This index has been compiled by Grace Dooley, who reserves all rights.
A big thank you goes to Diane Newton and Janet Arnott for taking the tombstone photographs.
Anyone knowing of additional burials in this cemetery is asked to send the information to:
The Rose City Historical Society, Post Office Box 736, Rose City, Michigan 48654

Additional Info
Adams, Alonzo L.18541925N/A
Adams, Claude E.N/A8/18/1959N/A
Adams, Clora Etta18873/15/1932Age 45
Adams, Julia Merina2/10/19072/17/1907Age 7 Days-Daughter of Claud & Clore
Adams, Minnie J.18563/26/1924Age 67
Adams, RobertMarch, 18482/28/1930Age 82
Aeno, Alfred E.19031920N/A
Aeno, David E.19141979Age 54
Aeno, ElizabethN/ACA1/10/1964N/A
Aeno, FrancisN/A3/15/1900Age 4
Aeno, Franklin Edward8/3/19048/12/1904Age 9 Days-Son of Edward & Mary
Aeno, Isabell V.19152005N/A
Aeno, Martha4/15/190012/26/1901Age 1-Daughter of Edward & Mary
Aeno, Orely G.N/A3/15/1900Age 2
Aikman, Harriette Alice19116/15/1991Age 80
Aikman, Raymond C.8/11/19099/25/1983U.S. Army
Alderton, Anna Melinda4/14/18794/17/1953Age 74-Wife of Herbert
Alderton, Donald J.1/26/194011/1/2011Age 71-Husband of Sharon
Alderton, Elma19081983Age 75
Alderton, Frank D.1883CA 10/12/1955Age 73
Alderton, Hattie Elsie4/13/18701/4/1944N/A
Alderton, Herbert18741953Age 79
Alderton, J. West6/10/18724/10/1944Daddy-Age 72
Alderton, James3/17/183912/24/1920Husband of Mary-Father
Alderton, Lillie18765/00/1933Mother-Age 57
Alderton, Linnie18791953Age 64
Alderton, Lydia Fern4/14/18997/19/1902Age 3-Daughter of Oliver & Linnie
Alderton, Lyman Rosaloo5/3/18635/4/1920Age 56
Alderton, Mary Mildred3/10/18412/20/1907Age 65-Mother-Wife of James
Alderton, Oliver Herbert7/7/18749/13/1953Age 79-Husband of Linnie
Alderton, Robert Guy19012/5/1970Age 68
Alderton, WestleyN/A1925N/A
Allen, Darold Lavern1/4/19389/7/2004Age 66-Husband of Elizabeth
Allen, Lona18884/3/1962Age 72
Alma, Harold19021926N/A
Alma, Mary18801926Mother
Alma, Nelson19201922N/A
Alma, Norman M.19143/6/1987Age 73
Alma, Oral H.19051925N/A
Almy-Bebee, June E.2/9/19275/18/2004Mother
Amorin, Jose M.18977/30/1974Age 77
Armbruster, Sylvia Margaret19142/26/2008N/A
Armstrong, Anna Knapp18471914N/A
Armstrong, Clare E.8/9/19107/26/1911Age 1-Son of Frank & Ella
Armstrong, Ella M.18803/8/1920Age 39
Armstrong, Frank M.18693/24/1948Age 80
Arntz, Edward James5/27/19625/27/1962Age 1 Hour-Son of Robert & Joyce
Arntz, Robert Allen4/25/19614/27/1961Age 2 Days-Son of Robert & Joyce
Arntz, Tara Shawn9/19/19729/19/1972Age 1 Hour-Daughter of Robert & Joyce
Aronson, Cleda A.8/8/19202/15/1992Age 71-Wife of Eric
Aronson, Douglas Eric8/19/19424/17/1965Age 22-Veteran
Aronson, Eric H.5/18/19121/10/1979Age 66-Husband of Cleda
Arthur, Yvonne5/2/19225/4/1922Daughter of Frank & Mildred
Atherton, Arthur Ord4/9/18802/7/1973Age 92
Atherton, Helen Alberta7/12/18865/1/1965Age 78
Austin, Charles Palmer5/19/18309/21/1909Age 79
Austin, John T.19051998N/A
Austin, Sally T.19131969N/A
Bailey, Blanche L.18974/6/1988Age 90
Bailey, Leo Levi4/27/19259/21/1985Age 60-World War 2
Baker, James6/9/18617/13/1936Age 75-Husband of Helen
Baker, Mabel L.2/3/18844/5/1977Age 93-Mother
Bales, Alta Isabel5/14/19002/7/1971Age 70
Bales, JeanetteN/AN/AN/A
Bales, Louis9/6/1887(Blank)N/A
Ball, Angus E.19261996Husband-World War 2
Ball, Marian K.19222001Wife
Ballard, Annabel M.2/14/19286/29/1993Mother & Grandma
Ballard, Belle (Roe)19163/7/1979Age 63
Ballard, Boy9/10/194711/7/1947Son of Charles & Addie
Ballard, Carrie E.7/19/18691/24/1919Age 49-Wife of Henry
Ballard, Charles1851CA 2/28/1929N/A
Ballard, Charles G.7/22/19154/4/1996N/A
Ballard, DadieN/AN/AN/A
Ballard, Harold Harvey1/10/190211/22/1983Age 81-Husband of Olive
Ballard, Harry Albert8/26/188011/7/1917Age 37
Ballard, Henry Charles5/28/18594/17/1930Age 70
Ballard, Henry William5/8/19267/16/1972Age 46-World War 2
Ballard, Nellie Beatrice1/25/19061/19/1990Age 83
Ballard, Norman Bradford4/8/19005/3/1981Age 81-Husband of Nellie
Ballard, Olive Faye5/9/191110/17/2004Age 93-Wife of Harold
Barber, Allen A.2/27/19041926Age 22
Barber, Beulah1917N/AWife of George-Married 9/9/1933
Barber, Clia Marion12/15/19181/25/1919Age 1-Daughter of Sloey & Olive
Barber, George Leonard2/24/19105/5/1997Age 87-Husband of Beulah-Married 9/9/1933
Barber, JackN/A3/10/1926N/A
Barber, Jackie William11/16/193011/19/1930Age 3 Days-Son of Wm. & Edna
Barber, Maryette9/3/18642/14/1953Age 88-Wife of William
Barber, Melvin L.4/13/19209/19/1980Age 60-World War 2
Barber, Myron Allen6/15/19278/17/1988Age 61-World War 2
Barber, Olive M.6/24/19021/21/1983Age 80-Wife of Stacy
Barber, Peggy Rosella3/31/19341/20/1949Age 15
Barber, Robert Alvin6/3/193812/14/2000Veteran
Barber, Stacy4/10/190010/24/1993Age 93-Husband of Olive
Barber, Verna M.9/1/19729/1/1972Age 2 Hours
Barber, William Henry1/9/189210/30/1962Age 70-World War 1
Barber, William Henry8/22/18611/12/1945Father-Age 87-Husband of Mary
Bardzel, Joseph George10/30/19067/24/1983Age 76-Husband of Mary-Married 7/17/1937
Bardzel, Mary Catherine7/6/191112/7/1995Age 84-Wife of Joseph-Married 7/17/1937
Barnum, Kathryn Marvel9/12/19252/20/1972Age 46-Daughter of Harry & Eva
Barringer, Baby Boy3/14/19123/14/1912Twin Son of William & Florence
Barringer, Baby Girl3/14/19123/14/1912Twin Daughter of William & Florence
Barringer, Lionel11/13/190711/13/1907Son of William & Florence-Age 1 day
Barringer, Llwellyn9/13/19088/18/1910Age 1-Son of W. & Florence
Barringer, Stanley11/13/190711/13/1907Age 1 day-Son of William & Florence
Bayne, Ellen18431906Wife of William
Bayne, William J.2/6/18386/27/1904Age 66-Husband of Ellen-Civil War
Beck, John Mathias12/25/18976/25/1990Age 92-Husband of Mary-Mason
Beck, Theresa Mildred4/14/19009/8/1977Age 77-Wife of John-Eastern Star
Beemer, Ervie Lee1/28/18877/24/1908N/A
Belden, Clyde Samuel18971/2/1954Age 57-Husband of Mary-Father
Belden, Ellen R.5/??/186911/14/1934Age 64-Wife of Samuel
Belden, Fontie A.188810/23/1973Age 85
Belden, Gary Woodrow10/15/19541/22/2010Age 55
Belden, Gloria Mae1/26/19316/9/2005Age 74-Wife of Raymond
Belden, Lalla2/24/19016/9/1907Age 6-Daughter of Samuel & Ellen
Belden, Lyle R.193110/7/1978Age 47-Father
Belden, Mildred Irene2/28/19008/31/1992Age 92-Mother
Belden, Raymond Dell8/10/192411/9/2008"Dutch"-Age 84-Husband of Gloria-Veteran
Belden, Samuel Goodwin1/??/18608/27/1927Age 67-Husband of Ellen
Belden, Samuel S.N/A12/27/2004N/A
Belden, Warren J.18882/25/1959Age 70-Veteran
Belden, Woodrow Clyde1/6/19199/26/2009Age 90-World War 2
Bell, Alice Evelyn8/6/190712/24/1988Age 81
Bell, Alvin E.5/19/19021/27/1983Age 80-Husband of Alice-Veteran
Bell, Barbara Jean19288/5/1932Age 4-Daughter of Theodore & Sylvia
Bell, Calvin D.1944CA11/10/1964Age 19
Bell, CharlesN/ACA 1964N/A
Bell, Dewell Theodore2/15/19303/22/1931Age 1-Son of Theodore & Sylva
Bell, Iva Irene19013/15/1986Age 84
Bell, John Irving12/27/190010/18/1966Age 65-Husband of Iva
Bell, Lillie19083/12/1984Age 75
Bell, Manley L.10/11/19005/16/1979Age 78-Husband of Lillie-Mason
Bendickson, Jerry Lee11/15/19444/25/2016Age 71-Husband of Susan-Vietnam
Benjamin, Daniel Ephriam8/2/183911/24/1915Age 74-Civil War
Benjamin, Julia18411917N/A
Berg, Bathyl G.1/8/19218/20/1974Wife
Berg, Karl G.6/19/192011/1/2011World War 2
Bernback, Albert George5/7/18772/27/1961Age 82-Husband of Helen-Father-Veteran
Bernback, Harry LouisN/A1/2/1979N/A
Bernback, Helen A.8/25/18859/12/1972Age 87-Mother
Berry, Ada C.19201922N/A
Berry, Ambrose Eugene4/4/18575/3/1944Age 87-Husband of Castilla
Berry, Arvinton18611938N/A
Berry, Barbara E.18651938Age 73
Berry, Bevan Otto7/10/19307/10/1930Son of Charley & Martha
Berry, Calista M.18841945N/A
Berry, Charles L.7/11/18861/31/1971Age 84-Husband of Martha
Berry, Dale Henry9/17/19484/15/1960Age 11-Son of Thomas & Evelyn
Berry, Delores Josephine19169/3/1916Daughter of Will & Tressia
Berry, Dorothy Eugeta191910/29/1990Age 71
Berry, Ella19153/17/1973Age 57
Berry, Emma C.1862CA 6/13/1946Age 83
Berry, Ernest R.18911919Age 29-World War 1
Berry, Eugene A.18571944N/A
Berry, Evelyn1920(Blank)Wife of Thomas-Married 7/3/1941
Berry, Floyd William6/26/19421/6/2012Age 69-Husband of Linda
Berry, Grace B.11/22/19014/17/2000Age 98-Wife of Ivor-Mother
Berry, Ivor Eugene5/18/189011/23/1952Age 62-Husband of Grace-World War 1
Berry, Ivor Jr.11/28/19249/1/1985Age 60-World War 2
Berry, Jackson185310/27/1933Age 80
Berry, James F.1/24/19107/21/1986Age 76-Husband of Zola-Military Service
Berry, Lawrence E.1922CA 2/24/1944World War 2
Berry, Margaret Laura Didier1926(Blank)N/A
Berry, Martha G.189111/8/1973Age 82
Berry, Roger5/11/19298/21/2010Age 81
Berry, Sandra L.10/28/19418/15/1997Age 55-Wife of Floyd
Berry, Shirley Grace193110/10/1969Age 38-Daughter of Grace
Berry, Thomas Sr.4/16/19128/25/1980Age 68-Husband of Evelyn-Married 7/3/1941
Berry, Vola May9/4/191810/1/1918Age 28 Days-Daughter of William & Tressie
Berry, William C.10/28/18731/23/1948Father-Age 74-Husband of Bessie
Berry, Zola5/19/19022/13/1987"Arzola"-Age 82
Berzley, Raymond James5/21/19659/13/1995Son
Betts, Duane O.8/20/192312/22/2006Age 83-Husband of Hazel
Betts, Hazel M.1/6/19285/19/2011Age 83
Bicker, Katherine MayN/A3/13/1920N/A
Bielby, Blanch5/9/18927/3/1925Wife of George
Bielby, Florence10/11/18825/13/1934Mother
Bielby, GeorgeN/ACA6/20/1935N/A
Bielby, John H.4/19/18675/29/1909Age 42
Bielby, Josana18848/27/1907Age 23-Wife of George
Bielby, Mary3/11/18465/31/1931Age 87-Mother
Bielby, William6/1/18437/24/1924Age 81-Husband of Mary
Bielby, William O.8/2/18789/27/1945Father
Bindscheatel, Fannie C.18821959Mother
Bindscheatel, Frank A.2/2/18646/7/1935Father-Age 71
Bindscheatel, Mary4/2/19013/19/1917Age 15-Daughter Frank & Fannie
Bissonette, Merton19016/21/1986Age 85
Bissonette, Zelma M.19028/5/1981Age 79
Bixby, Gail Junior9/1/19262/12/1999Husband of Nellie-World War 2
Bixby, Nellie Joyce12/14/19246/26/2008N/A
Blake, Homer Finnley10/8/19103/25/1988Age 77-U.S. Army-World War 2
Blake, Louise May3/19/19254/28/1999Age 74-Wife of Homer
Bliss, Bonnie Lee8/9/19388/18/2009Age 71-Wife of Joseph
Bliss, Joseph C.N/A9/22/2002Veteran
Blood, Richard Orrin7/22/19217/26/1921Age 4 Days-Son of Christian & Nona
Boatman, Marion Eugene12/25/19301/12/1984"Gene"-Age 53-Husband of Norma-Military Service
Boddy, Edward11/15/183012/30/1903Age 73
Bortle, Beatrice18951925Age 30-Mother
Bortle, Clara1892CA 3/5/1964Age 72
Bortle, Seymour18917/17/1967Age 76
Borts, Agnes Augusta Edith6/3/191011/7/1997Age 87
Borts, George C.8/31/19077/23/1977Age 69-Husband of Agnes
Borts, John C.18951917Age 23
Borts, John C.4/15/189510/10/1979Age 84
Borts, James D.N/A10/26/2014Age 69-Husband of Cheryl
Borts, Ray O.7/18/189811/11/1976Age 78-World War 2
Bostick, Norma Beatrice6/28/19278/13/1992Age 65
Bostick, Robert A.1/14/19693/29/1995Age 26-Son of Thomas & Norma
Botfield, Charles4/19/18602/23/1914Age 53
Botfield, Hattie A.187612/25/1896Wife
Botfield, Lurinda3/13/182411/14/1907Age 82-Mother
Bowen, Arthur G.12/13/186810/17/1912Age 43
Bowles, Horace L.4/17/18919/11/1953Husband of Zella-Age 62
Bowles, Robert H.1928N/ADad-Husband of Zelma-Married 6/28/1952
Bowles, Zella Mae18942/14/1977Age 82
Bowles, Zelma R.19312004Mom-Wife of Robert-Married 6/28/1952
Brewer, Virgil David4/7/19183/15/1963Husband of Joyce-Age 44-World War 2
Briggs, Geraldine Short2/23/19458/24/1965Age 20-Mother
Briggs, John Wellington Jr.8/24/19658/24/1965Age 9 Hours-Infant Son
Briggs, Leo B.18911/21/1977Age 85
Briggs, Susie Lee7/5/19005/21/1992Age 91
Bronick, Julia1/7/191611/30/1987Age 71-Wife of Leo
Bronick, Leo J.12/5/191610/27/1999Age 82
Brooks, Dorothea12/31/19171/21/2006Wife of Richard
Brooks, Richard L.3/13/19141/15/1983Age 68-Husband of Dorothea
Brouillet, Arthur Alvin5/30/19281/5/1957Age 28-U.S. Marine Corp
Bryan, JoannaN/A3/27/1992Age 73
Burns, John Francis6/5/190410/15/1968Age 64-World War 2
Burr, Aaron5/4/183610/30/1903Age 67-Father
Burr, Beatrice L.12/31/19127/29/2002Mother
Burr, Catherine Alice11/29/19055/12/1987Age 81
Burr, Charles Russell6/11/190511/25/1991Age 86
Burr, Dallas Gladwin2/24/19005/20/1939Age 39-Son of David & Mildred
Burr, Darwin Gale10/31/195810/31/1958Age 1 Hour-Son of Donald & Dorothy
Burr, David Aaron9/11/18721/27/1946Age 74-Father
Burr, Electa Orinda4/26/18413/27/1913Age 72-Mother
Burr, Emma J.19071925Mother
Burr, Gerald R.3/19/19292/10/2004"Jake"-Age 74-Husband of Shirley-Korea
Burr, Harlan A.8/12/18868/5/1960Age 74
Burr, Harry W.N/A8/4/1965Age 74
Burr, Irma L.1908(Blank)N/A
Burr, James A.N/A2/28/1968Age 65
Burr, Jennie R.18886/8/1955N/A
Burr, Mildred E.12/31/18805/2/1940Age 59-Mother-Wife of David
Burr, Peggy EllaN/A6/8/1931Daughter of Chas. & Alice
Burr, R. (Jimmy?)N/A6/8/1955Age 67
Burr, Robert G.19038/28/1975Age 72-Father
Burr, RoseN/ACA7/25/1935N/A
Burr, Theodore1907CA 9/7/1959Age 57-"Ted"
Butler, Doris B.1931(Blank)N/A
Butler, Harold E.11/27/19157/25/1964Age 48-World War 2
Butler, JohnN/A8/22/1900Age 55
Buvia, MaudeN/A1/8/1933Age 53
Buvia, Nelson W.N/AN/AAge 59
Buvia, Orland NelsonN/AN/AN/A
Buvia, Ray1/1/19093/14/1910Age 1 Year-Son of M. & M.
Byce, Ervie J.N/A2/18/1897Age 17
Byce, Florence190210/8/1981Age 79
Byce, Franklin Frederick19169/10/1930Age 14-Son
Byce, George8/14/18696/16/1954Age 84-Husband of Lillian
Byce, GrantN/A5/22/1907N/A
Byce, Lillian May5/3/19113/31/1918Age 6-Daughter of George & Lillian
Byce, Lillian T.5/5/18737/17/1952Age 79
Byce, Louis2/4/19018/16/1979Age 78
Byce, Nancy8/5/19378/5/1937Stillborn
Byce, NicholasN/A4/24/1890Age 50
Byrne, Blanche A.10/9/189510/14/1977Age 82
Byrne, William J.6/28/19034/27/1974Age 70-Husband of Blanche-World War 2
Cady, Leman2/10/18393/24/1912Age 73
Cameron, Mary Jane3/12/18762/19/1916Mother-Wife of Jesse-Age 40-"Jennie"
Carlisle, Gail L. Hufstedler19557/24/1979Age 24
Carlstead, Alberta190012/15/1983Mother-Age 83
Carnen, Mrs. WilliamN/A7/6/1923N/A
Carter, Avis Irene1/25/19105/17/1985Eastern Star-Age 75
Carter, Harry Arnold7/13/19086/4/1965Mason-Age 56
Carver, James L.6/2/18932/11/1969Age 75-Husband of Ethel
Cary, Bert6/6/18979/24/1918Age 21-Son of James & Lucy
Cary, FrederickN/A4/12/1926Military Service
Cary, James3/1/18574/14/1918Age 61
Cascadden, Addison L.19098/26/1991Age 81
Cascadden, Joyce Shaver19081999N/A
Cave, Baby Boy4/9/19244/9/1924Son of William & Anna
Cave, Harriet Elizabeth18736/13/1957Age 84-Mother
Cave, Joseph2/21/18533/2/1936Age 83-Husband of Harriet-Father
Caverly, Donna Mae12/6/194110/11/1983Age 41
Chapman, Gladys1935N/AN/A
Chapman, Virgil19324/18/2002Cremated
Chappell, Betty Jean10/12/19413/31/1995Age 53-Wife of James-Mother
Chappell, Cecil W.1/18/1935N/AN/A
Chappell, Daniel EdwardN/A6/4/1980N/A
Chappell, Geraldine12/22/193210/17/2004Age 71-Wife of Cecil
Chappell, James Earl9/16/1941N/AFather
Charter, Robert18571897N/A
Chase, Don O.2/26/195112/4/2001N/A
Chase, Karen L.1/21/1954N/AN/A
Chiado, Michael E. Sr.3/25/19384/5/1989Age 51
Chrivia, Bert12/16/18925/5/1973Age 80-Husband of Martha
Chrivia, Jesse J.8/19/19166/11/1928Son-Age 12
Chrivia, Martha M.18955/1/1977Age 81
Chrivia, Owen D.5/1/19196/16/1931Son-Age 12
Chrycy, Thomas A.3/10/19231/1/1994World War 2
Clauss, Judy A.N/A11/20/1969Daughter
Clauss, Patsey I.1940N/AWife of Robert-Married 6/25/1960-Mother
Clauss, Robert E.1939N/A"Rusty"-Husband of Patsey-Married 6/25/1960-Father
Clement, Mary Jane190111/25/1964Age 63
Clements, Eric F. Sr.4/10/19385/3/2004U. S. Air Force-Military Service
Cline, Baby Girl1/11/19311/11/1931Daughter of Ralph & Frances
Cline, Dollie Amelia2/13/18837/28/1949Age 66-Wife of Harry-Mother
Cline, Frances A.19118/18/1991Age 79-Wife of Ralph
Cline, Harry H.3/19/18744/12/1961Age 87-Father
Cline, Ralph Francis3/26/19324/15/1932Son of Ralph & Frances-Age 20 Days
Cline, Ralph L.19097/3/1969Age 59
Cline, Raymond L.4/18/19402/19/1986U.S. Army-Age 45-Husband of Enid
Cline, Viola BeatriceN/ACA 1/15/1931Baby
Cohee, Donald Frederick Jr.5/3/19629/30/1979Age 17-Son of Donald & Ann
Collins, Ronald Lee2/1/193011/27/2009Korea
Collins, Sandra Mae10/20/1937N/AN/A
Cooley, BabyN/A1/24/1908Child of C.J. & L. Cooley
Cooley, BabyN/A7/14/1909Child of C.J. & L. Cooley
Cooley, HarryN/A1897N/A
Cooley, HarryN/A1/22/1910Age 1 Month-Son of C.J. & L. Cooley
Cooper, Roy Alexander9/13/191010/28/1910Age 1 Month-Son of Andrew & Nettie
Coppler, John19041998N/A
Couchois, Margaret18811915Age 34
Craiger, Hardy LaverneN/A6/2/1976Age 59
Craiger, Ruth Marian Isabell191712/17/1923Age 6-Daughter of Geo.
Crane, Alfred E.8/16/18475/29/1916Age 68-Father-Moved from Hale Cemetery
Craver, James L.2/22/18932/11/1969Age 75-Husband of Ethel
Creed, Loren H.1/24/19476/13/2000Age 53-Husband of Patsy
Creed, Patsy A.3/21/1944N/AN/A
Cregar, Billy L.7/30/19568/21/2009Son, Brother & Uncle
Crowley, Gordon Lee10/20/19403/5/2009Vietnam
Crowley, Jessie E.1/19/1954N/AN/A
Curley, Father18481931Age 83
Curley, Mother18531915Age 62
Daley, David Arthur4/12/194512/12/2008Cremated-Vietnam
Darbe, Justin18561/16/1907Age 51
Dark, Raymond L.19301997Military Service
Davenport, Alvis C.1/19/19159/20/1985Age 70-Husband & Dad-World War 2
Davenport, Eleanor L.12/12/191911/20/1985Age 65-Wife & Mother
Davenport, John R.9/15/195812/22/1977Age 19-Son
Davis, Lawrence V.7/17/19088/16/1996World War 2
Davis, Lucille E.9/1/19156/26/2000Age 84-Wife of Lawrence
Dean, Ann Marie18913/15/1970Age 78
Dean, Claude12/24/19162/15/2004"Buster"-World War 2
Dean, Janet A.19242003N/A
Dean, Thomas8/3/18779/8/1965Age 88-World War 1
Devault, Connie J.19532003N/A
Dezelsky, Baby BoyN/A1931N/A
Dezelsky, Baby GirlN/A1932N/A
Dezelsky, Gladys W.19081998N/A
Dezelsky, Julius L.3/15/190812/4/1972Age 64
Diffin, Cecelia Marjorie7/15/19304/12/2006"Short"-Age 75-Wife of Robert
Diffin, Robert1/4/19265/25/1995"Russell"
Doherty, Eugene R.8/4/19297/5/1999U.S. Army
Doherty, Rosalie M.19183/24/1987Age 68
Dotson, Belle C.12/8/18631/1/1935Age 71
Dotson, Jesse Joseph2/8/186512/1/1942Age 77
Dotson, John Henry186210/23/1942Age 80
Dotson, SteveN/AN/AN/A
Drake, Mildred Isobel9/5/19163/16/1981See Umphrey-Age 64-Wife of William
Draver, Eva M.3/11/19051/23/1987N/A
Draver, George Albert8/5/190010/4/1981Age 81
Ducap, Delos Martin4/2/19141/21/1956World War 2
Dunel, Michael W.2/26/194712/12/2005Age 58
Dunham, Delbert L.4/14/19253/7/1984Age 58-Husband of Irene-World War 2
Dunham, Evelyn O.191212/31/1969Age 57-Wife & Mother
Dunham, Freda I.1934N/AWife & Mother
Dunham, Hillman R.5/22/19143/22/1983Age 68-World War 2
Dunham, Irene Jack4/13/19194/17/1990Age 71-World War 2
Dunham, James Henry7/3/18802/17/1948Age 67-Husband of Rosa
Dunham, Ormal Eugene7/15/19173/4/1984Age 66-Husband-World War 2
Dunham, Rose Anna8/15/189211/13/1983Age 91
Dunham, Sidney M.12/18/19192/18/1974Age 54-Husband of Freda
Dyer, Clare S.8/24/190610/24/1976Age 70-World War 2
Dyer, Jessie Maude18803/1/1958Age 77
Dyer, John S.18731944N/A
Ebertz, Emma8/4/18955/30/1984Age 88
Ebertz, Gordon8/16/189612/16/1980Age 84-Husband of Emma
Ebertz, Paulina187712/26/1973Age 96-"Polly"
Egan, Frank W.5/13/19241/31/2010"Bill"-Age 85-Husband of Betty-World War 2
Eger, Andrew J.11/22/18954/25/1978Age 82-World War 1
Emery, Emerson H.4/29/191310/19/1970Age 57
Emery, Morrison J.192210/22/1982Age 60-World War 2
Eno, Alfred E.19031920Age 18
Eno, Earl DavidN/A8/23/1979Age 64
Eno, Ernest Dane1/11/19026/13/1972Age 70-Husband of Mary
Eno, Eugene Joseph1/4/19287/31/2004Age 76-Husband of Nora-World War 2
Eno, Isabell V.3/4/19158/3/2005Age 90-Wife of Earl
Eno, James C.8/3/19103/19/1942Age 31-Husband of Kathleen
Eno, John Edward12/2/19215/30/2004Age 82-Husband of Maud-Married 10/2/1943-World War 2
Eno, Mary E.190510/16/1986Age 80
Eno, Maud A.7/16/194411/5/2002Age 58-Daughter of John & Maud
Eno, Maud A.1920N/AWife of John-Married 10/2/1943
Eno, Nora M.11/22/193110/11/2014Cremation-Age 82-Wife of Eugene
Evans, Charlotte Mae12/19/19601/15/1980"Tata"-Age 19-Daughter of Lewis & Joan
Evans, Thelma Mae4/20/192012/26/1989Age 69-Mother
Evans, William Douglas2/26/19166/9/1970Age 54-Father-World War 2
Farley, Emerson C.5/25/19008/18/1973Age 73-Husband of Anna-World War 1
Fernelius, Jacquelyn Kaye10/8/19495/4/2005Age 55
Ferris, Elva R. Pemberton19078/25/1962Age 54-Mother
Finch, StellaN/A6/4/1893Age 3-Daughter of Chauncey & Florence
Fisher, George12/31/18916/19/1954Age 62-World War 1
Fisher, Ida L.9/20/188912/25/1971Age 82
Fitzthomas, Ernest1/20/189810/12/1982N/A
Flynn, Marie Agnes19064/10/1988Age 82-Mom
Foglesong, Dorothy Ilene10/18/190511/18/1975Age 70-Eastern Star
Foglesong, Lyndon E.9/28/19003/30/1982Age 81-Mason
Foraker, Dow K.10/21/19021/24/1981Age 78-Husband of Ruth
Foraker, Ruth M.4/13/19051/28/1986N/A
Ford, Harriet5/2/19075/2/1907Daughter of Allen & Harriet
Foster, Christina19061910Age 4
Fournier, Holly MarieN/A8/13/1984N/A
French, Emma Delila7/7/19098/20/1909Age 34 Days-Daughter of Alfonzo & Bertha
Gagnon, Bernice Marie9/22/19519/15/2006"Birdy"-Age 54
Gagnon, David F.7/24/19289/13/1997Age 69-Husband of Orpha-U.S. Air Force-Korea
Gagnon, Orpha Lee6/16/19339/21/2005Age 72-Wife of David
Gitchell, Baby Girl4/27/19364/27/1936Daughter of Ora & Grace
Gitchell, Elmer J.6/5/190710/4/1968Age 61
Gitchell, John William188210/30/1931Age 49-Father
Gitchell, Joyce19322003Daughter
Gitchell, Myrtle M.19071988Age 81
Gitchell, Phoebe Ann18859/4/1930Age 45-Mother
Gitchell, Ruth Ann19163/28/1927Age 11-Daughter
Godden, Bernice Marie19215/29/1921Age 5 Months-Daughter of Laura & Othello
Godden, Edith May18722/20/1919Age 47
Godden, George Osbourne1/12/186111/21/1940Age 79
Godden, George S.7/3/19097/5/1909Age 2 Days-Son of George & Edith
Godden, Laura M.10/14/18914/19/1971Age 79
Godden, Othello J.7/27/189011/27/1950Age 60-Husband of Laura-Father
Golden, Elizabeth Bowen2/5/18748/14/1965Age 91-Wife of Robert
Golden, Robert William186312/31/1929Age 66
Goodar, Charles12/18/18127/29/1889N/A
Gordon, Grace7/20/19137/24/1913Age 4 Days-Daughter of Frank & Ollia
Gordon, Iva Opal190211/7/1982Age 80
Gordon, James J.19391939N/A
Gordon, Joseph J.18891953Age 64
Gorman, Mervin J.18916/4/1958Age 66-Husband
Gosciniak, Sharon A.7/23/195711/13/2012Age 55
Green, Dorothy19021937Mother
Green, Howard4/8/19264/30/2003Age 77-Husband of Maxine-World War 2
Green, Maxine Mae5/31/19283/11/2010Wife of Howard
Greve, Abbie B.8/24/18791/10/1951Age 71
Greve, Alfred E.9/30/190811/16/1967Age 59-World War 2
Greve, Ardith Ann6/3/19396/6/1939Age 2 Days-Daughter of Arthur & Marian
Greve, Arthur R.19115/24/1978Age 67-Dad
Greve, Baby Boy12/20/190512/20/1905Son of Adolph & Muriel
Greve, Baby Girl3/13/19043/14/1904Age 1 Day-Daughter of A. E. & Muriel
Greve, Christina18571928N/A
Greve, Eddie Hans19042/21/1985Age 80
Greve, Ellen L.19021/13/1993Age 91
Greve, Ferd W.10/7/188711/8/1961Age 74-Husband of Ida
Greve, Fritz18541923N/A
Greve, Hans J.3/12/18799/14/1966Age 87-Husband of Mable
Greve, Ida Luella4/19/19152/4/2000Age 84-Wife of Ferd
Grinneli, Margaret L.6/23/19365/19/1997Mother
Grumbley, Arthur Edward6/28/18883/8/1965Age 76-Husband of Nellie-Father
Grumbley, Lawrence Arthur7/5/192111/20/1947Age 26-Son of Arthur & Nellie
Grumbley, Nellie M.6/23/18999/24/1984Age 85-Mother
Guilford, AldoN/A1932N/A
Guilford, Charles9/29/18727/21/1948Age 75
Guilford, Ethel Leone188012/22/1968Age 87-Mother
Guilford, Francie M.18901890N/A
Guilford, Fred Smith7/20/18781952Father
Guilford, J. T.18451920Age 75
Guilford, Matilda F.18551918Age 63-Wife of J. T.
Gurley, B. G.N/ACA 11/5/1931N/A
Gurley, Jemima6/4/185310/14/1915Age 62-Wife of John
Harden, Mary Gertrude19041994Wife of Wade-Married 6/10/1928
Harden, Wade Herman19044/5/1997Age 92-Husband of Mary-Married 6/10/1928
Harmon, Eleanor T.10/2/19196/29/1996Age 76-Wife of Jack
Harmon, John T.7/8/19215/22/1978Age 56-Husband of Eleanor-World War 2
Harrington, Albert Leslie5/14/192212/6/1998Age 76-Husband of Buella-World War 2
Harrington, Allan Glen4/25/19121/1/1980Age 67-Husband of Lillie-World War 2
Harrington, Buella M.1926N/AN/A
Harrington, Daisy D.18841954Age 70
Harrington, Grace Hazel19181/9/1939Age 20-Wife of Allen
Harrington, Hiram Maxfield2/5/18736/19/1922Age 49-Husband of Daisy
Harrington, Leslie Allan5/3/19488/2/1954"Butch"-Age 6-Son of Leslie
Harrington, Oral H. AlmaN/AN/ASee Oral Alma
Harrington, Patricia R.4/10/19381/9/1939Age 8 Months-Daughter of Allen & Grace
Harris, Brian Lee12/17/196511/4/1966Age 11 Months
Harris, Lloyd B.19146/12/1967Age 53-Father
Harris, Vina B.191712/28/1980Age 63-Mother
Hauser, Charles F.11/1/18829/14/1977Age 94
Hauser, Grace10/22/18947/26/1966Age 71-Wife of Charles
Haxter, Diane E.2/24/19413/14/1941N/A
Haxter, John18819/8/1955Age 74-Father
Heyboer, Mary Ann11/20/194611/20/1946Daughter of Arthur & Elizabeth
Hicks, BoyN/ACA 10/20/1927N/A
Hicks, Charles W.18897/30/1964 or 65Age 75-Father
Hicks, Florence E.12/13/19283/17/2009Age 80-Wife of James
Hicks, James A.7/4/189411/27/1970Age 76-World War 1
Hicks, James E.12/15/19288/26/2002Age 73-Husband of Florence-World War 2
Hicks, Roger JamesN/A8/31/1959N/A
Hicks, Rosa M.190111/17/1981Age 80
Hicks, Rosalia H.18951946Mother
Hicks, Ross M.1/11/19161/14/1916Age 3 Days-Son of Charles & Rosalia
Hildebrandt, Harry18984/28/1977Age 78-Father
Hildebrandt, Harry J.19242/26/1979Age 54-Husband of June-Married 2/16/1944
Hildebrandt, June R.19232003Wife of Harry-Married 2/16/1944
Hildebrandt, Merrill E.19261995N/A
Hill, Gregory A.N/A8/15/1955Age 2 Days-Son
Hoffman, Elizabeth A.3/21/18842/2/1976Age 91
Hoffman, William Benjamin18798/21/1966Age 85
Holecek, Carl A.191611/18/1985Age 69
Holecek, Maxine M.1918N/AN/A
Howard, William Carl5/22/19699/17/1985"Bill"-Son of Larry & Kristeen-Age 16
Hubbard, Clara Schoch4/5/18699/28/1950Age 81
Huebner, Beulah P. (Taber)11/2/1923N/AWife of James-Married 7/3/1962
Huebner, James Walter4/12/19302/17/2008Husband of Beulah-Married 7/3/1962-Korea
Hufstedler, Gail L. C.N/A7/24/1979Age 24
Hughes, Elizabeth S.N/A4/24/1983Age 76
Hughes, Gerald Wiley8/11/19357/17/2003Cremated-Korea
Hughes, LeRoy Jr.N/A10/15/1927Age 1 Month
Hughes, VernonN/A5/6/1983Age 76
Humphrey, Carl Keith19273/11/1927Age 1 Month-Son of James & Florence
Humphrey, Colin Walter6/24/18835/4/1950Age 66-Father
Humphrey, Erma Earlin7/21/19107/21/1910Daughter of Walter & H. E.
Humphrey, Ethel19281994Wife of Grover-Married 2/11/1949
Humphrey, Florence O.8/8/18996/25/1952Age 53-Mother
Humphrey, Grover Norman19199/5/1982Age 63-Husband of Ethel-Married 2/11/1949
Humphrey, Hattie E.2/27/18902/12/1967Age 76-Mother
Humphrey, James Roy188811/22/1933Age 43-Father
Humphrey, L. D. Willard19382008Uncle, Brother & Son
Humphrey, Mary Ann8/4/18444/28/1941Age 96-Mother-Wife of Thomas
Humphrey, MaryBelle1919N/AWife of Willard-Married 4/18/1936
Humphrey, Norman Henry18851/30/1974Age 88
Humphrey, R. G. Walter8/15/19268/5/1927Age 11 Months-Baby
Humphrey, Verna M.189812/16/1968Age 70
Humphrey, Wilbur Colin1/12/19371/21/1937Age 9 Days-Twin Son of Willard & MaryBelle
Humphrey, Willard A.19152/5/1977Age 60-Husband of MaryBelle-Married 4/18/1936
Humphrey, Willard AllenN/A7/11/1978Age 6 Days
Humphrey, Willmer Joseph1/12/19371/21/1937Age 9 Days-Twin Son of Willard & MaryBelle
Hunt, Frederick L.1930N/AHusband of Renis-Married 2/28/1948
Hunt, Renis E.8/14/19306/4/1996"Renie"-Wife of Frederick-Married 2/28/1948
Hyatt, Ann-Ette19261997N/A
Hyatt, Wayne Emerson19239/12/1984World War 2
Ingram, Grace M.7/12/19233/5/2000Age 76-Wife of William
Ingram, William Hugh9/1/19173/30/1983Age 65-Husband of Grace
Irish, Helen Barber7/22/192110/28/2004Mother
Jacob, Hilda10/3/19193/23/1997Cremated-World War 2
Jacobs, BabyN/A8/8/1930N/A
Jacobson, Ella Fern10/8/19145/14/1980"Pat"-Age 65-Eastern Star
Jacobson, FernN/AN/AN/A
Jacobson, MartinN/AN/AN/A
Jacobson, Phillip Martin6/26/191112/28/1975Age 64
James, G. Irene8/16/19098/28/1993N/A
Jasmin, Donald J.2/20/1936N/AN/A
Jasmin, Mary L.8/16/1935N/AN/A
Jaynes, Janice R.1937N/AN/A
Jersey, Ebert S.19232/1/1924Age 7 Months-Son of Jersey & Lucy
Jersey, Lucy18857/8/1924Age 39
Jersey, Mary4/17/19104/17/1910Daughter of Elort & Lucy
Jones, Frederick W.5/2/19277/17/1996Age 69
Kaiser, Nancy Anne8/20/196510/21/1965Age 2 Months-Daughter
Kennedy, Alice M.8/8/19243/3/1980Age 55-Daughter of Hershell & Margaret
Kennedy, Margaret Mary10/4/190010/18/1989Age 89-Mother
Klopf, Fay Gladys10/17/190311/3/1991Age 88
Klopf, William W.9/27/19027/4/1974Age 71-Husband of Fay
Kluzak, Frayne Pansera18981993N/A
Knickerbocker, Ida E.6/13/19122/10/1984Age 71
Knight, Sylvester Bernard3/13/19148/23/1914Age 5 Months-Son of George & Veda
Koch, Isabelle19129/23/1987Age 74
Koch, Raymond L.19108/2/1976Age 65
Kolb, Daniel Harold3/14/197012/28/2005Age 35
Kolb, Theodore J.3/7/19662/7/1999"Ted"-Military Service
Korman, Joseph3/28/19047/24/1974Age 70
Korman, Katarina7/4/18718/28/1940Age 69-Wife of Martin
Korman, Martin12/4/18815/23/1962Age 80
Korman, Wilma12/25/19084/1/1966Age 58-Wife of Joe
Kowinsky, Ellis A.3/17/19049/14/1991Age 87-Father-Mason
Kozakowski, Donald Raymond2/10/19459/27/2010Age 65-Husband of Patricia
Kranzel, Harry N.N/A9/20/1974Age 59
Kreisher, Nina M.4/8/19129/3/2004Age 92-Wife of Sherman
Kreisher, Sherman19131996N/A
Krueger, GeorgeN/A5/6/1976N/A
Kuhn, Velma5/18/19102/16/1997Age 86
Kurzawa, Dorothy R.12/27/19193/28/2010Lourdes
Kurzawa, Edmund A.3/27/19174/13/2004Knights of Columbus-World War 2
Kuschel, Beverly J.7/29/1929N/AN/A
Kuschel, Robert W.7/17/19232/22/1995N/A
LaBerge, Emaly18821967Age 85
LaBerge, Enos E.19077/3/1977Age 69-Father-Married 11/29/1934-Military Service
LaBerge, Louis18763/12/1959Age 82
LaBerge, Olive Mary191411/18/2007Age 93-Mother-Wife of Enos-Married 11/29/1934
LaBerge, Zenas9/14/19058/31/1906Age 1
Lane, Darlene A.11/7/1937N/AWife of Kenneth-Married 11/27/1957
Lane, Darrin Adam2/9/19657/18/1991Age 26-Son & Brother
Lane, Kenneth A.10/14/193010/2/2006Husband of Darlene-Married 11/27/1957-Korea
LaPlaunt, Sue Ann1/10/19721/10/1972Daughter of Anthony & Patricia
Latter, Lillie19077/2/1933Age 26-Wife of Clifford
Lauer, Dicky Lyn8/13/192710/24/1927Age 2 Months-Son of Ernest
Lauer, Ernest Frederick1/31/189210/29/1969Age 77-Husband of Elsie
Lauer, Mattie Vina189412/10/1951Age 57
Lauer, Maxine Maria10/13/19261/24/2015Age 88-Wife of Russel
Lauer, Russel Jack10/19/19233/28/1994World War 2
Lauthrie, Beulah Belma10/28/19125/3/1979Age 66
Lauthrie, Charles12/30/19067/11/1972Age 65-Husband of Bula
Lepper, Arthur18923/28/1980Age 88-Husband of Vesta-Married June 7, 1918-World War 1
Lepper, Bernice R.1/28/19363/28/2013Age 77-Wife of Cecil
Lepper, Cecil E.N/A5/16/2012Age 84-Husband of Bernice-Korea
Lepper, Irwin Leroy12/14/19237/14/1987Age 63-Husband of Westine-World War 2
Lepper, Richard A.6/11/19222/2/1997World War 2
Lepper, Vesta R.7/22/18883/21/1985Age 96-Wife of Arthur-Married June 7, 1918
Lewis, James H.9/23/193011/18/1973Age 43-Husband of Vivian-U.S. Army-Korea
Lillibridge, Bernice H.1913(Blank)N/A
Lillibridge, Clarence J.19084/11/1976Age 76-Husband of Bernice
Little, Henrietta7/2/19017/28/1995Age 94-Wife of Clarence Short & Leland Little
Longfellow, Anna M.19302001N/A
Longfellow, Neil E.192012/28/1987Age 67-Military Service
Loomis, Clinton A.2/25/19792/7/2002N/A
Loomis, William D.1/10/195912/11/1995N/A
Lusch, Henry P.11/7/19218/22/2005"Hank"-Age 83-Husband of Lillian-World War 2
Lusch, Lillian M.9/19/19208/12/1994Age 73-Wife of Ernest Yost & Henry Lusch
Lytle, Llewellyn F.19065/24/1985Age 79-Husband of Marie-Married June 29, 1940
Lytle, Marie Amy19149/15/2006Wife of Llewellyn-Married June 29, 1940
Lytle, Roger A.4/2/19455/7/1996N/A
Makidon, Goldie A.19251954Wife
Mandilk, Frederick Avery5/3/19295/11/1998Age 69-Korea
March, Evah8/8/18736/5/1913Age 40
March, Jerry18644/23/1920Age 56
March, Juanita2/14/19072/16/1907Age 2 Days-Daughter of Jerry & Eva
Marche, Rudolf6/25/188111/24/1951Age 70
Markey, Winnie E.4/23/18861/25/1961Age 74-Wife of Albert
Martin, Joseph N.6/2/19249/20/1998World War 2
Martindale, Addie F.12/4/18622/26/1949Age 86
Martindale, Alonzo8/31/18626/24/1900N/A
Martindale, Baby Girl10/4/190311/11/1903Age 1 Month-Daughter of Joseph & Huldah
Martindale, MableN/A5/2/1896Age 2 Months
Matson, Andrew10/15/18533/10/1916Age 63
Matson, Anne18541924N/A
Matson, Emil A.18871/23/1961Age 73
Matson, Mary Orinda18883/3/1958Age 69-Odd Fellow
Matson, Mildred Annie19147/12/1920Age 6-Daughter of Emil & Mary
Mattern, Erle Jr.19381938N/A
Mattern, Helen E.8/12/19126/20/1986N/A
Mattern, John Erle19111/31/1996N/A
McCloud, Mary JaneN/A1/3/1965Age 83
McElroy, Eliza3/1/18442/14/1907Age 62
McGough, Dorotha Rose3/18/19285/22/2001Wife of James-Married 12/7/1947
McGough, James Jr.5/12/192511/21/1994Husband of Dorotha-Married 12/7/1947-World War 2
McGraw, Joseph O.19067/27/1951Age 45-Husband
McGraw, Vivian F.19041986Age 82-Wife
McGregor, Dean Everitt4/9/19319/24/2007Age 76-Husband of Lottie-Married October 13, 1951
McGregor, Lottie A.6/30/193311/18/2011Age 78-Wife of Dean-Married October 13, 1951
McIntosh, James A.12/8/19253/26/1996Married 10/20/1955-Military Service
McKellar, Cora M.18804/7/1962Age 81
McKenzie, Allie V.9/16/19078/4/1988Age 80-Mom
McKenzie, April Gail7/23/19648/25/1965Age 1-Daughter
McKenzie, William J.1/1/18984/6/1981Age 83-Dad
McLeod, GeorgeN/A4/1/1950Age 76
McQueen, Ida MaeN/A1/3/1943Age 14 Months
McQueen, Leo JamesN/A4/26/1951Age 2
Merlone, Gertrude L.19119/23/1990Age 79-Mother
Merlone, James190612/8/1983Age 77-Father
Micheal, Baby Boy4/30/19324/30/1932Son of Joseph & Jennie
Micheal, Jennie MacMitchell3/1/18948/28/1958Age 64-Wife of Joseph
Micheal, Joseph188011/11/1965Age 85
Mihelich, Kristine Marie (Bell)19661977N/A
Miller, Carl W.1938N/AHusband of Janet-Married 7/13/1957
Miller, Janet M.1939N/AWife of Carl-Married 7/13/1957
Mills, Edith M.2/28/19182/27/1985Age 66
Mills, Leroy JamesN/A4/3/1967Age 57
Minor, Elwood H.19149/28/1977Age 63-Husband-Military Service
Montney, Alvah J.186111/19/1931Age 70
Montney, Cordelia J.18921938Wife of Joseph-Married 7/1/1912
Montney, Earl Ray9/26/19073/1/1988Age 80-World War 2
Montney, Earl Ray Jr.9/22/19375/2/1989Age 51-Korea
Montney, Edna1/24/19113/12/1911Age 1 Month-Daughter of Stanley & Mary
Montney, Glenn10/12/19054/17/1907Age 1-Son of Stanley & Mary
Montney, Joseph A.18902/27/1979Age 89-Husband of Cordelia-Married 7/1/1912
Montney, Joseph A. Jr.10/22/191810/18/2006Age 87-Husband of Marion
Montney, Margaret E.6/2/191311/21/1975Age 62-Wife of Earl
Montney, Marion V.6/25/19256/23/2007Age 81-Wife of Joseph
Montney, Mary Ethel18787/9/1931Age 53-Mother
Montney, Mary E.19157/30/1967Age 51-Mother
Montney, Mary Elsie10/1/193612/4/1936Daughter of Earl
Montney, Patrick Steven19591997Husband, Father & Son
Montney, Sarah18063/21/1908Mother-Age 101-Wife of Joseph
Montney, Sarah A.1940N/AN/A
Montney, Stanley Earl12/20/193311/22/1992Age 59-Husband of Sarah-Korea
Montney, Stanley Luther6/6/18752/15/1962Age 86-Husband of Mary
Montney, True Vernon5/21/191211/28/1987Age 75-Husband of Margaret-Father
Morche, Rose MarieN/A10/6/1974Age 89
Morche, RudolphN/A11/24/1951Age 70
Mothersell, Jess8/28/18999/7/1952N/A
Mothersell, John7/31/18573/21/1940N/A
Mothersell, Sophronia1/13/187610/21/1945N/A
Mroch, Jean M.190411/21/1987Age 83
Mroch, Martin L.190611/24/1989Age 83-World War 2?
Nadon, James Wilfred9/23/19295/22/2010Age 80-Husband of MaryLou-Military Service
Navarre, Maude Edith19033/31/1985Age 81
Navarre, Oliver O.4/25/19001/25/1980Age 79-Husband of Maude
Naylor, Anna1/1/18745/29/1911Age 37-Wife of James
Nelson, Orlana B.4/20/190611/25/1978Age 72
Newingham, Rosella R.19121995Mother
Newton, David Allan4/1/19829/3/1982Age 5 Months
Nowosielski, Joann9/20/19114/29/1999N/A
Nowosielski, John Anthony9/27/191112/24/2008N/A
Oaks, Ray Erwin1/4/19244/22/2002Age 78-Husband of Virginia-Married 3/25/1944
Oaks, Virginia Rose4/8/1925N/AWife of Ray-Married 3/25/1944
O'Connor, James L.2/8/189712/17/1930Age 33-U.S. Navy
O'Deay, James P.1948N/AN/A
O'Deay, Jeannie M.1948N/AN/A
Odrobina, Andrew11/28/19411/8/2001N/A
O'Meara, Dorothy Porter11/11/19318/11/1983Age 52-Daughter
O'Meara, Franklin W.19258/15/1955Age 29-Veteran
O'Meara, Robert H.9/24/19326/2/2005Husband-Father-Grandfather
O'Meara, Thelma E.3/4/19078/22/1975Age 68-Wife of William
O'Meara, William Hugh18992/3/1976Age 76-Military Service
O'Neal, George18938/20/1906Age 12-Son of James & Maud
Ormsby, Frank Albert10/25/19266/13/2000World War 2
Ormsby, Helen Mae12/21/19309/4/1986Age 55-Wife of Frank
Ouimet-Pemberton, Eunice Emma11/20/19193/3/1991Age 71
Pansera, Louis A.5/26/189510/28/1958World War 1
Parent, Clifford G.7/7/1934N/ASon
Parent, Helena Johanna Pauline4/21/191412/31/1998Age 84-Mother & Granny
Parent, Victoria Jacie1/10/19161/31/2000Age 84-Wife of Milford-Mom
Parent, Wilford D.7/13/191312/21/2002Dad
Parks, Leon10/28/18971/20/1986Age 88
Parks, Mathilda E.18881959N/A
Parks, Maude Beatrice2/25/18929/21/1956Age 64
Peck, Daisy D.7/1/188412/11/1954Age 70-Wife of Hiram Harrington & Miner Peck
Peck, Gerald E.3/9/19633/10/1963Age 4 Hours-Son of Daniel & Christine
Peck, Jeffery9/16/19619/27/1961Age 10 Days-Son of Daniel & Christine
Pelton, Michelle Lynn1/16/19734/6/2002Age 29
Pemberton, Alice Belle8/10/189811/5/1943Age 45-Wife of Brott
Pemberton, Brott6/27/18958/13/1967Age 72
Pemberton, Carol J.12/25/19301/11/1981Age 50-Wife of Ross
Pemberton, Elva R.19071962Mother
Pemberton, Emma Mae18881952Age 64
Pemberton, Henry I.12/28/18755/30/1956Age 80
Pemberton, Kay AnnN/A5/19/2007N/A
Pemberton, Leslie D.8/27/18846/4/1958Age 73
Pemberton, Louise Bessie2/17/19133/2/1913Age 10 Days-Daughter of Walter & Emma
Pemberton, Murl1/9/19245/11/2006Age 82
Pemberton, Richard M.6/8/19291/20/1995Korea
Pemberton, Ross2/21/19269/29/2003Age 77-World War 2
Pemberton, Mrs. Wm.N/ACA 2/19/1925N/A
Perry, Phillip18511921Age 70-Tombstone in Hale
Peters, August Emiel18754/6/1951Age 75
Peters, Berenice19122002Eastern Star-Mother
Peters, Delia191310/18/1978Age 65
Peters, Emiel18751951Age 76-Father
Peters, Fae Irene8/12/19176/25/2003Age 85
Peters, Harold Russel8/12/191012/27/1990Age 80-Husband of Delia
Peters, Harold Russell8/12/19108/12/1910Son of August & Louise
Peters, Harvey Lawrence9/7/192110/1/1921Baby
Peters, Homer W.19095/2/1978Age 68
Peters, Louise Marie18838/17/1961Age 78-Mother
Peters, Lucille19202003N/A
Peters, Melvin J.1/18/191210/5/1996Age 84-Husband of Fae
Peters, Sherman Earl1/24/19099/17/1971Age 62-Husband of Berenice-Mason-Father
Peters, Steven J.19562000Son
Peters, Vernon Ernest1/7/19261/7/1926Son of Emiel & Louise
Peterson, Virginia I.10/6/193511/30/1979Age 44-Wife & Mother
Phillips, Edith Powell8/16/18818/6/1944Mother-Wife of Elmer-Age 62
Phillips, Elmer Aaron4/2/187711/18/1953Age 76
Pickett, Mildred J.19011924N/A
Pickett, William Harold19215/5/1923Age 2-Son of William & Mildred
Pitman, Vivian L.N/A3/8/1986Age 82
Podles, Anna L.18921976Mother
Podles, Julius6/30/191612/23/2007N/A
Podles, Mary J.3/7/19155/9/1992N/A
Podles, Maxine L.5/22/19173/28/2001N/A
Podles, Myrna Kay7/9/19497/9/1949Daughter of Julius & Maxine
Porter, Bert J.12/1/18918/29/1969Age 77-Husband of Grace
Porter, Carrol Jane8/15/193811/28/1938Daughter of Raymond & Beatrice-Age 3 Months
Porter, Clarence O.1911CA 2/11/1937Age 25-Son
Porter, Grace M.8/8/189412/6/1991Age 97
Porter, Ivan James11/30/19129/5/1995Age 82-Husband of Dora-World War 2
Porter, Raymond B.2/1/19172/5/1940Son of Bert & Grace-Age 23-Husband of Beatrice
Pratt, Frank L.3/4/18768/26/1951N/A
Pratt, Geraldine A.1/29/19478/23/1956Age 9-Daughter of Raymond & Libby
Pratt, HerbertN/ACA4/24/1930N/A
Pratt, John19121991N/A
Pratt, Libbie19192004N/A
Pratt, Urbane M.9/5/187510/22/1941N/A
Price, Clara A.19131/1/1981Age 67-Eastern Star
Price, William H.8/16/19166/30/1979Age 62-Mason-Husband of Clara-World War 2
Purks, Ettie Z.9/25/18984/22/1909Age 10-Daughter of J. H.
Purks, George2/13/19082/14/1908Age 1 Day-Son of Leonard & Matilda
Purks, Gracie B.2/16/187211/24/1901Age 29
Purks, James Highter5/9/186912/9/1940Age 71-Father-Husband of Grace & Rose
Purks, John2/13/19082/14/1908Age 1 Day-Son of Leonard & Matilda
Purks, Mathilda Elizabeth5/9/188812/23/1959Age 71-Wife of Leonard
Purks, Rose Isabell5/30/18709/20/1936Age 66-Wife of James
Purks, WilfordN/A1908N/A
Purks, WilardN/A1908N/A
Quigley, Florence A.19122001N/A
Quigley, Frederick H.4/26/19037/7/1959Age 56-Husband of Florence
Quigley, Hiram11/3/187411/30/1945Age 71-Father-Husband of Ida
Quigley, Ida Charlotte10/15/18789/1/1954Mother-Wife of Hiram-Age 75
Ranger, Francis L.4/5/192312/19/1944Age 21-World War 2
Ranger, Lottie L.19054/9/1926Mother-Wife of Frank
Ratkiewicz, Rita10/20/19194/16/1998Wife & Mother
Rauser, Vivian G. Dean19013/22/1981Age 79-Mother
Redmond, Hilda L.9/11/18976/29/1979Age 82-Wife of Thomas-Mother
Redmond, Thomas E.12/27/18968/13/1979Age 82-Father-World War 1
Redmond, Walter S.7/17/19108/17/1991Age 81-Husband of Winona-Married 12/7/1935
Redmond, Winona Grace19186/16/2010Age 92-Wife of Walter-Married 12/7/1935
Rehil, Irene1/15/19145/19/2000Wife & Mother
Rehil, Russell Ellwood10/19/191611/23/1999Age 83-Husband of Irene-World War 2
Reid, Gerald F.N/A7/8/1986Age 66
Reinhardt, Milton F.6/1/192610/4/1994"Tex"-Age 68-Husband of Dorothy-U. S. Army
Richardson, Angela5/7/190012/18/1989Age 89-Wife of Frank
Richardson, Belle187612/28/1963Age 87
Richardson, Frank O.6/10/19052/4/1991Age 85-Husband of Angela
Richardson, John184711/7/1915Age 67
Richardson, Lillian18631921Age 67
Richardson, Oliver F.18481936N/A
Richardson, Ruth Mae18994/23/1989Age 90
Richardson, William John11/17/18928/16/1965Age 72-Husband of Ruth
Richter, Doris1920N/AN/A
Richter, William M.190512/30/1975Age 70
Rigby, Laverne W.5/18/19154/13/2003N/A
Rivers, A. D.1869CA4/7/1932N/A
Robinson, Samuel Andrew7/5/18554/27/1937Age 81
Roe, Basil A.19204/22/1991Age 70-Dad-Husband of Ione-Married July 20, 1940
Roe, Belle H.19163/7/1979Age 63-See Belle Ballard
Roe, Cecil Robert5/26/191711/24/1917Age 5 Months-Son of Herman & Lola
Roe, Clara B.4/5/19064/7/1906Age 2 Days
Roe, Clara H.4/8/19084/8/1908Daughter of Martin E. & Hannah
Roe, Dareld D.1/3/19421/7/1942Age 4 Days
Roe, Eaugene Gordon Sr.9/16/19346/18/2015Age 80-Husband of Sharon
Roe, Eaugene K. Jr.19562004Husband of Linda-Married 9/22/1979-Dad, Son & Papa
Roe, Edward Martin9/10/18921/10/1959Age 66-Husband of Grace
Roe, Eugene G.N/A11/2/1929N/A
Roe, Florence R.1934N/AN/A
Roe, George W.19063/10/1977Age 70
Roe, Gilbert E.18685/3/1948Age 79
Roe, Gilbert Eugene Jr.2/7/19092/18/1909Age 11 Days-Son of Gilbert & Mamie
Roe, Gloria V.1929N/AMom-Wife of Wilfred-Married March 16, 1946
Roe, Grace E.6/14/18985/7/1967Age 68-Wife of Edward
Roe, Hannah R.8/6/18623/16/1939Age 76-Wife of Martin
Roe, Herman Jr.7/24/19269/25/1987Age 61-Father
Roe, Herman Julius2/13/18874/23/1957Age 70-Husband of Lola
Roe, Ione O.19249/25/2007Mom-Age 83-Wife of Basil-Married July 20, 1940
Roe, Julius6/4/18334/2/1913Age 79-Civil War
Roe, Linda S.1962N/AWife of Eaugene-Married 9/22/1979-Mom
Roe, Lola R.12/26/18973/28/1980Age 82
Roe, Mamie18821944Age 62
Roe, Martin Edward9/19/18581/17/1937Age 78-Husband of Hannah
Roe, Mary Ann8/18/18418/12/1912Age 78
Roe, Mary L.18621916N/A
Roe, Melvin G.18901918Age 28-World War 1
Roe, Morris Allen10/12/19343/28/1935Age 5 Months-Son of George & Thelma
Roe, Orvis Delbert19088/24/1960Age 52
Roe, Ronald Ross5/26/193112/23/1931Age 7 Months-Son of George & Thelma
Roe, Wilfred Ross2/25/19227/3/1991Age 69-Dad-Husband of Gloria-Married March 16, 1946-World War 2
Rosenquist, Dale Dwight9/18/19089/4/1987Age 78-Husband of Sylvia-Married October 1, 1936
Rosenquist, Sylvia M.1914February, 2008Married October 1, 1936
Ross, William T.1920N/AN/A
Ross, Wilma5/20/19212/25/1986Age 64-World War 2
Rowbottom, John W.18474/4/1922Age 82
Rowbottom, Mary A.18521935Age 83
Rowbottom, Millie18901910Age 20
Royce, Mamie18881917Age 29
Russell, Bill1930N/AN/A
Russell, Gwen1933N/AN/A
Ryba, Esther B. (Bindscheattel)3/27/190612/15/2000Mama
Ryba, Frank A.11/28/19023/9/1999Papa
Ryder, David A.1/17/19222/20/1995World War 2
Ryder, Maurice Sumner188012/6/1957Age 77
Ryder, Ruth M.7/16/18862/3/1977Age 90
Sargent, Hazel D.18994/20/1965Age 65-Mother
Sargent, Lloyd Alfred1/27/19343/20/1934Age 1 Month-Son of Frank & Irene
Sarkody, Gerald7/7/19417/11/2000Age 59-Husband of Juanita
Sarkody, Juanita1940N/AN/A
Schanck, Marie H. (Wiles) Kimball1/21/19338/31/1994Mother
Schrage, Frank M. Jr.2/6/19684/2/1988Age 19-U.S. Navy
Schreib, Albert M.6/27/18802/13/1941Age 61
Schreib, Alberta W.N/AN/AN/A
Schreib, Carl W. A.10/19/184812/29/1917Age 69
Schreib, Maria Ganzel18495/18/1934Wife of Carl-Age 84
Schreib, Winnie E.18861961Age 75
Scofield, Barry Joel193410/24/1954N/A
Scofield, Leslie C.19045/2/1973Age 67
Scofield, Violet A.19042001N/A
Seeley, Richard D.1929N/AN/A
Seeley, Sally J.1933N/AN/A
Selden, Brian18983/20/1988Age 90
Selden, Burl Frank192612/20/1990Age 64-Military Service
Selden, Ceil1926N/AN/A
Selden, Frank18541938N/A
Selden, Kate18641938N/A
Selden, Mary19032004N/A
Selden, Rex B.18857/12/1964Age 78
Senyko, John10/15/18811/20/1957Age 75-Husband of Regina
Senyko, Lawrence W.4/4/191510/18/1951Age 36-Husband of Bernice-Military Service
Senyko, Lillian M.4/4/19113/5/1974Wife of Michael-Mother-Age 62
Senyko, Mike19102001Father
Senyko, Regina5/25/18821/15/1961Age 78
Seward, Eva Mae19065/18/1990Age 84
Seward, Joseph C.190212/31/1977Age 75-Husband of Eva
Seymour, Ernest Everett18859/26/1968Age 83
Seymour, Mertie M.189112/27/1965Age 74
Shaver, Florence M.18875/1/1980Age 92-Mother
Shaver, Luetta9/7/18744/1/1958Age 83
Short, Alvin2/1/19564/22/1997N/A
Short, Alvin William19357/9/1983Age 48-Husband of Marcella-Married July 3, 1954
Short, Anna May1930N/AWife of Ray-Married 11/12/1949
Short, Arthur E.4/18/192112/18/2005Age 84-Husband of Donna-Married 6/7/1945-Military Service
Short, Baby Boy5/7/19535/7/1953Son of Lafe & Lucy
Short, Baby Girl11/6/194411/6/1944Daughter of Lafe & Lucy
Short, Beaulah Mae11/8/196111/8/1961Age 1 Hour-Daughter of Alvin & Marcella
Short, Clarence18924/12/1933Age 40-Military Service
Short, Cynthia Sue5/1/19632/17/2013N/A
Short, Don7/7/19322/21/1995Age 62
Short, Donna Jane5/21/1925N/AWife of Arthur-Married 6/7/1945
Short, Donnabell Rose19291929N/A
Short, Doris June6/7/19366/17/1936Daughter of Jesse
Short, E. Ida1876CA 7/5/1945Age 69-Mother
Short, Edna M.189612/12/1980Age 84
Short, Genevieve M.4/21/19178/23/2003Age 86-Wife of Roy
Short, George W.3/31/18394/23/1922Age 83-Civil War
Short, Harry9/9/18974/4/1963"Henry"-Age 65-Husband of Grace
Short, Helen Bridge9/8/19071/8/1983Wife of Paul
Short, Henrietta (Little)19011995N/A
Short, Herbert D.1/21/193311/11/1992Age 59-Son
Short, Jesse9/9/18979/2/1966Age 69-Husband of Muriel
Short, Jesse David12/7/186210/25/1936Age 73-Husband of Ida-Father
Short, Julia11/23/18421/3/1916Age 74-Wife of George
Short, Lafayette2/27/19085/1/1979Age 71-Husband of Lucy
Short, Lavern Eugene9/26/19282/11/1984Age 55-Husband of Dawne-Military Service
Short, Leslie5/9/19004/8/1966Age 65-World War 1
Short, Lloyd3/4/192811/30/1947Age 19-Son of Clarence & Henrietta
Short, Lucy Harriet9/18/19157/21/2006Age 90-Wife of Lafayette
Short, Luther1/17/19143/25/1915Age 1-Son of Lafayette & Mary Jane
Short, Luther Lafayette4/5/18705/14/1943Age 73-Husband of Mary Jane-Father
Short, Marcella1938N/AWife of Alvin-Married July 3, 1954
Short, Marsha Ann6/26/19546/27/1954Lived 27 Hours-Daughter of Herbert
Short, Mary Jane11/24/18835/15/1945Age 61-Wife of Lafe-Mother
Short, Muriel191212/17/1982Age 70
Short, Paul8/27/19043/3/1960Age 56-Husband of Helen
Short, Ray19233/22/1924Age 4 Months-Son of Vinos
Short, Ray10/20/19308/12/1996Age 65-Husband of Anna-Married 11/12/1949
Short, Roy8/26/19101/24/1991Age 80-Husband of Genevieve
Short, Terry Stanley2/4/19436/26/1947Age 4-Son of Harry & Grace
Short, Vinos18885/15/1964Age 75
Short, Wilhelmina A.19082/23/1990Age 81
Shortt, Dorothy L.8/25/19298/18/1989Age 59-Wife of Leon-Married 8/6/1948
Shortt, Leon L.5/5/1928N/AHusband of Dorothy-Married 8/6/1948
Shotwell, Sylvia I.July 21, 1910June 19, 1996Age 85
Shufelt, Julia Ann10/11/18972/6/1955Age 58
Shufelt, Norman Earl12/28/188210/4/1978Age 95
Shufelt, Pearl19051945N/A
Shurter, Herman A.3/25/193711/21/1997Military Service
Simmons, Benjaman184710/25/1917Age 70
Simons, Emma5/18/18585/3/1916Age 58
Simons, Frank3/22/18605/4/1929Age 69
Slocum, John R.18801943Age 63-Mason
Slocum, Nellie1/14/18845/25/1960Age 76-Eastern Star-Wife of George
Smiley, Carl Johnston8/20/19191/8/2008Husband of Ellen-Married 8/1/1953-World War 2
Smiley, Charles Harrison Sr.7/19/18918/3/1954Age 63-Husband of Mina
Smiley, Charles Henry Jr.N/A11/7/1920Age 6 Hours
Smiley, Ellen E.1925N/AWife of Carl-Married 8/1/1953
Smiley, Mary E.19211994Mother
Smiley, Mina E.12/8/18935/26/1979Age 85
Smith, Elma MayN/A7/2/1983Age 74-Wife of Elton
Smith, Frank6/19/18515/3/1919Age 68-Father
Smith, Hazel Ruth6/25/18969/12/1896N/A
Smith, Sarah3/29/18063/21/1908Age 101
Snyder, Thomas Frank11/9/19482/2/1995Age 46-Husband of Jean-Vietnam
Socholdalsky, Anna L.N/A3/5/1976Age 84
Spencer, Donna R.(Mandilk)8/12/19399/30/2002Age 63-Wife of Orville-Mother
Spencer, Iris V.8/31/19158/31/1915Daughter of Ray & Mary
Spencer, Orville4/13/1936N/AHusband
Sperling, Basil Robert4/27/18838/1/1961Age 78-Husband of Myrtle
Sperling, Bernard R.18921914Age 22
Sperling, Levi18243/25/1897Civil War
Sperling, Myrtle Edna2/14/18844/4/1970Age 86
Sperling, Olive E.18581944Age 86
Sperling, Samuel R.18541926Age 72
Sprygada, Chester M.1924N/AN/A
Sprygada, Dale E.10/10/195111/30/2007N/A
Sprygada, Dale EdwardN/ACA6/14/2008N/A
Sprygada, Leann11/22/1953N/AN/A
Sprygada, Vera E.1923N/AN/A
Sprygada, Wayne Francis19491/21/1985Age 35
Squillo, James J. C.10/23/19419/28/2002
Stedman, Emaly LouiseN/A4/24/1967Age 84-Wife of James
Stedman, Frances Kathryn10/5/18828/25/1959Age 76-Wife of James
Steinhurst, Claire Selden18886/6/1965Age 77
Stephens, Rose18951943Age 48-Mother
Stevens, Alan E.1/24/1929N/AN/A
Stevens, ArchieN/AN/AN/A
Stevens, Gary D.5/11/19525/11/1952Age 8 Hours-Brother-Son of Gerald & Isabel
Stevens, Gerald Edmond10/1/19034/21/1962Age 58-Husband of Isabel
Stevens, Ira A.190510/17/1977Age 72
Stevens, Jemima A.5/31/187812/31/1909Age 31
Stevens, Rosemary1/23/19284/22/2005N/A
Stewart, Charles McFarn18568/20/1933Age 77
Stieler, Goldie C.18945/9/1980Age 86
Strong, Milo B.1925N/AHusband of Natalie-Married 6/20/1975
Strong, Natalie Diane10/8/193511/22/2003Age 68-Wife of Milo-Married 6/20/1975
Stuart, MabelN/A5/20/1924Age 11
Suiter, Beatrice C.2/23/19016/26/1979Age 78
Sundberg, Albert Edwin7/16/19319/26/2012Age 81
Sundberg, Ruth Delores5/20/19321/13/1988Age 55-Wife of Bert-Mother
Suyak, Donna J.1926N/AN/A
Suyak, John M.19212001World War 1
Sykes, Adelbert2/15/18492/18/1935Age 86
Taber, Baby Boy2/16/19222/16/1922Son of Clyde H. & Tressa C.
Taber, Charles Hodge8/15/18581/28/1944Age 85-Husband of Lydia & Marie
Taber, Clyde Homer11/22/189110/26/1957Age 66-Husband of Tressa
Taber, Ella6/3/18988/4/1900Age 2-Daughter of Charles & Lydia
Taber, Fay Hilda1/31/19231/15/2001Age 77-Wife of Lloyd
Taber, Glenn Charles3/26/18964/14/1971Age 75-Husband of Mary-Mason-World War 1
Taber, Grover C.6/19/18845/3/1902Age 17-Son of Charles & Lydia
Taber, Lloyd Donald8/1/19201/21/1981Age 60-Husband of Mary-World War 2
Taber, Lydia A.11/23/18606/10/1931N/A
Taber, Mary Ida (Beck)10/21/190110/24/2000Age 99-Wife of Glen Taber & John Beck-Eastern Star
Taber, Tressa10/30/18939/10/1948Age 54-Wife of Clyde
Thayer, Ashley Marie10/1/19893/8/1991Age 15 Months-Daughter of Leo & Carol
Thayer, Delores (Geri)6/14/19305/8/1993Age 62-Wife of Harold
Thayer, Frances M.8/2/19221/14/2004Age 81-Wife of Melvin-Married 9/11/1939
Thayer, Fred19043/16/1977Age 71-Grandfather
Thayer, George18601923Age 63
Thayer, Harold Ervin (John)5/18/19322/10/1987Age 54-Husband of Delores
Thayer, Judson Watson10/13/186511/25/1917Husband-Age 52
Thayer, Leo11/12/19151/25/2006N/A
Thayer, Melvin Fredrick9/19/19143/26/2003Age 88-Husband of Frances-Married 9/11/1939-World War 2
Thayer, Nellie3/2/18626/6/1941N/A
Thayer, Velma5/18/19102/16/1997Mother
Thomas, Eugene8/28/19249/4/1999World War 2
Thompson, Harvey Warner19172002Military Service
Thompson, Shirley G.19171999N/A
Thrasher, Beverly JeanN/A1939N/A
Townsend, Beatrice Jane8/19/19113/24/2003Age 91-Wife of Harry-Married 5/27/1931-Mother
Townsend, Harry12/7/190611/28/1996Age 89-Husband of Beatrice-Married 5/27/1931-Father
Trankle, Edward James7/6/19049/17/1982Age 78-Father-Husband of Irene-Married 9/2/1939
Trankle, Irene19102009Mother-Married 9/2/1939
Trudell, Bertha E.9/1/190312/22/1979Age 76
Trudell, Frank N.6/1/19154/25/1998N/A
Trudell, Maude F.5/19/189610/12/1986Age 91
Trudell, Robert J.3/24/189410/8/1985Age 91
Umphrey, George Wesley11/19/19101/25/1971Age 60-World War 2
Umphrey, John Edward193711/16/1944Age 7-"Teddy"
Umphrey, Mildred Isobel9/5/19163/16/1981Age 64-Wife of William Drake-See Drake
Urick, Daniel Delbert6/9/19074/19/1993Age 85-Husband of Grace-Married 5/8/1956-World War 2
Urick, Grace F.1/31/19149/24/2003Age 89-Wife of Harry Short & Daniel Urick-Married 5/8/1956
VanUden, Lillie FernMay 29, 1923August 17, 2014Age 91-Wife of Allan Harrington, Otis Long & Rudolf VanUden
Verbo, Helen M.N/A1/8/1983Age 75
Vitick, Joseph6/21/19141/31/1992Age 77
Vitick, Mildred12/15/19146/20/1992Age 79
Waggoner, Andrew J.12/24/182811/19/1901Age 73-Civil War
Wakefield, Baby Boy4/5/19124/5/1912Son of Elmer & Ella
Wakefield, Mamie G.18921918Age 22
Walt, Rose Lucille19241/9/1972Age 47
Ward, Emma Lou11/26/19372/21/2004Daughter
Wardrop, Debra12/25/195811/11/1995"Short"
Weatherby, Alberta June Schreib6/9/19052/18/1966Age 60
Weldon, George Edward7/29/18748/21/1943Age 74
White, Alfred Arthur2/1/19135/24/1988Age 75-Husband of June-Married 6/15/1940
White, June Emma12/12/19197/28/1992Age 73-Wife of Alfred-Married 6/15/1940
White, Roe David12/4/18778/16/1939Age 61-Husband of Mary
Whitman, Alson J.18831/7/1949Age 66
Whitman, MildredN/A1917Daughter-"Dottie"
Whitman, Myrtle (Duley)18806/30/1955Age 74
Widby, Anthony C.7/17/19505/6/2004Husband of Carol-Married 3/1/1980
Widby, Carol J.8/25/1957N/AWife of Anthony-Married 3/1/1980
Wilder, Arthur W.3/8/19187/27/1995World War 2
Wilder, Ethel M.N/A4/24/1983"Keppy"-Age 89-Wife of Arthur
Wiles, Jack R.11/10/19374/1/2002Son, Brother, Uncle & Friend
Wiles, Pete Ted5/13/19361/26/1961Age 24-Son of Robert & Frances
Williams, Tom18781953N/A
Williamson, Charles W.11/3/19259/5/1996World War 2
Williamson, Helen S.19279/30/2004N/A
Willison, Myrtle18791913Age 34
Wilson, Delbert (Albert)8/25/19037/29/1980Age 76
Wilson, Fred W.1913N/AHusband of Margaret-Married 2/20/1937-Father
Wilson, George A.N/A1/18/1986Age 85
Wilson, Harold Paul1/22/191810/28/1999World War 2
Wilson, Margaret A.19138/24/1974Age 51-Wife of Fred-Married 2/20/1937-Mother
Wilson, Mary Lou1921CA11/17/2008N/A
Wilson, William Casper10/7/191811/26/1918Age 1 Month-Son of Casper & Nancy
Wood, Geraldine B.12/10/192112/6/1995Age 79-Wife of Tracy W.
Wood, Laura M.19292000Mother
Wood, Tracy Lee194110/11/1977Age 35-U. S. Navy
Wood, Tracy W.8/14/191412/23/1980Age 66-Husband of Geraldine
Woodlan, Robert M.19502/7/1969Age 18-Son
Wyatt, Ann1906(Blank)N/A
Wyatt, John Palmer19011/14/1970Age 68-"Jack"
Wynkoop, Charles18442/3/1912Age 68
Yost, Acel2/9/19078/19/1961Age 54-World War 2
Yost, Betty R.19269/1/1988Age 61
Yost, Charles2/9/18898/25/1940Age 51-Husband of Beatrice-World War 1
Yost, Clyde Neil6/22/19365/22/1968Age 31-Husband of Kay
Yost, David3/22/190412/16/1940Age 36-Husband of Helen-Father
Yost, Emma May10/14/18996/30/1989Age 89
Yost, Ernest19164/3/1945World War 2
Yost, Floyd1/25/18901/17/1982Age 91
Yost, Frank18681/27/1951Age 83
Yost, Frank19189/2/1989Age 71
Yost, John M.183710/23/1921Age 84-Civil War
Yost, Minnie18743/25/1963Age 88
Yost, Nora1928N/AN/A
Yost, SidN/AN/AN/A
Zimmer, Adalbert N.11/8/19226/20/1976Age 53-Husband of Agnes-Married 9/19/1964-World War 2
Zimmer, Agnes Marie11/19/19279/11/2005Age 77-Wife of Adalbert-Married 9/19/1964
Zimmerman, Kay Ann10/10/19365/14/2007Mom & Grandma
Zivkovich, Jean E.19181994Daughter-Wife-Mother

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