Churchill Township Cemetery (also known as Selkirk Cemetery or Rifle River Cemetery) is located on the
corner of State Road and Gerald Miller Road just east of Selkirk in Churchill Township, Ogemaw County,
Michigan. This listing was compiled by Grace Dooley, who reserves all rights.

Anyone knowing of additional burials or corrections to this cemetery listing is asked to send the information to:
The Rose City Historical Society, Post Office Box 736, Rose City, MI 48654

Additional Info
Abela, John J.8/28/193111/27/1979Age 48-Husband of Clara-Father-Military Service-Lot 318
Adams, Frank18838/5/1953Age 69-Lot 214
Adams, Ina1/11/18843/17/1942Age 58-Wife of Frank-Lot 214
Adams, Julie Marie9/9/19021/22/1962Age 59-Lot 255-Wife of John
Adams, Maxine Ellen11/9/19335/17/2011N/A
Adams, Ralph K. Jr.1/16/19247/23/2013N/A
Albers, Raymond L.1/9/19226/24/1997Age 75-Husband of Marjorie-World War 2
Alberts, Donald R.1/19/1940N/AN/A
Alberts, Janet M.11/14/1940N/AN/A
Alberts, Mealisa P.9/21/19701/10/2001N/A
Aldrich, Baby Girl12/14/192212/14/1922Stillborn Baby of Myrtle & Louis
Allegran, VioletN/AN/ALot Owner(1)-Lot 265
Allred, Mahkailah Josalynne9/23/20034/2/2004Age 6 Months-Daughter of James & D'Anna
Anderson, John3/18/18541/9/1904Age 50-Lot 55
Antcliff, Calvin A.3/27/19259/14/1994Age 69-Husband of Florine-World War 2-Lot 236
Antcliff, Florine L.7/16/1932(Blank)Lot 236
Antcliff, Kelly A.3/27/19259/14/1994Lot 236
Antcliff, Monet L.1/23/19631/24/1963Stillborn Baby of Kelly & Florine-Lot 236
Apsey, Mildred Grace8/10/19165/11/1918Age 2-Daughter of Glen & Delia
Armstrong, Henry Ward3/22/19294/10/2007World War 2
Armstrong, Thelma E.2/29/19368/11/2009"Bobbie"-Wife, Mother & Grandmother
Atherton, Jesse Freeman2/24/18949/22/1946Age 52-Lot 201-Husband of Lena
Atherton, Jesse Hanson Sr.4/7/186011/15/1939Age 79-Husband of Sarah-Lot 201
Atherton, Lena G.3/11/18943/3/1973Age 78-Lot 201
Atherton, Oren Vernon7/30/19225/11/1996Age 73-Lot 201
Atherton, Sarah M.2/5/18606/14/1944Age 84-Lot 201
Atherton, Verna Lee194312/29/1971Age 28-Lot 200
Atherton, Willard Irving6/12/191710/8/1992Age 75-Lot 201
Bair, Florence1/15/191310/5/1995Age 82-Lot 348
Baldwin, H. Russell5/22/190410/30/1978Age 74-Husband of R. May-Married 12/17/1924-Lot 324
Baldwin, R. May (Arnold)1/22/19053/15/1988Wife of H. Russell-Married 12/17/1924-Lot 324
Ballard, Earl S.4/21/19245/18/1994Age 70-Husband of Lillian-Military Service-Lot 253
Ballard, Lillian Joyce8/24/19321/9/1995Age 62-Wife of Earl-Lot 253
Ballard, Robert G.N/AN/ASon of Albert & Fern-Lot Owner-Lot 330
Barrett, Alice B.10/23/18865/16/1970Age 83-Wife of Cecil-Lot 70
Barrett, Cecil B.5/1/18941/29/1975Veteran-Age 81-Lot 70
Barrett, Doris M.12/30/19271/6/2013Wife of Gordon
Barrett, Gordon Ross7/16/19202/21/2006Husband of Doris-World War 2
Barrett, Gordon R. II4/12/19518/6/2000Vietnam
Barrett, Harold William11/29/19162/8/1949World War 2-Husband of Edith-Age 33-Lot 227
Bartz, Donald Ray Jr.10/11/19636/20/2001Age 37-Son of Donald & Edna
Bates, Frank Oscar9/30/18959/1/1985Age 89-Husband of Hazel-Lot 290
Bates, Hazel Fenn8/27/189810/20/1978Age 80-Wife of Frank-Lot 290
Bates, Ila Jean12/19/193111/25/1932Age 11 Months-Daughter of Leonard & Mildred
Baumgardner, EstherN/ACA 6/10/1937N/A
Baumgardner, Jacob A.7/7/18602/17/1925Age 65-Husband of Cora
BeardsleyN/AN/ALot Owner-Lot 344
Beardsley, Bertha M.6/2/19117/1/1983Age 72-Wife of Henry-Lot 340
Beardsley, Henry A.11/20/190910/12/1986Age 76-Lot 340
Beaulieu, Don J.19691988Grandson
Beck, John18221899Lot 15?
Beck, MarionN/AN/ALot Owner(n/r)-Lot 15
Becker, Dorine M.1/8/19238/30/2005Age 82-Wife of George-Cremation-Lot 356
Becker, UnknownN/AN/ALot 356
Bedtelyon, Douglas Wayne5/16/19522/8/1991Age 38-Husband of Kathy-Lot 360
Bedtelyon, Leora Maude11/11/19133/12/1983Age 69-Wife of Louis-Lot 361
Bedtelyon, Lois Irene12/18/19173/27/2010Age 92-Wife of Bill-Lot 357
Bedtelyon, Louis Douglas4/19/19119/4/1994Age 83-Lot 361
Bedtelyon, Vernice Floyd2/9/19133/24/1990Age 77-Husband of Lois-"Bill"-Lot 357
Bee, Nickolas Laird8/22/19846/7/1998"Nickoli"
Bee, Richard D.1/6/19448/23/2006Age 62-Husband of Mary
Belanger, Alfred E.18867/6/1980Husband of Bernice-Age 94-Lot 187
Belanger, Bernece5/5/188410/6/1960Wife of Alfred-Age 75-Lot 187
Belanger, Henry M.9/16/18574/5/1940Age 82-Husband of Rose-Lot 175
Belanger, Mary18297/27/1905Age 75
Belanger, Rose L.185711/30/1936Lot 175
Bell, Adeline June6/3/191111/16/1912Age 1-Daughter of Robert & Martha-Lot 79
Bell, Carl Erwin9/18/19081/10/1990Husband of Mabel-Age 81-Lot 79
Bell, Lavina Edith9/23/18975/17/1932Wife of William-Mother-Age 34-Lot 177
Bell, Mabel6/23/19197/25/1995Age 76
Bell, Martha Caroline2/14/18673/31/1940Wife of Robert-Mother-Age 73-Lot 79
Bell, Robert Maxwell11/20/18575/9/1947Husband of Martha-Father-Age 89-Lot 79
Bell, Theadore R.7/7/18985/4/1966Age 67-Lot 79
Bellinger, Janice Marie3/13/195912/11/1996Age 37
BenjaminN/AN/ALot Owner-Lot 359
Benjamin, A.N/AN/ALot Owner(3)-Lot 65
Benjamin, Adeline Elnora10/12/18822/2/1943Wife of James-Age 60-Mother-Lot 13
Benjamin, Alma Laura9/20/190110/10/1903Lot 13-Age 2-Daughter of James & Adeline
Benjamin, Alvena4/6/18449/10/1900Age 56-Wife of J.P.-Lot 14
Benjamin, Archie P.2/9/188412/12/1938Age 54-Lot 155
Benjamin, Baby Girl2/19/19092/19/1909Stillborn Baby of Wm. & Clara
Benjamin, Bertha Isabella9/4/191210/15/1914Age 2-Daughter of James & Adeline-Lot 13
Benjamin, Clara4/26/189012/16/1975Wife of William-Age 85-Lot 155
Benjamin, Clara9/7/18588/19/1938Age 79-Wife of W. E.
Benjamin, Clara E.18772/10/1882Age 5-Daughter of W.E. & C.
Benjamin, Donna L.12/30/19255/22/1999Age 73-Wife of Roy-Lot 228
Benjamin, Doris M.6/30/19216/14/2005Age 83-Wife of Earl
Benjamin, Earl E.8/3/191412/19/2013Age 99-Husband of Doris
Benjamin, Emma (Hatch)4/25/18612/10/1907Age 44-Lot 92
Benjamin, Ernest5/25/19038/22/1906Age 2-Son of Harry & Nellie
Benjamin, HarryN/AN/ALot Owner(3)-Lot 10
Benjamin, Harvey E.6/21/19094/3/1999Age 89-Husband of Justine-Lot 240
Benjamin, Harvey Ray5/9/19464/26/1965Age 18-Son of Harvey & Justine-Lot 240
Benjamin, Henry Esbert10/16/18764/25/1906Age 29-Son of Pawley & Alvena
Benjamin, Idella E.8/14/191312/4/1998Age 85-Wife of Vernon-Lot 223
Benjamin, James Daniel12/3/19385/13/2015"Dan"-Age 76-Husband of Joann & Debra
Benjamin, James Elijah10/2/18772/3/1958Husband of Adeline-Father-Age 80-Lot 13
Benjamin, James Powley2/13/18451/9/1928Age 82-Lot 92
Benjamin, Jerry L.3/4/19533/4/1953Baby-Age 9 Hours-Son of Wilson & Geraldine
Benjamin, John Washington7/20/18478/21/1916Age 69-Lot 32
Benjamin, Josephine A.11/13/188010/31/1959Age 78-Lot 155
Benjamin, Justine Lavere12/28/19174/26/1977Wife of Harvey-Age 59-Lot 240
Benjamin, Mary1/20/18366/18/1909Age 73-Wife of J.P.-Lot 14
Benjamin, Mary H.7/24/185112/27/1940Age 89-Wife of George
Benjamin, Roy L.6/17/19181/8/1983Husband of Donna-Son of James & Adeline-Age 64-Lot 228
Benjamin, Stephen A.19534/7/1980Lot 228-Age 26-Son of Roy & Donna
Benjamin, Vernon Gilbert10/27/191010/30/2004Age 94-Husband of Idella-Son of William & Clara-Lot 223
Benjamin, William E.6/00/18569/22/1905Age 55
Benjamin, William H.7/3/18576/9/1904Lot 92
Benjamin, William Wilson7/10/18807/5/1949Husband of Clara-Age 68-Lot 155
BennettN/AN/ALot Owner-Lot 352?
Bennett, Alvin M.11/1/18948/19/1961Husband of Viola-Age 66-Lot 196
Bennett, Baby GirlCA6/18/1925CA6/21/1925Age 3 Days-Daughter of Fred
Bennett, BettyN/AN/ALot 348?
Bennett, Elva Charlotte2/2/19005/25/1940Wife of Fred-Age 40-Lot 145
Bennett, Florence M. Withey190411/5/1990Age 86-Lot 129
Bennett, Frank W.4/21/19235/2/2001Age 78-Husband of Betty-Lot 348?
Bennett, Fred11/17/189712/22/1973Age 76-Husband of Florence-Lot 145
Bennett, Harold Kenneth3/3/19107/20/1969Age 59-Husband of Lottie-Lot 284
Bennett, Lottie M.1916N/AWife of Harold
Bennett, Samuel Frederick5/24/194010/31/1940Age 5 Months-Son of Fred & Alva-Lot 145
Bennett, Viola L.10/17/18962/3/1979Wife of Alvin-Age 82-Lot 196
Bernard, Douglas Arnold12/29/197212/30/1972Age 23 Hours-Son of Douglas & Roselee-Lot 276
Bernard, EthelN/A1983Lot 297
Bernard, George W.2/22/19107/30/1973Age 63-Husband of Ethel-Lot 297
Bernard, Terry E.8/1/19586/8/2007Age 48-Son of Emma & Douglas
Bertossi, Aaron Leroy2/12/19922/12/1992Son of Bret & Linda-Twin
Bertossi, Alexis Ann2/12/19922/12/1992Daughter of Bret & Linda-Twin
Blancher, Bert12/24/18933/20/1979Age 85-Lot 301
Blancher, Bertha12/24/18931/3/1894Lot 82
Blancher, Donald Lavern10/2/19295/15/1999Age 69-Son of John & Iva-Military Service-Lot 172
Blancher, Gladys Irene4/4/19068/19/1978Age 72-Wife of Bert-Lot 301
Blancher, Iva May5/24/18938/14/1957Wife of John-Age 64-Lot 172
Blancher, John A.9/7/18849/23/1961Husband of Iva-Age 77-Lot 172
Blancher, Margaret Ann3/15/18598/4/1937Age 78-Mother-Lot 82
Blancher, Philip O.9/12/185810/28/1902Age 44-Father-Lot 82
Bodnar, Ren Ryan6/25/19827/17/2009Age 27
Boerner, Ellen19182002N/A
Boerner, Frank19151981N/A
Bontrager, Eli C.5/25/19354/3/1987Age 51-Husband of Katie-Lot 363
Bontrager, KatieN/AN/ALot 363
Boomer, Joe Washington12/12/18872/28/1971Age 83-Lot 255
Brabo, Clara Helen12/13/188910/28/1986Age 96-Lot 319
Bradley, Dora9/13/18746/2/1965Wife of Scott-Age 91-Lot 243
Bradley, Fillmore R.9/23/18731/22/1949Father-Age 75-Lot 166
Bradley, Orrilla7/11/18777/17/1927Wife of Fillmore-Mother-Lot 166-Age 50
Bradley, Scott7/10/18759/4/1956Husband of Dora-Age 81-Lot 243
Bradley, Willis8/26/190311/27/1975Age 72-Lot 243
Brady, Lyle Ernest5/29/19122/20/1982"Jack"-Age 69-Lot 149
Brindley, Troy D.11/27/196911/29/2011Age 42-Husband of Pam
Broberg, Byrde L.3/8/18926/20/1965Age 73-Lot 209
Broberg, Frederick William4/9/18905/30/1941Age 51-Husband of Byrde-Lot 209
Bronson, Albert Leslie7/1/19075/2/2000Age 92-Husband of Goldia-Lot 203
Bronson, Ruth Geraldine1/20/19063/15/1983Age 77-Wife of Albert-Lot 203
Brooks, Thomas1/14/19025/28/1964Age 62-Lot 218
Brown, Augustus Henry1/1/18825/18/1958N/A
Brown, Daisy Rosetta12/20/1883/10/1959N/A
Brown, Edith Elizabeth12/25/18828/22/1956Age 73-Lot 242-Wife of James
Brown, James Robert7/8/18732/24/1955Age 81-Lot 242-Husband of Edith
Brown, John Henry8/2/18465/1/1926Age 78-Lot 117
Brown, Mae Anna5/16/188912/25/1964N/A
Brown, Roxanna Udora4/6/185211/1/1914Lot 117-"Annie"-Age 62-Wife of John
Brown, Thomas Franklin6/4/18859/27/1951N/A
Brown, William I.11/15/19058/15/1967Age 62-Lot 242
Bryant, Frank G.6/27/18806/19/1966Age 85-Lot 255
Burdo, Magdaline11/4/18529/2/1926Age 73
Burdo, Winfield Scott8/1/18523/1/1920Age 67-Father-Lot 68
Burgher, Jeremy9/28/19799/28/1979Lot 327
Burnia, Leroy10/14/19265/3/1996Age 69
Burns, Philip N.9/12/182912/12/1913Age 83
Burton, Jack Grayson12/4/191812/26/2001Husband of Margaret-Married 1/5/1946-World War 2
Burton, Margaret Eleanor8/30/19225/31/2007Wife of Jack-Married 1/5/1946
Cameron, Dorothea L.19144/16/1961Age 47-Lot 244
Campbell, Alan Ian12/14/18945/21/1965Age 70-Lot 273-Husband of Hazel
Campbell, Hazel Grace4/20/18928/8/1973Age 81-Lot 273
Card, Debra Lynn5/12/19561/6/2006Wife of Roger
Carrington, ElizabethN/A3/13/1985Age 84-Wife of DeWitt
Carscallen, Charles Edwin7/17/191111/2/1964Husband of Dorothy-Age 53-Lot 261
Carscallen, Christena Marion10/20/18782/4/1964Wife of Roy-Mother-Age 85-Lot D
Carscallen, Dorothy Irene9/8/19182/17/1990Age 71-Wife of Charles-Lot 261
Carscallen, Fletcher John8/10/19055/20/1973Son of Roy & Christena-Age 67-Lot D
Carscallen, Hannah Elizabeth Augusta5/10/18796/23/1963Wife of Herbert-Age 84-Lot 22
Carscallen, Harold2/11/190211/12/1904Lot 22-Age 1-Son of Herbert & Hannah
Carscallen, Helen K.19081998Wife of Fletcher-Lot D
Carscallen, Herbert Lee7/12/18767/23/1921Husband of Hannah-Age 45-Lot 22
Carscallen, Lottie E.1/9/18807/1/1960Wife of Sidney-Age 80-Lot 142
Carscallen, Richard Charles4/22/19439/5/2005"Dick"-Husband of Lynne-Cremated-Vietnam
Carscallen, Roy F.1/8/190110/31/1960Husband of Ruth-Age 59-Lot 260
Carscallen, Roy O.8/19/18787/13/1931Age 52-Husband of Christena-Father-Lot D
Carscallen, Ruth E.3/24/190011/17/1972Age 72-Wife of Roy F.-Lot 260
Carscallen, Sydney7/2/18816/23/1936Age 54-Lot 142
Cary, Alfred4/21/19175/28/1978Age 61-Lot 266
Cary, Baby Girl5/4/19055/4/1905Daughter of William & Grace
Cary, Belle8/21/189110/4/1984Wife of Charles-Age 93-Lot 266
Cary, Charles9/8/188110/25/1964Husband of Belle-Age 83-Lot 266
Cary, David2/22/191111/4/1965Age 54-Lot 266
Cary, Ethel Ellen5/23/19236/7/1923Age 15 Days-Daughter of Charles & Belle-Lot 266
Cary, Gordon Wesley5/26/19218/16/1983Age 62-World War 2-Lot 301
Cary, Russell4/17/191511/30/1951Age 36-Lot 220
Cary, Victor9/11/192710/4/1927Age 23 Days-Son of Charles & Belle-Lot 266
Caulfield, JohnN/AN/ALot Owner(5)-Lot 84
Caulfield, John6/8/18339/18/1906Age 73
Caulfield, Mary4/8/18404/19/1922Age 82-Wife of John
Challenger, Agnes C.4/10/18949/18/1966Age 72-Lot 255
Chrivia, Geraldine L.1928N/AWife of Jack-Married 10/5/1946
Chrivia, Jack L.2/21/19258/18/1983Age 58-Husband of Geraldine-Married 10/5/1946-World War 2-Lot 264
Cimmerer, Guy12/2/190210/31/1937Age 34-Lot 188
Clancy, Frank B.5/16/19085/6/1981Lot 300
Clark, Daphyne Lorraine10/29/19096/13/1966Age 56-Wife of Wesley-Lot 109
Clark, Florence L.9/6/190612/12/1966Age 60-Lot 278-Wife of Henry
Clark, Henry Stuart12/19/18975/5/1967Age 69-Lot 278-Husband of Florence-World War 1
Clarry, AlbertN/AN/ALot Owner-Lot 108
Cobb, Eva L.4/21/19118/14/1969Age 59-Wife of Wayne-Mother-Lot 280
Cobb, Wayne Richard12/3/19067/2/1985Age 78-Husband & Father
Coke, Lewis Roy4/6/18837/30/1940Brother-Age 57-Lot 167
Colclasure, Bernice Everett1/14/19183/7/1988"Doc"-Age 70-World War 2-Lot 350?
Colclasure, Lana M.12/30/19166/28/2012Age 95-Wife of Doc-Lot 350?
Coleman, Betty Marlene4/26/19378/11/2006Age 69-Lot 393
Coleman, JeanetteN/AN/ALot 393
Conyer, Jerry Odell9/28/192310/13/1964Husband of Erma-Age 41-Lot 220-World War 2
Conyer, Patricia Arlene10/4/19386/3/1999Age 60-Wife of Stephen
Cook, Eugene Judson8/21/192311/5/1994Age 71-Lot 316
Cooper, Frank P.7/9/18611/6/1940Age 78-Husband of Victoria-Father-Lot 127
Cooper, Jennie G.6/30/18411/5/1917Age 75-Mother-Lot 127
Cooper, Victoria S.6/15/18589/15/1935Wife of Frank-Age 76-Lot 127
Copeland, Howard E.8/28/19062/11/2000Age 93-Husband of Margaret-Married 12/4/1926-Lot 236
Copeland, Margaret I.5/12/19109/22/1994Age 84-Wife of Howard-Married 12/4/1926-Lot 236
Copeland, Todd Richard12/26/195912/28/1959Age 2 Days-Son-Lot 236
Corwin, Mary Estelle7/15/18958/5/1963Age 68-Lot 17-Wife Of Ralph
Corwin, Ralph Osborne6/11/189212/19/1975Age 83-Husband of Eva-Lot 17
Corwin, Sarah M.184210/31/1900Age 58-Lot 17
Cottle, Alice Julia9/21/18997/20/1954Wife of Russell-Age 54-Lot 160
Cottle, Emily Elda9/3/19282/28/1998Age 69-Daughter of Russell & Alice-Lot 160
Cottle, Frances Margaret12/8/19246/25/1999Age 74-Daughter of Myron & Julia-Lot 160
Cottle, George G.6/17/18981/12/1952Age 53
Cottle, Keith Allen11/4/192612/7/1926Age 1 Month-Son of Russell & Alice-Lot 160
Cottle, Margarett J.3/27/18552/12/1940Wife of William-Age 84-Lot 161
Cottle, Myron Russell18969/12/1972Husband of Alice-Age 76-Lot 160
Cottle, William John11/10/18525/3/1936Husband of Margaret-Age 83-Lot 161
Cottle, William John5/26/18825/5/1928Husband of Cora-Age 45-Lot 168
Cottle, William Joseph10/22/19221/11/1936Son of Russell & Julia A.-Age 13-Lot 160
Couchois, Eva May Allen19114/14/1951Age 39-Lot 229
Craft, Rachel Minerva6/11/188812/12/1970Age 82-Wife of August Fox & Henry Craft-Lot 20
Cragg, Isabelle187411/19/1957Age 83
Crandall, Elizabeth G.6/22/19716/23/1971Age 1 Day-Daughter of John & Elizabeth-Lot 285
Crandall, Joseph E.4/17/197011/3/1973Age 3-Lot 285
Crist, Adelma NancyN/A2/11/1939N/A
Crist, Anna C.5/10/18884/11/1964Age 75-Lot 207
Crist, Bessie May2/2/189110/11/1979Age 88-Lot 215
Crist, Jacobs J.11/23/18471/7/1940Age 92-Husband of Maggie
Crist, James J.19116/7/1971Age 59-Lot 207
Crist, RobertN/AN/ALot Owner(4)-Lot 3
Crist, Robert H.3/10/18761/10/1943Age 66-Lot 215-Husband of Bessie
Crist, Ronald Neil10/1/19405/3/1941Age 7 Months-Son of James & Alice
Crist, Samuel Jacob4/6/188210/20/1953Age 71-Lot 207-Husband of Anna
Cross, IvanN/AN/ALot Owner(1)-Lot 89
Cross, Pearl12/10/190110/17/1906Age 5-Daughter of Ivan & Emma
Cummings, David Lee1/8/19462/14/1946Age 1 Month-Son of Ralph & Ruth-Lot 248?
Cummings, Floreda M.8/18/192812/29/1991Age 63-Wife of Ralph-Lot 248?
Cummings, Ralph E.5/4/19219/27/2000"Smiley"-Age 79-Husband of Floreda-World War 2-Lot 248?
Custer, Martha C. (Ogger)11/13/19045/26/1974Age 69-Lot 179
Dahl, Adolph Conrad9/21/186012/16/1936Father-Age 76-Lot 135
Dahl, Elizabeth F.11/22/19054/17/1994Age 88-Wife of Henry-Lot 287
Dahl, Henry Adolph2/24/190111/9/1970Age 69-Husband of Elizabeth-Lot 287
Dahl, Sophia H.11/22/187211/28/1943Mother-Age 72-Lot 135
Dahl, William12/4/189811/6/1968Age 69-Lot 135
Danielson, Lewis5/11/19419/7/1976Age 35-Son of Charles-Lot 323
David, Alba Scofield7/21/18931/15/1949Husband of Hilda-Age 55-Lot 120
David, Bessie V.12/7/19018/26/1987Wife of Byron-Age 85-Lot 163
David, Byron Dewey5/19/18983/29/1967Husband of Bessie-Age 68-Lot 163
David, Elizabeth188212/29/1962Age 80
David, Eugene12/12/192712/12/1927Age 1 Day-Lot 163
David, Harriet Emma5/8/19296/3/1929Age 26 Days-Daughter of Dewey & Bessie-Lot 163
David, Hattie Matilla11/27/186911/1/1937Age 67-Wife of Scofield-Lot 163
David, Hilda Elizabeth12/17/18944/27/1994Wife of Alba-Age 99-Lot 120
David, Melt M.8/6/19158/7/1915Age 1 Day-Premature Son of Alba & Hilda-Lot 120
David, Roy G.188610/14/1965Age 79-Lot 262
David, Scofield Nathan9/13/186512/31/1927Age 62-Lot 163
Davis, Kathleen B.19194/24/1993Age 74-Wife of Charles
Davis, Margaret Marie Fox19352/18/1993Age 57
Dayton, Charles E.3/1/19245/4/1996Age 72-World War 2
Dayton, Freddie Ernest11/17/191211/19/1912Age 3 Days-Son of Ernest & Lillie
Dayton, Kathleen Betty8/18/19184/24/1993Age 74-Wife of Charles
Decker, Minnie Maude3/30/18733/4/1950Age 76-Lot 229
Decker, Theodore E.10/6/18817/20/1960Age 77-Lot 229
Delaney, Elsie Rachael6/12/19088/31/2001Age 93-Wife of Frank-Lot 321
Delaney, Frank Theodore2/16/19045/15/1991Age 87-Husband of Elsie-Lot 321
Dembeck, August Gustav6/9/18922/27/1979Age 86-Lot 314
Demergis, Eva Mae3/25/188611/11/1957Age 71-Mother-Wife of Nicholas-Lot 205
Demergis, Nicholas A.2/1/188111/5/1957Age 78-Father-Husband of Eva-Lot 205
Denstedt, Bonnie M.6/9/19486/16/2009Age 61-Wife of Carroll-Married 8/1/1998
Denstedt, Carroll L.4/16/1945N/AHusband of Bonnie-Married 8/1/1998
DeVore, Forest Albert12/16/190012/19/1975Age 75-Husband of Estelle-Lot 304
Dickerson, Horace James11/16/19094/3/1967Age 58-Lot 275-Husband of Mary-Father
Dickerson, Mary I.(Karafa)19162010Mother
Dickinson, Maynard J.191811/26/1921Age 3-Son of Jacob & Maggie-Lot 133
Diehl, Frederick William3/29/18785/31/1952Husband of Mabel-Age 74-Lot 94?
Diehl, Harold J.19002/4/1961Age 60-Lot 185
Diehl, Mabel Augusta18816/2/1922Wife of Frederick-Age 41
Diehl, Mary Louise1/31/19321/31/1932Stillborn Baby of Harold & Nellie-Lot 185
Diehl, Nellie M.18992/20/1952Age 52-Lot 185
Diehl, Suzanne Ella3/21/19373/24/1937Age 3 Days-Daughter of Harold
Diehl, William18781932N/A
Diemert, Albert I.6/20/19134/28/1992Age 78-Military Service-Lot 328
Diemert, Floyd J.N/AN/ALot 328
Diemert?, Hattie MaeN/AN/ALot 328
Diemert, JoyceN/AN/ALot 332
Diemert, Marie Belva10/29/19227/26/1980Age 57-Wife of Albert-Lot 328
Dillenbeck, John18221899Lot 90
Dillenbeck, SabraN/A1893Lot 90
Drumm, Carlie M.7/2/192710/4/1985Age 58-Wife & Mother-Lot 305
Drumm, Rodney Owen11/26/19596/18/1975Age 15-Son of Leroy & Carlie-Lot 305
Durgan, Erastus3/27/18306/3/1922Age 92
Eastman, Beulah H.3/14/19202/3/2009"Bea"-Age 88-Wife of Leon-Lot 341
Eastman, Carlyle Eric7/4/19069/4/1906Age 2 Months-Son of John & Francis
Eastman, Carlyle Eric7/4/19089/7/1978Son of John & Francis-Husband-Lot 151
Eastman, Catherine C.2/10/191310/20/1981Age 68-Wife of Leon-Lot 337
Eastman, Charles Eric18859/25/1978Dad-Age 92-Lot 151
Eastman, Charles W.12/6/18561/1/1943Age 86-Husband of Sarah-Lot 151
Eastman, Charles W.N/AN/ALot Owner(1)-Lot 58
Eastman, George D.N/ACA7/22/1926N/A
Eastman, George D. Jr.19005/9/1922Age 22
Eastman, Jean1920(Blank)Lot 151-Wife
Eastman, John Albert7/23/188111/3/1960Husband of Maude-"Bert"-Age 79-Lot 153
Eastman, Leon Harold9/1/19141/17/2005Age 90-Husband of Beulah & Catherine-Lot 337
Eastman, Maude Louise5/12/18883/28/1928Age 39-Wife of Bert-Lot 153
Eastman, Raymond A.6/26/19103/28/1985Age 74-Husband of Zipporah-Lot 153
Eastman, Sarah Jane18626/28/1956Age 94-Lot 151
Eastman, Zipporah11/22/190810/9/1997"Zip"-Age 88-Wife of Raymond-Lot 153
Egan, Edgar E.1/3/18847/11/1967Father-Age 84-Lot 255
Emes, Amy C.18892/19/1893Age 4-Daughter of William & Alice-Lot 24 or 29
Emes, Gladys Lillian18994/25/1901Age 1-Daughter of William & Alice-Lot 24 or 29
Emes, Luther12/20/18283/23/1898Lot 29
Emes, Margaretta6/27/19021/1/1903Age 6 Months-Daughter of William & Alice
Engel, Bess1940N/AWife of Carl-Married 10/27/1962
Engel, Carl Edwin2/3/19392/13/2000Age 61-Husband of Bessie-Married 10/27/1962
Epsey, GlenN/AN/ALot Owner(0)-Lot 121
Farnsworth, Margarette A.11/7/18493/28/1939Age 89-Lot 189
Farnsworth, Peter A.7/28/18824/29/1959Age 76-Lot 189
Fasbender, Laura M.2/19/192510/2/1995Age 70-Lot 348
Ferguson, Celia3/1/18719/13/1960Wife of Edwin-Age 89-Lot 254
Ferguson, Edwin E.10/22/187011/14/1968Age 98-Lot 254
Ferguson, Joyce Alice11/1/19579/14/1998Age 40-Daughter of Max & Alice-Lot 254
Ferguson, Leita R.12/31/18973/24/1993Wife of Owen-Age 95-Lot 254
Ferguson, Owen E.3/21/189410/28/1972Husband of Leita-Age 78-Lot 254
Ferguson, Owen Wendell9/14/191910/8/1994Age 75-Lot 254
Field, Edna Sue Pemberton1/10/193812/2/2009N/A
Fisher, Mary L.2/15/1948N/AWife of Terrence-Married June 30, 1973
Fisher, Rosa1/17/19202/29/2008Age 88
Fisher, Dr. Terrence G.5/16/19471/28/2016Husband of Mary-Marriage 6/30/1973
Fisher, Verna8/22/191410/27/1995Age 81-Lot 348
Fluhrer, Lucy Anna5/27/190212/14/1972Age 70-Wife of John-Lot 289
Ford, Maria6/15/18352/21/1918Grandma
Forst, Evelyn M.11/5/191012/30/1994Age 84
Forsyth, Donald J.1/6/19416/7/2008Husband of Sharon
Forsyth, Sharon K.8/28/1942N/AN/A
Foster, Adeline (Carscallen)19032001Lot 197
Foster, Alma7/19/18695/28/1959Age 89-Wife of Grant-Lot 111
Foster, Charles18991916Lot 111
Foster, Clyde3/14/19017/18/1987Age 86-Husband of Mary-Lot 111
Foster, Harlan R.189911/16/1990Age 91-Husband of Adeline-Lot 197
Foster, Mary S.19008/27/1987Age 87-Lot 111
Foster, Thomas S.3/7/18671/26/1943Age 76-Lot 111
Foster, Ulysses Grant4/6/186912/22/1950Age 86-Husband of Alma-Lot 111
Fournier, Delia 6/11/18668/29/1929Age 63-Daughter of John & Almira Greenier-Wife of John Anderson & Archie Fournier
Fox, Alice Marie8/24/19185/9/1998Age 79-Wife of Kenneth-Married July 27, 1934
Fox, August Christopher18661/29/1948Husband of Rachel-Age 82-Lot 20
Fox, August Otto5/3/191511/14/1965Husband of Georgia-World War 2-Age 50-Lot 221
Fox, BabyN/AN/ALot 315
Fox, Crystal B.1913N/AN/A
Fox, Earl R.7/26/19109/27/1996Age 86-Husband of Crystal-Lot 336
Fox, Etta May187211/18/1900Age 27-Wife of August-Lot 20
Fox, Florence6/25/191311/10/1971Age 58-Wife of William-Lot 287
Fox, Irene6/4/19017/2/1916Age 15-Daughter of Patrick & Lois-Lot 112
Fox, Isbel A.3/8/19407/7/2000Age 60-Wife of Kenneth
Fox, James Allen12/15/194610/5/1947Age 9 Months-Son of August & Lorraine-Lot 20
Fox, Kenneth L.4/8/19379/20/1989Age 52-Lot 315
Fox, Kenneth W.7/5/190810/16/1980Husband of Alice-Married July 27, 1934-Son of Gus & Rachel-Age 72-Lot 315
Fox, Lee H.5/20/189710/28/1918Age 21-Son of Wm. & Alla
Fox, Lelah M.2/13/19338/10/1986Age 53-Wife of William-Lot 334
Fox, Lorraine Alice6/6/192110/30/1956Age 35-Wife of August-Lot 221
Fox, Marcella Isabella8/10/19041/25/1953Age 48-Wife of Ross-Lot 20
Fox, Naomi Ruth11/23/19116/3/1976Age 64-Lot 130-Mother
Fox, Olive A. Perkins5/3/18757/20/1908Age 32-Wife of William
Fox, Oscar Allen9/27/19172/8/1949Husband of Ruth-Age 31-Lot 227-World War 2
Fox, Patrick10/24/186612/27/1923Father-Lot 112
Fox, Riley Frank8/27/19079/20/1907Age 21 Days-Son of August & Rachel
Fox, RossN/AN/ALot Owner(1)-Lot 233
Fox, Ross LeRoy7/11/19034/5/1965Age 61-Husband of Naomi-Father-World War 1-Lot 130
Fox, William A.18617/20/1908Age 47-Husband of Olive
Francis, Effie May18881916Wife of Horace-Lot 8
Francisco, Arigo P.12/31/191412/7/1980Age 66-Lot 298
Francisco, James Gerald3/11/19379/6/2008Cremation-U.S. Navy
Freeman, Pearl M.8/22/19041/1/1992Age 87
Freeman, William J.8/30/19051/26/1975Age 70-Husband of Pearl-Lot 299
Fuller, Wayne William4/25/19439/24/2005Husband of Alvena
Fulmer, Elijah Miles10/11/18388/25/1909Age 70-Lot 4
Gagnon, DavidN/AN/ALot Owner(1)-Lot 231
Galeener, Robert Webster5/15/19273/20/1999Age 71-Husband of Mary-Military Service
Gamble, Theda I.19181997Nee Quigley-Lot 158
Gantz, Violet M. Perkins7/31/19189/16/1937Age 19-Wife of Joe-Daughter
Geisenhauer, Harold Albert1/15/190811/22/1982Age 74-Husband of Norma-Married 8/28/1958-Lot 284
Geisenhauer, Norma J.8/28/19092/3/1987Age 77-Wife of Harold-Married 8/28/1958-Lot 284
George, Walter Leroy12/20/19225/24/1982Age 59-World War 2-Lot 358
Germain, L. Maynard19461991N/A
Germain, Maynard L.5/14/192211/2/1993"Jerry"-Age 71-Husband of Sophie-World War 2-Lot 332
Germain, Sophie Helen5/23/19254/14/2012Cremation-Lot 332
Gill, BarbaraN/AN/ALot 398
Gill, Jack S.19209/20/1990Age 70-World War 2-Lot 398
Gimes, Evelyn ForestN/AN/ALot 316
Goatbe, Alice A.12/20/18797/6/1936Age 56-Lot 134
Goatbe, Clifford Elgin6/15/18982/11/1966Age 67-Father-Lot 134
Goatbe, Velma M.1919(Blank)Wife of William-Lot 134
Goatbe, William Terry3/15/19151/24/1992Husband of Velma-Age 76-Lot 134
Goldring, Rogine Margaret12/22/19313/31/1990Age 58
Goldy, N.N/AN/ALot 270
Gonyea, Charles M.18367/23/1905Age 69-Lot 46
Gonyea, Margaret187110/23/1891Age 20-Daughter of Charles & Mary
Good, Angelina18768/5/1952Age 76
Good, Corrine Rose11/17/19107/28/2010Age 99-Wife of Wilbur-Cremation-Lot 239
Good, Delores Isedorey5/1/19214/23/2010Age 88-Wife of Harold-Married 1/15/1938
Good, Harold Robert12/24/19132/18/2006Age 92-Husband of Delores-Married 1/15/1938-Lot 327
Good, Malinda Angeline11/4/18758/5/1952Age 76-Lot 233
Good, Mamie1/27/191312/14/2001Age 88-Wife of Orville-Married 2/10/1935
Good, Mildred Bernice8/27/19308/27/1930Stillborn Baby of Wilbur S. & Corrine-Lot 239
Good, OrvilleN/AN/ALot Owner-Lot 327
Good, Orville W.4/2/19104/18/1994Age 84-Husband of Mamie-Married 2/10/1935
Good, Wilbur S.190811/8/1992Age 84-Husband of Corrine-Cremation-Lot 239
Good, William Harvey4/27/18781/15/1952Husband of Malinda-Age 73-Lot 233
Goodhand, John A.18813/6/1929Husband of Maggie-Age 59-Lot 40
Goodhand, John J.6/18/19041/12/1905Age 6 Months-Son of John & Maggie-Lot 40
Goodhand, Margaret E.1876N/AWife of John-Lot 40
Goodhand, Nellie Maggie3/27/19084/22/1908Age 25 Days-Daughter of John & Maggie-Lot 40
Goodhand, Violet May3/30/19092/26/1913Age 3-Daughter of John & Maggie-Lot 40
Goodwin, Baby Girl12/8/188112/8/1881Daughter of Phillip & Susan-Lot 35
Goodwin, Bertha E.186412/1/1882Age 18-Daughter of Phillip & Susan-Lot 35
Goodwin, Henry R.186612/7/1882Age 16-Son of Phillip & Susan-Lot 35
Goodwin, Ida187412/3/1882Age 8-Daughter of Phillip & Susan-Lot 35
Goodwin, Philip H.1/12/19031/26/1903Age 14 Days-Son of William & Lena
Goodwin, S.N/AN/ALot Owner(1)-Lot 47
Goodwin, WilliamN/AN/ALot Owner(1)-Lot 88
Gould, John Cecil1/11/19208/27/1986Age 66-Husband of Ruth-Married 4/4/1942-Dad-World War 2-Lot 313
Gould, Ruth Lucille8/28/19249/26/2005See Ruth Ludlow-Wife of John Gould & James Ludlow-Married 4/4/1942-Mom
Graham, Ralph A. Jr.7/26/19431/10/2016Michigan State Police
Graham, Ralph Allen Sr.5/24/191612/9/1973Age 57-Husband of Betty-World War 2-Lot 298
Gray, William185112/21/1934Age 83
Graybill, Frank C.2/5/19206/2/1995Age 75-World War 2-Lot 12
Graybill, Glen W.11/19/19151/26/1991Age 75-Lot 12
Graybill, Mary E.18938/26/1921Mother-Age 29-Wife of William-Lot 12
Graybill, Philipina184412/8/1935Age 91-Wife of Reuben
Graybill, PollyN/AN/ALot 12
Graybill, Reuben18399/8/1911Lot 12-Age 72
Graybill, William Jacob3/30/18731/16/1939Father-Age 65-Husband of Mary-Lot 12
Green, Pearl A.1900N/AN/A
Green, Thomas M.2/9/189010/6/1964Age 74-Lot 268-Husband of Pearl
Greenier, AlmiraN/ACA3/14/1929N/A
Greenier, Mabel Anna Rehil12/5/190310/2/1939Age 35-Wife of Roy-Lot 190
Gregg, Marguerite E.11/15/19372/20/2006"Mardi"-Age 68-Wife of John-Mother
Greniea, John3/5/18515/13/1902Age 51-Lot 4
Grenier, Charles1887(Blank)Husband of Violet-Father-Lot 38
Grenier, Charlotte9/25/19099/27/1909Daughter of Charles & Violet-Age 2 Days
Grenier, Delos Roy193310/11/1959Age 26-Lot 190
Grenier, Ella18771917Mother-Lot 119
Grenier, Frank Arnold7/2/19474/30/1949Age 2-Son of Stephen & Rosetta
Grenier, John7/17/188311/30/1953Age 70-Husband of Mary-Lot 190
Grenier, Mary L.188611/10/1970Age 84-Lot 190
Grenier, Rosetta6/15/19082/14/1998Grandmother
Grenier, Roy John1/22/19081/5/1941Son of Jack & Mary-Age 32-Father-Lot 190
Grenier, Shynid David7/23/19457/24/1945Age 1 Day-Son of Steven & Rosetta
Grenier, Stephen18698/21/1953Father-Age 84-Lot 119
Grenier, Ula Belle3/14/19083/16/1922Age 14-Daughter of Stephen & Ella-Sister-Lot 119
Grenier, Violet18861920Wife of Charlie-Mother-Lot 38
Grezeszak, Frank Edward3/10/19289/14/2009Age 81-Husband of Rita
Grezeszak, LawrenceN/ACA1917N/A
Grezeszak, Robert P.4/30/19263/31/1986Age 59-Lot 314
Griffith, Bertha188410/3/1898Age 14-Lot 49
Griffith, Bertha11/16/18628/16/1935Age 72-Wife of William
Griffith, Cora Francis3/6/18621894Wife of George
Griffith, Cora18591926Mother-Wife of George-Age 67-Lot 63
Griffith, Elizabeth5/28/18121/16/1906N/A
Griffith, Ethel18951/23/1919Mother-Lot 49
Griffith, George G.1/10/185811/24/1926Age 68
Griffith, George18681939Father-Age 74-Lot 63
Griffith, Gilbert1/31/19102/2/1910Age 2 Days-Son of Sarah & George-Lot 63
Griffith, Lizzie189410/3/1898Age 4-Daughter of Wm. & Bertha-Lot 49
Griffith, Sarah1/10/18683/26/1939Age 71-Wife of George-Lot 63
Griffith, William Lorenzo9/7/18507/6/1951Age 100-Lot 49-Spanish American
Griffith, WilliamN/A10/3/1898Age 14-Lot 49
Grimes, Ronald S.19471995N/A
Guernsey, Floyd Henry6/23/19171/29/1989Age 71-Husband of Leatha-World War 2-Lot 317
Guest, Elizabeth Irma19173/13/1994Age 77
Guigs, N.N/AN/ALot 317
Gussman, Edward19026/23/1989Age 87-Lot 322
Guthmiller, Florence J.10/12/190810/5/1980Age 71-Lot 325
Guthmiller, Jacob3/16/19026/19/1980Age 78-Husband of Florence-Lot 325
Guthrie, Harriett10/29/18242/17/1913Age 89
Hall, Alice Luella9/13/19082/11/1934Mother-Age 25-Wife of Claude-Lot 181
Hall, Clarence19083/3/1909Age 1-Son of Richard & Minnie
Hall, Clarence Albert10/1/193610/15/1972Age 36-U.S. Army-Lot 293
Hall, Claude Byron5/4/19003/31/1977Father-Age 76-Lot 181
Hall, Edna Florence2/18/19116/8/1988Age 77
Hall, Henry Delos4/26/186411/4/1940Lot 107
Hall, Jenny Lynn8/5/19842/13/2005Age 20-Daughter of Edward & Florencia
Hall, John W.3/3/18678/18/1952Father-Age 85-Lot A
Hall, Laura Anna4/24/18762/13/1946Mother-Age 69-Wife of John-Lot A
Hall, Lisa Joan6/1/196610/15/1972Age 6-Daughter and Sister-Lot 293
Hall, Lorrine M.7/6/19269/5/2002Age 76
Hall, Mary A.9/1/18827/10/1917Age 34-Lot 107
Hall, Minnie MaudeN/A3/4/1950N/A
Hall, Norma Lucille7/11/19387/12/1938Age 1 Day-Daughter of Claude & W. Edna-Lot 181
Hall, Sylvia Blanche11/30/18966/1/1925Wife of Dencil-Age 28-Lot 157
Hall, Vera Fern2/7/190011/16/1976Age 76-Wife of William-Lot 19
Hall, W. Edna19116/8/1988Age 77-Lot 181
Hall, William John1/20/18977/14/1979Age 82-Lot 19
Hamilton, Michelle L.9/25/196810/26/2000Age 32-Wife of Philip
Hamilton, Philip J.4/30/1969N/AN/A
Hamling, Betty A. Page3/3/19327/20/1955Mother-Age 23-Lot 226
Hammond, Benjamin9/9/18513/7/1914Age 62
Hammond, Benjamin18882/7/1889Age 7 Months-Son of David
Hammond, DavidN/AN/ALot Owner(2)-Lot 73
Hammond, David18497/21/1925Age 76
Hammond, ElizaCA18652/3/1927Age 62
Harris, Donald E.19322009Father
Harris, ErnestN/AN/ALot Owner(1)-Star Lot
Harris, George C.2/13/18806/3/1960Grandfather-Age 80-Star Lot or Lot 253
Harris, Herman A.11/21/184412/21/1912Age 68-Star Lot
Harris, Ida Rebecca1/10/186312/9/1940N/A
Harshman, Gayle Marie10/11/19429/15/1984Age 41-Wife of Hubert-Lot 224
Harshman, Harriet E.1919(Blank)Wife of Howard-Lot 224
Harshman, Howard5/6/19172/12/2003Age 85-Husband of Harriet-World War 2-Lot 224
Harshman, Hubert Eugene2/15/19392/2/2000Age 60-Son of Howard & Harriet-Lot 224
Hartwick, Ellis John19273/25/1945World War 2-Age 18-Lot 225
Hartwick, John E.2/8/18965/26/1987Husband of Mary-Married 12/31/1924-Age 91-Lot 225
Hartwick, Mary Elizabeth8/29/19075/12/1987Wife of John-Married 12/31/1924-Age 79-Lot 225
Hatch, Eliza Jane12/3/18375/20/1909Age 71
Hatch, John Wesley8/11/18304/24/1900Age 69-Husband of Eliza-Lot 92
Hatch, William Henry7/3/18576/9/1904Age 46-Lot 92
Hawley, Edward Wayne6/10/19203/14/1978Age 57-Husband of Althea-U.S. Army-Lot 312
Hawley, Jennie E.4/8/18935/15/1979Wife of Joseph-Lot 118
Hawley, Joseph D.19049/10/1959Husband of Jennie-Age 55-Lot 118
Hawley, Joseph Samuel19171/15/1919Age 1-Son of Joe & Jennie-Lot 118
Hawley?, RaginaN/AN/ALot 312
Heath, Anna18971974Lot 213
Heath, Claud Edward9/20/18861/12/1956Age 69-Husband of Anna-Lot 213
Heath, H. L.N/AN/ALot Owner(1)-Lot 80
Heath, Henry E.186312/11/1881Age 18-Son of Henry L. & Harriet
Heath, Miles3/21/18616/8/1941Father-Age 80-Husband of Eunice-Lot 213
Heath, William Warren2/14/18656/12/1943Age 78
Henry, RoyN/A7/18/1918Killed France
Herring, William2/3/188311/25/1962Age 79-Lot 255
Hillier, Abbie1/29/18838/21/1975Age 92-Lot 37
Hillier, EllenCA18443/18/1927Age 83
Hillier, Ross E.18818/12/1936Age 54-Lot 37
Hillier, Whitine Robert5/9/184311/5/1916Spanish-American War?-Age 73-Lot 37
Hilts, Elisha12/15/18394/25/1912Age 72-Lot 106
Hilts, GilesN/AN/ALot Owner(2)-Lot 30
Hilts, James W.6/30/186811/30/1952Age 84-Lot 106
Hilts, Jiles1/11/18447/9/1928Age 84-Husband of Mary-Lot 30?
Hilts, JohnN/AN/ALot Owner(2)-Lot 9
Hilts, Maria1/24/18391/30/1916Age 77-Wife of Elisha-Lot 106
Hilts, Mary M.19078/18/1956Age 49-Lot 165
Hilts, (May) Bernadine1/3/19037/11/1994Age 91-Mother-Lot 165
Hilts, Robert B.4/26/19459/27/2010Age 65-Husband of Linda-Vietnam
Hilts, Russell4/19/19046/3/1977Age 73-Husband of Bernadine-Lot 165
Hilts, William Henry8/25/19019/27/1901Age 1 Month-Son of William & Elmira
Hilts, (or Mills) WilliamN/AN/ALot Owner(0)-Lot 83
Hiltz, Anna M.18721920N/A
Hiltz, Charles10/14/187011/26/1935Husband of Margaret-Age 65-Father-Lot 69
Hiltz, Della May6/12/19449/20/1944Age 3 Months
Hiltz, Ethbert D.19019/25/1964"Bert"-Age 63-Lot 200
Hiltz, Frank Oliver6/8/19103/7/1981Son of Charles & Margaret-Husband of Thelma-World War 2-Age 70-Lot 198
Hiltz, Frederick11/21/186311/26/1906Age 43-Son of Giles & Mary-Lot 91
Hiltz, HaroldN/AN/ALot Owner(0)-Lot 288
Hiltz, Ira Philip4/30/190711/19/1912Age 5-Son of Charles & Margaret-Lot 69
Hiltz, Isaac Jacob9/5/18673/21/1946Age 78
Hiltz, JakeCA18745/7/1927Age 53
Hiltz, Margaret Euphemia11/27/187010/5/1936Wife of Charles-Mother-Age 65-Lot 69
Hiltz, Margaret R.12/1/19029/30/1903Age 10 Months-Daughter of Charles & Margaret-Lot 69
Hiltz, Mary Cook5/27/18633/12/1939Age 75-Wife of Isaac-Lot 91
Hiltz, Mary Elizabeth8/29/18802/14/1937Age 57-Mother-Lot 165
Hiltz, Stacy Ann7/3/19757/3/1975Baby-Lot 69
Hiltz, Thelma M.19201999Lot 198
Hoag, Viola12/17/18937/9/1998Age 104
Hodgins, Agnes Lillian11/22/18719/10/1941Age 69-Wife of John-Mother-Lot 59
Hodgins, Anna E.3/4/19059/29/2000Age 95-Wife of Charlie Miller & Harold Hodgins
Hodgins, Clyde Leslie2/26/190911/19/1989Son of John & Agnes-Age 80-Lot 114
Hodgins, Ernest John10/31/19139/24/1997Son of John & Agnes-Husband of Evelyn-Age 83-Lot 230
Hodgins, Evelyn Mary (Schalk)9/7/19194/10/1994Age 74-Wife of Ernest-Lot 230
Hodgins, Harold R.3/29/19011/20/1986Age 84-Husband of Annie-Lot 36
Hodgins, Janet2/27/18748/16/1948"Jennie"Age 74-Wife of William-Lot 36
Hodgins, Jessie184210/28/1925Wife of Joseph-Age 83-Lot 36
Hodgins, John5/24/187210/24/1947Husband of Agnes-Age 75-Lot 59
Hodgins, Joseph184011/18/1906Age 66-Father-Lot 21
Hodgins, Joseph Herbert3/4/18755/2/1942Age 67-Husband of Nina-Lot 195
Hodgins, Lola B.19015/11/1987Age 85-Wife of Clyde-Lot 114
Hodgins, Merton L.6/20/191010/30/1910Age 4 Months-Son of John & Agnes-Lot 59
Hodgins, Nina Marie18831/23/1944Age 60-Lot 195
Hodgins, Pearl A.9/29/19007/7/1971Age 70-Wife of Clyde-Lot 268
Hodgins, Russell Guy5/4/18991/29/1965Father-Age 65-Lot 218
Hodgins, William12/23/186811/16/1938Age 69-Husband of Jennie-Lot 36
Hodgins, William Frank12/25/193512/26/1935Age 15 Hours-Son of Russell & Nettie-Lot 36
Hodgson, Mabel Evelyn7/12/189010/19/1918Age 28-Wife of Frank-Dau. of Joseph Parliament
Holmes, JohnN/AN/ALot Owner(n/r)-Lot 298
Holshoe, Baby3/22/19523/22/1952Stillborn Baby-Lot 232
Holshoe, Frank Sr.1/21/189211/12/1956Husband of Minnie-Age 64-World War 1-Lot 152
Holshoe, Minnie Ila12/22/189311/12/1994Wife of Frank-Age 100-Lot 152
Holshoe, Richard Arthur12/21/19278/26/1976Son of Frank & Ila-Husband-Father-Age 48-World War 2-Lot 152
Holshoe, Victor Frank3/7/19197/13/1993Age 74-Husband of Virginia-Lot 232
Holshoe, Virginia A.6/21/19192/17/2006Age 86-Wife of Victor-Lot 232
Hook, CecilN/AN/ALot Owner(0)-Lot 234
Hook, Cecila E.19271933Daughter
Hopkins, Merald C.12/29/192010/10/2009Age 88-Husband of Orpha-World War 2
Hopkins, Orpha Thelda12/17/192011/14/2001Age 80-Wife of Merald-Cremated
Horning, John Samuel12/26/187812/19/1965Father-Age 86-Lot 202
Horning, Lou Etta4/14/188312/17/1961Mother-Age 78-Wife of John-Lot 202
Horning, Raymond John19091/5/1989Brother-Age 79-Lot 202
Hostetler, Baby Boy12/28/192212/28/1922Premature Son of Milton & Nellie-Lot 124
Hostetler, Esther1/2/18555/31/1937Age 82-Wife of Henry-Lot 124
Hostetler, Ezra M.19016/19/1961Age 59-Lot 124
Hostetler, Florence May2/18/192611/22/1926Age 9 Months-Daughter of Milton & Nellie-Lot 124
Hostetler, Garfield10/15/192410/15/1924Stillborn Baby of Milton & Nellie-Lot 124
Hostetler, Gerald D.4/30/19314/30/1931Stillborn Baby of Esther-Lot 124
Hostetler, Henry J.11/29/18392/16/1914Age 75-Civil War-Lot 124
Houck, Agnes11/30/18553/8/1911Wife of Jacob-Mother-Lot 85-Age 56
Houck, Earl Atherton11/6/19063/3/1933Age 26-Son of Edward
Houck, Edward Harvey3/22/188112/17/1948Father-Age 67-Lot 154
Houck, George Henry2/22/187812/27/1950Age 72
Houck, Jacob H.9/8/185010/18/1919Age 69-Father-Lot 85
Houck, Nora Mae (Atherton)11/5/18834/22/1959Mother-Age 75-Lot 154
Houghton, Sylvia Parliament11/10/18737/12/1905Age 31-Wife of Charles-Lot 8
Huff, Benjamin7/4/18255/24/1904Age 78
Huff, Elizabeth1/18/18331/10/1912Age 79
Huff, Mr.N/AN/ALot Owner(2)-Lot 61
Huffman, Isaiah18454/26/1901Age 56
Huhn, Laverne11/15/19105/22/1992N/A
Huml, James Scott10/15/195510/17/1955Lot 135
Huml, Laura Dorothea6/13/18957/3/1970Wife of Otto-Mother-Age 75-Lot 135
Huml, Otto J.3/22/19056/12/1943Husband of Laura-Coast Guard-Father-Age 38-Lot 135
Huntley, Harry Phillip4/27/19455/8/1945Son of John & Florence
Hutchinson, Troy1/6/192611/19/1993Age 67-Lot 332
Irwin, Harold W.1/30/19143/19/2004Age 90-Husband of Opal
Irwin, Opal2/4/1921N/AN/A
Jackson, Ann Jane8/23/19377/11/1993Age 55-Lot 322
Jackson, Baby Boy7/30/19337/30/1933Son of Merrill & Gertie
Jackson, Clare Oscar5/25/19108/1/1986Husband of Marjorie-Son of Merrel & Mabel-Age 76-Lot 331
Jackson, Hugh M.3/25/19251/18/2012Age 86-Husband of Johanna-World War 2
Jackson, Mabel Gertrude8/11/18884/26/1981Wife of Merrel-Age 92-Lot 180
Jackson, Marjorie I.9/14/191710/30/1992Wife of Clare-Age 75-Lot 331
Jackson, Merrel A.7/13/18847/28/1958Husband of Mable-Age 74-Lot 180
Jankee, A.N/AN/ALot Owner(0)-Lot 234
Johnson, Ethel Leona9/14/191010/29/1936Wife of Albeen-Age 26-Lot 162
Johnson, Johanna9/29/18711/8/1926Age 54-Mother-Lot 162
Johnson, John John3/5/18726/2/1927Age 55-Father-Lot 162
Johnson, June192111/22/1989Age 68
Jones, A.N/AN/ALot Owner(1)-Lot 75
Jones, AlN/AN/ALot Owner(1)-Lot 128
Jones, Alva Delos4/22/18587/4/1906Age 48
Jones, Eppa18339/17/1925Age 92-Lot 7
Jones, Esther Ann12/1/18551/29/1937Lot 7-Wife of Isaac
Jones, Fleming180510/29/1884Lot 7-Age 79
Jones, Isaac Hall7/8/185212/3/1916Lot 7-Age 64-Husband of Esther
Jones, James F.187312/3/1882Age 9-Son of Isaac H. & E.A.-Lot 7
Jones, Sarah M.18091896Lot 7
Jorgensen, Leona M.19002/20/1991Age 90-Lot 67
Jorgensen, Walter H.19004/21/1980Age 79-Lot 67
June, Arnold O.3/15/19214/27/2000Age 79-Husband of Ethel-Married 10/2/1946
June, Ethel Ruth12/3/192410/26/1991Age 66-Wife of Arnold-Married 10/2/1946-Lot 276
Kaiser, BabyN/A1941N/A
Kaiser, Baby Boy12/22/196712/22/1967Son of Gary & Claudia-Lot 210
Kaiser, Baby Girl19423/28/1942Lot 210
Kaiser, Claudia Sue6/22/194611/11/2012Age 66-Wife of Gary-Married 11/7/1964
Kaiser, Floyd J.9/28/191512/7/2005Age 90-Husband of Vera-Married 6/20/1938
Kaiser, Gary F.7/22/1946N/AHusband of Claudia-Married 11/7/1964
Kaiser, Gary Floyd Jr.12/16/196512/18/1965Son of Gary & Claudia-Age 2 Days-Lot 210
Kaiser, Vera M.11/6/19238/2/2008Age 84-Wife of Floyd-Married 6/20/1938
Karafa, Mary I.10/8/19168/23/2010Age 93-Wife of Horace Dickerson & Joe Karafa-Lot 275
Keeler, Ezra2/4/18764/17/1963Age 87-Father-Lot 265
Keeler, Myrtle4/26/18737/1/1959Age 86-Lot 265-Wife of Ezra
Kellogg, Lucius A.10/25/18425/15/1919Age 76-Lot 27
Kellogg, MartinN/AN/ALot Owner(1)-Lot 27
Kelly, Caroline Louise11/16/18947/5/1972Age 78-Sister-Lot 135
Kerslaw, Harry K.1/12/19351/12/1935Stillborn Son of Harry & Glena-Lot 82 or 301
Kimball, Bertha S.4/15/18865/4/1936Age 50-Wife of William-Lot 113
Kimball, Donald12/20/191612/20/1916Son of Wm. & Bertha-Lot 113
Kimball, Edwin19141914Lot 113
Kimball, Louise3/19/19193/22/1919Lot 113-Age 3 Days-Daughter of William & Bertha
Kimball, William187611/13/1958Husband of Bertha-Age 82-Lot 113
Kordyban, Mary11/23/192812/6/1992Age 64
Kreh, Brenda D.1/7/1955N/AWife of Ezra
Kreh, Ezra10/21/19498/26/2014"Wally"-Age 64-Husband of Brenda
Krumm, Edward6/16/191912/23/2005Age 86-Husband of Erma-Married March, 1940-World War 2-Lot 378
Krumm, Erma1918N/AWife of Edward-Married March, 1940-Lot 378
Kugler, Albert Stanley4/2/19225/16/1989Age 66-Lot 322
Kuhn, Baby Boy3/2/19443/2/1944Son of Lawrence & Helen-Lot 199
Kuhn, Cora1/30/18853/25/1911Lot 57
Kuhn, Eugene9/22/19003/2/1965Age 64-Lot 123
Kuhn, Frank M.6/15/18866/20/1969Husband of Maude-Age 83-Lot 199
Kuhn, Herman1/7/189110/21/1918World War 1-Lot 123
Kuhn, Laverne M.11/15/19105/22/1992Age 81
Kuhn, Lawrence Edward10/7/191911/5/1994Age 75-Husband of Velma-Son of Frank & Maude-World War 2-Lot 199
Kuhn, Martin F.8/3/18582/14/1914Age 55-Lot 123
Kuhn, Mary A.12/21/18628/3/1918Age 55-Lot 123
Kuhn, (Mary) Lois11/27/18626/15/1906Wife of Valentine-Age 43-Lot 57
Kuhn, Maude B.10/26/188411/5/1950Wife of Frank-Age 66-Lot 199
Kuhn, Roy John9/30/18986/24/1980Age 81-Lot 57
Kuhn, Valentine2/27/185510/1/1925Age 70-Husband of Mary-Father-Lot 57
Kurzeja, Richard Paul19432/26/1977Age 34-Lot 323
Laird, Nickolas Richard8/22/19846/7/1998Age 13-Son of Robert & Denise
Langley?, BabyN/AN/ALot 288
Langley, Ethel M.5/5/18954/4/1987Age 91-Lot 288
Langley, Robert L.9/26/18919/10/1971Age 80-Husband of Ethel-World War 1-Lot 288
Lapinski, John A.189811/17/1943Age 45-Husband of Alberta
Larner, Edna L.1920N/AN/A
Larner, Kenneth R.19399/1/1996Age 57-Son of Robert & Edna-Cremation
Larner, Robert A.9/22/19162/4/1995Age 78-Husband of Edna-Military Service
Larrabee, Burton L.8/-/18845/10/1908"Bertie"-Son of H.H. & A.M.-Lot 45
Lathrop, Frances Elizabeth8/9/18757/12/1947Wife of Joseph-Age 71-Lot 116
Lathrop, Joseph Francis9/28/18655/12/1958Age 92-Husband of Frances-Lot 116
Lathrop, Joseph Nixon7/22/190212/30/1919Age 17-Son of Joseph & Frances-Lot 116
Lauria, Jerol Adele19514/25/1969Age 17-Lot 279
Lawrence, Allen18633/25/1942Age 79
Lawrence, Charles19341/16/1965Age 30-Lot 191
Lawrence, Ellen Tate6/1/18623/25//1942Age 79
Lawrence, Gertrude Ellen11/29/191012/29/1940Age 29-Wife of Thomas-Lot 191
Lawrence, Orvid E.7/4/19296/29/2007Husband of Roma
Lawrence, Roma Jean (McIntyre)7/21/1930N/AN/A
Lawrence, Thomas J.11/11/189910/1/1980Age 80-Lot 191
Lawrence, Thomas M.11/19/18614/13/1950Age 88-Lot 191
Lawrence, Tonda Rae3/15/19544/30/1954Daughter of Orvid & Roma
Lee, Mary Ann8/00/181710/1/1887Lot 81-Wife of William-Age 70
Lee, William5/17/18129/20/1885Lot 81-Age 73
Letts, Martha186812/4/1914Age 46
Lewis, Florence Ella9/10/187110/25/1938Age 67-Wife of Guid
Lipinski, John A.10/14/189811/17/1943Age 45-Husband of Alberta-Veteran-Lot 211
Lister, Joseph E.1902N/AN/A
Lister, Olga K.4/26/18967/10/1975Age 79-Wife of Joseph-Lot 303
Livingston, Kenneth9/2/19241/19/1978Age 53-Lot 323
Loomis, Amanda Melvina12/5/18585/22/1935Mother-Age 76-Lot 41
Loomis, Clinton D.185512/27/1941Father-Age 86-Lot 41
Loomis, Darwin S.8/30/189710/26/1982Age 85-Lot 41
Loomis, Lillian Marie2/28/18995/30/1978Age 79-Wife of Darwin-Lot 41
Loomis, Warren Andrew18819/10/1910Age 29-Son of Clinton & Amanda-Lot 41
Lovewell, Frank5/19/18724/23/1950Husband-Age 77-Lot 216
Lovewell, Frank Jr.5/26/190211/6/1977World War 2-Age 75-Lot 216
Lovewell, Lillian18709/27/1944Wife-Age 74-Lot 216
Lovewell, Marie E.2/22/190810/9/1975Age 67-Wife of Frank-Lot 216
Ludlow, Ruth Lucille Gould8/28/19249/26/2005(See also Ruth Gould)-Age 81-Wife of John Gould & James Ludlow
Lytle, SamuelN/AN/AMaybe Lot Owner(n/r)-Lot 23
MacKinnon, Blanch18941955Lot 67
MacKinnon, Don1908CA 6/10/1926Lot 67
MacKinnon, Jay Erie7/27/19055/11/1928Age 22-Son of John & Mary-Lot 67
MacKinnon, John3/10/18649/5/1942Age 78-Husband of Mary-Lot 67
MacKinnon, John W.7/24/18886/18/1904Lot 67
MacKinnon, Mary M.18691952Wife of John-Lot 67
MacKinnon, Willard Don7/17/19317/20/1931Age 3 Days-Son of Wm. & Beatrice-Lot 64
Magiera, Wanda5/2/19196/16/1991Age 72
Manning, Mary Louise3/5/19151/26/1994Age 78-Lot 332
Manuel, Marcus9/16/19058/24/1964Age 58-World War 2-Lot 189
Manuel, Stella Gertrude8/19/18769/19/1964Age 88-Lot 189
Manser, Dorothy M. Bowles12/14/1934N/AWife of John-Married 11/9/1953
Manser, John William7/27/19288/27/2005Husband of Dorothy-Married 11/9/1953-U.S. Army
Marshall, Edna8/4/18921/4/1972Wife of William-Age 79-Lot 99
Marshall, Patsy A.4/12/1935N/AWife of Robert-Married 9/19/1953
Marshall, Richard Lavern9/30/19155/5/1920Age 4-Son of William & Edna-Lot 99
Marshall, Robert George12/23/19285/12/2008Age 79-Husband of Patsy-Married 9/19/1953
Marshall, Vivian B.8/8/192910/21/2010N/A
Marshall, William12/2/18859/5/1973Husband of Edna-Age 87-Lot 99
Marshall, William C.1/11/19278/31/1997Age 70-Husband of Vivian-Korea
Marshall, William CalvinN/AN/ALot Owner(0)-Lot 277
Mason, Dennis J.3/9/19533/15/1997Age 44-Husband of Mae
Mason, Donald R.11/14/19173/11/2002Age 84-Husband of Gladys-Married 5/20/1945-Lot 66
Mason, Ellsworth Preston1/21/19081/21/1911Age 2-Son of Oscar & Freda-Lot 66
Mason, Freada2/16/18859/7/1945Wife of Oscar-Age 60-Lot 66
Mason, Gladys M.5/20/19211/14/2001Age 79-Wife of Donald-Married 5/20/1945-Lot 66
Mason, Oscar Ellsworth11/20/18783/25/1965Husband of Freda-Age 86-Lot 66
May, James Elmer9/5/188412/9/1963Age 79-Husband of Zelma-aka Elmer J.-Lot 249
May, Zelma189110/23/1975Age 84-Lot 249
McCallum, ArthurN/A12/27/1928Lot 56
McCallum, Azile Kate6/17/18975/12/1928Age 30-Wife of John-Lot 169
McCallum, Clinton Edwin6/10/19094/21/1912Age 2-Son of Stephen & Lucinda
McCallum, EdwardN/A9/14/1914N/A
McCallum, Harry John5/3/19285/21/1928Age 18 Days-Son of John & Azile
McCallum, Henry Stanley6/15/18897/26/1904Age 15-Son of Stephen & Lucinda
McCallum, James1/2/18228/23/1899Age 78
McCallum, Susan11/8/18305/17/1924Wife of James
McCarthy, Stanley R.4/3/19172/13/1979Age 61-Husband of Virginia-Lot 314
McCarthy, Virginia M.19201989Wife
McCaslin, Kate E.18774/8/1940Age 62-Lot 32
McCrimmon, Alex18824/1/1946Husband of Jane-Age 63-Lot 25
McCrimmon, Anna9/1/18656/14/1928Wife of Don-Mother-Age 62-Lot 25
McCrimmon, Donald A.4/6/19224/6/1922Stillborn son of Alex & Jane-Lot 25
McCrimmon, Donald Craig8/15/188912/28/1908Lot 25-Age 19-Son of Donald & Annie
McCrimmon, Donald F.18508/2/1927Age 76-Husband of Anna-Father-Lot 25
McCrimmon, Jane12/25/18849/14/1927Age 42-Wife of Alex-Lot 25
McCune, Marjorie Louise2/17/19126/8/1940Sister-Wife of John-Age 28-Lot 202
McDonald, DorisN/AN/ALot 402
McDonald, Francis GregoryN/A7/7/1992Age 68-Husband of Doris
McDonald, GregoryN/AN/ALot 402
McGrath, Edith Mae9/16/192312/20/1988Age 65-Wife of Robert-Lot 316
McGrath, Robert Ira2/14/19201/25/1989Age 68-Military Service-Lot 316
McGregor, Clara5/4/19095/8/2000Age 91
McGummon, Jane McIntyre1884CA 9/22/1927N/A
McIntyre, Donna Roma19024/5/1977Wife of Duncan-Mom-Age 75-Lot 103
McIntyre, Dorothy Adair9/13/19259/13/1925Stillborn Daughter of Duncan & Donna-Lot 103
McIntyre, Duncan N.189910/21/1980Husband of Donna-Dad-Age 81-Lot 103
McIntyre, Mary18613/25/1938Age 77-Mother
McIntyre, Neil S.12/14/18482/12/1922Age 74-Father-Husband of Mary-Lot 103
McKenney, Donna M.5/16/194410/15/1997Age 53-Wife of Richard
McKenney, Richard S. Sr.6/30/19397/20/2003Age 64-Husband of Donna
McKinnon, Don1909CA6/10/1926Age 17-Son of Jack
McKinnon, Erie J.7/27/19055/14/1928Age 22-Son of John & Mary
McKinnon, Mary181212/27/1911Age 99
McKinnon, Mary M.2/2/186910/2/1952Age 83-Wife of John
McLaren, DanielN/A4/13/1980Age 74-Lot 319
McLaren, Kate9/28/18968/14/1976Age 79-Lot 319
McMorrow, LesterN/A1987Lot 177
McNeal, Jiles Hiltz11/23/192511/23/1923Son of Joseph & Nettie
McNeil, James(Can't read)7/25/1884Age 21-Lot 28
McNeil, Joseph10/28/190810/28/1908Son of Joseph & Nettie
McNeil, Joseph2/8/18317/28/1909Age 78
McNeil, Joseph10/2/18762/17/1960Age 83-Husband of Lena-Lot 28
McNeil, Mary Jane12/31/18381/16/1901Age 62-Lot 28
McNeil, Mary Nettie9/7/188511/23/1925Age 40-Wife of Joseph
McPherson, Arvid Alfred6/18/19219/13/1997Age 76-Husband of Helen-World War 2-Korea-Lot 196
McPherson, Carol Ann12/21/19471/4/1948Age 13 Days-Daughter of Arvid & Helen-Lot 196
McPherson, Helen M.5/8/19204/14/1984Age 63-Wife of Arvid-Lot 196
McPherson, Ronald A.1/16/19472/3/2012Age 65-Husband of Judy
Meiser, Donna Lee8/2/194012/7/1946Daughter of Paul & Rubena-Age 6-Lot 212
Meiser, Paul2/5/190412/25/1999Lot 212-Age 95-Husband of Rubena
Meiser, Rubena1/6/19159/14/1979Age 64-Wife of Paul-Lot 212
Meiser, Theresa10/15/18699/9/1958Mother-Age 88-Wife of John-Lot 212
Merry, Sarah McNeil10/3/18724/18/1949Age 76
Mielke, Donald Irving4/29/19244/29/1991Age 67-Military Service-Lot 322
Miers, Robert Arthur Jr.8/9/19537/29/1986Age 32-Son of Robert & Nancy-Lot 292
Miller, Charlie10/3/18924/18/1946Husband of Anna-Age 53-World War 1-Lot 110
Miller, Clyde2/26/19041/27/1905Age 1-Son of Domer & Katie
Miller, Edwin S.9/19/18983/25/1995Age 96-Husband of Erma-World War 1-Lot 281
Miller, Elizabeth4/12/18676/14/1935Age 68-Wife of Henry-Lot 182
Miller, Erma L.4/6/19164/3/1989Age 72
Miller, GyleN/AN/ALot 351
Miller, Henry Kook187010/8/1945Age 75-Lot 182
Miller, Howard James8/25/19228/29/1984Age 62-Husband of Orrell-Lot 355
Miller, Howard James Jr.N/A4/12/2013Age 62-Military Service
Miller, Jason Merl10/26/19773/7/1978Age 4 Months-Son of Lewis & Judy-Lot 176
Miller, Jerome or GormanN/AN/ALot Owner(n/r)-Lot 11
Miller, JoannN/AN/ALot 369
Miller, Joseph F.4/12/191810/31/1987Age 69-Husband of Marie-Lot 342
Miller, Kenneth A.6/29/19311/21/2015Age 83-Husband of Joann-Korea-Lot 369
Miller, Lewis189610/29/1949Husband of Emma-Father-Age 53-Lot 176
Miller?, MarieN/AN/ALot 342
Miller, Martha5/5/19076/15/1907Age 1 Month-Daughter of Domer & Katie
Miller, Michael D.19669/3/1995Age 29-Husband of Sharon
Miller, MikeN/A1/12/1966?Lot 379
Miller, Mildred I.4/24/19123/17/1998"Millie the Chiseler"-Age 85
Miller, SharonN/AN/ALot 379
Miller, Timothy11/30/190110/1/1902Buried at Mancelona-Lot 182
Miller, Wayne L.192811/10/1930Son of Lewis & Emma-Age 1-Lot 176
Miller-Hodgins, Anna E.3/4/19059/29/2000Lot 110
Miner, DennisN/AN/ALot 386
Miner?, MacJane?N/AN/ALot 386
Minglecook, Nicholas1/3/18729/28/1960Age 88-Lot 209
Minglecook, Sarah Ann10/4/18683/5/1948Age 79-Wife of Nicholas-Lot 209
Miracle, William B.N/A7/27/1986N/A
Miser, Mac JaneN/AN/ALot 386
Misiakowski, Ethel E.2/18/19201/4/1983Age 62-Wife of Theodore
Monaghan, Ruth L.9/10/190011/14/1990N/A
Moore, Clarence E.19028/29/1970Age 68-Father-Lot 292
Moore, Clarence R.7/13/194112/30/2015N/A
Moore, Donald Willis8/30/191511/29/1982Husband of Minnie-Married 11/13/1937-Age 67-Lot 257
Moore, Dorothy Fern5/15/19122/21/1997Age 84-Wife of Clarence-Mother
Moore, Fannie Annetta10/18/18653/17/1934Age 68-Mother-Wife of Willis-Lot 178
Moore, Grace A.7/6/18879/28/1976Wife of Harley-Age 89-Lot 244
Moore, Harley C.10/19/188912/8/1979Husband of Grace-Age 90-Lot 244
Moore, Jack E.19287/2/1978Age 49-Husband of Mary-Married 8/23/1952-Lot 292
Moore, Mary A.19332006Wife of Jack-Married 8/23/1952
Moore, Minnie L.9/1/19198/4/1987Married 11/13/1937-Age 67-Wife of Don-Lot 257
Moore, Robert Alan10/6/19707/31/1980"Bobby"-Age 9-Lot 256
Moore, Robert Lee4/28/19235/26/2002Age 79-Son of Harley & Grace-Husband of Vera-Married 8/2/1944-World War 2-Lot 244
Moore, Vera L.5/10/19247/4/2009Age 85-Wife of Robert-Married 8/2/1944-Lot 244
Moore, Willis E.12/12/18613/25/1934Age 72-Husband of Fannie-Father-Lot 178
Moorhouse, Ellen1/9/18828/25/1956Mother-Age 74-Wife of John-Lot 245
Moorhouse, John E. Jr.4/15/19236/11/2000Age 77-Husband of Viola-Married 10/27/1945-Lot 245
Moorhouse, Viola M.4/21/19255/19/2015Age 90-Wife of Calvin & John-Married 10/27/1945-Lot 245
Morrison, Clyde O.9/24/18983/23/1977Husband of Beryl-Age 78-Lot 306
Morrison, Grace Beryl8/4/19026/16/1989Wife of Clyde-Age 86-Lot 306
Morrison, Reid Clarence7/15/19418/6/2008Age 67
Mortens, Justin NicholasN/A4/13/1993Infant-Lot 362
Morton, Donald B.9/23/191810/18/1984Age 66-Husband of Honore-Lot 349
Mpojenkis, Martha Myrtle D. (Ford)188712/7/1953Age 66
Mueller, Corliss I.7/17/19315/3/2014Wife, Mother, Grandmother & Great Grandmother
Mueller, Frank R.10/4/193012/19/1976Age 46-Husband & Dad-Lot 307
Munn, Albert19099/4/1909Age 1 Month-Son of Charles & Ora
Munn, Charles186212/13/1943Age 81-Husband of Orra-Lot 211
Munn, Orra Estella8/28/188212/30/1952Age 70-Lot 211
Murdock, Hannah Martha5/13/18339/9/1911N/A
Mutter, Keith8/18/19129/6/1912Age 18 Days-Son of Warren & Pearl-Lot 104
Mutter, WarrenN/AN/ALot Owner(0)-Lot 104
Muzik, Dorothy L.4/15/19219/10/2010Age 89-Wife of John
Muzik, John7/16/19217/31/1973Age 52-Husband of Dorothy-World War 2-Lot 294
Muzik, Wanda L.8/14/1950N/AN/A
Muzik, William J.2/4/19474/20/2012Age 65
Nagy, Anna3/15/18852/4/1971Age 85-Lot 255
Needham?, DannyN/AN/ALot 338
Needham, Hazel E.5/4/19171/3/2015Age 97-Wife of Wright
Needham?, SandyN/AN/ALot 338
Needham, Wright G.11/9/19025/16/1982Age 79-Husband of Hazel-Lot 308
Neff, Celesta Maude2/2/18795/26/1944Wife of Fred-Age 65-Lot 189
Nelson, AnnaN/AN/ALot 364
Nelson, Helen L.5/12/1927N/A"Peggy"-Wife of Hilding-Married 10/2/1948
Nelson, Hilding John4/3/192710/21/2006Age 79-Husband of Helen-Married 10/2/1948-Lot 309
Nelson, Joshua LouisDecember 4, 1986August 5, 1998Age 11-Son of Mark & Ann-Lot 360
Nelson, MarkN/AN/ALot 364
Nelson, Walter8/6/18656/25/1912Husband of Minnie-Age 46-Lot 114
Neville, Edward James191012/23/1950Age 40-Lot 215
Neville, Grandma18751959N/A
Neville, James1/1/18768/22/1943Age 67-Husband of Myrtle-Lot 215
Neville, James Edward7/11/19607/30/1981U.S. Army-Age 21-Lot 215
Nichols, Baby Boy4/10/19024/10/1902Son of James & Nancy
Nichols, Charles A.4/30/18939/12/1918Veteran-Lot 72
Nichols, Delma9/8/19119/8/1911Daughter of James
Nichols, James Albert7/25/18612/13/1944Age 82-Husband of Nancy-Lot 72
Nichols, Mary H.18957/17/1898Age 3-Daughter of James & Nancy
Nichols, Nancy Ann9/19/18657/7/1945Age 79-Wife of James-Lot 72
Nicklyn, Anthony19171/9/1978Age 60-Lot 308
Norcross, Rosie L.19201988N/A
Norcross, William R.1916N/AN/A
Norris, Ada A.4/30/189310/12/1961Wife of Clair-Age 68-Mother-Lot 217
Norris, Almon J.18821/25/1960Husband of Ethel-Age 77-Lot 44
Norris, Clair John10/10/189311/4/1944Husband of Ada-Age 51-Father-Lot 217
Norris, DeVere Norman6/15/19275/21/1955Son of Clair & Ada-Husband of Betty-Father-Age 27-Lot 217
Norris, Donley Walter8/2/192310/13/1960Son of Almon & Ethel-Husband of Evelyn-Age 37-Lot 259
Norris, Elaine E.1/20/19181/18/2004Age 85-Wife of Maynard-Lot 235
Norris, Ethel May7/8/18864/30/1947Wife of Almon-Age 61-Lot 44
Norris, Evelyn O.1/7/19241/31/2013"Gigi"-Age 89-Wife of Donley
Norris, Ida Rebecca1/10/186312/9/1940Age 77-Wife of Walter-Lot 102
Norris, Kenneth Emerson12/15/19088/13/1920Son of Almon & Ethel-Lot 44
Norris, Letha May12/21/19171918Daughter of Almon & Ethel-Lot 44
Norris, Maynard Clair4/12/19182/11/2000Age 81-Husband of Elaine-Son of Clair & Ada-Lot 235-Military Service
Norris, Ora Raymond1/1/19104/8/1920Age 10-Son of Ray & Dolly-Lot 95
Norris, Orma Ida2/6/19218/16/1925Daughter of Almon & Ethel-Age 4-Lot 44
Norris, Walter B.1863CA 10/30/1930Lot 102
Norris, Wayne Orby8/27/19272/3/1928Age 5 Months-Son of Almon & Ethel-Lot 44
Nye, Baby Girl8/2/19058/2/1905Daughter of William & Martha
Nye, WilliamN/AN/AHusband of Sarah or Martha-Lot Owner(1)-Lot 78
O'Dell, Clara Bell18897/4/1937Age 48
OggerN/AN/ALot 179
Ogger, Charles Lafey6/15/19084/1/1976Husband of Waunita-Son of John & May-U.S. Army-Age 67-Lot 93
Ogger, Holly6/8/19137/21/1966Age 53-Lot 273-Husband of Marie-World War 2
Ogger, John4/12/186211/24/1932Age 70-Husband of May-Father-Lot 179
Ogger, May18801931Wife of John-Mother-Lot 179
Ogger?, MerleN/AN/ALot 273
Ogger, Robert C.8/3/193512/31/1971Son-Age 36-Lot 93
Ogger, Waunita E.12/22/19122/21/2000Age 87-Wife of Charles-Lot 93
Ogger, William Clarance3/30/191011/8/1937Son of John & May-Age 27-Lot 179
Oliver, Beatrice K.9/4/1951N/AN/A
Oliver, Robert Ray2/25/19391/20/2005Age 65-Husband of Sarah
Oliver, Ronald A.6/2/1942N/AN/A
Oliver, Roxann Marie7/20/19707/20/1970Daughter of Ronald & Beatrice-Lot 258
Oliver, Sarah J.7/18/1951N/AN/A
Osborn, Adelma Nancy (Crist)3/24/19132/11/1939Daughter-Age 25-Wife of William-Lot 207
Overall, RobertN/AN/ALot Owner(0)-Lot 304
Page, Andrew Jackson4/4/18386/3/1920Age 82-Lot 132
Page, Andrew Jesse9/19/18995/19/1964Husband of Rose-Father-Age 65-Lot 226
Page, Baby (Twin)N/AN/ALot 274
Page, Baby (Twin)N/AN/ALot 274
Page, Bryan Clark8/19/19638/19/1963Stillborn-Age 0
Page, Don LeRoy4/1/19377/21/1996Age 59-Husband of Ruth-Married 7/4/1959-Lot 274
Page, Donna Elaine3/24/19291/18/1942Daughter of Edward & Gladys-Age 12-Lot 149
Page, Edward William19005/15/1961Father-Age 61-Lot 149
Page, Ernest Douglas9/17/19384/22/1966Age 27-Lot 226
Page, Frank8/1/186410/9/1941Age 77-Husband of Lydia-Lot 132
Page, Lydia Ann7/16/187512/14/1949Age 74-Lot 132
Page, Mary E.18209/29/1927Age 87
Page, Rose Mae1/24/19106/24/1967Wife of Andrew-Mother-Age 57-Lot 226
Page, Ruth Ann4/5/19421/17/2001Age 58-Wife of Don-Married 7/4/1959
Page, Tony LeRoy6/10/19645/27/1966Age 1-Son of Don & Ruth-Lot 274
Pagel, Beatrice L.N/A1/14/1979Age 89-Lot 189
Pagel, Joseph L.8/27/18889/20/1958Age 70-Father-Lot 189
Pair, Cassidy M.7/14/20031/31/2004N/A
Parent, George A.6/23/19018/26/1985Age 84-Lot 333
Parent, Marie L.2/2/19027/20/1980Age 78-Wife of George-Lot 333
Parkinson, Douglas1/13/19411/13/1941Baby-Son of Royden-Lot 208
Parkinson, Edward RaydenN/A7/27/1984N/A
Parkinson, Hilda Velma19141/1/1986Wife of Royden-Age 72-Lot 208
Parkinson, Josephine E.11/24/19136/29/1994Age 80-Wife of Lawrence-Lot 167
Parkinson, Lawrence T.1/27/19089/29/1995Age 87-Husband of Josephine-Lot 167
Parkinson, Lillian Selina4/26/18876/1/1969Age 82-Lot 167
Parkinson, Royden19151984Husband of Hilda-Lot 208
Parkinson, Susanne9/26/19469/28/1946Age 2 Days-Daughter of Royden & Hilda-Lot 208
Parkinson, Tamera Kay6/22/19647/3/1964Age 11 Days-Daughter of Lawrence & Sandra-Lot 210
Parkinson, Thomas1/16/18756/14/1957Age 82-Husband of Lillian-Lot 167
Parliament, Adelaide Josephine2/14/18616/8/1936Wife of John W.-Mother-Age 75-Lot 1
Parliament, Amelia185012/4/1908Lot 8-Age 58-Wife of James
Parliament, Baby Girl1/5/19191/5/1919Stillborn Baby of Garner & Gertrude-Lot 1
Parliament, Charles L.18861917Lot 1
Parliament, Chloe18486/1/1889Wife of James-Age 39-Lot 8
Parliament, Eliza1/19/18178/14/1900?Lot 8
Parliament, George10/27/18141/7/1892Age 77-Lot 8
Parliament, Gertrude Estella7/10/18911/16/1919Age 27-Wife of Garner-Lot 1
Parliament, James8/6/18416/17/1931Age 89-Lot 8-Husband of Chloe & Amelia & Alfaretta
Parliament, John Wesley5/4/185312/6/1934Husband of Adelaide-Father-Age 81-Lot 1
Parliament, Joseph L.11/27/18505/25/1934Husband of Lucinda-Age 83-Father-Lot 8
Parliament, Lucinda Sophia1/19/185912/16/1943Mother-Wife of Joseph-Age 84-Lot 8
Parliament, Milita Rose (Jankee)191810/17/2016"Mitzi"-Wife of Sydney
Parliament, Ray12/31/188811/2/1968Husband of Sarah Lucie-Age 79-Lot 19
Parliament, S.N/AN/ALot Owner(0)-Lot 234
Parliament, Sarah Eliza11/24/18838/19/1945Age 62-Lot 8-Daughter of Joseph-"Sadie"
Parliament, Sarah Lucie2/3/188912/29/1971Wife of Ray-Age 82-Lot 19
Parliament, Sydney Devere2/27/19212/3/2005Age 83-Husband of Mitzi-World War 2
Parliament, William186711/31/1891Age 24-Lot 8
Parrish, Jack F.8/31/190512/9/1990World War 2-Age 85-Lot 259
Pearson, Walter J.9/16/18752/13/1950Age 74-Spanish American War-Lot 95
Peck, Honora V.1914(Blank)Lot 86
Peck, Walter W.1/30/19114/28/1976Age 65-Husband of Honora-Lot 86
Pemberton, Kayla2/25/19919/23/2014N/A
Perkins, Devolson D.184810/20/1916Age 68-Lot 77
Perkins, Fern Marie4/6/19045/28/1982"Grenier"-Age 78-Lot 119
Perkins, GlenN/AN/AMaybe Lot Owner(1)-Lot 23
Perkins, JacksonN/AN/ALot Owner-Lot 331
Perkins, Lyle Allen11/11/19033/4/1907Age 3-Son of Glen & Emma
Perkins, Orville D.2/9/18793/7/1952Age 73
Perkins, Violet M.19181937N/A
Perry, Albert18622/11/1928Age 66-Lot 39
Perry, Alberta (Lipinski)8/12/18983/15/1976Age 77-Wife of Archie-Lot 211
Perry, Archie B.6/4/18965/22/1978Husband of Esther-World War 1-Age 81-Lot 204
Perry, Douglas Wayne12/8/194512/11/1945Age 3 Days-Lot 204?
Perry, Esther F.9/19/19002/6/1944Wife of Archie-Age 43-Mother-Lot 204
Perry, Lamira18397/25/1924Age 65-Wife of Albert
Persons, Clyde9/3/19054/25/1912Son of Nelson & Nellie-Age 7-Lot 97
Peter, Albert Franklin12/23/19103/23/1911Age 3 Months-Son of George & Hattie-Lot 26
Peter, Baby Girl1/10/19181/10/1918Stillborn daughter of George & Hariett-Lot 26
Peter, George9/1/19099/1/1909Stillborn Baby of George & Harriet-Lot 26
Peter, George7/30/18798/23/1965Husband of Harriet-Age 86-Lot 26
Peter, Gilbert8/14/186611/10/1952Age 86-Lot 26
Peter, Harriet J.9/27/18843/22/1969Wife of George-Age 84-Lot 26
Peter, LaVerne Richard2/5/19242/16/1924Age 11 Days-Son of George & Hattie-Lot 26
Peter, Theodore George10/22/19203/1/1995"Ted"-Age 74-Husband of Ida-World War 2-Lot 318
Peterson, Baby Girl11/24/196011/25/1960Age 1 Day-Lot 258
Peterson, Baby Girl (Twin)1/15/19631/15/1963Daughter of Floyd & Doris-Lot 258
Peterson, Baby Girl (Twin)1/15/19631/15/1963Daughter of Floyd & Doris-Lot 258
Peterson, Baby Girl10/17/196710/17/1967Daughter of Floyd & Doris-Lot 258
Peterson, Brian Keith5/26/19575/11/1975Age 17-Son of Chester & Joyce-Lot 302
Peterson, Charlotte Helen5/23/18551/23/1951Mother-Age 95-Lot 220
Peterson, Cheryl11/25/196011/25/1960Daughter of Floyd & Doris
Peterson, Chester G.8/26/19245/16/1998Age 73-Husband of Joyce-World War 2
Peterson, Clarence E.7/1/19305/31/2008Korea
Peterson, Doris M.19264/18/1974Mother-Age 47-Lot 258
Peterson, Ella H.10/25/19168/25/1993Age 76-Wife of Emerson-Lot 365
Peterson, Emerson Charles8/13/19232/25/2002Age 78-Lot 365
Peterson, Eva A.4/5/19029/4/1987Wife of Leo-Age 85-Lot 303
Peterson, Floyd Eldin9/21/192612/21/1992Husband of Eleanor-Son of Leo & Eva-Father-Age 66-Lot 258
Peterson, George William9/28/18595/12/1947Husband of Charlotte-Father-Age 87-Lot 220
Peterson, Grant18961/31/1977Uncle-Age 80-Lot 220
Peterson, Joyce M.4/27/1935N/AN/A
Peterson, Leo11/11/18892/28/1979Husband of Eva-Age 89-World War 1-Lot 303
Petherick, Robert E.12/11/19228/14/2000Age 77-Husband of Theo.-Married 11/8/1942-World War 2
Petherick, Theo May8/25/192512/10/1999Age 74-Wife of Robert-Married 11/8/1942
Pettit, Anna18501915Lot 122
Pettit, Baby Girls (Twins)5/30/18975/30/1897Age 12 Hours-Daughters of Norman & Mary-Lot 2
Pettit, Belle M.18523/5/1943Age 91-Lot 2
Pettit, Charles Alfred9/28/190310/8/1913Age 10-Son of Norman & Mary-Lot 2
Pettit, Evangline8/29/18516/6/1915Age 65
Pettit, John J.18474/7/1931Age 84-Lot 122
Pettit, Mary Eliza10/11/187712/4/1970Wife of Norman-Age 93-Lot 2
Pettit, Norman E.2/9/18747/30/1959Husband of Mary-Age 85-Lot 2
Pettit, Ruby Mae8/27/19188/30/1918Age 3 Days-Daughter of Norman & Mary
Phillips, Grace Mae9/11/18847/13/1940Wife of John-Age 55-Lot 96
Phillips, Harold5/27/19285/29/1928Age 2 Days-Son of John & Grace-Lot 96
Phillips, John Robert18779/10/1954Husband of Grace-Age 77-Lot 96
Phillips, Johnie Ervin6/25/19094/2/1923Age 13-Son of John & Grace-Lot 96
Poehlman, Gertrude Leona4/27/19221/31/2004Age 81-Wife of William
Poehlman, William Baldwin9/28/19103/29/1985Age 74-Husband of Gertrude-Lot 345
Poirier, Mildred9/30/19073/27/1999Age 91
Powell, BambiN/A9/16/1984Age 21
Pullis, Florence Rosina5/10/19177/23/1999Age 82-Wife of Marvin
Quigley, Addie M.5/12/18876/22/1974Wife of Fred-Age 87-Lot 263
Quigley, Agnes Ila Ann2/27/19231/22/2001Age 77-Wife of Harold-"Ann"-Married 7/6/1946-Lot 158
Quigley, Alice9/25/18547/19/1917Age 62-Widow of John
Quigley, Arnold J.9/28/19165/17/2007Age 90-Husband of Wilma & Dorothy-Married 5/30/1940
Quigley, Caroline Elizabeth6/9/186112/3/1920Age 59
Quigley, CarrieN/AN/ALot 394
Quigley, Clarence M.18911920Brother-Lot 6
Quigley, Ernest Wilson19142/3/1922Age 8-Son of Fred & Addie
Quigley, Frederick John2/7/187811/14/1963Husband of Addie-Age 85-Lot 263
Quigley, GailN/AN/ALot 390
Quigley, Gertrude18808/12/1880Age 2 Months-Daughter of William & Caroline-Lot 5
Quigley, H. R.N/AN/ALot 5
Quigley, Harold John5/26/191910/8/2001Age 82-Husband of Agnes-Married 7/6/1946-"Quig"-World War 2-Lot 158
Quigley, Ida E.18857/14/1887Age 2-Daughter of William & Caroline-Lot 5
Quigley, James Casilo10/30/184210/28/1915Age 73-Lot 394
Quigley, John N.3/27/18398/29/1915Age 76-Father-Lot 5
Quigley, Kyle JamesN/A4/12/1994Infant-Age 1-Son of James & Carrie-Lot 394
Quigley, Myrtle M.18835/18/1956Age 72-Lot 158
Quigley, RonaldN/AN/ALot 390
Quigley, Tracy G.19105/2/1932Age 22-Son-Lot 6
Quigley, William R. V.18831/9/1955Age 71-Lot 158
Quigley, William Ross3/5/184511/3/1925Age 80-Husband of Caroline
Quigley, Wilma E.4/9/19199/12/1996Age 77-Wife of Arnold-Married 5/30/1940-Lot 263
Quinn, GeorgeN/AN/ALot Owner(2)-Lot 16
Quinn, Mrs. GeorgeN/A11/6/1878N/A
Rafalski, Edward A.1/13/19132/26/1999Age 86-Military Service
Ranney, Byron W.4/24/190010/29/1945Age 45-Lot 184-Husband of Flossie
Ranney, Flossie M.19031993Lot 184
Raska, Alex18822/14/1963Lot 176
Raska, Emma J. Miller6/00/19044/4/1977Age 73-Lot 176
Reed, Jerry V.1/11/19235/1/2003Age 80-Husband of Nellie-Military Service
Reed, Nellie11/24/19235/11/1998Age 74-Wife of Jerry
Regier, Lee CarolN/AN/ALot 250
Rehil, Leta G. (Sutton)2/25/19111/5/1941Age 29-Wife of Ray-Mother-Grandma-Lot 190
Remilong, HaroldN/AN/ALot Owner(0)-Lot 293
Remilong, Helen6/3/18972/23/1964Mother-Age 66-Wife of Louis-Lot 206
Remilong, Louis5/2/18971/20/1964Father-Age 66-Husband of Helen-Lot 206
Renaud, Kaylee4/2/20109/23/2014N/A
Renaud, Sadie6/12/20139/23/2014N/A
Renaud, Steven10/18/19839/23/2014N/A
Rice, GaryN/AN/ALot 362
Richardson, John Raymond4/19/19408/12/1968Age 28-Husband of Jean-Military Service-Lot 282
Ricketts, Homer Berlin2/27/19121/28/1991Age 78-Husband of Helen-Lot 396
Rifenburgh, Althea I.4/30/19191/5/2004Age 75-Cremation
Rifenburgh, Cecil J.7/30/19199/29/1990Age 71-Husband of Althea-World War 2
Riling, Kathleen A.10/22/1953N/AWife of Richard-Married 12/1/1973
Riling, Richard A.6/30/19514/26/2000Age 48-Husband of Kathy-Married 12/1/1973
Robinson, Arlene Elizabeth4/25/19259/8/2012Age 87-Wife of Elston-Lot 401
Robinson, Elston Grant5/21/19169/14/1993Age 77-Husband of Arlene-Lot 401
Roche, Harold Osmer19072/18/1975Husband of Pearl-Married 10/31/1931-Age 67-Lot 290
Roche, Juanita7/25/19322/17/1933Age 6 Months-Daughter of Harold & Pearl-Lot 290
Roche, Pearl Mildred7/25/191212/8/1972Wife of Harold-Married 10/31/1931-Age 60-Lot 290
Rohl, Hattie9/7/19082/11/1985Age 76-Lot 316
Rohl, Peter S.8/4/190412/8/1984Age 80-Husband of Hattie-Lot 316
Roka, Eva2/17/18698/12/1961Mother-Wife of Geza-Age 92-Lot 205
Roof, Anna J. (Heath)5/3/18975/5/1974Wife of Claud Heath-Age 77-Lot 213
Rordy (or Kordy), MaryN/AN/ALot 322
Rose, MargaretN/A1975Lot 219
Rose, Ralph D.9/12/19319/5/2000Age 68
Rose, Shirley Ann10/6/19313/7/1979Age 47-Wife of Ralph-Lot 311
Rosebrugh, Alberta Beatrice8/20/188911/13/1955Age 66-Wife of Allan-Lot 241
Rosebrugh, Allan Albert9/7/18909/14/1956Age 66-Husband of Alberta-Lot 241
Rosebrugh, Charles A.4/17/19202/13/1984World War 2-Husband of Mildred-Age 63-Lot 241
Rosebrugh, Richard Lee8/16/19469/5/1987Age 41-Husband of Shirley-Lot 247
Rosebrugh, Thomas Allan4/25/19495/25/2011Age 62-Husband of Debbie
Rowden, Elgie Nora6/26/18685/13/1910Age 41-Mother-Lot 53
Rowden, Emma189110/11/1891Age 4 Months-Sister-Daughter of John & Nora-Lot 53
Rowden, John1/15/184910/11/1946Father-Age 97-Lot 53
Rowden, John Edward10/9/18929/10/1959Brother-Age 66-Lot 53
Ruther, TheodoreN/A1987Lot 89
Rutter, Charles James12/15/18685/23/1951Age 82
Rutter, Henry2/1/18833/3/1948Age 65
Rutter, Richard W.10/1/18824/28/1961Age 78
Ryan, David Anthony12/13/19292/17/1969Age 39-Husband of Gertrude-U.S. Navy-Lot 283
Ryan, James P.6/1/189512/7/1962Husband of Millie-Age 67-Lot 245
Ryan, Millie M.19071/20/1995Age 87-Wife of Jack-Lot 245
Ryan, Shawn Catherine9/27/19655/1/1970Age 4-Daughter-Lot 283
Ryan-Newby, Gertrude June3/10/19307/1/1996Lot 283
Sampson, PercyN/AN/ALot Owner(0)-Lot 320
Sanford, Lillian M.4/13/19101/19/1995Age 84-Wife of Orris-Lot 311
Sanford, Orris M.8/5/19065/17/1986Age 79-Husband of Lillian-Lot 311
Sanford, Thomas Edwin6/11/19496/13/1949Son of Milford & Crystal-Age 2 Days-Lot 113
Sappington, Anne Elizabeth-Eve12/24/196410/8/1995Lot 101
Saufley, Jennie M.5/4/18712/10/1935Age 63-Lot 170
Sawyer, Gerry?N/AN/ALot 389
Sawyer, Jeffery L. Jr.N/A2/15/1985Age 7 Months-Lot 200
Sawyer, JohnN/AN/ALot Owner(1)-Lot 34
Sawyer, KatieN/AN/ALot 397
Sawyer, KellyN/AN/ALot 397
Sawyer, MargaretN/AN/ALot 389
Schagel, Baby Boy6/20/19296/20/1929Lot 137
Schagel, Charles A.10/31/18589/16/1937Husband of Isabella-Father-Age 78-Lot 100
Schagel, Charlie JayN/A4/18/2013Age 76-Husband of Sheila
Schagel, Elmer J.11/24/18985/23/1985Husband of Lillian-Father-Age 86-Lot 137
Schagel, Isabelle5/10/187211/19/1957Mother-Lot 100
Schagel, Lawrence D.6/25/19323/14/1982"Bud"-Age 49-Lot 137
Schagel, Lillian Elizabeth9/4/19071/9/2002Age 94-Wife of Elmer-Mother-Lot 137
Schagel, Sheila Joyce8/8/194012/15/2010Age 70-Wife of Charlie
Schmitt, Kade Anthony8/21/20064/14/2015Age 8-Son of Tony & Jenny
Schils, Delia Anne4/13/191511/28/1993Age 78-Wife of Lloyd-Lot 335
Schroeder, Louise1/25/18233/24/1917Age 94
Schuler, Dollie Mary Alvena2/14/19031/2/1982Age 78-Lot 297
Schuler, Robert18914/2/1975Age 84-Husband of Dollie-World War 1-Lot 297
Schultz, VirgilN/AN/ALot 316
Scott, Thomas T.1855CA 1/24/1924Age 69-Husband of Hattie-Lot Owner(1)-Lot C
Sexton, Roy Edward11/23/19221/9/1965"Bill"-Age 42-Husband of Burdella-World War 2-Lot 272
Sharow, Michael Thomas8/12/19301/14/1997Age 66-Husband of Velma-Military Service
Sharow, Velma Pearl10/15/19334/25/2016Age 82-Wife of Michael
Sharrow, William Dennis4/25/193410/6/2000Age 66-Husband of Ruth-Military Service
Shattuck, Adrian D.12/11/18958/13/1945Father-Age 49-Lot 173
Shattuck, BabyN/AN/ALot 173
Shattuck, Harry Errol10/30/190210/19/1945Age 42-Lot 205
Shattuck, Mildred Idella3/4/19005/11/1954Mother-Age 54-Lot 173
Shattuck, O.N/AN/ALot Owner(3)-Lot 74
Shattuck, Vera19141916Daughter of James & Myrtle-Lot 109
Shattuck, Virginia Arlene5/23/19325/23/1932Daughter of Adrian & Mildred-Lot 173
Shattuck, Vivian Elaine3/4/19296/16/1929Age 3 Months-Daughter of Adrian & Mildred
Sheppard, Alvin Lewis18911/21/1972Husband of Lillian-Age 80-Lot 174
Sheppard, BabyN/ACA 1/24/1929N/A
Sheppard, Charlotte5/16/18626/9/1957Wife of William-Mother-Age 95-Lot 60
Sheppard, Clyde Eaton188912/25/1890Lot 60
Sheppard, Fredrick B.190112/2/1992Husband of Pauline-Age 91-Lot 174
Sheppard, Jessie Bell189410/7/1932Age 38-Lot 129-Wife of Henry
Sheppard, Lillian12/8/18931/18/1919Wife of Alvin-Age 25-Lot 60
Sheppard, Marquieta12/21/1936(Blank)Lot 248
Sheppard, Mary Pauline3/6/19034/26/1957Wife of Frederick-Age 54-Lot 174
Sheppard, RexN/AN/ALot Owner(0)-Lot 289
Sheppard, Richard John5/26/1934(Blank)Lot 248
Sheppard, RodneyN/AN/ALot Owner(0)-Lot 269
Sheppard, Thelma Louise5/29/19271/19/1929Age 1-Daughter of Fred & Pauline-Lot 174
Sheppard, William Bean4/19/18622/5/1937Husband of Charlotte-Age 74-Father-Lot 60
Sheppard, William David1/29/18964/19/1904Age 8-Son of William & Charlotte-Lot 60
Shortt, Joel G.3/16/185911/27/1937Husband of Mary-Age 78-Father-Lot 62
Shortt, Mary A.18777/3/1962Wife of Joel-Mother-Age 85-Lot 62
Sica, Pamela Jo12/30/19596/20/2001Age 41
Sieting, Robert L.2/11/193611/19/1985Korea-Age 49-Husband of Kay-Lot 224
Simmons, James H.7/19/18885/22/1976Age 87-Husband of Margaret-Lot 316
Simpkinson, Kenneth Melvin3/13/19462/21/1949Age 2-Son of Glen & Sylvia
Singleton, Hazel Alma18978/21/1987Age 90-Lot 279
Singleton, William Lester12/1/18975/23/1969Age 72-Husband of Hazel-Lot 279
Slater, Mary M.9/5/187111/22/1968Age 97-Lot 238
Slater, Newton Wyman4/16/18708/10/1953Age 83-Husband of Mary-Lot 238
Slimp, Fred Tony6/1/18985/15/1959Lot 247-Father-Age 60
Smart, Violet6/14/190110/14/1901Age 4 Months-Daughter of James & Lydia
Smith, AgnesN/A5/17/1923N/A
Smith, Annesa Rae4/14/196912/13/1983Age 14-Daughter of Dean & Roberta-Lot 264
Smith, Bertha E.N/AN/ALot Owner(1)-Lot 48
Smith, George18564/7/1934Age 78-Lot 87
Smith, Jesse Braton4/10/19104/23/1911Son of George & Nellie-Age 1-Lot 87
Smith, Mother18441923Mother-Lot 115
Smith, Rosa Ann18593/24/1929Age 70-Wife of George
Smith, Walter W.18441921Father-Civil War-Lot 115
Snook, Earl Albert192310/30/1923N/A
Snook, Hazel Bernice9/28/191610/1/1918N/A
Snooks, CharlesN/AN/ALot Owner(1)-Lot 54
Snooks, Flora2/27/19123/15/1912Age 17 Days-Daughter of Charles & Bertha-Lot 54
Snooks, Florence2/27/19123/12/1912Age 13 Days-Daughter of Charles & Bertha-Lot 54
Snooks, Frank Jay5/6/18866/20/1983Age 97-Lot 185-World War 1
Snooks, Sylvia L.7/23/19015/11/1978Age 76-Wife of Frank-Lot 185
Snooks, William Spencer3/3/19133/5/1913Age 2 Days-Son of Charles & Bertha-Lot 54
Snyder, Carol J.6/3/19517/20/2010N/A
Snyder, James Warren9/7/19136/7/1991"Sam"-Age 77
Snyder, Ronald T.2/11/19488/24/2015N/A
Snyder, Ronald Thomas Jr.1/8/19711/18/1971Age 10 Days-Our Baby Son-Lot 287
Soule, FredN/AN/ALot Owner(1)-Lot 42
Speaker, JohnN/AN/ALot Owner(1)-Lot 31
St. Johns, Larry Fred10/12/19461/14/1947Age 3 Months-Son of Fred & Mary
Stein, Florence Grace10/5/192010/18/2006Age 86-Wife of Harry
Stein, Harry AlbertN/A11/7/1982Age 70-Husband of Florence-Lot 329
Stein, Robert D.7/20/19545/27/1980Age 25-Husband of Laura-Lot 329
Stephens, Baby Boy1/6/19121/6/1912Son of John & Maud-Lot 126
Stephens, George18449/17/1899Age 55-Lot 51
Stephens, Mrs. George Sr.N/A1/22/1916N/A
Stephens, George Francis3/11/18843/23/1961Age 77-Lot 51
Stephens, Gladys Viola5/30/19082/24/1909Daughter of John & Viola-Age 8 Months
Stephens, Iva Loraine3/11/19192/22/1920Age 11 Months-Daughter of John & Maud-Lot 126
Stephens, John L.2/10/18846/16/1952Age 68-Lot 126
Stephens, Viola Maud9/3/18866/18/1984Age 97-Wife of John-Lot 126
Stephens, William7/6/19177/6/1917Age 15 Minutes-Son of John & Maud-Lot 126
Stephens, William Henry1870CA7/27/1933Age 63-Lot 171
Stevens, Winnifred M.4/14/18828/18/1929Age 47-Wife of William-Lot 171
Stinson, John M.N/A10/10/1940Age 73-Lot 159
Stinson, Sarah L.11/10/18718/15/1926Age 54-Mother-Lot 159
St. Johns, Larry Fred10/12/19461/14/1947Age 3 Months-Son of Fred & Mary-Lot 223
Stone, Alexander Gilmoure5/26/19267/25/2001"Alex"-Son of Joseph & Lida-Age 75-Husband of Elaine-Lot 164
Stone, Arthur R.4/24/187311/28/1938Age 65
Stone, Elaine Y.1930(Blank)Lot 164
Stone, Elizabeth Augusta4/2/19195/31/1927Age 8-Daughter of John & Lida-Lot 164
Stone, John Joseph6/3/18686/19/1958Husband of Lida-Father-Age 90-Lot 164
Stone, Kenneth John6/3/19476/5/1947Age 2 Days-Son of Joseph & Gertrude
Stone, Lida Lillian19008/17/1983Age 82-Wife of Joseph-Mother-Lot 164
Stone, Melvina Augusta6/7/19316/16/1931Age 9 Days-Daughter of John & Lyda
Stoner, Annie6/1/18603/5/1919Lot 71
Stoner, James18567/2/1916Lot 71
Stoner, John C.N/AN/ALot Owner(1)-Lot 33
Stotler, Amy M.8/20/19079/2/2000Age 93-Wife of Budd-Married 6/23/1926
Stotler, Bert William3/6/187012/28/1964Age 94-Father-Lot 271
Stotler, Budd E.12/23/19058/24/1989Age 83-Husband of Amy-Married 6/23/1926-Lot 271
Struble, Cora A.6/28/18728/19/1945Wife of Edward-Mother-Age 73-Lot 183
Struble, George Edward5/18/18711/28/1935Age 63-Father-Husband of Cora-Lot 183
Switzer, Benjamin Clyde4/26/19027/3/1979Husband of Grace-Age 77-Lot 138
Switzer, Charles E.N/AN/ALot Owner(2)-Lot 131
Switzer, Donald Louis8/13/191812/1/1921Age 3-Son of Charles & Georgia-Lot 131
Switzer, Elizabeth Mae5/14/19137/6/1920Age 7-Daughter of Charles & Georgia-Lot 131
Switzer, Grace18991999Wife of B. Clyde-Lot 138
Switzer, Ivan Howard2/19/19367/6/1937Son of Benjamin & Grace-Age 1-Lot 138
Switzer, Robert Charles10/3/19232/1/1968Son of Benjamin & Grace-World War 2-Age 44-Lot 138
Szily, Louis8/4/18878/31/1963Age 76-Lot 255
Taylor, Pearl Dora9/9/190110/31/1947Wife of George-Mother-Age 46-Lot 214
Teeple, Angus11/20/188310/8/1908Age 19-Son of Henry & Annie-Lot 18
Teeple, Annie6/4/18527/11/1908Age 51-Lot 18
Teeple, Edward Manning4/4/188612/19/1953Age 67-Lot B
Teeple, FernN/AN/ALot B
Teeple, Frederick F.1876June, 1923N/A
Teeple, HenryN/AN/ALot Owner(4)-Lot 18
Teeple, Henry18503/18/1921Age 71
Teeple, JaredN/AN/ALot Owner(n/r)-Lot 39
Teeple, Walter4/24/18835/30/1902Age 19-Son of Henry & Anna-Lot 18
Thayer, Kenneth19087/20/1926N/A
Thomas, Richard9/5/19509/5/1950Stillborn Baby
Thompson, Alice Winifred4/17/19179/29/2002Age 85-Daughter of Joseph & Audrey-Lot 156
Thompson, Audrey3/22/18912/14/1977Wife of Ernest-Age 85-Lot 156
Thompson, Baby19551955Lot 156
Thompson, Baby Boy19547/14/1954Lot 156
Thompson, Baby Girl10/17/191110/17/1911Stillborn baby of J.E. & Audrey-Lot 156
Thompson, Baby Girl5/30/19425/30/1942Stillborn Baby of Ernest & Alice-Lot 156
Thompson, ErnestN/AN/ALot Owner(0)-Lot 310
Thompson, James or ErnestN/AN/ALot Owner(0)-Lot 295
Thompson, Joseph Ernest3/14/18893/3/1969Husband of Audrey-Age 79-Lot 156
Thompson, Joseph Henry11/18/185311/15/1921Age 66-Father-Lot 81
Thompson, Sarah Agnes4/24/18601/20/1929Age 68-Wife of Joe-Mother-Lot 81
Thorne, Charles9/1/19379/1/1937Stillborn Son of Frederic & Viva-Lot 136
Thorne, Eldon Frederick6/4/19639/8/1963Age 3 Months-Son of Alfred & Velma-Lot 136
Thorne, Frederick E.4/27/18891/19/1972Married 12/20/1920-Husband of Viva-Father-Age 82-Lot 136
Thorne, Viva Marie10/27/19022/11/1991Wife of Fred-Married 12/20/1920-Mother-Age 88-Lot 136
Tisdale, Charles Clayton1/28/19039/5/1966Age 63-Husband of Margaret-Lot 277
Tisdale, Margaret Sylvia8/17/192012/13/1976Age 56-Lot 277
Torrey, Clover B.5/11/189012/3/1963Age 73-Wife of Fred-Lot 249
Torrey, Fred6/7/18862/29/1956Age 70-Husband of Clover-Lot 249
Tousigna, Albert Frank12/3/19437/9/1988Age 44-Husband of Evelyn-Lot 316
Tousigna, MotherN/AN/ALot 316
Tower, Lydia Lucille6/30/19016/23/1905Age 3-Daughter of David & Hattie
Tragis, Frank T.4/1/19104/27/1970Husband of Zena=Father-Age 60-Lot 131
Tranzo, JohnN/AN/ALot Owner(n/r)-Lot 43
Tranzo, John12/26/18901/1/1976Age 85-Lot 280
Tranzow, Frederike E.18533/2/1925Age 72-Wife of Herman-Mother
Tranzow, Herman J.N/ACA 1900Father
Trealout, Madelon E.N/AN/ALot Owner(2)-Lot 262
Trout, Ada L.10/24/190610/4/2004Age 97-Wife of Raymond
Trout, Albert R.10/15/188811/18/1961Age 73-Husband of Lillian-Lot 238
Trout, Albert Reid Jr.2/22/19176/28/1952Age 35-Lot 222
Trout, Barbara Lynne4/25/19509/15/2009Wife of Marvin-Married 5/20/1978
Trout, Edward R.3/5/18977/18/1947Son of Isaac & Sadie-Age 50-Lot 222
Trout, Henry I.11/23/18942/9/1973Husband of Lucinda-Father-Age 78-Lot 286
Trout, Henry I.7/19/19226/7/2003Age 80-Husband of Florence-World War 2
Trout, Isaac H.2/21/18634/25/1949Husband of Sadie-Age 86-Lot 222
Trout, Lucinda4/19/19001/17/1980Wife of Henry-Mother-Age 79-Lot 286
Trout, Marvin Dale10/1/193910/3/2001Age 62-Husband of Barbara-Married 5/20/1978
Trout, Octa Vera12/6/18925/17/1954Age 61-Wife of Albert-Lot 238
Trout, Raymond9/15/190312/21/1978Husband of Ada-Age 75-Lot 299
Trout, Raymond Lee5/22/19674/23/2008Age 40-Son, Father & Brother
Trout, Reed Randford10/27/19693/20/1973Age 3-Son of Marvin & Susan-Lot 296
Trout, Sadie L.9/14/18704/1/1955Age 84-Wife of Isaac-Lot 222
Turland, Barbara S.4/18/1940N/AWife of James-Married 8/13/1960
Turland, Elizabeth8/4/188512/7/1981Age 96-Lot 251
Turland, Florence Lois3/23/19159/12/1968Age 53-Lot 193
Turland, Harry10/18/192410/15/1997Age 72-Husband of Mildred-Married 7/30/1949-Lot 252
Turland, JamesN/AN/ALot Owner(1)-Lot 300
Turland, James A.8/18/19383/15/2001Age 62-Husband of Barbara-Married 8/13/1960-Military Service
Turland, James William11/29/191211/8/1953Age 40-Husband of Florence-Lot 193
Turland, Kenneth Jay7/12/192212/27/1953Age 31-Lot 194
Turland, Mildred E.11/17/1930(Blank)Married 7/30/1949-Lot 252
Turland, Rodney J.5/18/19679/22/1984Age 17-Son of James & Barbara
Turland, William12/23/18807/9/1965Age 84-Husband of Elizabeth-Lot 251
Turner, Nellie4/9/18805/1/1940Age 60-Wife of Harry Benjamin & Charles Turner
Tweedly, Nancy R.9/28/19389/3/2004Age 65-Wife of Lyle-Mother
Tweedly, Steven R.10/15/19579/30/2002Age 44-Vietnam
Underwood, Charles William1/19/187411/16/1943Husband of Mabel-Age 69
Vallance, Harvard A.10/15/19328/26/2012Age 79-Husband of Mary-Veteran
Vallance, Mary L.7/10/19364/13/2007Age 70-Wife of Harvard
Valley, J. H.N/AN/ALot Owner(1)-Lot 52
Valley, James K.1844N/ACivil War
VanArsdale, BettyN/A2/9/1994Age 70-Lot 316
VanBoekel, Judith6/21/19428/20/1976Age 34-Daughter of Henry-Lot 319
VanBuskirk, Robert L.1/11/19434/20/2000Age 57
Vance, Carol Rosebrugh12/19/1922CA7/1/2010Age 87-Wife of Kenneth
Vance, KennethN/AN/ALot Owner(0)-Lot 246
VanWormer, Almina A.11/11/185510/5/1909Age 56-Lot 98-Wife of August
VanWormer, ConnieN/AN/ALot 395
VanWormer, Darold D.4/29/19269/17/1997Age 71-Husband of Willene-World War 2-Lot 385
VanWormer, David Duane9/10/19484/3/2010Age 61-Husband of Sandra-Vietnam
VanWormer, Erma M.6/13/19257/8/1992Age 67-Mother-Lot 301
VanWormer, MontN/AN/ALot 395
VanWormer, Montello10/2/18776/9/1967Husband of Rhoda-Married 7/4/1905-Age 89-Lot 101
VanWormer, Nelson Augustus18521/3/1928Age 75-Lot 98
VanWormer, Oscar F.4/12/19236/6/1999Age 76-World War 2-Lot 101
VanWormer, Rhoda V.11/5/18821/1/1975Wife of Montello-Married 7/4/1905-Age 92-Lot 101
VanWormer, Willene7/25/19313/12/2011Age 79-Wife of Darold-Lot 385
Verellen, Catherine Cecile7/24/195110/29/2011Age 60-Cremation
Vincent, James Anthony1/11/196112/7/2015Age 54
Vogan, Henrietta1/13/19195/24/2006Age 87-Wife of Raymond-Married 12/24/1938-Lot 86
Vogan, Kathryn E.1/3/19163/17/1999N/A
Vogan, Raymond W.10/20/19137/15/2001Age 87-Husband of Henrietta-Married 12/24/1938-World War 2-Lot 86
Vogan, Robert E.11/13/19118/11/2000N/A
Walker, Adelaide4/4/19125/29/1912Age 1 Month-Daughter of Ernest & Sarah
Walker, Elizabeth Adelaide3/11/18481/21/1933Age 84
Walker, Ernest3/24/18703/2/1933Age 62-Father-Husband of Sarah-Lot 105
Walker, Flossie M.1/3/19034/19/1993Age 90-Wife of Bryon Ranney & Irvin Walker-Lot 313
Walker, GardnerN/AN/AHusband of Cora-Lot Owner(2)-Lot 70
Walker, Irvin F.9/21/19018/24/1978Age 76-Husband of Flossie-Dad-Lot 313
Walker?, JohnN/AN/ALot 313
Walker, Perry J.18992/26/1958Age 59-Lot 105
Walker, Robertson Eldridge4/7/18328/6/1907Age 75
Walker, Sammie5/9/19425/10/1942Age 1 Day-Son of Charles & Priscilla
Walker, Samuel Ernest9/19/19013/4/1918Age 16-Son of Ernest & Sarah
Walker, Sarah18721949Mother-Lot 105
Walrath, Eugene J.5/4/18577/31/1927Lot 130
Walrath, Gerald18991918Lot 130
Walsh, Michael Edward11/17/19668/28/1972Age 5-Lot 291
Walter, Bernadine Marie3/12/19353/12/1935Daughter of Harold & Celia-Lot 113
Walter, Celia Loretta19126/25/1987Age 75
Walter, Harold D.4/10/19101/27/1984Age 73-Husband of Celia-Lot 267
Walter, WilliamN/AN/ALot Owner(0)-Lot 270
Walters, Clement Xavier8/11/19073/1/2000Age 92-Husband of Goldie-Married 11/17/1932
Walters, Goldie7/2/19121/11/1993Age 80-Wife of Clement-Married 11/17/1932-Lot 290
Wangler, Clarence W.N/A8/4/1986Age 55-Husband of Mildred-Korea-Lot 347
Wangler, GeraldN/AN/ALot Owner(0)-Lot 343
Waszczeniak, Bernard J.10/1/191310/11/1991Age 78-Lot 332
Watkins, Phebe Schagel3/9/18545/22/1908Age 54-Wife of George
Waxell, DanielN/AN/ALot 354
Waxell, JaniceN/AN/ALot 354
Waye?, MarionN/AN/ALot 353
Waye?, WilliamN/AN/ALot 353
Webster, Claude K.1/18/190611/2/1973Age 67-Husband of LaNora-Lot 278
Webster, Hildreth E.11/15/190310/9/1966Age 62-Wife of Claude-Lot 278
Webster, LaNoraN/AN/ALot Owner(0)-Lot 275
Weeks, Ella Mae5/23/18891/19/1972Age 82-Lot 219
Weeks, Gerald W.2/16/19169/16/1986Age 70-Lot 219
Weeks, Lewis J.5/28/18871/14/1968Age 80-Husband of Ella-Lot 219
Weeks, Margaret Rose19203/30/1975Age 54-Wife of Gerald-Lot 219
Weibusch, Florine194511/27/1992Age 47-Lot 322
Wert, Florence Maude18771/28/1942Age 64-Lot 27
Wetmore, Baby Boy7/2/19597/2/1959Stillborn Son of Chester & Myrtle-Lot 250
Wetmore, Chester Leroy (Reverend)5/30/19028/2/1976Age 74-Husband of Myrtle-Lot 250
Wetmore, Myrtle Edna9/19/19212/2/1992Age 70-Lot 250
Wheeler, Edna H.19321991Lot 176
Wilbur, Ethel2/17/19072/21/1977Age 70-Lot 286
Wilbur, Maurice M.12/8/18963/14/1970Age 73-World War 1-Lot 286
Wilcox, ClaraN/A1987Lot 168
Wilkins, Donna L.1933N/AMarried 8/26/1950
Wilkins, Howard W.6/18/19298/1/2000Age 71-Husband of Donna-Married 8/26/1950-Korea
Williamson, Marie J.11/27/19152/6/1995Age 79-Mother
Wilson, Marion1/1/190311/9/1993Age 90-Lot 332
Wiltse, AnnieN/AN/ALot Owner(2)-Lot 76
Wiltse, Dorothy V.9/14/1916(Blank)N/A
Wiltse, Edgar Earl3/12/191612/16/1982Age 66
Wiltse, Fred6/8/18872/13/1968Lot 197
Wiltse, Geraldine1/20/19091/10/1918Age 9-Daughter of Fred & Laura
Wiltse, JamesN/A4/9/1927Age 31
Wiltse, Laura Victoria10/6/18887/7/1975Age 86-Lot 197
Winslow, Baby Girl19453/16/1945Lot 192
Winslow, Bessie E.6/30/190712/27/1976Wife of Kenneth-Age 69-Lot 186
Winslow, Beverly Joyce3/4/19325/13/1933Age 1-Daughter of Kenneth & Bessie
Winslow, Don William7/2/19069/7/1983Son of William & Lizzie-Husband of Grace-Age 77-Lot 192
Winslow, Grace L.10/25/190511/16/1997Age 92-Wife of Don-Lot 192
Winslow, Kenneth B.19017/19/1976Husband of Bessie-Age 75-Lot 186
Winslow, Linda Lou3/16/19453/16/1945Daughter of Don & Grace
Winslow, Lizzie Mae5/24/186812/16/1919Wife of William-Age 50-Lot 125
Winslow, Mary E.18993/22/1982Age 83-Lot 125
Winslow, Vern S.19046/6/1985Age 80-Lot 125
Winslow, William George4/24/18581/25/1931Husband of Lizzie-Age 72-Lot 125
Wise, John18776/11/1928Lot 170
Withey, Acelia Clara12/31/186210/30/1955Mother-Age 92-Wife of Charles-Lot 45
Withey, Albert E.6/21/18502/4/1923Father-Age 73-Husband of Bell-Lot 108
Withey, Bell12/24/18513/6/1943Mother-Wife of Albert-Lot 108
Withey, Charles Joseph8/3/189512/3/1946Son of Frank & Elizabeth-Husband of Florence-Age 51-Lot 129
Withey, Charles Marshall1/8/18572/5/1934Father-Husband of Acelia-Age 77-Lot 45
Withey, Elizabeth8/30/18684/27/1945Wife of Frank-Age 76-Lot 129
Withey?, ErwinN/AN/ALot 147
Withey, Flora B.9/20/18927/25/1963Daughter-Age 70-Lot 108
Withey, Frank L.6/10/18917/23/1938Age 47-Husband of Mary-Lot 147
Withey, Frank P.1/8/18654/29/1935Age 70-Husband of Elizabeth-Lot 129
Withey, Gladys V.1/6/18975/18/1992Wife of John-Age 95-Lot 257
Withey?, HaroldN/AN/ALot 147
Withey, Hazel E.18927/5/1991Married 2/21/1914-Buried Boyne City-Lot 237
Withey, John B.7/12/189312/23/1960 or 12/30/1960Husband of Gladys-Age 67-Lot 257
Withey, Opal2/4/1921N/ADaughter of Frank & Mary-Lot 147
Withey, Orin Frank18875/4/1962Married 2/21/1914-Age 74-Lot 237
Witmer, NormanN/AN/ALot Owner(1)-Lot 184
Witmer, Zenna Mae9/2/186910/7/1936Age 66-Wife of Norman-Lot 184
Wolfe, Blanche Frances12/20/18935/26/1955Age 61
Woughter, H.S.N/AN/ALot Owner?-Lot 147
Wrisley, Annelise H.N/A8/16/1987Age 59-Wife of Lynwood-Lot 346
Wrisley, LynwoodN/AN/ALot 346
Zettle, Ghent W.9/27/20009/27/2000N.A

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