Lane Heights Cemetery is located north of Lupton on Lupton Road between Cosand Road
and Oyster Road in Township 24 North, Range 3 East, Section 25, Rose Township, Ogemaw
County, Michigan. It began as the cemetery connected with the Lupton Friend's Church and is
sometimes also called the "Lupton Cemetery". These records were compiled by Grace Dooley, who reserves all rights. We wish to thank
members of the Rose City Historical Society (especially Janet, Diane and Cathy) for providing
the tombstone photographs. They may be viewed by clicking on the individual's name.
Names without underlines do not have a photograph available.

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Additional Info
Adams, Baby Boy10/27/197210/27/1972Son of Raymond & Gayle
Adams, Baby Boy5/25/1905N/AN/A
Adams, Henry C.12/14/19149/24/2004"Hank"-Age 89-Husband of Vera-Married 9/2/1936
Adams, LeRoy L.11/27/19383/18/19393 Months Old
Adams, Mae Lillian6/19/192412/5/2010Age 87-Wife of Vernon
Adams, Vera Virginia12/6/19208/28/2001Age 80-Wife of Henry-Married 9/2/1936
Adams, Verna Mae9/18/194012/22/19444 Years Old-Daughter of Vernon & Mae
Adams, Vernon Leroy2/9/191910/13/2000Age 81-Husband of Mae-Son of Seth & Mary-World War 2
Adcock, Karl Lynn11/27/195912/7/1975"Bummer"-Age 16-Son of Karlyn & Evalene
Ahner, Margareta9/29/19111/31/2008Age 96-Wife of Roy-Married 11/26/1949
Ahner, Roy William1915N/AHusband of Margareta-Married 11/26/1949
Aitken, Cora L.5/29/18922/5/1966Age 73-Wife of George
Aitken, George Abram12/14/18929/19/1972Age 79
Alderton, Barbara L.6/1/193911/23/2005Age 66-Wife of Robert-Married 6/14/1958
Alderton, Robert L.12/30/1936Not DeceasedMarried 6/14/1958
Alexander, Ella May5/8/18759/30/1903Age 28
Alexander, Horace A.18751903N/A
Alexander, Horace Albert12/24/18867/2/1945Husband of Mary-Age 78
Ammond, Elizabeth A.18641931N/A
Anderson, Jack O.8/5/192112/14/2003World War 2
Anderson, Rex1/30/19258/15/1978"Bud"-Age 53-World War 2
Andrus, Althera9/23/18923/11/1955Mother-Age 62-Wife of Frank
Andrus, Carrie E.7/2/186411/19/1954Mother-Age 90-Wife of Lewis
Andrus, Frank Simmon10/3/18899/17/1967Father-Age 77
Andrus, Lewis H.7/17/18642/21/1930Father-Age 65
Andrus, Margaret P.4/9/19125/28/1976Age 64-Wife of John
Appleby, MaryCA1/22/18557/5/1903Age 48
Archer, David C.10/3/194111/4/2003Cremation-Vietnam
Arndt, August Herman1/24/19131/16/1989Age 75-Husband of Martha-World War 2
Arndt, Martha L.10/30/191510/30/2004Age 89-Wife-Mom-Grandma-GGrandma
Arntz, Harris1887August, 1978Age 90
Arntz, Hazel Miranda12/27/190811/18/1989Age 80-Mother
Arntz, Louis H.2/7/19349/26/1987Age 53-Husband of Phyllis-Korea
Arntz, Manley5/17/18901/22/1975World War 1-Age 84-Husband of Hazel
Arntz, Phyllis Jean Ann4/29/193512/12/2011Age 76-Wife of Louis
Arntz, Sarah E. Arndt3/4/193512/6/1997Age 62-Mother & Grandmother
Auer, Baby Boy6/13/19756/13/1975Son of Timothy & Ellan
Austin, Clifford H.2/12/19327/21/1982Husband of Helen-Married 5/21/1960-Age 50-Military Service
Austin, Elmer Tedman186812/1/1924Father-Age 56
Austin, Helen M.1933N/AMarried 5/21/1960
Austin, James W.8/6/19048/26/1981Father
Austin, Melinda18751/4/1932Mother-Age 57
Austin, Ronald A.4/13/19305/25/2008N/A
Austin, Thomas J.11/7/19318/6/1932Infant
Austin, William R.19305/1/1983Korea
Avery, Ellinore E.3/28/19231/31/1995Age 71
Blanch, Baby2/4/19122/11/1913N/A
Babick, Anna Sarah11/1/18825/28/1959Age 76
Babion, Esther Z. Crum5/14/19012/24/1981Age 79
Bailer, Beatrice A. Fach3/13/19087/6/1989Age 81
Bailer, Carl Devere3/31/19074/28/1971Age 64-Husband of Beatrice-Father
Bailer, Leona2/22/19125/10/2007Age 94-Wife of Pete-Married November 13, 1937
Bailer, Linda Lee8/15/19426/26/1961Daughter of Pete & Leona
Bailer, Michael Carl2/7/19634/11/1974Age 11-Son of Wilburt & Phyllis-Brother
Bailer, Peter Ivan3/9/19128/17/1981Married November 13, 1937-Husband of Leona-Age 69
Bailer, Roy Michael3/1/19144/26/1981Age 67-Husband of Dorothy
Bailey, Michael C.2/7/19634/11/1974Son & Brother
Baker, Daniel D.5/23/19236/15/1978Age 55-Husband of Wilma
Baker, Ellen L.18981960Mother
Baker, Lawrence G.8/21/18895/5/1952Age 62-Husband of Ellen-Father-Canadian Army
Ball, Geraldine Lee12/26/19227/26/2003N/A
Ball, Gordon R.2/14/194312/13/1997Age 54-Father-Vietnam
Ball, Roy M.N/A12/1/1997N/A
Barber, Maudie O.8/4/192510/13/2012Age 87-Wife of Richard
Barber, Mervin R.8/4/19306/22/1999Korea
Barber, Richard Orren10/13/19184/5/1977Age 58-Husband of Maudie-World War 2
Barnes, Earl Howard7/31/18993/5/1978World War 1
Barnes, Lorraine7/25/18999/20/1979N/A
Bartal, Christopher5/26/19805/26/1980Son of Harvey & Angeline
Baskin, Roxie Rosebrugh12/18/19347/9/1996Age 61-Wife of Thomas
Beach, Gerald Louis11/13/192010/23/1994Age 73-Husband of Virginia-World War 2
Beach, Norma L. Stark9/3/19293/6/2006Age 76-Wife of Wayne
Beach, Steven Louis11/26/19492/8/2005Age 58-Vietnam
Beach, Virginia Lea10/11/19222/25/1998Age 75-World War 2
Beaudry, Charles R.5/2/190911/25/1980Age 71
Beaudry, Grace O.4/9/19131/28/1980Age 66-Wife of Charles
Beck, Vera M.N/A7/25/1983Age 82
Bell, Clara L.7/4/191212/29/2010Age 98-Wife of Delbert
Bell, Delbert M.6/27/19048/28/1978Age 74-Husband of Clara
Bell, Donald Martin5/11/19319/28/1994Cremation-Korea
Bell, Thomas N.6/17/19427/25/1993Age 51-Husband of Sharon-U. S. Army
Benjamin, Harris F.11/9/19316/5/2004Age 72-Husband of Verleen-Korea
Berg, Christopher Thomas1/12/19596/12/1994Age 35-Son of Lorain & Julia-Brother-Uncle
Berg, Julia A. "Judy"10/8/193312/8/2008Age 75-Wife of Lorain-Married 8/29/1953
Berg, Lorain F.6/5/1933N/AHusband of Judy-Married 8/29/1953
Bierschbach, Ernest F.4/30/19132/11/2005Age 91-Husband of Eva-World War 2
Bierschbach, Eva Diana7/17/191711/22/2006Age 89
Bierschbach, Leroy Dale1/19/19569/2/2004Age 48-Son of Ernest & Eva
Bizovi, George P.1949N/AMarried 4/7/1975
Bizovi, Linda L.194710/28/1991Age 44-Married 4/7/1975
Blackledge, Lillian Katherine10/22/189711/25/1979Age 82-Mother
Blackledge, Walter E.9/20/18926/27/1956Age 63-Husband of Lillian-Father
Blair, Eleanor R.5/25/19278/14/2007Age 80
Blair, Joseph S. Sr.5/27/19231/17/2000Age 76-Husband of Eleanor
Blanchard, Gene Ray Sr.5/14/194511/21/1996Married 4/6/1974-Vietnam
Blanchard, Marian Joy1951N/AMarried 4/6/1974
Bledsoe, Merion (Murray) Burlin3/11/19328/8/1998Cremation-Age 66-Husband of Beverly-Korea & Vietnam
Blood, Charles B.8/20/19106/14/1969Age 58
Blood, Charles W.12/30/19368/15/1971Age 34
Blood, Christian4/24/18868/31/1962Age 76
Blood, James Oliver Sr.2/18/193911/10/2001U. S. Army
Blood, Jesse12/20/18894/30/1956World War 1-Age 66
Blood, Michael D.1/31/194411/3/2003Age 59-Husband of Sandra-Married May 5, 1989
Blood, Nona G. Meyers8/3/18881/5/1945Wife & Mother-Age 56
Blood, Ola18681950Mother
Blood, Sandra K.6/26/194212/22/2005Age 63-Wife of Michael-Married May 5, 1989-Cremation
Blood, Viola AlexanderN/ACA 1/12/1950N/A
Boerner, Earl F.1919N/AN/A
Boerner, Mary Rose5/27/19377/11/2004Age 67-Wife of Earl
Bolyea, Emma12/25/18608/14/1938Age 77-Wife of John
Bolyea, Esther Pearl9/2/18979/5/1913Age 16-Daughter of John & Emma
Bolyea, John6/27/190111/23/1901Age 4 Months-Son of John & Emma
Bolyea, John6/28/1854or6111/16/1934Age 73
Boucher, Bobby Joe4/18/19771977Age 5 Months-Son of Ronald
Bourdlaies, Donald M.19491964Son
Bourdlaies, Lela V.19271988Mother
Bourdlaies, Louis H.9/25/19238/11/1995Father-World War 2
Bourdlaies, Robert Arthur19488/14/1974Son
Bowen, Claty18983/7/1905Age 7-Daughter of J. P. & Nellie
Bower, Frank18911/6/1927Age 35
Bower, Howard7/17/189810/21/1979Age 81-World War 1
Bower, Ica M.11/5/18963/20/1975Age 78
Bower, Marshal N.9/22/18931/20/1961Age 67-Husband of Ica
Bower, Orphia S.18641937Mother
Brady, Alice E.2/27/193711/13/1972Wife & Mother
Brady, Edith M.8/25/190211/20/1996Age 94-Wife of Glen
Brady, Ella H.19051979N/A
Brady, Eugene F.10/12/19386/3/1993U.S. Army-Korea-Age 55
Brady, Geraldine12/26/19227/26/2003N/A
Brady, Glen James8/21/190312/22/1963Age 60-Husband of Edith
Brady, Linda12/26/19227/26/2003N/A
Brady, Orville Martin9/24/18998/9/1940Age 40-Husband of Ella-World War 1
Brady, Thomas James3/28/192412/15/1989Age 65-Husband of Mary-World War 2 & Korea
Brady, Timothy Robert7/17/19684/11/1988N/A
Brady, William B.19091984N/A
Braman, Earl C.7/27/18989/26/1975World War 1-Age 77-Husband of Gladys
Braman, Gladys H.8/1/19057/4/1984Age 78
Bramer, Keith F.1/21/193611/6/1987Age 51-Husband of Gladyce
Brennan, Charles Edward5/17/190612/31/1970World War 2-Age 64-Husband of Marion
Brennan, Marion Rose11/3/19103/1/1981Age 70
Brian, Harry Roker2/7/18831/1/1959Age 75-Husband of Ila
Brian, Ila L.5/31/18886/24/1978N/A
Briggs, Evart Warner10/15/190811/24/1909Age 1-Son of Charles & Jessie
Briggs, Mabel Alta5/1/19056/19/1905Age 1 Month-Daughter of Charles & Jessie
Brodie, Timothy Robert7/17/19684/11/1988Age 19
Broome, Alice Marie8/19/1928N/AN/A
Brown, Alex M.18901952N/A
Brown, Angelina Lince12/13/18885/13/1938Mother-Age 49-Wife of Floyd
Brown, Blaine Harrison11/27/19286/2/2012Age 83-Husband of Jacqueline-World War 2
Brown, Floyd W.7/14/18854/24/1966Age 80-Husband of Dorothy
Brown, Jackie Iris6/2/19336/18/2016Age 83-Wife of Blaine
Brown, Marion Beatrice3/19/19336/30/1997Age 64-Wife of William-Married 1/5/1952
Brown, William A.3/24/1931(Blank)Married 1/5/1952-Military Service
Bryant, Trish Marie6/13/198112/25/1981Age 6 Months-Daughter of Robert & Cindy
Buck, Arlene Ann4/18/19314/27/1995Age 64-Wife of Clarence-Married 6/19/1948
Buck, Clarence L.12/4/192612/23/2006"Pete"-Age 80-Husband of Arlene-Married 6/19/1948-World War 2
Bunch, Gerald Edwin11/18/194111/9/1999"Jerry"-Age 57-Husband of Diane
Burgin, Geraldine A.2/11/1931N/AN/A
Burgin, Robert B.10/27/192911/20/1991Husband of Geraldine-Age 62
Burns, Florence L.6/15/19139/13/1976Mother-Age 63
Butler, Kenneth L.5/10/19329/23/2008Korea
Buvia, Alta7/6/19169/1/1990Age 74
Byce, Arlene V.19251961Daughter
Byce, Charles Raymond12/23/18977/7/1985Age 87-Husband of Eva
Byce, Eva7/27/18962/21/1998Age 101-Wife of Charles
Campbell, Charles2/7/18865/13/1903Age 17-Son of Norman & Sophronia
Campbell, Sarah Ann3/1/18888/4/1910Sister of Levi Chrivia-Age 22
Card, Alvin John5/3/19018/15/1977Age 76-Husband of Ardath
Card, Ardath L.9/5/19102/6/1994Age 83
Card, Betty M.19366/20/2011Age 74
Card, Charles W.6/15/19116/27/1992Age 81-Husband of S. Beatrice-Married 3/10/1934
Card, Florence A.9/20/194212/27/1981Age 39-Wife of Richard
Card, Jennifer1/31/18584/25/1938Wife-Age 80
Card, S. Beatrice10/14/19173/18/2005Wife of Charlie-Married 3/10/1934-Age 87
Card, Syrus Lorenzo8/3/18625/7/1939"Sye"-Age 77-Husband of Mollie & Jennie
Carmichael, Eileen E. (Doll)8/13/19214/13/1945Age 23-Wife of Don
Carr, Joanne Laura9/14/19372/12/2015Age 77-Wife of Billy
Carter, Doris T.8/26/19155/7/2004Sister
Cartmill, Julia5/8/18848/23/1977Age 93-Mother
Chorey, George4/17/193010/16/2012Age 82-Husband of Wanda-Military Service
Chrivia, Blanche Catherine2/4/19122/11/1913Age 1-Daughter of Levi & Flora
Chrivia, Charles5/3/192310/31/1999Cremation
Chrivia, Ernest P.11/7/19082/9/1994Age 85-Husband of Evelene-World War 2
Chrivia, Evelene L.8/7/191412/25/1991Wife of Ernest-Age 77
Chrivia, Flora Mae4/5/18863/2/1968Mother
Chrivia, Hazel7/4/19112/17/1914Age 2-Daughter of Dennis & Ruby
Chrivia, Joseph8/7/19143/24/1972N/A
Chrivia, Levi Peter8/17/18815/14/1943Age 61-Father-Husband of Flora
Clare, Cleopatra M.4/3/18942/17/1994Age 99-Wife of Nelson
Clare, Clyde8/23/190010/28/1900Age 2 Months-Son of Stephen & Pearl
Clare, Leon8/21/19069/18/1906Age 28 Days-Son of Stephen & Pearl
Clare, Nelson Delos5/29/188812/23/1955Age 67
Clarey, Baby Boy7/17/19177/17/1917Son of James & Electa
Clarey, James10/19/18523/11/1936Age 85
Clarey, Matilda4/29/18617/18/1915Age 54
Clark, ArmindaN/A7/23/1896Age 20
Clark, Lillian11/29/19136/3/1966Wife of Walter
Clark, Robert Carter19162/1/1975World War 2
Clark, Walter Charles10/17/19089/7/1990Husband of Lillian-World War 1
Cleary, Edward W.6/25/18962/10/1975Age 78-Husband of Sylvia-U.S. Navy
Cleary, James18524/21/1905N/A
Cleary, James10/19/18503/11/1936Age 85-Husband of Mathilda
Cleary, JoanN/ACA8/11/1932Daughter of John
Cleary, John Francis5/2/189412/12/1960World War 1
Cleary, Sylvia Maori5/21/18992/4/1986Age 86
Cleary, Matilda18611915N/A
Clement, Kristopher WarrenN/A4/7/1982N/A
Colbath, Lewis W.1910N/AN/A
Colbath, Freeley Tabor18882/21/1938Age 50
Colbath, Rose M.19221968N/A
Cole, Edward A.12/24/190312/25/1970Age 67-Husband of Florence
Cole, Florence E. Doll1/26/19083/8/1983Age 75
Coles, Mildred19141989Mother
Collier, Abram J.2/27/18714/15/1923Age 52-Husband of Rose-Father
Congdon, Babies1963?1963N/A
Congdon, Betty J.N/A6/3/1998Age 67
Congdon, Harold P.8/14/19201/29/1989Age 68-Husband of Betty
Congdon, Robert Wade9/18/19622/8/1963Age 4 Months-Son of Harold & Betty
Conley, Anna B.18965/27/1980Age 84
Conley, Joseph Ward18956/1/1973N/A
Conway, Rosezila W.2/2/189212/7/1973Age 81
Conyea, MaryN/AN/AN/A
Conyea, WilliamN/AN/AN/A
Cook, Bernice G.19151988Sister
Cosand, Albert6/5/18807/28/1958Age 78
Cosand, Arthur Linton1/4/191310/17/1977Age 64-Husband of Violet-Married 4/12/1936
Cosand, (Mary) Elma Engle18548/26/1921Age 67
Cosand, Eva Belle11/11/191812/11/1992Age 74
Cosand, Everett Linton11/2/19109/18/1999Age 88-Son & Brother-World War 2
Cosand, Hattie B.4/7/18862/4/1956Age 69-Wife of Albert
Cosand, John10/2/184812/25/1921N/A
Cosand, Lester Wendell3/1/19089/3/1911Age 3-Son of Albert & Hattie
Cosand, Linton E.3/23/1877CA 7/5/1945N/A
Cosand, Violet J. Doll4/1/19189/16/2010Age 92-Wife of Arthur-Married 4/12/1936
Cox, Carolyn L.11/9/18957/6/1978Age 82
Cox, Raymond L.11/1/18934/19/1969Age 75-Husband of Carolyn
Crane, Frances A.12/15/18672/14/1934Age 66-Wife of William-"Fannie"
Crane, William H.9/8/1859CA 8/23/1945Age 85
Crank, Alphonso2/20/18703/22/1928Age 58-Father
Crapo, Jessie4/3/19036/25/1903Age 2 Months-Son of Herman & Rosa
Crapo, Rosa4/23/18815/17/1903Age 22
Cripps, Amos W.5/4/18681/12/1951Reverend-Husband of Margaret
Cripps, Clarence J.19151917N/A
Cripps, Frankie M.3/28/19012/27/1902Age 10 Months-Son of A. W. & Margaret
Cripps, Margaret F.5/21/187510/12/1960Wife of Amos
Crozier, Ida Moffatt6/20/18696/4/1948Age 78-Mother-Wife of Williamr
Crozier, Ray12/29/18952/1/1976Age 80-Son of William & Ida
Crozier, Ruth7/12/18977/2/1951Age 53-Daughter of William & Ida
Crozier, Sarah9/25/183312/5/1910Age 77
Crozier, Thomas5/8/18654/14/1947Uncle-Age 81
Crozier, Walter18931920Brother
Crozier, William D.11/9/18666/15/1949Age 82-Father-Husband of Ida
Crum, Edgar Nathan4/23/18717/18/1939Age 68-Father
Crum, Francis H.1/7/19094/24/1980Married 2/15/1932
Crum, Ida Rebecca8/21/18755/14/1941Age 65-Wife of Edgar-Mother
Crum, Lyle Nurmi12/25/19039/4/1973N/A
Crum, Mabel Irene12/13/193212/13/1932Daughter of Francis & Stella
Crum, Martin Raymond3/22/18988/28/1958Age 60-Husband of Lyle-World War 1
Crum, Stella M. Doll19129/10/1977Married 2/15/1932
Crum, Susan L.2/17/19384/11/2001See Susan Laviolette
Cugler, Bessie E.12/20/191511/14/2003Age 87-Mother
Curry, Mary2/2/18416/17/1914Age 72
Curtis, Carolyn H.10/12/192611/5/1990Cremation-Wife-Mother
Curtis, Donald Bernard Jr.9/29/19679/30/196722 Hours-Son of Donald & Marjorie
Curtis, Marjorie Lou11/18/19375/24/2007Age 69
Curtis, Thomas F.5/30/19235/4/1981Age 57-Husband of Connie-World War 2
Cusick, Candace Brook11/1/19811/28/1982Age 2 Months
Damesworth, Judy D.8/11/19557/22/1986Daughter
Damitz, Floyd J.5/17/19205/13/2006World War 2
Daniels, Anna8/30/188210/7/1964Age 82-Wife of Willis
Daniels, Charles L.19281/15/1933Age 4-Son of Charles & Mildred
Daniels, Charles M.1/11/18963/8/1960Age 64-Husband of Genevieve-World War 1
Daniels, Irvin1/3/19079/15/1909Age 2-Son of William & Anna
Daniels, James W.6/18/189711/3/1966World War 1
Daniels, Marie19031942N/A
Daniels, Mildred Marie3/14/19033/16/1943Age 40-Wife of Charles
Daniels, Willis E.11/21/18734/26/1965Age 91-Husband of Anna
Dare, Adelaide F. (Colliau)8/20/19231/22/1998Wife of Perry-Mom-Age 74
Dare, Donald I.4/12/192712/23/1998Age 71-Husband of Florence-Father-Married 8/19/1950
Dare, Edmund J.1918(Blank)Married 12/27/1971
Dare, Ellen L.9/7/191512/23/1999Age 84-Wife of Edmund-Married 12/27/1971
Dare, Florence Mae LaVack7/10/192910/22/2006Married 8/19/1950-Wife of Donald-Age 77
Dare, Gertrude6/30/18955/7/1948Wife of John-Mom-Age 52
Dare, John J.18828/13/1987Age 105-Husband of Gertrude
Davenport, Frederick L.8/5/191710/1/1997World War 2
David, Gerald P.N/AN/ACremation
Davidson, Haven Phillip III1/2/195312/31/1989Age 36-"Butch"-Husband of Rhea
Davis, Gerald9/8/19188/30/2000N/A
Dawson, Daniel J.9/26/18854/22/1949Age 63-Husband of Bertha
DeCraene, Robert A.7/22/192412/24/1997Age 73-Husband of Virginia-Married 5/14/1949
DeCraene, Virginia11/8/1929N/AMarried 5/14/1949
Dekett, Steven D.11/7/19695/27/2002Son of Kitty & Gary
Dell, Chester B.18303/8/1910Age 80
Dell, Christina2/20/18777/27/1913Age 36-Wife of Matt
Dell, Medford E.18731947N/A
Dennis, Clyde8/?/190510/13/1905Age 3 Months-Son of Herbert & Hattie
Denstedt, CharlesN/A4/17/1999Died in California
Denstedt, Charlotte (Short)11/15/19164/17/1999Age 82-Wife of George-Mother
Denstedt, Danny E.195610/19/1978Age 22-Son of George & Charlotte
Denstedt, David A.12/31/1942N/AN/A
Denstedt, David H.N/A1/28/1969N/A
Denstedt, George Christian4/26/19117/28/1970Age 59-Husband of Charlotte
Denstedt, Karin11/30/1941N/AN/A
Derus, Anthony "Tony"12/9/19509/8/2006Age 55-Husband of Terry-Married 7/29/1983-Military Service
Derus, Terry Lyn5/2/1955N/AWife of Tony-Married 7/29/1983
Dobson, Frank D.6/26/18737/11/1889Age 16-Son of James & Mary
Dobson, Henry B.N/AN/AAge 75-Civil War
Dobson, James Knox8/26/18463/6/1924Age 77-Civil War
Dobson, James M.N/A6/24/1888Age 6
Dobson, Mary Ann8/9/18479/15/1908Mother-Age 61-Wife of James K.
Dobson, Ross E.18853/24/1906Age 21-Son of J.K. & M.A.
Dobson, Virginia Ruth5/10/19069/2/1907Age 1-Daughter of Alonzo & Anna
Dody, William J.191012/3/1924Age 14-Son of George & Mary
Dolehanty, Betty J.5/5/192910/21/2008Wife of Harold-Married 9/19/1953
Dolehanty, Harold L.8/26/1926N/AHusband of Betty-Married 9/19/1953-World War 2 & Korea
Doll, Adam7/31/18643/16/1954Age 89
Doll, Adam A.5/7/191010/4/2000Age 90-Son of Chauncey & Vergie-World War 2
Doll, Adam Claude6/29/18882/10/1986Age 97-World War 1
Doll, Chauncey Allen12/11/188312/30/1964Age 81-Husband of Vergie-Father-In-Law
Doll, Ellen9/00/18609/1/1937Age 76-Wife of Adam
Doll, Emily G.1/17/18942/18/1976Age 82-Wife of Jonas
Doll, Harry A.N/A12/27/1973Age 82
Doll, John William1/31/18861/19/1980Age 94
Doll, Jonas P.1/21/19211/24/1921Age 3 Days-Son of Jonas & Mary
Doll, Jonas Preston7/9/189311/4/1981Age 88
Doll, Melvin192010/23/1920Son of Vergie & Chauncey
Doll, StellaN/AN/AN/A
Doll, Vergie Irene9/11/188710/3/1981Age 94-Mother-In-Law
Doll, VioletN/A3/2/1980Age 74
Dombrowski, Dorothy Jane19267/13/1982Age 55-Mother-Wife of Harry-Married 8/10/1946
Dombrowski, Harry2/11/19208/11/1986Age 66-Married 8/10/1946-Veteran
Dornton, E. Louise (Doyle)10/1/19226/15/2014Age 91-Wife of Ken & Carl-Married 7/6/1940
Dornton, Kenneth F.2/17/19176/11/2000Age 83-Husband of E. Louise-Married 7/6/1940
Duggan, Lillian Louise6/3/19097/11/1998Age 89-Mother
Dunlop, Richard William7/23/19304/8/1987Cremation-Korea
Duperon, Cecilia Mae2/23/190412/31/1976Age 72-Wife of Lorenzo-Married Sept 4, 1937
Duperon, Lorenzo J.11/2/19064/8/1979Age 72-Husband of Cecilia-Married Sept 4, 1937
Dyer, George W.N/A10/23/1941N/A
Dyer, Maggie18717/27/1939Age 66-Wife
Eichler, William Edward7/27/19586/3/1974Duffy
Ellis, George W.12/21/184611/29/1915Father-Age 69
Ellis, Violet Jessie12/10/19335/19/2011Age 77-Wife of Fred
Embury, Anna M.18401926N/A
Embury, Daniel C.11/13/18374/29/1913Age 75
Embury, Emeline18821948N/A
Embury, Herbert H.1/27/18654/25/1943Age 78
Embury, Lucina1/14/18637/10/1939Age 76-Wife of Herbert H.
Emmert, Charles A.19027/19/1982N/A
Emmert, Marilda Louise9/1/19192/4/1979Age 59-Wife of Charles
Erlandson, Frank G.11/10/18979/22/1973Age 80-World War 1
Felts, Lloyd Caswell11/10/18996/5/1973Age 74-Husband of Margaret
Felts, Margaret Lillian12/24/19015/3/1982Age 80
Fick, Emily MillerN/ACA 8/21/1958N/A
Fifield, Jason6/28/18798/26/1907Age 28
Fifield, Rose A.18851973N/A
Finn, Jack L.10/16/19194/4/1985Age 65-Husband of Sylvia-World War 2
Fitzgerald, Glendora1915N/AN/A
Fitzgerald, Howard1912N/AN/A
Flynn, George William9/30/18906/27/1966Age 75-Husband of Hazel
Flynn, Hazel1/14/18981/14/1989Age 91-Wife of George
Flynn, Zane A.7/6/19238/7/1944World War 2(Body Elsewhere)
Fortner, ElvisN/ACA 7/2/2000N/A
Foust, James Alan3/28/1953N/AHusband of Jean-Married 9/18/1972
Foust, Jean Marie6/2/19502/2/2007Wife of James-Married 9/18/1972
Fowler, Arlene June9/16/19237/30/1988Age 65-Mother
Fox, Audley Edgar6/11/18881/22/1914Age 25-Son of Wm. & Alma
Fox, August A.19411982N/A
Fox, Betsie F.9/25/185511/3/1937Age 82
Fox, Edgar J.9/22/18751/2/1952"Manley"-Age 77-Husband of Mae
Fox, Edward James2/3/19532/4/1953Age 1 Day-Son of Alvin & Betty
Fox, Genevieve4/16/19179/27/2007Wife of Sidney
Fox, Henry O.8/24/18493/9/1932Age 82
Fox, Jay B.10/7/19012/13/1904Age 2-Son of William & Alma
Fox, James Perry18909/1/1930Father-Age 40
Fox, Kenneth Larkin1/6/18941/29/1924Age 30
Fox, Mae Belle (Hoyt)18853/5/1979Age 93
Fox, Manly Edgar J.9/22/18751/2/1952Age 76-Husband of May
Fox, Mary Alma5/26/18714/9/1966Age 94-Wife of William
Fox, Ruthann H.3/29/19428/15/2006Age 64-Wife of August
Fox, Sidney J.10/14/19168/4/1994Age 77-Husband of Genevieve
Fox, William David4/16/186511/23/1941Age 76
Fraley, Alfred M.1/26/19152/14/1987Age 72-World War 2
Fransee, Gertrude P.8/7/193111/3/1990Mother-Married 12/24/1949-Age 59
Fransee, Robert12/1/19306/24/1987Age 56-Father-Husband of Gertrude-Married 12/24/1949-Cremation
Frasure, Beryl Ann12/11/19505/9/2015Age 64-Wife of Walter
Frazier, Freddie2/3/19525/15/2011Age 59-Husband of Sharon-Married 6/24/1971
Frazier, Sharon Rose7/25/1954N/AWife of Freddie-Married 6/24/1971
French, Alphonso10/2/18607/14/1941Age 79-Husband of Bertha-Father
French, Emma Delia19098/20/1909Daughter of Alphonso & Bertha
Fricke, Emma T.189711/18/1980Cremation
Fricke, Walter L.189711/27/1957N/A
Frisbie, Baby Girl2/5/19152/5/1915Daughter of Elmer & Mary
Frisbie, Ira Alson9/24/19139/26/1913Son of Elmer & Victoria-Age 2 Days
Fuhrmann, Elizabeth A. Kinyon19303/18/2001Age 71-Wife of Marvin
Fuhrmann, Marvin John5/11/192711/26/1980Age 53-Husband of Elizabeth-World War 2
Gaboury, Barbara Ann19379/7/1997Married 2/25/1956
Gaboury, Clarence F. Jr.1934N/AMarried 2/25/1956-"Gabby"
Gamber, Helen JaneN/A8/24/2000N/A
Gamber, Kenneth Clare12/29/19138/11/1986Age 72-Husband of Helen
Gartee, Donna L.12/5/1931N/AN/A
Gartee, Marion I.9/19/192811/28/1997"Joe"-Age 69-Husband of Donna
Geist, Lura Doll4/15/18968/31/1992Daughter of Adam & Ellen
Gifford, Forrest Fay10/21/189312/19/1946Age 53-Wife of Joseph
Gifford, Joseph A.9/6/18837/7/1964Age 80
Gilbert, John18649/30/1922Age 58-Husband
Gilbert, Wellington4/11/18841/8/1919Age 34-Husband of Victoria
Gillette, Barbara7/27/1939N/AMarried 7/27/1957
Gillette, Ione L.9/29/19156/22/2007Eastern Star
Gillette, Melvin R.9/13/193412/18/2007U.S. Army
Gillette, Myron (Mike) Jr.1/11/19369/6/2002Age 66-Husband of Barbara-Married 7/27/1957
Gillette, Myron C.8/14/19059/21/1980Age 75-Husband of Ione-Mason
Glowacki, Joseph Charles6/5/192510/1/1992Age 67-Husband of JoAnne-World War 2
Godden, Arthur Albert6/4/19185/13/2002Age 83-Husband of Mary-Cremation
Godden, Mary I.19246/8/2011Age 86-Wife of Arthur
Goebel, William11/26/18709/11/1941Age 70
Gondeck, Joan Marie6/30/19318/9/1986Age 55-Wife of John-Married 1/14/1955
Gondeck, John11/26/19265/8/1994Age 67-Husband of Joan-Married 1/14/1955
Gonyea, Mary L.18751944N/A
Gonyea, William18741921N/A
GoodBoo, Raymond J. Jr.12/7/19361/9/1984Age 47-Married 1/28/1955-Husband of Sandra-Military Service
GoodBoo (Hunt), Sandra J.1936N/AMarried 1/28/1955
Goschke, Brian Leigh10/5/198110/5/1981Baby-Son of Leslie & Shirley
Goschke, Leslie H. II19426/4/1993"Les"-Age 50-Husband of Shirley-Married 9/2/1966
Goschke, Shirley E.1945Not DeceasedMarried 9/2/1966
Goudie, Bettie L.191811/12/1995Age 76-Wife
Goudie, Merrill E.9/8/19217/23/1981Age 59-Husband of Bettie
Gould, Gladys E. Brady6/12/19105/22/1996Age 86-Married 9/17/1955
Gould, Glenn2/5/18979/3/1976Age 79-World War 1-Husband of Gladys-Married 9/17/1955
Gould, Jesse F.8/7/18862/28/1964Husband of Ethel-Age 77
Gould, Viola Ethel6/16/18833/15/1954Age 70-Wife of Jesse
Grady, Glenn J.19031963N/A
Graham, Lela B.6/12/18984/23/1976Age 77-Wife of Stanley-Mother
Graves, Stacey A.3/12/19703/12/1970Stillborn son of Nora
Green, Carl Roman3/30/19149/7/1998Age 84-Husband of Lynlo-Married 8/16/1940
Green, Lynlo M.4/3/191710/23/2003Age 86-Wife of Carl-Married 8/16/1940
Greenway, James C.184810/10/1899Age 51
Griffith, Judson9/14/18674/28/1945N/A
Griffith, Sarah H. Nellie8/8/18715/25/1964Age 92
Grimes, Ruth M.9/22/193711/2/2005Age 68
Grimes, William2/3/19281/26/1974Age 45-Husband of Ruth
Grove, Gerald Edwin2/8/19397/25/1997Age 58-Husband of Janet
Grove, Janet K.7/8/1942N/AN/A
Grubb, Norma L.4/30/192411/23/2007Age 83-Wife of Walter-Mother
Grubb, Walter Allen5/6/19204/16/1998Age 77-Husband of Norma-World War 2
Grygo, James Edwin3/22/192810/11/1999Age 71-Husband of Nannie-Married 12/18/1976
Grygo, Nannie Lou1/24/1935N/AMarried 12/18/1976
Hale, Margaret A.191720046Married 4/20/1947
Hale, Melvin E.6/24/19282/22/1996"Gene"-Age 67-Husband of Margaret-Married 4/20/1947
Hall, George Sr.182712/25/1905Age 78
Hanson, Reuben John6/13/189312/22/1977Age 84
Hardinger, George Albert3/4/18515/24/1938Age 87
Harper, Carla Ann11/5/199012/21/1990Age 6 Weeks-Daughter of James & Joan
Harris, William A. Sr.N/A9/20/2012Age 87-Husband of Faye
Harrison, Eugene R.1/23/19252/8/1992World War 2
Hayward, Megan M.10/17/19841/19/1996Daughter of Robin Fransee-Szmagaj-Age 11
Healey, Georgia Mae12/8/19306/26/2013Age 82-Wife of Derek-Cremation
Healey, Derek5/7/19252/24/2010Age 84-Husband of Georgia
Healey, Jessie H.5/20/19024/23/1992Age 89
Healey, Michael William10/9/195111/26/1970Son of Derek & Georgia-Age 19
Healey, William4/26/18985/9/1965Age 67-Husband of Jessie-Veteran
Heath, LymanN/A1896Age 4
Heddon, Rebecca5/?/18242/14/1909Age 84
Hendrick, Francis LaVerne12/12/19253/15/1989World War 2
Hendriks, James A.8/16/19253/23/1985Age 59-Husband of Lucille-World War 2
Hentschel, Evelyn M.3/15/19098/20/1983Age 74-Wife of Theodore
Hentschel, Theodore W.1/26/19011/1/1986Age 85
Herman, IdaN/AMarch 20Age 77
Herman, Peter2/22/19101/13/1973N/A
Hernden, HubertN/ACA9/25/2007N/A
Hernden, Juanita18981957N/A
Hernden, Thomas18931969N/A
Herrick, Thomas L.19575/29/1995Age 37-Husband of Sonya
Herrick, Sonya L.1961N/AN/A
Hildabrand, Iris T.12/8/190112/4/1996Age 94-Mother
Hildabrand, John Basil8/21/190212/8/1972Age 70-Husband of Mildred
Hilterbrick, Jon Paul12/8/190112/4/1996N/A
Hilterbrick, Jon Paul9/22/19859/26/1985Infant Son
Hilterbrick, Todd Alan9/14/19861/20/1987Age 4 Months-Our Baby Boy-Son of Paul & Beverly
Hiltz, Germain D.19341/22/1999Age 64
Hiltz, Harold F.5/3/19233/3/2001Age 77-World War 2
Hoffman, John M.9/29/19005/26/1973Age 72-Husband of Nina
Hoffman, Nina Melissa8/23/19075/27/1989Daughter of David McCracken-Age 81-Wife of John
Hoffman, Patrick M.4/9/19281/14/1951Son of John & Nina-Korea
Holderied, Joseph8/11/188911/9/1938World War 1-Age 49-Husband of Victoria
Hole, Ida Mary Coulson10/17/1857CA4/15/1926Wife of Leander-Friend of Youth
Hole, Leander12/6/18549/27/1927Age 72-Pioneer Lupton Merchant
Holston, Myrtle V.6/15/18957/12/1984Age 89
Howard, Clayton E.N/AMarch 10Age 74
Howard, Ella H.7/15/19053/20/1979Age 73-Wife of William-Mother
Howard, Frank F.1878CA 3/5/1942N/A
Howard, Ione L.9/29/19156/22/2007Age 91
Howard, James Oscar8/19/189010/19/1947N/A
Howard, Jennie Belle3/27/18775/12/1937Age 60-Wife of James Petteys & Frank Howard
Howard, Nellie Elizabeth9/6/19042/15/1941Age 36-Daughter of William & Elizabeth Turland-Wife of William
Howard, Nellie May8/31/19075/8/1967Age 59-Wife of William
Howard, Rachel Mae9/28/19002/25/1986N/A
Howard, William B.3/19/19098/10/1984World War 2
Howell, Frank Henry3/21/189512/24/1955Husband & Father
Howes, Percy12/16/18962/2/1995Age 97
Howes, Voris H.3/28/19091/21/1994"Frosty"-Age 84-Wife of Percy
Hoyt, Mae Belle5/7/18853/5/1979Age 93
Hubbard, Aaron Steven3/13/19845/5/2001Age 17-Son of Steven & Jeanette
Hubbard, Steven William9/14/19558/31/1998N/A
Hufford, Virgil Andrew4/24/19035/11/1986Age 83-World War 2
Hush, Barbara C.5/1/19299/14/1994Age 65-Wife of George
Hush, George Guy4/1/190512/6/1990Age 85
Hush, George R.12/21/192711/19/1999Age 71-Son-World War 2
Hush, Gladys Mae11/3/19061/14/1988Age 81-Wife of George G.
Husk, Kensel W.7/23/19295/1/2005U.S. Navy-Husband-Father
Hyslop, Craig Owen11/13/19077/4/1961Age 53-World War 2
Hyslop, Harris Clifford4/9/19035/22/1977Age 74-Husband of Margaret-Married 9/1/1922
Hyslop, Margaret A.12/23/19023/8/2006Wife-Married 9/1/1922
Ide, Myrtle L.19156/7/1970N/A
Isaac, Carol A.5/10/19396/30/2002Age 63-Wife of Harold
Isaac, Harold1/11/19398/13/2006Age 67-Husband of Carol
Jackson, Carrisa E. M.11/16/19825/15/1993Age 10-Daughter of Diana
Jacobs, Alice L.7/3/18992/14/1986Age 86
Jacobs, Infant GirlN/ACA 8/14/1930N/A
Jacobs, Isaac9/26/18869/3/1959Age 72-Husband of Alice-World War 1
Jennings, Catherine Luella8/13/194210/9/2015Wife of William
Jennings, Robert W.7/7/19454/27/2003Husband of Rhonda-Father-Grandfather-Age 57
Jerrels, Ethel1884CA 7/6/1944N/A
Jewel, William10/7/18429/11/1918Age 76
June, Mellissa4/16/18622/21/1927N/A
Kaiser, Dawn M.11/26/197112/8/1983N/A
Kalmbach, Anna Marie18659/5/1928Mother
Kalmbach, CarissaN/A5/15/1993Wooden Cross
Kalmbach, Christian18596/24/1933Father-Age 73
Kalmbach, Dorothy June5/31/19316/2/1931Age 2 Days-Daughter of John & Gertrude
Kalmbach, Gertrude B.19053/3/1982Age 76-Wife of John
Kalmbach, John Solomon2/4/18996/28/1984Age 85-Military Service
Kalmbach, Richard12/30/192812/30/1928Son of Solomon & Gertrude
Kangas, George N.19067/27/1984Dad-Age 77-Mason
Kangas, Jannie M.10/17/19093/6/1976Age 66-Wife of George-Mother
Kangas, Merle G.10/28/193811/19/2005Age 67-Military Service
Kangas, Patricia A.12/13/194810/22/2005Age 56-Wife of Merle
Kauffman, Harold Peter191512/27/1993Age 78
Kelly, Lucy Gertrude18728/7/1927Age 55
Kenniston, William Henry2/1/194412/27/1994Age 50-Husband of Tammy-Vietnam
Killackey, Alice Cleary2/27/1890CA1/15/1931Age 41-Wife of Edward-Mother
Killingbeck, David E.9/19/19356/6/1997Age 61-Army Veteran-Husband of Wanda-Married 1/9/1966
Killingbeck, Glenn Lewis5/18/19026/25/1982Age 80-Husband of Mary Ann
Killingbeck, Mary Anna9/11/19064/6/2002Age 95-Wife of Glenn
Killingbeck, Wanda M.1943(Blank)Married 1/9/1966
King, Martha Julia7/12/193110/22/1991Age 60-Wife of Robert
Kinyon, Blendina E.4/27/19057/1/1988Age 83-Wife of Kara
Kinyon, Ellis J.1/13/19124/17/2005Age 93-Husband of Margaret
Kinyon, Judson B.8/18/18667/6/1947Age 80-Husband of Laura
Kinyon, Kara Judson III2/7/193711/23/2012Age 75
Kinyon, Kara Judson Sr.7/14/19058/27/1998Age 93-Husband of Blendina & Joyce
Kinyon, Laura Elizabeth7/28/187911/16/1967Age 88
Kinyon, Margaret Lucille Doll10/11/191511/5/2006Age 91
Kinyon, Randall Edward2/13/19643/7/1992Age 28-Son of Kara & Carol
Knox, Raymond A.3/9/19523/30/1993Age 41-Husband of Cheryl-Father
Kohn, Charlie J.3/10/19059/10/1981Age 76-Husband of Helen
Kohn, Helen G.12/21/19066/9/2001Age 94
Korman, Arleita Ruth1/13/190912/16/1987Age 78
Korman, Frank3/4/19089/18/1985Age 77-Husband of Arleita
Korman, Gladys B.5/6/1939N/AMarried 9/26/1964
Korman, Raymond Harry11/13/19329/15/1988Married 9/26/1964
Korman, Richard Martin11/13/19321/17/1993Age 60
Korman, Timothy Ray7/6/19676/29/1974Age 6-Son of Raymond & Gladys-Great Grandson
Kovach, David A.4/25/19529/7/1976Age 24
Kovach, Rita C.N/A8/19/1995Age 69-Cremation
Krause-Kearns, Martha J.19311991Mother
Krueger, Gilbert G.12/17/19359/7/1976Married 9/19/1959
Krueger, Sandra Kay5/22/19409/20/2003Age 63-Wife of Gilbert-Married 9/19/1959
Krumm, Arnold George7/21/19076/5/1994Age 86-Husband of Emma-World War 2
Krumm, Emma D.2/15/1916(Blank)Mother
Kunzat, George2/2/189510/18/1973Age 78-World War 1
LaCusta, Carissa Jackson19835/15/1991Age 10-Daughter of Mark LaCusta & Diana Jackson
LaCusta, Margaret E.1/25/1930(Blank)Married 8/30/1947
LaCusta, Mike12/21/19218/2/1994Age 72-Husband of Margaret-Married 8/30/1947-World War 2
LaFleur, Chancy Milton11/9/190511/28/1989Age 84-Husband of H. Loraine-Cremation
LaFleur, Frederick R.2/1/19083/15/1983World War 2
LaFountaine, Baby Boy5/15/19045/19/1904Age 5 Days-Son of Charles & Clara
LaFountaine, Baby Boy1/28/19071/29/1907Age 1 Day-Son of Chas. & Clara
LaFountaine, Charles M.18801945Father
LaFountaine, Clara A.18801946Mother
LaFountaine, Maurice M.191110/30/1971Son
LaFountaine, William H.2/25/18255/21/1905Age 80
Landenberg, Donald William10/29/19336/16/1997Age 63-Husband of Gloria-Korea
Landenberg, Gloria Ann5/9/19394/26/2014Age 74-Wife of Donald
Landenberg, Russell D.8/8/19366/17/2002Age 65-Husband of Sharon-U.S. Army
Landino, Esther Z. Crum19012/24/1981Age 79
Landino, Joseph2/26/18923/7/1954Age 62-Husband of Esther
Landino, Lester Raymond3/12/19243/12/1924Son of Joseph & Esther
Landrum, Gerald19361992Son
Lauria, Alfred William8/24/18863/16/1964Age 77-Husband of Cora
Lauria, Cora2/1/18884/4/1961Age 73-Wife of Alfred
Lauwers, George G. Sr.12/14/194012/27/2007Age 67-Husband of Pam-Vietnam
Lauwers, Joseph G.5/20/19091/4/1984Cremated-Husband of Peg
Lauwers, Marguerite M.2/7/19107/1/1999"Peg"-Age 89-Wife of Joseph
Lauwers, Pamela J.6/4/1949N/AN/A
LaVack, David R.8/18/19582/4/1981Age 22-Son of Dewey & Edna
LaVack, Dewey Devere9/17/19237/27/1989Age 65-Husband of Edna-World War 2
LaVack, Edna C. Fisher1/22/19201/11/2001Age 80-Wife of Dewey-Mother
Laviolette, Mark D.8/25/19628/10/1989U.S. Navy
Laviolette, Susan Lynn2/17/19384/11/2001Age 63
Lawnichak, Anthony Charles12/20/19402/10/1998"Tony"-Age 57-Husband of Donna
Lawnichak, Donna M.5/28/1942N/AN/A
Lawson, Birdie J.1/12/18953/3/1983Age 88-Wife of Joseph
Lawson, Joseph E.4/3/18933/28/1984Age 90
Ledford, James B.19292007N/A
Ledford, Mary J.19282008N/A
LeFleur, Chancy MiltonN/A11/28/1989Age 84-Cremation
LeFleur, Frederick R.2/1/19083/15/1983World War 2
Lehman, Kathryn M.7/18/19231/21/2002Age 78-Wife of Richard
Leseney, Luwetta6/23/190812/30/1992Age 84-Wife of Raymond
Leseney, Raymond5/29/19096/25/1993Age 84-Husband of Luwetta
Lidy, Maurice Sr.3/16/19176/20/1987Age 70-Husband of Maxine-World War 2
Lince, Adelia Margaret3/18/18918/13/1972N/A
Lince, Harrison H.5/6/18873/26/1952Age 64-Husband of Adelia
Lindley, BabyN/AN/AN/A
Lindley, Charles Virgil6/15/18915/10/1954Husband of Mayme
Lindley, Eliza E.11/8/18564/26/1913Age 56-Wife of Isaac
Lindley, Isaac Cox8/18/18528/1/1928Age 75-Husband of Eliza
Lindley, Mayme18931960N/A
Little, Grace Irene5/24/18873/9/1969Mother-Age 81
Little, Ira Emmett3/19/189212/9/1968Age 76-Husband of Grace-Father
Lindley, BabyN/AN/AN/A
Linse, Adelia M.18911972N/A
Linse, Harrison H.18871952N/A
Lloyd, Charles E. II3/14/19683/15/2000Age 32-Son-U.S. Marine Corp
Long, Sidney W.N/ACA 5/1/1941Age 71-Husand of Ora
Losh, Anna S.7/7/1913N/AN/A
Losh, Marion "Bud"3/7/1904N/AN/A
Luce, Carlton W.2/1/190810/11/1972Age 64-Husband of Betty
Ludlow, Clyde D.5/11/19298/2/1999Age 70-Father-Husband of Ilah-Married 5/15/1948
Ludlow, Fay B.192311/11/1986Age 63-Married 1/27/1951
Ludlow, Ilah M. Ranney3/3/1931N/AMarried 5/15/1948
Ludlow, James I.10/22/19276/20/2003Age 75-Husband of Fay & Ruth-Married 1/27/1951-World War 2
Ludlow, Robert Clyde5/26/19544/19/2005Ashes on Clyde's grave
Ludlow, Shawn2/18/19721/2/1979See Shawn McGinnis
Ludwig, Leo1901CA11/15/1923N/A
Ludwig, R. E.19181918N/A
Ludwig, Rose LaVack4/26/18797/6/1941Age 62-Wife of William Henry-Mother
Ludwig, William18741956Father
Lupton, Ella4/6/18523/16/1912Age 59-Wife of Martin
Lupton, Olive186911/2/1895Age 26-Wife of Isaac
Lupton, Rebecca11/15/18314/1/1891Age 59-Wife of Emmor
Lytle, Glenn L.8/16/18974/16/1974Age 76

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