Anyone knowing of additional burials in this cemetery is asked to send the information to:
The Rose City Historical Society, Post Office Box 736, Rose City, Michigan 48654

Additional Info
Atherton, Clark7/3/19099/29/1986Age 77
Atherton, Marjorie A.10/24/19131/8/1985"Marge"-Age 71-Wife of Clark
Bagge, Fidelia E.7/22/18949/14/1981Age 87-Our Beloved Gram
Baldree, Fern E.9/8/19048/16/1993Age 88-Mother
Barton, Harry Eugene12/30/19304/25/2015Age 84-Husband of Jeanette-Married 12/17/1949
Barton, Jeanette L.4/27/19325/26/2005Age 73-Wife of Harry-Married 12/17/1949
Bates, Russell Gene10/1/1930N/AN/A
Bates, Sharon Sue3/31/19448/27/1999Age 55-Wife of Russell
Blanchard, Carla L.7/13/196011/12/1989Age 29-Wife & Mother
Bostic, Glen Edward11/11/19552/6/2006Age 50-"Eddie"-Son, Brother & Father
Bostic, Hobert Edward7/26/19224/8/1981Age 58-Husband of Vencina-MM3-U.S. Navy-World War 2
Brager, Theodore J. August9/15/198011/28/1995"Teddy"-Age 15-Son of Aaron & Brenda
Calies, Joyce M.11/13/192110/13/2008Age 86-Wife of Robert
Calies, Robert A.6/5/19216/7/1982Age 61-Husband of Joyce-Military Service
Calies, Robert Jr.19551978N/A
Carlson, Jamie Christopher12/24/198512/24/1985Our Little Darling
Clark, David Arthur12/29/19426/9/1994Age 51-Husband of Marjorie
Clark, Lonnie C.1/26/191611/17/1994Age 78
Clark, Nora Ann1/18/19241/30/1987Age 63-Wife of Lonnie-"Nan"
Denstedt, Carol Sue9/29/194610/31/1999Age 53
Dings, John4/19/18254/10/1904Age 78-Civil War
Doren, Jacob8/2/18181/21/1906Age 88
Eagle, Frances E.19091981Married 10/3/1926
Eagle, Wilford1/21/189910/21/1976Age 77-Husband of Frances-Married 10/3/1926
Evergreen, Providence Hope10/2/19901/14/2015Age 24-Daughter of David & Rebecca
Finerty, Donald C.2/23/193910/16/2005Age 66-Husband of Nancy-U. S. Army
Finerty, Nancy L.1939N/AN/A
Forsyth, Charles William3/17/19438/14/1993Age 50-Husband of Grace
Forsyth, Grace A.1945N/AN/A
Hecklin, Earl A.7/31/19143/21/1980Age 65-Husband of Yolanda
Hecklin, Martha Yolanda5/22/19187/16/1989"Marty"-Age 71
Keeney, Jackie1937N/AN/A
Keeney, Merle J.2/3/193312/29/1997Age 64-Husband of Jacqueline
Kellogg, Earl Abram8/18/190610/10/1994Age 88-Husband of Pearl
Kellogg, Pearl Lucille4/24/190811/22/2002Age 94
Kerby, Carol K.3/7/1936N/AMarried 2/8/1964
Kerby, Richard W.5/19/19353/21/2001Married 2/8/1964
Leopard, Edward11/23/191012/2/1910Age 10 Months-Son of James & Lizzie
Leopard, V. Edna8/3/190711/7/1907Age 3 Months-Daughter of James & Lizzie
Leopard, Vida6/22/19096/22/1909Daughter of James & Lizzie
McAllister, Bruce H.7/21/19322/8/1983Age 50-Husband of Lola-Married 10/20/1956-Military Service
McAllister, Lola J.1937N/AMarried 10/20/1956
Meiser, Dorothy J.2/15/19291/26/2006Age 76-Wife of Calvin
Meloche, Craig John3/13/196110/9/2012Age 51-Husband of Penelope
Meloche, Herbert JohnN/A10/5/2013Age 73-Husband of Sharon-Military Service
Mudget, Fred E.1/23/190312/23/1992Age 89
Powers, Vera Belle7/29/193011/25/1987Age 57-Beloved Wife of Charles-Mother
Richardson, Gerald F.1/2/19303/6/2010Age 80-Korea
Robinson, Gerald Lee12/19/19566/5/1996"Jerry"-Age 39-HR-U.S. Navy
Robinson, Irene11/00/191311/00/1981N/A
Robinson, Raymond F. Sr.12/5/19037/13/1987"Slim"-Age 83-Husband of Irene
Royer, Harold L.7/10/19123/22/1981"Duke"-Age 68-TEC5-U.S. Army-World War 2
Runge, Baby BoyN/A1960N/A
Runge, Barbara J.11/25/19344/29/2007Wife of Robert
Runge, Robert Henry7/19/192912/31/2014Age 85-Husband of Barbara-Military Service
Sakowski, Eugene E.19401993N/A
Sakowski, Stephen19541993N/A
Schaaf, Lillian Ladena19175/10/1997Age 79- Mom
Schaaf, Neil E.8/27/191711/25/1986Age 69-Husband of Lillian-Dad
Stephens, Harold G. Jr.7/29/19697/23/2014"BJ"-Age 44-Son of Harold & Phyllis
Swift, Bertha Belle11/23/191210/22/1992Age 79-Beloved Grandmother
Tameling, Zachary HunterN/A2/18/1992Infant Son of David & Janelle
Tennant, Kenneth A.8/11/19338/4/1977Age 43-Husband of Janelle-EM3 U.S. Navy-Korea
Tennant, Lyle M.N/AN/AN/A
Terrell, Dorothy L. Robinson Hiltz8/23/19373/18/1999Age 61
Thomas, Asil Ray5/25/19128/10/2004Age 92-Husband of Myrtle-Married 3/31/1934
Thomas, Claudia S.1942N/AMarried 12/10/1960
Thomas, Myrtle Ruth2/23/19177/24/2003Age 86-Wife of Asil-Married 3/31/1934
Thomas, William R.193911/11/1997Age 58-Husband of Claudia-Married 12/10/1960
VanDoninck, Hermine E.5/28/19038/14/1985Age 81-Mother

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