wm. Festor Emma Festor
FIFIELD, FRANCIS H. 3/16/1907 Jason Fifield Angelina Bolyea
FIFIELD, INA 6/26/1902 Jason Fifield Angeline Fifield
FINEGAN, FLOYD 2/21/1908 William Finegan Emma Rook
FINEGAN, FLOYD 2/21/1908 Wm. Finegan Emma Rook
FINERTY, CLARENCE CHARLES 7/10/1904 John Finerty Mary Ann Finerty
FINERTY, JAMES RUSSELL 6/24/1900 Michael Finerty Margret Finerty
FINK, EDWARD G. 10/19/1907 George J. Fink Katharine Fink
FINK, MARION 10/19/1907 George J. Fink Katharine Fink
FISHER, ALBERT L. 2/8/1905 Arthur Fisher Clara Gander
FISHER, BESSIE N. 2/1/1900 John Fisher Emma Fisher
FISHER, CLYDE FOREST 11/10/1906 Jacob Fisher Ethel Goff
FISHER, GLEN SYLVESTER 3/16/1907 Arthur Fisher Clara Fisher
FISHER, INA 4/28/1902 John Fisher Emma Fisher
FISHER, SYLVESTER JOHN 3/16/1907 Arthur Fisher Clara Fisher
FITCHETT, MARGUREITE 6/13/1909 Arthur Fitchett Sarah Powers
FLACK, HILDA ELIZABETH 10/11/1906 Simon Flack Kate Green
FLYNN, GLENN S. 11/14/1902 Wilfred A. Flynn Mary Flynn
FLYNN, GRANT J. 11/14/1902 Wilfred A. Flynn Mary Flynn
FORBES, BURTON 7/30/1907 William Haumond (sic) Lena Burton Haumond
FORD, HARRIET 5/2/1907 Allen Ford Harriet St. Ann
FORD, RUSSELL 1/8/1908 James A. Ford Florence McGill
FORD, SARAH 3/13/1904 James Ford Sarah Ford
FOX, KENNETH 7/5/1908 Gus. Fox Rachel Rutter
FOX, RILEY FRANK 8/27/1907 August Fox Rachell Rudder
FOX, ROSALIE BEATRICE 12/17/1901 William Fox Olive Fox
FOX, ROSS LEROY 7/11/1903 Wm. Fox Olive Fox
FREED, HELEN ALICE 10/14/1909 Abner L. Freed Mary D. Weeks
FREED, MAXWELL LEWIS 11/18/1908 Abner L. Freed Mary Daisy Weeks
FRENCH, EMMA 7/17/1909 Alphones French Bertha Jewett
FRENCH, LENA BEATIEN? 9/11/1904 Alfonzo French Bertha French
FRENCH, NESTA 7/27/1907 Alphons French Bertha Jewett
FRENER?, JOHN 4/13/1904 Joseph Frener? Sarah Frener?
FRICK, KEITH R. 8/24/1909 Jesse R. Frick Sarah Gingrich
FROWLEY, WILLIS A. 7/2/1903 Micheal Frowley Bessie Frowley
FRUIK, ALFORD 2/14/1905 George Fruik Kate Fruik
FURGUSON, REVA MAY 5/29/1909 William H. Ferguson (sic) Clara J. Ferguson (sic)
FURMAN, BEATRICE VIVIAN 1/30/1907 Soloman Furman Sofia Jeffries
FURMAN, BEATRICE VIVIAN 1/30/1907 Soloman Furman Sophia Jeffries
FURMAN, CHARLES WESLEY 2/12/1909 Worth Furman Eva Jefferies
GAGE, REVA B. 6/18/1907 Geo. Gage Carrie Kruger
GALE?, CLARA 11/4/1906 George Gale? Nellie Gale?
GALLAGHER, ANGELINE 1/10/1905 Thos. Gallagher Anna Gallagher
GALLAGHER, FRANCIS HUGH 6/3/1906 Thomas Gallagher Anna Wheeler
GANNON, RUSSELL 10/4/1909 Bartholemew Gannon Mary Elizabeth Little
GARDNER, INA MAY 6/5/1902 Henry Gardner Jane Gardner
GARR, FRED 10/4/1907 Gebhart Garr Anna Bartolomew
GARSELITZ, CHARLES JOHN 9/22/1907 Chas. W. Garselitz Anna Holdsworth
GASLIN, CECIL JAMES 12/25/1906 Neil Gaslin Sadie Griffith
GEESEY, FOREST FRANKLIN 4/8/1909 Frances M. Geesey Laura Stillwagon
GERBER, FANNY 4/1/1908 Chris Gerber Fanny Jantsedg
GERBER, JOHN 11/5/1908 Joseph B. Gerber Nellie Kropf
GERO, (BLANK) 9/16/1907 Frank E. Gero Amelia (Blank)
GEROY, JENIVEVE GERTRUDE 4/12/1902 William? Jud Geroy Margurite Earler
GEROY, NEIL WILLIAM 6/1/1907 Judge Geroy (sic) Margret Earler (sic)
GIBBON, MERL E. 4/17/1909 Edwin Gibbon Anna Knight
GIBSON, GEO. LEO 7/22/1906 Geo. Proctor Gibson Gertrude Malcolm
GIBSON, MARY J. 3/27/1903 Geo. Gibson Gertrude Gibson
GIBSON, STELLA ELIZABETH 5/27/1908 George Proctor Gibson Gertrude Malcolm
GIFFIN, CLARENCE DONALD 5/20/1906 James Arthur Giffin Ida May Demarory?
GIFFORD, ARCHIE EARL 10/3/1907 Earl R. Gifford Sarah E. Mills
GIFFORD, ELMA C. 9/29/1904 Robert Gifford Etta Gifford
GIFFORD, ELMER C. 9/29/1904 Robert Gifford Etta Gifford
GIFFORD, ELSIE 8/31/1901 Robert Gifford Etta Gifford
GIFFORD, ERNEST ROLLA 3/7/1906 Robert H. Gifford Etta Bell Jacobs
GIFFORD, PEARL ELIZABETH 12/29/1909 Earl Ray Gifford Sarah Elizabeth Mills
GILBERT, ELLA ELIZABETH JANE 10/4/1906 Wellington Gilbert ?? Elizabeth Surbrook
GILBERT, HAROLD WELLINGTON 8/6/1908 Wellington Gilbert Victoria Surbrook
GILDNER, ALEXANDER 8/7/1900 John Gildner Lettie Gildner
GILDNER, CLARENCE 11/21/1904 John Gildner Catherine Schmaltz
GILDNER, THEODORE EDWARD 7/5/1909 Edward Gildner Lavina Palm
GILLIES, AMY MARY 2/21/1906 John Gillies ??? A. Adams
GILLIES, BURT L. 10/14/1908 Roy M. Gillies Jennie Smith
GILLIES, DONALD 3/26/1904 John Gillies Anna Gillies
GILLIES, WESLEY BYRON 9/7/1906 Byron Gillies Aggie? Ingals
GILROY, SHIRLEY BISHOP 9/25/1909 George Gilroy Anna Davison Orsbone
GINGELL, HARRIETT 12/4/1905 John Gingell Jane Gingell
GINGELL, ORVA 7/4/1903 John W. Gingell Mary Gingell
GINGRICH, BABY 5/13/1909 Hiram Gingrich Tressa Ehinger
GINGRICH, DONETTE R. 3/11/1909 Edward Gingrich Pearl Brown
GITCHELL, ELMER I. 6/5/1907 John Gitchell Phoebe Mohan
GITCHELL, LEONE ALICE 4/20/1909 John W. Gitchell Phoebe A. Mohan
GLENN, AUDREY 10/19/1908 Thomas S. Glenn Myrta Gillam
GLENN, DOROTHY 5/3/1904 Thomas Glenn Myrta Glenn
GLENN, HELEN V. 6/19/1902 Thos. Glenn Myrta Glenn
GODDEN, GEORGE L. 7/3/1909 George Godden Edith Farland
GOFF, GEO. 8/29/1906 Geo. W. Goff Harriet Goff
GOFF, GEORGE 8/29/1906 George W. Goff Hariet Duncan
GOFF, GEORGE 8/29/1906 George W. Goff Harriet Goff
GOFF, JAMES R. 4/14/1908 Geo. Goff Hattie Duncan
GOFF, JAMES RUSSEL 4/14/1908 Geo. W. Goff Hariet Duncan
GOLDIE, THERAN G. 6/28/1909 C. E. Goldie Edith Marsh
GOODHAND, FLORA L. 6/13/1906 John A. Goodhand Maggie O'Brian
GOODHAND, JOHN 8/18/1904 John Goodhand Lizzie Goodhand
GOODHAND, NELLIE MAGGIE 3/27/1908 John A. Goodhand Maggie Obrion
GOODWIN, EDWARD WILLIAM 4/16/1908 William E. Goodwin Lena Jane Allen
GOODWIN, PHILIP 1/12/1903 Wm. Goodwin Kate Goodwin
GOSLIN, BABY 5/6/1908 Neil Goslin Sadie Griffith
GOSLIN, CECIL JAMES 12/25/1906 Neil Goslin Sadie Griffith
GOSS, HELEN CLEO 3/6/1906 Calvin Goss Sarah Louise Goss
GRAHAM, ERWIN W. 3/1/1908 Wm. F. Graham Minnie Wright
GRAHAM, FREDDY 1/-/1900 Walter Graham Isabell Graham
GRAY, LENA MARION 9/24/1901 Charles T. Gray Adaline Baldwin
GRECONIER, RAY JOHNIE (sic) 1/22/1908 Jack Greconier Mary Bartels
GREEN, ABBIE TERESSA 11/18/1902 George J. Green Mary E. Green
GREEN, ALBERT NICHOLAS 10/13/1907 Nicholas Green Jr. Mary Ann Susan Schick
GREEN, ANNA P. 9/15/1904 William Green Marie Green
GREEN, (BLANK) 10/25/1907 John Green Isabella Hemenway
GREEN, CHARLOTTE 3/21/1900 Alexander Green Rosana Green
GREEN, CLARENCE ALONZO 6/16/1905 John Green Catherine Green
GREEN, EMMA? 2/12/1906 Nicholas Green Susan Schick
GREEN, EMMA F. 2/12/1906 Nicholas Green Susan M. Schick
GREEN, HAROLD 11/11/1900 John Green Katie Green
GREEN, HELEN K. 10/24/1903 Alexander Green Rosina Bohnard
GREEN, JOHN EDWARD 2/15/1903 Johnny Green Katherine Green
GREEN, JOSEPH FRANCIS 4/27/1907 Joseph Green Philipine Schmith
GREEN, LEONA 8/6/1908 Lawrence Green Carrie Heath
GREEN, LEONA 8/16/1908 Lawrence Green Carrie Heath
GREEN, LUCY THORETA 1/10/1908 George J. Green Lucy E. Shick
GREEN, MARY IRENE 11/16/1905 Joe Green Pheona Scheistel
GREEN, OSCAR GEORGE 1/7/1906 George Green Mary Schick
GREEN, OSCAR JOSEPH 1/7/1906 George Green Lucy Schick
GREEN, SCHERLY LAWRENCE 9/7/1909 Lawrence J. Green Carrie Beatrice Heath
GREEN, WILLIAM 2/22/1900 John Green Lucinda Green
GREENFIED (sic), PEARL 3/13/1900 John Marden Ida Marden (Greenfied)
GREENIER, FERN 4/6/1904 Stephen Greenier Nellie Greenier
GREINIER, CHARLOTTE 9/25/1909 Charles Greinier Violet Burton
GREMIEA, UELA BELL 3/14/1908 Stephen Gremiea Sarah Ellen Watkins
GRENIER, BEATRICE MARGUERITE 10/26/1905 Jack Grenier Mary Bartels
GRENIER, PRISCILLA MAY 5/16/1907 Chas. Grenier Violet May Burton
GREVE, ALICE E. 8/6/1907 Hans J. Greve Abbie Schonpp
GREVE, (BLANK) 12/20/1905 Adolph Greve Muriel Greve
GREVE, NORA R. 2/13/1907 A. E. Greve Muriel Burr
GRIFFIN, FLOYD MOSES 12/25/1909 Archie W. Griffin Ida Earl
GROH, RICHARD ANDREW 10/6/1906 C. M. Grow (sic) Grace E. Rogers
GUEST, BIRDIE 4/21/1904 Willet Guest Jane Parkin
GUEST, GRACE 7/23/1906 Geo. Guest Cassia Rily
GUEST, GRACIE 7/23/1906 George Willet Guest Cassie Levina Rily
GUN?, BASIL 5/14/1900 George Gun? Nellie Gun?
GURLEY, ALICE 3/19/1904 William Gurley Alice Gurley
GURLEY, BABY BOY 2/2/1906 William J. Gurley Alice T. Gurley
HACKNEY, ROSCO DEVERE 12/13/1906 Fred J. Hackney Ora Mae Bates
HAGADORN, MARY 8/23/1901 Henery Hagadorn Louisa Hagadorn
HAGEDORN, SARAH 9/15/1905 Henry Hagedorn Lucy Hagedorn
HAGERMAN, BABY 6/29/1908 Ira? Chas? Hagerman Idella M. Rose
HAKES, BABY BOY 2/7/1906 Charles A. Hakes Ida May Woods
HAKES, CHAS. WAYNE 4/1/1907 Chas. A. Hakes Ida Woods
HAKES, VICTORIA LEUOVE 1/28/1908 Wallace S. Hakes Nina J. Cooper
HALL, ARTHUR EARL 8/11/1906 Edward Hall Elva Dennis
HALL, ARTHUR EARL 8/11/1906 Edward Hall Alva Dennis
HALL, ETHEL 5/19/1903 Richard Hall Minnie Hall
HALL, VELMA GRACE 7/9/1905 Robert Hall Emmie Hall
HAMILTON, GLADYS 5/31/1902 Charles R. Hamilton Alice R. Hamilton
HAMILTON, GORDEN J. 8/28/1908 Adelbert Hamilton Lillie Clara Towner
HAMILTON, RHODA E. 11/21/1906 Adelbert Hamilton Lillie E. Towner
HAMILTON, RHODA ELNORA 11/21/1906 Adelbert Hamilton Lillie Elnor Towner
HAMMOND, ALVERETTA 5/11/1904 William Hammond Jennie Hammond
HAMMOND, CHAS. T. 4/7/1906 William Hammond Minnie Craft
HAMMOND, CLARENCE WM. 7/2/1905 Wm. Hammond Minnie Hammond
HAMMOND, VIOLET MAY 9/12/1908 William Hammond Emma Craft
HANDY, DANIEL 6/13/1900 William Handy Lucinda Handy
HANEY, ELLEN HAZEL 10/7/1901 Robert J. Haney Margaret Haney
HANLON, CLIFFORD PETER 6/7/1908 William D. Hanlon ? E. Weishuhn
HANSEN, BERNICE GERTRUDE 9/21/1909 Jacob Hansen Abbie Rau
HARRIS, DELBERT 12/12/1903 Roman Harris Laura Harris
HARRIS, KENNETH 12/30/1908 Frank Harris Hattie Keaching
HARNION, GENEVA MADELLA 6/24/1909 (Unknown) Florence Bell Harnion
HART, LOCIANA SARAH 0/0/1906 John Hart Sarah Arnott
HARTWICK, FRANCIS RUSSELL 7/22/1906 Frank Hartwick Clauda (sic) Busno?
HASLIP, BERTHA 6/21/1900 Philip Haslip Jane Haslip
HATCH, LEROY 4/18/1908 Sidney Hatch (dead) Francis Hatch
HATCH, NO NAME 5/13/1908 Sidney Hatch (dead) Francis Hatch
HATCH, THRESIA V. 4/15/1902 John W. Hatch Thresia Hatch
HAWLEY, CHAS. 6/12/1908 H. Hawley Elena Shattuck
HAWLEY, GEORGE RUSSEL 7/29/1902 Charles Hawley Sarah Hawley
HAWLEY, ILAH WINONA 9/1/1907 Edgar Hawley Lyda Mabel Hatch
HAYES, THOMAS B. 9/11/1908 W. F. Hayes Olith Fesch (sic)
HAYSE, THOMAS (sic) 8/17/1908 Wm. Frank Hayse Olith Tesh
HAYSLIP, GEORGE GORDON 7/10/1909 George Thomas Hayslip Gertrude Conner
HEALEY, RENA B. 6/20/1902 William Healey Mary Healey
HEALY, DWIGHT ALSON 11/15/1903 Welcome Healy Mary Snook
HEALY, NO NAME 4/14/1900 Nelson Healy Mary Healy
HEATH, BURT 9/3/1900 Worth Heath Annie Heath
HEATH, CALVIN J. 8/20/1909 John Heath Florence E. Jones
HEATH, ELIZABETH FYNANDIE? 2/21/1906 John Heath Ida Bell Houck
HEATH, HAZEL 12/13/1903 Worl? Heath Minnie Heath
HEATH, MARAIN R. 11/8/1907 Wellington Heath Olive G. Spencer
HEBERT, JOSEPH L. 8/15/1903 Noah Hebert Agnus Hebert
HEGLESTREET, ANTHONY 2/11/1907 Anthony Heglestreet Alice Maud Williams
HEMMINWAY, HAROLD DEVERE 6/15/1909 Daniel Hemmway (sic) Eva Burgher
HENNEN, HILDA 6/27/1906 Charles Hennen Elizabeth Sirmeyer
HENNEN, VERA ELIZABETH 3/2/1908 Charles Hennen Elizabeth Theresa Sirmeyer
HENNESAY, JOHN D. 7/7/1906 Charles P. Hennesay Lucinella? Clark
HENRY, MELVINA 9/-/1900 Melvin Henry Bessie Henry
HEPFINGER, LILLIE VIOLET 4/17/1909 Edward Hepfinger Lena Hepfinger
HEPFINGER, (NO NAME) 2/12/1906 Eddie Hepfinger Lena Brown
HEPNER, GERALD 3/29/1906 Geo. B. Hepner Cora A. Stillwagon
HEPNER, GERALD 3/29/1906 Geo. B. Hepner Cora A. Stillwagon
HEPPINGER, BABY GIRL 2/12/1906 Eddie Heppinger Lea?? Brown
HERON, ZENA CATHERINE 8/27/1902 Wm. Heron Bridget Heron
HERRICK, MILFRED 12/26/1902 Jas. Herrick Myrtle Herrick
HERRON, TILAH ELIZABETH 6/9/1900 George Wm. Herron Lillie Bridget Herron
HERRON, WALTER FRANCES 5/10/1905 Wm. Herron Bridget Herron
HILL, ALBON GRANT 1/1/1906 Thomas H. Hill Sarah E. Hill
HILL, ALICE JOSEPHINE 1/1/1906 Thomas H. Hill Sarah E. Hill
HILL, ETHEL IDABLE 12/20/1907 James Harvey Hill Ruth Helen Green
HILL, HARVEY 4/28/1905 Roland Hill Jennie Hill
HILLIER, HOWARD W. 6/4/1907 Orville F. Hillier Kate J. Sharp
HILLMAN, RUBY MAY 9/15/1908 (Blank) Hillman Minnie M. Law
HILT, ALBERT JILES 4/17/1902 Stephen Hilts (sic) Edith Hilts (sic)
HILTS, ANNA 3/7/1900 John Hilts Elsa Hilts
HILTS, ARTHUR B.?? 7/16/1901 Charles Hilts Margaret Hilts
HILTS, ARTHUR EUGENE 9/10/1903 Stephen Hilts Edith Hilts
HILTS, DORATHA ALMIRA 4/2/1907 William Thomas Hilts Almira Sylvania Price
HILTS, DOROTHY A. 4/2/1907 William T. Hilts Elmira S. Price
HILTS, ELLISE AZA 12/16/1907 Stephen Hilts Edith Adaline Smith
HILTS, ETHBERT D. 6/14/1901 John Hilts Harriet Hilts
HILTS, FRED PHILLIP 4/30/1907 Chas. Hilts Margaret Underwood
HILTS, GORDEN FREDERICK 5/4/1909 Wm. Thomas Hilts Almira Price
HILTS, JOHN FRANKLIN 1/13/1906 Steven Hilts Edith Hilts
HILTS, MARGARET ELIZABETH 12/1/1902 Charles Hilts Margaret Hilts
HILTS, RUSSELL 4/19/1904 (Unknown) Mary Hilts
HILTS, VIRGINIA AGNES 2/20/1907 John Richard Hilts Harriet Mable Speaker
HILTS, VIRGINIA AGNES 2/20/1907 John R. Hilts Harriet M. Speaker
HILTS, WILLIAM HENRY 8/22/1901 William Hilts Almira Hilts
HINKLEY, DOVEY MAY 7/16/1900 Eugene Hinkley Maggie Hinkley
HINKLEY, THOMAS DOWNING 6/28/1902 Eugene Hinkley Maggie Hinkley
HOBEM, MARY 10/20/1905 Wm. Hobem Catharine Hobem
HODGINS, CLYDE LESLIE 2/26/1909 John Hodgins Agnes Smith
HODGINS, GENEVIEVE 2/27/1905 Wm. Hodgins Jennie Hodgins
HODGINS, JOSEPH HOWARD 3/23/1903 Wm. Hodgins Jennie Hodgins
HODGINS, ROBERT HAROLD 3/29/1901 William Hodgins Jennie Hodgins
HOFFMAN, BERNARD 5/30/1907 Louis Hoffman Minnie Cohen
HOLDERIED, NINA ADELINE 2/15/1909 Laurence Holderied Josephine Bohnard
HOLT, FLORENCE LOBADA 11/1/1904 James Holt Kitty Holt
HOLT, MAY 8/24/1907 James Holt Kitty Quackenbush
HOLT, THOMAS HARLAN 9/13/1909 Frederick Holt Minnie J. LaVanway
HOLT, VIOLET MAY 3/13/1907 Chas. V. Holt Pearl M. Finnegan
HOMER, FLOYD 1/15/1907 Josh Homer Mary Broughton
HOMER, LLOYD 1/15/1907 Zack Homer Mary Broughton
HOPE, BABY 12/21/1906 F. B. Hope Nellie Whiting
HOREN, JULIUS 4/29/1906 Julius Horen Lillie Scott
HOREN, WILLIAM H. 2/25/1903 Julius Horen Lettie Horen
HORN, MARY 7/15/1905 Julius Horn Mary Horn
HORNER, DALE 7/19/1909 Jack Horner Mary Broughton
HORNER, FRED 12/8/1904 Jack Horner May Horner
HOUCK, (BLANK) 11/13/1906 Edward Houck Nora? May Atherton
HOUCK, (BLANK) 11/13/1906 Edward Houck Nora May Atherton
HOWARD, CHAS. E. 1/18/1907 Frank Howard Jennie Lemon
HOWARD, CHARLES ERNEST 1/18/1907 Frank Howard Jennie Lemon
HOWARD, GLADYS 6/23/1908 Clinton D. Howard Bessie C. Brooks
HOWARD, PEARL MAY 4/2/1908 Alba Howard Anna? Boddy
HOWARD, WILLIAM BYRON 3/19/1909 Frank Howard Jennie Lemon
HOWARD, WM. WILBERT 9/25/1907 William H. Howard Cora N. Biglo
HOWE, BABY 8/1/1908 Stanley Howe Nellie Phillips
HOWE, NO NAME 3/7/1901 Orvil M. Howe Cora A. Howe
HOWELL, CHARLIE 6/12/1908 ?? Howell Clara Shattuck
HUBEL, CHESTER 12/12/1906 Burt Hubel Mary M. Gordon
HUCK, HENRY JOSEPH 6/20/1907 Joseph Huck Sarah Robinson
HUCK, LULA 11/8/1904 Joseph Huck Sarah Huck
HUCK, MARLENIA 8/8/1906 John P. Huck Minnie Schieck
HUCKLE, GENVIEVE (sic) 8/11/1901 J. H. Huckle Annie Huckle
HUFF, OLIVE T. 10/3/1900 David Huff Tillie Huff
HUIGLEY, WILERD 3/6/1902 William F. Huigley Rachel Ann Huigley
HULETT, CALVIN WILBER 3/3/1909 Calvin Charles Hulett Anna Benmark Hulett
HULETT, EVELYN 11/8/1905 Chas. Hulett Annie Hulett
HULLINGER, INZA ALVENA 5/16/1907 Eli Hullinger Sarah Vanwy (sic)
HUMPHREY, ROSA MARIA 5/14/1908 Edward? Humphrey ??? E. Burr
HUSTED, CHAS. 8/25/1905 Wm. H. Husted Mary Husted
HUSTED, GLADYS IRENE 4/4/1906 Charles Husted Mabel Alexander
HUSTED, HELEN 9/15/1909 Charles Husted Mabel Elexander
HUSTED, HERCULES 4/20/1903 Wm. H. Husted Ida Husted
HUSTED, RHINE? 7/19/1904 Wm. Husted Ida Husted
HUSTEN, ANNIE 6/13/1906 Louis Hinton (sic) Victoria Daisy
HUTCHINSON, EDNA ROSETTA 9/21/1909 Frank L. Hutchinson Mystic Whipple
HUTCHINSON, WALTER A. 2/10/1906 Frank Hutchinson Myrtle A. Whipple
HYDOM, LAURA M. 11/26/1900 Eugene Hydom Ida Hydom
HYDOM, THERON 5/21/1903 Eugene Hydom Ida Hydom
HYKE, JESSIE 3/2/1903 William Hyke Denaye Hyke
HYSLOP, CRAGE OWEN 11/13/1907 Clifford Hyslop Grace McCracken
HYSLOP, FLORENCE MAY 12/25/1905 Clifford Hyslopp (sic) Grace Hyslopp (sic)
HYSLOP, HARRIS 4/9/1904 Clifford Hyslop Grace Hyslop
HYSTREET, ANTHONY 2/16/1907 Anthony Hystreet Alber? Maude Williams
ILLIG, ABRAHAM CHAS. 6/5/1909 Barney F. L. Illig Catherine Schmitt
ILLIG, ANTHONY 3/27/1909 Jno. Illig Magdeline Schmidt
ILLIG, EDWARD 6/2/1908 Berhard F. Illig Catherine Schmit
ILLIG, EVA 1/21/1900 Bernard Illig Mary E. Illig
ILLIG, EVA 1/29/1901 Bernard Illig Mary C. Illig
ILLIG, MARY 12/31/1903 John Illig May Illig
INGLERIGHT, COURT 5/19/1900 Lawson R. Ingleright Emma Ingleright
INGRAM, LRUA MAY (sic) 4/2/1908 Hamilton E. Ingrum (sic) Katy M. Decker
IRISH, EVA 6/-/1900 Ward Irish Eva Irish
IRISH, GLEN 9/20/1906 Nathan W. Irish Sarah E. Moshier
IRISH, VIRGINIA BELLE 5/14/1907 Edmund C. Irish Effie Anna Owen
IRISH, WILLARD 4/20/1901 Edwin Irish Effie Irish
JACKSON, CARL MONROE 5/12/1907 Curtis Jackson Esther Robbins
JACKSON, RUSSELL CLIFFORD 2/25/1906 Merrill Jackson Mabel G. Blancher
JERSEY, ELLA MAY 12/7/1907 Jerry L. Jerrsey (sic) Lucy Coleman
JOHNSON, (UNNAMED) 10/19/1906 Unknown Maud Johnson
JONES, ELSTON OSCAR 3/22/1906 Luther Jones ??? Buckingham
JONES, FLORENCE MAY 1/21/1907 Charles E. Jones Nellie B. Krantz
JONES, FLORENCE MAY 1/21/1907 Chas. E. Jones Nellie B. Krantz
JONES, GLADYS 7/10/1905 Tyler Jones Elivea Jones
JONES, IRVING HENRY 9/26/1905 William Jones Alice Jones
JONES, LEWIS ALONZO 4/11/1902 Alonzo Jones Mary Jones
JONES, MINNIE 3/-/1900 Toff Jones Loram? Jones
JONES, NINI GENEVA 2/24/1908 Luther Jones Vina Buckingham
JONES, RACHEL MAY 6/15/1906 Charles H. Jones Ann Bliss
JONES, RALPH 10/9/1905 Alva Jones Phoebe Jones
JONES, RUTH FAY 6/15/1906 Charles H. Jones Anne Bliss (sic)
KALTZ, MINNIE 9/29/1905 Mike Kaltz Lena Kaltz
KARTES, MAGGIE 8/23/1902 Peter Kartes Cathrine Kartes
KEENEY, HELEN GRACE 6/21/1908 Herbert E. Keeney Nellie May Bennett
KEENEY, RUBY MAY 8/22/1906 Herb? E. Keeney Nellie May Bennett
KEENEY, RUSSELL CLYDE 5/5/1901 Herbert E. Keeney Nellie Bennett
KEENEY, WANE 10/23/1904 Herbert Keeney Della Keeney
KENNEDY, YETTA 4/30/1902 Willis G. Kennedy Anna Kennedy
KENYON, MABEL ROXANNA 11/27/1901 Chas. Kenyon Lizzie Kenyon
KERR, DOROTHY 2/12/1900 Unknown Dorry Kerr
KILLENGAR, HARLEY ALVERA 6/21/1908 William Killengar Cora Slosser
KILLINGER, GLADDIS A. 11/20/1902 William Killinger Cora Killinger
KIMBALL, OTIS LEON 2/8/1908 William E. Kimball Bertha Smith
KIMBALL, ROY 7/13/1906 William Kimball Bertha Smith
KING, RUTHY LOUANNA 9/28/1909 Wellington Jane (sic) King Phoebe Bronson
KINNIE, ANNA 5/28/1902 Joseph Kinnie Sylvia Kinnie
KINNIE, FANNA 5/28/1902 Joseph Kinnie Sylvia Kinnie
KINSY, REVA 4/24/1903 James Kinsy Elvolena Kinsy
KINYON, KORA J. 7/14/1905 Judson Kinyon Laura Kinyon
KINYON, MARTIN C. 8/5/1904 Chas. E. Kinyon Elizabeth Kinyon
KINYON, MAUD 1/6/1906 Chas. Kinyon Elizabeth Peters
KLACKING, EDWARD WILLIAM 8/13/1904 William Klacking Martha Windleborn
KLACKING, ETHEL MAE 9/21/1907 Allen H. Klacking Bertha Winterburn
KLACKING, RUSSELL JOSEPH 2/23/1906 Wm. H. Klacking Martha Winderburn
KLACKING, VERDELLA ELIZABETH 5/24/1909 William H. Klacking Martha E. Windelburn
KLOCK, AGNES 7/7/1901 Grant Klock Jerusha Klock
KLOCK, LORENA A. 1/14/1906 Frank? Klock Rena Salisbury
KNAPPINS, FLORENCE 4/18/1901 Frank Knappins Jennie Knappins
KNAPPINS, JUENIE FLORENCE 6/9/1904 Frank Knappins Florence Knappins
KNEFFLER, CHARLES 12/27/1900 Michael Kneffler Margret Kneffler
KNEFFLER, LIZZIE 2/13/1907 Joe Kneffler Gracy Ault
KNEFFLER, LIZZIE 2/13/1907 Joe Kneffler Gracy Ault
KNEPFLER, LORETTA BARBARA 5/3/1903 Joseph Knepfler Theresa Alt
KNEPFLER, MAGDELINE 8/3/1904 Michael Knepfler Caroline Smaltz
KNEPHLER, MARY 3/11/1905 Joseph Knephler Francia (sic) Knephler
KOHN, CHAS. J. 3/19/1905 Sampson Kohn Katie Kohn
KOHN, CLARK 12/27/1907 Walter Kohn Collie Willer
KOHN, CLARK 12/27/1906 Walter Kohn Celia Miller
KOHN, GUY 7/25/1909 Walter C. Kohn Callie A. Miller
KOHN, LUWETTA 6/23/1908 Samson Kohn Kate Kohn
KOLLMAN, BABY BOY 3/16/1906 George Kollman Eliza Jane Guest
KOLLMAN, HARVEY FRANKLIN 3/16/1906 George Kollman Eliza Kollman
KOLMAN, KARL 5/5/1900 George Kolman Eliza Kolman
KOONE, GERALD 5/6/1900 Donald Koone Dor Koone
KRATCH, GEORGE 8/22/1904 John Kratch Agatha Kratch
KRATS, GEORGE C. 8/19/1905 John Krats Agatha Krats
KROCTCH, NATALIA 7/22/1902 John Kroctch Agata Kroctch
KUHN, EUGENE 9/22/1900 Martin Kuhn Mary Kuhn
KUHN, FLORA 2/11/1904 Martin Kuhn Mary Kuhn
LABAR, CLARE 3/7/1903 Bert LaBar Grace LaBar
LABERGE, LEWIS ROY 8/21/1905 Rock LaBerge Julia LaBerge
LAFOUNTAIN, (BLANK) 1/25/1907 Charles Lafountain Clara Ensbury
LAFOUNTAIN, (BLANK) 1/28/1907 Chas. Lafountain Clara Embury
LAGO, (BLANK) 10/6/1907 Phillip Lago Kittie Markham
LAIRD, ROBERT BRUCE 5/16/1904 Duke Laird Olie Laird
LAMB, JOYCE ILA 10/9/1908 Lewis J. Lamb Florence T. Curtis
LAMB, ROY 3/1/1903 Lewis Lamb Florence Lamb
LAMBERT, EDITH 5/7/1901 James Lambert Barbara Lambert
LAMBERT, THRESSA 9/27/1903 Jas. Lambert Baraba (sic) Lambert
LANDSBURG, LITMAN 8/19/1904 Max Landsburg Sarah Landsburg
LANG, ALBERT 5/30/1907 Louis Lang Mary Neiman
LAPORTE, DORIS MAY 2/13/1909 Lambert Laporte Dori Basam
LAPORTE, ESTHER 9/23/1900 Lambert Laporte Rose Laporte
LAPORTE, ROSAMAND 6/16/1902 Lambert Laporte Rose Laporte
LAVACK, LAURA LOUISE 12/29/1909 Frank LaVack Laura M. Ingram
LAVACK, TRUMAN ELZROR? 6/26/1906 Frank LaVack Laura May Ingram
LAVANWAY, LAURA BELLE 10/27/1909 Harlow Jo LaVanway Lydia LaPlank
LAVECK, DORIS W. 3/24/1907 Geo. Laveck Lilian B. Mott (sic)
LAW, CECIL TAFT 3/20/1909 Geo. Law Nellie Best
LAWRENCE, LESTER 2/17/1905 Gerard Lawrence Nellie Lawrence
LEGGATT, LEROY JOHN 5/16/1906 Jno. Leggatt Alice Maud Garner
LEHMAN, ADA ROSETTA 11/4/1902 John B. Lehman Theckla Brick
LEHMAN, CLARENCE JOSEPH 7/23/1905 John B. Lehman Thickla Lehman
LEHMAN, CLEMENT 6/19/1904 Joseph Lehman F. Lehman
LEHMAN, ELIZA SARRAH 11/13/1908 Albert Lehman Maggie Ehinger
LEHMAN, GENEVIVE M. 11/12/1907 Louis Lehman Margert Illig (sic)
LEHMAN, GEORGE JOHN 7/30/1907 John B. Lehman Theckle J. Brick
LEHMAN, IDA IRENA 12/10/1908 Joseph L. Lehman Frances Arnold
LEHMAN, MARGRET MAY 12/19/1903 Johny (sic) Lehman Theckla Lehman
LENTZ, (BLANK) 6/19/1906 Alfred C. Lentz Lillian Bailer
LENWARD, ALICE 7/11/1905 S. T. Lenward Agnes (Blank)
LEPARD, FRANK 12/29/1908 Hiram Lepard Melvia VanBuren
LETTS, GLADYS FIDELIA 3/1/1909 B. Franklin Letts Bertha Schofield
LEVEEK (sic), TRUMAN ELZER 6/26/1906 Frank Leveek Laura May Ingram
LEWIS, (BLANK) 9/18/1906 Roland M. Lewis Lettie E. Gilbert
LEWIS, EDWARD LEVI 3/16/1908 Levi Lewis Emily Dishaw
LEWIS, MARION CORDELIA 9/18/1906 Roland M. Lewis Lettie E. Lewis
LEWIS, MARION CORDELIA 9/18/1906 Roland Lewis Lillie Lewis
LEWIS, WILLIAM 5/17/1908 Charles Lewis Hattie Gingrich
LICHFELDT, WILLARD ALLEN 11/16/1907 Geo. A. Lichfeldt Mable Nancy Thomton
LICKFELT, (NONE GIVEN) 10/22/1909 George August Lickfelt Merle Mary Thorman
LIGHT, ANGIE HELEN 6/4/1907 Fred Light Bessie M. Nemb?
LIGHT, (BLANK) 6/4/1907 Fred W. Light Bessie W. Kent
LINAM, GENAVA CATRINE (sic) 2/21/1907 George Linam Kate Pens
LINAM, GENEVA CATRINE (sic) 2/28/1907 George Linam Kate Penn
LINAM, NORA 3/20/1902 George Linam Katie Linam
LINDSMAN, CORNELIUS M. 5/16/1906 Albert Lindsman Ada Lehman
LINESEMAN, ARNINA ELIZABETH 3/10/1907 (Blank) Lineseman Lizzie Mier
LINSEMAN, CARL JOSEPH 7/28/1907 Albert Linseman Ada Lehman
LINSEMAN, CARL JOSEPH 7/28/1907 Albert Linseman Ada Lehman
LINSEMAN, CORNELIUS MICHAEL 5/16/1906 Albert Lindseman (sic) Ida J. Lehman
LINSEMAN, HILDA EDNA 11/11/1907 Michael Linseman Anna Reminder
LINSEMAN, IRENE ELIZABETH 3/10/1907 Alfonso Linseman Elizabeth Mier
LINSEMAN, JEROME 11/5/1903 A. Linseman L. Linseman
LINSEMAN, WILLIAM 7/28/1904 Albert Linseman Ada Linseman
LINSEMANN, ADA JOHANA 4/20/1902 Alfonse Linsemann Elizabeth Linsemann
LINSENMAN, FLORENCE E. 8/29/1909 Michael Linsenman Anna Reminder
LINSENMAN, JOHN 3/14/1901 Alphonse Linsenman Elizabeth Linsenman
LINSMAN, CLAYTON JOHN 11/27/1908 Albert Linsman Ada Lehman
LINTON, MARGARET 9/15/1909 George Linton Jennie Mattison
LINTZ, ETHEL MAY 6/19/1906 Alfred C. Lintz Lillian Lintz
LINTZ, MARIE C. 1/29/1908 Alfred Lintz Lillian Bailer
LINTZ, ROY LAMONT 9/9/1909 Alfred C. Lintz Lillian Bailer
LOBSINGER, BEATRICE 8/1/1907 Joseph F. Lobsinger Tillie Linsenman
LOBSINGER, BELAH (sic) 3/15/1902 Joseph Lobsinger Tillie Lobsinger
LOBSINGER, DORTHEA 3/11/1905 Chas. Lobsinger Dora Lobsinger
LOBSINGER, (UNNAMED) 3/13/1909 Joseph Lobsinger Tillie Linsenman
LONGSTRATH, WILLIAM THOMAS 9/9/1902 William Longstrath Emma Longstrath
LONGSTRETH, HELEN A. 12/25/1906 Wm. Longstreth Emma Quackenbush
LONGSTRETH, HELLEN ADELINE 12/25/1906 William F. Longstreth Emma A. Quackingbush
LORENZO, ANNA 7/28/1905 James Lorenzo Sarah Lorenzo
LOVELL, FRANK 5/26/1902 Frank Lovell Lillian Lovell
LOVELL, GEORGE RUSSEL 12/1/1909 Harry Lovell Jennie Morse
LOVELL, GRACE M. 2/2/1902 Harry Lovell Jennie Lovell
LOVELL, KATHLEEN 7/20/1907 Harry Lovell Jennie Morris
LOVEWELL, ANNA GRACE 10/23/1906 Frank Lovewell Lillian Jones
LOVEWELL, IDA HOLE 8/2/1909 Frank Lovewell Lillian Jones
LUMLEY, LILLIAN 4/19/1902 Wm. Lumley Rose Lumley
LUPTON, CLYDE 5/11/1902 Isaac Lupton Celia Lupton
LUPTON, GLADYS 5/3/1905 Isaac Lupton Celia Lupton
LUPTON, HAZEL 11/21/1903 Isaac Lupton Celia Lupton
LUPTON, NORMA ETHELINE 3/23/1909 Isaac Lupton Celia Stark
LUSON, JOHN WILLIS 1/22/1908 Clyde Luson Lora Staley
LUTES, BYRON T. 8/1/1901 Eugene Lutes Maggie Lutes
LUTES, EUGENE E. 7/17/1906 Eugene Lutes Maggie Vannest
LUTES, STILLBORN 2/1/1909 Eugene Lutes Maggie Vannest
LUTHER, PEARL BEATRICE 11/13/1909 Fred A. Luther Anna M. Walterberg
MACKENSON, LUELLA 6/22/1902 Albert J. MacKenson Aloma MacKenson
MACLEOD, PHOEBE JANE 7/10/1907 Alexander C. McLeod (sic) Phoebe F. Regan
MALCOLM, VICTOR G. 3/7/1901 William Malcolm Bertha Malcolm
MANGOLD, OLIVIA MAY 3/1/1906 Edward Margold Mary Smith
MARCH 3/7/1908 (Blank) Lena March
MARCH, JUNITA 2/14/1907 J. March Eva Staub
MARCH, TWILIGHT 6/29/1909 Jerry March Eva Straub
MARCH, WALTER J. 3/31/1908 Jerry March Evah Stark
MARDEN, MARY AMANDA 6/27/1902 John Marden Ida Greenfield
MARDEN, TRUEMAN H. 3/27/1909 Fred Marden Maggie M. Everitt
MARSH, (BLANK) 3/7/1908 (Blank) Tina Marsh
MARSH, MARIOLA 8/15/1909 William Marsh Mariola High
MARTIN, RUTH 1/1/1900 Clarence Martin Ethel May Martin
MASON, EARL 5/22/1908 Thomas Mason Anna Latter
MATHESON, LULA 3/4/1904 Frank Matheson Ida Matheson
MATSON, RITA ALICE 5/3/1909 Anice? Andrew Matson Mary Orinda Atherton
MATTHEWS, BABY 9/21/1909 E. E. Matthews Marguerite Bond
MATTHEWS, CLARA 8/27/1909 Edgar Matthews Myrtle Rentzler
MATTHEWS, RICHARD JOSEPH 12/1/1908 William H. Matthews Elizabeth M. Prow
MATTISON, LEONA 2/20/1908 Frank Mattison Doll Linton
MATTISON, VIOLET 4/28/1902 Scott Linton Jennie Mattison
MAYHEW, ANDY 8/26/1900 Eli Mayhew Mary Mayhew
MCCALLUM, CLINTON EDWIN 6/10/1909 Stephen Henry McCallum Lucinda Cowan
MCCALLUM, LUCY ANNIE 6/16/1903 Harry McCallum Lucy McCallum
MCCALLUM, MANLEY CUTHBURT 4/13/1906 Stephan Henry McCallum Elizabeth Cowan
MCCARNEY, HARLEY 8/3/1902 William McCarney Jennie McCarney
MCCASLIN, CRYSTAL DAISY 8/1/1903 Henry McCaslin Kate McCaslin
MCCLOUD, NINA MARGRET 12/17/1901 William McCloud Clara McCloud
MCCOLM, WILLIW 8/2/1901 John McColm Hannah McColm
MCCORMICK, IRENE LOUISE 6/23/1908 John McCormick Lizzie Kertes
MCCORMICK, JOHN 1/9/1902 John McCormick Elizabeth McCormick
MCCORMICK, MARIE CAROLINE 8/12/1903 John McCormick Elizabeth McCormick
MCCORMICK, MARTIN 4/18/1905 John McCormick Lizzie McCormick
MCCOY, BABY 4/21/1909 Edward McCoy Melissa J. Ginrich
MCCOY, ERMA LUCILE 4/21/1909 Edward McCoy Melissa J. Ginrich
MCCRACKEN, NINA MELISSA 8/23/1907 David R. McCracken Edith Myrtle Huffman
MCDONALD, BABY 8/20/1906 Oscar McDonald Emma Cook
MCDONALD, EDNA 7/23/1907 Oscar McDonald Emma Cook
MCDONALD, LESLIE 2/14/1900 O. H. McDonald Anna McDonald
MCDONALD, LESTER 2/14/1900 O. H. McDonald Anna McDonald
MCDOUGAL, LIZZIE 7/5/1904 Robt? McDougal Anna McDougal
MCDOUGALL, LEWIS WILLARD 11/4/1907 David McDougall Agnes Devosia
MCFEE, WILLIAM E. 11/12/1904 Angus McFee Celia McFee
MCGOWAN, BABY 8/22/1906 Jack McGowan Lizzie Bellanger
MCGREGOR, (BLANK) 9/-/1905 John McGregor Alice McGregor
MCGREGOR, LEON EARL 2/24/1908 John McGregor Alice McGregor
MCGREGOR, STILLBORN 3/9/1902 Robert McGregor Mary E. McGregor
MCKARNEN, FRED ALBERT 4/21/1906 Wm. McKarnen Lulu McKarnen
MCKARNEY, WILLIAM G. 11/28/1904 William McKarney Lulu McKarney
MCKAY, BABY BOY 4/20/1906 Alexander McKay Cora E. Winston
MCKAY, KEITH WINSTINE (sic) 7/28/1907 Sandy McKay Dora Winslow
MCKAY, MARJORIE HESTER 1/12/1908 Robert McKay Ethel Sargent
MCKAY, MARTIN W. 7/14/1901 Archie McKay Edith McKay
MCKAY, ROBERT C. JR. 11/11/1909 R. C. McKay Ethel Sargent
MCKENNA, CLYDE 5/14/1901 James McKenna Lizzie McKenna
MCKENNA, DOROTHY MARGARET 12/19/1906 James McKenna Elizabeth Craft
MCKENNA, HILDRETH 2/22/1909 James McKenna Lizzie Craft
MCKENNA, MARJORIE A. 9/5/1908 Robert M. McKenna Leatha B. Buhlman
MCKENNEY, JOHN 9/11/1901 Ben McKenney Sarah McKenney
MCKINNON, DAWN (sic) 8/10/1908 John McKinnon Mary Guthrie
MCKINNON, ERIC JAY 7/27/1905 John McKinnon Mary McKinnon
MCKINZIE, MARIAN 5/5/1909 Arthur McKinzie Anna Fulton
MCKINZIE, MARION FAY 5/5/1909 Arthur McKinzie Anna Fulton
MCKNIGHT, MAYNARD 8/22/1909 Emery McKnight Della Fronnible
MCLAREN, HARRIS B. 6/14/1907 Wm. McLaren May Beecraft
MCLAREN, HARRIS BECRAFT 6/14/1907 Wm.J. McLaren May Becraft
MCLEOD, DOROTHY BILLE 4/16/1902 Allister Charles McLeod Phoebe Frances Regan
MCLEOD, LEONE 3/23/1906 A. C. McLeod Phoebe Regan
MCMILLAN, BERYL MCGILL 8/20/1907 Archie McMillan Isabella G. Palmer
MCMILLAN, CORA 2/11/1906 Archie McMillan Isabell G. Palmer
MCNEIL, EARNEST ISAAC 12/27/1906 Jas. McNeil Marion Nellie Hole
MCNEIL, JOSEPH JR. 10/28/1908 Joseph McNeil Gertie Hilts
MCPHEE, JOHN A. 9/-/1903 Angus McPhee Celia McPhee
MEDAUGH, DOROTHY MAY 8/25/1906 Alfred Medaugh Maud Rowe
MEDDAUGH, CLARENCE E. 4/5/1909 Alfred Meddaugh Maude Rowe
MEGIE, (BLANK) 5/21/1907 T. H. Megie Lydia Gray
MEGIE, PHILIP FRANKLIN 7/24/1909 Frankland Harris Megie Lydia Grey
MEGIVERN, HUGH 12/2/1905 Geo. Megivern Nettie Megivern
MEIR, JOHN JOSEPH 12/23/1906 Micheal Meir Carbery? Meir
MEIR, LEONA CELIA 1/24/1905 Joseph Mier (sic) Sybilla Mier (sic)
MEIR, MARY ANNA 2/23/1901 Conrad Meir Mary Wangler
MEIR, VERA VIOLIA 6/5/1909 Petter F. Meir (sic) Leda M. Adams
MELLON, JESSIE 8/26/1900 Redmond Mellon Minnie Mellon
MELLON, MAUD 8/26/1900 Redmond Mellon Minnie Mellon
MERRICK, LORNA 4/3/1901 William Merrick Mina Merrick
MICHAEL, ELLEN AUGUSTA 12/2/1907 Thomas W. Michael Elizabeth C. Bellinger
MIDDLETON, GEORGE 11/14/1904 Herbert Middleton Flora Mae Welch
MIER, ALPHONSE 4/13/1900 Michael Mier Barbara Lobsinger
MIER, BESSIE MARIE 6/23/1904 Michael Mier Barbara Lobsinger
MIER, CLYDE ALBERT 6/2/1907 Joseph Mier Sylvia Bowman
MIER, IRENE MARIE 10/1/1909 Conrad Meir (sic) Caroline M. Meir (sic)
MIER, JOHN JOS. 12/23/1906 Michael Mier Barbara Mier
MIER, LLOYD F. 6/24/1907 Peter Mier Ida Adams
MIER, LOUISE MADELINE 3/31/1903 Micheal Mier Barbara Lobsinger
MILES, DEVERE JOHN 6/15/1906 John E. Miles Mabel Effie Snade?
MILES, EDNA LUCILE 5/9/1906 Clarence Miles Edna Appleby
MILES, HELEN 4/1/1901 John E. Miles Mable Miles
MILES, RUBY JENICE 4/29/1908 Clarence V. Miles Alice Edna Appleby
MILLARD, ELSIE MAY 7/20/1906 Herbert T. Millard Alma Himes
MILLER, ALBERT C. 8/1/1903 Albert Miller Verna Miller
MILLER, CORA 1/7/1901 George Miller Mary Miller
MILLER, EDWINA JOSEPHINE 4/26/1903 Wm. Miller Nellie Miller
MILLER, GEORGE 8/4/1906 Paul Miller Maggie Donald
MILLER, GEORGE 8/4/1906 Paul Miller Maggie Donald
MILLER, IRENE (RENA) 2/1/1903 John Miller Jr. Mary Miller
MILLER, JOSEPH 4/00/1900 W. F. Miller Lizzie Miller
MILLER, KATIE RACHAEL 12/31/1909 Dormer Miller Katie Bleizner
MILLER, MARGARET 4/10/1904 William Miller Isabella Miller
MILLER, MARTHA 4/28/1907 Dormer Miller Katie Blissener
MILLER, MARY 4/28/1907 Dormer Miller Katie Blissener
MILLER, WILLIAM W. 7/26/1903 Wm. J. Miller Ethel Miller
MILLER, WILLIS 7/1/1905 Wm. Miller Nellie Miller
MINORE, CHARLES R. 2/2/1903 Dessnau Minore Ida Minore
MIRACLE, OLIVE 4/19/1909 William J. Miracle Almira Miracle
MOGG, BERTHA MAY 6/2/1902 Samuel Mogg Catherine McLeod
MOGG, EVERETT SAMUEL 11/19/1909 Samuel Mogg Catherine McLeod
MOGGS, MYRTLE FAY 10/6/1907 Louis A. Moggs Loribbu Edinger
MOHNEY, KATHLEEN 5/26/1907 Jas. L. Mohoney (sic) Anna M. Diebold
MONROE, ALMA LESLY 7/5/1905 Theodore Monroe Eva Monroe
MONROE, JAMES ELLIS 6/2/1908 Scott Monroe Ella Monroe
MONTGOMERY, RUSSELL 2/25/1902 Stewart Montgomery Magie (sic) Montgomery
MONTNEY, EARL R. 9/26/1907 Stanley Montney Mary E. Brodie
MONTNEY, FAY F. 3/7/1904 Stanley Montney Mary Montney
MONTNEY, GERTRUDE E. 2/12/1909 Stanley L. Montney Mary E. Brody
MONTNEY, GLEN 9/14/1905 Stanley Montney Mary Montney
MOORE, LOLA MARIE 3/12/1909 Ralph Moore Mabel Linder
MORGAN, GOLDIE ISABELLA 9/9/1901 William Morgan Mary Jane Morgan
MORGAN, HELEN SYLVIA 6/5/1904 William Morgan Mary Everitt
MORRISON, ALICE 6/10/1904 Edwin V. Morrison Erva Morrison
MORRISON, CLARENCE T. 1/14/1907 Frank Morrison Elizabeth Hamacher
MORRISON, CLARENCE THEODORE 1/14/1907 Frank Morrison Elizabeth Hamacker
MORSE, ALONZO CARL 5/6/1903 Herbert Morse Mable Walker
MUDGET, FRED EUGENE 1/23/1903 Lobias Mudget Kate B. Mudget
MUDGET, HARRY W. 8/5/1904 Tobias J. Mudget Kate B. Mudget
MUDGETT, IDA MARGARET 6/25/1906 Tobias J. Mudgett Kate B. Mudgett
MUM, JAMES C. 3/19/1907 Chas. Mum Ora Moore
MUMA, MICHAEL DONALD 3/5/1907 Michael A. Muma Marie M. McDonald
MUMA, MICHAEL DONALD 3/5/1907 Michael Muma Marie McDonald
MUMA, RICHARD A. 9/5/1908 Augustus Muma Marie M. McDonald
MUNGER, NINA 8/19/1901 John Munger Nettie Going
MUNN, ALBERT 7/21/1909 Charles Munn Ora Monroe
MUNN, JAMES CHARLES 3/19/1907 Charles Munn Cora Moore
MURRY, WM. 4/30/1902 Thomas Murry Charlott Murry
MUTCH, EARL W. 7/22/1906 Geo. F. Mutch Cora M. Williams
MUTCH, NO NAME 8/17/1901 George F. Mutch Cora M. Mutch
MUTCH, VERA ESTA 8/26/1902 George Mutch Cora Mutch
NAUSON, LEN WESLEY 3/29/1909 Ray Nauson Della Lettuck
NEAL, MELBA NUVRAIN? 1/15/1908 Sherman Neal Cora Butler
NEAR, ALICE 2/12/1906 William Near Augusta Near
NEAR, ANNIE MAY 5/19/1903 Jos. W. Near Augusta Near
NEAR, AUGUSTA BEATRICE 12/18/1908 Joseph Wm. Near Augusta Brown
NEAR, BESSIE E. 12/13/1901 William Near Gusta Near
NEAR, FLORENCE B. 9/23/1904 William Near Augusta Near
NEAR, MARTIN H. 5/21/1901 Joseph Near Maggie Near
NEAR, (UNNAMED) 8/31/1907 Jos. Wm. Near Augusta Brown
NEEDHAM, DELLA BLANCHE 8/22/1909 Gordon Needham Ada Moore
NEIGHBECKER, JULIA ANA 8/8/1903 John Neighbecker Rosa Powley
NEILSON, HELEN K. 5/8/1909 A. C. Neilson Florence Bradshaw
NELSON, ARCHIE NEIL 2/5/1906 Walter Nelson Minnie Herrmann
NELSON, ELMER F. 7/15/1906 David Nelson Alice A. Smith
NELSON, HAZEL MARY 2/7/1906 Samuel Nelson Bertha Rosenthal
NELSON, LESLIE WALTER 9/4/1909 Walter Nelson Minnie Harrman
NESTER, (BLANK) 7/15/1908 Thomas Nester Maud Badour
NESTER, ERMA MAUD 8/2/1906 Thomas Nester Maud Mary Badore
NETTLETON, BLANCH RUTH 12/24/1908 Charles Nettleton (Blank)
NETTLETON, LEDALE ROSE 2/4/1908 Charles Nettleton Phoebe Ballor
NEUBECKER, ADA E. 2/22/1907 John J. Neubecker Rosa Celia Pauley
NEWBECKER, ADA ELIZABETH 2/24/1907 John Joseph Newbecker Rosa Celia Pauley
NEWBECKER, EMMA MARIA 11/8/1908 John Newbecker Rosa? Pauley
NEWBECKER, PHILIP 11/2/1900 John Newbecker Anna Pawley(sic)
NEWELL, (BLANK) 6/12/1908 Stacey Newell Edith Krantz
NEWELL, SILA (sic) 1/20/1908 David Newell Luella Bells
NIBBLETON, LULU MAY 10/24/1906 Charles Nebbleton (sic) Pheba Ballor
NICHOLS, JESSIE VIOLA 11/17/1906 James Nichols Nancy Ann Hilts
NICKERSON, HAROLD ROY 11/16/1906 Roy E. Nickerson Mary Smith
NICKERSON, HENRY BRUCE 1/6/1908 Roy E. Nickerson Mary Smith
NICKERSON, RUTH ALICE 12/28/1909 Roy E. Nickerson Mary Smith
NOLAN, (BLANK) 1/8/1907 Bruce A. Nolan Minnie Nolan
NOLAN, PRUDENCE LUCILLE 12/31/1908 Bruce A. Nolan Minnie Nolan
NORIS (sic), ALLIE BELMA 12/7/1907 Walter Ray Noris (sic) Dolly Mable Guest
NORRIS, CLARA LETA 1/26/1906 Almon Norris Ethel Mary Guest
NORRIS, EZRA CARTER 12/26/1906 Arthur Clide Norris Gertrude May Carter
NORRIS, KENNETH EMERSON 12/15/1908 Almon J. Norris (Blank)
NYE, GLADIS ELIZABETH 1/5/1907 Bern (sic) Nye Lula Sherman
NYE, GLADIS ELIZABETH 1/5/1907 Verne Nye Lulu Sherman
NYE, JOHN 1/19/1907 W. T. Nye Martha S. Shroeder
NYE, SARAH 7/2/1908 William Nye Martin (sic) Showder (sic)
O'CONNOR, ALEX G. 6/15/1904 Dennis O'Connor Flora O'Connor
O'CONNOR, CECELIA 4/25/1904 John O'Connor Mary O'Connor
O'CONNOR, DENNIS ROCHER 11/1/1901 Dennis O'Connor Flora O'Connor
O'CONNOR, JULIA V. 6/28/1902 John O'Connor Mary O'Connor
O'CONNOR, LUCIE 10/10/1902 Jeremiah O'Connor Esther O'Connor
O'CONNOR, LUCY MARGARET 7/19/1906 John O'Connor Mary Agnes Cehow?
OCONNOR, LUCY MARGRETT 7/19/1906 John Oconnor Mary Agnes Kechow
O'CONNOR, THOMAS 8/17/1900 John O'Connor Mary O'Connor
ODELL, MARVIN JAMES 8/17/1907 Perl Wesly Odell Laura Alma Williams
ODELL, MARVIN JAMES 8/17/1907 Perl Wesley Odell Laura Alma Williams
OGGER, CHARLES LAFEY 6/15/1908 John Ogger May Lafey
OGGER, EMMA JUNE 6/30/1903 John Ogger Mae Ogger
OGGER, JOHN GEORGE 4/22/1906 John Ogger May Leffey
OGGER, MARTHA 11/13/1904 John Ogger May Ogger
OLIVER, BERTHA 2/16/1909 Addison Oliver Mary Dauson
OLIVER, MARTHA A. 7/30/1908 Robert Oliver Martha Laken
O'NEAL, JAMES MARTHEN 8/3/1904 James O'Neal Catherine O'Neal
ORM, ELLA 4/19/1901 Geo. Orm Mary Orm
ORMEROD, ONA ISABELLA 9/14/1906 Frank Ormerod Maud Sharpe
OSBORNE, WILHELMINA 8/18/1908 Erastus Osborne Sarah Ingles
OST, GERTRUDE 8/23/1908 Wm. Ost Bertha Golmick
OSTRANDER, OTTO 3/23/1909 Isaac Ostrander (Blank)
OWEN, KENNETH W. 3/10/1908 Bert Owen Flossie Francis
OYSTER, BEULAH 4/18/1902 Irwin Oyster Anna Oyster
OYSTER, BLANK (GIRL) 8/6/1903 Homer Oyster Gertrude Oyster
OYSTER, ERNEST 8/4/1908 Joseph Y. Oyster Vernie M. Boddy
OYSTER, GERALD W. 8/28/1901 Homer Oyster Gertrude Oyster
OYSTER, GLADYS IONE 1/12/1909 Homer W. Oyster Fanny Gertrude Wood
OYSTER, PERCY EDWARD 10/1/1906 Joseph Yerkis Oyster Vernie May Body
PAGE, EDWARD W. 1/14/1901 Frank Page Lydia Page
PAGE, LEWIS J. 8/5/1904 Frank Page Mary Page
PAGEL, JOHN 8/7/1904 George Pagel Ida Pagel
PALM, CLARENCE J. 4/18/1907 Joseph Palm Mary Bohnard
PALM, ETHEL 8/18/1904 Joseph Palm Mary Palm
PALM, EVELYN FLORENCE 3/29/1909 Joseph Palm Mary Bohnard
PALM, FRED E. 12/12/1905 Joseph Palm Mary Palm
PALM, GEORGE E. 10/13/1908 William Palm Lillian Lutes
PALM, HELENA M. 5/30/1902 Joseph Palm Mary M. Palm
PALM, JOSEPH 2/12/1901 Joseph Palm Mary Palm
PALM, RUTH 5/4/1905 Wm. Palm Lillian Palm
PALMANTEAR, GEORGE FREDRIC 4/13/1906 George Henry Palmantear Eva Susana Hilts
PALMENTEAR, GEO. FREDRIC 4/13/1906 Geo. Henry Palmentear Eva Susana Hilts
PALMER, CECIL (sic) MAY 5/2/1905 George Palmer Celesta Palmer
PALMER, CLAUD R. 12/7/1903 George R. Palmer (Blank)
PARK, GERALD B. 8/3/1907 Reyna C. Park Ruby L. Britton
PARK, MARION 1/21/1909 Rufas Park Ruby Smith
PARKER, EDGAR CHARLES 1/4/1906 ?? Harry Parker Sarah Jane Masters
PARKER, IONE JOY 9/11/1906 W. D. Parker Grace W. Ritter
PARKINSON, EDWINA JOSEPHINE 8/28/1909 Thomas Parkinson Lillian Coke
PARKINSON, LAWERENCE T. (sic) 1/27/1908 Thomas Parkinson Lillian Coke
PARLIAMENT, BENTLY HARRIS 8/10/1903 John Parliament Addie Parliament
PARLIAMENT, BERTHA LEOLA 12/23/1909 Elon Parliament Sophronia Griffeth
PARLIAMENT, DELORES IRENE 2/7/1908 Elon Parliament Sophronia Griffith
PARLIAMENT, GLADYS V. 2/4/1902 Arthur Parliament Jennie B. Parliament
PARLIAMENT, MAC 3/8/1904 Geo. Parliament Ida Parliament
PARRY, LILLIAN P. 12/24/1909 William Parry Florence Pickett
PARRY, WM. 11/15/1905 Wm. Parry Jane Parry
PARSELL, CECIL 6/17/1905 Henry Parsell Ruth Parsell
PARSELL, ROLAND GLEN 5/16/1909 Henry Parsell Ruthella Dale
PATRICK, MORRIS C. 5/27/1904 Charles Patrick Mary Patrick
PAWSON, LEON W. 3/28/1909 Ray W. Pawson Della M. Lettich
PEARSONS, CLYDE MORRIS 3/28/1905 Nelson Pearsons Nellie Pearsons
PEASLY, EMMA EDITH 4/26/1908 Charles Peasly Agnes Griswold?
PEMBERTON, HANAN N. 5/17/1905 Walter Pemberton Emma Pemberton
PENNY, WM. 4/18/1903 John Penny Etta Penny
PERKINS, DELLA PEARL 2/14/1902 Glen Perkins Emma Perkins
PERKINS, JAMES MERRELL 7/4/1909 William Perkins Lillian M. Carr
PERKINS, LYLE ALTON 11/11/1903 Glen Perkins Emma Perkins
PERKINS, VERN AMIEL 7/14/1908 Glen W. Perkins (Blank)
PERRIN, THOMAS E. 6/19/1903 Arthur Perrin Julia Perrin
PERRY, BLANCHE 9/22/1903 Julius Perry Rosa Perry
PERRY, ELVERY E. M. 8/30/1909 William C. Perry Mary E. Craken
PERRY, ROY MARON (sic) 4/6/1906 William Perry Alvina Perry
PERRY, SHERIDAN W. 9/4/1906 Wm. Perry Mary Cragon
PETER, BABY 9/1/1909 George Peter Harriet Morrison
PETERS, VIOLA ANABELL 4/30/1904 Fred Albert Peters Ada Izora Talbot
PETERS, WELLINGTON 5/26/1905 Emery Peters Addie Peters
PETERS, WILLIAM 5/26/1905 Emery Peters Addie Peters
PETERSON, MINNIE 12/26/1901 Fred Peterson Bertha Quackenbush
PETTIT, IRVING 5/21/1908 Norman Pettit Mary Stoner
PETTIT, JESSIE D. 2/28/1906 Norman E. Pettit Mary E. Stoner
PETTIT, JESSIE DUDLEY 2/28/1906 Norman E. Pettit Mary Eliza Stoner
PETTIT, SUILIS? EDWARD 8/2/1901 Norman Pettit Mary Pettit
PHANEUF, EARLE JEFERY 5/31/1903 Chas. Phaneuf Minnie M. Phaneuf
PHILIPS, ESTELLE VIOLA 4/21/1904 Charles Phillips (sic) Naomi Thompson
PIERCE, (NO NAME) 12/21/1900 Frank Pierce Lucinda Pierce
POLMANTEER, GEORGE FRANK 4/13/1906 George Henry Polmanteer ?Eva Rosalia? Hilts
POLMANTEER, GEORGE HENRY 3/20/1909 Geo. H. Polmanteer Eva S. Hilts
POLMANTEER, MATILDA MAY 11/6/1907 George H. Polmanteer Eva S. Hilts
POPP, RALPH VERNON 10/12/1908 Arnold Just Popp Louise Cath Wurur
POWELL, CLARENCE 10/16/1908 Carl G. Powell Florence Arthur
POWELL, VIOLET A. 3/13/1907 Chas. G. Powell Florence Arthur
PRAY, FLOYD J. 5/14/1907 Daniel J. Pray Gracie Montle
PRESTON, WILLIAM B. 5/2/1901 Wm. Preston Lois Preston
PRICE, BABY 10/24/1909 Ralph Price Alvena Linseman
PRICE, SIDNEY 11/5/1904 Clyde Price Carrie Price
PRIEST, BABY 3/1/1908 Arthur Priest Maggie Mear
PURDIE, ELSIE PEARL 10/18/1904 Chester Purdie Lydia Purdie
PURKS, CHESTER ALBERT 1/24/1909 Leonard Purks Matilda Steffen
PURKS, GEORGE 2/14/1908 Leonard Purks Matilda Steffen
PURKS, GRACE B. 11/22/1901 Higl? Purks Gracie B. Purks
PURKS, JOHN 2/14/1908 Leonard Purks Matild Purks (sic)
PUTMAN, LAWRENCE 10/3/1909 Wm. Putman Maud Meredith
QUACKENBUSH, GLADYS L. 5/31/1903 Levi Quackenbush Clara Bell Quackenbush
QUACKENBUSH, HAZEL MARY 9/2/1904 Levi Quackenbush Clarabel Quackenbush
QUACKENBUSH, IRVING 10/24/1907 Levi Quackenbush Claribel Montle
QUACKENBUSH, JESSIE GERALD 4/26/1907 Sherman Quackenbush Jessie Longstreth
QUACKENBUSH, SAMUEL ALVERADU 4/4/1909 Sherman Quackenbush Jessie Longstreth
QUIGLEY, BEASTILE CARELL 1/15/1906 Juddie Quigley Mary Hilts
QUIGLEY, FLOYD JAMES 10/18/1909 Hiram Quigley Ida C. Peters
RABIDEU, EDNA 7/18/1902 William Rabidue (sic) Emma Rabidue (sic)
RABIDUE, HAROLD WENTWORTH 6/4/1908 Wm. Rabidue Emma Webster
RABIDUE, WILLIAM RUSSELL 7/23/1906 William? Rabidue Emma Webster
RANNEY, BESSIE 7/29/1902 George Ranney Mary Ranney
RANNEY, BYRON W. 4/24/1900 George Ranney Mary Ranney
RAU, ALVINA MARGARET 1/31/1908 Stephen Rau Maggie Buhlman
RAU, ALVINA MARGARET 1/3/1908 Stephen Rau Maggie Buhlman
RAU, CARL J. 3/17/1906 John Rau Kate Winters
RAU, CLARA PAULINE 6/1/1907 Joseph Rau Polly Bohnard
RAU, CLARENCE C. 4/2/1902 John G. Rau Catherine Rau
RAU, CLAYTON 7/21/1901 Joseph Rau Caroline Rau
RAU, CLYDER KASMERE 1/4/1909 Chas. Rau Jr. Louis (sic) Schaltz
RAU, COLETTA MARGARET 6/1/1907 Joseph Rau Polly Bohnard
RAU, FLORENCE JOAN 2/25/1904 John G. Rau Catherine Winter
RAU, GENEVA 6/25/1903 Joseph Rau Polly Rau
RAU, HUGH 4/8/1900 Stephen Rau Maggie Rau
RAU, JENEVA 6/3/1904 Stephen Rau Maggy Rau
RAU, MARTIN 11/20/1904 Charles Rau L. Rau
RAU, MILDRED 2/22/1904 Henry Rau Margaret Rau
RAU, THOMAS PAUL 12/16/1903 Gottlieb Rau Mary Schrader
RAW, ALBERT J. 8/7/1901 Charles Raw Louisa Raw
RAW, BABY HENRY 9/26/1906 Henry Raw Maggie Hennen
RAWDEN, LAVILIA VERN 7/5/1902 William Rawden Julia V. Rawden
REA, ETHEL LEE 12/22/1907 Herbert E. Rea Nellie Longwell
REED, ROY L. 10/17/1908 James Reed Grace Smith
REED, WM. H. 4/14/1907 James Reed Sarah Markham
REESE, PARIL 1/18/1908 Charles Henry Reese Ida Belle Foght
REESE, PEARL 1/19/1908 Chas. Henry Reese Idabelle Tagat
REETZ, ALICE 11/16/1906 ?? Reetz Julia Reetz
REETZ, ALICE 11/16/1906 William Reetz Julia Reetz
REETZ, CHAS. T. 5/14/1905 Fred Reetz Edith VanAmburg
REETZ, CLARENCE FREDERICK 11/14/1901 Frederick W. Reetz Edith M. Vanamburg
REETZ, EDWARD HENRY 9/20/1903 Fred Reetz Edith VanAmburg
REETZ, GLADYS IRENE 4/8/1905 John C. Reetz Olive Janson
REETZ, HOWARD 10/1/1908 John Reetz Olive Janson
REETZ, LU ELLA 5/8/1900 Wm. Reetz Julia Reetz
REETZ, LUTHER PHILLIP 9/4/1909 Frederick Wm. Reetz Edith Mabel Vanamburg
REETZ, MABLE M. 3/4/1900 Fred W. Reetz Edith VanAmburg
REETZ, MARGARET CAROLINE 7/19/1909 Edward Reetz Josephine Wangler
REETZ, MILO RAY 10/12/1903 Wm. Reetz Julia Reetz
REETZ, ROBERT M. 10/29/1907 Fred Reetz Edith VanAmburg
REGER, LAURA 3/9/1901(sic) Jacob A. Reger Mary L. Reger
REGER, LOUIS 3/1/1901 Jacob A. Reger Mary L. Reger
REID, GRACE B. 8/4/1902 Alex Reid Grace Bard
REID, R. G. 8/24/1905 Alex Reid Grace Reid
REILLY, ELVIRA 6/26/1900 William Reilly Sarah Rowena Reilly
REILLY, WALTER E. 5/29/1904 William Reilly Sarah Reilly
REINDEL, (BLANK) 3/23/1907 Joe Reindel Mary Stark
REINDL, KATHALEEN ESTHER (sic) 3/23/1907 Joseph Reindle (sic) Mary Stark
REINHARDT, ALBERT 8/1/1903 Mathew Reinhardt Lena Reinhardt
REINHARDT, CARL JOHN J. 2/28/1909 Andrew Reinhardt Caroline Arnold
REINHART, CLARA MARY 6/19/1907 Joseph A. Reinhart Anna Cronin
REINHART, ELENOR 8/10/1906 Andrew Reinhart Caroline Arnold
RELYEA, (BLANK) 10/12/1906 Luis Relyea Edith Markle
RELYEA, (BLANK) 1/22/1907 George Levi Relyea Francis Matilda Benjamin
RELYEA, CALVON FRANK 9/7/1908 Frank Relyea Harriet A. Statis?
RELYEA, CLAUD 8/10/1909 Levi Relyea Edith Markee
REMINDER, ALICE E. 8/2/1906 John B. Reminder Mary Ann Robinson
REMINDER, CARLO JESSE 2/15/1907 Charles Reminder Catrine Walter (sic)
REMINDER, CARLO JESSE 2/15/1907 Chas. Reminder Catrine Walter
REMINDER, CLARENCE A. 8/17/1908 Joseph Reminder Anna Husted
REMINDER, EDWARD 6/16/1908 John Reminder Mary Robinson
REMINDER, RUSSELL J. 8/8/1903 John Reminder Mary Reminder
RENTSCHLER, EDWARD 2/21/1906 Christian Rentschler Mary Jane Dunbar
RENTSCHLER, RUBY 4/4/1901 Christ Rentschler Mary Rentschler
RENTSCHLER, ULYSSES 5/28/1904 Christian Rentschler Mary J. Rentschler
RETZ, CLYDE 11/14/1908 Wm. Retz Julia Retz
REYNDRESS, JOHN 12/15/1905 John Reyndress Susan Reyndress
REYNOLDS, ALICE LUCILE 10/24/1908 Clinton Odell Reynolds Mary Vietta Pim
REYNOLDS, MARIAN 6/1/1908 James H. Reynolds May J. Nolan
REYNOLDS, RUTH GLADIS 3/4/1907 Clinton Reynolds Mary Pim
REYNOLDS, RUTH GLADYS 3/4/1907 Clinton Reynolds Mary Pim
RHYNDRESS, BABY 6/5/1907 Robert Rhyndress Martha Best
RHYNDRESS, CLEO MAY 9/22/1908 Robert B. Rhyndress Martha Lois Best
RICE, EDITH MAY 4/16/1908 Benjamin C. Rice Sarah A. Ecker
RICE, GERALD 11/25/1908 Thomas Rice May Rouse
RICE, HENRY T. 8/8/1908 Charles A. Rice Lulu Gibson
RICE, LELAND 8/11/1902 Nicholas Rice Lidia Rice
RICE, VENAL B. 4/29/1900 Nicholas Rice Lidia Rice
RICHARDSON, BABY 12/25/1906 Robert Richardson Margaret Furze
RICHARDSON, BENJAMIN 4/8/1909 Robert Richardson Margaret Furze
RICHARDSON, DONALD 1/27/1902 Joseph Richardson Rosella Richardson
RICHARDSON, ETHEL MAE 9/24/1908 Ward Richardson Bessie Roe
RICHARDSON, HAROLD ALLEN 4/10/1908 John Richardson Lilly M. Lovejoy
RICHARDSON, SANFORD L. 3/22/1907 Henry Richardson Bessie M. Roe
RILEY, ALVIRA 6/26/1901 William Riley Rosanne Riley
RITTENBURG, LENORE 1/30/1909 Jesse Rittenberg (Blank) Bolyea
RIVERS, NELLIE 5/20/1902 Delbert Rivers Myrtle Rivers
ROBERSON, ANNA 8/17/1908 John Roberson Anna Yantz
ROBINSON, ANNA GRACE 8/21/1908 John Robinson Anna Yantz
ROBINSON, FLOYD MUMA 3/12/1906 ???ussie F. Robinson ???lie Muma
ROBINSON, FREDERICK 12/5/1903 Sam Robinson Lucy Robinson
ROBINSON, HENRY A. 12/27/1905 John Robinson Anna Robinson
ROBINSON, MILDRED MARY 6/14/1907 Samuel Robinson Lucy Dunbar
ROBISON, JAMES 1/21/1903 John Robison Anna Robison
ROE, CLARA H. 4/8/1908 Martin E. Roe Hannah R. Jones
ROE, GEORGE WESTON 4/27/1906 Martin E. Roe Hannah R. Roe
ROE, GILBERT EGEM 2/7/1909 Gilbert E. Roe Manno Perry
ROE, GLADYS 3/28/1905 Lewis Roe Louise Roe
ROE, IVA 3/9/1902 Gilbert Roe Mamie Roe
ROE, LEO IVAN 11/23/1901 Ephraim Roe Cora Matilda Hamilton
ROE, LILLIAN 8/22/1901 Edward Roe Hannah Roe
ROE, MERTIE 11/19/1903 Gilbert Roe Mamie Roe
ROE, (NO NAME) 6/9/1907 Louis Roe Louise Roberts
ROE, ORVICE DELBERT 4/8/1908 Martin E. Roe Hannah R. Jones
ROE, ROSA M. 8/22/1901 Edward Roe Hannah Roe
ROE, STANLEY 1/20/1904 Lewis Roe Louise Roe
ROHL, ALDA ELIZABETH ANNA 10/31/1907 August Roll (sic) Lucy Collins
ROHL, MARGARET LOUISE 12/10/1905 August Rohl Louise Rohl
ROLL, EDWARD MICHAEL 9/28/1908 Peter Roll Mary Lehman
ROLL, GEORGE JOHN 5/13/1900 John Roll Mary Ann Roll
ROLL, GREGOR 8/4/1900 Peter Roll Mary Roll
ROLLMAN, SARAH J. 7/29/1904 George Rollman Eliza Rollman
ROOT, WILLIAM E. 9/6/1907 Marston Root Etta May Engler
ROSE, (BLANK) 6/11/1908 Erastus Rose Jenniie Sheppard
ROSE, ELLEN LOUISE 10/29/1902 Floyd Rose Minnie Spafford
ROSE, FLORENCE N. 4/8/1900 Floyd Rose Minnie Rose
ROSE, HADIS? DOROTHA 12/3/1906 Erastus B. Rose Jennie Shepherd
ROSE, JAMES B. 9/9/1904 Frank Rose Elmira Rose
ROSE, JENNIE 8/4/1906 Frank Earnest Rose Elmira Straton
ROSE, JENNIE 8/4/1906 Frank Ernest Rose Elmira Straton
ROSE, KENNETH H. 9/6/1900 Delbert Rose Lilly Rose
ROSE, LEONA 3/10/1905 Erastus Rose Jennie Rose
ROSE, LILLIAN EDITH 9/18/1907 Floyed L. Rose (sic) Minnie Avis Spafford
ROSE, NELSON D. 9/12/1906 Delbert Rose Sallie? Rose
ROSE, NELSON D. 9/12/1906 Delbert Rose Lillie M. Rose
ROSE, NELSON DELBERT 9/12/1906 William Delbert Rose Maggie Tillie Rose
ROSE, NONE GIVEN 12/11/1901 Floid Rose Minnie Rose
ROSEVEAR, HOWARD MAURICE 12/18/1909 Walter G. Rosevear Kathlen (sic) Timothy
ROSS, JOHN 5/10/1905 Richard Ross Mary Ross
ROSS, NEVA DELL 5/10/1903 Richard Ross Jennie Ross
ROWE, SYLVIA RUTH 5/20/1901 Grant Rowe Lillie Kirby
ROWLAND, STANLEY B. 1/4/1907 Clarence Rowland Bertha Beemer
ROYER, JOHN 8/11/1905 Alonzo Royer Phea Royer
RUNYAN, FRED DEAN 4/21/1907 Sylvester Runyan Cate Foose (sic)
RUSHER, FRANK BURLY 9/16/1903 Frank Rusher Martha Rusher
RUSSELL, KENNETH 3/28/1904 Geo. Russell Lillie Russell
RYAN, PRIMROSE 3/14/1909 John Ryan Della Roe
SALISBURY, MABEL 11/1/1901 Arthur Salisbury Mattie Klock
SANDQUIST, (BLANK) 2/25/1908 Otto Sandquist Zelma Johnson
SCHAEFER, CAROLINE MATILDA 6/4/1908 Charles Schaefer Thekla Fritz
SCHAEFER, ELIZABETH 8/10/1903 Chas. A. Schaefer Theckla Schaefer
SCHAEFER, PHILIP JACOB 12/21/1909 Chas. A. Schaefer Thekla A. Fritz
SCHEAFER, LILLIE 8/31/1909 Adam Scheafer Celia Beninger
SCHEFER, MARGARET 1/22/1907 Adam Schefer Ellia Gumer
SCHEFER, MARGARET 1/22/1907 Adam Schefer Ella Gumger
SCHEFER, RALPH 1/22/1907 Adam Schefer Ellia Gumer
SCHEFER, RALPH 1/22/1907 Adam Schefer Ella Gumger
SCHELL, FRANCES MARIA 6/18/1908 Fredrick E. Schell Ida Budwell?
SCHESTILL, WM. HARRIS 5/28/1905 Albert Schestill Mary Schestill
SCHICK, ALEXANDER JOSEPH 10/20/1900 Alexander Schick Margrett Schick
SCHICK, BABY BOY 1/22/1906 Alexander Schick Maggie Rau
SCHICK, BABY BOY 1/22/1906 Alexander Schick Maggie Rau
SCHICK, LAWSON FREDRICH 7/22/1908 Fredrick Schick Myrtle Brown
SCHICK, ROSANNA 5/15/1908 Alexander Schick Margaret Rau
SCHIESTLE, ELIZABETH T. 12/19/1909 Albert Schiestle Mary Lehman
SCHIESTLE, MARY J. 7/28/1907 Albert Schiestle Mary Lehman
SCHMITT, ETHEL 2/18/1909 Jacob Schmitt May Finty (sic)
SCHMITT, GEORGE CLYDE 10/30/1908 Jacob Schmitt ??? Elizabeth Detzlet
SCHMITT, JOHN GEORGE 5/1/1907 Jacob A. Schmitt May Finerty
SCHMITT, PERCIE 12/22/1904 Benjamin Schmitt Carrie Schmitt
SCHNIDER, CLARENCE 4/28/1908 Joseph Schnider Katherine A. Kashland
SCHNIDER, CLARENCE ALBERT 4/8/1909 Joseph Schnider Catherine Kirkland
SCHREIB, ALBERTA 6/9/1905 Albert Schreib Winnie Schreib
SCHREVIA (sic), GLADYS LUCILLE 5/22/1906 Joseph Schrevia Anna Leveek (sic)
SCHRIEB, NATHANIEL T. 11/13/1906 Albert M. Schrieb Minnie C. Taber
SCHROEDER, (BLANK) 11/14/1907 August H. Schroeder Etta Bell Schroeder
SCHROEDER, EMMA HAZEL 7/6/1900 August Schroeder Etta Bell
SCHROEDER, ETTIE FERN 9/24/1909 August H. Schroeder Ettie Bell
SCHROEDER, FREDERICK E. 9/22/1909 Edward H. Schroeder Anne Cole
SCHULEY, JOSEPHENE 12/16/1905 Eugene Schuley (Dead)
SCOTT, ALTA MABEL 10/31/1907 John Scott Ellen J. Coverson
SCOTT, ALVA BURT 10/9/1906 William Daniel Scott Gertrude Annie Jones
SCOTT, EDNA MELINDA 5/28/1907 Asa Scott Ethel Rulason
SCOTT, GLADYS 6/18/1902 John Scott Nettie Scott
SCOTT, LOLA ISABEL 12/28/1906 Duffield Scott Lucie Shepherd
SCOTT, OLITH 8/27/1905 James Scott Mary Scott
SCOTT, RENA E. 6/4/1904 Duffern Scott Lucy Scott
SCOTT, STUART R. 5/14/1909 James R. Scott Mary E. Vanwagner
SCOTT, WILLIAM 6/3/1908 William Scott Gertrude Jones
SCULLY, MABEL 10/24/1901 James Scully Not Given
SEDORE, ELEANOR GOLDIE 12/15/1907 Wm. G. Sedore Maggie J. Thompson
SELMAN, BELLINA MAY 8/2/1909 Alfred B. Selman Ruthferd May
SELMAN, VIOLA 9/26/1906 Alfred Selman Ruth May
SERGENT, KATHERINE 1/27/1904 Walter Sergent Anna Sergent
SERVER, FERN 5/18/1909 Fred Henry Server Velma Snyder
SERVER, FERN 5/18/1909 Fred Henry Server Velma Snyder
SERVER, VELMA 10/12/1904 Fred Server Velma Server
SHAFTER, ALBERT ISADORE 10/17/1906 E. H Shaefter (sic) Theckla Fritz
SHATTUCK, HARRY 10/31/1902 Orville Shattuck Eliza Shattuck
SHAW, ELAINE NEAL 10/22/1907 David N. Shaw Helen W. Neal
SHAW, OLIVE 11/3/1902 David Shaw Helen Shaw
SHEELE, WINNIFREDA CAROLINA 4/24/1909 Joseph Scheele (sic) Thressa Fisher
SHEFFER, MABLE MAY 2/15/1904 George Sheffer Della Sheffer
SHEFFER, RETHA M. 7/21/1905 Geo. Sheffer Della Sheffer
SHELTRAW, JAMES L. 5/7/1900 Edward Sheltraw Myrtle Sheltraw
SHEPARD, MELVIN CLARE 6/1/1907 H. H. Shepard Minnie Dawson
SHEPARD, WILLIAM 2/11/1900 William Shepherd(sic) Mary Shepherd(sic)
SHEPLEY, BABY BOY 3/31/1906 George H. Shepley Mamie Clary
SHEPLEY, GEORGE OWEN 7/19/1909 George Shepley Mamie Cleavy
SHEPLY, LEONA L. 3/2/1907 Geo. H. Sheply Mary E. Clarey
SHEPLY, LEONA LILLIAN 3/2/1907 George Harold Sheply Mary Ellen Clarey
SHEPLY, MERVIL LAVUE 1/2/1908 Erwin? C. Shepley (sic) Lena M. Walker
SHEPPARD, FREDERICK B. 2/11/1901 William B. Sheppard Charlotte Sheppard
SHEPPARD, NINA 2/7/1906 William Sheppard ??? C. Chatelin
SHEPPARD, OLIVE GOFF (sic) 6/2/1907 Wm. H. Sheppard (Blank)
SHEPPARD, ORVEN HENRY 9/9/1908 James E. Sheppard Alice D. Salinson
SHEPPARD, STELLA VIETTA 5/13/1907 Wm. Sheppard Charlotte Haney
SHEPPARD, WILLIAM C. 10/8/1908 Hibbard Sheppard Minnie Dawson
SHERMAN, DELOS ROBERT 5/10/1907 Bert Sherman Martha A. McGregor
SHERMAN, IDA W. 10/30/1905 James Sherman Louisa Sherman
SHIESTEL, FRANK LAWRENCE 11/23/1902 Albert Shiestel Mary Shiestel
SHIMMEL, CLAUD C. 8/5/1908 George Shimmel Catherine Merrit
SHINAVER, LEO 9/21/1905 John Shinaver Ann Shinaver
SHINDERLAND, (BLANK) 11/11/1908 (Blank) Burnice Shinderland
SHINEVAR, BESSIE 5/24/1904 Jobe Shinevar Annie Shinevar
SHINNEL, CLAUD 8/5/1908 George Shinnel Catherine Merrit
SHORT, EDITH 9/23/1902 Lafayette Short Mary Jane Short
SHORT, LEASELER? 5/10/1900 Jesse D. Short Ida Short
SHORT, OLIVE 6/27/1902 John Short Ida Short
SHORTS, LOTTIE 1/31/1904 Lafette Shorts Mary J. Shorts
SHORTS, LOTTIE 6/31/1905 Lafayette Shorts Mary Jane Shorts
SHORTS, PAUL 8/26/1904 Jesse Shorts Ida Shorts
SHORTT, DONALDA MAY 2/22/1907 Joal Shortt Mary McLennen
SHORTT, DONALDA MAY 2/22/1907 Joel Shortt Mary McLennen
SIBLEY, BABY 3/31/1909 (Not Given) Burnice Sibley
SIMONS, JENNETTA ADA 8/20/1909 Reuben A. Simons Emma Hemmingway
SLATER, (BLANK) 8/20/1906 Erwin Slater Susie Everett
SLATER, CHESTER 10/5/1902 Arthur Slater Anna Slater
SLATER, ERVIN 3/20/1905 Arthur Slater Annie Slater
SLINGERLAND, ELIZABETH O. 11/23/1903 Frank B. Slingerland Hattie Slingerland
SLOSSER, EDITH MAY 5/22/1909 Alfred A. Slosser Anna E. Cook
SMALL, ARLETA RUTH 1/13/1909 H. S. Small Alice M. Jones
SMALTZ, MARY J. 11/9/1903 Jos. Smaltz Teresa Smaltz
SMART, VIOLET L. 6/18/1901 James Smart Lydia B. Smart
SMITH, ALVIN J. 7/1/1906 Luther Smith Marion Cooper
SMITH, ATHA LEVENE 10/15/1907 Jno. Smith Nina Moore
SMITH, CORA PEARL 5/26/1908 John Smith Pearl Fetters
SMITH, GENEVIEVE A. 9/17/1907 Samuel Smith Margaret E. Miller
SMITH, HELEN MARIA 10/5/1909 Alva Decker Smith Mary Sophia Smith
SMITH, KENNETH E. 11/4/1907 Fred W. Smith Lula M. Nelson
SMITH, MARVIN JAY 11/30/1908 John M. Smith Mina Moore
SNOOK, MADELINE 3/28/1906 Fred Snook Mary Cooper
SNOOK, MADELINE L. 3/28/1906 Frederick Snook Mary E. Cooper
SNOOK, MARGARETTE 2/10/1902 Fred Snook Mary Snook
SNYDER, JOSEPHINE MAY 9/28/1909 Michael Snyder Rachel Meir
SORTOR, HAROLD JOSEPH 2/23/1906 Arthur Sortor Celia Woolf
SORTOR, JUSTUS H. 3/30/1904 Arthur Sortor Celia Sortor
SOUTHERLAND, FLOYD 5/30/1908 John Southerland Inez Terryberry
SPENCER, WILLIE 9/5/1901 Clarence Spencer Lena Spencer
SPINKS, EULA MERELE 8/23/1906 Matthew Spinks Gertrude Davison
SPRESNY, HERMAN 8/2/1905 Gustave Spresny Maria Spresny
STALEY, BABY GIRL 5/4/1906 Adolphus Staley Bertha M. Smith
STALEY, ROBERT ALBERT 6/12/1907 Wm. H. Staley Alice May Warden
STARK, EARL WELDON 7/2/1903 Frank Stark Cora Lupton
STARKWEATHER, HOWARD 11/11/1902 Milt Starkweather Dora Starkweather
STAY, FLOYD 5/26/1902 Charles Stay Junie Stay
STEPHENS, GLADYS VIOLA 5/30/1908 John L. Stephens Ida M. Blancher
STEPHENS, MARION WINNIFRED 8/21/1908 Arthur H. Stephens Clara J. VanCumber
STEPHENS, OJLMA (sic) 4/23/1903 Henry Stephens Ida Stephens
STEVENS, HERSHELL 4/7/1902 Elmer Stevens Luella Stevens
STICK, GLENNORA E. 2/7/1906 Marquis B. Stick Mary H. McDonald
STICKLEY, FLORENCE 4/30/1906 David Stickley Eliza Elder
STICKLEY, JOSEPH H. 4/26/1903 David Stickley Eliza Stickley
STILLWAGON 7/18/1907 Avery Stillwagon Julia McDonough
STILLWAGON, KENNETH EARL 10/25/1907 Marion Stillwagon Jennie McDonough
STILLWAGON, LAWRENCE CLIFFORD 7/18/1907 Avery Stillwagon Julia McDonald
STILLWAGON, MILDRED 10/19/1903 Wm. Stillwagon J. Stillwagon
STILLWAGON, SARAH P. E. 4/20/1901 George P. Stillwagon Mary C. Stillwagon
ST. JAMES, ESADROSS 10/16/1906 Joseph St. James Livinia Bribbon
ST. JAMES, ESADROSS 10/16/1906 Joseph St. James Levina Bribbon
ST. JOHN, KATHERINE 7/21/1903 C. W. St. John M. A. St. John
ST. MARTIN, (BLANK) 3/22/1909 Arthur St. Martin Catherine Jolly
STONER, VERNE LOUIS 9/8/1909 Abraham F. Stoner Emma L. Laforge
STOUTENBERG, (DIED UNNAMED) 3/25/1909 Arthur Stoutenberg Mildred Orr
STOUTENBERG, CLARENCE MELVIN 1/2/1906 ?? M. Stoutenberg Alice M. Thomas
STOUTENBURG, GEO. IRVIN 5/8/1904 Wm. Stoutenburg Alice Stoutenburg
STRAUS, ARTHUR B. 7/23/1902 Henry Straus Katie Straus
STRAUS, CLARENCE ALBERT 5/2/1906 Henry Strauss (sic) Katie Zimmer
STREETER, BEATRICE DORITY 8/1/1907 John Thomas Streeter Mary Ann Sayer
STREETER, ELLIE GEORGE 6/18/1908 George T. Streeter Clara Belden
STRICH, EUNICE ALVENA 11/11/1908 Bertrum Strich Mary McDonal
STRONG, OTIS DAVID 4/6/1906 Oscar Strong Elizabeth Lepard
STRONG, RALPH W. 7/18/1909 William Strong Lizzie Lepard
STRUBLE, GRACE LUCILLE 10/25/1905 Edward Struble Cora Struble
STUCK, GLENDA EUPHENE 2/7/1906 Marquise B. Stuck Mary Hariett McDonald
STUCK, MILTON MCDONALD 7/16/1907 Milton Bert Stuck Mary Harriet McDonald
SULLIVAN, DANIEL W. 9/2/1906 Daniel Sullivan Emma Ester Sullivan
SULLIVAN, DANIEL W. 9/2/1906 Daniel Sullivan Emma Coler
SULLIVAN, DANIEL WILBERT 9/2/1906 Daniel Sullivan Emma Coler
SULLIVAN, GERALD V. 11/4/1901 Dan Sullivan Emma Sullivan
SULLIVAN, TOM MAYNARD 5/30/1904 Dan Sullivan Emma Sullivan
SUMMERFIELD, EARL 10/12/1904 ?? Summerfield Katie Summerfield
SUMMERFIELD, GEORGE CLIFFORD 7/13/1907 George Summerfield Kate Richardson
SUMMERFIELD, ROBERT NORMAN 2/5/1903 George A. Summerfield Kaity Summerfield
SURBROOK, (BLANK) 8/21/1909 Myron Surbrook Etta Hamilton
SURBROOK, FAITH 7/17/1905 Myron Surbrook Etta Surbrook
SURBROOK, FLOYD G. 10/24/1908 Adam? Surbrook Mary? Bell Monroe
SURBROOK, RUTH CARRELL 1/13/1907 Myron Joseph Surbrook Etta L. Hamilton
SURBROOK, RUTH CARROLL 1/13/1907 Myron J. Surbrook Etta Hamilton
SUTHERLAND, JOHN RAYMOND 12/12/1906 John E. Sutherland Inez Terryberry
SUTTON, ALMA ELIZABETH 1/3/1907 James Sutton Mabel Pettit
SUTTON, ALMA ELIZABETH 1/3/1907 James Sutton Mabel Pettit
SWAN, TRACY B. 5/1/1903 Edward Swan Mag Swan
SWANK, GRACIE 9/29/1901 Bert Swank Carrie Swank
SWANK, ZENUS ALFRED 5/27/1903 John P. Swank Carrie Matilda Hathway
SYLVESTER, IRA J. 2/18/1902 William Sylvester Cora Sylvester
TANNER, LILLIE ANNIE 5/26/1909 Clark E. Tanner Emma Schvitz
TAYLOR, HUGH EDWARD 1/7/1908 George E. Taylor Matilda Limaine
TEEPLE, HORTENTA MARSEAL 3/23/1908 Alfred Teeple Mary Gonyea
TEEPLE, MAUD LUELLA 9/23/1908 Manford Teeple Myrtle M. Roberts
TEEPLE, THOMAS HENRY 12/25/1909 Ezra Teeple Gertrude Keating
TEEPLE, WM. CHARLES 8/16/1903 Alfred Teeple Minnie Teeple
TEEPLES, CARL W. 3/25/1905 Manford Teeples Mystic Teeples
TEETS, MYRA DE ETTA 7/9/1906 Charles Teets Henrietta Howell
TELL, EVELYN LOUISE 7/3/1907 Charles M. Tell Regina Belanger
TESCH, KEITH MCKAY 10/30/1909 Frank Tesch Nettie Stobie
TESTER, EDNA JANE 2/12/1909 William Tester Emma Button
TESTER, EDWARD JAMES 2/12/1909 Wm. Tester Emma Button
TESTER, EVA AMANDA 4/5/1902 William Tester Emma Tester
TESTER, GEO. JOS. 4/11/1906 Wm. Tester Emma Button
TESTER, GEORGIA JOSEPHINE 4/11/1906 Wm. Tester Emma Button
THAYER, ALTA 5/14/1900 George Thayer Nellie Thayer
THAYER, DORIS ESTHER 8/4/1906 Lillian Thayer?? Eva M. Shattuck
THAYER, DORIS ESTHER 8/5/1906 William Thayer Eva M. Shattuck
THOMAS, LAURA J. 3/4/1902 Leo W. Thomas Silva Thomas
THOMPSON, HERALD 9/3/1900 Alexander Thompson Merta Cameron
THOMPSON, MERTON 9/12/1907 Clifford Thompson Emilene Coveson
THOMPSON, SIDNEY B. 11/14/1906 Daniel C. Thompson Rose Burt
THORN, RUBY 10/27/1901 Nelson Thorn Mary Thorn
THORNTON, FRANCIS 5/27/1903 Wm. Thornton Mary Thornton
THORNTON, HAZEL E. 8/28/1903 Fred Thornton Ruth Thornton
THORNTON, MARY ELLA 9/8/1901 Frank Thornton Jennie Graham
THORNTON, ROMEA 1/11/1901 Fred Thornton Ruth Thornton
TIFFIN, CHARLES 4/29/1908 Charles Tiffin Mary Ellen Gingrich
TIFFIN, CHARLIE ROSEVELT 6/9/1906 Charlie Tiffin Mariette Gingrich
TINAM, EVA 6/24/1904 C. F. Tinam Ellen Tinam
TOLFREE, JOAN GERALDINE 10/11/1903 John Tolfree Joanna Tolfree
TRASK, MILDRED 5/3/1900 T. Trask Anna Trask
TRASK, VIOLET MURIEL 6/5/1908 D. M. Trask Lillie Garmsey?
TREACHLER, MARTIN LUTHER 6/1/1908 Wm. Francis Treachler Martha Jane Allen
TREACHLER, (UNNAMED) 12/25/1906 Wm. F. Treachler Martha J. Allen
TREACHLER, WILLIARD 11/4/1903 Wm. Treachler Martha Treachler
TRUAX, HAROLD 10/1/1909 E. L. Truax Edith Rogers
TURK, JOHN LEWIS 7/24/1904 Anton Tirk (sic) Kate Tirk (sic)
TURLAND, NELLIE E. 9/6/1904 William Turland Elizabeth Turland
TURMAN, HELEN M. 2/12/1903 Solman Turman Eva Turman
TURNER, FLOYD 4/14/1900 Howard Turner Effie Turner
TURNER, FRANCES LAVINA 4/5/1908 William Henry Turner Alva? Evans
VALLEY, CLARE FRANCIS 7/22/1905 John Valley Hattie Robinson
VALLEY, EDWARD BENJAMIN 7/20/1905 Chas. Valley Caroline Valley
VALLEY, SETELLIA (sic) 9/6/1908 John Valley Jessie Miller
VALLEY, STELLA 9/6/1908 John Valley Hattie Robinson
VALLEY, WALTER ARTHUR 5/12/1907 Arthur Valley Mary R. Lewis
VAN ALLEN, DONALD 8/1/1901 Wm. VanAllen Etta VanAllen
VAN MEER, HENRY NELSON 5/20/1908 Wilson VanMeer Clara Pauline Fegan
VAN MEER, LEO 10/7/1907 Walter VanMeer Bertha Spielpogel?
VAN MEER, LOUIS E. 12/20/1901 Walter VanMeer Bertha VanMeer
VAN SICKLE, (BLANK) 8/17/1908 T. E. VanSickle Nettie Wilson
VAN SICKLE, MURIEL 5/28/1908 Wm. R. VanSickle Annie Wilson
VAN SICKLE, (NONE AT PRESENT) 7/27/1909 Maitland Vansickle Margaretta Kelly
VAN SICKLE, VERA 12/29/1903 Russel VanSickle Annie Wilson
VANWORNER, CLARENCE ROSS 2/21/1908 Montie VanWormer Rhoda Quigley
VANWORMER, GEORGE THEODORE 2/22/1906 Montello VanWormer Rhoda Quigley
VAUGHAN, PHOEBE PEARL 7/28/1909 William Vaughan Ruth Whiteford
VAUGHN, GEO. 6/5/1905 Wm. Vaughn Ruth Vaughn
VAUGHN, (NAME NOT GIVEN) 10/20/1903 William Vaughn Ruth Vaughn
VAUGHN, OTTO 10/27/1901 Wm. Vaughn Ruth Vaughn
VAUGHN, OTTO 5/30/1902 Wm. Vaughn Ruth Vaughn
VAUGHN, RUTH I. 5/2/1907 Wm. Vaughn Ruth Whitford
VOORHEES, SHERLEY G. 7/7/1904 Grant G. Voorhees Maud Voorhees
VOORHEIS, THELMA BELLE 7/27/1907 Grant S. Voorheis Maud P. Blackman
VOOTHERSNORE (sic), (UNNAMED) 8/22/1909 Grant S. Voothersnore (sic) Maude Pauline Blackman
WADE, DAVID B. 3/3/1908 William W. Wade Sophronia E. Deunes
WADE, DENNIS A. 3/3/1908 William W. Wade Sophronia E. Deunes
WAIT, (BLANK) 11/19/1906 Lery W. Wait Phebe R. Ransom
WAITE, ROY HAROLD 6/24/1903 Elery Waite Phoebe Waite
WAKEFIELD, ELMER ARTHUR 12/26/1908 Elmer Burt Wakefield Mamie G. Boma
WALKER, ALICE LUELLA 9/4/1908 G. E. Walker Lena Ethel Teeple
WALKER, ANNA ELIZABETH 3/3/1905 Gard Walker Cora Walker
WALKER, ANGUS CLYDE 12/23/1906 Gard Walker Cora Teeple
WALKER, ANGUS CLYDE 12/23/1906 Gard Walker Cora Teeple
WALKER, (BLANK) 5/20/1907 Harvey Walker Huldah Granger
WALKER, CECIL HARRIS 1/3/1909 Harvey S. Walker Huldah Granger
WALKER, CLYDE 7/25/1906 Rodney Y. Walker Lottie Partridge
WALKER, ERVIN F. 9/21/1901 Gard Walker Cora Walker
WALKER, EVERET E. 8/27/1903 Gard Walker Cora Walker
WALKER, FLORENCE 6/4/1908 Benjamin F. Walker Florence M. Baker
WALKER, FOREST DEVILLA 4/15/1907 Albert Theo Walker Wilma Viola Rogers
WALKER, MALCOM J. 7/29/1908 Rodney G. Walker Lola E. Partridge
WALKER, OTTO F. 5/9/1905 Albert Walker Wilma Walker
WALKER, SAMUEL EARNEST 9/19/1901 Earnest Walker Sarah Walker
WALT, ARCHIE B. 12/27/1908 Marshal Walt Agnes Howard
WALT, HOWARD 5/18/1907 Andrew Walt Agnes Howard
WALTER, EDNA THRESA 1/29/1901 Engelbert B. Walter Caroline M. Walter
WALTER, ERMA MARIE 8/19/1908 Joseph Walters Rosa Bohnard
WALTER, LORETTA M. 7/25/1909 Burt Walter Carrie Buhlman
WALTER, LUCY ANNA 5/12/1902 Engleburt E. Walter Caroline N. Walter
WALTER, MARTIN 5/11/1900 Anthony Walter Carrie Walter
WALTERS, CLARENCE 3/3/1908 Anthony Walters Dorry Yantz
WALTERS, CLARENCE 3/3/1908 Anthony Walters Carry Yants
WALTERS, CLEMENTE XAVIER 8/11/1907 Joseph Bernhardt Walters Rose Bohnard
WALTERS, CLEMENTS XAVIER 8/11/1907 Joseph Berhard Walters Rose Bohnard
WALTERS, FLOYD BURNOUS 6/4/1909 Ernest Walters Mary Helen Peterson
WALTERS, JOSEPH 7/20/1906 Joseph Walters Rosa Bohnard
WALTERS, LEO 1/21/1903 A. Walters C. Walters
WALTERS, ROSELLA 6/20/1903 E. E. Walters C. Walters
WANGLER, ADA LUCILLE 10/24/1906 William Wangler Caroline Hihn
WANGLER, BABY 10/12/1906 Michael Wangler Anna Wangler
WANGLER, BABY 10/12/1906 Michael Wangler Anna Wangler
WANGLER, CLARENCE 11/7/1908 Frank Wangler Sophie Mier
WANGLER, EDNA LUCILLE 10/24/1906 Wm. Wangler Caroline Heine
WANGLER, ELIZABETH 12/1/1900 Michael Wangler Annie Pawley
WANGLER, LUCY ANNA 1/20/1902 Michael Wangler Laura? Pauley
WANGLER, WILLIAM 6/5/1903 Wm. Wangler Carrie Wangler
WARD, BUELAH (sic) 4/19/1906 Francis S. Ward Lottie Rose Helzitt
WARD, CECILE GEARLES 7/29/1907 Earnest Ward Lena? Hilts
WARD, GERTRUDE BERNETTA 1/17/1909 Francis Lutes Ward Grattiel Rosetta Adsit
WARD, ROLLAND N. 5/10/1907 Frances L. Ward Lottie R. Hdsett (sic)
WARE, BEATRICE 11/6/1906 Janus B. Ware Grace Slee
WARE, ELSIE MAY 1/10/1906 Leonard Ware Daisy Harvey
WARE, ETHEL 9/7/1905 Frank Ware Estella Ware
WARE, EVELYN 3/20/1909 James O. Ware Grace Slee
WARE, HOWARD F. 1/1/1903 Frank Ware Estella Ware
WARE, LLOYD OTTO 12/6/1908 Leonard Ware Daisy Harvey
WARE, MARION 6/13/1901 Frank Ware Estella Neal
WARE, RALPH MOODY 5/28/1903 Jas. Ware Grace Ware
WARNER, BERTHA BELL 4/4/1900 A. J. Warner Laura V. McClun
WARREN, CLARANCE RALPH 12/17/1901 Tomas(sic) J. Warren Mary B. Warren
WEAVER, CHAS. H. 6/13/1901 Chas. Weaver Emma A. Weaver
WEAVER, GOLDIE FERN 4/10/1907 Chas. Weaver Emma A. Thompson
WEBSTER, BEATRICE MARIE 9/26/1908 Harry Webster Stella Stockdale
WEEKS, FRANK JR. 6/9/1908 Frank Weeks Ida Bennett
WEEKS, MARTHA MARY 9/9/1905 Frank Weeks Ida Weeks
WEEKS, MARY IRENE 7/30/1903 Frank Weeks Ida Weeks
WEIR, FREDA ADDELL 2/16/1907 Ethburt Weir Jannett Stoner
WEIR, FREDA ADDELL 2/16/1907 Ethburt Weir Jennett Stoner
WEIR, LUELLA 2/9/1902 Ethbert Weir Jenett Weir
WEIR, MARTHA LENORA 6/14/1903 John Wier (sic) Marinda Parliament
WEIR, ROBERT J. 1/5/1904 Ethbert Weir Janetta Weir
WEISHUHN, LAUREL ARTHUR 1/30/1902 Charles Weishuhn Laura Weishuhn
WEISHUHN, MARIAH ELDORA 7/15/1909 John F. Weishuhn Ada O'Brien
WEISHUHN, MARIE ISABEL 10/14/1907 John F. Weishuhn Addie O. Brieu
WEISHUHN, SYLVIA 3/9/1903 Peter Weishuhn Maude Weishuhn
WELCH, JOHN W. 2/14/1907 W. Nelson Welch Alice M. Williams
WELCH, LEONA ADELINE 2/9/1906 Edward Alexander Welch Cordella Elizabeth Crawford
WELCH, LEOTA CLEMENTINE 2/9/1906 Edward Alexander Welch Cordella Elizabeth Crawford
WELCH, LLOYD C. 11/12/1907 Edward A. Welch Della E. Crawford
WELCH, NAOMI 12/30/1905 Worth Welch Alice Welch
WELLWOOD, CARL 8/9/1903 Ira L. Wellwood Viola E. Wellwood
WENZEL, ELTON A. 8/10/1906 Lewis E. Wenzel Rachel Kissinger
WEST, CHARLES J. 7/27/1909 Jacob West Fanny Noves
WEST BROOK, (STILLBORN) 3/25/1909 Wm. West Brook (Blank)
WHITE, ALENE 12/17/1909 Ralph White Sadie Hemenway
WHITE, (BLANK) 12/2/1906 Eugene White Marguretta L. Clair
WHITE, DONALD H. 7/29/1903 Isaac White Emma White
WHITE, NERA N. 11/30/1909 Mike White Lottie Shrigley
WHITESIDE, CHARLOTTE ROSE 6/12/1904 Samuel Whiteside Mary Whiteside
WHITESIDE, (NOT NAMED) 11/10/1909 Geo. Whiteside Phonie Zimith
WHITESIDE, OLIVER 8/9/1906 George Whiteside Josephine Zimuth
WHITESIDE, OLIVER EDWIN 8/9/1906 George Whiteside Josephine Zimeuth
WHITESIDE, RUTH MARGURITE 6/5/1909 Samuel Whitside (sic) Mary R. Zimmith
WHITESIDE, VIRGINIA IDA 5/31/1908 George Whiteside Josephine Zimmeth
WHITSIDE, RAY ALEXANDER (sic) 9/18/1907 Samuel Whitside (sic) May Zemith
WHYBREW, BEVERLY S. 12/10/1901 Daniel Whybrew Harriet Whybrew
WHYBREW, (BLANK) 10/31/1906 Daniel Webster Whybrew Harriet Winslow
WHYBREW, (BLANK) 10/31/1906 Daniel Webster Whybrew Harriet Winslow
WHYBREW, (BLANK) 12/30/1907 Daniel W. Whybrew Harriet Winslow
WILBER, DAVID FLOYD 4/13/1908 Albert George Wilber Augusta May Pillsbury
WILCOTT, (BLANK) 2/27/1907 James R. Wolcott (sic) Clara Ingram
WILCOX, EDWARD JOHN 2/19/1906 Rufus Wilcox Emma Metcalf
WILCOX, RALPH NEWTON 6/10/1909 Ralph Manly Wilcox Luella Maria Churchill
WILCOX, RALPH NEWTON 6/10/1909 Ralph Manley Wilcox Luella Maria Churchill
WILCOX, LAVERNER CLARK 5/25/1906 Walter Wilcox Stella McKenzie
WILCOX, VERNON ORREL 7/27/1907 Ulysses Wilcox Ellen Bosom
WILDER, CLARENCE T. 8/16/1909 Nathand Wilder Grace Wright
WILDER, UNNAMED 2/4/1908 Nathaniel Wilder Grace Wright
WILLEY, JOHN 4/14/1903 Landilan Willey Sarah Willey
WILLIAMS, ALMA RUTH 1/6/1907 Jos. H. Williams Amelia Huntley
WILLIAMS, ALMA RUTH 1/6/1907 Joe H. Williams Almera Huntley
WILLIAMS, BEATRICE 9/17/1902 John Williams Lucy Williams
WILLIAMS, CLARA JULIA 1/31/1907 John Archie Williams Clara J. Witteninger
WILLIAMS, CLARA JULIA 1/31/1907 John A. Williams Clara J. Willinner
WILLIAMS, FAYE GLADYS 8/16/1907 Wesly T. Williams Rose E. Cohoon
WILLIAMS, GLADYS FAY 8/16/1907 Wesley Williams Rosa Cohoon
WILLIAMS, LEROY 3/29/1906 Charles Williams Elizabeth Adams
WILLIAMS, MAURICE HAROLD 2/1/1908 Lewis ? William (sic) Nellie Polmanteer
WILLIAMS, PHELMA L. 3/21/1906 Wesley Williams Rose Cohoon
WILLIAMS, RAY LEVANT 8/21/1908 Charles L. Williams Harriet A. Adams
WILLIAMS, THELMA L. 3/21/1906 Wesley Williams Rose Cohoon
WILLIAMS, (UNKNOWN) 6/30/1909 Harley Williams Jennie Foster
WILLMAN, NELLIE 6/3/1906 Christ Willman Nellie Pomter?
WILLOBEE, ARTHUR 5/7/1902 Frank Willobee Adna Willobee
WILLOBEE, NORA MAE 9/6/1906 Frank Willobee Edna Goodwin
WILSON, BERTHA 4/27/1902 Patrick Wilson Charlotte Wilson
WILSON, GEORGIENA 8/1/1904 William H. Wilson Susan Wilson
WILSON, SCOTT A. 5/26/1901 Wm. H. Wilson Susie Wilson
WILTSE, NELLY JANE 12/8/1908 Asa Hartman Wiltse Emaline Grahm (sic)
WINSLOW, DON WILLIAM 7/2/1906 William Winslow Lizzie May LaDue
WINSLOW, GRACE ELISABETH 4/14/1908 William G. Winslow Lizzie M. LaDue
WINSLOW, MAY BERNADINE 1/3/1903 Wm. Winslow Mae Winslow
WINSLOW, VERN STEWART 12/29/1904 Wm. Winslow Mae Winslow
WINTER, HENRITTA (sic) 1/26/1908 Henry Winters (sic) Matilda Kreig
WINTER, ISABELLE M. 10/26/1909 Ed. Winter Elizabeth Schmidt
WINTER, LUCY M. 3/4/1907 Edward Winter Elizabeth Smith
WINTER, MICHAEL A. 9/28/1901 Edward Winter Elizabeth A. Winter
WINTERBURN(sic), LILIAN (sic) 12/00/1903 William Cripps Anna Winterburn (sic)
WINTERLEE, RUSSELL A. 7/10/1905 Gustavius Winterlee Dora Winterlee
WINTERLY, IVA J. 12/27/1908 Gus Winterly Dora M. Chenny
WINTERS, ALVINA 10/3/1903 Leo Winters Elizabeth Winters
WINTERS, CLARENCE 10/16/1908 Ambrose Winter (sic) Anna Reminder
WINTERS, HERMAN 2/14/1905 Edward Winters Elizabeth Winters
WINTERS, THOMAS HAROLD 9/27/1908 George Winters Mary Clare Rice
WIRGES, LAURA RUTH 8/19/1909 Will Wirges Grace Giles
WITHERILL, SARAH 8/25/1901 John Witherill ?? Witherill
WITHEY, ELLA 2/17/1900 Frank Withey Lizzie Withey
WOLCOTT, (BLANK) 2/22/1907 James R. Wolcott Clara Ingram
WOLFE, ALMERION LEE 12/31/1908 Chas. Berry Wolfe Christina N. Smith
WOLFE, MARGORIE 8/31/1906 Chas. Wolfe Christina Smith
WOLFRAIM, ROBT. A. 2/7/1903 Steven Wolfraim Marguerite Wolfraim
WOOD, BERTIN D. 3/12/1901 F. G. Wood Emma May Wood
WOOD, DANIEL C. 12/15/1901 Ezra Wood Rosa Wood
WOOD, NO NAME 6/18/1906 Fred Z. Wood Emma Wood
WOOD, OLITH 5/20/1907 Fred Wood Emma Day
WOODARD, EDITH MABLE 1/2/1902 Loney Woodard Alta Woodard
WOODIWISS, THEODORE 12/16/1905 John Woodiwiss Florence Woodiwiss
WOODMAN, GRACE 3/20/1909 Jessie Woodman Lillie Howard
WOUGHTER, DOUGLASS D. 8/3/1907 E. H. Woughter Fannie Warner
WOUGHTER, GENEVIEVE 6/6/1909 E. H. Woughter Fannie Warren
WOUGHTER, GEORGE J. 10/21/1902 Ernest H. Woughter Fannie P. Woughter
WOUGHTER, HAROLD WANDELL 5/22/1907 Holden L. Woughter Lottie L. Withey
YEAGER, CHARLES LAVANT 9/12/1907 Wm. N. Yeager Maude L. Laurence
YEO, AILENE MAE 8/2/1908 William T. Yeager Alice Milliken
YINKS, LEONA 12/1/1908 George Yinks Francis Sheppler
YOST, PEARL 6/28/1905 Frank Yost Minnie Yost
YOST, WILLIAM 8/23/1900 Frank Yost Minnie Short
ZELLARS, HAROLD 7/16/1900 George W. Zellars Not Given
ZELLERS, COENA MAE 2/9/1903 Wellington Zellers Bertha Zellers
ZELLERS, ELLEN G. 2/28/1905 Wellington Zellers Bertha Zellers
ZETTEL, MARY G. 6/27/1901 Christian Zettel Emma Zettel
ZETTEL, PAUL GABRIEL 3/13/1908 Jacob Zettel Catherina Bohnard
ZETTLE, EDWINA 11/28/1902 Jacob Zettle Katie Zettle
ZETTLE, MARY 10/19/1905 Louis Zettle Mary Zettle
ZIMMER, ARTHUR 11/23/1909 Edward Zimmer Estella Crapo
ZIMMER, BABY 11/30/1907 Edward Zimmer Estella Crapo
ZIMMER, HARRY NOBLE 7/13/1905 Edward Zimmer Mary Estella Crapo
PLEASE NOTE: Entries in italics and denoted with *s are not on the original birth records.

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