Damon Cemetery is located on the west side of Fairview Road, north of Rose City Road, almost to Turney Ranch Trail
in Township 24 North, Range 1 East, Section 19, Foster Township, Ogemaw County, Michigan.
The old town of Damon was one of the earliest settlements in Ogemaw County and this cemetery is one of Ogemaw's oldest.
Cemetery records are sketchy at best for early burials and most graves were marked with wooden crosses
which have rotted or been burned in the area's many forest fires.

Compiled and indexed by Grace Dooley, who reserves all rights.

A big thank you goes to Diane Newton and Janet Arnott for taking the tombstone photographs.

Additional Info
Adamek, Chester A.6/8/192610/11/1986World War 2
Babcock, Charles F.7/31/19212/13/1995Age 73-Husband of Edith-World War 2
Babcock, Edith E.1908CA1/30/1979Age 70-Wife of Charles
Babcock, Edith May2/20/19641/28/1975Age 10-Daughter of Samuel & Delaphine
Baldridge, Samuel A.6/4/19248/27/1979Age 55-Husband of Irene-World War 2
Barber, Ila L.4/23/193212/27/1978Mother
Betts, Harvey Dudley6/29/19079/28/1907Age 3 Months-Son of Frank & Evangeline
Beyer, G. J.N/AN/AN/A
Bigford, Helen M.19101993N/A
Bigford, William W.19086/15/1980Age 71-Husband of Helen
Biltoft, Benie L.7/31/19079/17/1988Age 81-Mom & Grandma
Blair, Gerald N.11/26/191612/3/1983Age 67-Husband of Dolores-World War 2
Block, Addie E.12/25/18997/31/1978Age 78-Wife of Paul
Block, Paul H.3/5/19075/10/1982Age 75
Bolder, CharlesN/AN/AN/A
Brent, Elaine1/9/19161/23/2001Age 85-Wife of Robert-Married 1/7/1936
Brent, Robert Matthew11/21/190810/29/1993Married 1/7/1936-World War 2
Brown, ArleneN/AN/AN/A
Brown, Norman Phillip10/5/19324/28/1997Age 64-Husband of Arlene-Korea
Buhlman, Anthony X.8/30/19002/1/1984"Tony"-Age 83-Husband of Vivian-Married 11/29/1933
Buhlman, Frank G.11/21/18973/4/1984Age 86-Husband of Violet-Father
Buhlman, Leonard Francis9/1/193311/8/1989Age 56-Son
Buhlman, T.N/AN/AN/A
Buhlman, Violet M.10/16/19054/2/1993Age 87-Wife & Mother
Buhlman, Vivian Hazel7/31/191010/22/2002Age 92-Wife of Anthony-Married 11/29/1933
Byers, Elizabeth W.18781959N/A
Byers, Joseph F.3/25/18761/23/1964Age 87-Husband of Mabel
Calvin, Larry L.1939N/AMarried 8/14/1956
Calvin, Maxine H.19381/20/2004Married 8/14/1956
Carey, Naomi R.5/16/1933N/AN/A
Carey, Robert G.7/6/193411/24/1991Age 57-Husband of Naomi-Korea
Carry, Patrick Luke12/2/19316/7/1994Age 62-Husband of Anita-Korea
Carter, Annette Lee12/4/19601/28/1975Age 14-Daughter of Clarence & Delaphine
Casselberry, Esther B.9/13/19125/5/1999Age 86-Cremation
Casselberry, Robert K.9/1/19063/29/1979Age 72-Husband of Esther
Casterline, AndrewN/AN/ACivil War
Church, L. D.N/AN/AN/A
Collins, Nancy M.12/3/19344/14/2009Wife of Thomas-Married 4/26/1952
Collins,Thomas R.10/18/19326/29/2008Husband of Nancy-Married 4/26/1952-Korea
Coulder, ChuckN/AN/AWood Cross
Crawford, Charles RobertN/A3/9/1985Our Baby
Crawford, Lori J.1963N/AN/A
Cummings, DelRita D.11/21/19386/16/1974Age 35-Wife of Richard
Dankert, Louis Otto6/30/19094/4/1985Father-Age 75-Husband of Ruth
Dankert, Ruth Helen190812/29/1990Wife of Louis-Mother-Age 82
Davis, Donald E.1936N/AN/A
Davis, Frances L.(Biltoft)8/23/19322/18/2001"Fran"-Age 68-Wife of Richard-Married 2/16/1952-Cremation
Davis, Lillian M.19234/19/1993Age 69-Wife of Donald
Davis, Richard5/28/1930N/AMarried 2/16/1952
Diehl, Claude C.19372002Son of Hugh & Elnora
Diehl, Claude E.3/7/19039/18/1984Age 81
Diehl, Elnora Lillith9/19/191512/29/2008Wife of Jesse
Diehl, Hugh Jesse19051965N/A
Dolan, John J.2/19/19297/12/1995Age 66-Husband of Roberta-Vietnam
Doran, Harvey G.1/20/194411/13/2009Husband of Janet-Married 9/7/1963
Doran, Janet R.12/13/193811/5/2010Wife of Harvey-Married 9/7/1963
Drain, Claudia8/20/19054/26/1984Age 78
Drain, Floyd Edwin11/21/18962/15/1968Age 72-Husband of Claudia-World War 1
Drotos, John F.19226/10/1993Age 71-Husband of Ruth
Drotos, Ruth19262010N/A
Ebelt, Alan A.7/23/192612/13/2005Age 79-Husband of Clara-Cremation-World War 2
Ebelt, Alfred William2/28/19042/16/1979Age 74-Husband of Mabel-Poet & Writer
Ebelt, Clara3/28/192812/6/1998Age 70-Wife of Alan
Ebelt, Mabel E.19051980Eternal Mother
Elliott, John3/17/19113/31/1911Age 14 Days-Son of Charles & Louisa
Elrod, Russell E.3/30/19593/14/2003N/A
Faughnan, Alice M.9/12/19288/12/1993Age 64
Faughnan, Jack Bernard6/13/19223/13/1984Age 61-Husband of Alice-Korea
Faughnan, Vern Barney10/24/18993/29/1978Age 78-Husband of Viola-World War 1
Faughnan, Viola Lillian11/16/19008/21/1978Age 77
Fawcett, Charles Edwin7/1/19184/18/1986Age 67-Husband of Nola-Military Service
Fawcett, Nola M.1/3/192012/8/2004Age 84-Wife of Chuck
Fitzgerald, Anthony Howard8/3/19123/15/1991Cremated
Fitzgerald, Beverly F.1935N/AN/A
Fitzgerald, Glendora1915N/AN/A
Fitzgerald, Ruth K.7/21/19137/24/1991Married 62 years
Fitzgerald, Thomas G.5/30/191110/30/1996Age 85-Married 62 years
Fitzpatrick, Raymond Jack6/24/192912/29/1976Age 47-Husband of Sara-Married 9/25/1948
Fitzpatrick, Sara Inez6/19/193012/17/2007Age 77-Wife of Raymond-Married 9/25/1948
Fockler, Helen C.18971897N/A
Fockler, Lee Boyd18901893N/A
Friend, Clessie L.12/10/19158/10/1990Age 74
Friend, Delbert J.10/27/19126/14/1976Age 63-Husband of Clessie
Friend, Del Rita D.11/21/19396/16/1974N/A
Fuller, Dawn F.8/29/19711/28/1975Age 3-Daughter of Lyle & Delaphine
Fuller, Delaphine L.3/11/19321/28/1975Mother-Age 42-Wife of Lyle
Fuller, Lyla S.11/29/19681/28/1975Age 6-Daughter of Lyle & Delaphine
Fuller, Lyle H.19251977Father
Goulder, Charles E.12/25/19089/19/1976Age 67-Husband of Mildred
Graber, Alden Smith4/19/19175/8/1967Logging Champion-Age 50-Husband of Bertina
Graber, Frankie Joe11/2/195110/7/1967Age 15-Son of Alden & Bertina
Graber, Larry James8/30/19498/16/1968Age 18-Son of Alden & Bertina
Graber, Linda L.12/28/19476/9/2002Elite Arabians
Gray, Lawrence O.6/7/19155/7/1982Uncle
Gray, Richard L.5/7/19398/31/2004N/A
Grimes, Eunice M.11/23/191611/23/2004Age 88-Wife of Kenneth-Married 9/10/1935
Grimes, Fremont Kenneth Sr.12/5/191510/7/2002Age 86-Husband of Eunice-Married 9/10/1935-Military Service
Grimes, Fremont (Monty)2/5/1945N/AMarried 8/31/1963
Grimes, Sharon K.4/9/19447/16/1995Married 8/31/1963-Wife of Monty
Harris, Arnold S.1/20/190910/27/1980Age 71-Husband of Ruth
Harris, Ruth Lucille4/7/19135/13/2009Age 96-Wife of Arnold
Hickey, Lucius E.11/16/187510/21/1895Age 20-Son of O J & L L
Hickey, Lydia L.18421892N/A
Hunt, Hurbert G.12/6/18451/6/1901Age 55
Hunt, Inez M.2/7/19254/26/1989Wife of John-Mother-Age 64
Hunt, John J.12/13/19225/14/1993Husband of Alice & Inez-Father-World War 2
Jones, James G.12/10/192211/21/2002Age 79-Husband of Phyllis-Married 1/12/1946-World War 2
Jones, Phyllis M.10/7/19259/14/2009Age 83-Wife of James-Married 1/12/1946
Keathley, Diana1940N/AN/A
Keathley, Earnest1933N/AN/A
Kimball, Gale M.1/18/19222/22/1991Age 69-Husband of Winifred-Married 11/10/1945-World War 2
Kimball, Winifred M.9/25/19255/18/2011Age 85-Wife of Gale-Married 11/10/1945
Kinney, Gerald W.3/18/19383/22/2015Age 77-Husband of Joyce
Kinney, Joyce A.5/13/19409/9/2005Age 65-Wife of Gerald
Klingler, Donald L.1/19/19354/30/1987Age 52-Husband of Elaine-Wood Plaque
Klingler, Elaine5/3/19335/18/2015Age 82-Wife of Donald
LaBarge, Hubert J.1/11/19224/27/1996Age 74-Husband of Verna-World War 2
LaBarge, Ilene M.11/4/192711/30/1986Age 59-Wife of Hubert
Lang, Albert A.19071977World War 2
Lang, Mathilda T.3/5/19156/17/1986Age 71-Wood Cross
Latreille, Clarence George7/6/190810/26/1965Age 57-Husband of Pearl
Latreille, Claude19031984N/A
Latreille, Pearl L.7/18/19132/25/2000Age 86-Wife of Clarence
Leibler, Harold Stewart7/22/19303/11/1984"Nick"Age 53-Husband of Jean-U.S. Navy
Leibler, Jean LaVonne10/12/193411/8/1995Age 61-Wife of Nick
Mack, Catherine Marie19071/16/1993Age 85
Madsen, Elmer C.1/25/19317/23/1999Age 68-Father-Husband of Judith-Married 8/28/1965-Military Service
Madsen, Judith A.1940N/AMother-Married 8/28/1965
Marshall, Clara E.6/29/192212/10/2011Married September 17, 1941
Marshall, Delores11/7/19237/17/2009Married October 7, 1944
Marshall, Glenn7/7/19215/27/2000Married October 7, 1944-World War 2
Marshall, Randy M.11/12/19524/17/2013Age 60-Husband of Mary-Cremation
Marshall, William Henry5/18/19209/11/1997Age 77-Husband of Clara-Married September 17, 1941-World War 2
Mayhew, Hershall W.4/9/19181/6/1999"Bud"-Age 80-Husband of Juanita-Military Service
McGuiness, Helen Susan4/23/191711/6/1980Age 63-Wife of Thomas-World War 2
McGuiness, Thomas J.6/24/19159/12/1993World War 2
McIsaac, Charles G.4/2/19388/11/2008Husband of Mary Beth-Married 11/22/1975
McIsaac, Gaylord Charles3/5/19124/17/1989"Mac"-Age 77-Husband of Oveda-Married 11/28/1935
McIsaac, Mary Beth11/18/1953N/AWife of Charles-Married 11/22/1975
McIsaac, Oveda H.11/26/191412/8/1996"Vede"-Age 82-Wife of Gaylord-Married 11/28/1935
Merrifield, James Edward4/2/184811/22/1914Age 66-Veteran
Mersino, Doris I.12/22/19397/19/2013Age 73-Wife of James-Married June 2, 1960
Mersino, James J.3/9/19381/17/1999Age 60-Husband of Doris-Married June 2, 1960-US Army (Veteran)
Murphy, John3/31/18804/22/1977Age 97
Novak, James Edward4/3/194710/4/2011Age 64-Husband of Tammy-Military Service
O'Conner, Clarence C.9/20/189510/24/1991Grandpa's Gone Fishing
Oestreich, Margaret19141977N/A
Orlando, Sam8/14/19298/29/2012Age 83-Husband of Sherry-Married 10/2/1954-Military Service
Orlando, Sherry Ann7/1/19339/11/2002Age 69-Wife of Sam-Married 10/2/1954
Painter, Glen A. Sr.10/30/19208/20/1984Age 63-Husband of Mary-Veteran
Painter, Mary Catherine5/30/19238/29/2004Age 81-Wife of Glen Sr.
Rogers, John Orvin9/19/18637/15/1907Age 43
Rogers, Nellie Elizabeth3/31/187011/10/1908Age 38
Romain, Douglas Arnold1/12/19527/27/1979"Huck"-Age 27-Son of Douglas & Delphene
Sancrant, Charles F.8/9/194212/8/1995US Army
Sancrant, Edward L. Sr.11/12/195010/14/2000Son
Sancrant, Helen M.8/12/192610/15/1993Age 67-Wife of Lawrence-Mother
Sancrant, James F.5/8/19207/19/2009Age 89-Husband of Mildred
Sancrant, Judith A.2/22/1941N/AMarried 6/16/1962
Sancrant, Lawrence G. Jr.3/24/19445/24/2003Age 59-Husband of Judith-Married 6/16/1962
Sancrant, Lawrence G. Sr.4/13/19238/7/2003Age 80-Husband of Helen-Father
Sancrant, Mildred Jean2/12/19254/1/2001Age 76-Wife of James
Sancrant, Scott A.19631980N/A
Schickerowski, Edward18981971N/A
Schmidt, Mary Lee11/21/19369/2/1993Married 5/9/1956
Schmidt, Norman "Chuck" Jr.1/7/19571/6/2001Uncle Buck-Age 43-Son of Norman & Mary
Schmidt, Norman C.6/6/1931N/AMarried 5/9/1956
Scholl, Pearl E.5/25/19306/1/2007Age 76
Schubert, Ida Bell11/18/18484/25/1915Age 68
Sirmeyer, Edward W.18921962N/A
Sirmeyer, Marie L.19143/19/2006Age 92-Wife of Edward-Also see Thomas
Souva, Jo Ann M.1934N/AMarried 1954
Souva, Robert G.8/16/193212/2/2004Age 72-Husband of JoAnn-Married 1954-Korea-Vietnam
Souva, ThomasN/AN/AN/A
Spencer, Christine M.19461998Wife, Mother & Grandmother-Married 2/11/1967
Spencer, James M. Jr.1943N/AMarried 2/11/1967
Spencer, James M. Sr.6/24/19198/3/1988World War 2
Spencer, Lila MarieN/AN/ACremated
Spring, Maurice G.7/2/19186/13/1988Age 69-Husband of Muriel
Spring, Muriel E.11/11/19131/6/1998Age 84-Wife of Maurice
Stonehouse, Eric Thor8/29/196010/30/2002Devoted Son
Stonehouse, Maureen June10/1/19293/18/2004"Polly"-Loving Mother
Stonehouse, Robert R.11/26/19291/29/2002Korea
Sutton, John W. Sr.7/10/190412/5/1983Age 79-Husband of Thelma
Sutton, Thelma I.6/7/191110/1/2004Age 93-Wife of John
Theresa, Mother Amber19041977From Children
Thomas, Marie L. Sirmeyer19143/19/2006Age 92-Wife of Ralph-Also see Sirmeyer
Thomas, Ralph I.18987/14/1978Age 79-Husband of Marie
Twydell, Rhea R.1927N/AN/A
Twydell, Wayne Leroy8/11/19245/14/1993Age 68-Husband of Rhea-World War 2
Unknown BurialsN/AN/AWooden markers
Venier, Meier L.6/19/19217/19/1982World War 2
Vowell, John H.2/1/19198/30/1999World War 2
Vowell, Martha G.19202006N/A
Walker, John M.6/19/19226/12/1998World War 2
Walter, Henry Joseph1/13/19064/1/1983"Weasel"-Age 77
Waterfur?, Mrs. James183911/25/1907Age 66
Whetstine, Marvin L.5/10/19267/16/1976Age 50-Husband of Shirley-World War 2
Whetstine, Shirley A.7/2/1936N/AWife & Mother
Williams, Delores D.19322009Married 3/19/1949
Williams, Ralph1/1/19285/1/2003Age 75-Husband of Delores-Married 3/19/1949-World War 2
Winsky, Amber Theresa3/7/19044/5/1977Age 73
Witzke, Margaret J.4/3/19165/13/2005N/A
Witzke, Walter12/5/19127/11/2006N/A
Yang, Albert A.19071977World War 2
Zimmer, Harry N.7/13/19051/5/1977Age 71-Husband of Marjorie-Married 9/25/1926
Zimmer, Marjorie A.6/7/191010/9/1996Age 86-Wife of Harry-Married 9/25/1926
Zupan, Gerald C.5/15/1937N/AMarried 8/6/1983
Zupan, Patricia Ann12/2/19398/31/2002Age 62-Wife of Gerald-Married 8/6/1983

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