Holy Family Cemetery is located on Campbell Road, between State Road and Peters Road in West Branch
Township, Ogemaw County, Michigan. The Cemetery is just south of Klacking Creek. This old cemetery is
affiliated with Holy Family Catholic Church. It should be noted that this Cemetery is referred to as
St. Joseph Cemetery or Campbell's Corner's Cemetery in some records. St. Joseph's Cemetery is actually
located in West Branch and Campbell's Corner's Cemetery is one mile south of Holy Family Cemetery on the
corner of State Road and Campbell Road (and also known as West Branch Township Cemetery).

Compiled and indexed by Grace Dooley, who reserves all rights.
Anyone knowing of additional burials or corrections to this cemetery listing is asked to send the information to:
The Rose City Historical Society, Post Office Box 736, Rose City, MI 48654
A big thank you goes to Diane Newton and Janet Arnott for taking the tombstone photographs.

Additional Info
Allard, ChildN/AN/ALot 77
Allard, ChildN/AN/ALot 77
Allard, Cyril6/8/190511/29/1967Age 62-Husband of Isabella
Allard, Isabella M.1/12/19131/16/2006Age 93-Wife of Cyril
Allard, JosephN/AN/ALot 77
Allard, Thomas Edward197312/10/1977Age 4-Lot 156
Anderson, Dolores Frances6/21/19158/22/2007Age 92-Lot 131
Anderson, Harold H.3/27/19096/15/1997"Andy"-Age 88-Husband of Dolores-Lot 131
Anguilm, Cora E.7/6/18912/28/1980Mother-Age 88-Lot 185
Anthony, Patrick B.5/16/19638/13/1963Lot 128
Artman, George187311/25/1953Age 80-Lot 48?
Bailer, Clarence John10/25/19092/25/1913Age 3-Son of Edmund & Mary
Bailer, Edmund Earl5/15/19162/4/1931Age 14-Son of Edmund & Mary-Lot 48
Bailer, Marie Elizabeth11/21/19222/9/1923Age 3 Months-Daughter of Edmund & Mary-Lot 48
Bailer, Mary Willey4/26/18819/14/1964Age 83-Mother-Lot 48
Barns, Mrs. Mary (or Hacht?)19171963Lot 53
Baumchen, John4/8/182710/3/1904Age 77
Beck, Beatrice Pearl8/28/19135/4/1989Age 75-Wife of John-Married 9/5/1929-Lot 184
Beck, Bernard186810/21/1924"Barney"-Age 56-Husband of Elizabeth-Lot 9
Beck, Clarence E.3/26/191310/14/1979"Gilly"-Age 66-Husband of Irene-Lot 185
Beck, Clement A1/00/18956/00/1897Son of Michael & Maggie
Beck, Clyde Henry10/24/19025/4/1983"Mush"-Age 79-Lot 195
Beck, Elizabeth Mary11/20/18704/30/1958Age 87-Wife of Barney-Lot 9
Beck, George J.3/9/18944/21/1969Father-Husband of Mabel-Lot 7
Beck, George J. Jr.10/23/19291/13/2006Son of George & Mabel-Lot 7
Beck, Harold W.19464/12/1989Age 42-Son of Irene & Clarence-Lot 185
Beck, HeneryN/AN/ALot 195
Beck, Ignatius6/00/181910/3/1898Husband of Magdalena
Beck, Irene W.19228/21/2006Age 83-Wife of Clarence-Lot 185
Beck, John E.7/14/190712/27/2000Age 93-Husband of Beatrice-Married 9/5/1929-Lot 184
Beck, Joseph4/20/18559/6/1913Age 58
Beck, Mabel S.5/30/19035/30/1982Age 79-Mother-Wife of George-Lot 7
Beck, Magdalena Schiestol18313/13/1905Age 74-Wife of Ignatius
Beck, Margaret Knepfler4/26/18713/17/1921"Maggie"-Wife of Michael-Lot 7-Age 49
Beck, Maria9/13/19119/13/1911Daughter of Barney
Beck, Mary1/28/19061/28/1906Age 1 Day-Daughter of Barney & Elizabeth
Beck, Maryhelen (Martz)5/25/19422/19/2001Age 58-Lot 195
Beck, Michael185910/10/1931Lot 7
Beck, Peter E.10/27/18996/14/1976Age 76-Lot 9
Beck, William Frank1/21/189511/14/1985Age 90-Lot 9-Armed Services
Beckmann, Frank E.9/14/19029/16/1969Age 68-Husband of Dorothy-Lot 30
Bee, Irvin L.4/21/19135/21/2005Married 1939-Husband of Julia-Lot 157
Bee, Julia8/21/19219/2/2007Married 1939-Wife of Irvin
Bell, Joyce M.5/23/19416/29/1968"Schneider"-Age 27-Wife of Donald-Lot 182?
Biermann, Angela Marie4/24/19178/26/1991Age 74-Mother & Grandmother-Lot 015
Biermann, UnknownN/AN/ALot 015
Bitter, Elizabeth3/8/190412/10/1925Lot 66
Blahovec, George Stephen4/10/19075/28/1989Age 82-Lot 141
Blum, Anna9/22/18724/15/1956Age 83-Wife of Joseph-Lot 114
Blum, Annie M.6/13/19066/22/1981Age 75-Wife of Kenneth-Lot 32
Blum, Baby Girl4/1/19144/1/1914Daughter of Joseph & Anna-Lot 114
Blum, Joseph1/10/18782/19/1958Age 80-Lot 114
Blum, Kenneth L.2/9/19065/14/1984Age 70-Lot 32
Blum, UnknownN/AN/ALot 124
Bondie, Arthur Charles5/5/18899/2/1968Age 79-Husband of Esther-Lot 169
Bondie, Esther M.18981985Lot 169
Bragg, Alice M.11/30/1939(Blank)Lot 164-(Buried in West Branch with first husband)
Bragg, Irene Marie10/1/19097/4/1971Age 61-Wife of Roy-Lot 164
Bragg, Robert F.5/29/19362/11/2005Lot 164-Age 68-Husband of Alice-U.S. Navy
Bragg, Roy F.19071/28/1986Age 78-Husband of Gladys-Lot 164
Branch, Dolores D.19286/2/2010Age 81-Wife of Richard
Brick, Cecelia9/21/188410/11/1979Lot 95-Age 95
Brick, Clarence A.5/18/190912/16/1992Age 83-Married 4/25/1931-Husband of Laura & Ann-Lot 205
Brick, Donald Joseph10/20/19153/30/1998Age 82-Husband of Margaret-Married 6/28/1941-Lot 205
Brick, Dorothy L.N/AN/ALot 36
Brick, Dorothy Mary1/3/191912/22/2004Age 85-Lot 105
Brick, Elizabeth Marie4/30/18862/22/1963Age 76
Brick, Elizabeth C.18864/17/1965Lot 4
Brick, Etta M.4/26/18976/15/1986Age 89-Lot 36
Brick, Gerald J.4/30/19221/1/2009Age 86-World War 2
Brick, Gladys T.19147/16/1988Age 74
Brick, John A.6/22/18858/28/1927Age 42-Son of Lewis & Theresa-Lot 4
Brick, Joseph AnthonyN/A11/22/1968Lot 95
Brick, Joseph Louis3/1/18756/3/1953Husband of Cecelia-Age 78-Lot 95
Brick, Laura May19102/16/1979Age 69-Wife of Clarence-Married 4/25/1931-Lot 205
Brick, Louis1/17/18543/20/1936Lot 3-Age 81-Husband of Thresa
Brick, Margaret G.11/2/19185/21/1995Age 76-Wife of Donald-Married 6/28/1941-Lot 205
Brick, Michael A.1/24/18886/4/1939Lot 36-Age 51
Brick, Thelma Elizabeth Reetz2/14/191411/30/2006Age 92-Wife of Leo-Mother-Lot 012
Brick, Theresia1/8/18584/5/1944Age 86-Wife of Louis-Lot 3
Brindley, Albert A.9/2/189110/15/1978Married 60 Years-Age 87-Husband of Coral-Lot 138
Brindley, Albert Vincent10/30/192210/2/1993"Vince"-Age 70-Husband of Thelma-Married 2/7/1953-Lot 90
Brindley, BabyN/AN/ALot 37
Brindley, Coral Mae5/20/19007/15/1985Age 85-Married 60 Years-Lot 138
Brindley, Doris L.5/2/19384/19/1971Age 32-Wife of Doyle-Mother-Lot 111
Brindley, Douglas19354/5/1970N/A
Brindley, Edward Cimon6/6/18547/17/1934Age 80-Husband of Louisa-Father-Lot 13
Brindley, Eva J.5/10/190610/5/1906Age 4 Months-Daughter of John & Mary
Brindley, Frank J.7/26/18864/3/1962Son-Lot 13
Brindley, Helen M.12/31/19119/3/2002Age 90-Wife of Oscar-Married 10/25/1934-Lot 27
Brindley, John Henry7/16/188212/29/1962Lot 12-Age 80-Husband of Matilda
Brindley?, John J.7/26/18864/3/1962Son-Lot 13
Brindley, Joseph5/16/19215/16/1921Age 15 minutes-Son of William & Mary
Brindley, Josephine M.12/25/187412/7/1957Lot 37
Brindley, Louisa J.3/6/18611/9/1914Mother-Age 52-Lot 12
Brindley, Matilda Mary3/14/188712/10/1937Age 50-Wife of John-Lot 12
Brindley, Oscar J.3/1/191112/4/1989Age 78-Husband of Helen-Married 10/25/1934-Lot 27
Brindley, Thelma J.1/16/193011/1/2002Age 72-Wife of Albert-Married 2/7/1953-Lot 90
Brindly, UnknownN/AN/ALot 121
Brindly, UnknownN/AN/ALot 201
Burns, Kathleen Marie6/25/19267/26/2003Lot 1
Burns, Louis H.9/20/192711/3/1994World War 2 & Korea-Lot 1
Castonguay, Clare E.11/26/19305/3/1963Age 32-Husband of Lorraine-Korea-Lot 72
Castonguay, Lorraine Mae Travis12/29/193011/24/1982Wife of Clare-Lot 72
Castonguay, Paris Marie9/11/195912/31/1959Lot 72-Age 3 Months-Daughter of Clare & Lorraine
Cavada, Alma9/21/19083/31/2004Lot 143-Age 95-Husband of John
Cavada, John11/16/18997/27/1977Age 77-Husband of Alma-Lot 143
Clemente, James10/28/18926/12/1971Age 78-Husband of Muriel-Lot 147
Clemente, Muriel M.19031975Lot 147
Collins, Catherine A.18891970N/A
Core, Esther A.N/A8/5/1985Age 87
Cox, Ernest C.1900CA 1/29/1976Lot 149-Age 75
Cox, Marguerite Grace9/30/19006/23/1974Age 73-Wife of Ernest-Lot 149
Craft, Margaret4/11/18739/25/1949"Maggie"-Wife-Lot 48-Age 76
Cripps, Blanche E.3/6/19042/28/1915Age 10-Daughter of W. A. & Mary-Lot 16
Dantzer, Beatrice E.4/16/190010/24/1900Age 6 Months-Daughter of Ignatius & Philipena
Dantzer, GeorgeN/AN/AAge 72-Lot A2
Dantzer, Howard Ignatius2/6/19112/11/1979Age 68-Father-Lot 52
Dantzer, Ignatius W.5/1/186911/13/1906Age 37-Husband of Philipena-Lot B3
Dantzer, MaryN/AN/AN/A
Dantzer, Philipena Mary4/24/18751/26/1947Age 70-Wife of Ignatius-Mother-Lot 52
Dantzer, Robert Lee10/1/193712/16/1937Age 10 Months-Son of Adrian & Mary
Davis, Millicent M.6/7/1940(Blank)Married 9/1/1962-Wife of Richard
Davis, Richard Joseph2/28/194110/12/2000Married 9/1/1962-Husband of Millicent-Age 59
De Laere, Rene12/27/19228/18/2000Age 77-Husband of Theresa-World War 2-Lot 1
De Rosa, Aleen M.8/3/193612/27/2000Age 64-Wife of Bernard-Married 9/26/1959
De Rosa, Bernard A.12/11/1937BlankHusband of Aleen-Married 9/26/1959
De Roso, Doris Marie5/26/19366/8/2016Age 80-Married 4/16/1955-Wife of William-Lot 98
De Roso, Frank Bernard7/10/18877/5/1968Age 80-Lot 97
De Roso, Myrtle May3/17/189312/10/1960Lot 97-Age 67-Wife of Frank
De Roso, William B.10/15/19359/17/2001Age 65-Husband of Doris-Married 4/16/1955-Lot 98
Derza, John18607/14/1936Age 76
Detzler, Allick F.N/A11/15/1913?Veteran-Lot 81
Detzler, George2/4/186310/29/1935Age 72-Husband of Mary-Father-Lot 81
Detzler, Jane19086/27/1913Age 5-Daughter of George & Mary
Detzler, Mary4/1/18646/21/1937Mother-Age 73-Wife of George-Lot 81
Dingess, Genevieve A.6/19/19273/3/2003Age 75-Wife of Melvin-Mother-Lot 168
Dreza, John10/9/1860CA 7/23/1936N/A
Dunlap, Charles A.3/30/19212/5/1991Age 69-Husband of Earla-World War 2-Korea-Lot 41
Dunlap, Earla M.6/9/19273/16/2008Age 80
Dziurman, Rita R.1/30/19285/6/2015Age 87-Wife of Leonard
Edwards, Evelyn M.10/5/19038/24/1990Age 86-Daughter-Our Nana-Lot 48
Fischer, Esther R.12/16/19141/3/1998Age 83-Wife of Joseph-Lot 126
Fischer, Joseph W.12/7/19108/6/1995Age 84-Husband of Esther-Lot 126
Florian, John A.10/22/19476/5/1994Age 46-Husband of Mary-Married 10/15/1966-Lot 017
Florian, Mary E. (Poole)1946Not DeceasedMarried 10/15/1966-Lot 017
Flynn, Charles D.3/20/190010/28/1923Son-Lot 10
Flynn, Daniel7/22/18681/20/1933Age 64-Father-Lot 10
Flynn, Mary M.1/14/187612/27/1964Age 88-Mother-Lot 10
Flynn, William John1/23/19079/5/1929Age 22-Son of Daniel & Mary
Ford, Laura H.2/12/189112/23/1928Wife of George-Mother
Fournier, Barbara J.7/17/1931BlankLot 013
Fournier, Clarence J. Jr.4/11/19295/17/2003Lot 013-Age 74-Husband of Barbara
Fournier, Gary Phillip4/26/19523/20/2006Age 53-Husband of Kathy-Vietnam-Lot 21
Fournier, Kathy Lynn9/6/1952BlankLot 21
Fournier, Sandy7/6/1954N/ADaughter of Clarence & Barbara-Lot 013
Fradette, Erma N.19201985Lot 159
Fradetti, PhilipN/AN/ALot 159
Fritz, Albin Stephen10/19/18944/3/1982"Darkie"-Age 87-Husband of Eliza-Married 2/22/1927-World War 1-Lot 50
Fritz, Annette M.N/AN/ALot 50
Fritz, Eliza C.9/10/19042/27/1996"Tuts"-Age 91-Wife of Albin-Married 2/22/1927-Lot 50
Fritz, Harry S.3/26/19248/6/1979Age 55-Husband of Kathryn-Lot 135
Fritz, Jacob1/27/18798/23/1951Age 72
Fritz, John4/6/18514/29/1924Father-Lot 37-Age 73
Fritz, Johnnie2/14/18831/7/1936Son-Lot 38-Age 52
Fritz, Joseph8/28/18743/21/1952Age 76-Husband of Josephine-Lot 37
Fritz, Josephine12/25/187412/7/1957Age 82-Wife of Joseph
Fritz, Kathryn J.7/18/19261/16/2011Age 84-Wife of Harry-Lot 135
Fritz, Mary Anna4/27/185610/3/1940Age 84-Wife of John-Mother-Lot 38
Fritz, Nicholas JacobN/AN/ALot 38
Fritz, UnknownN/AN/ALot 145
Fritz, UnknownN/AN/ALot 165
Fritz, Walter J.N/AN/ALot 50
Fultz, Joyce K.2/2/19475/30/1998Age 51-Wife of Phillip-Married 4/17/1982-Vietnam-Lot 196?
Fultz, Phillip F.1/1/1938BlankMarried 4/17/1982-Lot 196?
Gamber, Chester O.4/24/18903/28/1957Age 66-Husband of Emma
Gamber, Emma Catherine8/10/18903/14/1978Age 87-Wife of Chester
Gelinas, John E.7/6/19427/6/1942Son of Elphige & Gladys (Green)
Gifford, Kenneth E.9/13/19204/29/1984Age 63-Husband of Elizabeth-Military Service-Lot 173
Gosselin, Leona R.6/14/19217/11/1987Age 66-Lot 175
Gosslin, Louis3/12/18169/14/1887N/A
Goucher, Sarah Marie8/3/188811/21/1956Wife of William-Age 68-Lot 86
Goucher, WilliamN/AN/ALot 86
Graham, Betty J.1932BlankLot 107
Grandy, Edward O.1886CA 9/8/1961Lot 62
Grandy, Pearl Frances9/7/189011/9/1970Age 80-Lot 62
Grant, Chester F.11/27/19009/1/1981Age 80-Husband of Elizabeth-Father-Veteran-Lot 140
Green, Alvina1/31/19086/15/2009Age 101-Wife of Harold-Lot 122
Green, August J.3/24/19107/29/1993Age 83-Husband of Christine-Lot 136
Green, Baby Girl1/17/19231/17/1923Daughter of John & Kate
Green, Barbara A.7/11/19368/28/2013Age 77-Wife of Jim-Married 5/28/1955-Lot 99
Green, Deeann E.8/2/1949BlankWife of Thomas-Married 12/31/1974
Green, Emery L. R. Jr.11/18/195311/7/1999Age 45-Vietnam-Lot 199
Green, Emery Leo10/5/191911/15/1993Age 74-Husband of Ruby-Cremated-Lot 199
Green, EricN/AN/ALot 199
Green, Frederick G.19466/27/1981Age 34-Husband of Jean-Lot 03
Green, Harold Joseph11/11/190010/26/1969Age 68-Husband of Alvina-Lot 122
Green, James A.2/2/19293/16/1996Age 67-Husband of Barbara-Married 5/28/1955-Military Service-Lot 99
Green, Jeffery Lee2/6/19574/7/1971Age 14-Son of James & Barbara-Lot 100
Green, John Edward12/20/19369/18/2001Age 64
Green, Mrs. JohnN/ACA 9/30/1943N/A
Green, Joseph10/25/194510/25/1945Infant Son of Emery & Ruby-Lot 26
Green, Justine12/1/183910/11/1918Or Christina-Age 78-Lot 26
Green, Kenneth Leo6/26/194912/9/1974Age 25-Son of Emery & Ruby-Vietnam-Lot 200
Green, Loretta Christine191810/25/1984Age 66-Wife of August-Lot 136
Green, Nicholas F.5/26/187711/2/1957Age 80-Husband of Susie-Lot 26
Green, NickolasN/A9/10/1917Age 78-Lot 26
Green, Patrick James3/26/19446/13/2001Lot 19?-Age 57-Dad
Green, Ruby Mae10/12/19237/28/1989Age 65-Wife of Emery-Lot 200
Green, Susan Mary1/22/18856/7/1963Age 78-Lot 26
Green, Thomas A.1/11/19423/20/2002Age 60-Husband of Deeann-Married 12/31/1974
Green, UnknownN/AN/ALot 198
Grenon, Isabel Susana Dantzer18981993Lot 52
Grezeszak, Anthony5/31/19157/12/1915Age 1 Month-Son of Michael & Vernie-Lot 24
Grezeszak, Doris K.11/17/1942BlankMarried 8/12/1961-Lot 112
Grezeszak, Helen B.5/21/190310/16/1965Age 62-Wife of Michael-Lot 24
Grezeszak, John Edward8/29/192412/25/1924Son of Mike & Helen-Age 3 Months-Lot 24
Grezeszak, Joseph Martin12/30/18966/25/1967"Joe"-Age 71-Husband of Myrtle-Lot 25
Grezeszak, Lawerance7/25/185011/19/1922Age 72-Lot 25
Grezeszak, Leonard D.11/7/1935BlankMarried 8/12/1961-Lot 112
Grezeszak, Michael9/9/188510/18/1965Age 80-Husband of Helen-Lot 24
Grezeszak, Myrtle M.12/23/19031/17/1994"Munn"-Age 90-Lot 25
Grezeszak, Pauline12/25/18679/17/1938"Polly"-Age 70-Lot 25
Grezeszak, Vern Ronald7/20/19649/22/1969Age 5-Son of Leonard & Doris-Lot 113
Grezeszak, Veronica6/12/19186/25/1918"Vernie"-Age 12 Days-Daughter of Micheal & Vernie-Lot 24
Grezeszak, VerneyN/AN/AAge 25-Wife of Mike
Grossman, Antoinette C.6/10/18911/30/1984Age 92-Mother
Hacht, Charles10/2/18892/8/1968Age 78-Husband of Della-Lot 46
Hacht, Della C.189212/6/1986Age 94-Lot 46
Hacht, Frances186510/17/1932Age 67
Hacht, John Frederick6/25/18589/29/1918Age 60
Hacht, John W.9/17/188610/23/1970Age 84-Lot 53
Hacht, Mary Ellen9/30/188610/28/1944Age 58-Wife of John-Lot 46
Hacht, Nellie18861944Lot 53
Hacht, Mother18641932Lot 46
Hadley, Robert R.10/25/19681/28/1969Age 3 Months-Son of Donald & Patricia-Lot 190
Hagerman, Anna S.19121987Age 75
Haller, Marion Elizabeth19195/26/1995Age 75-Wife of Raymond-Lot 51
Haller, Raymond E.11/27/191812/11/1992Age 74-Husband of Marion-Military Service-Lot 51
Hamel, Florence11/9/190211/20/1990Age 88-Aunt
Heeke, Blanche E.8/19/187612/18/1957Age 81-Wife of Frank-Lot 87
Heeke, Frank4/19/188012/25/1959Age 79-Husband of Blanche-Lot 87
Hegeman, Bernice M.1/17/191612/14/1994Age 78-Lot 11
Hegeman, Frederick191112/15/1980Lot 11
Herran, AnnaN/AN/ALot G
Herran, BernardN/AN/ALot F
Herran, EvaN/AN/ALot F
Herran, Leo W.N/AN/ALot F
Herran, MartinN/AN/ALot G
Herran, MaryN/AN/ALot F
Herran, MaryN/AN/ALot G
Herring, Abbie S.18991984Married 4/30/1917-Lot 188
Herring, Orrin E.12/8/18938/31/1973Age 79-Husband of Abbie-Married 4/30/1917-Lot 188
Herron, Patrick186611/13/1903Age 37-Lot G
Herron, Walter5/10/19058/13/1907Lot D
Hershey, Eleanor Margaret4/30/19181/30/1985Age 66-Wife of Franklin-Lot 1
Hershey, Franklin Benjamin11/11/19117/31/1993Age 81-Husband of Elanor-Lot 1
Hoegn, Frances12/2/191311/6/1991Age 78-Wife of Mike
Hoegn, Michael5/11/19136/12/1995Age 82
Holdried, ElizabethN/A9/16/1886Age 7 Months-Daughter of C. & C.
Holdried, John18781/22/1883Age 5-Son of C. & C.
Holsbeke, Andrew E.19041993Married 5/2/1931-Lot 194or195
Holsbeke, Florine R.19071998Married 5/2/1931-Lot 194or195
Hoover, Antony6/25/181712/13/1907Age 90
Housten, Jacob A.7/12/188311/1/1953Age 70-Lot 34
Housten, Louis10/23/186011/1/1920Age 60-Lot 34
Houston, Frank L. Sr.8/25/19254/25/2007Husband of Mary-Married 9/9/1950-U. S. Army
Houston, Mary Ellen8/31/1932BlankMarried 9/9/1950
Houston, Sylvester Joseph12/29/18907/7/1965Age 74-World War 1-Lot 32
Houston, Victoria Margaret12/24/18691/22/1940Age 70-Wife of Louis-Mother-Lot 34
Irwin, Kathleen M.19402001N/A
Irwin, William C.12/18/193910/11/2005Age 65-Husband of Kathleen-Marines/Veteran
Jones, Amelia K.1919Blank"Mickie"-Lot 31
Jones, Grant Donald11/28/19153/30/1983Age 67-Husband of Amelia-Lot 31
Kaiser, Charles WesleyN/ACA 10/5/1944Lot 168
Kaiser, Mrs. CharlesN/A4/20/1900Lot 168
Kaiser, UnknownN/AN/ALot 178
Kaiser, William G.6/16/19251/5/2008Age 82-Lot 178
Keating, Anna6/21/186610/10/1935Age 69
Keating, Thomas Patrick18554/5/1932Age 77
Kehoe, EstherN/A10/9/1923N/A
Kennedy, UnknownN/AN/ALot 17
Kenworthy, George P.5/30/1935BlankLot 155
Kenworthy, Gladys M.1/24/192711/25/1999Lot 155-Age 72-Wife of George
Kenworthy, Illa C.2/22/19273/22/2012Age 85-Wife of Roy-Married 6/12/1948-Lot 85
Kenworthy, Roy A.3/10/192610/11/2010Age 84-Husband of Illa-Married 6/12/1948-Military Service-Lot 85
Kenworthy, UnknownN/AN/ALot 330 Owner
Kenworthy, UnknownN/AN/ALot 333 Owner
Kerblewski, Josephine19009/30/1978Age 78-Lot 167
Kerblewski, Thomas11/14/18907/14/1971Age 81-Husband of Josephine-Lot 167
Klacking, Adeline E.11/27/192411/26/2002Age 77-Wife of Frederick-Married 2/28/1943-Lot 01
Klacking, Edward P.18777/21/1878Age 10 Months-Son of John & Elizabeth
Klacking, Elizabeth184210/21/1923Grandma-Age 82-Wife of John-Lot 44
Klacking, Frederick Louis4/5/19213/27/2000Age 78-Husband of Adeline-Married 2/28/1943-Military Service-Lot 01
Klacking, John4/7/183611/10/1927Age 91-Grandpa-Lot 44
Klacking, Nicholas188510/30/1887Age 2-Son of John & Elizabeth
Krug, Catherine185211/3/1899Mother-Age 47
Krug, ChesterN/AN/ALot 104
Krug, EmmaN/AN/ALot 104
Krug, Frederick3/9/18834/27/1951Age 68-Brother-Lot 94
Krug, George2/1/188812/8/1970World War 1-Lot 94
Krug, William Albert8/1/18856/14/1965Age 79-Husband of Elsie
LaFleur, Annette M.4/11/192210/25/1990Age 68-Wife of Wallace-Mother
LaFleur, Walter J.4/23/189311/28/1982Age 89-Father
LaFramboise, Lawrence J.12/14/192611/27/2000Korea-Lot 10
LaFramboise, Rose3/1/1933N/AN/A
Larkin, Katherine19211992Cremation-Lot 53D
Lehman, Susanna4/25/18566/15/1932Age 75-Wife of Lawrence-Also Wife of Joseph Schick
Lescher, John M.2/11/18628/9/1920Age 58-Father-Lot 55
Lescher, John M.10/8/19003/12/1967Age 66-Husband of Josephine-Lot 55
Lescher, Josephine M.19019/15/1982Age 81-Wife of John-Lot 55
Lobsinger, Catherine11/8/186310/11/1922Age 59-Wife of Adam-Lot 15
Lobsinger, Charles10/10/185910/23/1949Age 90-Father-Lot 63
Lobsinger, Dora3/3/18621/22/1931Age 69-Mother-Wife of Charles-Lot 63
Lobsinger, E. Roy3/13/19095/11/1909Age 1 Month-Son of Joseph & Tillie
Lobsinger, Edward18998/6/1916Age 17-Lot 15
Lobsinger, John6/24/18886/25/1901Age 19-Son of Joseph & Josephine-Lot 14?
Lobsinger, Joseph12/26/18364/4/1915Age 78-Husband of Josephine-Lot 14
Lobsinger, Josephine1/17/18472/26/1915Wife of Joseph-Age 68-Lot 14
Lochinski, Carmela M.4/16/19121/14/1998Age 85-Wife of Walter-Lot 05
Lochinski, Walter A.7/24/19109/17/1985Age 75-Husband of Carmela-Lot 05
Lramer, UnknownN/AN/ALot 153
MacKenzie, Frank Allan1/1/19206/14/1992Age 72-Husband of Norene-Lot 31
MacKenzie, Mercedes D.2/16/192310/6/1985Age 62-Wife of Frank-Lot 31
Mailloux, VerginiaN/A5/24/1899Age 12
Malenski, Jason Kyle Lee3/6/198410/26/2000Age 16-Son of Frank & Valerie
Marchell, DeLorain Caroline4/17/19283/2/2016Age 87
Marchell, Leonard Raymond5/15/192111/26/1989Age 68-Husband of DeLorain
Martin, Helen Ann Dantzer9/14/19042/14/1988Mother-Lot 52
Mayhew, Eli18521/24/1930Age 78-Father-Lot 65
Mayou, GeorginaN/AN/ALot 65
McCully, Robert A.2/27/19064/17/1971Age 65-Husband of Margaret-Lot 152
McCully, UnknownN/AN/ALot 116
McKay, Gerald N.19301972Husband & Father-Veteran-Lot 30
McKellar, UnknownN/AN/ACremated-Lot 137
McMorrow, Lester J.2/8/19065/2/1987Age 81-Husband of Virginia-Lot 177
McMorrow, Virginia L.1915BlankLot 177
Mears, Christina6/14/18294/15/1902Age 73
Mears, Justus18244/9/1900Age 76
Meir, Ameal William5/18/188710/5/1961Age 74-Husband of Mary-Lot 79
Meir, Andrew A.5/9/191910/1/1985Age 66-World War 2-Lot 79
Meir, AugustN/AN/ALot 8
Meir, Bernard Lee8/19/19548/4/2015Age 60-Husband of Leah
Meir, Caroline M.6/30/189110/9/1984Age 93-Wife of Conrad-Lot 85
Meir, Charles Jacob1/26/19149/23/1933Age 19-Son of Jacob & Pauline-Lot 8
Meir, Clarence A.2/16/19236/19/2012Age 89-Husband of Correan
Meir, Conrad August Jr.11/7/188210/16/1958Lot 85
Meir, Denelda Elizabeth4/9/191510/21/1923Age 8-Daughter of Jacob-Lot 8
Meir, Edgar M.9/11/18928/1/1975Age 82-Lot 63
Meir, Florence M.7/24/19104/9/1918Age 7-Daughter of Joe & Vebella
Meir, Floyd J.5/6/191210/3/1912Age 4 Months-Son of Conrad & Carrie
Meir, FrancisN/AN/ALot 69
Meir, Frederick Mathias4/26/19202/16/1996Husband of Leona-Married 1/10/1953-World War 2-Lot 80
Meir, Jacob J.5/24/18786/19/1941"Jake"-Age 63-Lot 19
Meir, Julia Pearl18987/27/1931Age 32
Meir, Leona J.6/3/19357/25/2006Age 71-Wife of Frederick-Married 1/10/1953
Meir, Margaret Ann4/7/19144/11/2006Age 92-Wife of Roy-Lot 181
Meir, Mary M.18951999Lot 79
Meir, Mary Victoria5/24/189510/29/1979Age 84
Meir, Mathias9/11/19579/11/1958Son of Frederick & Leona-Age 1-Lot 80
Meir, Matthew L.N/A1990Grandson-Lot 80
Meir, Pauline Theresa3/25/18947/28/1958Age 64-Wife of Jacob-Lot 19
Meir, PearlN/AN/ALot 69
Meir, Roy Raymond19146/22/1980Age 66-Husband of Ann-Lot 181
Mellon, Redmond Edward12/25/18423/30/1919Age 76-Husband of Priscilla
Mier, Ambrose18924/20/1929Age 37
Mier, Ameil3/15/1865N/ASon of Wm. & R.
Mier, Arthur M.1/29/188511/16/1900N/A
Mier, Arthur W.3/4/19109/19/1984Age 74-Husband of Kathleen-Married 9/5/1936-Lot 70
Mier, Barbara Ann8/20/19588/20/1958Daughter of Harold & Elizabeth-Lot 19
Mier, BruceN/ACA 4/25/1929Son
Mier, Elizabeth7/4/184611/27/1931Age 85-Wife of August
Mier, Francis E.1/12/18835/4/1884N/A
Mier, Harold E.9/22/192011/22/1982Age 62-World War 2-Lot 19
Mier, Harold E. Jr.9/24/19449/24/1944Son of Harold & Josephine-Lot 8
Mier, Ignatius11/10/18505/26/1917Age 66
Mier, Jacob6/8/19575/25/1895N/A
Mier, John10/15/18483/25/1902Age 53-Son of Justus
Mier, Kathleen H.8/9/19161/28/1984Wife of Arthur-Married 9/5/1936-Lot 70
Mier, Leo8/24/19069/25/1908Son of Ignatius & Anna-Age 2
Mier, Melinda Sue4/30/19654/30/1965Daughter of Harold & Josephine-Lot 19
Mier, Michael John9/10/18909/19/1967Age 77-Husband of Theresa-Lot 172
Mier, RoyN/AN/ALot 181
Mier, Theresa A.2/22/18911/21/1975Age 83-Lot 172
Miles, Albert H.8/23/19373/17/2015Age 77-Husband of Mary-Veteran
Miles, Mary J.19454/20/2011Age 65-Wife of Albert
Miller, Agnes Caroline2/9/18989/17/1930Age 32-Lot 68
Miller, Archie9/3/18938/16/1916Age 23-Son of Joe & Mary-Lot 67
Miller, Frederick Wayne8/19/19237/15/1997Age 73-Husband of Lucille-Married 1/27/1951
Miller, Henry11/2/189010/3/1967Age 76-Husband of Mildred-Lot 68
Miller, Joseph3/24/18565/28/1924Husband of Mary-Age 64-Lot 67
Miller, Lenard WilliamN/AN/ALot 67
Miller, Lucille M.1932BlankWife of Frederick-Married 1/27/1951
Miller, Mary11/2/186611/27/1948Age 82-Lot 67
Miller, William R.6/7/19051/12/1958Lot 67
Miners, Ethel T.12/15/189312/3/1974Age 80-Lot 119
Miners, George Daniel6/2/18912/14/1963Age 71-Husband of Ethel-Lot 119
Miriani, LauraN/AN/ALot 204
Miriani, Patty Lou7/14/19388/11/1975Age 37-Wife of Richard-Lot 203
Miriani, Richard J.1933Not DeceasedLot 203
Miriani, Stephen Richard6/4/19623/12/1980"Steve"-Age 17-Son of Richard & Patty-Lot 203
Monaghan, Frederick Arnold18941964Husband of Rose-Lot 123
Monaghan, Rose Ann10/31/18978/19/1960Age 62-Wife of Frederick-Lot 123
Morrow, LesterN/AN/ALot 177
Morton, Luella E.12/27/19183/12/2002Mother
Mull, Margaret18606/2/1930Lot 64-Age 69
Munck, Anita6/3/19184/7/1989Lot 110
Munck, Wilfred10/3/191310/15/1977Lot 110
Munn, Carter James8/13/200810/2/2008Age 51 days-Son of James & Dorothy
Munn, ClydeN/AN/ALot 197
Munn, Marie T.12/20/19093/1/1973Age 63-Wife of Clyde-Mother-Lot 197
Neubecker, Craig A.8/13/19749/4/1976Age 2-Son of Jerry & Wendy-Lot 96
Neubecker (Rau), Donna Glee Sutton1/13/19257/5/2013Wife of Leo-Lot 312
Neubecker, Frances5/16/18469/27/1926Wife of Peter-Age 80-Lot 16
Neubecker, Frances A.9/11/19221/23/2007Age 84-Wife of Raymond-Cremation-Lot 53
Neubecker, Gregory L.7/29/19552/18/2004Age 48-Husband of Viola-Son-Lot 106
Neubecker, Henry7/15/18804/27/1967Age 86-Husband of Ora-Lot 154
Neubecker, Joseph Anthony9/28/187311/25/1947Age 73
Neubecker, Leesa A.12/31/19753/15/1995Age 19-Daughter of Ronald & Sue-Lot 313
Neubecker, Leo Joseph6/13/192411/13/1991Age 67-Husband of Donna-Lot 312
Neubecker, Leon Edward5/5/19148/26/2001Age 87-Husband of Viola-Married 1/31/1948-Military Service-Lot 106
Neubecker, MayN/AN/ALot 154
Neubecker, Ora May4/16/18936/20/1968Lot 154-Age 75
Neubecker, Peter2/5/18471/16/1929Age 82-Husband of Frances-Lot 16
Neubecker, Raymond H.191611/26/1994Age 78-Husband of Frances-World War 2
Neubecker, UnknownN/AN/ALot 314 Owner
Neubecker, Viola M.1/25/192111/14/2010Age 89-Wife of Leon-Married 1/31/1948-Lot 106
Nichols, Frances Joseph4/8/19174/2/1965Age 47-Husband of Mary-Father-World War 2-Lot 134
Noble, Loretta C.19149/26/2004Lot 174-Age 90
Noble, Maynard E.1/24/19153/9/1988Age 73-Husband of Loretta-Lot 174
O'Connor, Catherine18942/27/1894Age 19 Days-Daughter of Jeremiah & Esther
O'Connor, Dennis8/2/18601/29/1909Father-Age 49-Lot 5
O'Connor, Esther7/4/187010/9/1923Age 54-Wife of Jeremiah-Lot 33
O'Connor, Flora1/24/18616/2/1926Mother-Age 65-Wife of Dennis-Lot 5
O'Connor, Jeremiah10/9/18578/29/1921Age 63-Husband of Esther-Lot 33
O'Connor, Jeremiah J.3/19/18981/11/1933Age 35-Lot 33-Son of Jeremiah & Esther
O'Connor, John E.11/10/18937/22/1916Age 22-Son of Mary & John J.-Lot 22
O'Connor, John J.11/17/18529/4/1922Age 69-Husband of Mary-Father-Lot 22
O'Connor, Lucy Margaret19069/24/1924Age 18-Daughter of John & Mary-Lot 23
O'Connor, Margaret Agnes11/29/19116/5/1931Lot 33-Age 20-Daughter of Jerry & Esther
O'Connor, Margaret Helen3/28/19353/28/1935Infant-Twin-Daughter of John & Elsie
O'Connor, MarjorieN/AN/ALot 5
O'Connor, Mary Agnes6/21/18623/21/1935Mother-Wife of John-Lot 22
O'Connor, Morriss**Maurice**11/26/192711/26/1927Son of Morriss **Maurice**& Alvena
O'Connor, Patrick7/17/189012/14/1948Age 58-World War 1-Lot 5
O'Connor, Philip7/15/18967/5/1968Age 71
O'Connor, Thomas A.8/17/190010/11/1926Age 25-Lot 23
Olesnavage, CoraN/AN/ALot 186
Olesnavage, Tami Lynn1/25/19796/29/1990Age 11-Daughter of John & Margaret-Sister-Lot 186
Olesnavage, UnknownN/AN/ALot 187
O'Meara, Francis8/17/18738/5/1966"Frank"-Age 92-Husband of Mable-Lot 148
O'Meara, Mabel Mae5/1/18797/11/1976Age 97-Lot 148
O'Meara, MargaretN/AN/ALot 148
O'Neil, Eleanor M.5/28/1928BlankLot 108
O'Neil, Gerald Thomas3/1/19325/25/1994Age 62-Husband of Eleanor-Korea-Lot 108
O'Neil, Michael Thomas2/18/19566/15/1971Age 15-Son of Gerald & Eleanor-Lot 109
Osborne, Barbara1937Not DeceasedLot 202
Osborne, Donald R. Jr.5/8/19306/14/2004"Bud"-Age 74-Husband of Barbara-Lot 202
Phillips, FrancisN/AN/ALot 134
Porter, MarkN/AN/AInfant-Lot 103
Priest, Albert H.18941964Father-Lot 129
Priest, Julia V.5/24/189612/15/1963Mother-Lot 129
Ranger, Edward9/21/19062/28/1907Age 5 Months-Son of Octave & Elizabeth
Ranl, UnknownN/AN/ALot 150
Rank, UnknownN/AN/ALot 160
Reed, James William12/19/192711/29/2000Age 72-Husband of Jean-Married 10/15/1948
Reed, Jean Ann3/11/19301/9/2002Age 71-Wife of James-Married 10/15/1948
Reed, William F.7/17/18749/3/1959Lot 88
Reetz, Barbara E.3/22/192710/9/1998Age 71-Wife of Walter-Lot 011
Reetz, Calvin A.4/24/192510/26/2005Age 80-Husband of Joan-Lot 161?
Reetz, Christopher W.12/22/19108/2/1919Age 8-Son of Ed & Josephine-Lot 35
Reetz, Christopher William2/26/195010/8/1950Age 7 Months-Son of Walter & Barbara
Reetz, Edward9/24/18805/12/1960Age 79-Husband of Josephine-Lot 35
Reetz, GregoryN/AN/ALot 35
Reetz, Joan M.10/17/192510/9/2013Age 87-Wife of Calvin-Lot 161?
Reetz, Josephine Louise1/23/18881/10/1981Wife of Edward-Age 92-Lot 35
Reetz, Joyce R. (Norton)9/3/19268/29/2003Age 76-Wife of Warren-Married 4/26/1945-Lot 75
Reetz, Leonard Walter2/28/19482/29/1948Age 1 Day-Son of Walter & Barbara
Reetz, Reynold G.2/18/196710/15/1967Age 8 Months-Son of Raymond & Joyce
Reetz, UnknownN/AN/ALot 171
Reetz, Walter E.2/15/19196/2/2008Lot 011-Age 89-Husband of Barbara-Armed Forces
Reetz, Warren W.5/21/19232/22/1993Age 69-Husband of Joyce-Married 4/26/1945-World War 2-Lot 75
Reinke, Barbara Ann1/4/19473/23/2008Age 61-Wife of David
Reminder, Donald L.19341985N/A
Reminder, Yvonne M.1936BlankN/A
Reuther, Julia H.N/A1970Wife of Theodore-Lot 89
Reuther, Theodore F.3/20/19003/4/1987Age 86-Husband of Julia-World War 1
Richway, Henry10/19/19027/5/1976Age 73-Lot 127
Richway, Mabel E.2/24/18932/28/1963Lot 127-Age 72-Wife of Henry
Robinson, Albert Edward1/2/18913/13/1924Husband & Father-Age 32-Lot 28-Also listed Brookside
Robinson, Clarence3/25/19183/25/1918Son of Albert & Emma
Robinson, Emma18909/9/1983Age 93-Mother-Lot 28
Robinson, Kenneth V.9/1/19127/25/1967Age 53-Son-Lot 28
Robinson, William Henry3/14/19151/12/1936"Willis"-Age 20-Son of Albert & Emma-Lot 28
Roeser, Catherine3/16/18374/4/1908Age 71-Wife of Phillip-Lot H
Roeser, Phillip11/11/18268/22/1912Age 85
Rohl, Alex A.10/22/18908/12/1976Age 85-Husband of Ina-Lot 93
Rohl, Ina May6/26/190210/17/1986Age 84-Wife of Alex-Lot 93
Rohl, John18575/6/1934Age 76-Lot 84
Rohl, Mary Ann2/15/186010/5/1941Age 81-Wife of John-Lot 84
Rohl, Matilda4/11/188810/18/1934"Tillie"-Age 47-Lot 84
Rohl, William4/11/18852/29/1960Age 75-Lot 84
Rohle, Francis Peter6/4/19048/21/1978Age 74-Lot 83
Roll, Baby Girl9/17/19059/17/1905Daughter of Peter & Mary
Roll, Carrie9/26/19199/27/1919Age 12 Hours-Daughter of Lawrence & Carrie
Roll, CarrieN/ACA7/14/1932Wife of Lawrence
Roll, Clarence J.5/13/19128/9/1912Age 2 Months-Son of Peter & Mary
Roll, Edward M.19081981Lot 83
Roll, Gregory A.N/A5/17/1921Age 20-Lot 83
Roll, JohnN/AN/ALot 83
Roll, JohnnieOctober 26, 1892October 27, 1892Age 1 Day
Roll, Leonard5/7/18988/6/1928Age 30-Son of Peter-Husband of Catherine-Lot 83
Roll, Mary Ann9/10/19069/10/1906N/A
Roll, Mary Lehman10/21/187310/15/1913Age 39-Wife of Peter-Lot 83
Roll, Paul6/20/19136/20/1913N/A
Roll, Peter8/3/18698/25/1955Age 86-Husband of Caroline-Father-Lot 83
Rood, UnknownN/AN/ALot 120
Rose, Patricia E.8/16/19301/4/2010Wife of Richard
Rose, Richard E.7/7/19301/23/2011"Dick"-Age 80-Husband of Patricia-Korea
Ruel, James B. E.7/20/18798/7/1958Age 79-Lot 20
Ruel, Joseph10/11/187011/19/1961Age 90-Lot 20
Rutyna, Edward C.8/22/19297/19/1988Age 58-Husband of Betty-Father-Lot 144
Rutyna, WilliamN/AN/ALot 144
Sauber, Shirley A.3/19/1930BlankLot 362
Sauber, William J.5/8/1928BlankLot 362
Schaefer, Charles1/6/18795/23/1966Age 87-Husband of Thekla-Lot 132
Schaefer, Thekla12/30/18803/5/1971Age 90-Wife of Charles-Lot 132
Schall, Genevieve2/17/181712/14/1902Age 85-Mother
Schall, Lawrence9/10/18164/21/1903Age 86-Father
Schick, Aaron M. (Shorty)9/22/189810/11/1978Age 80-Husband of Viola-Lot 139
Schick, Alexander4/16/18661/24/1935Age 68-Husband of Margaret-Lot 6
Schick, August18813/15/1887N/A
Schick?, AndrewN/AN/ALot E
Schick, Anthony M.12/11/18579/22/1904Age 46
Schick, Baby Boy1/22/19061/22/1906Son of Alexander & Maggie
Schick, CatherineN/AN/ALot 54
Schick, Deana12/10/19429/3/2010Age 67-Wife of Dareld
Schick, Elizabeth T.12/5/188912/13/1943Age 54-Wife of George-Lot 54
Schick, Emma4/15/18879/13/1902Age 15-Daughter of Joseph & Susannah-Lot B
Schick, GeorgeN/AN/ALot 54
Schick, George D.11/12/18833/14/1961Age 77-Lot 54
Schick, IgnatuisN/AN/ALot B
Schick?, InfantN/AN/ALot E
Schick, Joseph9/3/18518/4/1907Age 55-Father-Lot C
Schick, Joseph Martin Jr.4/16/18763/24/1904Age 27-Son of Joseph & Susan-Lot C
Schick, LauraN/AN/ALot B
Schick, Margaret18717/13/1928Wife of Alex-Lot 6
Schick, MartinN/A9/?/1889Lot 6
Schick, Martin18552/3/1933Age 78
Schick?, MaryN/AN/ALot E
Schick?, MichaelN/AN/ALot E
Schick, Olivia19012/13/1922Age 21-Daughter of Joseph & Susanna-Lot C
Schick?, PeterN/AN/ALot E
Schick, Rosa Marrie5/13/19074/23/1918Age 12-Daughter of Alex & Margaret-Lot 6
Schick, SusanaN/AN/AMother-Lot C
Schick, Viola A.4/20/19046/25/1998Age 94-Lot 139
Schieder, JoyceN/AN/ALot 182
Schiestel, Rosina6/2/1869?10/16/1887?Daughter of Lawrence & Mary
Schliter, Fred Rineheart10/25/19175/11/1999Age 81-Husband of Janeann-Lot 40
Schliter, Janeann M.5/55/19229/19/1999Age 77-Lot 40
Schliter, Sherry Lynn19487/6/1987Age 38-Lot 40
Schmitt, Anna Theresa18888/19/1934Daughter of Rudolph & Barbara-Age 45-Lot 58
Schmitt, Barbara1/8/186011/7/1943Mother-Age 84-Wife of Rudolph-Lot 58
Schmitt, Catherine12/24/18555/12/1922Age 66-Mother-Wife of George-Lot 47
Schmitt, Clyde Joseph6/4/19149/25/1966Age 52-Lot 82
Schmitt, Elsie8/4/191211/23/1913Age 15 Months-Daughter of Joseph & Helen-Lot 82
Schmitt, GeorgeN/A7/1/1890N/A
Schmitt, George18502/24/1923Father-Husband of Catherine-Age 73-Lot 47
Schmitt, Helen Elizabeth6/28/188512/5/1940Age 55-Wife of Joseph-Mother-Lot 82
Schmitt, Jackie DeVereN/A11/3/1931Son of John & Ethel
Schmitt, Jacob August2/25/18821/7/1946Lot 81-Age 63
Schmitt, John7/8/183710/16/1902Age 65
Schmitt, Mrs. JohnN/AN/ALot 81
Schmitt, Joseph11/19/18772/19/1951Father-Age 73-Lot 82
Schmitt, Mae Mary10/2/18878/4/1939Age 51-Wife of Jake-Lot 81
Schmitt, Rudolph4/15/18573/30/1941Age 84-Husband of Elizabeth-Father-Lot 58
Schmitt, Valentine J.19012/1/1978"Val"-Age 76-Husband of Mary-Lot 60
Schmitt, William12/17/18971/26/1981Age 83-Lot 58
Schmitt, Zeryl T.9/25/19105/22/1974Age 63-Wife of Valley-Lot 60
Schnautz, UnknownN/AN/ALot 189
Schneider, Anna M.1/10/19078/22/1996Age 89-Wife of Frank-Married 1927-Lot 59
Schneider, Charles Anthony2/11/189112/16/1970Age 79-Husband of Mary-Lot 43
Schneider, Clarence A.4/10/19081/16/1992Age 83-Husband of Ida-Lot 183
Schneider, Elizabeth M.8/10/19035/26/1986Age 82-Wife of George-Married 1925-Lot 142
Schneider, Elmer A.6/11/19267/28/1991Age 65-Husband of Norma-World War 2-Lot 2
Schneider, Elva Margaret4/17/19055/13/1986Age 81-Wife of Lawrence-Lot 2
Schneider, Frank Myron3/4/19034/2/1988Age 85-Husband of Anna-Married 1927-Lot 59
Schneider, George Joseph3/31/190010/30/1988Age 88-Husband of Elizabeth-Married 1925-Lot 142
Schneider, Harold Joseph5/6/193012/5/1935Age 5-Son of Lawrence & Elva-Lot 2
Schneider, Ida E.6/30/19203/17/2009Age 88-Wife of Clarence-Lot 183
Schneider, Lawrence Elmer7/31/18951/15/1952Age 56-Husband of Elva-World War 1-Lot 2
Schneider, Margaret PhilomenaN/A6/21/1936Daughter of Charles Anthony-Lot 33
Schneider, Mary Alice1/27/189212/5/1978Age 86-Wife of Charles-Lot 43
Schneider, Norma C.2/8/19306/15/1997Age 67-Wife of Elmer-Lot 2
Schneider, UnknownN/AN/ALot 399 Owner
Selesky, John Lawrence3/11/19183/5/2011Age 92-Husband of Virginia & Sylvia-World War 2
Shaltry, Robert8/8/19282/2/2011Lot 202
Shamel, Kay Marie8/13/196112/25/2000Age 39-Wife of Thomas
Shovoly, Stephen J.2/21/19143/17/1999Father
Smith, Anna E.3/7/18715/12/1923Wife of Henry
Smith, Clyde Joseph7/30/190011/15/1987Age 87-Husband of Pheosie-Married 1/6/1920-Lot 56
Smith, Donald J.4/13/19201/26/2004Age 83-Husband of Olith-Military Service-Lot 175
Smith, Douglas William9/6/19219/13/1921Age 7 Days-Son of Clyde & Pheosie-Lot 56
Smith, Frank T.190910/2/1982Age 73-Husband of Mary-Married 9/21/1929
Smith, HenryN/A1/21/1924Lot 56
Smith, Mary Margaret3/10/19125/24/2004Married 9/21/1929
Smith, Olith Katherine5/18/19212/9/2001Age 79-Wife of Donald-Lot 175
Smith, Pheosie Theresa (Wangler)7/24/18999/10/1988Wife of Clyde-Married 1/6/1920-Lot 56
Spannmacher, FrancesN/AN/ALot 49
Spannmacher, Helen2/7/18849/26/1955Wife of John-Age 71-Lot 49
Spannmacher, John5/6/18905/25/1958Husband-Age 68-Lot 49
Spannmacher, MichaelN/AN/ALot 49
Spiegelhalter, JoAnn Carol4/21/19458/13/1960Lot 42-Age 15-Daughter of Lloyd & Myrtle
Spiegelhalter, Lloyd Charles12/12/19118/30/1995Husband of Myrle-Married 11/12/1935-Lot 42
Spiegelhalter, Myrle Leona9/4/19132/23/2004Age 90-Wife of Lloyd-Married 11/12/1935-Lot 42
Steele, PatrickN/A8/10/1926Age 68-Uncle
Stephens, Mrs. JosephN/ACA1888Lot 162
Stone, Edmund J.4/10/19072/20/1984Lot 130
Stone, Geraldine M.3/7/19098/4/1981Lot 130
Stouffer, UnknownN/AN/ALot 02 Owner
Stroh, Catherine184712/7/1930Age 83
Stroh, Peter18468/3/1914Age 68
Sullivan, Emerson A.9/8/19295/9/2002Age 72-Husband of Alice-Korea
Sullivan, Michael R.5/27/19505/19/1998Age 47-Husband of Sandra-Vietnam
Swiatowy, Edward7/23/19115/2/2011Age 99-Husband of Florence-Married 1/27/1940-Lot 74
Swiatowy, Florence B.19208/29/1986Age 65-Wife of Edward-Married 1/27/1940-Lot 74
Szafranic, Dorothy I.4/20/19183/19/2005Age 86-Wife of Teddy-Lot 62
Szafranic, Teddy M.1/6/19195/2/2003Age 84-Husband of Dorothy-Lot 62
Szafranic, Theodore7/4/195310/25/1993Age 40-Son of Teddy & Dorothy-Lot 62
Teeple, Mrs. EzraN/A3/7/1924Lot 45
Teeple, Margaret19158/20/1919Lot 45-Age 3-Daughter of Ezra & Gertrude
Teeple, ThomasN/AN/ALot 45
Thielecke, Erroll19021995N/A
Thielecke, Georgia1/19/187911/14/1967Age 88-Wife of Frank
Thomas, Joseph3/22/19049/22/1971Age 67-Husband of Rose-Lot 194
Thomas, Ronald A.2/1/195310/3/2011Age 58-Husband of Debbi
Thomas, Rose1912BlankLot 194
Turner, Freddie P.N/A9/16/1898Age 6-Son of Charles & Mary
Turner, Laura189710/29/1897?Age 1 Month-Daughter of Charles & Mary
Turner, LouiseN/A8/29/1896N/A
Turner, Mary18517/19/1899Age 48-Wife of Chas. B.
Turner, Peter19031903N/A
Ungerleider, Catherine19212004Mother & Grandmother
Van Thomme, AmandaN/AN/ALot 191
Van Thomme, Jennifer A.9/10/197710/30/1982Age 5-Daughter of Roman & Grace-Lot 191
Van Thomme, UnknownN/AN/ALot 192
Van Thomme, UnknownN/AN/ALot 193
Walter, Donald Leonard7/14/19124/16/1980Age 67-Husband of Laura-Married 6/12/1937-Lot 151
Walter, Laura M.4/8/191710/15/2009Age 92-Wife of Donald-Married 6/12/1937-Lot 151
Wangler, Alice19255/26/1925Age 5 Months-Daughter of Phillip Wangler-Lot 18
Wangler, Andrew5/15/186711/12/1912Age 44-Son of Joseph & Katie
Wangler, Baby Boy10/12/190610/13/1906Age 1 day-Son of Mike & Anna
Wangler, Baby Boy3/9/19393/9/1939Son of Philip & Mary
Wangler, Burt Edward6/9/193110/2/1962Age 31-Husband of Betty-Lot 117
Wangler, ClaudN/AN/AChild of M. & A.
Wangler, Elizabeth12/1/190012/17/1900"Lizzie"-Child of M. & A.-Age 17 Days
Wangler, Emma Cora4/1/19252/2/1962Age 36-Mother-Lot 29
Wangler, Francis1/30/192310/17/1960Father-Lot 29
Wangler, Francis Ernest3/29/19464/29/1959Age 13-Son of Emma & Francis-Lot 29
Wangler, Joseph7/29/19058/5/1905Child of Michael & Anna-Age 7 Days
Wangler, Mary4/15/19044/17/1904Daughter of Mike & Anna-Age 2 Days
Wangler, Mary Elizabeth8/12/18967/7/1990Age 93-Wife of PhilipLot 18
Wangler, Michael10/30/18577/1/1908Age 51-Lot E?
Wangler, Philip William6/5/18983/23/1970Lot 18-Age 71-Husband of Mary
Wangler, Phyllis Leota12/17/19245/25/1925Age 5 Months-Daughter of Phillip & Mary-Lot 18
Wangler, WillardN/AN/ALot 179 & 180
Weltin, Frank S.3/24/18969/19/1982Age 86-Lot 57
Weltin, Gregory11/10/184811/8/1933Age 85-Husband of Margaret-Lot 57
Weltin, John Peter6/24/18939/30/1925Son of Margaret & Gregory-Age 32-Lot 57
Weltin, Margaret1862CA 3/11/1925or26Wife of Gregory-Mother-Lot 57
Wiefreol, AnitaN/AN/ALot 110
Wiefreol, WilfredN/AN/ALot 110
Wilcox, Clara Beatrice3/17/19063/29/1987Age 81-Wife of Leon-Lot 118
Wilcox, LeonN/AN/AHusband of Clara-Lot 118
Willey, Eva8/6/183910/13/1903Age 64-Wife of Leo
Willey, Leo1/26/18294/28/1906Age 77-Husband of Eva
Wilson, Margaret186010/13/1923Age 63-Wife of Thomas
Wingerson, Eileen Margaret (Hoehn)5/27/19231/24/1999Age 75-Wife of Eugene-Married 5/28/1949
Wingerson, Eugene Arthur10/14/1922BlankHusband of Eileen-Married 5/28/1949
Winter, Carl John2/17/19186/13/2005"Jack"-Age 87-Lot 125
Winter, Edward H.2/13/19019/27/1993"Ned"-Age 92-Lot 125
Winter, Emma3/15/18965/29/1903Daughter of Leo & Elizabeth-Age 7
Winter, Henry A.9/22/18709/22/1955Husband of Matilda-Age 85-Father-Lot 115
Winter, Matilda Caroline7/27/187710/13/1957Age 80-Wife of Henry-Mother-Lot 115
Wirtel, Allie E.6/25/193011/21/2002N/A
Wreggelsworth, Cecil J.7/21/19313/23/2002Age 70-Husband of Marion-Married 2/4/1956-Korea
Wreggelsworth, Marion M.19359/17/2014Wife of Cecil-Married 2/4/1956
Yacks, Anna M.1893BlankLot 133
Yacks, Leonaidas M.10/9/18898/16/1962Age 72-Husband of Anna-Lot 133
Yacks, MitchellN/AN/ALot 88
Yacks, Pearl Margaret7/18/19107/15/1980Age 69-Lot 170
Yacks, William R.N/AN/ALot 88
Zettle, ChildN/AN/ALot 39
Zettle, Elizabeth M. Beck193012/14/1994Age 64-Wife of Jerome-Lot 39
Zettle, James Albert1923January 16, 1924Age 2 Months-Son of John & Lillian-Lot 39
Zettle, Jerome Clyde12/17/19248/29/2009Age 8-Husband of Elizabeth-Military Service-Lot 39
Zettle, JohnJune 27, 1872February 13, 1953Age 80-Husband of Lillian-Lot 39

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