Edwards Township Cemetery is located on Greenwood Road, one mile west of M-30 in Edwards Township,
Ogemaw County, Michigan. The Cemetery is between Edwards and Ehinger Road in southwestern Ogemaw County.
Because it is so near the county line, many Gladwin residents are also buried here.

Anyone knowing of additional burials or corrections to this cemetery listing is asked to send the information to:
The Rose City Historical Society, Post Office Box 736, Rose City, MI 48654
A big thank you to Lauri Finerty and Janet Arnott for cleaning and photographing the tombstones!
This index was compiled by Grace Dooley, who reserves all rights.

Additional Info
Adamczak, Walentine2/13/18845/23/1950Age 66
Albaugh, ElizabethN/ACA1/13/1930N/A
Alexander, Robert11/28/184412/13/1907Age 63
Alexander, Robert F.N/AN/AWorld War 1
Alpin, Bernice May2/18/19174/17/1918Age 1-Daughter of Richard & Agnes
Alpin, Richard D.7/20/188810/5/1961N/A
Andrews, Alonzo Stockwell5/23/185710/19/1926Reverend-Age 69-Husband of Laura
Andrews, Buddy Martin5/9/19395/9/1939Baby Son of Stanley & Francis
Andrews, Laura Elizabeth1/27/18671/31/1950Age 83
Anger, Teresa H.19021964N/A
Archer, ScottN/ACA 1916N/A
Arnold, Leo M.1916N/AHusband of Theda-Married 2/2/1963
Arnold, Theda Marie19161/8/1989Age 72-Wife of Leo-Married 2/2/1963
Arrand, Arvin Frances3/5/19316/9/1932Age 1-Son of Roy & Bernice
Arrand, George18551930N/A
Arrand, Jennie Mabel Viola10/24/19042/23/2001Age 96
Arrand, Melissa E.6/1/18527/10/1918Age 66-Wife of George
Arrand, Roy Clyde10/9/19007/11/1979Age 78-Husband of Mabel
Arthur, Saurin Milligan3/15/185412/5/1929Father-Age 75
Atton, Baby Boy1928CA7/12/1928Age 1 Day
Auten, Melvin9/6/19229/9/1994Husband of Phyllis-Married 4/6/1946
Auten, Phyllis Maxine5/14/19255/5/2005Wife of Melvin-Married 4/6/1946
Bacon, William W.11/5/183911/5/1910Age 71
Bailey, Floyd Sidney6/22/191012/5/1941Age 31-Son of James & Mattie
Bailey, Glen H.9/6/19055/26/1975Age 69-Husband of Dorothy
Bailey, Howard D.9/19/19131/31/1944World War 2
Bailey, James Henry8/10/18798/18/1965Age 86
Bailey, Jeffrey Thomas6/13/19739/2/1990N/A
Bailey, Mabel H.6/6/19001/30/1995Age 94
Bailey, Mattie E.4/6/188110/25/1953Age 72-Wife of James
Bailey, NoahN/A11/1/1936Age 81
Bailey, Ralph D.1/11/19017/8/1977Age 76-Husband of Mabel-World War 1
Balko, John M.9/15/191812/24/1997Age 79-Husband of Mae-Married 12/31/1948-World War 2
Balko, Mae L.4/21/19273/31/2004Age 76-Wife of John-Married 12/31/1948
Ballew, Elmer Lawrence8/31/18906/17/1967Age 76-World War 1
Bangert, Jane D. (Killinger-Turow)8/15/19323/3/2012Age 79-Wife of Robert Turow & Keith Bangert
Barber, A. Jean19342005Mother
Barber, James B.19322004Father
Barr, Mary F.1903N/AMarried 2/7/1959
Barr, Norman H.1/19/18948/3/1966Married 2/7/1959-Husband of Mary-World War 1
Barringer, Charles1/6/18857/7/1966N/A
Barringer, Lucy Bell10/9/188510/15/1950Age 65-Wife of Walter
Barringer, Walter18861/14/1964N/A
Barton, Jerry Guy6/18/19519/18/1977Husband & Father
Bartz, Allen Harold12/12/19561/19/1981Age 24-Husband of Pamela
Bartz, Donald H.192310/15/1992Age 69-Husband of Edna-Military Service
Bartz, Donald Spencer8/26/197712/21/1977Age 3 Months-Son of George & Thresea
Bartz, Edna R. Carey9/12/198010/31/1980Age 1 Month-Daughter of Allen & Pamela
Bartz, Michael JosephN/AJune 8Age 2 Months-Son of George & Theresa
Batton, Inez Wade18661/13/1916Age 49
Bearss, Larry Dean5/6/19443/25/2000Age 55-Husband of Nancy-Married 5/6/1967-U. S. Navy
Bearss, Nancy-Lee Mary12/7/19453/22/2009Age 63-Wife of Larry-Married 5/6/1967
Beckwith, Jared2/22/18407/12/1914Husband of Mary-Age 74
Beckwith, John18751/28/1945Father
Beckwith, Mary L.N/A7/13/1946N/A
Beckwith, Nathan Daniel6/8/19916/8/1991Son of Douglas & Christine
Beckwith, Vernon Earl5/11/19283/26/1993Age 64-Husband of Barbara-Father & Grandfather-Korea
Beemer, Amy Elizabeth4/25/186510/24/1940Age 75-Wife of William
Beemer, William Edgar10/18/18656/11/1950Age 85
Behrend, Frank Erwin10/3/19199/26/1986"Pop"
Behrend, Mary S.12/31/19526/15/2005Age 52-Wife of Terry-Married June 17, 1988
Behrend, Terry A.11/8/1946N/AHusband of Mary-Married June 17, 1988
Bellow, Justine6/20/191010/12/1978Age 68
Bennett, Elizabeth CatherineN/ACA2/20/1930N/A
Bennett, John F.N/A5/13/1933N/A
Bennett, Leo S.10/5/193111/5/1992Age 61-Husband of Shirley-Married 11/6/1954-Korea
Bennett, Leroy A.1/20/191212/11/1988Age 76-Husband of Marie-Married 3/13/1931-aka Leroy Linam
Bennett, Marie Lila1/3/19143/16/2003Age 89-Wife of LeRoy-Married 3/13/1931
Bennett, Shirley A.1936N/AWife of Leo-Married 11/6/1954
Bernore, Maude18821/11/1904Age 21-Daughter of Albert & Delia
Berryhill, Blanche Edith8/28/19158/16/1991Age 75
Berryhill, Buddie Eugene11/7/19366/22/2005Age 68-Vietnam
Berryhill, Lonnie D.9/26/193811/28/1993Vietnam
Berryhill, Melvin M.19161978N/A
Black, Alexander Rankin3/24/19111/18/1983Age 71-Husband of Hilda
Black, Hilda Vivian5/24/19213/30/2000Age 78-Wife of Alex
Blanchard, Evelyn (Evans)12/9/19189/24/2001Age 82-Wife & Mother
Blanchard, Fred E.3/23/19067/20/1982Age 76-Husband of Evelyn
Blazak, Lorenz7/19/18796/30/1965Age 85
Bliss, HattieN/ACA 11/13/1930N/A
Boman, Lavern1/9/19073/15/2000Age 93-Husband of Virginia
Boman, Virginia G.7/21/19136/29/2000Age 86-Wife of Lavern
Bommarito, Jack J.2/9/19206/3/1998Age 78-Husband of Viola-Married 9/25/1943-World War 2
Bommarito, Viola M.1925N/AWife of Jack-Married 9/25/1943
Boomer, Eleanore MaggieN/A6/30/1951N/A
Boulton, Beatrice I.19078/28/1992Age 85-Wife of Leo-Married 8/29/1929
Boulton, Leo4/13/190511/3/1976Age 71-Husband of Beatrice-Married 8/29/1929
Bowsher, Crystel L.8/15/190211/7/1977Age 75-Wife of Don-Married 9/20/1922
Bowsher, Don C. Jr.11/5/19234/22/2003Age 79
Bowsher, Don C. Sr.3/23/19022/1/1993Age 90-Husband of Crystel-Married 9/20/1922
Bowsher, Phyllis Ruth3/13/19332/27/1936Age 2-Daughter of Don & Crystel
Bowyer, Clara M.2/14/18946/12/1973Age 79-Wife of Joseph
Bowyer, James M.19168/29/1943Son of Joseph & Clara
Bowyer, Joseph L.18921978Age 85-Husband of Clara
Bracket, Roy Warren7/4/19484/9/2013Age 64-Vietnam
Bremer, Gertrude12/5/188411/2/1976Age 91
Brewer, Arthur Wilson10/15/19175/21/1983Age 65-Military Service
Brewer, Benjamin Franklin6/?/18525/18/1928Age 75-Husband of Clara
Brewer, Clara10/29/18792/11/1950Age 71-Wife of Benjamin
Brewer, Clarence19145/1/1916Age 2-Son of B. F. & Cora
Brewer, Evelyn Francis7/17/19121/25/1991Age 79-Wife of Lester-Married 9/10/1932
Brewer, Floyd D.6/14/19069/17/1965Age 59
Brewer, Heide L.19581978Granddaughter
Brewer, Kenneth Carl12/15/19113/25/1997"Joe"-Age 85
Brewer, L. Douglas3/16/1942N/AHusband of Myrna-Married 10/10/1964
Brewer, Lester Harold5/1/190510/19/1980Age 75-Husband of Evelyn-Married 9/10/1932
Brewer, Myrna L.6/6/1945N/AWife of L. Douglas-Married 10/10/1964
Brewer, Nicholas Lloyd8/9/19945/24/2005Age 10-Son of Paul & Patricia
Briggs, Harry James Sr.5/27/190912/15/1967Age 58-Husband of Fern-Father
Brown, Elizabeth4/21/18675/4/1928Wife of Thomas-Age 62
Brown, Robert G.4/3/191912/18/1990World War 2
Brown, Thomas18657/3/1936Age 68
Bubnes, George A.9/17/191912/9/1980Age 61-Husband of Dorothy-World War 2
Bunting, Melbourne Cornelius9/21/19218/17/2016"Barney"-Age 94-Husband of Ruth-World War 2
Burdette, Lillian E.1923N/AN/A
Burdette, Richard F.19211982N/A
Burger, Baby Boy3/14/19363/17/1936Age 3 Days-Son of William & Helen
Burger, Gladys Isabella3/1/19208/26/2009Age 89-Wife of Lyle
Burger, Lyle G.8/3/191912/26/1999Husband of Gladys
Burgeson, Leroy V.7/17/19168/1/1999World War 2-Husband of Pauline-Married 7/22/1939
Burgeson, Pauline E.6/27/192111/2/2007Age 86-Wife of Leroy-Married 7/22/1939
Burnia, Lando3/11/19179/19/1988Age 71
Burnside, Minnie Viola18681943Wife of Wm. J.
Burt, Helen19225/6/1924Age 9 Months-Daughter of John & Rose-Twin
Burt, John Theodore3/14/18613/7/1932Age 71-Husband of Rosa
Burt, Shirley Jane2/24/19352/25/1935Age 1 Day-Daughter of John & Virginia
Butine, Cornelius6/29/18843/18/1968Age 83
Butine, Iola Gertrude12/6/18925/8/1960Age 67-Wife of Neil
Butyter, John9/23/19167/22/1989Husband of Mary-Married 5/24/1947-World War 2
Butyter, Mary8/22/19243/24/2002Age 77-Wife of John-Married 5/24/1947
Cahoon, Ressa N.1/15/18575/16/1940Age 83-Wife of John
Campbell, Florence10/26/190611/27/1906Age 1 Month-Daughter of Martin & Clara
Campbell, John6/21/19045/3/1907Age 2-Son of Martin & Taria
Campbell, Peter7/4/19025/3/1907Age 4-Son of Martin & Taria
Campbell, Robert11/25/18995/3/1907Age 8-Son of Martin & Taria
Campbell, Roy12/14/18975/3/1907Age 10-Son of Martin & Taria
Carey, Anna B.18614/11/1898N/A
Carey, Edith Hayes9/10/18738/25/1954Age 80-Wife of William
Carey, James H.185410/1/1946N/A
Carey, Mary Lidia18666/13/1947N/A
Carlberg, VictorN/AN/AN/A
Carlson, Alfreda186912/29/1949N/A
Carlson, Carl Johann9/30/19061/14/1997"Charlie"-Age 90-Husband of Mary-Married 7/27/1927
Carlson, Esther L.9/30/18941/16/1977Age 82-Wife of Gunnar-Married 10/4/1924
Carlson, Gunnar V.18936/22/1982Age 88-Husband of Esther-Married 10/4/1924
Carlson, John WalterN/A11/20/1979Age 72-Husband of Elizabeth
Carlson, Mary Ameila9/20/19092/11/1996"Hanes"-Age 86-Wife of Carl-Married 7/27/1927
Carlson, Nils Peter18611/20/1947N/A
Carlu, Geraldine E.1/29/19319/9/2003Age 72-Wife of Victor-Married 4/11/1953
Carlu, Victor August1/8/19288/27/1986Age 58-Husband of Geraldine-Married 4/11/1953-Father-World War 2
Carreon, Bernice V.8/26/19366/8/2005N/A
Castro, Estherline RuthN/AN/ASee Esther Stamm
Catheart, Ida9/10/18693/28/1922Sister
Cheek, Hazel T.6/23/19253/29/2002Age 76-Wife of Willard-Married 8/26/1942
Cheek, Willard Watz4/16/19237/29/1996Age 73-Husband of Hazel-Married 8/26/1942-World War 2
Chervekski, Anthony11/15/191711/1/1972Age 54
Chestnut, Carl Dale2/25/195511/30/1986Age 32-Son of Lowell & Carol
Chestnut, Lowell P.19322007Father
Chisholm, Mary19151989Wife of Walter-Married 6/30/1945
Chisholm, Walter19111976Husband of Mary-Married 6/30/1945
Clark Betty8/25/192411/25/2006Wife of Lawrence-Married 8/25/1944
Clark, Lawrence7/22/19252/22/1998Husband of Betty-Married 8/25/1944-World War 2
Clark, Marie Allen8/25/19428/25/1942Daughter of Wayne & Mildred
Clark, Randy O.2/26/19554/8/2006Husband of Yvonne-Married 10/24/1981
Clark, Yvonne C.1/4/1950N/AWife of Randy-Married 10/24/1981
Clark, Wayne W.N/AApril 2Age 64-Husband of Mildred
Clayton, Betty E.19442005N/A
Clayton, Carl N.19082003N/A
Clayton, Cora B.19122003N/A
Clayton, Gordon R.19126/19/1979Age 67
Clayton, Iva Elizabeth9/24/18868/7/1960Age 73-Wife of John
Clayton, James Lafayette6/1/19207/10/2012Age 92-Husband of Dorothy
Clayton, John Norman3/27/18867/10/1959Age 73-Husband of Iva
Clayton, Thomas L.12/27/19475/26/1967Age 19-Son of James & Dorothy
Clements, Faye Katherine Sheltrown5/15/19307/19/2009Daughter of Florence & Claude-Cremation
Clifford, Hobert Kyle Jr.12/23/19594/8/2002Son & Brother
Clifford, Marsha L.2/8/19624/23/2006Daughter & Sister
Cohoon, Belle H.5/31/18853/9/1971Age 85-Wife of Sidney
Cohoon, John Charles10/3/18553/26/1923Age 68-Husband of Ressa
Cohoon, John C.N/A10/28/1960N/A
Cohoon, Ressa Nancy1/15/18575/19/1940Wife of John
Cohoon, Sidney John3/15/188010/26/1960Age 80-Husband of Belle
Coleman, Cephas Cleophas1/19/19174/13/2001Age 84-World War 2
Coleman, Marjorie B.10/8/19164/29/1988Age 71-Wife of Cephas
Collie, Myrtle B.6/18/190412/30/1981Age 77
Collie, Olen G.2/2/19007/1/1977Mason
Collins, Barbara L.3/5/1927N/AWife of Jack-Married 5/2/1943
Collins, Jack R.12/29/19258/18/1998Husband of Barbara-Married 5/2/1943-World War 2
Conrad, Eldon FayN/A10/1/1930Age 3 Days
Conrad, Paul E.N/A1924Age 5 Days
Cooper, Fred A.18868/11/1920Age 33
Copron, Verna12/2/191812/1/1975Age 56
Cordrey, Clinton L.11/6/18855/25/1964Age 78
Cordrey, Mattie L.N/A5/25/1964N/A
Couts, George W.2/28/19121/8/1992Age 79-Husband of Lillian-Father-World War 2
Couts, Lillian1937N/AMother
Cowger, Olive Ann Peters19222000N/A
Cox, David Henry18625/6/1927Age 62
Crawford, Alan Neil12/28/194612/24/1974Age 27-Son of Audrey
Crawford, Alfred E.8/16/19098/12/1964World War 2
Crawford, Shane A. Lyons3/7/197911/8/1979Age 8 Months-Son of Alfred & Tammy
Crow, Ammon D.12/30/18783/17/1913Age 34-Son of Joseph & Sophia
Crow, Joseph T.1/21/18518/17/1924Husband of Sophia
Crow, Sophia E.12/7/18548/6/1940Age 85-Wife of Joseph
Crowder, Cowles Corwin11/15/19456/7/1947Age 1-Son of James & Leora
Cruickshank, Edna Lea5/13/19068/31/1927Age 21-Daughter of James & Ida
Cruickshank, Freda L.19011975N/A
Cruickshank, George F.18911966N/A
Cruickshank, Ida Eloise18689/19/1928Age 60-Wife of James
Cruickshank, Irene B. (Dunn)7/22/191212/24/2006Age 94-Wife of Roy Cruickshank & Cecil Dunn
Cruickshank, James3/17/185210/18/1938Age 86-Husband of Ida
Cruickshank, James Jr.18971970N/A
Cruickshank, Ledoma May10/18/19211/27/1922Age 3 Months-Daughter of Fred & Freda
Cruickshank, Roy8/8/18966/13/1961Age 64-Husband of Irene-World War 1
Cruickshank, William19371969N/A
Cummings, Lloyd R.19147/27/1976Age 61-Husband of Frederika
Cummings, Norris Raynard10/23/18724/5/1915Age 42
Curren, John F.11/2/18881/24/1963Age 74-Husband of Lillian
Curren, Lillian M.18854/13/1964N/A
Curtis, Beverly L.4/29/19234/25/1979Age 55-Wife of Roger
Curtis, Edwyn S. P.4/20/19011/29/1983Age 81
Curtis, George M.2/7/192110/28/2006Age 85-Husband of Melvina-Married 6/9/1945-World War 2
Curtis, Ira Glen1/15/18979/7/1980Age 83-Husband of Edwyn-World War 1
Curtis, Jessica J.1/30/1942N/AWife of Virgil-Married 8/4/1962
Curtis, Melvina Evelyn11/2/19224/2/2015Age 92-Wife of George-Married 6/9/1945
Curtis, Roger H.192310/29/1986Age 63-World War 2
Curtis, Virgil P.8/11/19366/2/2009Husband of Jessica-Married 8/4/1962
Dagwell, Lloyd Thomas12/15/193011/1/1982Age 51-Korea
Danielson, Dan19431989Father
Dannenberg, Linda Illig2/22/19575/28/2002N/A
Darling, Willis1/29/18651/3/1903Age 37
Davis, Ernest E.1909N/AN/A
Davis, Jennette M.1919N/AN/A
Day, Timothy A. C.6/18/19552/10/1993N/A
Decker, Andrew J.1/11/183911/14/1914Age 75
Decker, Angeline18421923N/A
Decker, Christopher18305/7/1910Age 80
Decker, Fred G.N/A5/5/1901Age 18
Decker, George Arron12/18/18594/24/1913Age 53
Decker, Leonard Frank10/14/192210/14/1922Son of Grover & Rose
Decker, Rose M.6/5/18846/1/1955Age 70-Wife of Grover
Decker, Selmer7/17/19077/18/1907Age 1 Day-Son of W. Lester & Mable
Decker, Warren18371892N/A
DeClute, Catherine18601899Mother
DeClute, John Edward2/6/184012/18/1908Age 68-Husband of Mary-Civil War
DeFrane, John III1/8/198512/20/2010Age 25-Son of John & Erma
DeFrane, John Sr.5/16/192211/6/1991Husband, Father & Grandfather-World War 2
DeHate, Arthur3/31/18959/23/1967Age 72-World War 1-Husband of Minnie
DeMatio, Matthew Lewis4/9/19906/27/2010Age 20-Son of Mike & Tonia
Demski, Andrea Lynne HanesCA 198410/5/2004Age 22-Daughter of Richard & Tammy
Devanney, Esther Josephine6/22/18991/15/1972Age 72
Diamanti, Michael John7/21/196710/30/1986Age 19-Son of Robert & Virginia-Brother-Grandson
Doan, Allen David2/11/19414/9/1969Age 28-Husband of Lonnie-Vietnam
Doan, Cecil Edward191510/23/1932Age 17-Son of Joseph & Clara
Doan, Dale Delyle6/26/192611/1/2007Age 81-Korea
Doan, Eleanor2/1/19401/29/1941Age 11 Months-Daughter of Joseph & Myrtle
Doan, John Gerald9/9/19187/15/1968Age 49-World War 2 & Korea
Doan, Joseph4/19/188810/28/1957Age 69-Husband of Myrtle
Doan, Linda12/22/194812/22/1948Daughter of Joseph & Myrtle
Doan, Mary19211982N/A
Doan, Maryann19671973N/A
Doan, Sarah Clarinda6/7/188812/19/1932"Clara"-Wife of Joseph-Mother
Doan, Thomas J.19561972N/A
Doan, William WallaceN/A8/27/1941N/A
Doherty, Dwight A.1887N/AN/A
Doherty, Flossie D.8/10/188412/5/1962Age 78-Wife of Dwight A.
Dolby, Reecie Fairlena11/29/193210/20/2001"Fair"-Age 68
Dolby, William F.1/16/192712/31/1993Age 66-Husband of Reecie-Vietnam
Dombrowski, Leokadia4/10/19156/11/1990Age 75-Aunt
Donaldson, Earl F.12/14/19102/4/1976Age 65-Husband of Florence-Mason
Donaldson, Florence A.1909N/AN/A
Douville, Howard A.190512/30/1980Age 75-World War 2
Dowd, Gregory J.5/24/195511/18/2002Age 47-Husband of Terry-Married 8/12/1972
Dowd, Terry4/25/1955N/AWife of Gregory-Married 8/12/1972
Downs, Erma D.19291980Mother
Dredge, Vivian3/23/191411/12/1987Age 73
Duchane, George N.7/8/19386/10/1992N/A
Duchane, James Nelson10/21/19585/1/1959Son of George & Nellie
Duncan, Fred Wilson193110/3/1984Age 53
Duncan, James D.3/13/19303/26/1986Korea
Dunn, Cecil18951983N/A
Dunn, Donald C.5/12/19207/12/2008Age 88-Husband of Geraldine-World War 2
Dunn, Ethel Marie9/12/19289/20/1999Age 71-Wife of Karl-Married 2/20/1948
Dunn, Karl Cecil4/9/19286/28/2002Age 74-Husband of Ethel & Marie-Married 2/20/1948
Dunn, Leonard G.12/8/19213/13/2009Age 87-Husband of Lucille-Married 1/20/1947-World War 2
Dunn, Lucille E.8/31/19228/10/1988Age 65-Wife of Leonard-Married 1/20/1947
Dunn, Margaret12/7/18955/1/1961Age 65-Wife of William
Dunn, William Cecil3/27/18957/22/1983Age 88-Husband of Irene-World War 1
Durfee, Maude O.18821976N/A
Durfee, William Louis12/3/188010/8/1936Age 55-Husband of Maude
Ehinger, Peter JohnN/A3/28/1990Son of Dennis & Kim
Ehlen, Clarence C.12/9/19133/2/2000Age 86-Husband of Ruth-Married 7/2/1941
Ehlen, Ruth M. E.1914N/AWife of Clarence-Married 7/2/1941
Eichelkraut, Helena10/26/19142/28/1995N/A
Eichelkraut, Jozef8/18/19113/2/1984N/A
Elie, Jennie E.18844/31/1963N/A
Ensign, Beverly J.19361989N/A
Ensign, Fred R.11/6/19325/7/1999Korea
Ernest, Lawrence P. Jr.5/21/19416/22/2005N/A
Evens, George10/8/189211/20/1905Age 13-Son of John & Lilly
Evilsizer, Carl Lee8/31/19389/8/1938Age 7 Days-Son of George & Velma
Evilsizer, Carol LouiseN/A1938Daughter of George & Velma
Evilsizer, Howard Bert5/13/19136/23/1913Age 1 Month-Son of Otis & Valeria
Evilsizer, Otus Amandus7/16/18773/15/1950Age 72-Son of Seth-Husband of Valerie
Evilsizer, Seth P.8/7/18515/16/1935Age 83-Husband of Samantha
Evilsizer, Valeria Louella4/7/18785/12/1938Age 60-Wife of Otis
Faus, Francis W.3/14/187912/7/1963Age 84-Husband of Iva
Faus, Iva C.18851976N/A
Ferguson, Chas.1/22/19351/22/1935Son of Carson & Maggie
Fiedler, Karl Frederick4/12/18948/24/1961Age 67-Husband of Clara
Fischer, Mary E.19612006Daughter
Flatt, Jeffery Michael10/16/19747/16/1995Age 20-Son of Thomas & Deborah
Fleury, Phillip J.12/22/19062/5/1982N/A
Frantti, Carl C.4/19/191710/23/1979Age 62-Husband of Joan-World War 2
Frantti, Joan R.7/8/19229/30/2000Age 78
Frasher, John Douglas1/22/18768/28/1955Age 79-Husband of Lily
Frasher, Lily M.4/15/18857/24/1967Age 82
Fulcher, Douglas H.19191990World War 2
Fulks, Jean A.1916N/AN/A
Fulks, Russell B.19107/26/1962N/A
Furman, Baby Boy1/29/19181/29/1918Son of Worth & Eva
Furman, CharlesN/A1/23/1935N/A
Gannon, Bartholomew5/31/187512/26/1959Age 84-Husband of Mary
Gannon, Mary Elizabeth4/16/188210/18/1969Age 87
Gehl, Noah Patrick Richard9/23/19959/23/1995Son of Patrick & Mary
Gehl, Richard E.4/21/19267/28/2010Age 84-Husband of Imbi Maxine-Veteran
Gensman, Jack Charles11/17/192212/11/1988Age 66-Husband of Edith-World War 2
Gibson, Robert18565/11/1934Age 78
Gibson, RonettieN/A3/1/1897Age 22-Wife of Robert
Gildner, Raymond E.N/A4/21/2013Age 93-Husband of Alice
Gordon, James L.5/15/18855/16/1964Age 79-Husband of Martha
Gorham, Barbara Jean9/1/19371/27/1992Age 54-Wife of Marlin
Gorham, Marlin F.19362002N/A
Gove, Howard N.5/22/191611/15/1991Age 75-World War 2
Graniti, Frances M.6/28/19247/11/2002Age 78-Wife of Vincent-Married June 20, 1942
Graniti, Vincent8/11/1920N/AHusband of Frances-Married June 20, 1942
Grant, SeymoreN/A8/20/1964N/A
Greaves, Donald A.19721974N/A
Green, Forest J.18851955Father
Green, Mary185712/30/1902Age 45
Grewe, Anna Ruth5/4/19245/18/1982Age 58-Wife of Vernon
Grewe, Charles L.9/27/1922N/AN/A
Grewe, Helen J.2/10/19247/4/1997Age 73-Wife of Charles
Grewe, Vernon E.3/8/19118/31/2001World War 2
Griesmer, Laura J.11/30/19563/25/2004N/A
Griesmer, Virginia L.5/20/19353/30/2009N/A
Griffin, Kenneth James5/5/19064/18/1923Age 16-Son of Frank
Grissinger, Doris Marie19115/23/1994Age 83
Grissinger, Harry Edmund12/15/19091/25/1989Age 79-Husband of Doris
Gross, John9/29/197410/1/1974Age 2 days-Son of Joseph & Vera
Groth, Linda L.8/14/1947N/AWife of Richard-Married 3/6/1970
Groth, Richard E.12/26/19424/16/2004Husband of Linda-Married 3/6/1970
Gustafson, Albert E.11/3/190412/13/1994"Swede"-Age 90-Husband of Katherine-Married 10/16/1926
Gustafson, Katherine L.3/29/190812/21/1980Age 72-Wife of Albert-Married 10/16/1926
Haas, Alma Ruth3/30/19098/3/1991Age 82-Wife of John-Married 9/4/1937
Haas, John E.8/6/19125/4/1995Age 82-Husband of Alma-Married 9/4/1937
Haggadone, Charles R.8/26/19027/21/1973Age 70
Haggadone, Florene A.1/3/19072/2/2003Age 96-Wife of Charles
Haggadone, Leslie R.3/10/19355/24/2009Age 74-Husband of Maureen-Korea
Haggadone, Lizzie Jane9/18/18795/20/1967Age 87-Wife & Mother
Haggadone, Reo L.19121983N/A
Haggadone, Thelma G.1915N/AN/A
Haggadone, WellingtonN/A1/9/1957N/A
Hall, Edna M.N/AN/AN/A
Hall, John L.19151997N/A
Halm, Christ12/25/190010/9/1987Age 86
Hamilton, Alice R.5/15/18688/13/1936Age 68-Wife of Charles-Mother
Hamilton, Betty Louise5/6/19404/28/1999Age 58-Wife of Robert-Married 7/11/1959
Hamilton, Charles R.18653/17/1952Father
Hamilton, Edna Ellen12/14/18892/26/1983N/A
Hamilton, Ellen6/9/19376/10/1937Daughter of C. N. & Ellen
Hamilton, Lena May6/3/19168/7/1984Age 68-Wife of Lynn
Hamilton, Lynn10/3/19106/1/1985Age 74
Hamilton, Robert E.184112/2/1925Age 84-Husband of Sarah
Hamilton, Robert L.12/29/1935N/AHusband of Betty-Married 7/11/1959
Hamilton, Sarah L.18449/6/1928Age 84-Wife of Robert E.
Hanes, Andrea Lynne10/23/198110/5/2004N/A
Hanes, Ardeth M.1/18/19201/20/2010Age 90-Wife of John-Married 9/22/1945
Hanes, Edward R.8/10/19411/14/1990Father
Hanes, Helen R.19179/14/1986Age 69-Wife of Jacob-Mother & Grandmother
Hanes, Jacob G.19073/29/1968Father
Hanes, John F.5/16/19185/20/2001Age 83-Married 9/22/1945-Husband of Ardeth-World War 2
Hanes, Judy A.N/A1940Sister-Daughter-Aunt
Hanes, Oliver B.12/25/19155/25/1937Age 21-Son of Rolla-Brother
Hanes, Rolla Oliver18824/13/1953N/A
Hanes, Teena18891983N/A
Hanson, Caroline Bertha4/29/18857/7/1972Age 87
Hanson, Gene J.5/17/192910/19/1978World War 2
Hanson, George Frederick6/27/18791/21/1968Age 88-Husband of Caroline-World War 1
Hanson, Marietta1/13/19068/9/1982Age 76-Wife of Russell-Mother
Hanson, Russell L.6/10/19155/25/1990Age 74-Husband of Naomi-World War 2
Harden, Mary Agnes4/24/19215/1/1982Age 61
Harmon, Anna P.N/A5/6/1966N/A
Harmon, Juanita3/8/19058/12/1983Age 78-Wife of Claude
Harris, George T.8/12/18655/22/1948N/A
Harris, John Lenley Sr.5/2/19472/18/2008Age 60-Husband of Roberta
Harris, Juanita Ann Ledbetter7/22/192812/4/1999"Nita"-Age 71-Wife of Jack-Married 11/16/1944
Harris, Louisa5/2/18642/17/1911Wife of George
Harris, Mable19001/12/1901Age 6 Months-Daughter of George & Louisa
Harris, Mary Cecelia2/16/18737/20/1964Age 91-Wife of George
Harris, Wallace J. L.8/2/19221/25/2002"Jack"-Husband of Nita-Married 11/16/1944-World War 2
Hauger, Frank3/31/188311/24/1958Age 75-Husband of Louise
Hauger, Louise8/2/18907/18/1976Age 85
Hayes, Amanda18411920Mother
Hayes, Eben18411922Father
Hayes, Edward M.18954/13/1958N/A
Hayes, Ira J.9/2/18661/30/1921N/A
Hayes, Lillian B.190110/18/1990Age 89-Wife of Edward
Hayes, Vernon Ellwood5/20/18972/3/1922Husband of Ellen-Father & Son
Haynes, Albert R.19091983N/A
Haynes, Hazel P.19131/4/1993Age 79
Hayward, Donna19181989Mother
Hayward, Forest19121985Father
Hazard, Eugene1/9/192711/5/1995Age 68-Husband of Jeanne-Married 5/18/1951-World War 2, Korea & Vietnam
Hazard, Jeanne A.1926N/AWife of Eugene-Married 5/18/1951
Henry, Nancy2/14/186111/19/1907Age 46
Herman, Edmund A. "Ed"11/16/19154/4/2001Age 85-Husband of Rena-Married 9/11/1943-World War 2
Herman, Rena L. "Hanes"5/25/19213/2/1995Age 73-Wife of Edmund-Married 9/11/1943
Hess, Florence A.19211981"Addie"
Hess, John E.191612/13/1987"Johnnie"-Age 71-Husband of Florence
Hill, Hiram18741916Father
Hobson, Hazel Ruth18878/10/1921Age 34-Wife of Eber S.
Hoffman, Carl J. Sr.5/24/19149/4/1982Age 68-Husband of Fleda
Holden, Bernard R.4/18/19335/11/2002Age 69-Korea
Holden, Hulda E.6/9/19147/13/2005Wife of Ralph-Married 9/16/1931
Holden, Ralph A.4/22/1913N/AHusband of Hulda-Married 9/16/1931
Hoover, Minnie G.6/21/18848/20/1921Age 37
Hoover, Myrtle18921926N/A
Hopkins, Mary5/22/19006/11/1973Age 73
Horne, Dudley A.19062002N/A
Horne, Louise C.19071994N/A
Howe, Baby Girl3/7/19013/7/1901Daughter of Orville & Cora
Howie, Thelma N.8/1/190911/?/1985Age 76
Hubert, Albert James10/13/19231/13/2006Age 82-Husband of Carol & Julia-Married 12/14/1950-Military Service
Hubert, Carol A.7/27/193212/13/1993Age 61-Wife of Albert-Married 12/14/1950
Hunt, William12/?/18632/16/1909N/A
Hurlburt, John Lavin7/24/18571/11/1936Age 78-Husband of Elizabeth
Hurlburt, Russel L.11/9/193010/20/2003Age 72-Korea
Husted, Edwin Russell3/31/19028/27/1977Age 75-Husband of Harriett
Husted, Harriett O.4/21/190512/31/1992Age 87-Wife of Edwin
Hutchingson, Ira Dell9/7/188612/20/1916Son of Ozias & Sarah
Illig, Adam5/16/18982/28/1965Age 66-Brother
Illig, Geraldine M.1/13/1935N/AWife of James-Married 6/4/1955
Illig, James R.8/7/19287/13/2007Husband of Geraldine-Married 6/4/1955
Jackson, Ethel19074/2/1908Age 1-Daughter of Thompson & Jennie
Jackson, Samuel18541/10/1918Age 64
Jacobs, Kathaleen Frances4/25/19256/9/1996"Katie"-Age 71-Wife of Robert
Jacobs, Robert6/10/19226/7/1983Age 60-Husband of Kathaleen-Veteran
Jarrell, Charles10/28/19497/22/2006Age 56-Husband of Kristine-Vietnam
Jarrell, James M.7/2/19271/3/1978Age 50-Father
Jarrell, Vada Lynn5/1/19766/30/1991Age 15-Daughter of Charles & Elizabeth-Sister
Jeffries, Harley E.8/10/19113/3/1983Age 71-Husband of Izetta-Married 3/24/1931
Jeffries, Izetta L.4/16/19136/17/1988Age 75-Wife of Harley-Married 3/24/1931
Jemiolo, Sally1921N/ASister & Aunt
Jenkins, Frank C.19239/1/1995Age 72-Husband of Opal-Married 9/26/1947
Jenkins, Opal M.193010/22/1985Age 56-Wife of Frank-Married 9/26/1947
Jentzen, Lois Arleen10/1/19339/11/2000Age 66-Wife of Ralph-Korea
**(Johnson, Frank)****(2/6/1899)****(2/10/1899)****(Son of John & Julia)****(All info per family tradition)**
Johnson, Frank E.19021974N/A
Johnson, Frank L.2/16/196012/22/1986Age 26-Son of Wilfred & Nancy
**(Johnson, Frank Sr.)****(8/10/1850)****(12/29/1888)****(Father of John)****(All info per family tradition)**
Johnson, Gertrude10/29/19023/6/1990Age 87
Johnson, Julia7/4/18675/27/1912Age 45
Johnson, Kevin Kyle9/7/19881/13/1994N/A
Johnson, Nancy A.1937N/AWife of Wilfred-Married 10/24/1958-Mother
Johnson, Rebecca9/20/19541/13/1994N/A
Johnson, Rosie3/8/19055/18/1913Age 7-Daughter of John & Johanna **(Mother is Julia per family tradition)**
Johnson, Wilfred19291982Husband of Nancy-Married 10/24/1958-Father
Jokenen, Lillian12/16/19106/26/1986Age 75
Jones, Bernadine T.7/21/191412/6/1983Age 69-Wife of Harold
Jones, Bobby L.10/31/19317/25/1990Korea
Jones, Harold E.1/7/19195/26/2009Age 90-Husband of Bernadine-World War 2
Jones, Jamie R.19541975Grandson
Jones, Leonard18301/23/1908Age 78
Jones, Orville Durwood4/6/190312/24/1962Age 59-Husband of Pauline-World War 2
Jones, Pauline Ruth2/22/19109/6/1982"Peggy"-Age 72
Joslin, Robert5/8/19385/8/1938Son of Charles & Clara
Kaake, Robin12/17/19562/3/1999"Bobbie"-Age 42-Wife of Larry
Kamlowske, Fred C.188911/13/1980Age 91
Kamlowske, Jennie E. (Smith)11/16/18986/6/1977Age 78-Wife of Fred
Kamlowske, Sarah6/26/19024/3/1965Age 62-Wife of Fred
Kearney, William7/5/18978/6/1976Age 79
Kelly, Michael Lawrence2/15/19584/4/1977"Mike"-Son-Brother
Kelsey, Daniel J.5/14/18906/15/1974Age 84-Husband of Fannie
Kelsey, Fannie M.9/15/189711/28/1984Age 87
Kelsey, Floyd E.7/20/19271/8/2000Age 72-Husband of Geraldine-Married 9/11/1948-World War 2
Kelsey, Geraldine M.1929N/AWife of Floyd-Married 9/11/1948
Kent, Curzon B.1910N/AMarried 8/2/1952
Kent, Shirley E.1914N/AMarried 8/2/1952
Kibbe, John C.7/2/19434/8/2003Vietnam
Killinger, Eva B.10/15/19115/12/1974Age 62-Wife of Harley
Killinger, Harley A.6/21/19087/13/1976Age 68
King, Mark H.191410/10/1995Age 81-Husband of Ruth-Married 3/16/1963
King, Ruth A. Turow2/12/192311/13/2007Age 84-Wife of Mark-Married 3/16/1963
Kitter, Elsie F.3/3/191111/18/2005Age 94-Wife of Ludwig
Kitter, Ludwig19021972N/A
Klann, John (Johannes) F.12/5/19048/24/1988Father-Age 83
Klann, Mary (Marie) R.7/5/190712/18/1986Age 79-Wife of John-Mother
Kleehammer, August George11/17/19053/7/1985Age 79-Husband of Ruth
Kleehammer, Ruth Frances4/4/19044/18/1993Age 89-Wife of August
Klein, Eldon Duane5/31/19644/16/1966Age 11 Months-Son of Virgil & Carol
Klein, Harold L.1/24/19453/13/2005Age 60-Husband of Maxine-Vietnam
Klein, Kathleen10/27/1951N/AWife of Melvin-Married 11/1/1969
Klein, Leisa Anne7/19/196711/9/1983Age 16-Daughter of Harold & Maxine
Klein, Mary E.2/27/1923N/AN/A
Klein, Melvin Russell10/27/19484/27/1979Age 30-Husband of Kathleen-Married 11/1/1969
Klein, Virgil J.12/10/191510/7/1994Age 78-Husband of Mary
Klug, Amanda E.4/21/19017/24/1989Age 88-Wife of Henry-Married 10/4/1919
Klug, Delphine19071991N/A
Klug, Frederick Louis10/22/19012/7/2004Age 102-Husband of Delphine
Klug, Fred M.19291990N/A
Klug, Henry J.2/23/18922/17/1987Age 94-Husband of Amanda-Married 10/4/1919-World War 1
Klug, Ruth L.1934N/AN/A
Kmicic, Jacob7/10/18923/15/1976World War 1
Kolberg, Conrad9/24/19083/24/1990Age 81-Husband of Genevieve-World War 2
Kolberg, Genevieve A.1922N/AWife
Kolberg, Myrtle Adeline6/6/19062/21/1948Age 41-Wife of Conrad
Kolin, Mary E.19151994N/A
Kolin, Robert2/8/18958/1/1977Age 82-Husband of Mary
Kornack, Hazel7/30/191311/14/1988Wife of Leonard-Married 4/22/1950
Kornack, Leonard R.12/30/191911/21/1987Husband of Hazel-Married 4/22/1950
Kornack, Raymond A.9/14/19252/18/2012Age 86-Husband of Josephine-World War 2
Korstange, CorneliusN/A11/13/1962N/A
Korstange, Sylvia8/3/189412/5/1970Age 76
Koss, Kenneth T.6/23/19275/16/2009N/A
Koss, Nettie M.5/16/19242/21/1984N/A
Kropp, Robert James4/25/19428/13/2013Age 71-Husband of Diann
Krupa, Catherine V.1/2/1907N/AN/A
Krupa, Leonard J.8/16/19079/9/1979Age 72-Husband of Catherine
Kuczenski, Estelle19116/4/2010Age 98-Wife of John
Kuczenski, John S.9/14/191412/14/1985Age 71-Husband of Estelle-Married 9/15/1934
Kuczenski, Terry1917N/AWife of John-Married 9/15/1934
Kuzminski, Arthur Stefan9/10/19273/4/1989Age 61
LaCross, Gordon David1/13/194312/27/1991Age 48
LaCross, Sara Marie6/11/197412/27/1991Age 17-Daughter of Gordon & Lois-Sister
LaFrancis, L. Damien19822001Son & Grandson
Lambert, Daniel Lee2/20/195910/29/2009Age 50-Husband of Vicki
Lane, Russell19222003N/A
Lane, Shirley19341997N/A
Lanter, Cleadous Q.10/7/19067/20/1977Age 70
Lanter, Leone1/2/19073/29/1976Age 69-Wife of Cleadus
Laser, Gertrude V.5/4/19133/21/1984Age 70
Laser, John Charles7/8/18964/20/1980Age 82-Husband of Gertrude
Laskey, William4/3/189811/13/1984Age 86-U.S. Army
Lassiter, Betty L.12/10/1950N/AWife of Larry-Married 9/9/1995
Lassiter, Larry V.2/29/19445/3/2004Age 60-Husband of Betty-Married 9/9/1995
Lawler, Lynnette9/29/1945N/AWife of Thomas-Married 7/1/1995
Lawler, Thomas F.2/14/1947N/AHusband of Lynnette-Married 7/1/1995
Leonard, Michael J.7/5/190712/18/1986Son
Leonard, Michael James9/1/19653/14/1931Age 15-Son of Nathaniel
Lewis, Alta Loraine (Doan)11/29/19283/11/2005Age 76-Wife of William
Lewis, William H.12/21/19225/18/1995World War 2
Linton, Jasper J.19071999N/A
Linton, Ruth Jane9/27/19215/6/1972N/A
Little, Michael Allen3/29/195210/18/1960Age 8-Son of Ernest & May
Longstreth, Emma Viola10/8/18749/12/1908Age 33
Longstreth, John F.7/26/18959/17/1918World War 1
Longstreth, William F.2/5/18723/16/1951Father-Age 79
Lonney, James A.12/27/18896/7/1978Age 88-Husband
Lonney, Jessie MacLean12/25/184810/12/1922Age 71-Wife of Roderick
Lonney, Mary Margaret2/27/18862/28/1951Age 65-Wife
Lonney, Roderick J.10/22/18472/22/1919Age 71-Husband of Jessie
Loop, Fred D.18883/3/1955N/A
Loop, John18517/26/1919Age 68-Father
Loop, KeithN/A2/19/1933Baby
Loop, Mary Jane5/26/18905/5/1971Age 80
Louis, John A.9/2/19174/8/1991Age 73-Husband of Leona-World War 2
Louis, Leona Ruth5/17/192510/28/2008Age 83-Wife of John
Louis, Sarah L.2/28/19836/18/1987"Punky"
Love, Ivan A. Sr.5/1/19142/16/1978Age 63-World War 2
Loveland, John R.1913N/AHusband of Shirley-Married 11/9/1951
Loveland, Shirley19212001Wife of John-Married 11/9/1951
Lowe, Leland9/6/19014/3/1975Age 73
Lowery, Benjamin C.1/14/194011/17/2009Age 69-Husband of Mary
Lupo, Annette C.19185/17/1999Age 80
Lupo, Thomas J.4/15/19177/6/1991Age 74-Husband of Annette-World War 2
Lutes, Baby Boy4/4/19154/4/1915Son of Eugene & Maggie
Lutes, Baby Girl2/1/19092/1/1909Daughter of Eugene & Maggie
Lutes, Byron J.19011989Husband of Dessie-Married July 3, 1946
Lutes, Dessie V.1914N/AWife of Byron-Married July 3, 1946
Lutes, Eugene E.190610/15/1958N/A
Lutes, Mary Jane7/17/18455/17/1910Age 64-Wife of George A.
Lutz, Eva7/28/18888/15/1914Age 26
Lutz, Joseph1/29/18856/29/1915Age 30-Son of George & Mary
Lyons, George1846N/ACivil War
MacBain, Charles John12/13/18771/23/1948Born Scotland
Mackey, Hazel A.19051977Mother
Mackey, J. D.10/8/19262/9/1992Age 65-Husband of Katherine-Married 8/26/1947-World War 2
Mackey, Katherine2/17/192612/17/1992Wife of J. D.-Married 8/26/1947
Mackey, Timothy4/28/18962/21/1976World War 1
MacMillan, Millan18271899N/A
MacMillan, Sophia T.18311890N/A
Marker, Helena Celestyna Godebska18921980N/A
Marshall, Charles R.10/13/19383/10/2004Age 65-Husband of Patricia-Married 6/3/1960-U.S. Army
Marshall, Patricia A.7/3/1941N/AWife of Charles-Married 6/3/1960
Martin, John W.3/1/19373/4/2011Age 74-Wife of Nancy-Cremation-Military Service
Martin, Julia Lynne11/19/19514/15/2010Age 58-Wife of Butch
Matteson, Donna9/7/19389/2/2003"Jo Ann"-Age 64-Wife of Otis-Married 9/26/1975
Matteson, Otis9/25/1930N/AHusband of Donna-Married 9/26/1975
Matthews, Alden L.7/15/191010/23/1965Age 55-Husband of Eleanore
Matthews, Arnold W.8/31/19204/18/1986Age 65-Husband of Marian-World War 2
Matthews, Eleanore B.3/28/191112/2/2002Age 91-Wife of Alden-World War 2
Matthews, Elizabeth Mae9/14/188311/20/1967Age 84
Matthews, William Henry3/10/18801/9/1954Age 73-Husband of Elizabeth
Mattson, Axel Herman9/19/189611/1/1982Age 86-Husband of Gladys-World War 1
Mattson, Charles M.9/5/18633/11/1943Age 79
Mattson, Charlotte18633/13/1936N/A
Mattson, Gladys5/31/19029/1/1995Age 93
McBride, Ernie19121998N/A
McBride, Gladys M.19131992N/A
McCann, Patrick P.3/17/191310/30/1993Age 80-World War 2
McCauley, Helen L.11/19/18969/23/1990Age 93-Wife of Sam-Married 5/28/1916
McCauley, Howard Bruce11/24/19192/2/2011Age 91-Husband of Jean-Married 9/27/1946-Also husband of Helen
McCauley, Jean Marie3/23/192611/23/2004Age 78-Wife of Howard-Married 9/27/1946
McCauley, Mary12/23/18535/29/1929Age 75-Wife of Samuel
McCauley, Samuel184311/7/1919Age 76
McCauley, Samuel3/26/18924/12/1989Age 97-Husband of Helen-Married 5/28/1916
McClure, Caroline4/17/18551/19/1912Age 56-Wife of Henry
McCormick, Laura E.1/2/1926N/AN/A
McCormick, Norman Michael6/30/19308/29/2010Age 80-Korea & Vietnam
McCormick, Mrs. P.18802/14/1901Age 21
McCormick, Peter7/22/18581/10/1938Age 82-Husband of Jessie
McCormick, William P.3/20/189212/21/1978World War 1
McCormick, William P. Jr.1/1/1925N/AN/A
McCormick-Murrell, Thelma J.4/10/1923N/AN/A
McIntire, William C.4/24/18443/4/1910Age 65
McKeachie, Dorine A.19292002Wife of Walter-Married 4/10/1959
McKeachie, Walter Clifford3/21/19316/22/1994Husband of Dorine-Married 4/10/1959-Korea & Vietnam
McKim, Maurice5/13/19314/1/2000"Mac"-Age 68
McKim, Termine2/28/19091/8/1983Ma-Age 73-Wife of Travis
McKim, Travis L.9/27/19123/29/1994Age 81-Husband of Termine-World War 2
McMillan, Dorothy M. (Clark)5/7/192411/9/2000Age 76-Wife of John McMillan & Harry Clark
McMillan, John R.11/20/19226/21/1988Age 65-Husband of Dorothy
McMillan, John Robert III11/18/195411/23/1999Age 45-Vietnam
Mead, Ruth V.10/1/18986/20/1992Age 93-Mother
Medeiros, Arthur3/31/19231/17/1996World War 2
Medeiros, Bertha L.6/19/1935N/AN/A
Meier, Fred H.5/22/19107/31/1982Age 72-Husband of Matilda
Meier, Matilda O.12/23/19128/2/2008Age 95-Wife of Fred
Meier, Orville Lewis2/17/19299/24/1999Korea
Meier, Wanda Dell1/9/19326/29/1999N/A
Melrose, VirginiaN/A3/23/1928N/A
Merritt, Alice J.6/21/19272/12/1998Age 70
Merritt, Martha Jane2/28/19205/2/1998Age 78-Wife of Albert
Miles, Baby Girl12/7/193112/7/1931Daughter of Harold & Cora
Miles, Cora4/14/19344/14/1934Daughter of Harold & Cora
Miles, Cora19105/26/1956N/A
Miles, Earl Edward19168/9/1916Age 1 Month-Son of John B. & Etta
Miles, Etta Lenore4/1/18734/25/1943Age 70-Wife of John-Mother
Miles, Harold A.19115/14/1989Age 77-Husband of Cora
Miles, John Allen2/20/19333/29/2006Age 73
Miles, John B.11/4/18678/12/1945Father-Age 77
Miles, Ralph C.5/5/191410/16/1914Age 5 Months-Son of John & Etta
Miller, Alvin L.11/4/19264/27/2000Age 73-Husband of Louise-World War 2
Miller, Connie L.11/19/195911/19/1959Daughter of Alvin & Ellen
Miller, Durward B.12/6/19153/17/1985Age 69-Husband of Pearl
Miller, Enza B.4/22/18921/11/1981Age 88
Miller, John B.11/4/18678/12/1945Age 77
Miller, Louise O.1929BlankN/A
Miller, Pearl R.9/10/19116/27/1987Age 75
Miller, Perry Edward18742/25/1939N/A
Miller, Phillis Gail11/17/19532/21/1988Wife
Mitchell, Edwin D.1926N/AN/A
Mitchell, Eleanor Amelia2/2/19268/14/2005Age 79-Wife of Edwin
Mitchell, Jean M.10/26/18915/5/1960Age 71-Wife of James
Mitchell, Pearl A.8/1/19055/21/1987Age 81-Wife of William
Mitchell, William Thomas10/29/18892/23/1974Age 84-Husband of Pearl-World War 1
Mourot, Harry Edward11/17/18905/23/1964Age 73
Mourot, Lillian E.3/18/18909/7/1963Age 73-Wife of Harry
Mullin, Terry L.4/7/19787/17/1995N/A
Muncey, Eva7/11/19106/5/1996Age 85-Mother
Muncey, Jesse James11/28/19047/5/1986Age 81-Husband of Eva-Father
Munger, Carol A.8/31/19375/24/1988Mother
Munn, Gerald W.3/20/1934N/AHusband of Patricia-Married 3/9/1958
Munn, Kevin L.9/30/19615/23/1987Husband
Munn, Patricia I.3/4/1940N/AWife of Gerald-Married 3/9/1958
Murvay, William N.2/27/19279/20/1993Age 66-Father-World War 2
Mutch, Austin19111912Son of G.F. & C.M.
Mutch, Baby Boy8/17/19018/24/1901Age 7 Days-Son of George F. & Cora M.
Mutch, Cora M.10/22/18764/15/1958N/A
Mutch, George F.1/22/18711/4/1937Age 66-Husband of Cora
Naiman, John J.10/10/18898/20/1965Age 75-Husband of Nellie
Naiman, Nellie Grace12/19/18909/15/1959Wife of John
Nauman, JosephineN/ACA7/29/1943Age 64
Naylor, Annie18556/21/1922Mother
Naylor, Charles J.10/24/187812/25/1956Age 78-Husband of Dorothy
Naylor, Josephine8/5/18787/2/1943Age 75-Wife of Charles
Naylor, William Albert18531/7/1928Age 74-Father
Nichols, Anna M.190012/10/1964N/A
Nichols, Baby Boy3/31/19423/31/1942Son of John & Hannah
Nichols, Betty A.10/31/1937N/AMother
Nichols, Charlotte4/11/19414/11/1941Age 3 Hours-Baby of John & Hannah
Nichols, HattieN/A8/18/1987N/A
Nichols, James W.3/28/1931N/AFather
Nichols, John Henry9/8/18803/30//1943Age 62
Nichols, Rachel May11/23/19187/22/1989Sister
Noel, Christian A.1/6/19999/21/1999Age 8 Months-Baby of Troy & Barbara
Noel, Donna L. (Spahn)11/28/1948N/AN/A
Noel, Robert D.10/9/19473/20/1989N/A
Noffsinger, Elsie A.2/9/19213/2/1998Age 77-Wife of Frank-Mother
Noffsinger, Frank D.6/18/1918CA1/20/1981Age 62-Husband of Elsie-World War 2
Norris, GeorgeN/A5/25/1948N/A
North, Charles7/15/1865CA12/8/1938Age 73
North, Ebbie Jane Bundy (Senn)7/3/185411/18/1938Age 84-Wife of Stephen Senn & Charles North
Noteway, JamesN/A12/8/1905Age 69
Nowland, Howard E.7/3/19166/19/1983Husband of Lila
Nowland, Lila E.1/11/19228/5/1982Wife of Howard
Oakes, Anna M.12/25/19095/5/1994Age 84-Wife of Earl-Married 10/25/1930
Oakes, Earl W.3/2/19034/19/1991Age 88-Husband of Anna-Married 10/25/1930
Oaks, Janet E.7/7/1939N/AWife of Samuel-Married 9/25/1965
Oaks, Samuel H.1/15/193511/1/2006Age 71-Husband of Janet-Married 9/25/1965
Oliver, Adam Jr.4/20/192410/28/2015Age 91-Husband of Geraldine
Olsen, Edith M.10/31/19139/26/1991Wife of James
Olsen, Frank M.6/24/19456/9/2007N/A
Olsen, James M.12/27/19151/30/1999Husband of Edith
Olsway, Marvin Anthony7/4/19567/11/1956Baby
Osbourn, Anita J.3/2/19265/1/1981Age 55
Osbourn, Donald James5/21/19208/7/1979Age 59-Husband of Anita
Ostrander, LouisaN/AN/AN/A
Ownbey, Della Marie1/29/19274/12/1996Age 69-Wife of Robert-Married 3/2/1946
Ownbey, Robert E.1/2/19183/7/2001Age 83-Husband of Della-Married 3/2/1946-World War 2
Paine, Hannah J.18711965N/A
Paine, Lewis Jay4/24/18701/11/1933Age 63-Husband of Hannah
Paquin, Violet McCormick8/17/19114/10/1929Wife of George
Partlo, Barbara7/1/19331/31/2012Age 78-Wife of Clarence
Partlo, Clarence A.6/23/19293/26/1998"Red"-Age 68-Husband of Barbara
Patterson, Donald A.19491985Son
Patterson, Frank19221986N/A
Patterson, Mary C.19011969Married 3/2/1918
Patterson, Nellie M.9/17/19111/10/1988Age 76
Patterson, Paul J.1/16/19549/11/1995N/A
Patterson, Roy W.8/29/18981/31/1984Age 85-Husband of Nellie & Mary-Married 3/2/1918
Pawelski, Frank11/20/19145/29/1993Age 78-Husband of Mary-World War 2
Pawelski, Mary19205/21/2002Wife of Frank
Payne, Norman E.19121990World War 2
Pearson, Donna "Turow"8/13/1943N/AN/A
Pearson, Ira Varnel5/6/19378/31/2009N/A
Pelath, Donald J.2/1/19402/24/1987U.S. Army
Pelath, Leonard L.191410/20/1996Age 82-Father-Husband of Mildred
Pelath, Mildred L.19184/12/1997Age 78-Mother
Pelland, David M.7/7/1944N/AN/A
Pelland, Roberta L.1/22/19448/17/2007"Bobbie"-Age 63-Wife of David
Pemsaw, Elliott6/7/188911/30/1905Age 16-Son of Smith & Julia
Pernaitis, Ethel Jean4/15/19235/15/2010Age 87-Wife of Jack-Married 6/20/1987
Pernaitis, Jack E.1927N/AHusband of E. Jean-Married 6/20/1987
Perry, Mrs.N/A2/23/1939N/A
Persails, Mary L. "McCormick"10/4/19082/20/2000Mother & Grandmother
Peters, Arline M.4/5/19195/22/1999Wife & Mother
Peters, Raymond3/31/18897/31//1961Father-Husband of Serena
Peters, Raymond H. Jr.9/10/19201/23/1996Age 72-Husband of Serena-World War 2
Peters, Serena18961985Mother
Peters, Willis Alonzo12/15/19154/25/2004World War 2
Petrzilka, Charles L.2/11/192611/10/1985World War 2
Pettit, Mildred E.19101984Mother-Grandmother-Sister
Pfeiffer, Gertrude H.191111/7/1994Age 83-Wife of Leonard-Cremation
Pfeiffer, Leonard L.12/4/19072/17/1989Age 81-Husband of Gertrude
Pierce, Hazel F.19051990N/A
Pierce, Lynn J.19011974N/A
Pipoly, John J.12/29/19086/21/1984World War 2
Pipoly, Louise M.19171990N/A
Pipoly, Rose Marie2/5/19312/8/1931Age 3 Days-Daughter of John & Anna
Pipoly, Rose MarieN/A9/30/1943N/A
Planavsky, Daisey Belle4/9/19008/25/1974Age 74-Mother
Planavsky, PaulN/A11/8/1963N/A
Poma, Mary Ann12/20/19369/29/2015Age 78
Powell, Bambi A.19621984Mother
Powell, Carl Gust10/21/188211/10/1967"Charles"-Age 85
Powell, Cecil Alfred1/18/191110/24/1946Husband of Marian-Father
Powell, Dale AugustJune, 19404/24/1942N/A
Powell, Florence I.10/18/188510/23/1946Age 61-Wife of Carl
Powell, Marian2/12/19134/6/1943Age 29-Wife of Cecil-Mother
Powell, Minnie A.8/12/19049/14/1922Daughter of Carl & Florence
Priddy, Hazel LuDonna8/28/19159/5/2002Age 87-Wife of John
Priddy, Jennie Margaret (Yeager)5/29/19182/1/2013Age 94-Wife of Wilbur-Married 6/15/1934
Priddy, John Kirt9/14/19111/2/1975Age 63-Husband of Hazel
Priddy, Joseph A.3/28/18758/31/1946Age 72-Husband of Viola
Priddy, Otis6/4/18997/12/1923N/A
Priddy, Ronald7/28/19377/28/1937Son of John & Hazel
Priddy, Viola Jane5/3/187311/1/1947Age 74-Wife of Joseph
Priddy, Wilbur Edward7/21/19143/9/2004"Webb"-Age 89-Husband of Jennie-Married 6/15/1934
Prond, Kurt E.19021989N/A
Prond, Minnie M.19042/16/1987Age 82-Wife of Kurt
Putnam, Anna M.7/22/19068/12/1982Age 76
Putnam, William19041975N/A
Quackenbush, Samuel4/9/19098/7/1909Age 4 Months-Son of Sherman & Jessie
Rahn, August Albert11/1/189411/10/1964Age 70-Husband of Mary
Rahn, Mary6/24/190812/20/1984Age 76
Rau, Karl Henry8/27/19409/21/2016Age 76-Vietnam
Rau, Lora Jane1/24/19601/9/1997Age 36-Daughter of Steve & Ruth
Rau, Ruth Josephine9/29/19254/15/2012Age 86-Wife of Stephen
Rau, Stephen L.5/29/191611/7/2002Age 86-Husband of Ruth
Rawls, R. B.19311987Husband of Sue-Married 6/29/1957-Father
Rawls, Sue1938N/AWife of R. B.-Married 6/29/1957-Mother
Ray, Curtis11/18/1942N/AN/A
Ray, James L.2/15/19298/10/1992Age 63-Husband of Mary-Military Service
Ray, Mary A.19352000N/A
Ray, Sheila L.8/8/19456/8/2007N/A
Raymond, Jennie L. Stillwagon5/17/1936N/AN/A
Raymond, Joseph A.1/6/19326/27/2003Age 71-Husband of Jennie-Korea
Reckart, Cloyd A.19001972N/A
Reece, Johnnie J.8/29/19112/14/1987Age 75-Husband of Margaret
Reece, Margaret1/23/192612/26/1992N/A
Reedy, Keith AlanN/ACA Sep. 15Age 2 Days-Son of James
Regar, Lora3/7/19013/8/1901Age 1 Day-Daughter of Loranzo & Elizabeth
Regar, Louis3/7/19013/9/1901Age 4 Days-Son of Loranzo & Elizabeth
Renchler, Sarah18228/8/1909Age 87
Rhew, Baby GirlN/A10/6/1967N/A
Rhew, Hawley H.12/27/1935N/AHusband of Lucille-Married 6/13/1953
Rhew, Lucille J.5/15/1936N/AWife of Hawley-Married 6/13/1953
Rhines, Nina4/5/19181973Age 54
Ribeck, Edward Fran2/12/19016/26/1967Age 66-Husband of Esther
Rickard, Thomas G.3/26/19421/16/2001"Poppy"
Rickard, Victoria J.7/8/1948N/AN/A
Rickhoff, Beulah M.5/5/192210/19/2006Age 84-Wife of Damon
Rickhoff, Damon William11/21/19206/15/2010Husband of Beulah-Military Service
Ridings, Robert Daniel7/28/19267/28/1990Age 64-Husband of Virginia-World War 2
Ridings, Virginia Hetzel7/28/19231/28/1998Age 74-Wife of Norman Hetzel & Robert Ridings-Mother
Roberts, Helen M.1/27/1925N/AMother
Roberts, Patricia A.2/9/1951N/AWife of Robert-Married 2/9/1979
Roberts, Robert Lee1/16/19485/20/2004Husband of Patricia-Married 2/9/1979-Vietnam
Robinson, Baby Boy193012/2/1930Son of B.A. & V.E.
Rodd, Mary18613/25/1909Age 48
Roman, John J.19341985Korea
Roper, Mary E.6/12/1927N/AN/A
Rose, Jimmy Ray3/27/19431/25/2011Age 67-Husband of Elizabeth-Military Service
Ross, Arthur L. G.3/11/188311/8/1934Age 51-Husband of Jane
Ross, Mary Jane18943/10/1981Cremation-Age 86
Rowe, Doris G.4/28/19162/9/2002Age 85-Wife of Jesse-Married 12/20/1932
Rowe, Jesse M.2/4/19111/22/1995Age 83-Husband of Doris-Married 12/20/1932
Rurm, Laura VanBuskirkN/ACA3/8/1928N/A
Russell, Mary C.3/1/18746/9/1924N/A
Rutledge, James D.189812/13/1982Age 84-Husband of Marie
Rutledge, Marie C.18991985Wife
Ryk, Jozefa3/14/19123/5/1997Age 84-Wife of Wasil-Married 6/13/1945
Ryk, Wasil9/5/19216/14/2003Age 81-Husband of Jozefa-Married 6/13/1945
Sanders, Arletta K.19189/6/1997Age 78-Wife of George-Mother
Sanders, Augustoff T.11/23/19301/20/2013"Gus"-Age 83-Husband of Mary-Korea
Sanders, Emil E.11/6/190611/22/1973Age 67-Brother
Sanders, Gary W.N/A12/10/2012Age 66-Vietnam
Sanders, George J.1/10/191510/30/2000Age 85-Husband of Arletta-Father
Sanders, Mary E.5/8/19335/2/2015Age 81-Wife of Augustoff
Sass, Effie Mae19142/25/1997Age 82-Wife of Harold-Mother
Sawadzki, Marie12/9/18953/24/1952Age 56
Schliter, Dina May5/20/19257/2/1988Age 63-Wife of Kenneth
Schliter, Kenneth L.2/12/19229/23/1992Age 70
Schliter, May18891973N/A
Schliter, Mildred Joan5/11/19257/1/1925Baby-Daughter of R. A.
Schliter, Rineheart A.4/16/188010/25/1968Age 88-Husband of May
Schmidt, Frank Harold7/18/19296/8/1991Age 61-Husband of Mildred-Married 2/3/1951
Schmidt, Mildred Rosalie7/14/193112/26/1993"Millie"-Age 62-Wife of Frank-Married 2/3/1951
Schneider, Cecelia18731964N/A
Schneider, Curtis G.18751920Stepfather-Veteran
Scott, Debby Ann2/21/19587/21/1998Wife & Mother
Scott, Justin Michael3/16/19883/16/1988Son of Jon & Teresa
Scott, Thomas E.3/31/19411/17/2013Age 71-Husband of Bonnie
Searfoss, Chris E.19001992N/A
Searfoss, Grace M.19112004N/A
Seitz, Eli Edward11/11/185311/23/1942Friend-Age 89
Senn, Belle Rose18868/16/1964N/A
Senn, John E.188211/10/1960N/A
Senn, Joseph S.19156/4/1915Son of Clara
Senn, Minnie B.191410/5/1914Age 4 Months-Daughter of Alonzo & Cathline
Septer, Roy A.2/14/19048/5/1983U.S. Army
Sergent, Anna T.8/7/18648/29/1952Age 88
Sergent, Benjamin Carey11/8/190012/17/1972Age 72-Husband of Clara
Sergent, Clara P.6/1/19075/3/2003Age 95
Sergent, Joseph Walter2/11/192812/14/2009Age 81-Husband of Pat-Korea
Sergent, Walter E.1/13/18622/10/1928Age 66-Husband of Anna
Seymour, Grant11/2/18938/26/1964Age 70-Husband of Juanita
Sheick, Calvin P.8/30/19492/20/1997Father & Son
Sheick, Esther V.19281970N/A
Sheick, John186011/26/1930Age 70
Sheick, John Wesley3/26/19141/3/1949Age 34-Husband of Ruth
Sheick, Lillian Leota4/14/18921/24/1979Age 86
Sheick, Louis Henry1/17/18915/8/1969Age 78-Husband of Lillian
Sheick, Marvin Wayne7/15/19161/4/1989Age 72-Husband of Linda-World War 2
Sheick, Paul E.1925N/AN/A
Sheick, Rachel A.1/21/19399/9/2002Age 63-Wife of Paul
Sheik, Cecile Ann11/6/19232/3/1983Age 59-Wife of Lawson-Married 5/18/1968
Sheik, Lawson F.19087/6/1976Age 67-Husband of Cecile-Married 5/18/1968
Sheltrown, Agnes M.2/14/19039/27/1994Age 91-Wife of Raymond
Sheltrown, Claude Albert18951991Married 4/20/1915
Sheltrown, Clyde E. Sr.10/31/189311/10/1985Age 92-Husband of May-Married 10/9/1961
Sheltrown, Doris Evelyn19196/14/1930Age 11-Daughter of Clyde & Ollie
Sheltrown, Edward A.7/14/18722/25/1967Age 94-Husband of Myrtle
Sheltrown, Edward J.2/1/19158/29/2008Age 93-Husband of Helen-Married 10/8/1938
Sheltrown, Eleanor T.3/12/19238/4/1991Wife of Raymond-Married 8/26/1944
Sheltrown, (Flora) Geneva9/30/19037/19/1963Age 59-Wife of James
Sheltrown, Florence A. Fournier2/17/18945/31/1972Age 78-Wife of Claude-Married 4/20/1915
Sheltrown, Helen A.3/4/1920N/AWife of Edward-Married10/8/1938
Sheltrown, Jack A.5/22/192811/18/2004Age 76-Husband of Reva-Korea
Sheltrown, James L.19001967N/A
Sheltrown, May L.1900N/AMarried 10/9/1961
Sheltrown, Myrtle12/16/18768/21/1972Age 95
Sheltrown, Ollie Eleanor3/27/18974/9/1976Age 79-Mother
Sheltrown, Raymond E.12/20/189810/18/1980Age 82-Husband of Agnes
Sheltrown, Raymond J.3/9/1922BlankHusband of Eleanor-Married 8/26/1944
Sheltrown, Reva E. J.2/22/19336/14/2001Age 68-Wife of Jack
Sheltrown, Robin AndreaN/A6/27/2013Age 54-Daughter of Ed & Helen
Sheltrown, Rudolph R.12/19/19337/1/2016Age 82-Korea
Sherren, Elizabeth D. Arrand10/8/18861/7/1925Wife of Willis
Shieck, NoraN/A6/16/1910Age 16-Dauther of J. & N.
Shoaff, John C.3/16/184912/29/1918Age 79
Shore, Delores M.1921N/AN/A
Shore, Erma Myrill3/13/192510/31/1937Age 12-Daughter of Milo & Bertha
Shore, James Milo11/1/19184/7/1989Age 70-Husband of Delores-World War 2
Shore, Kelvin James9/24/19719/25/1971Age 1 Day-Son of Garry & Susan
Siegle, Elizabeth O.9/21/191011/15/2005Age 95
Siegler, Howard8/15/18903/5/1976Age 85
Simonis, Christine J.5/5/19562/8/2009Age 52-Mother
Simonis, Frank P.3/26/19304/9/1992Age 62-Husband of Hazel-Married June 7, 1952-U. S. Army
Simonis, Hazel Christine4/19/19247/28/2002"Chris"-Age 78-Wife of Frank-Married June 7, 1952
Skinner, Dustin Joe5/11/19892/28/1990"Squeaker"
Sloas, George Leonard Jr.6/28/193911/20/2006Age 67-Husband of Linda-Married 12/19/1959
Slusher, Buddy6/8/193210/21/1953N/A
Slusher, Flora Dolly2/19/19084/7/1997Age 89-Wife of Shafter-Married 8/25/1925
Slusher, Shafter4/16/19069/23/1992Age 86-Husband of Flora-Married 8/25/1925
Smela, Peggy A. (Flynn)6/27/19603/8/2007Age 46
Smith, Constance J.1931N/AN/A
Smith, Dorothy V.1/31/19161/31/1973Age 57
Smith, Edward Fred8/23/18959/28/1956Age 61-Husband of Dorothy-World War 1
Smith, Edwin Arlen5/27/19135/27/1913Son of Ernest & Melonie
Smith, Eleanor Jane12/22/18605/13/1944"Ellen"-Wife of Henry-Mother
Smith, Emmet P.12/21/188112/7/1927Father
Smith, George E.8/29/192710/15/1990World War 2
Smith, HazelN/AN/ADaughter of Moses & Lillian
Smith, Helen Mae8/30/19269/17/2014Age 88
Smith, Henry C.6/2/18607/5/1916Age 56-Husband of Eleanor-Father
Smith, JamesFebruary, 18465/13/1902Age 56
Smith, Jared T.7/28/19829/19/1997Age 15
Smith, Lillian Cole6/21/186512/27/1927Wife of Moses
Smith, Rev. Moses18625/29/1927Age 65
Smith, Olive Mae2/14/18927/27/1982Age 90-Wife of Emmet-Mother
Smith, Timothy F.5/17/19509/28/2010Age 60-Husband of Carolyn
Smithingell, Dawnalle L.7/31/196712/23/2007N/A
Socha, Tammy Rose9/26/19769/26/1976Daughter of Joseph & Judith
Solinski, Arnold W.191810/26/1985Age 67-Husband of Norma-Married 6/17/1938
Solinski, Leona M.19151985N/A
Solinski, Norma I.19213/18/1981Age 59-Wife of Arnold-Married 6/17/1938
Solo, Gerard Jr.4/17/19287/20/1991"Jerry"-Age 63-Husband of W. Joyce-Korea
Soule, Guy1/16/18885/5/1977Age 89
Spahn, Leo Donald2/8/19136/20/1973Age 58-Husband of Phyllis-World War 2
Spahn, Phyllis J.3/5/191810/27/1988Age 70-Wife of Leo
Stamm, Estherline Ruth (Castro)11/27/191811/2/2006Age 87-Married 3/7/1937 to Frederick-2nd Marriage to Frank Castro
Stamm, Frederick19121986Husband of Esther-Married 3/7/1937
Stephens, Emma L.18781966N/A
Stephens, Henry6/11/190311/5/1988Age 85
Stephens, Herbert3/17/18729/21/1942Husband of Emma
Stephens, Lavina F.7/4/19424/24/2008Age 65-Wife of Richard
Stephens, Richard E.5/29/1942N/AN/A
Stevens, John M.19207/22/2004Husband of Esther
Stevens, Rosemary Louise10/20/19237/16/1983Age 59-Wife of John
Stillwagon, Avery5/6/18845/6/1967Age 83
Stillwagon, Bernie W.9/26/195911/1/2005Son
Stillwagon, Clarence F.18981969N/A
Stillwagon, Clarence William1/22/192112/14/1977Age 56-Husband of Estella-World War 2
Stillwagon, Claudia G.18906/4/1959N/A
Stillwagon, E. Arzell1924N/AN/A
Stillwagon, EdwardN/A12/7/1954N/A
Stillwagon, Edward M.18991954N/A
Stillwagon, Emma Jean4/13/192410/3/1981Age 57-Wife of Floyd
Stillwagon, Estella Arzell5/7/19248/17/2015Age 91-Wife of Clarence
Stillwagon, Floyd Chauncy5/3/19221/7/2016Age 93-Husband of Gladys-World War 2
Stillwagon, Francis M.N/A4/16/1942Age 64
Stillwagon, Francis R.12/11/1931N/AHusband of Jean-Married 12/17/1950
Stillwagon, Garnet M.1897N/AN/A
Stillwagon, George8/12/18422/12/1919Civil War
Stillwagon, George Alfred4/25/19013/30/1973Age 71-Husband of Ellen-U.S. Army
Stillwagon, George P.18696/24/1938Father-Age 69
Stillwagon, Harry C.18841/20/1958N/A
Stillwagon, Ila B.19011990N/A
Stillwagon, James A.3/22/19224/2/1994Age 72-Husband of June-World War 2
Stillwagon, Jean L.4/23/19326/2/2005Age 73-Wife of Francis-Married 12/17/1950
Stillwagon, Jennie8/15/18811/11/1938Age 56-Mother-Wife of Marion
Stillwagon, Jennie MayN/A1927Daughter
Stillwagon, Julia McDonough6/24/18844/27/1962Age 77-Wife of Avery
Stillwagon, June Ellen6/6/19236/10/1999Age 76-Wife of James
Stillwagon, Kenneth19071915Son
Stillwagon, Laura G.19111996N/A
Stillwagon, Lawrence C.7/18/19075/10/1997Age 89-Father
Stillwagon, Leota M.12/24/19137/7/1986Age 72-Wife of Lawrence-Mother
Stillwagon, Marion10/2/18774/10/1942N/A
Stillwagon, Martha E.11/7/19009/13/1930N/A
Stillwagon, Mary Catherine18598/10/1927Age 67-Mother-Wife of George
Stillwagon, Norman Edward5/8/19369/17/1951Age 15-Son of Frank & Goldie
Stillwagon, Ralph E.5/5/191910/16/1919N/A
Stillwagon, Russell LeRoyN/A8/11/1938N/A
Stillwagon, Sarah Price8/2/18436/10/1920Wife of George-Mother
Stillwagon, Waldo Dale5/29/19104/25/1927Age 16
Stillwagon, William Frank19081997N/A
Stivenson, Danny19641985N/A
Stone, Edward L.3/26/19125/10/1980Age 68
Stone, John C.18711959N/A
Stone, Karen Sue10/31/19421/5/1943Age 2 Months-Daughter of Edward & Eunice
Stone, Mary J.12/7/18779/15/1942Age 64-Wife of John
Storey, Harry A.1910N/AFather
Street, Eva E.1922N/AMother
Street, Raymond S.19171990Father
Stringer, John6/6/18482/2/1920N/A
Stringer, Lydia9/7/18501/19/1914Age 63
Struble, Anna Mae19061990N/A
Struble, Eleanor A.1939N/A"Shieck"-Wife of Sidney-Married 1/18/1958
Struble, Milton L.19052/1/1961N/A
Struble, Sidney A.1934N/AHusband of Eleanor-Married 1/18/1958
Sutherland, Floyd J.9/5/19189/4/2004Age 85-Husband of Helen-Married 2/11/1939-World War 2
Sutherland, Helen E.4/25/19215/16/2002Age 81-Wife of Floyd-Married 2/11/1939
Sutherland, John, Jr. "Jack"9/22/193212/21/1998Age 66-Husband of Thelma-Married 3/23/1956
Sutherland, Thelma L.10/25/1937N/AWife of John-Married 3/23/1956
Sutton, Louis Cameron10/31/191912/7/1997Age 78-Husband of Mary-World War 2
Sutton, Louis G.18871973N/A
Sutton, Marie I.6/21/18897/15/1966Age 77-Wife of Louis
Sutton, Mary Lois5/29/19246/24/2014Age 90-Wife of Cameron
Sutton, Ronald W.19319/2/1964N/A
Swan, Evelyn7/7/19347/7/1934Daughter of Charles & May
Swetesich, James Matthew2/25/19571/18/1989Age 31-Son of Frank & Alice
Szymanski, Anthony V.5/20/192011/11/1983World War 2
Tank, Viola E.2/27/19042/20/1948Age 43
Tanner, Lawrence Traugotte19129/24/1981Age 69-Husband of Ruth
Tanner, Ruth E. Walters Sheick9/24/191611/27/2002Age 86
Taylor, Marilyn J.19312004Wife of Robert-Married 1950
Taylor, Robert Brian12/25/192811/15/1983Age 54-Husband of Marilyn-Married 1950
Teeple, Leelin C.3/30/19152/26/2003Age 87
Teeple, Stanley E.19132005N/A
Teeple, Viola Beatrice10/20/19087/23/1998Age 89-Wife of Stanley
Teeple, Virgil Roy2/13/19129/23/1912Age 7 Months-Son of Charles & Jennie
Territo, Sarah19262002N/A
Terry, Charles L.196912/17/1973Age 4-Son of Charles
Tessman, Ryan Lynn Patterson9/27/19878/23/1988Son
Thayer, Michael R.1959N/AN/A
Thayer, N. Ethel1928N/AN/A
Thayer, Roy N.19231997N/A
Themm, Doris J.9/9/1938N/AWife of Marlin-Married 10/27/1956
Themm, Marlin D.6/10/19372/27/2003Husband of Doris-Married 10/27/1956
Thomas, Esther Emaline9/24/19164/14/2007Age 90
Thomas, Gertrude M.8/14/19155/11/1994Age 78
Thomas, James J.5/30/19132/17/1990Age 76-Husband of Gertrude
Thompson, ArillaN/A3/10/1953N/A
Thompson, Leroy A.12/??/19112/12/1994Age 82
Throne, Norma M.1925N/AWife of Rex-Married 9/22/1944
Throne, Rex O.1922N/AHusband of Norma-Married 9/22/1944
Tinker, William L.3/30/19402/18/1984Age 43-Husband of Wanda
Titus, John R.N/A9/29/1918World war 1?
Tolfree, Howard A.8/15/19226/25/1998Age 72-Husband of Linda-Married 12/16/1947-World War 2
Tolfree, Linda May12/29/19217/21/2012Age 90-Wife of Howard-Married 12/16/1947
Toms, Helen C.9/11/192012/11/2013Age 93-Wife of John
Toms, John Joseph1/4/19183/24/1986Age 68-Husband of Helen
Toney, Fred W.19071977Married 9/3/1955-Husband of Jenabelle
Toney, Jenabelle19162006Married 9/3/1955-Wife of Fred
Tonn, Marjan B.19071986Veteran
Tonn, Michael T.19681989Son-Brother-Grandson
Toquigne, August L.3/10/19026/11/1983Age 81-Husband of Hermine
Trew, Robert William6/10/193110/27/1984Age 53-Korea
Trew, Russell WilliamN/AN/AN/A
Tripp, Katherine4/18/183310/11/1915Age 82
Turland, Daniel W.6/28/1955N/AHusband of Deborah-Married 8/10/1974
Turland, Deborah J.2/16/1953N/AWife of Daniel-Married 8/10/1974
Turland, Timothy D.6/10/197811/19/2011"Slim"-Age 33
Turow, A. Lynn7/11/19494/25/1989Son-Veteran
Turow, Dorothy M.9/24/19181/3/2011Age 92-Wife of Fred
Turow, Fred B.5/15/19191/10/1985Cremation-Age 65-Husband of Dorothy
Turow, Robert D.2/12/192311/7/1990Father-Veteran
Tuttle, Clara D.10/25/18959/20/1962Age 66-Wife of William
Tuttle, Eric Allen198211/29/1985Age 3-Son of Jim & Sue
Tuttle, William J.8/29/18805/16/1941Husband of Clara-Age 60-Father
Uhan, Edith P.1892N/AN/A
Uhan, William Jacob6/24/187812/26/1948Age 70-Husband of Edith
Umphery, Irene B.19081987N/A
Vamrest, Cora MaeN/A4/17/1958N/A
VanBuskirk, Alexander4/22/18292/22/1905Age 75
VanBuskirk, Emiline8/21/183411/21/1903Age 69
VanBuskirk, Josephine5/18/18587/5/1907Age 49
VanBuskirk, William Michael10/24/185411/3/1934Age 80
VanOosten, James Dirk1/31/195210/17/1994Age 41-Husband of Glenda-Father, Son & Brother
Vencil, Andrew19061975Pa
Vest, Ethel M.1/3/194611/8/2002Wife, Mother & Grandmother
Vogler, Laverne9/11/19106/4/1974Age 63-Husband of Catherine-Father
Vogt, Elizabeth3/15/1923N/AWife
Vogt, Fred V.8/6/19168/6/1998Husband & Son-World War 2
Vogt, John L.3/10/18928/5/1982Father-Age 90
Vogt, Paul G.2/18/19504/1/2007N/A
Wade, Sarah6/10/186610/17/1934Mother-Wife of Warren
Wade, Warren Hastings18616/3/1926Age 64
Wagner, Harriet Joyce Peters6/26/19245/30/1996Wife & Mother
Wagner, Henry P.18941988N/A
Wagner, Jacob Jr.1/25/19195/9/2005Husband & Father-U.S. Army
Wahl, Maurice A.12/29/19263/3/2001World War 2
Walerych, Evelyn M.6/3/19289/13/2004Age 76-Wife
Walerych, Paul E.5/21/19227/4/1981Age 59-Husband of Evelyn-World War 2
Walls, Addie Irene5/19/18959/29/1965N/A
Walls, James Riley8/9/19348/9/1934Son of John
Walls, John R.18811952N/A
Watkins, DavidN/A1920Age 19-Son of Enoch
Watkins, Enoch Bronsfield10/19/186011/27/1929Age 69-Husband of Rosa
Watkins, Harry C.19055/16/1964N/A
Watkins, Joseph E.12/26/19227/14/1944World War 2
Waun, Donald R.11/26/19411/27/2004N/A
Waun, Jeanene12/16/1941N/AN/A
Webb, Clayton7/3/18941/6/1966Age 71
Weber, Berneice A.12/11/19105/17/1987Age 76-Wife of John
Weber, John A.6/2/19061/25/1999Age 92
Weber, Willard E.N/ADecember 1Age 57-Veteran-Husband of Bethany
Weir, Eunice R.1/30/19095/18/1982Age 73-Wife of Norris
Weir, Norris8/23/19051/22/1983Age 77-Military Service
Wells, John R.N/A1/28/1953N/A
Wensink, Arthur James6/17/18942/26/1980Age 85-Husband of Hilda-Married 5/24/1941
Wensink, Hilda M.5/6/19081974Age 66-Wife of Arthur-Married 5/24/1941
West, Mary R.6/21/19074/14/2000N/A
Westbrook, Baby Boy3/24/18993/27/1899Age 3 Days-Son of William & Bessie
Westbrook, Bert9/25/19075/9/1908Age 7 Months-Son of William & Jessie
Whiteford, Douglas G.1/9/1942N/AN/A
Whiteford, Gert7/4/1947N/AN/A
Whiteford, John H.11/8/19098/23/2001Age 91-Husband of Helen
Whitfield, Henrietta E.7/30/190012/14/1983N/A
Whitfield, Jessie Ann1/14/19337/22/1998Grandma Hoag
Whitfield, Marshall S.8/15/189512/3/1969World War 1
Whitney, Marjorie Marie9/21/19547/26/2008Age 53-Wife of Terry-Married 11/24/1973
Whitney, Terry M.6/17/1952N/AHusband of Marjorie-Married 11/24/1973
Wice, Rodney Bruce5/30/19542/14/2006N/A
Wilcox, Dennis7/7/19421/19/1977Age 34-Son of Beatrice
Wilcox, Elizabeth Ann10/21/19225/8/2014Age 91-Wife of Richard Swain & Lyle Wilcox
Wilcox, Thomas T.2/16/19211/10/1984N/A
Wilder, John Herbert3/24/19168/18/1980Age 64-Husband of Norma-World War 2
Williams, Chas. E.N/A8/14/1959N/A
Williams, Frederick Henry18809/27/1938Father-Age 58
Williams, James183911/19/1925Age 86
Williams, John1846CA 12/19/1929Father
Williams, Laura J.18836/1/1951Age 68-Mother
Williams, Leonora M.10/2/185811/17/1933Wife of Wynott
Williams, Leonard9/11/18751/16/1915"Len"-Age 39-Husband of Mabel
Williams, Mary Ann4/10/18473/25/1933Mother-Wife of John
Williams, Mary M.3/25/18393/19/1918Age 78
Williams, Wynott4/14/185112/6/1930Age 79
Wilson, John9/13/18927/27/1973Age 80
Wilson, Mary Agnes18751972N/A
Winter, Calvin J.4/29/192410/16/2002"Cass"-Age 78-Husband of Irma-Married 11/3/1952
Winter, Irma Jean8/18/19251/2/2002"Gillis"-Age 76-Wife of Calvin-Married 11/3/1952
Wirt, Paul11/21/190111/16/1969N/A
Wirt, Pearl1/7/1901N/AN/A
Wisebaker, Lois Ann12/24/19488/21/2015Age 66-Wife of Dennis
Woloskie, Alex5/7/19131/12/1986Age 72-Husband of Irene
Woloskie, Irene E.4/26/19159/24/1996Age 81
Wood, Leslie8/30/19494/12/1977Age 27-Daughter of Charles & Nadia
Woods, Charlotte19071985N/A
Woods, Dorothy Louise6/16/192210/13/2007Age 85-Mother
Woods, Earl9/7/18933/28/1981Age 87-Husband of Charlotte
Wormsbacher, Edwin John2/1/19305/26/1982"Ed"-Age 52-Husband of Eva-U.S. Army-Korea
Wright, Emma Mae5/8/18928/26/1965Age 73-Wife of Herbert-Mother
Wright, Herbert Frederick6/21/18894/22/1969Age 79-Father-Mason
Yantz, Delbert Grant5/22/19852/15/1987Age 1-Son of Richard & Gloria
Yantz, Gloria Jean12/11/1954N/AN/A
Yantz, Richard Benedict9/5/193412/4/1985Age 51-Husband of Gloria
Young, Alva Michael10/16/189712/4/1985Age 88-Husband of Myrtle-World War 1 & 2
Young, FaronN/AN/AN/A
Young, Lawrence7/5/19357/10/2007N/A
Young, LorraineN/AN/AN/A
Young, Myrtle A.12/23/18993/18/1986Age 86
Zajac, Helen19462008Wife of Marvin-Married 10/23/1965
Zajac, Marvin1943N/AHusband of Helen-Married 10/23/1965
Zawadzki, Marie18963/24/1952N/A
Zawadzki, Maryan F.9/4/18917/7/1950Age 58-World War 1
Zerba, Ann M.1922N/AN/A
Zerba, Charles Joseph7/1/19309/26/1981Age 51-Husband of Ann-Military Service
Zerba, Willis E.10/18/19502/28/2005Age 54-Vietnam
Ziegler, Thomas Frederick3/6/19521/13/1993Age 40-Husband of Kristine
Zinkiewicz, Helen9/24/19099/23/1986Age 76-Wife of Jim-Mom
Zinkiewicz, Jim11/7/18967/8/1988Age 91-Dad

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