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Brookside Cemetery is located within the city limits of West Branch. The entrance is on
Houghton Avenue, behind the Michigan State Police Post, West Branch, Ogemaw County,
Michigan. The following index has been provided by Grace Dooley, who reserves all rights.

Additional Info
Abbott, Gertrude I.6/6/193210/27/1980New Addition Block P-Age 48-Wife of Wesley
Abbott, Harrison John3/25/19283/25/1928Son of Charles & Ula-Block 143
Abbott, Harry Fuller11/10/18593/26/1929Age 69
Abbott, Wesley Cornelius5/26/19195/4/2003Age 83-Husband of Gertrude
Abbs, Clifford8/10/19035/11/1987Age 83-Husband of Hilda
Abbs, Hilda L.6/22/190212/1/1998Age 96-Wife of Clifford
Adair, JohnN/A4/1/1982N/A
Adams, BabyN/A3/16/1920New Addition Block 118
Adams, Baby Boy7/8/19097/8/1909Age 6 Hours-Son of George W. & Elva
Adams, Bob HughN/A11/7/1934New Addition Block 116
Adams, Carrie Almina18782/16/1920New Addition Block 173-Age 42
Adams, Clara C.4/26/18982/9/1987N/A
Adams, Elva6/6/18792/24/1923New Addition Block 112-Age 44-Wife of George
Adams, Emma M.18843/16/1920New Addition Block 118-Age 36
Adams, George W.187810/25/1948New Addition Block 112-Age 70
Adams, James18789/1/1913New Addition Block 173-Age 35
Adams, Nellie M.5/30/19235/28/1979New Addition Block 131-Age 55
Adams, Nelson10/29/18732/11/1969New Addition Block 118-Age 100
Adams, Ronald C.19405/19/2007Age 67
Adams, Rosanna2/12/18295/24/1911Original Plat Lot 153-Age 82
Adams, Victor2/9/189712/7/1982Front Addition Block 25-Age 85-World War 1
Adams, Victor A.19235/27/1933New Addition Block 116-"Buddy"-Age 9
Adolph, Clarence William6/26/190010/12/1903Original Plat Lot 3-Age 3-Son of Otto & Mary
Adolph, Elmer A.6/3/191012/17/1985Original Plat Lot 3-Age 75-Husband of Frieda
Adolph, Elthieda Grace7/6/193910/31/2008Age 69
Adolph, Frieda Grace1/31/19163/28/1997Age 81-Wife of Elmer
Adolph, Otto R.11/25/18655/15/1948Original Plat Lot 3-Age 82
Adrian, Alva2/15/191810/11/2006"Tim"-Age 88-Husband of Viola-Military Service
Adrian, Erma Lois7/9/19117/6/1928New Addition Block 192-Age 17-Daughter of Timothy & Harriett
Adrian, Oscar3/4/18934/28/1968Front Addition Block 26-Age 75-Husband of Susan
Adrian, Susan A.11/19/18978/25/1994Age 96
Adrian, Timothy Alva3/22/18847/18/1950New Addition Block 192-Age 66
Adrian, Viola M.3/12/19225/4/2000Age 78-Wife of Alva
Agnew, Mary Martha4/4/19294/8/1929New Addition Block 175
Ahrent, Doin W.1/5/19213/16/1984World War 2
Ahrent, Geraldine J.4/21/19194/28/2008Age 89
Aikman, Carrie Amelia8/5/188110/21/1952New Addition Block 170-Age 71
Aikman, Dorothy K.5/13/19109/25/1974New Addition Block 170-Age 64
Aikman, George Robert6/25/19045/19/1977New Addition Block 170-Husband-Age 72
Aikman, RobertN/A3/14/1931New Addition Block 170-Age 71
Albertson, ClestaN/A7/30/1927N/A
Alexander, George W.6/2/18454/23/1909Original Plat Lot 106-Age 63-Civil War
Alexander, Maud L.N/A12/7/1912Original Plat Lot 106-Age 29
Alexander, S. Elizabeth8/31/185011/4/1908Original Plat Lot 106-Age 58
Alexander, Truman18736/4/1953N/A
Alguire, Evelyn Elizabeth (Buckingham)12/25/19122/5/2008Age 95-Wife of Roy Alguire and John Buckingham
Allbright, Baby10/11/193910/11/1939Potters Field-Daughter of Loyal & Cecile
Allcock, Houston12/1/19127/18/1984Front Addition Block 4-Age 71
Allcock, Inez Susan5/11/19102/14/2000Age 89
Allen, Alice E.1/12/19117/28/1989Age 78
Allen, Charles Lyman10/11/18522/17/1915New Addition Block 134-Age 62
Allen, Jessie M.N/A10/20/1886Original Plat Lot 119-Age 26
Allen, Lula Mae18978/1/1955N/A
Allen, Margaret7/18/18424/1/1918New Addition Block 134-Age 75-Wife of Lyman
Allen, MatildaN/A8/5/1905Original Plat Lot 119-Age 77
Allen, Sandy185110/5/1909Block R-Age 58
Allen, WinnieN/A1/1/1889Original Plat Lot 119-Age 2
Alma, Lula8/29/18972/6/1946New Addition Block 120-Wife of William-Age 48
Alma, William A.1900N/AHusband
Anderson, Lanettie MaeN/A12/4/1983New Addition Block 171-Age 69-Wife of George
Andrae, Gotlob18427/21/1915Age 73
Andrews, Baby Boy9/9/19239/9/1923Son of Ernest & Freda-Potters Field
Andrews, Donald David3/2/19521/24/1979Block 207-Age 26-Son of Maxson
Andrews, Ernest O.10/9/18876/5/1960Front Addition Block 26-Age 72-World War 1-Husband of Freda
Andrews, Freda A.N/A9/26/1986Front Addition Block 26-Age 84
Andrews, Jay12/29/18932/27/1978New Addition Block 177-Age 84
Andrews, Luella V.7/31/192911/2/2015Age 86-Wife of Maxson
Andrews, Maxson E.10/19/192211/19/2007Age 75-Husband of Luella-Cremation
Andrews, Myrna J.12/18/19029/23/1963New Addition Block 177-Age 60
Andrus, Emma4/16/18844/26/1891Original Plat Lot 71-Age 7-Child of J.K. & E.V.
Andrus, Ernest11/20/18868/9/1887Original Plat Lot 71-Age 9 Months-Child of J.K. & E.V.
Andrus, Infant GirlN/ACA5/29/1894N/A
Andrus, James Kendrick2/27/185812/22/1940Original Plat Lot 69-Age 82-Husband of Mary
Andrus, Mary Emma9/17/18725/3/1944Original Plat Lot 69-Age 72-Wife of James
Andrus, StellaN/ACA8/24/1891Original Plat Lot 71-Age 33
Andrus, Verna Ellen6/5/190510/27/1905Original Plat Lot 71-Age 4 Months-Daughter of J. K. & Mary
Ansum, Julius9/11/18685/8/1942Original Plat Lot 163-Age 73-Father
Ansum, Lena7/5/1874CA3/1/1967Original Plat Lot 163-Age 90-Mother
Antis, Silas B.1/2/18744/8/1968Front Addition Block 14-Age 94
Arden, Sharon Louise4/22/193311/30/2007Age 74-Wife of Leonard
Argo, Charles E.6/6/18643/10/1913New Addition Block 104-Age 49
Argo, Lenore Belle9/11/186912/19/1946New Addition Block 104-Age 77-Wife of Charles
Armstrong, William T.5/1/18424/15/1917New Addition Block 117-Age 75
Arnott, Florence Marie3/27/19163/12/1952New Addition Block 195-Age 35
Arnott, Richard8/2/18892/14/1973New Addition Block 195-Age 83
Arthur, Della3/2/18741/12/1956New Addition Block 184-Age 81-Wife of Frank
Arthur, Dwight6/14/18855/9/1954New Addition Block 184-Age 68-Husband of Maude
Arthur, Eileen192512/28/1929New Addition Block 184-Age 4-Daughter of Frank & Mildred
Arthur, Frank4/5/18927/25/1963New Addition Block 184-Age 71-Husband of Mildred-World War 1
Arthur, Frank B.18573/21/1931New Addition Block 184-Age 74-Husband of Margaret
Arthur, Maude Russell10/7/18817/30/1959New Addition Block 184-Age 77-Wife of Dwight
Arthur, Mildred A.18913/23/1986New Addition Block 184-Age 95
Artman, Howard Leo2/7/19109/1/1983Front Addition Block 14-Age 73-World War 2
Artman, Mayme V.12/19/190611/3/1960Front Addition Block 14-Age 53-Wife of Howard
Artutis, Anthony J.N/A5/11/1981New Addition Block 181
Artutis, Elaine W.N/A8/31/1987N/A
Ashenfelder, Augusta Jardine7/19/18917/15/1958New Addition Block 153-Age 86-Wife of Oliver
Ashford, BlanchieN/A4/4/1890Original Plat Lot 45-Age 4
Ashford, Lucy JaneN/ACA 7/11/1893Original Plat Lot 45-Age 37
Ashford, OtisN/ACA2/9/1889Original Plat Lot 45-Age 16-Son of N. & L.
Ashford, William H.N/A2/3/1882Original Plat Lot 45-Age 2-Son of N. & L.
Atherton, Baby Boy7/7/19437/7/1943Son of Vern & Myrtle-New Addition Block 116
Atherton, Baby GirlN/A10/14/1888N/A
Atherton, Calista3/25/18467/30/1927Original Plat Lot 143-Age 81
Atherton, Ella Elnora10/15/18509/12/1939New Addition Block 121-Age 88-Wife of Stephen
Atherton, FemaleN/A10/5/1888Age 20-Daughter of E. & C.
Atherton, Francis Ella10/15/18509/12/1939Age 88
Atherton, Fred18769/19/1899Age 23-Son of Eugene & Celista
Atherton, Gertrude Emma8/29/18896/23/1971Front Addition Block 7-Age 81
Atherton, James A.184312/30/1894Original Plat Lot 18-Civil War
Atherton, John Eugene5/2/189311/6/1928New Addition Block 121-Age 35-Husband of Leora-World War 1
Atherton, Sharon K.11/20/194911/24/1949Age 4 Days-Daughter of Dean & Rose
Atherton, Stephen9/1/18546/2/1942New Addition Block 121-Age 87-Husband of Elnora
Atherton, Ward James9/15/18742/22/1954Front Addition Block 7-Age 79-Husband of Gertrude
Atkins, Lee D.18826/11/1938New Addition Block 167-Age 56-Husband
Atkins, Winnie M.18816/11/1938New Addition Block 167-Age 57-Wife
Augustine, Ervin P.6/14/192510/14/2012Age 87-Husband of Mabel-World War 2
Augustine, Mabel L.6/30/19222/14/2007Wife of Ervin
Auiler, Helen Effie3/6/191911/21/1984New Addition Block 111-Age 65
Auiler, Irving Victor7/8/19134/23/1966New Addition Block 188-Age 52-Husband of Helen-World War 2
Auiler, Marius Leroy6/20/19346/22/1934Age 2 Days-Son of Russell & Gertrude-Potters Field
Ault, George184310/27/1906Age 63-Potters Field
Austin, Barbara Mae5/28/19426/5/1942New Addition Block 165-Age 7 Days-Daughter of Nelson & Lottie
Austin, Charlotte Sophia11/16/19126/15/2007Age 94-Wife of Nelson
Austin, Claude L.5/13/18723/20/1929Meyers Addition Lot 1-Age 57
Austin, Nelson E.5/28/19168/12/1989Age 73-Husband of Charlotte
Austin, Violet6/6/18776/26/1963Meyers Addition Lot 1-Age 86
Austin, Virginia C.10/25/190212/31/1986Age 84
Ausum, Julius9/11/18685/8/1942Age 73-Husband of Lena
Ausum, Lena7/5/18762/27/1967Age 90-Wife of Julius
Averill, Charles W.186112/22/1944New Addition Block 186-Age 83
Averill, Gordon Elmer18817/31/1953New Addition Block 186-Age 72
Averill, Mary E.11/19/189011/21/1981New Addition Block 186-Age 91
Avery, CarrieN/A10/26/1908Original Plat Lot 166-Age 32
Avery, DeborahN/A1/1/1920Block 34-Age 71
Awler, Marion LeroyN/A6/22/1934N/A
Awrey, Arnold R.3/17/19079/9/1907Original Plat Lot 32-Age 5 Months-Son of Levi & Rose
Awrey, Arvetice L.4/7/19359/24/2009"Louie"-Age 74-Husband of Etheline-U. S. Navy
Awrey, BennieN/A7/21/1914Original Plat Lot 32-Age 3
Awrey, Donna Lee12/22/19501/1/1951Original Plat Lot 41-Age 9 Days-Daughter of Russell & Esther
Awrey, Dorothy F.1/6/1911N/AN/A
Awrey, Edna Rosetta Jane2/15/190112/29/1901Age 10 Months-Daughter of Albert & Jessie
Awrey, Esther E.2/13/19168/16/2002Age 86-Wife of Russell
Awrey, Louisa May5/9/191410/27/1999Age 85-Wife of Peter
Awrey, Mary Jessie4/18/18805/5/1943Original Plat Lot 41-Age 63-Mother-Wife of Robert
Awrey, Peter Henry2/16/18713/8/1933Original Plat Lot 32-Age 62
Awrey, Robert Darius2/23/187312/12/1948Original Plat Lot 41-Age 75-Father
Awrey, Robert Leroy2/4/190610/17/1965Original Plat Lot 41-Age 59-Husband of Dorothy
Awrey, Russell D.4/19/19101/28/1982Original Plat Lot 41
Awrey, Sharon J.8/26/19388/15/2005Age 66-Wife of Thomas
Awrey, Thomas W.19385/30/1993Age 55-Husband of Sharon-Veteran
Awrey, Thomas Woodrow11/11/19172/25/1918Original Plat Lot 41-Age 8 Months-Son of Robert & Mary
Awrey, Winnona Jennie5/7/18847/7/1962Age 78
Ayson, John R.N/A7/2/1925Potters Field-Age 76
Babcock, Arthur Robert5/30/18687/16/1955Original Plat Lot 3-Age 87-Husband of Etta
Babcock, Baby Boy4/1/19065/4/1906Original Plat Lot 3-Age 1 Month-Son of Arthur & Rilla
Babcock, Clara E.4/29/18662/20/1947Original Plat Lot 66-Age 80
Babcock, Elizabeth9/23/18405/20/1914Original Plat Lot 66-Age 73-Wife of R. A.
Babcock, Rilla18725/22/1922Original Plat Lot 3-Age 51
Babcock, Robert Arnold6/28/18394/9/1916Original Plat Lot 66-Age 76-Father-Civil War
Babcock, Samantha Lee12/27/19661/12/1967Front Addition Block 28-Age 16 Days-Daughter of Samuel & Delaphine
Babcock, Samuel Edwin2/5/19198/31/1966Front Addition Block 28-Age 47-Husband of Delaphine
Babion, Betty June4/28/19268/3/2010Age 84-Wife of Leland-Mother & Grandmother
Babion, Leland Guy4/1/19207/27/1972Front Addition Block 33-Age 52-World War 2
Bach, Robert Glen7/27/19647/27/1964Front Addition Block 17-Son of Robert & Phyllis
Bachelder, Richard Hayes3/16/193212/17/19751973 Addition Block 203-Age 43
Bachelder, Richard Rea10/14/19057/9/19831973 Addition Block 203-Age 77-Husband of Ruth
Bachelder, Ruth R.4/16/190811/28/1993Age 85
Baer, Adelia10/7/18607/19/1917New Addition Block 133-Age 56-Wife of Howard
Bailey, Joseph18229/30/1904Original Plat Lot 23-Age 81
Bailey, Mathew S.10/1/18644/18/1917Original Plat Lot 23-Age 52
Bailey, Rachel4/29/18668/18/1946Age 80
Bailey, Virginia Lou3/8/19351/6/1991Age 55
Bailey, William Norman9/26/19293/7/1998Age 68-Husband of Virginia-Veteran
Bain, Isadora W.12/22/18589/7/1936New Addition Block 125-Age 78-Wife of George
Bair, Weyler Joseph5/6/19051/1/1970Front Addition Block 15-Age 64-Father
Baird, Frank Millard18744/2/19671947 Addition Block 196-Age 72
Baird, Irene Marthen5/25/189911/26/1965New Addition Block 155-Age 66-Wife of Jesse
Baird, Jesse Wayne189812/27/1986Age 88-Husband of Irene
Baird, Laura Eileen10/10/187610/1/1962New Addition Block 196-Age 85
Baker, Carl A.8/8/18969/29/1975Front Addition Block 31-Age 79-Husband of Ruth
Baker, Charles MorrisonN/A1/1/1989N/A
Baker, Charles ThomasN/A3/15/1945N/A
Baker, E. MeylaN/A12/28/1902Original Plat Lot 25-Age 11
Baker, EddyN/A3/1/1957New Addition Block 149-Age 79
Baker, Edward Ralph10/13/18773/1/1957Age 79
Baker, Eva FayN/A12/27/1902Original Plat Lot 25-Age 4
Baker, Liddy R.2/19/18591/17/1943New Addition Block 149-Age 83-Wife of Charlie
Baker, Mary E.N/A1/10/1897Original Plat Lot 25-Age 1
Baker, Patricia A.190612/10/1971New Addition Block 138-Age 65-Wife
Baker, Ruth V.7/2/19008/10/1979Front Addition Block 31-Age 79
Baker, Teddy R.N/A1/20/1993N/A
Baker, Thomas C.18603/15/1945New Addition Block 149-Age 87
Baker, WilliamN/A9/18/1903Original Plat Lot 25-Age 36
Baldwin, Beulah A.11/26/19169/18/1970Front Addition Block 22-Age 54-Wife of Robert
Baldwin, Robert O.1913CA 11/19/1998N/A
Bales, EstherN/A7/21/1965N/A
Bales, Louis9/6/18875/25/1976New Addition Block R-Age 88
Ball, Edna A.4/8/18923/22/1933N/A
Ballard, Baby Boy12/31/19001/14/1901Age 15 Days-Son of Thomas & Sarah
Ballard, Benjamin T.9/7/18301/2/1913Original Plat Lot 8-Age 82
Ballard, Mary J.1/1/18423/3/1913Original Plat Lot 8-Age 70
Baltzell, Enus19001/30/1901Age 3 Months-Son of Peter & Mary
Baltzell, Mary Ayers5/23/18631/25/1909Original Plat Lot 129-Age 45
Baltzell, Peter12/27/18374/30/1907Original Plat Lot 129-Age 69-Civil War
Bamfield, William A.10/3/193012/6/2002Age 72-Husband of Marlene
Banghart, Aileen C.1913N/AN/A
Banghart, Ronald Berdine1/15/19131/22/1967Front Addition Block 29-Age 54-Husband of Aileen
Banner, Frank18565/12/1930Potters Field-Age 74
Bannister, Baby Girl7/13/19447/13/1944Daughter of Ray & Ruth-New Addition Block 111
Baragar, Bernice Chase10/4/190811/30/1969Front Addition Block 23-Age 61-Wife of Richard
Baragar, Richard8/1/18982/7/1983Front Addition Block 23-Age 84
Barber, Charles F.10/26/18365/10/1935New Addition Block 110-Age 98-Civil War
Barber, Clyde Albert8/23/18954/11/1963New Addition Block 27-Age 67-Husband of Neva-World War 1
Barber, Cora F.18743/5/1967New Addition Block 112-Age 92
Barber, Fred E.2/26/18589/2/1927New Addition Block 112-Age 69
Barber, Helen G.19137/5/1930New Addition Block 112-Age 17
Barber, Neva May11/9/18985/25/1988Age 89-Wife of Clyde
Barbier, DollyN/A2/24/19811973 Addition Block 204
Barbier, SarahN/A2/24/19811973 Addition Block 204
Bardsley, Ailene Mae19097/24/2006Age 97-Wife of Ned
Barker, Clyde A.1895CA 1963N/A
Barker, Daisy J.8/27/19087/20/1998Age 89-Wife of James
Barker, James A.12/26/19093/16/19801973 Addition Block 213-Age 70
Barnard, Dorothy MarionN/A1/7/1919N/A
Barnes, Cecil John10/31/190812/17/1969Front Addition Block 22-Age 61-Husband of Verla-World War 2
Barnes, Melissa M.197910/12/1979Front Addition Block 1-Age 1 Month-Daughter of Glenn & Sharon
Barnes, Verla L.19139/5/1971Front Addition Block 22-Age 58
Barringer, Baby Girl6/26/19476/26/1947Daughter of Kenneth & Doris-New Addition Block 186
Barritt, Edna G.8/13/191011/20/1997Age 96-Wife of Russell Gillespie & Frank Barritt
Bartholemen, ElsworthN/A12/31/1895Original Plat Lot 30-Age 32
Bartholemen, HenryN/A8/14/1893Original Plat Lot 30-Age 73
Bartholemen, RhodaN/A4/15/1908Original Plat Lot 30-Age 72
Bartlett, Alice7/6/185910/16/1921Original Plat Lot 17-Age 62
Bartlett, Earl18819/20/1949Original Plat Lot 17-Age 68
Bartlett, Edwin S.1/10/19069/4/1979Front Addition Block 11-Age 73-Husband of Helen-Father
Bartlett, Eva V.10/8/188511/26/1941Age 56-Wife of Clarence-Potters Field
Bartlett, Helen Polly1/8/191011/21/1986Mother-Age 76
Barton, Bella K.186810/27/1961Original Plat Lot 11-Age 92
Barton, Lillie E.8/24/18655/31/1910Original Plat Lot 117-Age 46
Bartram, Baby GirlN/A10/14/1888Original Plat Lot 150
Bartram, Cora Emma4/28/18756/20/1932Age 57-Wife of William
Bartram, MaryN/A10/5/1888Original Plat Lot 150-Age 20
Basham, Gerald Austin3/22/197310/3/1997Age 24-Cremation-Son of Austin & Helen-Military Service
Basham, Gerald E.8/29/19112/7/1996Age 84-Husband of Ruth-Cremation
Basham, Ruth D.3/8/191310/8/2003Age 90-Wife of Gerald
Batchelor, Nelson4/-/18558/12/1909Original Plat Lot 65-Age 54
Bates, Corabelle3/13/18743/11/1882N/A
Bauer, Carrie Hutchinson3/22/18672/22/1939Age 71-Wife of Fred
Bauer, Fred C.10/11/18633/5/1936New Addition Block 183-Age 73-Husband of Carrie
Bauman, Robert WilliamN/A2/10/1931Age 13 Days
Bayless, Alvin J.1/3/18921/18/1972Front Addition Block 24-Age 80
Beach, Alex18911/5/1901Age 9-Son of James & Francis
Beach, Amy Margueriete8/15/190911/10/2010Age 101-Wife of George
Beach, Clarence18941/18/1901Age 6-Son of James & Francis
Beach, George C.3/5/19232/11/2009Age 85-Husband of Marilyn-Military Service
Beach, George W.2/22/19076/16/1981New Addition Block 150-Age 74-Husband of Amy
Beach, James Harvey1/22/18481/31/1919Original Plat Lot 51-Age 71
Beach, Lota FayFebruary, 18971/30/1898Age 11 Months-Daughter of James & Francis
Beach, Marilyn J. "Shorty"N/A7/13/2004N/A
Beamish, Donald Frederick6/25/19279/6/2012Age 85-Husband of Ellen-World War 2
Beamish, Ellen Rose5/26/19256/16/2006Age 81-Wife of Donald
Beasley, Bernice (Durfee)19136/19/1978Front Addition Block 1-Age 64-Wife of Harry
Beasley, Harry1921N/AN/A
Beaton, Beulah E.N/ACA 6/22/1978N/A
Beaton, Beulah Ethel12/28/188712/19/1900Original Plat Lot 65-Age 13
Bebelwhymen, Hazel190812/2/1919New Addition Block 148-Age 11-Daughter of Mahlon & Cassie
Bebsner, JakeN/A1/23/1929Age 66
Beck, Billie EvelynN/A8/5/1991Age 38-Wife of Robert
Beck, Charles J.18837/9/1952New Addition Block 194-Age 69
Beck, Emily W.18836/8/1947New Addition Block 194-Age 63
Beck, Renee2/25/19782/25/1978Front Addition Block 2-Daughter of Robert & Billie
Becker, Estella D.18781/16/1971Front Addition Block 20-Age 92
Becker, Eugene12/28/18555/24/1945Potters Field-Age 89
Becker, Joseph E.4/6/18786/11/1925Original Plat Lot 55-Age 47
Becker, Nickolas Lawrence9/28/18881/8/1961Front Addition Block 20-Age 72-Husband of Estella-World War 1
Bedtelyon, Bessie M.6/5/18917/20/1972New Addition Block 171-Age 81
Bedtelyon, Caroline19006/30/1918See Caroline Scranton
Bedtelyon, Duane Maurice10/12/19164/2/1966New Addition Block 194-Age 49
Bedtelyon, Era John1/9/19103/17/1966New Addition Block 171-Husband of Lanettie-Age 56-"Dad"
Bedtelyon, Guy Ernest12/7/188211/15/1960New Addition Block 194-Age 77-Husband of Mary
Bedtelyon, Jay J.5/24/188010/27/1929New Addition Block 171-Age 49
Bedtelyon, Lanettie Mae10/11/191412/4/1983N/A
Bedtelyon, Mary L.4/14/18949/21/1953New Addition Block 194-Age 59-Wife of Guy
Bedtelyon, Matthew18771915New Addition Block 113-Age 38
Bedtelyon, Matilda5/15/187712/8/1915Age 38
Bedtelyon, Raymond J.1/4/19208/27/1921New Addition Block 171-Age 1-Son Of Jay & Bessie
Bedtelyon, TedN/ACA 11/7/1929N/A
Beeby, Ida Marie8/24/18874/19/1973Front Addition Block 2-Age 85
Beeby, Robert Jay10/7/18743/1/1950Front Addition Block 2-Age 75-M.D.-World War 1
Beers, Carl John12/30/19327/15/1946New Addition Block 197-Age 13-Son of Carl & Helen
Beers, ClarenceN/A2/18/1920New Addition Block 136-Age 8 Months
Beers, EdgarN/A8/18/1942New Addition Block 136-Age 73
Beers, Evaline ButtN/A1/28/1946New Addition Block 136-Age 68
Behmlander, David E.10/17/19576/3/19791973 Addition Block 210-Age 21-Son of Dale & Mary Lou-Military Service
Behmlander, Marylou7/23/193512/13/2015Age 80-Wife of Dale
Behrens, Mollie Louisa12/10/190410/22/1992Age 87-Married June, 1928
Behrens, Walter John190412/31/1975New Addition Block 178-Age 71-Husband of Mollie
Belden, Charles D.7/12/18558/23/1936Original Plat Lot 84-Age 81-Father
Belden, Charles D.4/22/19176/16/1975Original Plat Lot 84-Age 58-Husband of Shirley
Belden, Daniel8/9/191310/18/1919Original Plat Lot 84-Age 6-Son of Charles & Nellie
Belden, Nellie9/1/18751/16/1946Original Plat Lot 84-Age 70
Belden, Sarah E.11/9/18457/30/1906Original Plat Lot 84-Age 61
Bell, EdnaN/A3/22/1933N/A
Bell, LeeN/A7/20/1887Original Plat Lot 95-Age 5 Months-Son of F.G. & E.J.
Bell, Mary A.August, 186610/18/1939New Addition Block 164-Age 73-Wife of William
Bell, William J.5/10/18601/5/1934New Addition Block 164-Age 73-Husband of Mary
Bellinger, Audrey Russell2/8/19083/17/1908Original Plat Lot 13-Age 1 Month-Son of A. D. & Emma
Bellinger, Baby Boy1/11/19041/11/1904Original Plat Lot 13-Son of A. D. & Emma
Bellinger, Elias Howard2/11/19069/7/1976New Addition Block 178-Age 70-Husband of Ettabelle
Bellinger, Ettabelle18991/22/1982New Addition Block 178-Age 82
Belmore, Maude4/27/18845/6/1940Original Plat Lot 14-Age 55
Bemis, Edwin Crawford1/1/19262/16/1926Age 1 Month-Son of Ralph & Velma
Bemis, Genevieve B.7/7/19201/7/2010N/A
Bemis, Melbourne Ray5/13/19225/10/1936New Addition Block 153-Age 13-Son of Ralph & Velma
Bemis, Millard Dale12/27/19262/9/1927Age 1 Month-Son of Ralph & Velma
Bemis, Ralph Eugene6/26/18979/19/1976New Addition Block 153-Age 79-Husband of Velma
Bemis, Velma I.10/2/18991/6/1986New Addition Block 153-Age 86
Benaway, Lewis M.5/16/185311/6/1923Block 108-Husband of Phena-Age 70-Father-Spanish-American
Benedict, Lewis Nelson6/4/18903/9/1962Block 20-Age 71
Benedict, Ruth I.19055/29/1987N/A
Benjamin, Betty R.190611/13/1991Age 85-Mother
Benjamin, Eva B.188710/17/1985Front Addition Block 15-Age 98-Wife of Harris-Mother
Benjamin, George Paul5/17/191711/6/2006Age 89-Husband of Vera
Benjamin, Henry5/12/19217/3/1921Block 105-Age 1 Month-Son of Almon & Mary
Benjamin, Herbert5/12/19216/27/1921Block 105-Age 1 Month-Son of Almon & Mary
Benjamin, Ivan John10/9/19126/10/1951Front Addition Block 3-Age 41
Benjamin, Juanita Gay4/11/19432/21/2004Age 60-Daughter
Benjamin, Lawrence Almon1/6/18721/18/1933Age 60
Benjamin, Lenore L.19293/4/1970Front Addition Block 22-Age 42
Benjamin, Louis A.10/17/19181/3/1999Age 81-World War 2
Benjamin, Mary Elizabeth12/21/18821/19/1954New Addition Block 105-Wife of Lawrence-Age 71-Mother
Benjamin, Pauley10/18/19063/2/1950New Addition Block 141-Age 43
Benjamin, Vera Lydia3/21/191710/4/1996Age 79-Wife of George
Benjamin, Wilson Robert8/24/19218/26/1954Front Addition Block 3-Age 33-Husband of Geraldine
Bennett, Benjamin18588/19/1923Original Plat Lot 66-Age 64-Husband of Kittie
Bennett, Beverly J.8/25/19266/13/2004Age 77-Wife of Harvey
Bennett, EmmaN/A5/4/1920N/A
Bennett, Eugene Marshall10/2/192511/17/1984New Addition Block 145-Age 59-Husband of Louise-World War 2
Bennett, Florence B.N/A10/7/1960Front Addition Block 18-Age 57
Bennett, George6/6/185411/13/1936New Addition Block 127-Age 82-Father
Bennett, Harvey Stuart12/11/19288/31/2009Age 80-Husband of Beverly-Military Service
Bennett, Hazel Edna2/19/18981/14/1983Front Addition Block 25-Age 84
Bennett, John Edward8/23/18911/27/1977Front Addition Block 25-Age 85-Husband of Hazel
Bennett, John Roger2/17/19333/26/1971Front Addition Block 30-Age 38-Husband of Maxine-Father
Bennett, Kittie Mae6/10/186411/15/1925Original Plat Lot 66-Age 61-Wife of Benjamin
Bennett, Lewis D.4/28/18972/5/1918Veteran
Bennett, Louise Florence5/22/19205/1/1998Age 77-Wife of Russell Vittitow & Eugene Bennett
Bennett, Maxine A.1935N/AMother
Bennett, Melissa May1/11/19151/11/1915Daughter of Arthur & Ruby-New Addition Block 104
Bennett, Mother1860CA 1920N/A
Bennett, Robert L.N/A2/5/1918New Addition Block 127-Age 21
Bensch, Fred C.8/2/188411/10/1959Front Addition Block 11-Age 75-Husband of Glenna
Bensch, Glenna F.18941990N/A
Bentley, Russell E.4/17/19245/28/1979New Addition Block 161-Age 55-Husband of Katherine-World War 2
Bergher, HenryN/ACA 8/7/1930N/A
Bernard, Dorothy M.N/A1/8/1919New Addition Block 132-Age 25
Berney, James Edward12/1/194912/3/1949Age 3 Days-Son of Joseph & Betty
Berquist, Clara E.10/3/19107/13/2005Age 94-Wife of Clyde
Berquist, Clyde C.7/13/19109/3/1972Front Addition Block 22-Age 62-Husband of Clara
Bertdon, ReposN/A12/30/1940Age 65
Bertossi, Brian K.8/7/195711/16/2010Age 53-Husband of Sally
Bertossi, Enrico S.8/14/18928/3/1975New Addition Block P-Age 82-Husband of Leona-Father
Bertossi, Leona1908N/AMother
Betzner, Jake18631/22/1929Age 66
Beuelte, EmmaN/ACA 5/6/1920Block 127-Age 60
Beyer, Albert Eugene7/17/19273/13/1996Age 68-Military Service
Beyer, Charles William10/20/19309/3/2001Age 70-Cremation
Beyerlein, Arnold Herbert4/8/19216/20/2008Age 87-Husband of Betty-Armed Forces
Bidwell, Julia Mae18429/27/1936Age 93-Wife of S. W.
Bigelow, DavidN/A4/5/1906Original Plat Lot 47-Age 68-Civil War
Bigelow, Phebe A.N/A3/28/1894Original Plat Lot 47-Age 50
Biggs, Thomas William5/8/19398/29/2014Age 75-Husband of Karen
Bill, EdnaN/ACA 3/25/1933New Addition Block 135-Age 40
Bills, Robert E.1/13/193512/27/2000Age 65
Billings, Louise Brenner9/10/19078/1/1962Front Addition Block 14-Age 54
Binder, George9/22/18864/16/1966New Addition Block 179-Age 79-Husband of Marie
Binder, George Frederick19165/13/1941New Addition Block 179-Age 25-Son of George & Marie
Binder, Marie1/31/189210/25/1980New Addition Block 179-Age 88
Birdsall, Ida May18636/4/1901Age 37
Birdsall, Laura F.18489/4/1921Original Plat Lot 10-Age 72
Biskner, Cecelia E.1880CA 6/1/1973Front Addition Block 16-Age 92
Biskner, Edward A.19061989N/A
Biskner, Edward Sr.18806/12/1968Front Addition Block 16-Age 88
Biskner, Norman D.1/17/192212/21/2004World War 2
Bissland, Bessie Ann18946/9/1970Original Plat Lot 103-Age 76
Bitters, Malinda Rosetta1/5/18498/21/1905Original Plat Lot 6-Age 56
Black, Elsie MaeN/A12/17/1993Age 71-Wife of Melvin
Black, Melvin Wilbur11/21/191611/6/2001Age 84-Husband of IvaDell
Blackett, Earl Carl1/23/19094/20/1972Front Addition Block 32-Age 63-Husband of Myrtle
Blackett, Myrtle B.1908CA 9/18/1995Age 87
Blade, Bernard A.N/A7/4/1989N/A
Blade, Jessie L.6/25/19142/3/19801973 Addition Block 203-Age 65-Wife & Mother
Blade, Wayne Lawrence2/4/19373/11/1937New Addition Block 102-Age 1 Month-Son of Bernard & Jesse
Blanchard, Floyd W. Sr.9/25/19209/13/1992Age 71-Husband of Juanita-Korea-World War 2
Blanchard, Richard Todd8/31/19629/21/2008Age 46-Son of Katherine
Block, Laura Caroline12/8/188711/9/1967Front Addition Block 28-Age 79
Bloom, Clarica Jane184411/22/1921New Addition Block 134-Age 77
Bloom, Jack George11/22/19348/27/1964Front Addition Block 28-Age 29-Husband of Nancy
Blumenthal, Ivan Frank8/24/189711/26/1972Front Addition Block 11-Age 75-Husband of Laura
Blumenthal, Laura E.6/15/19136/10/2010Age 96-Wife of Ivan
Blumenthal, Mildred M.7/16/18936/3/1976Front Addition Block 30-Age 82
Blumenthal, Siegfried Frank6/17/190210/20/1991"Snook"-Age 89-Husband of Zelpha-Veteran
Blumenthal, Zelpha F.3/7/19154/12/2009Age 94-Wife of Snook
Blundell, Elias4/4/185311/5/1904Original Plat Lot 27-Age 51
Blundell, John18165/22/1899N/A
Blundell, Stanley Goldsmith3/9/18829/18/1957Original Plat Lot 27-Age 75
Blundell, Wilhelmina12/25/185411/7/1942Original Plat Lot 27-Age 87-"Minnie"
Boddy, Arvilla May2/9/19678/11/1970Front Addition Block 13-Age 3-Daughter of Norman & Blanche
Boddy, Blanche I.2/7/19442/3/1994Age 49-Wife of Norman-Cremation-Military Service
Boddy, Charles9/17/18937/16/1955Front Addition Block 13-Age 61-Father-Husband of Elva-World War 1
Boddy, Elva T.3/29/19031/10/1980Front Addition Block 13-Age 76-Mother
Boddy, Norman Robert Jr.9/14/19634/15/1966Front Addition Block 13-Age 2-Son of Norman & Blanche
Boehm, Emma Myrtle188912/12/1984Age 95-Front Additioin Block 27
Boehm, Dr. John David18892/19/1976New Addition Block 27-Age 87-Husband of Myrtle-World War 1
Bogert, BabyN/A12/15/1920New Addition Block 128
Bogert, Loran Ernest189112/20/1969New Addition Block 128-Age 78
Bogert, Pearl Klacking3/11/189312/15/1920New Addition Block 128-Age 27-Wife of Ernest
Boggs, Bernice19283/2/2001Mother
Boggs, Hazel M.190212/22/1976Original Plat Lot 163-Age 74-Mother
Boggs, William George Sr.19263/3/19841973 Addition Block 208-Age 57-Father
Bohlinger, Jesse Frederick11/20/190010/16/1977New Addition Block 196-Age 76-Husband of Pearl
Bohnard, Charles W.N/A1/6/1966Front Addition Block 2-Age 82
Bond, Elizabeth B.1919N/AMother
Bond, HughN/A8/5/1903Original Plat Lot 22-Age about 50
Bond, Louis C.191610/1/1974New Addition Block 178-Age 58-Father
Bonison, BabyN/A5/30/1927Potters Field
Boomer, Alice Goatbe5/5/19194/20/1944New Addition Block 166-Age 24-Wife of Walter
Boomer, Walter L.4/29/19113/14/1990Age 78-Husband of Elsie
Boshaw, John M.2/17/18437/16/1910Original Plat Lot 68-Age 66-Civil War
Boshaw, Lucinda1/1/18242/25/1909Original Plat Lot 47-Age 85
Boshaw, Marion9/17/185411/9/1925Original Plat Lot 68-Age 70-Wife of John
Bosom, Henry J.12/22/18782/15/1905Original Plat Lot 14-Age 26
Bosom, Luke18447/26/1919Original Plat Lot 14-Age 75-Husband of Sarah-Civil War
Bosom, Sarah Jane3/19/18463/7/1942Original Plat Lot 14-Age 95-Wife of Luke-Mother
Bouck, AlexN/AN/AOriginal Plat Lot 38
Boulman, FrankN/ACA April, 1889N/A
Boutte, MableN/A10/6/1885N/A
Bovee, Abraham J.182011/19/1911New Addition Block 159-Age 91-Civil War
Bovee, Elizabeth9/15/18283/30/1912New Addition Block 159-Age 84
Bovee, Francis A.N/A6/5/1894Original Plat Lot 75-Age 47
Bovee, George A.10/26/185612/28/1922New Addition Block 159-Age 66
Bovee, Herbert Charles11/4/19176/23/1970Front Addition Block 23-Age 52-Husband of Lillian
Bovee, Lillian M.1921N/AN/A
Bovee, Vernon T.9/9/19117/1/1962World War 2-Age 51-New Addition Block 159
Bowen, Anna Matilda4/14/18988/12/1953New Addition Block 117-Age 55-Wife of Earl
Bowen, Earl12/6/189410/14/1945New Addition Block 117-Age 51-World War 1
Bowen, JamesN/A4/13/1929New Addition Block 117-Age 70
Bowen, John5/18/18712/17/1920New Addition Block 117-Age 49
Bowen, Justin Ross5/26/18869/27/1952Front Addition Block 5-Age 86
Bowen, Melvin11/21/19029/28/1919New Addition Block 117-Age 16-Son of James & Hattie
Bowen, Ralph T.7/24/19224/9/19791973 Addition Block 120-Age 56-World War 2
Bowery, CoraN/A6/21/1892Original Plat Lot 166-Age 23
Bowlby, Emanual18559/18/1914Block R-Age 59
Bowman, ClaytonN/A9/24/1928New Addition Block 120-Age 1
Bowman, Isadore J.N/A4/12/1919Original Plat Lot 58-Age 40
Bowman, JamesN/A4/14/1929N/A
Bowman, Kenneth D.N/A6/27/1929New Addition Block 120-Age 1 Month
Bowtle, Mabel8/8/188510/6/1885Original Plat Lot 17-Age 2-Daughter of Wm & Cussie
Boyle, Bernhard9/14/18841/4/1889Original PlatLot 79-Age 5-Son of J.B. & E.J.
Boyle, John B.12/29/185310/29/1889Original Plat Lot 79-Age 36
Brace, Gerald G.N/A10/18/1993Age 62-Husband of Erika-Korea
Brace, Lava Eugene18974/17/1991Age 93
Brace, Lloyd L.10/23/18976/19/1965Front Addition Block 20-Age 67-Husband of Laura
Braden, Alice M.18927/4/1970Original Plat Lot 11-Age 79
Braden, William C.189010/13/1960Original Plat Lot 11-Age 70s
Bradley, Arva L.19031/21/1991Age 87
Bradley, Frank J.7/11/187511/7/1956Front Addition Block 6-Age 81-Husband of Elizabeth
Bradley, Harold Russell5/30/19015/5/1984Front Addition Block 35-Age 82-Husband of Arva
Bradley, Herbert William11/22/18802/26/1947New Addition Block 150-Age 66-Husband of Martha
Bradley, Rosa M.12/31/19211/15/1974Front Addition Block 32-Age 52-Wife of Russell-Mama
Bradley, Russell Lee Sr.19141/5/1978Front Addition Block 32-Age 63-Dad-World War 2
Bragg, Jeremiah William1/15/18657/11/1937New Addition Block 142-Age 72-Husband of Miranda-Uncle
Bragg, Miranda4/29/18632/15/1934Original Plat Lot 75-Age 70-Wife of Jerry
Brandenburg, Annie18345/15/1918Age 84
Brandenburg, Henry5/29/18327/16/1904Potters Field-Age 72
Brasseur, Maude H.8/12/19046/21/1979Front Addition Block 21-Age 74
Bray, George William3/3/19586/15/1997Age 39-Husband of Sandra
Bray, Howard Leroy3/18/19078/6/1969New Addition Block 166-Age 62-Husband of Irene
Bray, Howard Leroy11/1/18762/17/1963New Addition Block 166-Age 86
Bray, Irene3/18/19069/27/1971New Addition Block 166-Age 65
Bray, Myrtle187711/14/1936New Addition Block 166-Age 59-Wife of Roy
Bray, William George3/3/19586/15/1997Age 39-Husband of Sandra
Brewer, Daniel18673/16/1943Potters Field-Age 76
Bridge, Frances Eugene19214/29/1921Block 108-Age 29 Days-Daughter of Francis & Emma
Briggs, Baby Boy2/26/19432/26/1943Son of George & Dorothy
Briggs, Baby Girl5/20/19505/22/1950New Addition Block 111-Age 2 Days-Daughter of James & Christine
Briggs, Leslie Gene6/17/19446/17/1944New Addition Block 101-Son of George & Dorothy
Brigham, RoseannaN/A12/19/1884Original Plat Lot 69-Age 52
Brindley, Frederick G.12/22/186911/9/1943New Addition Block 187-Age 73-Husband of Mary-Father
Brindley, John7/16/186712/24/1951Front Addition Block 3-Age 84
Brindley, Lorn Edward3/1/19066/9/1990Age 84-Husband of Margaruite
Brindley, Mabel E.1/25/19232/5/1923Age 11 Days-Daughter of Fred & Mary-New Addition Block 187
Brindley, Margaruite M.3/18/19163/9/2002Age 85-Wife of Lorn
Brindley, Mary Ann4/3/187910/9/1969New Addition Block 187-Age 90-Mother
Brindley, William Leroy7/6/19005/27/1977New Addition Block 187-Age 76-World War 2
Brock, Wenona GraceN/A12/17/1906Original Plat Lot 11-Age 2
Brockway, Lewis H.7/6/185410/18/1887Orig Plat Lot 117-Age 33
Broom, Edith M.19152/16/19861973 Addition Block 204-Age 70
Broom, Paul T.11/25/19083/2/19791973 Addition Block 204-Age 70-World War 2
Brown, Alma Fern3/3/190010/17/1973New Addition Block 178-Age 73-Wife of Ralph-Mother
Brown, Beverly F.3/29/19403/9/2001Age 40-Wife of Jack
Brown, Brenda Lee Sproul Lyons8/31/19572/7/1995Age 37-Wife of William
Brown, Edward18868/10/1909Block R-Age 23
Brown, Florence E.1/10/18999/28/1983Block P-Age 84
Brown, Irene Louise12/9/19442/20/1945New Addition Block 111-Age 2 Months-Daughter of Lemuel & Evelyn
Brown, Marjorie M.N/A7/25/1994N/A
Brown, Mary3/9/18291/1/1912Block 60-Age 82-Mother
Brown, Mary Ann8/29/18643/25/1951Roadway Grave 3-Age 86
Brown, O.N/ACA June, 1888N/A
Brown, Thomas18479/25/1915New Addition Block 103-Age 68
Brown, William E.18796/22/1924New Addition Block 102-Age 45
Browne, Ida LeEttaN/A3/13/1946New Addition Block 182-Age 63
Bruder, Leonard Ferdinand Jr.6/15/19275/11/2000Age 72-Husband of Ruth-Military Service
Brzakowski, Mary9/13/19243/3/1997Age 72-Wife of Edward
Buck, Arthur Thomas2/10/18801/2/1947New Addition Block 193-Age 66-Husband of Susan
Buck, Katherine C.7/3/19039/19/1973Front Addition Block 10-Age 70-Wife of Sheldon
Buck, Sheldon S.5/10/190312/10/1989Age 86-Husband of Kathryn
Buck, Susan18911974New Addition Block 193-Wife of Arthur
Buckberry, Jeffery Arthur7/7/19713/1/2002Age 30
Buckingham, Clyde M.19088/15/1967New Addition Block 151-Age 58
Buckingham, DaleN/ACA 2/8/1955New Addition Block 121-Age 2
Buckingham, Ellis HenryFeb, 19137/13/1930New Addition Block 151-Age 17-Son of Fred & Edith
Buckingham, Eugene Richard11/10/19371/7/1945New Addition Block 121-Age 7-Son of John & Evelyn
Buckingham, FloydN/A4/2/1985New Addition Block 151-Age 69
Buckingham, Floyd E.11/14/18809/29/1881N/A
Buckingham, Frances18731897N/A
Buckingham, Fred E.4/3/18752/19/1938New Addition Block 151-Age 62-Husband of Edith
Buckingham, John E.N/A2/4/1955New Addition Block 121-Age 44
Buckingham, JoyceN/AN/ANew Addition Block 151-Age 38
Buckingham, Lyle Fred7/14/19194/29/1938New Addition Block 151-Age 18-Son of Fred & Edith
Buckingham, Mary Beth7/15/19487/15/1948New Addition Block 151-Daughter of Floyd & Carrol
Buckingham, Mary L.3/16/18492/9/1888Age 38-Mother
Buckland, Chloe Amanda10/14/18329/1/1902Age 69
Buckland, Flora J.7/11/18706/24/1912N/A
Buckland, John Calvin10/23/18256/25/1897N/A
Buckland, SylvesterN/AN/AN/A
Buhlman, Beatrice V.11/28/190510/6/1993Age 87-Wife of Clarence
Buhlman, Clarence Edward9/6/19066/23/1979New Addition Block 163-Age 72-Husband of Beatrice
Buhlman, FrankN/A4/11/1889Original Plat Lot 161
Buhlman, Joseph Harold12/27/196111/26/2009Age 47
Bulmer, Barton Delbert1/6/19128/1/1977New Addition Block P-Age 65-Husband of LeEtta
Bulmer, LeEtta J.1915N/AN/A
Bunker, HelenN/AN/AN/A
Bunker, William J.N/A4/5/1939Veteran
Bunnell, Evelyn Margaret190712/6/1996Age 89
Bunnell, Robert T.3/15/19045/28/19801973 Addition Block 210-Age 76-Husband of Evelyn
Bunting, L. Norine2/21/19175/16/2010Age 93-Wife of Nile
Bunting, Marcus V.2/28/19169/14/2003Age 87-Husband of Naomi-World War 2
Bunting, Margaret1943N/AN/A
Bunting, Nile D.(Snuffy)11/28/19175/2/1996Age 78-Husband of Lorna
Bunting, Raymond L.10/29/194311/27/1972Front Addition Block 16-Age 29-Vietnam
Burgeson, Chad AllenN/A11/25/19791973 Addition Block 204
Burgess, Alice O.12/6/19071/22/1974Front Addition Block 13-Age 66
Burgess, John Duncan3/3/18657/23/1938Original Plat Lot 9-Age 73-Husband of Paula
Burgess, John Lowell19035/6/1957Front Addition Block 13-Age 54
Burgess, John Neil10/3/19325/3/2011Age 78-Husband of Kay-Korea
Burgess, Kay E.12/19/19327/14/2006Age 73-Wife of John
Burgess, Keith Bryan8/21/19189/29/1999Age 81-Husband of Dorothy-Military Service
Burgess, Neil Bryan9/21/18909/8/1924Original Plat Lot 9-Age 33-Son
Burgess, Paul Phillip5/15/19015/14/1902Age 11 months-Son of John & Paula
Burgess, Paula Adelaide7/10/18684/9/1940Original Plat Lot 9-Age 71-Wife of John
Burgess, Thomas18231/5/1901Age 77
Burgess, Thomas George19366/17/1978Front Addition Block 7-Age 42
Burgher, Bert Clarence4/8/18883/22/1961New Addition Block 191-Age 72-Husband of Charlotte
Burgher, Charlotte1900N/AN/A
Burgher, Clarence H.8/10/19206/7/1983New Addition Block 191-Age 62-Husband of Marie
Burgher, Henry7/18/18617/31/1930New Addition Block 191-Age 69-Father
Burgher, Mary E.5/24/18531/25/1937New Addition Block 191-Age 84-Wife of Henry-Mother
Burke, Allene Spencer5/5/19165/24/1991Age 75-Wife of Ernest
Burkett, Clara D.N/A2/16/1990Front Addition Block 8-Age 81-Wife of Walter
Burkett, Martha Lucille2/22/19448/13/1953Front Addition Block 8-Age 9-Daughter of Walter & Clara
Burkett, Walter Franklin4/30/19111/9/1964Front Addition Block 8-Age 52-Husband of Clara
Burlingame, Joseph4/5/186910/5/1954Original Plat Lot 73-Age 85
Burlingame, Joseph Sr.10/8/18232/2/1909Original Plat Lot 73-Age 85
Burlingame, Louisa A.7/9/18297/7/1895Original Plat Lot 73-Age 66
Burns, Mildred11/20/19201/4/1952Front Addition Block 5-Age 31
Burns, Wanda Nellie9/20/192612/14/1995Age 69
Burt, Charles C.10/16/19119/17/2001Age 89-Husband of Thelma & Elsie
Burt, Erma Mae10/25/19178/25/1998Age 80
Burt, John Asel10/20/18692/27/1956Front Addition Block 17-Age 86-Husband of Mabel
Burt, Mabel E.5/16/18917/22/1971Front Addition Block 17-Age 80
Burt, Miron Edwin19197/23/1919Age 2 Months-Son of John & Mabel
Burt, Thelma Mae10/24/19101/21/1948New Addition Block 195-Age 37-Wife of Charles
Burwell, JemimaN/A8/3/1899Wife of Robert
Busenbark, Alice8/6/18668/16/1936New Addition Block 165-Age 85-Wife of Harry
Busenbark, Harry E.6/30/18654/12/1938New Addition Block 145-Age 72-Father
Busenbark, James4/1/18369/26/1910Soldier's Grave-Age 74-Civil War
Busenbark, James P.9/5/18993/11/1993Age 93
Busenbark, Laura Arnetta9/15/19089/14/1975New Addition Block 145-Age 66-Wife of James
Busenbark, RuthannN/A6/26/2013Age 73
Bussey, Leo Patrick12/5/189910/27/1968Front Addition Block 14-Age 68
Butler, Charles Michael2/2/19175/2/2010N/A
Butler, Hazel Marie12/23/19198/21/2011N/A
Butts, Julia MaeN/A4/28/1927Original Plat Lot 34-Age 3
Buzzie, Albert11/22/19028/5/19811973 Addition Block 210-Age 78-Father
Buzzie, Mildred MarieN/A11/4/1989N/A
Byrne, Robert Emmett1/9/19056/12/1959Front Addition Block 17-Age 54-Husband of Margaret

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