Richland Township Cemetery is located on Sheffer Road between Mogg Road and McLean Road,
east of Sage Lake Road, Richland Township, Ogemaw County, Michigan.
A big thank you to the Rose City Historical Society girls, especially Diane and Janet. They brave
bugs, heat, snakes, and skinned knuckles to photograph the tombstones for you.
This index has been compiled by Grace Dooley, and all rights belong to her.

Additional Information
Abbott, RobertN/A3/1/1911Original Section Lot 158-Age 67
Adams, Donnie Lee8/22/196312/4/2001Age 38-Son of James & Dawn
Adams, Milton M.9/25/184511/23/1914Age 69
Adams, Mollie18557/9/1907Original Section Lot 1-Age 52-Wife
Aikins, Ethelyn T.190510/9/1905Original Section Lot 124-Age 5 Months-Daughter of Sam. & Ethland
Aikins, JosephN/ACA4/22/1926N/A
Aikins, Pearl E.9/8/18835/30/1905Original Section Lot 124-Age 22
Alda, BabeN/AN/AN/A
Alexander, NathanielN/A10/19/1954Original Section Lot 19-Age 95
Amidon, Emery Dennis8/15/18946/10/1968Age 73-World War 1
Anderson, Albert18832/5/1936Age 52-Husband of Mary
Anderson, Charlotte G.12/16/19274/19/2010N/A
Anderson, Claude J.19011990Husband of Antoinette-Married 1927
Anderson, Franklin (Andy)3/4/1933N/AN/A
Anderson, Marie Antoinette8/31/19088/15/1966Age 58-Wife of Claude-Married 1927
Anderson, Ward11/23/19326/2/1937Age 4-Son of Claud & Antonnette
Anderson, William G.18811944N/A
Arndt, Donald Lee9/13/19481/15/2015Age 66-Husband of Darlene
Arndt, Earl Raymond4/21/19208/17/2007Age 87-Husband of Pearl-World War 2
Arndt, Emil18891971N/A
Arndt, Margaret Ann8/27/19308/13/2012Age 81-Wife of Paul
Arndt, Minnie18971976N/A
Arndt, Paul L.1925N/AN/A
Arndt, Pearl E.7/21/1929N/AN/A
Arndt, Wilhelmina4/17/18979/23/1976Age 79
Arnold, Cecil H.3/13/19068/22/1923Age 17-Son of Albert & Mary
Arnold, Freida May5/26/19099/18/1923Age 13-Daughter of Albert & Mary
Atkins, Ethland Fern4/27/190510/9/1905Age 5 Months-Daughter of Samuel & Ethland
Atkins, Pearl9/8/18835/30/1905Age 22
Atwood, EmmaN/A4/9/1941Original Section Lot 52-Age 79
Bailey, Ernest Wesley8/23/18745/30/1962Age 87
Bailey, Rachel1877CA8/29/1946N/A
Baker, Gerald Byron1/16/19364/26/2008Korea
Balfour, Pamela L.8/13/1940N/AN/A
Balfour, Thomas W.3/15/1941N/AN/A
Bamberger, BabyJanuary, 1974January, 1974N/A
Bamberger, Karen Linda9/9/19504/19/1987Age 36-Wife of Wayne
Barager, Jack Frederick6/14/19272/23/1995Second Addition Lot 93-Age 67-Husband of Deloris-World War 2
Bartle, Alvin James6/11/19036/24/1976World War 2
Beard, Evelyn M.19201993Mother
Beard, Vearl W. Jr.N/A8/6/2014Age 71-Husband of Marilyn-Vietnam
Beardsley, Lizzie Wilkins18651/17/1956N/A
Beatty, JoeN/A7/25/1900Original Section Lot 89-Age 5 Weeks-Son of Rev. & Mrs. B. R. Beatty
Beaubien, May10/19/19046/30/1987Mother
Beaubien, Peter A.1928N/AN/A
Beaubien, Ray V.4/28/19026/11/1973Father
Beaubien, Wilma D.1932N/AN/A
Becker, Emil O.3/19/191811/15/1993World War 2
Beckwith, ErnestN/A2/9/1958Second Addition Lot 79
Belanger, Emma9/6/189112/23/1973Age 82-Wife of Fred
Bellinger, Edward G.19071991N/A
Bellinger, Martha F.1900N/AN/A
Benoit, Gertie7/23/19155/14/1983Second Addition Lot 82-Age 67-Wife of Leonard
Benoit, Leonard190510/21/1983"Frenchie"-Second Addition Lot 82-Age 78
Bergeron, Geraldine19121992Wife of Wellington-Married 10/6/1932
Bergeron, Geraldine Marie19105/26/1921Age 11-Daughter of Henry & Edith
Bergeron, Henry1/21/188812/11/1966Age 78
Bergeron, Lula E.1/12/18902/26/1966Age 76-Wife of Henry
Bergeron, Marie19111922N/A
Bergeron, Wellington19121995Husband of Geraldine-Married 10/6/1932
Bergquist, Baby Boy2/27/19412/27/1941Son of Cleo
Bergquist, Betty S.9/21/1943N/AN/A
Bergquist, Cleo E.5/13/19169/22/2010Age 94-Husband of Ann-World War 2
Bergquist, Cleo Lavere2/4/194512/15/1999"Larry"-Age 54-Husband of Lois
Bergquist, David A.18868/7/1933Original Section Lot 94-Age 47
Bergquist, David Alfred9/16/19314/7/1989Age 57-Korea
Bergquist, Everett A.9/16/19117/30/1913Original Section Lot 94-Age 1-Son of David & Viola
Bergquist, Gerald BertonN/A9/14/1974Second Addition Lot 49-Age 56-"Gus"
Bergquist, Gust A.18581930N/A
Bergquist, Gust E.18901967N/A
Bergquist, James E.5/2/193911/5/2003N/A
Bergquist, Jerold B.11/9/19179/11/1974U.S. Army
Bergquist, Konrad D. Sr.19442001Father
Bergquist, Larry2/4/194512/15/1999Age 54-Husband of Lois
Bergquist, Lois J.1952N/AN/A
Bergquist, Mary M.182611/29/1926Wife of Gus
Bergquist, Meta18961974N/A
Bergquist, Viola M.18851961N/A
Bergquist, Wayne R.7/1/19499/10/1995Vietnam
Berry, Caroline Mahlon2/23/191212/5/2003Age 91-Wife of Ralph Mahlon & Laurel Berry
Bersette, Ernest18921958Friend
Best, Agusta4/3/18409/23/1909Age 69
Best, Baby19031903Original Section Lot 98
Best, Baby Boy6/9/19126/9/1912Son of Adelbert & Olive
Best, Baby Boy5/31/19175/31/1917Son of Adelbert & Olive
Best, Bertha B.19073/29/1989Original Section Lot 68-Age 81
Best, Bertha19021993N/A
Best, Charles188812/11/1903Original Section Lot 77-Age 15-Son of Adelbert & Edna
Best, Charles W.7/24/19061/21/1986Original Section Lot 155-Age 79
Best, ClaudeN/A7/28/1983Age 77
Best, Clay W.2/11/195911/15/1975N/A
Best, Clyde Elliott4/19/18889/15/1939Original Section Lot 77-Age 51-Husband of Luella-World War 1
Best, Cornelius O.1/18/18355/1/1911Original Section Lot 148-Age 76-Civil War
Best, David R.18683/27/1959Original Section Lot 98-Age 90
Best, Elizabeth8/4/18788/4/1941Original Section Lot 98-"Lizzie"-Age 63
Best, Elizabeth Almira6/7/18802/5/1954Original Section Lot 155-Age 73-Wife of James
Best, Elizabeth I.3/4/18987/8/1977Original Section Lot 177-Age 79
Best, Floyd S.19211976World War 2
Best, Frank B.7/3/188111/10/1962Original Section Lot 172-Age 81-World War 1
Best, George James2/22/19089/15/1970Original Section Lot 155-Age 62-World War 2
Best, Helen Emma May4/15/19186/12/1993Second Addition Lot 18-Age 75-Wife of John-Mother-Grandmother
Best, Iris Sarah9/18/18699/18/1947Original Section Lot 68-Age 78-Wife of Loren
Best, James A.6/16/18936/14/1973Original Section Lot 177-Age 79-Husband of Elizabeth
Best, James E.12/7/18707/12/1952Original Section Lot 155-Age 81-Husband of Elizabeth
Best, Jeanne Bell11/19/19032/8/1904Age 2 Months-Daughter of David & Lillie
Best, John4/19/19168/3/1995Age 79-Husband of Helen-World War 2
Best, Leo Oakley18931893N/A
Best, Leona May2/2/19121/24/1913Original Section Lot 155-Age 11 Months-Daughter of James & Elizabeth
Best, Lois L.3/27/19246/14/2014Age 90-Wife of Willis
Best, Loren D.9/25/18714/20/1959Original Section Lot 68-Age 87
Best, Luella10/18/188910/9/1957Original Section Lot 77-Age 67-Wife of Zina
Best, Nelson3/27/19143/31/1987Original Section Lot 155-Age 73-World War 2
Best, Nora Marie5/5/192412/14/1985Age 61-Wife & Mother
Best, Ray Loren8/16/190412/6/1989Original Section Lot 68-Age 85-Husband of Bertha
Best, Romanze Elliott5/9/18526/1/1904Age 46
Best, Ted J.2/24/192612/19/1954Second Addition Lot 14-Age 28-World War 2
Best, Thelma19195/1/1920Age 1-Daughter of James & Elizabeth
Best, Velma Issabell4/17/19175/26/1918Age 1-Daughter of James & Elizabeth
Best, William O.11/17/18957/1/1972Age 76-Husband of Bertha
Best, Willis O.7/31/19253/28/1975U.S. Marine Corps
Bidwell, Cyrus W.18871953Father
Bidwell, Ilah D.18901968Mother
Bidwell, Levi D.10/22/19105/12/1918Original Section Lot 95-Age 7-Son of William & Millie
Bidwell, Millie A.4/20/188612/5/1966Original Section Lot 95-Age 81
Bidwell, William Charles18844/29/1934Original Section Lot 95-Age 50
Bills-Becker, Lorna L. Pillsbury10/3/19233/23/2006Mother
Bisbing, Elizabeth Baird8/2/18622/15/1940Age 77-Wife of William-Possibly buried Reno Cemetery
Black, Baby Girl12/12/191512/12/1915Daughter of John & Clara
Black, Clara12/16/18789/13/1971Original Section Lot 72-Age 92-Wife of John
Black, Colton M.190012/23/1976Second Addition Lot 28-Age 76
Black, Francis Oliver8/17/19087/26/1930Original Section Lot 72-Age 21-Son of John & Clara
Black, John R.4/16/18606/10/1939Original Section Lot 72-Age 79
Black, Leota M. (Currie)2/22/19201/14/2009Age 88-Wife of Colton
Black, Linda Sue195211/28/1956Second Addition Lot 28-Age 3
Blackman, Ellen3/27/18577/1/1942Original Section Lot 47-Age 85
Blackman, Emery Pitt2/21/18367/4/1917Original Section Lot 46-Age 81-Husband of Ellen-Civil War
Bond, Nina V.187010/2/1920Original Section Lot 166-Age 50
Boomer, Ethadell Ryan7/2/18776/19/1964Original Section Lot 70-Age 86-Wife of Joseph Boomer & John Ryan
Boshaw, WilliamN/ACA9/5/1946N/A
Bowen, Jennie8/20/184912/3/1905Age 58
Bowen, LeonN/A4/27/1898Age 54
Brack, James19282002Husband of Mary-Married 7/7/1956-Military Service
Brack, Mary1932N/AWife of James-Married 7/7/1956
Bradley, Arilla J.3/7/186110/17/1945Original Section Lot 102-Age 84
Bradley, Infant BoyN/ACA 9/6/1928Son of Don & Agnes
Bradley, Sarah K.3/27/19086/2/1995Age 87-Wife of Wilmer
Bradley, Wilmer H.19156/10/1987Original Section Lot 75-Age 71-Husband of Sarah
Brazelton, Warren F.4/26/19488/31/2004Age 56-Son of Donald & Rose
Briggs, DeWayne Jack4/14/19526/10/2003Vietnam
Bristow, Ruby S.2/28/18986/7/1987Original Section Lot 29-Age 89
Brokop, Elizabeth18967/4/1983Age 87-Wife
Brokop, Otto J.18911974Husband
Brown, Homer G.5/1/18903/24/1966Second Addition Lot 141-Age 75-Husband of Pearl
Brown, Joseph Clemente3/25/18394/14/1917Age 78
Bujak, Edward10/19/19144/24/1987Second Addition Lot 74-Age 72-Husband of Louise
Bujak, Louise10/1/19078/4/1995Age 87
Bullock, Boy3/16/19063/18/1906Age 2 Days-Son of Jay & Cynthia
Bulloxk, Cynthia Flossie4/1/18913/18/1906Age 14
Burtch, Bob E.19051983N/A
Burtch, Cecil Raymond9/12/19073/13/1993Second Addition Lot 31-Age 85
Burtch, Kenneth Clifford8/29/19383/26/1978Second Addition Lot 31-Age 39-Son of Cecil
Burtch, Margaret B.1/1/19099/14/1971Age 62-Wife of Robert
Burtch, Minnie3/21/19049/2/1968Second Addition Lot 31-Age 64-Wife of Cecil
Burwash, Wanda Catherine11/4/19087/3/1980Age 71
Burwash, William E.19041975N/A
Butch, Catherine L.9/6/19257/8/1998Mother & Grandmother
Butler, Frank9/19/19084/18/1911Original Section Lot 118-Age 2-Son of George & Grace
Button, William7/7/18435/18/1906Original Section Lot 74-Age 62-Civil War
Cain, Steven Ray9/15/19708/26/1990Age 19-Son of William & Suzanne
Cain, Suzanne (Martin)3/11/1950N/AWife of William-Married 4/2/1967
Cain, William R.7/31/1946N/AHusband of Suzanne-Married 4/2/1967
Callahon, Donavon L.19193/23/1991Second Addition Lot 91-Age 71-World War 2
Carson, Joan Margaret5/31/18884/14/1960Second Addition Lot 97-Age 71-Wife of Louis
Carson, Louis B.6/15/188810/24/1964Second Addition Lot 97-Age 76-Husband of Katherine
Cartmill, Clarence Ernest5/23/19114/5/1970Age 58-Husband of Ruth-World War 2
Cartmill, Ruth L.9/28/190910/11/1992N/A
Cassidy, Jane18265/24/1909Original Section Lot 132-Age 83-Wife of Michael
Cassidy, Michael James3/25/182611/27/1908Original Section Lot 132-Age 82
Ceschin, Goldie18818/11/1976Second Addition Lot 110-Age 94
Ceschin, Joseph3/19/18876/30/1970Second Addition Lot 110-Age 83-Husband of Goldie-World War 1
Cey, John Marion8/27/19106/6/1971Second Addition Lot 33-Age 60
Cey, Rose9/6/188810/7/1957Second Addition Lot 33-Age 69-Mother
Chaffin, Atha C.9/16/18851/31/1908Age 22-Daughter of Roscoe & Mary
Chaffin, Eliza6/21/18097/7/1903Age 93
Champagne, Mary Maria6/4/18551/30/1933Age 77
Champagne, Simon18605/1/1948N/A
Champine, Joseph C.18901949N/A
Champine, Wilma C.18911969N/A
Chatterton, David R.3/29/19387/18/1967Age 29-Vietnam
Chevalier, Geraldine M.1931N/ADaughter
Chevalier, Gwendolyn M.18952/6/1979Original Section Lot 156-Age 83-Mother
Chevalier, Jerome J.18901954Original Section Lot 156-Age 64-Father
Chipps, Baby Boy3/18/19233/18/1923Son of Lena & Roy
Chipps, Charles A.1/1/19069/22/1995Age 89-Husband of Lena
Chipps, Helena Martha6/10/19091/4/1962Age 52-Wife of Charles
Chipps, Joseph Andrew12/12/18821/16/1945Age 62
Chipps, Julia E.18841970N/A
Chipps, Lena C. Mogg8/26/18993/18/1923Original Section Lot 9-Age 22-Wife of Roy
Chipps, Sarah18691951N/A
Church, Ernest J.188110/24/1939Original Section Lot 26-Age 58
Church, Ida1/6/18843/24/1907Original Section Lot 26-Age 23
Church, Mildred Helen6/17/190412/3/1933Wife of Earl
Churchill, Charles L.12/19/18432/8/1932Original Section Lot 176-Age 89-Civil War
Churchill, Everett L.4/11/187210/27/1917Original Section Lot 176-Age 46-Son of Charles & Jane
Churchill, Jane M.8/29/18463/5/1921Original Section Lot 176-Age 75
Clark, Angeline18516/20/1887Original Section Lot 12-Age 37
Clark, Annie9/1/190211/6/1989Age 87-Wife of George-Married 9/23/1925
Clark, Baby Boy8/5/19178/5/1917Son of John & Ester
Clark, Baby Boy2/2/19252/2/1925Son of John & Ester
Clark, Baby Boy10/3/193710/3/1937Stillborn-Son of John & Florence
Clark, Doris Jean6/28/192812/24/2006Age 78-Wife of Loren-Married 6/12/1948
Clark, DwaneN/A1935Baby
Clark, EarlN/AN/AN/A
Clark, Edna A.18991984N/A
Clark, Ernest J.19021924N/A
Clark, Esther A.18922/18/1925Original Section Lot 163-Age 33-Wife of John
Clark, Esther Frances8/3/19471/21/1948Daughter of Earl & Frances-Age 6 Months
Clark, Frances1925N/AMom & Grandmom
Clark, Florence A.3/8/189611/1/1961Age 65-Wife of John
Clark, George L.4/30/19003/18/1979Age 78-Husband of Annie-Married 9/23/1925
Clark, Harold E.1/6/193110/25/1931N/A
Clark, Harvey1897CA8/19/1943N/A
Clark, Hazel Ruth1/11/19305/24/1976Age 46-Wife of William
Clark, Irvan Hope8/7/19008/28/1935Age 35-Husband of Edna
Clark, James2/17/19042/17/1904Original Section Lot 12-Baby of John & Margaret
Clark, James19081908N/A
Clark, John12/13/18488/15/1915Original Section Lot 12-Age 67
Clark, John ErnestN/A10/4/1924Original Section Lot 163-Age 22
Clark, John LeRoy9/19/19311/24/1992Age 60-Husband of Isabella
Clark, John Wilson4/8/18733/17/1962Original Section Lot 163-Age 88
Clark, Joseph Elmer6/29/19188/9/1918Age 1 Month-Son of John & Esther
Clark, Joseph W. B.18375/7/1911Original Section 147-Age 72-Father
Clark, Judy Mae5/31/19447/10/2008Age 64-Wife of Randel
Clark, Loren H.3/1/19276/24/2009Age 82-Husband of Doris-Married 6/12/1948
Clark, MargaretN/A8/15/1953Original Section Lot 12-Age 80
Clark, Mary4/29/19149/11/1918Age 4-Daughter of Charles & Josephine
Clark, Pearl6/15/19143/12/1915Age 8 Months-Daughter of John & Ester
Clark, PhilipN/A1937Baby
Clark, Randel M.1939N/AN/A
Clark, William11/12/18928/17/1966Age 73-Son of John & Margarite
Clark, William P.1920N/AN/A
Clayton, Anna Mae11/17/18934/4/1970Original Section Lot 175-Age 76
Clayton, Billy Ellsworth10/4/19299/17/1989Original Section Lot 175-Age 59-Husband of Shirley-Korea
Clayton, Clifford L.2/18/18965/13/1956Original Section Lot 175-Age 60-Husband of Anna
Clayton, Margurete Lucille1/27/19184/9/1918Original Section Lot 175-Age 27 Days-Daughter of Clifford & Anna
Clayton, Shirley A.11/9/19286/25/2016Age 87-Wife of Bill
Cliff, Agnes Ellen18996/12/1989Original Section Lot 103-Ashes
Cliff, Charles F.18701936Father
Cliff, Charlotte4/29/18717/6/1953Original Section Lot 103-Age 82
Cliff, Claude L.10/11/18989/25/1940World War 1
Cliff, Effie M.18791951Mother
Cliff, Ethelyn M.11/4/19198/3/2012aka Ethelyn Cravens-Age 92-Wife of Barney Cliff & Orel Cravens
Cliff, Georgie1/1/18969/7/1896Age 9 Months-Son of R. H. & C.
Cliff, Gladys5/3/19037/28/1940Wife of Scott
Cliff, J. Barney8/11/191011/22/1968Age 58-Husband of Ethelyn
Cliff, Jack H.5/5/19381/28/2003Age 64-Husband of Carol-Father
Cliff, Jackie Thomas10/3/195610/10/1956Second Addition Lot 61-Age 7 Days-Son of Jack & Carol
Cliff, Jacquelin Agnes2/10/19342/17/1934Age 1 Week-Daughter of Scott & Gladys
Cliff, Janett S.10/25/18373/30/1889Wife of George
Cliff, Olive M.19017/22/1951Second Addition Lot 11-Age 49-Wife
Cliff, Peggy M. MuckenthallerN/A1/11/1945Original Section Lot 103-Age 31
Cliff, Robert Henry8/25/18663/21/1938Original Section Lot 103-Age 71-Husband of Charlott
Cliff, Robert John2/16/19018/31/1984Second Addition Lot 11-Age 83-Husband of Olive
Cliff, William H.18433/30/1922Civil War
Clukey, Mary JaneN/A1/28/1895Age 63-Wife of Peter
Colbert, Sarah Cassidey6/16/18655/12/1922Wife of James
Cole, Basil E.6/11/19165/28/1968Age 51
Cole, Diane G.8/6/19427/21/1997Age 54-Wife of Leonard-Married 6/23/1962
Cole, Edna J.18962/27/1979Original Section Lot 166-Age 82
Cole, Glen Russel4/5/19102/26/1984Age 73-Husband of Helen
Cole, Helen Clara19123/8/2010Age 97-Wife of Glen
Cole, Julius F.18955/15/1976Original Section Lot 166-Age 80
Cole, Leonard1941N/AHusband of Diane-Married 6/23/1962
Cole, Lillian Louella10/16/19042/1/1969Age 64-Wife of Walter
Cole, Lucy I. Shepherd7/1/19213/4/2004Age 82-Wife of Dick-Married 8/3/1946
Cole, Raymond J.N/A1/25/1935Original Section Lot 166-Age 3 Months-Son of Julius
Cole, Richard Jay7/11/19171/12/1991Second Addition Lot 34-Age 73-"Dick"-Husband of Lucy-Married 8/3/1946-World War 2
Cole, Walter E.19161971N/A
Conway, James T.19631998Father
Copeland, Shirley Lee8/7/19488/7/1948Daughter of Howard & Margrette
Corey, George A.18901973N/A
Corey, Gerald G.7/2/19166/23/1989World War 2
Corey, Robert James8/24/19378/28/2003U.S. Navy
Corey, Rosemarie7/1/19365/6/1972Age 35-Wife of Robert
Corey, Vera12/20/18911/3/1941Age 49-Wife of George Jr.
Corey, Vivian I.9/1/19179/20/1984Age 67-Wife of Gerald
Corp, Clifford A.19041980N/A
Corp, Velma M.19091990N/A
Coulson, Cora Dell11/27/18671/23/1930Age 62-Wife of Henry
Coulson, Henry Thomas10/7/185710/2/1934Age 76-Husband of Cora
Covell, Cheri19477/2/2009Age 62-Wife of Douglas-Mother
Cowell, Darwin12/25/19081/15/1909Age 20 Days-Son of Louis & Daisy
Craig, Bertha M.18881987N/A
Craig, John Andrew3/13/18965/26/1978Age 82-Husband of Bertha-World War 1
Crainer, Richard L.7/17/19248/18/1987World War 2
Craner, Arthur S.19299/4/1979Second Addition Lot 56-Age 50-Korea
Craner, Baby Girl6/18/19136/18/1913Daughter of Harry & Mary
Craner, Baby Girl5/10/19155/10/1915Daughter of Alex & Averil
Craner, Bessie Mable Evans18885/17/1911Original Section Lot 115-Age 23
Craner, Charles H.187711/11/1957Original Section Lot 182-Age 80
Craner, Edgar Harold19071/21/1983Second Addition Lot 56-Age 75
Craner, Flora11/14/188611/2/1976Original Section Lot 182-Age 89
Craner, Floyd Wm.191712/17/1920Age 3-Son of William & Nellie
Craner, FrankN/A7/1/1936Husband of Gladys-World War 1
Craner, George W.6/2/19231/13/1950Age 26-Son of William & Nellie-World War 2
Craner, George Warren4/5/18632/3/1943Age 79-Husband of Mary Jane
Craner, Grafton19181926N/A
Craner, Grafton Kenneth4/3/19101/14/1918Original Section Lot 182-Age 7-Son of Charles & Flora
Craner, Harry David11/11/18837/6/1941Age 57-Husband of Mary-Father
Craner, Henrietta V.18421910Original Section Lot 115-Age 68
Craner, IraN/A5/17/1953World War 1
Craner, Lavern Franklin18987/1/1936Age 38-Husband of Gladys
Craner, Leo Lewis6/4/190111/9/1918Age 17-Son of George & Mary
Craner, Mary Jane18739/30/1940Age 67-Wife of George
Craner, Nancy E.18531890Mother
Craner, Nellie4/15/189912/15/1987Mother & Grandmother
Craner, Nellie Elizabeth4/26/19129/22/1962Second Addition Lot 56-Age 50-Wife of Edward
Craner, Opal May19191/7/1920Age 2 Months-Daughter of Wm. & Nellie
Craner, Robert5/11/19382/5/2005"Buick Bob"
Craner, Robert Alonzo9/25/18571/20/1942Age 84
Craner, William Floyd8/29/18943/8/1967Age 72-Husband of Nellie
Craun, Andrew Jackson9/13/18646/4/1942Age 77-Husband of Ida-Father
Craun, Cora B. (Streeter)7/19/19001/4/1997Age 96-Wife of Vernon-Married 11/9/1928
Craun, Earley18931970Dad
Craun, Grace6/14/18976/24/1980Age 83
Craun, Ida V.10/7/187411/30/1958Age 84-Wife of Andrew-Mother
Craun, Ralph E.8/15/19178/9/2010Age 92-World War 2
Craun, Vernon12/9/18955/13/1935Age 39-Husband of Cora-World War 1
Craun, Zera C.1/7/18976/12/2004Age 107-Daughter
Cravens, Ethelyn M.11/4/19198/3/2012aka Ethelyn Cliff-Age 92-Wife of Barney Cliff and Orel Cravens
Cravens, Orel H.10/4/19229/8/1997World War 2
Cromiller, William G.8/29/19487/10/1964Age 16-Son of George & Velma
Cull, James C.3/16/193412/28/1997U.S. Navy
Cullis, Harry W.N/ACA8/8/1946N/A
Currie, Anna Rau5/2/188611/22/1940Age 55-Wife of Peter-Daughter of Simon & Mary Champagne
Currie, Archie12/18/18569/12/1918Original Section Lot 140-Age 61
Currie, Arlington2/24/18988/27/1914"Arley"-Age 16-Son of Gilbert & Ellen
Currie, Betty Jane3/4/19282/2/2014Age 85-Wife of Wayne
Currie, Doris I.1/27/189910/19/1995Age 96-Wife of Neil
Currie, Eleanor9/25/19109/15/1991Age 80-Wife of Russell
Currie, Ellen Ross7/4/18581/28/1934Age 75-Wife of Gilbert
Currie, George Gilbert8/14/19063/26/1940Age 33-Husband of Irene
Currie, Gilbert18531923Original Section Lot 146-Age 70
Currie, Gilbert Freeman1/3/189410/16/1931Age 37-World War 1
Currie, Harold G.8/23/191411/29/2002Age 88-Husband of Lois
Currie, Herbert E.18961974Father
Currie, Jack6/18/192612/8/1926Son
Currie, Janie3/15/18825/17/1899Daughter of Gilbert
Currie, Lois Adeline12/29/19152/18/1993Age 77-Wife of Harold
Currie, Margaret R.1/18/19198/7/2011Age 92-Wife of Peter
Currie, Marion Mae Smith11/16/18576/1/1908Original Section Lot 140-Age 50
Currie, Neil9/3/189610/9/1966Husband of Doris-Second Addition Lot 45-Age 70
Currie, Olivia18971970Mother
Currie, PeterN/ACA11/28/1940Age 57
Currie, Peter Archie1/30/18812/8/1949Son of Archie & Marion-Age 68-Husband of Anna
Currie, Peter L.7/23/191711/16/1994Age 77-Husband of Margaret
Currie, R. Dale19481991N/A
Currie, Robert Herman3/4/18789/30/1930Age 52
Currie, Russell Edmond1/27/190910/22/1978Age 69-Husband of Eleanor
Currie, Terry Wayne4/25/19464/25/1946Son of Wayne & Betty
Currie, Wayne W.2/25/19283/15/2006"Jim"-Age 78-Husband of Betty
Currie-Foot, Kate E. Orm10/27/189611/13/1985N/A
Curry, Jack EdgarN/A12/9/1926N/A
Curtis, Albert Marshell9/6/19142/17/1985Age 70
Curtis, Brenda LeeN/A7/26/1969N/A
Curtis, Leona Bell10/1/191812/31/1970Age 52-Wife of Albert
Curtis, Russell Perry7/16/19439/6/1998Age 55-Son of Albert & Leona
Curtis, William M.1945N/AN/A
Dahn, Clifford Paul4/24/19213/20/2005Age 83-Husband of Ruth
Dahn, Ruth Marie10/2/19234/22/2007Age 83-Wife of Clifford
Danby, Edward5/30/18286/19/1900Original Section Lot 101-Age 72
Danby, Hannah M.3/6/183711/30/1914Original Section Lot 101-Age 77
Danby, Luella10/8/186912/31/1900Original Section Lot 101-Age 31
Daniels, Alice E.18961957N/A
Daniels, Clara19182007Wife
Daniels, Clem D.9/30/19223/5/1923N/A
Daniels, Curtis18951958N/A
Davis, Dorothy M. Lickfeldt3/26/19211/27/2008N/A
Deak, Frank6/10/18777/31/1961Age 84-Husband of Rose
Deak, John18491921N/A
Deak, Rose10/20/18835/16/1969Age 85
Dean, Walter F.9/2/188510/3/1951Age 76-Husband of Sarah
DeGuvera, Julius O.2/15/18845/16/1959Second Addition Lot 118-Age 75-Husband of Nora
DeMott, Fredrick William9/6/189911/27/1975Second Addition Lot 111-Age 76-Husband of Rose
DeMott, Rose1911N/AN/A
Denoit, Gertie6/23/1915N/AAge 67-Wife of Leonard
DeRubeis, Lorri Anne9/12/19586/29/1977Age 18-Daughter of Carmen & Bonnie
DeWitt, Emma J.1871N/AN/A
DeWitt, George F.7/13/18765/3/1949Age 72-Husband of Emma
Dixon, Alicia Lynn9/16/19601/21/1997Age 36
Dixon, Kenneth Eugene2/5/19587/6/2007Age 49-Husband of Julianne
Dobler, Anna18661960N/A
Dobler, Catherine18641924N/A
Dobler, Charles H.18771954N/A
Dobler, Charles J.N/A2/16/1978Second Addition Lot 7-Age 75
Dobler, Chester7/5/1908CA9/7/1967Son of Charles & Anna
Dobler, Dennis C.4/16/194611/16/1985Second Addition Lot 7-Age 39-Husband of Luana-Vietnam
Dobler, Fredrick18511930N/A
Dobler, John E.19316/10/1932Age 9 Months-Son of Charles & Mildred
Dobler, Martha L.18798/18/1972Second Addition Lot 7-Age 92
Dobler, Otto12/29/18806/12/1959Second Addition Lot 7-Age 78-Husband of Martha
Dobler, Otto I. Jr.9/20/19053/23/1992Second Addition Lot 7-Age 86
Dobler, William S.8/20/192911/6/1952World War 2
Dockham, Cretia18661940N/A
Dockham, Johnny William186810/24/1916Original Section Lot 23-Age 48
Dockham, LaVerne A.7/30/18892/5/1967"Vernie"-Son of John & Lucrecia-Age 77
Dockham, Maude1/31/18902/7/1966Wife of LaVerne-Age 76
Dockham, Voyloris191211/24/1922Age 10-Son of Lavern & Maude
Dodson, H. Pearl18931975N/A
Doleson, Joseph3/4/187210/11/1934Husband of Anna
Douglas, Aaron Delbert10/12/186411/25/1928Original Section Lot 66-Age 64
Douglas, Levi182112/1/1901Original Section Lot 54-Age 70
Douglas, Margaret J.9/18/18751938Original Section Lot 66-Age 64
Douglas, Oral18962/14/1900Original Section Lot 66-Age 4-Son of Adelbert & Maggie
Draper, Clyde L.3/9/18985/21/1898Age 2 Months-Son of Arthur & Blanche
Drew, Baby Boy5/13/19155/13/1915Son of Julia
Drow, Armenia M.18682/23/1953Original Section Lot 90-Age 86
Drow, Edward191210/30/1958Second Addition Lot 15-Age 46
Drow, Janet E.19131994N/A
Drow, Norma Jean5/29/19675/29/1967Second Addition Lot 15-Daughter of Edward & Norma
Drow, SemonN/A11/8/1960Original Section Lot 90-Age 97
Dudock, Crystal S.1945N/AN/A
Dudock, Gary L.4/4/19442010Age 66-Husband of Crystal/td>
Dudzinski, Michael19071/14/1988Second Addition Lot 106-Age 80-Husband of Pearl-Married 1/5/1968
Dudzinski, Pearl19008/6/1984Second Addition Lot 106-Wife of Michael-Married 1/5/1968
Duell, Penelope S.11/19/19446/19/2011"Penny"-Age 66-Wife of David
Dulimba, Cindy Ann19572/27/1979Age 21-Wife of Dale-Second Addition Lot 81
Dunnill, Emma J.18881956Wife
Dunnill, Ernest L.3/23/192612/18/2004Husband of Virginia-Married 12/9/1950
Dunnill, Herbert E.18851965Husband
Dunnill, Jennie18651935N/A
Dunnill, John18591930N/A
Dunnill, John H.19171997N/A
Dunnill, Stella M.19191999N/A
Dunnill, Virginia R.9/26/192512/31/2005Wife of Ernest-Married 12/9/1950
Durance, Edwin Dale10/18/19476/28/1971Vietnam
Durance, Eleanor Mae6/1/19189/16/2004Age 86-Mom
Durfee, Richard J. Sr.8/8/19367/28/2009Age 72-Korea
Duty, Frances (Bergquist)10/7/19214/9/1987Age 65-Wife of Russell-Second Addition Lot 49
Ecker, Beretta Blanche1/31/19202/2/1965Second Addition Lot 38-Age 45-Wife of Henry
Ecker, Etta19201965N/A
Ecker, Henry19115/13/1986Second Addition Lot 38-Age 75
Ecker, Joseph H.18706/2/1939Original Section Lot 34-Age 66-Husband
Ecker, Judy Emily1950N/AWife of Ralph-Married 8/23/1971
Ecker, Mary8/23/185510/15/1909Age 54
Ecker, Mary S.2/6/19072/18/1907Age 12 Days-Daughter of Rafe & Lonasy
Ecker, Ralph DeElton19452/21/1974Second Addition Lot 119-Age 28-Husband of Judy-Married 8/23/1971
Eckstein, Lucile M.19111922N/A
Edmonds, Alta B.2/5/19284/14/1992"Bernie"-Second Section Lot 72-Age 64-Wife of James-Mother
Edmonds, James M.7/19/19114/30/1994Second Section Lot 72-Age 82-Husband of Alta-World War 2
Edmonds, Myrle E.19011969N/A
Edwards, Grace Bell5/17/188512/11/1969Age 84
Edwards, John E.1/8/18755/??/1964Age 89-Husband of Grace
Emmons, Baby Boy1/27/19151/27/1915Son of Ed & Lillian
Emmons, Caroline G.19011995N/A
Emmons, Edward18438/16/1916Age 73
Emmons, Leona Belle10/31/190711/23/1907Age 28 Days-Daughter of Edward & Lillie
Emmons, Lillian M.1880About 1/13/1938Age 57
Emmons, Lyonal D.19075/2/1995Original Section Lot 104
Emmons, Vern18951948N/A
Erickson, Angela A.1948N/AWife of Lynn-Married 5/10/1969
Erickson, Blanche N.1923N/AWife of Neil-Married 5/10/1941
Erickson, Carl L.10/4/190012/16/1995Age 95-Husband of Edith & Reatha
Erickson, Donna1930N/AN/A
Erickson, Earl E.18961977N/A
Erickson, Edith Rose9/22/19034/15/1971Age 67-Wife of Carl
Erickson, Eldridge J.5/4/19279/22/1995World War 2
Erickson, Elfie M.12/13/19191975Age 56-Wife of Wayne
Erickson, Eugene Douglas4/23/19533/21/1994Age 40-U.S. Army
Erickson, Gary Neil4/27/194312/9/1943N/A
Erickson, Guy R.18971918N/A
Erickson, Lynn N.1945N/AHusband of Angela-Married 5/10/1969
Erickson, Mildred M.18951986N/A
Erickson, Neil R.1920N/AHusband of Blanche-Married 5/10/1941
Erickson, Reatha M.7/25/19052/3/2000Age 94-Wife of Christopher Finger & Carl Erickson
Erickson, Russell G.N/A10/19/1918Original Section Lot 96-Age 21
Erickson, Sarah C.18697/26/1918Original Section Lot 96-Age 49
Erickson, Theodore12/21/18648/31/1948Original Section Lot 96-Age 83-Husband of Rebecca
Erickson, Wayne Earl5/5/19166/26/2001Age 85-Husband of Elfie & Bea
Esler, Jesse Wayne19092/27/1990Original Section Lot 161-Age 80
Esler, Mary Ellen5/6/19008/7/1977Age 77-Wife of J. Wayne-Original Section Lot 161
Evans, Abram18572/23/1923Original Section Lot 125-Age 60
Evans, Earl T.8/25/18917/2/1962Original Section Lot 125-Age 70
Evans, Edwin M.18588/30/1923N/A
Evans, Frances Augusta5/25/18566/3/1936Age 80-Wife of Abe
Evans, Harry O.9/6/18922/4/1905Age 12-Son of A. R. & Augusta
Evans, Jack19051974N/A
Evans, John M.10/6/18546/21/1911Original Section Lot 125-Age 57
Evans, Lavina1861CA6/23/1938Wife of Edwin
Eymer, Agnes E.19141988N/A
Eymer, Belle Monroe9/9/18611/7/1888Original Section Lot 149
Eymer, Daniel J.195211/12/1988Age 36-Son of Bill & Celia
Eymer, Earl R.19131977N/A
Eymer, George H. Sr.6/5/185210/7/1926Original Section Lot 149-Age 74-Husband of Belle
Eymer, Harold W.19061981N/A
Eymer, Harold William Jr.2/16/193112/27/2010"Bill"-Age 79-Husband of Celia
Eymer, Harry E.12/25/1882CA4/25/1968N/A
Eymer, Janet M.3/14/1939N/AN/A
Eymer, Katharine E.5/5/18537/23/1908"Katie"-Original Section Lot 149-Age 55
Eymer, Larry E.4/28/1936N/AN/A
Eymer, Lottie M.6/23/19129/4/1996Age 84-Wife of Harold
Eymer, Mabel Norene ZeranN/A9/8/1931N/A
Eymer, Mary6/14/188510/6/1939Age 47-Wife of Harry Eymer & Albert Anderson
Eymer, Ted Zeran4/8/192112/21/1965Age 44-Son of Harry & Mabel-Marine Corp
Fales, Violet D.19031985N/A
Farnsworth, Alvie J.11/14/18944/18/1982Age 87-World War 1
Farnsworth, Laura L.N/A6/23/2014Age 95-Wife of Leroy
Farnsworth, Leroy C.2/6/19165/21/1983Father
Fegan, Bernard1/24/19035/13/1986Age 83-Husband of Stella
Fegan, Henry Oakley8/16/189010/3/1966Original Section Lot 91-Age 76-Husband of Marie-World War 1
Fegan, John William5/4/18921/2/1971Age 78-Husband of Jane-Dad
Fegan, Mary Ann9/17/18637/25/1941Original Section Lot 91-Age 77-Wife of Peter
Fegan, Patrick3/17/19007/26/1980Age 80
Fegan, Peter Sr.8/24/185510/19/1935Age 80-Husband of Mary
Fegan, Stella Elizabeth5/27/190811/11/2001Age 93-Wife of Bernard
Finger, Albert E.N/A1/22/1922Baby
Finger, Chris10/29/18961/22/1955Age 58-Husband of Reatha
Finger, DorisN/A6/28/1928Baby
Finger, Henry6/6/18373/20/1917Original Section Lot 92-Age 79-Husband of Kathrine
Finger, James18951896Son of John & Mary
Finger, John18656/30/1925Original Section Lot 92-Age 60-Husband of Mary
Finger, John189410/10/1978Age 84
Finger, Katherine E.7/16/18365/21/1913Original Section Lot 92-Age 76-Wife of Henry
Finger, Lena H.18621953Mother
Finger, Leo W.8/1/19238/3/1986Age 63-World War 2
Finger, Mary10/13/18636/12/1913Original Section Lot 92-Age 49-Wife of John
Finger, Ortensia A.18971969Mother
Finger, Russell L.19301930Son of Chris
Finger, William Adolph9/23/18913/23/1971Age 79-Husband of Reatha
Finger, William C.10/9/18625/12/1933Age 70-Husband of Lena-Father
Finger-Erickson, Reatha19052000N/A
Fitzpatrick, Clarence19061970N/A
Fitzpatrick, Muriel190811/21/1978Age 70
Foco, Troy Mathew8/2/196711/29/1987Age 20-Son of Wayne & Dianne-U.S. Marines
Fogel, Anton P.8/4/19041/3/1985Age 80-Husgand of Theresa-Father
Fogel, Theresa M.3/31/19084/7/1992Age 84-Wife of Anton-Mother
Foot, Eli4/20/18527/8/1918Original Section Lot 45-Age 66-Father
Foot, James A.9/21/18947/28/1959Age 64-Husband of Kate-World War 1
Foot, Kate E.N/A11/13/1985Age 89
Foot, LottieN/A1879N/A
Foot, Mary18548/27//1920Original Section Lot 45-Age 66-Mother
Fordee, Gladys May Smith10/26/19017/3/1987Second Addition Lot 29-Age 85
Forro, Rose18839/27/1961Second Addition Lot 57-Age 78
Forro, Stephen Sr.1/31/18805/22/1967Second Addition Lot 57-Age 87
Francis, Charles E.4/30/18584/2/1906Original Section Lot 52-Age 47
Francis, Emma (Burlingame) R.6/8/18614/6/1941Age 80-Wife of Charles
Freeburn, Aletha10/31/189812/4/1995N/A
Freeburn, Claude M.8/31/1915N/AN/A
Freeburn, Lois E.11/29/1917N/AN/A
Freeburn, William C.5/7/189112/14/1947Age 56-Husband of Aletha
Freed, Marie K.12/26/18983/19/1951Age 52
Freed, Oliver A.18981974N/A
Freeman, Ezra18223/15/1905Original Section Lot 49-Age 82
Freeman, Susan11/15/18365/21/1902Original Section Lot 49-Age 66
Friedrich, Peter4/30/18671/14/1946Original Section Lot 50-Age 79-Husband of Elizabeth
Frownfelter, Ervin Leroy11/15/191511/16/1918Original Section Lot 177-Age 2-Son of Nelson & Ida
Frownfelter, Lois Mary11/4/191311/4/1913Daughter of Peter & Mattie
Gage, Daniel Leroy8/18/192411/24/1987Age 63-Husband of Vivian-Married October 12, 1957
Gage, Vivian H.19314/3/2016Age 84-Wife of Daniel-Married 10/12/1957
Gamble, Arthur L.4/25/18822/25/1966Age 83
Garish, Bertha M.19311991Wife of John-Married 5/2/1958
Garish, Frank12/25/189912/10/1959Second Addition Lot 55-Age 59-Husband of Theresa
Garish, Frank Jr.5/13/192711/15/2005N/A
Garish, James A.N/A7/29/1989Age 48
Garish, John Louis5/12/193212/13/2006HUsband of Bertha-Married 5/2/1958-Korea
Garish, JosephN/A5/24/1997Age 37-Husband of Kathy-Second Addition Lot 88-Ashes
Garish, Lucy19101984N/A
Garish, Steve3/2/18992/2/1975Age 75
Garish, Theresa9/5/19109/11/1972Second Addition Lot 55-Age 62
Garish, Tony19101982N/A
Gawne, Carlea C. (Lee)2/5/19271/27/2007Age 79-Wife of George-Married 10/1/1966
Gawne, George Washington7/3/19121/8/1995Age 82-Husband of Carlea & Lois
Gawne, Lois Evelyn11/26/19138/5/1965Age 51-Wife of George
Gawne, Ronald G.6/28/1936N/AN/A
Gawne, Ronald Lee12/4/19658/6/1995Age 29-Husband of Jill
Gawne, Sonna L.1/1/1940N/AN/A
Gerardini, Valentino4/21/18821/29/1943Age 60
Gerescics, Istvan12/15/187310/8/1943"Stephen"-Age 69-Husband of Julia
Gerescics, Juliana5/15/187910/23/1954Age 75
Gibson, George P.18711962N/A
Gibson, Gertrude M.5/4/18805/8/1959Age 79-Wife of George P.
Gibson, Mary J.19031921N/A
Gillings, Harlow E. Sr.7/1/190212/2/1952Original Section Lot 178-Age 50-Husband of Esther
Gillings, Kent D.N/ASeptember, 1961Baby
Glovetenburg, EvaN/A7/9/1944Original Section Lot 153-Age 92
Going, George18705/13/1936Age 66
Going, Mrs. GeorgeN/AN/AN/A
Goodrich, Jack P.3/24/19238/10/1991World War 2
Goodrich, Lydia Ann4/12/185010/9/1918Age 68
Goodrich, Theda J.6/21/19279/25/2013Age 86-Wife of Harlow Gillings & Jack Goodrich
Graham, IsabelleN/A11/18/1942Original Section Lot 30-Age 82
Graham, Roy18913/4/1892Age 4 Months-Son of Walter & Isabella
Graham, Walter W.18629/11/1948Age 86
Gray, Curtis Robert7/12/190111/9/1955Age 54-Husband of Margaret-Son
Gray, John Briggs2/12/18768/13/1938Age 62-Husband of Myrtle
Gray, Margaret A.5/1/19095/9/1991Age 82
Gray, Myrtie Edith Kilgour9/9/18764/7/1962Age 85-Wife of John
Green, Clyde D.4/9/19374/22/2010Age 73-Husband of Valine-Married 8/2/1958
Green, Valine S.7/27/1942N/AWife of Clyde-Married 8/2/1958
Gregg, Henrietta L.18873/23/1972Original Section Lot 58-Age 84
Gregg, Mary Z.18947/15/1948Original Section Lot 90-Age 54
Gregg, Robert H.18834/4/1945Original Section Lot 58-Age 61
Gregg, William J.188910/4/1975Original Section Lot 90-Age 86
Griedes, NancyN/ACA3/20/1930N/A
Griffith, Luella7/17/19337/8/1977Mother
Grosser, Henry E. Sr.8/6/192210/5/1976World War 2
Hacker, Lorna Sedore19051970Mother
Hall, Arthur E.8/11/190610/17/1988Age 82-Husband of Edna-Married 7/12/1958
Hall, Duane A.8/12/1934N/AN/A
Hall, Edna J.2/19/19092/22/1985Wife of Arthur-Married 7/12/1958
Hall, Elizabeth M.7/29/19112/7/1994Age 82
Hall, H. Herbert9/26/1931N/AHusband of Grace-Married 4/24/1954
Hall, J. D.19111972N/A
Hall, Mary Bernice Bergquist3/16/19217/23/1947Age 26-Wife of J. D.
Hall, Norita Grace4/25/193511/21/1991Second Addition Lot 48-Age 56-Wife of Herb
Hall, Shirley Ann12/13/19345/4/2006Age 71-Wife of Duane
Hall, William E. Jr.19101921Son
Hall, Rev. William EdwardN/ACA4/15/1948N/A
Hanlon, Clifford6/7/19085/25/1958Original Section Lot 135-Age 49-World War 2
Hanlon, Mrs. L.N/A5/27/1958Original Section Lot 135-Age 45
Harkey, Charles R.10/22/1935N/AHusband of Eleanor-Married 8/28/1954
Harkey, Eleanor A.4/7/1935N/AWife of Charles-Married 8/28/1954
Harman, Addie A.18617/4/1935Original Section Lot 17-Age 74
Harman, Edwin Finy3/5/18582/28/1902Original Section Lot 17-Age 43
Harman, Myron A.189211/19/1920Original Section Lot 17-Age 28
Harmon, Benjamin7/28/18908/16/1973Age 83-Husband of Emma-Father
Harmon, Emma Katherine10/10/18924/2/1993Age 100-Mother
Harmon, GeorgeN/A9/18/1920Age 65
Harmon, George B.8/15/1927N/AN/A
Harmon, HannahN/A5/31/1923Wife of George
Harmon, Marion E.8/11/1929N/AN/A
Harmon, Marlene L.12/27/19327/29/2009Wife & Mother
Harper, James A.1/10/19327/13/2005Korea
Harper, Monica Ann7/22/19492/11/2005Age 55-Wife of Jim
Harrington, George Oscar9/19/18531/14/1903Original Section Lot 161-Age 49
Harrison, Grace Markle18861945N/A
Harrison, Percy18921954N/A
Hart, Gwendolyn Angeline9/21/192912/17/1998Original Section Lot 29-Age 69
Haskins, Bernadine Arlene1/10/193112/8/2013Age 82-Wife of Edward
Haskins, Edward L.3/30/19284/5/1998"Bud"-Age 70-Husband of Bernadine-World War 2
Haslip, Beatrice Verilia12/23/18975/4/1902Age 4-Daughter of Philip & Eliza
Haslip, Betanie12/24/18835/1/1900N/A
Haslip, ElizaN/A9/12/1942Original Section Lot 122-Age 82
Haslip, Ernest B.6/25/18851/16/1968Original Section Lot 122-Age 72-World War 1
Haslip, George Gordon7/10/19085/31/1947Original Section Lot 122-Age 38-World War 2
Haslip, George T.18791967N/A
Haslip, Gertrude W.18871950N/A
Haslip, Nellie M.11/1/18917/21/1975Original Section Lot 122-Age 84
Haslip, Raymond Harold6/2/19205/24/1998Age 77-Husband of Theresa-Military Service
Haslip, Theresa M.11/14/1934N/AN/A
Hawkins, Baby Girl8/9/19128/10/1912Age 14 Hours-Daughter of William & Minnie
Heath, Wellington Murray2/2/191211/3/1914Age 1-Son of Charles & Rhoda
Hector, William189712/7/1979Age 82
Heino, Ilona Gladys2/12/19096/18/1976Second Addition Lot 123-Age 67
Henderson, Andrew Bussey9/4/190810/16/1976Age 68-Husband of Huldah
Henderson, Huldah Scott3/7/1911N/AN/A
Henderson, Shirley Gene7/15/19436/11/1995N/A
Henry, Alvin LeroyN/A7/23/1918Military Service
Henry, Archie William2/17/189012/16/1969Age 79
Henry, Effie J.18901963N/A
Henry, Lillie7/29/18685/8/1951Age 83
Henry, William10/25/186710/18/1941Age 73-Husband of Lillie
Hernden, Frankie Frederick Russel7/18/19114/16/1912Age 8 Months-Son of William & Mable
Herpel, Theodore Michael6/21/19429/10/2001Married 4/20/1974-Military Service
Hill, Alfred D.5/24/18628/20/1944Original Section Lot 170-Age 82-Father
Hill, Charles T.6/19/19205/25/2002N/A
Hill, James18882/27/1917Original Section Lot 170
Hill, Marguerite Elizabeth11/6/19234/11/2010Age 86-Wife of Charles
Hill, Rachel R.8/25/18663/3/1944Original Section Lot 170-Age 77-Mother
Hilliker, Alfred W.4/8/19205/23/1999World War 2
Hilliker, Alfred Wilson Jr.4/3/19418/18/2007Husband of Audrey-Married 6/17/1961-Father-Vietnam
Hilliker, Audrey J.7/25/1941N/AWife of Alfred-Married 6/17/1961
Hilliker, Edward Gerald8/16/19449/26/1944Age 1 Month-Twin Son of Alfred & Zola
Hilliker, George Harold8/16/194411/17/1944Age 3 Months-Twin Son of Alfred & Zola
Hilliker, Zola M.19222006N/A
Hillman, Edward9/6/19209/6/1920Son of Wm. & Minnie
Hillman, Erdine19185/21/1919Original Section Lot 5-Age 1-Daughter of Elmer & Minnie
Hillman, Gerald D.N/A7/12/1917Original Section Lot 5-Age 1
Hillman, GracieN/AN/AN/A
Hillman, Minnie May9/00/18849/10/1963Original Section Lot 5-Age 81-Wife of Elmer
Hillman, Ruby19083/4/1978Original Section Lot 5-Age 69
Hillman, Sadie R.N/A1/22/1913Original Section Lot 5-Age 9 Months
Hillman, William E.18812/15/1957Original Section Lot 5-Age 75
Hinio, Ilona Gladys19091976N/A
Hitko, Emil Stephen19371972N/A
Hitko, Joseph Gary5/12/19715/12/1971Age 11 Hours-Son of Rose Mary
Hitko, Teresa A.8/15/19514/23/1969Age 17-Daughter of Stephen & Helen
Hoffman, John2/2/19229/19/1948Original Section Lot 164-Age 26
Hollien, Mary E. Stickley6/21/19064/6/1951Original Section Lot 93-Age 44
Hoover, George Omer9/23/18792/14/1961Age 81-Father
Hoover, Margaret M.7/16/18873/30/1937Age 49-Wife of George-Mother
Hoover, Rhea R.12/7/19059/26/1985Age 79
Hoover, Virgil Lee8/14/18939/23/1969Second Addition Lot 78-Age 76-World War 1
Hoover, Walter C.19061977N/A
Horn, Richard Todd3/11/19624/1//2007N/A
Horvath, Ferdinand1873CA6/26/1941N/A
Horvath, John18913/21/1936Age 45-Husband of Elizabeth
Horvath, Louis19081959N/A
Horvath, Margaret19151990N/A
Horvath, Norman William2/5/19226/26/1941Age 19-Son of Ferdinand & Victoria
Horvath, Victoria18891973N/A
Hosbach, Ervadeen Annette7/21/19032/2/1991Original Section Lot 108-Age 87
Howard, Ethel M.7/8/189412/28/1965Second Addition Lot 99-Age 71-Wife of Leo
Hubbell, Isaac S.8/26/18917/3/1983Age 91
Hupcik, Paul Stephen10/31/19155/31/1964Second Addition Lot 85-Age 48-Husband-Father-Military Service
Igram, Sidney12/9/18956/12/1970Original Section Lot 176-Age 74-Husband of Ester
Irish, Ada BelleN/A6/6/1964Original Section Lot 179-Age 67
Irish, BabyN/AN/AOriginal Section Lot 179
Irish, Dana E.10/6/194612/8/2008Vietnam
Irish, EarlN/A1918Original Section Lot 179-Baby
Irish, Earl William6/22/18922/5/1968Original Section Lot 179-Age 75
Irish, Edmond C.4/16/18688/8/1939Original Section Lot 179-Age 71-Husband of Effie
Irish, Effie A. Owen187212/21/1941Original Section Lot 179-Age 70
Irish, Eva187910/7/1960Original Section Lot 85-Wife-Age 81
Irish, Glen9/20/19169/20/1916Son of Nathan & Sarah
Irish, Leslie Earl19195/8/1920Age 1-Son of Earl & Ada
Irish, Wardner18714/15/1963Reverend-Husband-Original Section Lot 85-Age 92
Irish, William19171917N/A
James, Arthur E.2/14/187910/30/1956Second Addition Lot 95-Age 77
Jameson, Jamie L.N/A4/20/2013Age 46
Jewell, Kenneth H.12/10/191711/17/1977Second Addition Lot 26-World War 2
Jones, Alvina3/15/18777/10/1916Original Section Lot 137-Age 38-Wife of Tilor
Jones, ArleyN/A3/3/1969Original Section Lot 137-Age 74
Jones, Earl F.18991965N/A
Jones, Ernest O.19231923N/A
Jones, Gladys8/1/19059/29/1905Age 1 Month-Daughter of Tilor & Almia
Jones, Hazel I. Sheldon6/22/19059/28/1990N/A
Jones, Leo E.7/13/192912/8/1996Brother
Jones, Leslie M.3/10/19327/20/1950Original Section Lot 158-Military Service
Jones, Lydia E.18801922N/A
Jones, Mildred Helen190412/11/1933Age about 28-Wife of Earl
Jones, Robert S.19051933N/A
Jones, Tiler Harris3/14/186711/16/1939Original Section Lot 137-Age 73-Husband of Alvina-Father
Jorgenson, AliceN/A8/23/1937Daughter of Ernest
Jorgenson, Viva Sedore6/30/19012/13/1935N/A
Kaiser, Anna May5/29/18889/14/1963Second Addition Lot 44-Age 75
Kaiser, Ernest H.3/27/18841/28/1962Second Addition Lot 44-Age 77-Husband of Anna
Kaiser, John W.19301995N/A
Kanine, Carl Billings10/26/18925/5/1968Age 75-Husband of Katherine
Karle, John F.2/19/191210/17/1990World War 2
Karr, AnnaN/A2/21/1951Age 66
Karr, Eli Leroy6/3/18748/18/1943Age 69-Husband of Anna
Keef, George Fred7/12/18601/22/1943Age 83-Husband of Margaret
Keef, Margaret Warner3/23/18726/13/1935Age 63-Wife of Fred
Keeley, Ralph Norman7/2/19415/2/1993Age 51-Husband of Ruth-Dad & Papa
Kelley, Clayton H.3/24/19231/26/1998Father
Kelley, Dennis19582005N/A
Kelley, Donald Walter6/20/19296/10/2012Age 82-Husband of Thelma-Korea
Kelley, Dora I.6/25/1925N/AMother
Kelley, Richard Allen7/11/195910/17/1959Second Addition Lot 42-Age 3 Months-Son of Donald
Kelley, Thelma I. (Riley)7/22/19361/24/2014Age 77-Wife of James Smith & Donald Kelley
Kelly, DorothyN/AN/AN/A
Kelly, Patrick A.10/13/19295/22/1977Second Addition Lot 37-Age 47-Husband of Dorothy-Father
Kendrovics, John19051973N/A
Kendrovics, Leola Stoner19101966N/A
Keszey, Joseph F.11/18/18761/29/1951Age 74
Keszey, Thresa M.6/19/18847/26/1946Age 62-Wife of Joseph
Kieffer, Erwin R.N/A10/3/1960Second Addition Lot 65-Age 41
King, Alice E.10/22/196112/13/1961Age 1 Month-Daughter of Clifford & Cora
King, BabyN/A1926Original Section Lot 107
King, Calvin K.11/2/19242/21/1975Husband of Mary-Married 7/28/1951-World War 2
King, Clifford D.19142000Husband of Cora-Married 5/13/1944
King, Cora C.19241999Wife of Clifford-Married 5/13/1944
King, DonaldN/A1952N/A
King, Faye19044/23/1936Original Section Lot 107-Age 32
King, George18665/23/1937Original Section Lot 104-Age 71
King, JamesN/A1969N/A
King, John18611942N/A
King, Leon T.19046/26/1986Original Section Lot 107-Age 81
King, Mary Katherine9/9/19303/23/2007Age 76-Wife of Calvin-Married 7/28/1951
King, Pheabe M.1/8/18931/23/1973Age 80
King, William J.7/27/18634/10/1909Age 46-Original Section Lot 107
Kiny, Fay1904CA4/30/1936Age 32-Wife of Leon
Knapp, Michael D.2/12/19556/27/1955N/A
Kocsis, Alice E. Ponak10/22/19146/28/2003Age 88-Wife of Steve
Kocsis, Steve1/4/19093/3/1978Husband of Alice
Koepe, Johanna10/3/18321/29/1917Age 84
Koerner, Carl W.2/15/1915N/AN/A
Koerner, L. June Scott12/19/191710/16/1978N/A
Koof, CathrynN/A6/4/1903Original Section Lot 1-Age 68
Koppe, Fredrich8/9/18324/4/1917Age 84
Korsog, John Andrew9/7/19031/27/1973Age 69-Husband of Margaret
Korsog, Margaret8/16/19145/5/1982Age 67
Koruce, NicholasN/ACA6/12/1947N/A
Kovach, Patricia Ann194310/26/1981Second Addition Lot 53-Age 38
Kovoch, Joseph Julius3/2/19132/3/1994Age 80-Husband of Margaret-World War 2
Kovoch-Elder, Margaret9/4/191810/12/1998"Molly"-Age 80-Wife of Joseph Kovoch and Leonard Elder
Krantz, Johanna1848CA4/1/1926Wife of John
Krantz, John18519/1/1919Age 68
Krantz, Walter Hanson4/11/19204/14/1920Age 4 Days-Son of Walter & Ida
Krivy, Andro3/25/189510/22/1982Age 87-Husband of Mary
Krivy, Mary18941974N/A
Kuruce, Nicholes18851947Dad
Kuzilla, Sharlyn M.3/22/195242/26/1989aka Sherry Best-Age 36-Wife of John-Mother & Daughter-Second Addition Lot 14
LaFave, James Edward7/17/194810/28/1968U.S. Army
LaFave, John Anthony3/12/19565/2/1956Baby
LaFave, Roberta L.10/1/19263/8/1982N/A
Lampton, Thomas8/20/18965/28/1962Second Addition Lot 63-Age 65
LaPlant, Oliver Edmond1/22/18761/4/1958Age 81-Second Addition Lot 94
Larkin, Cora Wilson11/21/18708/3/1886Original Section Lot 36-Age 16-Wife of John
LaRocque, Edward E.18931973N/A
LaRocque, Jeane19171972N/A
LaRocque, Lillian E.18981986N/A
Lauria, Roger George7/1/19532/6/1993Age 39-Husband of Rhonda
Lavere, H.19141920N/A
Law, Ansel Daniel2/9/19052/10/1906Age 1-Son of Daniel & Ada
Law, Basil5/21/19009/13/1967Original Section Lot 153-Age 67
Law, Daniel2/25/18668/12/1934Original Section Lot 108-Age 68-Husband of Rose
Law, Harvey J.11/19/189110/13/1969Original Section Lot 108-Age 77-World War 1
Law, Rose Ada2/15/18704/13/1957Original Section Lot 108-Age 87-Wife of Daniel
Lawe, George C.18656/8/1942Original Section Lot 153-Age 75
Lawe, Hazel6/5/191410/25/1917Original Section Lot 152-Age 3-Daughter of George & Nellie
Lawe, Nellie18783/19/1953Original Section Lot 153-Age 75
Lawrence, Coleman J.18911949N/A
Lawrence, Elias D.3/16/187811/14/1962Original Section Lot 97-Age 84
Lawrence, Ellen1/11/19151/11/1915Original Section Lot 97-Age 1 Hour-Daughter of Elias & Viola
Lawrence, Eva9/28/190910/17/1979Age 70
Lawrence, Florence M.18964/20/1986Age 90
Lawrence, Ivan Earl189411/27/1976Second Addition Lot 25
Lawrence, Mattie I.18941/3/1961Second Addition Lot 25-Age 66
Lawrence, Vera10/26/19141/2/2005Age 90-Wife of Arden
Lawrence, Viola May4/6/18826/1/1943Original Section Lot 97-Age 61-Wife of Elias
Lawrence, Wilferd19031969N/A
Lehman, BabyN/A3/27/1925Baby of Roland
Lehman, Carrie O.19031995N/A
Lehman, Roland C.18987/7/1954Second Addition Lot 22-Age 56
Lentner, Edward Martin4/26/19088/19/1983Second Addition Lot 8-Age 75-Husband of Lulu
Lentner, Emerald1929N/A"Red"-Husband of Joyce-Married 3/14/1951
Lentner, Gerald E.19525/30/1987"Jerry"-Son-Age 34-Husband of Linda
Lentner, Joyce Ann4/21/19344/12/1998Age 63-Wife of Emerald-Married 3/14/1951
Lentner, Lulu M.12/4/19104/18/1997Age 86-Wife of Edward
Lentner, Norma Jean5/27/195410/22/2000"Jeanie"-Age 46
Lepard, Doratha19001916N/A
Lepard, George H.18931918N/A
Lett, Morris M.4/14/19107/5/1986Second Addition Lot 107-Age 76-Husband of Viola
Lett, Viola Grace10/22/19193/12/1999Age 79-Wife of Morris
Lewis, George10/15/18882/23/1965Age 76-Husband of Gertrude
Libka, Christena19021928N/A
Lickfeldt, Arnold Leslie4/15/19144/9/1915Age 11 Months-Son of George & Mable
Lickfeldt, Frederick10/15/184810/18/1936Age 88-Husband of Fredericka
Lickfeldt, Fredericka4/9/18588/5/1943Age 85-Wife of Frederick
Lickfeldt, George A.18795/12/1965Original Section Lot 142-Age 85
Lickfeldt, Harry I.12/24/191912/30/1956Age 37-Husband of Dorothy-Son of George
Lickfeldt, Mable Nancy11/25/188410/19/1955Original Section Lot 142-Age 70-Wife of George
Lionts, Donald Clarence2/11/19384/11/1977Age 39-Husband of Bonnie-U. S. Army
Little, Belle18923/9/1943Original Section Lot 183-Age 51-Mother
Little, Judson H.8/23/18691/8/1944Age 74-Father
Little, Linnia8/8/18981/15/1984Age 85-Daughter
Little, Rosannah4/9/18766/22/1951Age 75-Mother-Wife of Jud
Little, Wilma Lucille11/23/191712/2/1917Age 9 Days-Daughter of Judson & Belle
Louks, Georgianna Ray18978/7/1978Age 80
Luxton, Beverly19295/27/2002"Betty"-Age 72
Luxton, Gene1926N/AN/A
Luxton, Kenneth LeeN/A4/7/1957Second Addition Lot 24-Baby
Luxton, Mary Jane5/11/19545/11/1954Daughter of Eugene & Beverly-Second Addition Lot 24-Baby
Luxton, William JoyceN/A4/7/1957Second Addition Lot 24-Baby
Lynch, Alyce Marie2/14/191212/28/1912Age 10 Months-Daughter of Lawerance & Agnes
Lynch, Elisha10/20/184010/13/1912Age 71-Civil War
Lynch, Sarah1/10/1841CA7/1/1926N/A
Lynn, Bernice E.19181992N/A
Lynn, Cindy Marie2/29/198410/12/2009N/A
Lynn, Russel P.19201995N/A
Lytle, Clinton Daniel2/26/18963/6/1962Second Addition Lot 60-Age 66-World War 1
Lytle, Joseph C.19285/26/1986Second Addition Lot 60-Ashes
Lytle, Julia A.7/2/18991/5/1961Second Addition Lot 60-Age 61-Wife of Clinton
MacLean, Arthur S.3/23/18858/28/1956Original Section Lot 20-Age 71-Husband of Lela-Military Service
MacLean, Emma A.2/1/18578/7/1909Original Section Lot 20-Wife of M.-Mother
MacLean, Lela P.18861/23/1966Original Section Lot 20-Age 79
MacLean, Malcolm3/27/18568/13/1943Original Section Lot 20-Age 87-Father
MacLean, Norman A.N/A12/5/1886Original Section Lot 20-Baby-Son of M. & E. A.
Mann, Delilah E.1918N/AN/A
Mann, Eugene4/23/18863/20/1969Original Section Lot 83-Age 82
Mann, Evelyn A.N/A9/25/1935N/A
Mann, Glenn L.19135/11/1983Original Section Lot 83-Age 70
Mann, Susin4/18/18877/23/1968Original Section Lot 83-Age 81
Manwaring, Henry8/8/183410/16/1918Age 84-Civil War
Markle, Catherine18571951N/A
Markle, Isaac18461938N/A
Marks, Mary18497/24/1937Age 88
Marsaw, Claude E.18845/14/1928Age 44
Marsh, Cora Jane9/17/19207/31/1972Age 51
Marsh, Emilie Emaline2/6/18983/6/1973Second Addition Lot 115-Age 75
Martin, Addie L.2/8/18931/27/1960Second Addition Lot 39-Age 66-Wife of Russell
Martin, Cora B. Bartow185911/21/1931N/A
Martin, Cyril L.8/16/191111/6/1989Age 78-Husband of Mona-World War 2
Martin, David E.12/6/18563/1/1938Age 87-Husband of Cora
Martin, David Locke7/31/191810/19/1971Second Addition Lot 39-Age 53-World War 2
Martin, Emma7/4/187110/17/1961Second Addition Lot 39-Age 90
Martin, George E.7/6/188512/11/1961Age 76-Husband of Georgetta
Martin, Georgetta2/27/18878/7/1970Wife of George
Martin, Henrietta Mary11/22/19166/15/1961Second Addition Lot 39-Age 44-Wife of David
Martin, Lynn18801926N/A
Martin, Maxine M.19151985N/A
Martin, Mona Mills6/3/191211/8/1941Age 29-Wife of Cyril
Martin, Pearl18831977N/A
Martin, Russell J.9/5/18953/6/1959Second Addition Lot 39-Age 63-Husband of Addie
Martin, Vivian G.10/15/191812/18/2005Age 87
Martindale, Alice Viola1/6/18979/3/1934Original Section Lot 186-Age 37-Wife of Otis
Martindale, Retha Gem10/6/191710/7/1917Daughter of Edward & Alice
Mast, Betty Agnes5/6/192311/2/2009Age 86-Eastern Star
Mast, Carl Jacob Sr.4/17/190310/22/1978Age 75-Husband of Loneta-Married 10/10/1922
Mast, Loneta Agnes7/2/19041/30/1980Age 75-Wife of Carl-Married 10/10/1922
Mauer, Leroy12/14/191110/2/1920N/A
Maurer, John GeorgeN/A12/8/1903Age 46
Maurer, John George3/27/18172/23/1901Age 83
Maurer, Katherine Elizabeth5/9/18182/1/1904Original Section Lot 21-Age 85
May, Albert J.4/2/18846/11/1955Original Section Lot 154-Age 71
May, Chester B. Sr.1891CA9/1/1938Age 47
May, Hattie M.18887/10/1943Wife of Albert-Age 54
May, Inez9/14/18899/15/1957Age 68
May, JohnN/A12/19/1911Age 62
May, John Arthur191310/21/1914Age 11 Months-Son of Albert & Hattie
May, Lucille J.19211997Wife of Melvin-Married 10/24/1959
May, Melvin W.19225/29/1993Second Addition Lot 60-Husband of Lucille-Married 10/24/1959-Ashes
May, Roy Lester8/17/19168/6/1958Second Addition Lot 18-Age 41-Husband of Helen-World War 2
May, William C.1/24/19083/30/1945Age 37-Husband of Vera
May, William Henry12/22/18845/3/1937Age 52-Husband of Inez
Mayes, Walter Ernest3/26/19124/18/1913Age 1 Year-Son of Walter & Mabel
McCarney, George Archie7/30/189610/20/1968Second Addition Lot 86-Age 72-Husband of Mary-World War 1
McCarney, Mary E.N/A7/24/1969Second Addition Lot 86-Age 78
McCarthy, Marjorie M.10/30/189212/5/1938Age 46-Wife of Elmer
McCord, Donald K.193210/10/1984Age 52-Husband of Donna
McCord, Florence M.19361968N/A
McCord, Grover2/3/18935/2/1949Age 56-World War 1
McCord, Grover C.11/22/19285/17/1957Second Addition Lot 17-Age 28-Husband of Maxine-World War 2
McCord, Hallie B.19001969N/A
McCord, Kevin L.19561968N/A
McDonald, Della S.4/30/18868/2/1958Original Section Lot 31-Age 72-Wife of Richmond
McDonald, George M.2/20/19236/24/2007Age 84-Husband of Golda-Married 4/16/1944
McDonald, Golda M.N/AN/AWife of George-Married 4/16/1944
McDonald, Richmond3/18/18818/17/1954Original Section Lot 31-Age 73-Husband of Della
McElroy, Georgia C.7/27/1904August, 1983Original Section Lot 29-Age 79-Mother
McElroy, James L.8/29/19638/29/1963Second Addition Lot 54-Son of Larry Sr. & Donna-Age 5 Hours
McGee, FrankN/ACA4/9/1942Age 76
McGee, Mrs. FrankN/ACA3/12/1925N/A
McIvor, Elda Marie7/9/19334/13/1997Age 63-Military Service
McKenna, Baby BoyN/AN/AChild of Carrie & Murray
McKenna, Carrie C.6/26/188212/10/1923Wife of Murray
McKenna, Kenneth8/21/19008/27/1918Son of Murray & Carrie
McKenna, Murray A.12/28/18777/11/1937Age 62-Spanish-American War
McKenna, Zelda A.6/3/190410/9/1918Age 14-Daughter of Murray & Carrie
McKenzie, Lucy Ward18591914Wife of Robert-Buried in Montana
McKenzie, Martha WardN/ACA2/20/1930Age 80
McKenzie, Robert M.18531925Father
McKenzie, Thomas P.183911/28/1920Age 81-Husband of Martha-Civil War
McKenzie, William7/2/184310/23/1908Age 65-Civil War
McLean, Anna18778/21/1924Original Section Lot 151-Age 47
McLean, Charles William10/12/18737/17/1956Age 82-Husband of Elizabeth
McLean, Elizabeth A.18751969N/A
McLean, Irene1/11/19233/24/2001Age 78-Wife of Keith
McLean, Keith C.3/1/19185/2/2002Age 84-Husband of Irene-World War 2
McLean, MaryCA18583/10/1938Age 80
McLean, NeilN/A7/26/1916Original Section Lot 151-Age 56
McLean, Russell Willington6/15/19057/13/1908Original Section Lot 151-Age 3-Son of Neil & Anna
McLeod, Anna18519/1/1926Mother-Age 75
McMillan, Allegra Muriel7/9/19122/10/1913Age 7 Months-Daughter of Archie & Isabell
McMillan, Anna Lou10/14/19001/7/1976Age 75-Second Addition Lot 132
McMillan, ArchieN/A6/21/1948Original Section Lot 54-Age 54
McMillan, Miss B.N/A3/30/1957Original Section Lot 54-Age 48
McMillan, Charles Edward19145/18/1920Age 6-Son of Archie & Isabelle
McMillan, Ena Mabelle2/11/19069/16/1906Age 7 Months-Daughter of Archie & Isabelle
McMillan, IsabelleN/A9/8/1959Original Section Lot 54-Age 87
McMillan, Joan E.12/7/1940N/AN/A
McMillan, John10/10/18704/9/1950Age 79
McMillan, Rob L.2/7/1939N/AN/A
McPherson, Edith E.19031998N/A
McPherson, Robert H.18981970N/A
Megie, Franklin Harris1/17/18664/9/1942Age 76-Husband of Lydia-Father
Megie, Geneva M.19073/18/1979Original Section Lot 156-Age 71
Megie, Lura Euarda Denton8/8/19084/12/1995Age 86
Megie, Lydia Blanche18673/6/1925Mother
Megie, Phillip Franklin19096/11/1978Age 68-Husband of Lura
Melcher, Alvin Fredrick18967/15/1978Second Addition Lot 63-Age 81
Melcher, August8/29/18544/20/1938Original Section Lot 88-Age 83-Husband of Louise-Father
Melcher, Ernest189410/27/1896Original Section Lot 88-Age 1-Son of A. & L.
Melcher, Jane Mundane4/4/191110/18/1980Second Addition Lot 63-Age 69-Mother
Melcher, Louisa2/1/18769/27/1901Original Section Lot 88-Age 25
Melcher, Viola8/28/18931/24/1965Second Addition Lot 63-Age 71-Wife of Alvin
Melcher, Walter August7/28/18996/12/1918Original Section Lot 88-Age 19-Son of August & Louise
Melrose, Anna Elizabeth18698/9/1936Original Section Lot 39-Age 67-Wife of James
Melrose, Baby Boy5/11/19055/29/1905Age 18 Days-Son of James & Annie
Melrose, BabyN/A2/15/1980Second Addition Lot 36-Baby
Melrose, Berniece Melba9/26/19362/21/1943Age 6-Daughter of Merlin & Melba
Melrose, Beverly Jean4/7/19412/21/1943Age 1-Daughter of Merlin & Melba
Melrose, Francis Ann5/27/19392/21/1943Age 3-Daughter of Merlin & Melba
Melrose, Gladys M.5/23/190512/12/1999Age 94-Wife of James
Melrose, Grace Irene11/12/19237/1/1986Age 62
Melrose, Harold Austin8/7/19079/26/1971Original Section Lot 39-Age 64-Husband of Rosella
Melrose, James Stewart184912/10/1943Original Section Lot 39-Age 94
Melrose, James Stewart1/20/190212/3/1977Second Addition Lot 103-Age 75-Husband of Gladys
Melrose, LeroyN/A1943N/A
Melrose, Melba Venetta6/11/19172/22/1943Age 25-Wife of Merlin-Mother
Melrose, Melvin19371943N/A
Melrose, Merlin Freeman9/16/191111/29/1973Age 62-Husband of Grace-Father
Melrose, Nellie Fern9/10/19139/25/1959Age 46-Wife of Merlin
Melrose, Rudy Melvin12/16/19372/22/1943Age 5-Son of Merlin & Melba
Melrose, Thomas Graham3/7/18875/2/1915Original Section Lot 39-Age 28
Melrose, Virginia19273/21/1928Age 1 Year-Daughter of James & Gladys
Messes, Dorothy G.5/12/19225/18/2010Age 88-Wife of Joseph
Messes, Joseph6/17/191912/15/1992Age 73-Husband of Dorothy
Miller, Amelia S.4/23/188612/20/1953Original Section Lot 116-Age 67-Wife of John
Miller, Eda S.18721951N/A
Miller, Edna Kathrine6/3/191312/19/1913Age 6 Months-Daughter of John & Emily
Miller, Erma Maria2/19/19173/9/1917Age 18 Days-Daughter of John & Amelia
Miller, George Key18557/15/1941Age 86
Miller, Hazel Margaret19062/19/1920Age 14-Daughter of John & Amelia
Miller, Irene19173/9/1917Age 18 Days-Daughter of John & Amelia
Miller, John C.188412/18/1963Original Section Lot 116-Age 79
Miller, Sophia Ida2/10/187210/7/1951Age 79
Miller, Wilma Amelia1/4/191511/15/1923Age 8-Daughter of John C.
Mills, Ann18581927N/A
Mills, George Key18547/17/1941Original Section Lot 78-Age 86
Mills, Harriette E.18811955N/A
Mills, Nelson Axford8/22/188810/16/1956Age 68-Husband of Emma
Mills, Roy Key7/22/18816/30/1938Age 55-Husband of Harriet
Milne, George4/3/18714/25/1962Age 91
Milne, Nellie Estella9/26/18726/9/1950Age 77-Wife of George
Mitchell, Harriet E.5/18/19208/22/2004Mom
Mitchell, Thomas W.11/22/192011/25/1991Dad-U.S. Navy
Moelter, Raymond G.19201/27/1982Second Addition Lot 112-Pastor-Age 61
Moelter-Young, Hilda A.2/6/19222/18/2013Age 91-Wife of Raymond Moelter & Ralph Young
Mogg, Albert8/11/18944/19/1969Original Section Lot 8-Age 74
Mogg, Catherine5/3/18728/4/1938Original Section Lot 9-Age 66-Wife of Samuel-Mother
Mogg, Christena6/16/186512/12/1917N/A
Mogg, Everett S.11/19/19099/24/1973Age 63-Husband of Janice
Mogg, Frank11/16/185812/11/1921N/A
Mogg, GeorgeN/A1/21/1939Age 49
Mogg, Janice L.19118/8/1978Age 66
Mogg, Laura Beatrice19037/1/1903Original Section Lot 14-Age 6 Months-Daughter of William & Myrtle
Mogg, Lavina Barbara186112/31/1892N/A
Mogg, Leonard John2/2/19335/11/1940Age 7-Son of Everett & Janice
Mogg, Malcolm5/10/18934/14/1945Age 51-Husband of Pearl
Mogg, Pearl J.19021975N/A
Mogg, Richard D.19321932Son of Everett & Janice
Mogg, Samuel10/11/18664/22/1936Original Section Lot 9-Age 69-Husband of Catherine-Father
Mogg, Susan Jane7/7/190710/22/1908Original Section Lot 9-Age 1-Daughter of Samuel & Katie
Mogg, TomN/A11/24/1964Original Section Lot 60-Age 79
Mogg, William Henry9/22/186510/9/1935Husband of Lavina & Josephine
Moody, Peter7/6/18391/1/1909Age 69
Moore, Mary Elizabeth9/14/19207/13/1969Age 48-Wife of Robert
Moore, Robert A.5/18/19012/16/1972Age 70
Morgan, Anna T.9/23/18908/9/1966N/A
Morris, Margaret3/11/18462/10/1917Age 70-Wife of Peter
Morris, PeterN/A1918Husband of Margaret
Mott, Charles Henry1/26/18933/28/1968Age 75-Husband of Margaret-Father
Mott, Margaret10/6/18719/6/1963Age 91
Mott, Neuman18471921N/A
Mott, Orra E.12/20/18872/11/1972Age 84
Muchy, Julia12/13/188011/29/1948N/A
Muchy, Louis12/9/187311/20/1943Age 69-Husband of Julia
Muckenthaler, Jennifer LynnN/A7/12/1978Second Addition Lot 35-Age 28 Weeks
Muckenthaler, John S.8/5/191512/4/1980Second Addition Lot 35-Age 65-Husband of Thelma
Muckentaler, Joseph P.12/14/19176/18/1992N/A
Muckenthaler, Kay F. (Knott)6/21/19371/18/2014Age 76-Wife of Russ
Muckenthaler, Mary Irene9/26/19095/12/1991Age 81-Wife of Michael-Mother
Muckenthaler, Mike8/6/18846/24/1952Age 67-Husband of Millie-Father
Muckenthaler, Mike Charles12/20/19137/7/2006Age 91-Husband of Irene-Father
Muckenthaler, Millie P.18961975Mother
Muckenthaler, Peggy6/18/19131/8/1945Age 31-Wife of Mike
Muckenthaler, Richard D.19473/23/1959Second Addition Lot 35-Age 11
Muckenthaler, Russ W.6/27/19327/4/2007Age 75-Husband of Kay
Muckenthaler, Thelma Mae19172/23/1988Second Addition Lot 35-Age 70-Wife of John
Mullennix, Edward Paul5/28/19515/30/1951Age 2 Days-Son of Paul & Alena
Mullennix, Edwin5/28/19515/29/1951Age 1 Day-Son of Paul & Alena
Mullennix, Paul E.12/18/19123/17/1966World War 2
Mullennix, Shawn Paul7/7/19777/7/1977N/A
Muzik, Annie9/30/189310/24/1960Second Addition Lot 19-Age 67-Wife of Charles
Muzik, Charles188610/25/1967Second Addition Lot 19-Age 81-Husband of Ann
Muzik, Margaret7/15/191212/5/1991Age 78
Myers, Clara5/9/18777/7/1938Age 61-Mother-Nee McKenzie
Myers, Edward P.1/9/18732/16/1960Age 87-Husband of Hannah-Military Service
Myers, Gladys MarionN/AOn June 30Age 60-Wife of Clarence
Nagy, Anna9/21/18911/28/1931N/A
Nagy, Elizabeth1/17/18815/4/1967Age 86-Wife of Frank
Nagy, Frances Ann3/7/19385/9/2008Age 70-Wife of Karl
Nagy, Frank18881958N/A
Nagy, Hazel M.9/3/191810/19/1998Age 80-Wife of James
Nagy, Louis James6/14/19173/31/2001Age 82-Husband of Hazel-World War 2
Nagy, Louis Sr.1/20/18823/26/1947Age 64-Husband of Anna-Father
Naimolski, Leo C.11/15/19217/13/1975Second Addition Lot 87-Age 53-Husband of Jennie-World War 2
Nesbitt, Edmund Roy4/27/19153/31/1989Age 73-Husband of Florence-World War 2
Newell, Lyle19063/1/1917Age 11-Son of David & Luella
Newell, David3/16/18752/20/1925Age 50
Newell, Hugh10/13/18324/14/1915Age 82-Father
Newell, Mary11/27/187810/30/1905Age 26
Newman, John Calvin11/22/190311/4/1973World War 1
Newman, Margaret19142003N/A
Newton, Alice Almira1/1/18755/19/1943Age 68
Newton, Andrew18679/11/1930Age 63
Nichols, Addie May6/7/18903/29/1945Original Section 144-Age 55-Wife of George-Mother
Nichols, Alfred18681957N/A
Nichols, Donald Lee Jr.11/25/19721/29/2004Age 31-Son, Father & Husband
Nichols, Earl19336/22/2007N/A
Nichols, Elizabeth Ann2/25/193812/24//1938Original Section Lot 144-Age 6 Months-Daughter of Hamilton & Etta
Nichols, Emma Jene18671921N/A
Nichols, Fredrick II7/18/19807/19/1981Second Addition Lot 23-Age 1-Son of Fredrick
Nichols, GeorgeN/A10/11/1985Original Section Lot 144-Age 86
Nichols, George H.11/1/191712/27/2010Age 93-World War 2
Nichols, George Henry Jr.3/6/19459/8/1989Age 44-Son of George & Ruby
Nichols, George L.12/6/19269/11/1992Second Addition Lot 101-Age 65-Husband of Kate-World War 2
Nichols, Hamilton J.11/16/18715/25/1947Original Section Lot 144-Age 76
Nichols, Joseph Harold19169/8/1977Second Addition Lot 23-Age 61
Nichols, Joseph L.18744/2/1957Second Addition Lot 23-Age 84
Nichols, Loretta F.3/14/19426/1/2006Wife of Norman-Married 11/1/1958
Nichols, Margaret J.5/9/188111/18/1934Original Section Lot 144-Age 53
Nichols, Martha Jane188410/5/1972Second Addition Lot 23-Age 88
Nichols, Nancy18691936N/A
Nichols, Nellie May3/-/19198/2/1976Second Addition Lot 23-Age 57-Wife of Joseph
Nichols, Norma Jean1/6/193410/5/1989Age 55-Wife of Earl
Nichols, Norman3/19/1939N/AHusband of Loretta-Married 11/1/1958
Nichols, Ronald Lee6/26/19432/2/2001N/A
Nichols, Roy19011934Son
Nichols, Ruby A.10/22/19248/31/2005Age 80
Nichols, Samuel18401927N/A
Nichols, Sarah1/2/184210/23/1933Wife of Samuel-Age 91
Nichols, Susanne Marie5/2/195812/4/1982Age 24-Wife of Ronald-Military Service
Nichols, Sylvia Lynn12/15/19551/18/1956Second Addition Lot 23-Age 4 Weeks-Daughter of Joseph & Nellie
Nichols, William John8/4/19437/24/1989Age 45
Nicholson, Amanda Jane8/11/18709/28/1947Age 77-Wife of Thos. L.
Niemi, George Edwin19164/13/1985Second Addition Lot 114-Age 69-Husband of Marie-Married 1/8/1940
Niemi, Marie Veronica1/29/19204/20/1977Second Addition Lot 114-Age 57-Wife of George-Married 1/8/1940
Nimeth, Helen1/14/191612/30/1970Age 54
Nimeth, John R.19411996N/A
Nixon, Millie A.1864CA6/8/1933N/A
Nixon, Thomas7/29/186011/10/1918Age 58
Noragon, Clarence E.3/31/19002/22/1980Age 80-Husband of Sadie-World War 2
Noragon, Jessie Mae3/28/18857/27/1969Second Addition Lot 30-Age 84-Wife of Clarence
Novak, Frank10/18/189812/30/1975Second Addition Lot 117-Age 77-Husband of Ruth-Father
Novak, Ruth18999/10/1984Second Addition Lot 117-Age 85-Wife of Frank-Mother
Oliver, Margaret1/17/18852/24/1957Age 72-Mother
Oliver, RubenN/A1930N/A
Oliver, Vera19031974N/A
Oliver, Zeb Raymond10/26/19018/14/1994Age 92-Husband of Vera
Orm, Alma J.N/A10/29/1911Age 10-Daughter of G. & M.
Orm, Ben1844CA5/13/1926Father
Orm, Geo. N.18701945N/A
Orm, Jane18331922Mother-Wife of Ben
Orr, Georgiana Cliff19081928Original Section Lot 82-Age 20
Orr, John Allen7/15/18619/4/1918Original Section Lot 40-Age 57
Orr, Mother18251900Original Section Lot 40-Age 75
Orr, Nora Franc18632/8/1949Original Section Lot 40-Age 85
Osborne, Anna M.1/7/189510/28/1971Age 76-Wife of Arlington
Osborne, Arlington C.3/24/1896CA4/4/1983Age 87
Osborne, Baby Boy12/19/191812/19/1918Son of Edward & Sarah
Osborne, Charlotte Udell3/24/19256/6/2011Age 86-Wife of Edgar
Osborne, Della J. Sparling5/20/19226/11/2005Age 83-Wife of William
Osborne, Edgar19241996N/A
Osborne, Edgar Wellington12/29/18971/22/1985Age 87
Osborne, Ellsworth W.18971971N/A
Osborne, Sarah11/15/18977/31/1952Age 54-Wife of Edgar
Osborne, Saraphine A. Miller1899CA1/21/1943N/A
Osborne, Terry William1/2/195810/27/1999Age 41-Son of Edgar & Charlotte
Osborne, Thomas E.1868Circa 2/13/1936Father
Osborne, William Lloyd5/11/19215/19/1993Age 72-Husband of Della-World War 2
Owen, Agnes M.19071976N/A
Owen, Baby Boy10/20/191310/20/1913Son of Bert & Flossie
Owen, Baby Boy9/8/19349/8/1934Son of Keith & Agnes
Owen, Bert1/28/18829/17/1966Original Section Lot 71-Age 86-Military Service
Owen, Earl19154/21/1916Age 1-Son of Bert & Flossie
Owen, Flossie L.11/4/18894/28//1959Original Section Lot 71-Age 69-Wife of Bert
Owen, Floyd19127/24/1967Original Section Lot 71-Age 55
Owen, Keith W.19107/15/1978Age 68
Owen, Kenneth W.3/10/19083/12/1908Age 2 Days-Son of Bert & Flossie
Owen, Ray C.10/28/191712/20/1995World War 2
Owen, Stacy18441920N/A
Panigay, Corrine8/19/19256/9/2013Age 87-Wife of Stephen
Panigay, Ferdinand11/1/18755/7/1954N/A
Panigay, Josephine5/5/18807/24/1950Age 70
Panigay, Steve19141980Son
Panigay, William19111978Son
Papp, Edward George3/10/19174/9/2005Doctor-Age 88-Husband of Jean
Papp, Elizabeth18891969N/A
Papp, Frank18891963N/A
Papp, Jean M.N/AN/AWife of Edward
Papp, Richard J.19211923Baby
Patton, Beverly A.7/7/1942N/AWife of Morris-Married 4/22/2000
Patton, Morris Jr.8/22/19413/24/2006Husband of Beverly-Married 4/22/2000-Vietnam
Pausits, Frank11/12/19102/19/1991Original Section Lot 180-Age 80-World War 2
Pausits, Grace190411/23/1916Age 12-Daughter of John & Terez-Original Section Lot 180
Pausits, Hazel19133/30/2005Age 91-Wife of Steve-Second Addition Lot 104
Pausits, John18809/29/1926Original Section Lot 180-Husband of Terez
Pausits, Joseph J.12/21/190310/30/1989Age 85-Husband of Thelma-Married 7/23/1944-Father-Military Service-Second Addition Lot 76
Pausits, Steven Tony10/18/19154/5/1994Second Addition Lot 104-Age 78-Husband of Hazel
Pausits, Terez6/30/187910/8/1953Original Section Lot 180-Age 76-Wife of John
Pausits, Thelma I.2/4/19191/6/2005Age 86-Wife of Joseph-Married 7/23/1944-Mother
Pavlik, Pamela J.2/4/195110/21/2008Age 57-Wife of Samuel
Pavlik, Samuel T.2/14/1946N/AN/A
Payter, Charles19191983Husband of Olga-Father
Payter, Olga I.19262000Wife of Charles-Mother
Pearsall, Luther10/2/190611/23/1906Age 1 Month-Son of Manley & Tracey
Peet, Elizabeth12/19/1880N/AN/A
Peet, John William2/1/18519/18/1931Age 80
Pemberton, Martin John3/20/19814/8/1981Second Addition Lot 52-Age 3 Weeks-Son of Richard & Mary
Peregord, Tim3/17/19692/29/2000N/A
Peters, Glen Rosen9/13/19097/25/1979Second Addition Lot 83-Age 69-Husband of Naureen
Peters, Naureen E.1/26/19223/29/2002Age 80-Wife of Glen
Peterson, Clarice Eletha8/15/191210/3/1914Age 2-Daughter of James & Jennie-Original Section Lot 167
Peterson, Eleanor Grace194511/22/1995Age 50-Wife of Keith
Peterson, George9/5/18877/28/1971Second Addition Lot 67-Age 84-World War 1
Peterson, James Benjamin4/18/18818/11/1961Original Section Lot 167-Age 80
Peterson, Jennie E.18945/26/1933Original Section Lot 167-Age 39-Wife of James
Peterson, Margaret2/1/19036/16/1967Second Section Lot 66-Age 64-Wife of George
Pettifor, Robert E.8/9/193712/29/2014Age 77-Husband of Shirley-Married 7/11/1959-Army
Pettifor, Shirley J.8/31/19411/9/2006Age 64-Wife of Robert-Married 7/11/1959-Cremation
Phillips, Harold L. Jr.5/2/197211/9/2005Son, Brother & Father
Pierce, Baby18831883N/A
Pierce, Baby12/21/190012/21/1900N/A
Pierce, Franklin Arthur2/9/18519/16/1937Age 86
Pierce, Ida May CranerN/A1883N/A
Pierce, Lucinda UmphreyN/A12/21/1900N/A
Pierse, Peter R.N/A12/15/1955Second Addition Lot 30-Age 67
Pillsbury, Daniel J.9/18/19225/23/1998Husband & Father
Pillsbury, Daniel L.18861940Father
Pillsbury, Erva B.18981962Mother
Pillsbury, Leecil O.4/14/19327/29/1999World War 2
Pillsbury, Moses7/31/184911/30/1912Original Section Lot 117-Age 63
Pinke, Rose18782/17/1938Age 60-Wife of Stephen
Pinke, Stephen10/28/18667/18/1956Age 89-Husband of Rosa
Pitcel, Vera Jean5/22/19925/26/1992Baby Girl
Podlecki, Stanley1908CA5/10/1945Age 37
Pokriefke, Edith M. Cutshall12/15/18804/2/1950Age 69-Wife of Otto
Pokriefke, Otto C.2/3/188212/3/1954Age 72-Husband of Edith
Ponak, Cordell Joseph10/6/194611/15/1969Vietnam
Ponak, Dorothy June2/12/19244/17/1997Age 73
Ponak, Helen Elisabeth2/1/19194/22/1987Age 68-Wife of Joseph Jr.
Ponak, Joseph Jr.5/28/19123/4/1990Age 77
Poskitt, Emma1/11/18687/5/1952Original Section Lot 187-Age 84-Wife of Frank
Poskitt, Frank Eugene7/13/18679/3/1927Age 60
Poskitt, George H.8/00/189211/25/1927Age 35-World War 1
Poskitt, Jack Raymond4/28/194512/27/1995Age 50
Poskitt, Laura12/17/189711/30/1979Age 81
Poskitt, Mary Emma18681952N/A
Poskitt, Primrose M.3/14/19096/18/1979Original Section Lot 187-Age 70
Poskitt, Ray7/30/19008/22/1945Original Section Lot 187-Age 45-Husband of Primrose
Prescott, Patrick Daniel3/6/19475/24/2013Age 66-Husband of Laura
Price, Clyde P. S.18741/17/1933Age 59
Provoast, David H.19441995N/A
Provoast, Sharon J.1944N/AN/A
Pumple, Elizabeth18731962Mother
Pumple, John18681932Father
Quinn, Lois E. Warner9/18/19394/29/2016Age 76-Wife of John Warner & Jerry Quinn
Raynak, Mary Jane19371996N/A
Rayner, Alfred George2/23/19247/3/1977Second Addition Lot 68-Age 53-World War 2
Rayner, Donald G.2/9/19216/2/2001Husband of Sarah-Married 10/14/1946
Rayner, Rosella I. Melrose4/13/19275/30/1995Second Addition Lot 68-Age 68-Wife of Victor
Rayner, Sarah E.1919N/AWife of Donald-Married 10/14/1946
Rayner, Victor Glen Sr.1/17/19373/6/1994Age 57-Cremation-Husband of Rosella-Korea
Rebischke, Clarence Albert10/1/19082/27/1990Age 81-Husband of Violet
Rebischke, Violet Rachel7/23/19101/2/1990Age 79-Wife of Clarence
Redfield, Clifford2/11/19272/12/1927Age 29 Hours-Son of Norman & Faye
Redfield, Emma Elizabeth3/26/185910/10/1923Age 64-Wife of George
Redfield, Eva1899N/AN/A
Redfield, Faye Mildred19013/5/1941Age 39-Wife of Norman-Mother
Redfield, George5/18/18569/21/1943Age 87-Husband of Emma
Redfield, Norman S.2/26/189912/18/1968Age 69-Husband of Eva
Redfield, Sharon Lee9/29/19479/30/1947Age 1 Day-Daughter of Gordon & Betty
Reed, Carlene9/17/192512/5/1980Second Addition Lot 98-Age 55-Wife of Walter
Reis, Grace Elizabeth5/31/190610/5/1906Age 5 Months-Daughter of Henry & Rosa
Reis, Henry18653/12/1931Age 65
Reis, Rosa E.9/9/18734/19/1949Age 76-Original Section Lot 75
Relyea, David18361899N/A
Relyea, George David5/3/18712/8/1952Original Section Lot 21-Age 80
Relyea, Julia18431896N/A
Resler, Francis L.6/10/18955/1/1969World War 1
Rhyndress, Baby Boy8/2/19048/2/1904Original Section Lot 57-Son of John & Myrtle
Rhyndress, Baby Girl7/18/19027/18/1902Original Section Lot 57-Daughter of John & Myrtle
Rhyndress, Beatrice R.10/20/191210/5/1990Original Section Lot 57-Age 77
Rhyndress, Gloria Gail4/26/19507/7/1956Original Section Lot 57-Age 6
Rhyndress, Leon L.10/9/190610/31/1970Original Section Lot 57-Age 64-World War 2
Richards, Margaret Britania Danby4/8/186212/9/1909Wife of Thomas
Richardson, DonaldN/A9/21/1948Original Section Lot 164-Age 18
Richardson, Frank H.N/ACA12/24/1931N/A
Richardson, Henry M.5/27/18484/4/1913Age 65-Husband
Richardson, RobertN/ACA6/4/1925N/A
Riley, Genice J.11/5/1935N/AOriginal Section Lot 141-Mother
Riley, Walter J.2/9/19278/11/1999Original Section Lot 141-Father
Ripenbark, Baby Girl8/20/19168/20/1916Daughter of Floyd & Zetta
Ripenbark, Huldah19131913N/A
Ripenbark, May19151915N/A
Ripenbark, Zelta M.189512/15/1958Original Section Lot 179-Age 62-Mother
Roberts, Clara10/20/18752/17/1923Age 47-Wife of Charles
Roberts, George S.18434/19/1925Original Section Lot 16-Age 82-Civil War
Roberts, HattieN/AN/AOriginal Section Lot 16
Rockwell, David S.1813N/ACivil War
Rockwell, Henry18521896N/A
Rockwell, Susan18201896N/A
Roe, Alice America11/10/186111/2/1942Original Section Lot 1-Age 82-Wife of Curtis
Roe, Curtis J.3/21/186612/17/1949Original Section Lot 24-Age 83
Roe, Jonathan4/21/18259/3/1908Age 83
Rose, Elsa A.11/10/19034/6/1979Second Addition Lot 84-Age 75
Rose, Ralph W.19345/28/2012Age 78-Husband of Donna-Korea & Vietnam
Rose, William Edward4/24/19091/23/1979Second Addition Lot 84-Age 69-Husband of Elsa
Ross, John18751943N/A
Ross, Kenneth J.11/9/191012/12/1910Son of Randolph & Laura
Roth, Esther E. King18774/4/1959Original Section Lot 107-Age 81
Roth, George E.188511/22/1953Original Section Lot 107-Age 68
Route, Mabel Eleanor9/12/19064/1/1978Second Addition Lot 43-Age 71
Route, Robert B.6/2/18923/20/1956Second Addition Lot 43-Age 63-Husband of Mabel
Runyan, Catherine18695/13/1954Original Section Lot 145-Age 85
Runyan, Celia M.19199/12/2001Age 81-Wife of Wilbur-Daughter In Law
Runyan, Fred19074/17/1995Original Section Lot 145-Age 87-Ashes
Runyan, Ortella Goldia4/8/190912/2/1993Original Section Lot 145-Age 84-Wife of Fred
Runyan, Sylvester18732/17/1963Original Section Lot 145-Age 90
Runyan, Wilbur191112/30/1987Original Section Lot 145-Age 76-Husband of Celia
Runyon, DorothyN/A6/12/1910Original Section Lot 145-Age 1
Rushlow, John J.12/26/18891/13/1962Second Addition Lot 113-Age 72-Husband of Mable
Rushlow, Mabel Anne8/26/18869/30/1966Second Addition Lot 113-Age 80-Wife of John
Rushlow, Rosie19271984N/A
Ruzicska, Agnes10/12/19124/5/2007Mother
Ruzicska, Rosa8/25/188010/18/1954Age 74-Mother
Ruzicska, Rudolph12/13/18772/6/1943Age 63-Husband of Rose
Ruzicska, Rudolph T.4/15/19117/11/1980Dad
Ryan, Anna6/19/19056/19/1905Daughter of John & Della
Ryan, JohnOctober, 187212/10/1940Age 68-Husband of Ethadell
Ryan, John D.8/14/191512/12/2002"Jack"-Age 87-Husband of Mary-Married 5/27/1950-World War 2
Ryan, Mary M.12/21/1932N/AWife of Jack-Married 5/27/1950
Sabo, Frank10/21/19128/8/1997Age 84-Son of John & Irene
Sabo, Irene3/21/19173/26/1917Age 5 Days-Daughter of John & Irene
Sabo, Irene Mary3/7/18808/3/1960Age 80-Wife of John
Sabo, John12/26/18762/27/1951Age 75
Sabo, John11/7/190810/9/1994Age 85-Husband of Lucy-Married 11/19/1938
Sabo, Lucy5/6/191910/8/2010Age 91-Wife of John-Married 11/19/1938
Sageman, May5/19/19015/26/1962Age 61-Wife of Walter
Sageman, Walter1/26/19058/28/1991Age 86
Sager, Wilma E.7/3/192211/25/1922N/A
Sampson, Mary C.2/6/18928/9/1913Age 21-Mother-Wife of Alvin-Daughter of Daniel & Emma Sullivan
Sanders, M. Walter5/15/188312/5/1958Second Addition Lot 29-Age 75-Husband of Della
Sanders, Sue L.9/11/196110/15/1986Mother
Sawyer, Viola BergquistN/A3/10/1961Original Section Lot 49-Age 75
Schult, Glenn19051964Father
Schult, Marian Thelma6/15/19074/4/1948Age 40-Wife of Glenn-Mother
Schwan, Veronica V. (Sharosy)19168/23/2009Age 93-Wife of John
Scott, Abram12/23/184210/7/1917Original Section Lot 43-Age 74-Husband of Martha-Civil War
Scott, Baby Girl9/13/19229/13/1922Daughter of Fred & Clarabell
Scott, Benjamin D.19041974N/A
Scott, Clarence C.18781929N/A
Scott, Claribel Shimmons18922/3/1947Age 54-Wife of Fred
Scott, David Redfield2/24/18531/22/1938Age 84-Husband of Mary-Father-Original Section Lot 28
Scott, Elmer Edmund2/23/18816/12/1963Age 82-Husband of Nettie
Scott, Emily J.18761963N/A
Scott, Fanny F.18413/10/1877Original Section Lot 43-Age 36-Wife of Abram
Scott, Fred L.18871966N/A
Scott, Freda B.19111997N/A
Scott, Goldie M.1901CA3/26/1931Daughter
Scott, Hattie B.186610/16/1881Original Section Lot 43-Age 15
Scott, Luella R.19081929Daughter
Scott, Martha C.8/15/18476/4/1937Original Section Lot 43-Age 89-Wife of Abram
Scott, Mary A. RelyeaJuly, 1860October, 1920Original Section Lot 28
Scott, Napoleon BonaparteN/A2/21/1899Original Section Lot 28-Age 49
Scott, Nettie J.18851974N/A
Scovill, Lynn12/10/197112/10/1971Daughter of George & Loretta
Scovill, Ronald Leroy2/11/19654/30/1981Age 16-Son of George & Loretta
Scully, Baby Boy5/2/19035/2/1903Son of Jas. & Eleanor
Scully, Herald11/26/191811/28/1918Age 48 Hours-Son of James & Nellie
Scussel, Cindy Lee12/23/19576/11/2007N/A
Sedlony, Diroede18737/15/1950Age 77
Sedony, Dan18731950N/A
Sedore, Alice Josephine7/1/189511/29/1914Original Section Lot 42-Age 19-Daughter of Wm. & Maggie
Sedore, Baby Boy12/3/193812/3/1938Son of Leo
Sedore, Baby Girl4/19/19174/19/1917Daughter of Sie & Ellen
Sedore, Ellen12/2/18911/13/1964Second Addition Lot 12-Age 72-Wife of Sie
Sedore, Lee William6/17/19155/27/1983Age 67-Husband of Opal
Sedore, Leona Marie8/9/19128/15/1912Age 6 Days-Daughter of Syrus & Ellen
Sedore, LeroyN/AN/AN/A
Sedore, Lewella May10/10/191410/10/1914Daughter of Sie & Ellen
Sedore, Maggie7/20/18739/19/1938Wife of William-Mother
Sedore, Opal M.11/8/19162/18/2005Age 88-Wife of Lee
Sedore, Robert LeeN/A11/12/2014Age 74-Cremation
Sedore, Roy4/29/19121/15/1913Original Section Lot 42-Age 8 Months-Son of William & Maggie
Sedore, Sie3/8/18939/8/1963Second Addition Lot 12-Age 70-"Cyrus"-Husband of Ellen
Sedore, William G.18711965Father
Selman, Alfred6/10/18846/25/1970Age 86
Selman, Charles18419/21/1935Age 94-Husband of Sarah
Selman, George3/16/188011/25/1909Age 29
Selman, Glen7/23/19146/15/1952Age 37
Selman, Ruth MayN/ACA1/25/1951Age 64
Selman, Sarah Berton2/12/18522/16/1925Original Section Lot 31-Age 73
Selman, Sylvia Wilhelmina7/29/19072/13/1950Age 42
Selman, Viola9/26/190611/8/1906Age 1 Month-Daughter of Alfred & Ruth
Senda, Annabelle L.1944N/AWife of Herbert
Senda, Herbert Lee7/9/194411/1/2002Age 58-Husband of Annabelle
Server, Fern5/18/19096/18/1909Age 1 Month-Daughter of Fred & Velma
Sharp, Ruby L.N/A5/23/1977Second Addition Lot 133-Age 61
Sheehan, Annette Irene11/28/193910/31/1997Age 57-Wife of Fred
Sheehan, BabyN/A2/26/1961Second Section Lot 40-Baby
Sheehan, Edward S.18693/5/1938Age 69-Husband of Etta-Father
Sheehan, Emerson5/22/19071/29/1979Age 71-Husband of Mary
Sheehan, Freddy George10/17/19323/29/2008Age 75-Husband of Annette-Korea
Sheehan, Mary Anna7/22/19138/24/2000Age 87-Wife of Emerson
Sheehan, Rodney N.19611961N/A
Sheffer, Della Mae6/18/18791/16/1969Age 89-Wife of George
Sheffer, Eddis Pearl10/30/19163/8/2002Age 85-Wife of Orville
Sheffer, Edna Mae19132/14/1983Age 69
Sheffer, Ellen18475/10/1924Original Section Lot 33-Age 77-Wife of Jacob
Sheffer, Eva18201892Original Section Lot 32-Age 72
Sheffer, George E.3/25/18743/27/1962Original Section Lot 33-Age 88-Husband of Della
Sheffer, Jacob7/29/18409/22/1906Original Section Lot 33-Age 66
Sheffer, JohnN/AN/AN/A
Sheffer, Joseph1859N/AN/A
Sheffer, Mabel1/29/19047/3/1904Age 5 Months-Daughter of Geo. & Della-Original Section Lot 35
Sheffer, Orville R.1/23/19157/9/1975Age 60-Husband of Eddis-Military Service
Sheffer, Peter18163/10/1898Original Section Lot 32-Age 83
Sheffer, Phoebe2/1/18716/17/1925Original Section Lot 32-Age 54
Sheffer, William18711888Original Section Lot 33-Age 17-Son of J. & E.
Sheffer, William S.19101965N/A
Sheive, William Garrison6/1/18599/28/1917Age 59
Sheldon, Dorothy Ann11/15/19242/16/1959Age 35-Wife of Brutus
Sheldon, Floyd6/6/18926/20/1957World War 1
Sheldon, Frank3/20/186112/9/1948Age 87
Shepard, Donald Vaughn6/30/19125/15/1991Second Addition Lot 53-Age 78
Shepard, Genevieve S.19168/25/1983Second Addition Lot 53-Age 67-Wife of Donald
Shepherd, Bruce A.9/6/19239/5/1991Age 67-Husband of Charlotte
Shepherd, Charlotte11/22/194811/22/1948Daughter of Bruce & Charlotte
Shepherd, Charlotte F.3/13/19213/13/2012Age 91-Wife of Bruce
Shepherd, Cora2/1/190012/2/1958Second Addition Lot 34-Age 58-Wife of Harry
Shepherd, Harry Bruce5/29/188812/2/1963Second Addition Lot 34-Age 75
Shepherd, Koi Kenneth11/20/199811/24/1998N/A
Shook, Laura Lavina1/4/18881/26/1903Original Section Lot 95-Age 15-Daughter of John & Mary
Siegrist, Adolph Louie6/9/19171/7/2003Age 85-Husband of Mary
Siegrist, Aleatha M.18981980N/A
Siegrist, Blanche E.5/3/19204/6/1972Wife of Adolph
Siegrist, Caroline Hannah3/11/18888/16/1966Age 78-Wife of Paul
Siegrist, James A.19462005Father-Husband of Shirley-Married 1/21/1967-Vietnam
Siegrist, Karl M.18841966N/A
Siegrist, Shirley A.1948N/AMother-Wife of James-Married 1/21/1967
Siers, Gladys Easter4/16/19277/16/2005Age 78-Wife of Isaac
Siers, Isaac Philemon10/29/19233/17/1999Age 75-Husband of Gladys-World War 2
Simon, Irma Mary4/25/192211/14/1985Age 63-Sister
Simon, Julia1/20/18806/6/1958Original Section Lot 172-Age 78-Wife of Kalman
Simon, Kalman4/20/18778/10/1951Original Section Lot 172-Age 74
Simon, Mary19169/18/1916Age 7 Months-Daughter of Coleman & Julia
Simonis, Frank P. III7/19/196110/8/2002Age 41-Husband of Michelle
Simpson, Sarah5/9/18459/6/1905Original Section Lot 188-Age 60
Skaggs, Eskie4/9/18947/13/1958Age 64
Smart, Nancy M.N/A9/2/1911Original Section Lot 10-Age 81
Smart, William R.N/A7/29/1898Original Section Lot 10-Age 41
Smith, Amanda4/9/18603/29/1905Age 44
Smith, Atha10/15/19078/18/1908Age 9 Months-Daughter of John & Mina
Smith, Carl E.8/21/192510/28/1985Husband of Pauline-Married 5/23/1945
Smith, Dorothy H.5/6/1927N/AWife of Marion-Married 5/7/1945
Smith, Earl O.6/9/19008/9/1956Second Addition Lot 29-Age 56-Husband of Gladys-World War 2
Smith, Everett3/31/19095/26/1995"Punk"-Age 86-Husband of Norene
Smith, Freda J. Irish1910CA3/30/1944Wife of Robert-Mother
Smith, Gladys M.19011987N/A
Smith, Golden E.18911949N/A
Smith, Marion D.8/10/192511/22/2003Husband of Dorothy-Married 5/7/1945
Smith, Norene Belle8/3/19117/12/1999Age 87-Wife of Everett
Smith, Pauline2/18/1927N/AWife of Carl-Married 5/23/1945
Smith, Susan3/12/184410/6/1909N/A
Smith, William10/27/18911/25/1977Second Addition Lot 121-Age 85
Snyder, Seth Andrew2/5/199012/3/1990Second Section Lot 23-Age 10 Months
Sobol, Marion E.19272008N/A
Sobol, Wallace B.19161997N/A
Solheim, Carl J.10/31/19272/4/1981Original Section Lot 57-Age 53-Dad-U. S. Navy
Sonner, Esther R. Igram Gillings19057/16/1974Original Section Lot 178-Age 69
Sorenson, Bernard10/10/19129/12/1975Original Section Lot 158
Sorenson-Scheeringa, Emma Jane Jones10/8/1925N/A"Jane"
Soter, Katalin11/17/187710/23/1954Age 76-Mother
Sparling, Ada F.12/3/18846/25/1973Age 88
Sparling, Joseph A. Sr.12/6/18849/4/1970Age 85-Husband of Ada
Sparling, Joseph Almon Jr.5/23/19145/26/1993Age 85-Husband of Syble
Sparling, Syble E.1/19/192511/1/2000Age 75-Wife of Joseph
Spencer, Howard19021/3/1977Second Addition Lot 32-Age 74
Spencer, Wilma A.19057/21/2006Age 101-Wife of Howard
Stachlewicz, Thomas H.11/8/19253/24/1998World War 2
Stahl, Doris Elaine3/8/19237/26/1988Age 65-Wife of Ellsworth-Married 10/11/1941
Stahl, Ellsworth Elmer9/4/192111/22/1994"Al"-Age 73-Husband of Doris-Married 10/11/1941-World War 2
Stahl, Ernest A.6/17/18972/23/1973Age 75-World War 2
Stalker, Julia E.18901921Daughter
Stamm, KirkN/AN/AN/A
Stanford, William Abraham6/4/192410/9/1975Age 51-World War 2
Stanley, Edward B.10/14/19115/16/1979Age 67-Husband of Thelma
Stanley, Thelma Mae8/9/191111/1/1992Age 81-Wife of Edward
Stauffer, Elizabeth Thorne7/5/186011/27/1950N/A
Stauffer, J.18671961Dad
Steele, Baby GirlN/A2/16/1956Second Addition Lot 32
Steele, Douglas Ray19367/30/1984Second Addition Lot 32-Age 47-Son of Wilma
Steele, Elaine R.1935N/AN/A
Steele, Richard L.19352009N/A
Stephens, Arthur Hartwell2/19/18737/2/1930Age 57-Husband of Clara
Stephens, Barbara S.5/12/1938N/AN/A
Stephens, Clara J.18731916N/A
Stephens, Clara Janice3/2/19173/5/1917Age 3 Days-Daughter of Raymond & Irene
Stephens, Irene2/8/18917/11/1964Original Section Lot 184-Age 73-Wife of Raymond
Stephens, Margaret190111/8/1958Second Addition Lot 65-Age 57
Stephens, Margaret8/12/18738/12/1953Age 80
Stephens, Marlyn192210/2/1967Second Addition Lot 64-Age 45-Wife & Mother
Stephens, Myrtle18861916N/A
Stephens, Raymond Elias189310/29/1991Original Section Lot 184-Age 98-Husband
Stephens, Samuel A.18931/26/1992Second Addition Lot 65-Age 98
Stephens, Wilson Arthur6/27/193612/24/1998Age 62-Husband of Barbara-Vietnam
Stickley, Baby Boy3/6/19133/6/1913Son of Thomas & Mary
Stickley, Lottie Ruth7/6/190311/12/1907Age 4-Daughter of Thomas & Mary
Stickley, Mary Edith5/26/18714/20/1924Wife of Thomas-Mother
Stillwell, George1/30/18451/14/1915Age 69
Stoddard, Ernest E.3/13/190110/23/1969Age 68
Stone, Adolph5/18/18604/9/1912N/A
Stone, Adolphus7/15/18624/9/1912Age 49
Stone, Anthony18201915Original Section Lot 13-Civil War
Stone, Baby Girl7/20/19049/1/1904Age 1 Month-Daughter of Joseph & Marie
Stone, Caroline18561895Wife of John
Stone, John18501916N/A
Stone, Nancy AnnN/A3/20/1886Original Section Lot 13-Age 59-Wife of Anthony
Stoner, Abraham D.18601/29/1945Age 85-Husband of Prudence
Stoner, Austin8/11/18912/1/1934Age 42-World War 1-Original Section Lot 87-World War 1
Stoner, Catherine4/22/18737/9/1908Age 35
Stoner, Cliff R.8/5/19148/18/1946Original Section Lot 87-Age 32
Stoner, Donald E.3/26/19416/21/2009N/A
Stoner, Florence L.19154/28/1916Age 8 Months-Daughter of Austin & Janet
Stoner, Gladys Daisy12/3/19046/8/1968Age 63-Wife of Guy
Stoner, Guy Austin3/28/19186/11/1969Age 51-World War 2
Stoner, Henry S.3/27/18797/9/1964Original Section Lot 84
Stoner, Horace18871957N/A
Stoner, Jane M.18801914N/A
Stoner, Janet Eleanor4/5/19131/19/1994Second Section Lot 15-Age 80-Wife of Edward Drow & Guy Stoner
Stoner, LeslieCA 19146/17/1927Age 13
Stoner, Mary Jane1/30/187912/4/1915Original Section Lot 84-Age 36
Stoner, Prudence A.4/18/18606/21/1944Age 84-Wife of Abraham/td>
Stoner, Robert19011966N/A
Stoner, Roger Elwood3/3/19381/28/1984Second Addition Lot 105-Age 45-Husband of Barbara-U. S. Air Force
Stoner, Sylvia M.10/16/18889/15/1968Age 80-Wife of Horace
Stoutenburg, Alice M.18851962N/A
Stoutenburg, Baby Girl1/25/19091/25/1909Age 6 Hours-Daughter of Arthur & Mildred
Stoutenburg, Chester18624/17/1920Age 58
Stoutenburg, Darwin A.19432/28/1977Second Addition Lot 62-Age 33
Stoutenburg, George E.5/8/19046/13/1981Second Addition Lot 62-Age 77-Husband of Rhea-Married 11/28/1930
Stoutenburg, Ray C.18976/23/1918Age 21-Son of Chester & Zora
Stoutenburg, Rhea Jola5/2/19096/3/1968Second Addition Lot 62-Age 59-Wife of George-Married 11/28/1930
Stoutenburg, William G.12/15/18788/31/1935Husband of Alice-Married 7/19/1902
Streehan, EdwardN/A5/8/1938Original Section Lot 186-Age 69
Streeter, Clara4/25/18761/10/1964Age 87
Streeter, Clare Ronald4/25/19367/24/1957Second Addition Lot 51-Age 21-Husband of Frances
Streeter, Frances J.193811/1/1983Second Addition Lot 51-Age 44
Stuart, Charles A.11/18/19044/23/1986N/A
Stuart, Charles E.7/28/194610/30/1946N/A
Stuart, L. Elizabeth6/8/19118/16/1966N/A
Sullivan, Bernice R.7/16/19197/29/1986Age 67-Wife of Carl
Sullivan, William H.2/1/18908/2/1912Age 22-Son of Daniel & Emma
Supguy, Lottie T.3/2/18523/5/1892Age 40-Wife of W. H.
Sutherby, LaVina Mae6/14/19122/22/1988Age 75
Suto, Marie9/10/188611/24/1954Age 68-Wife of Steven
Suto, Steven11/17/187712/27/1953Age 76-Husband of Marie
Sutton, Baby Boy1/27/19391/27/1939Son of Charles & Beatrice
Swaffield, Almeda M.189310/11/1988Age 95
Swaffield, George Albert Sr.3/18/188712/1/1953Age 66-Husband of Almeda
Swank, Melanie Ann4/30/19617/24/1988Second Addition Lot 61-Daughter
Swanson, Lillie A. Bergquist1888CA2/15/1945Age 56
Switzer, Marcella B. (Sally)4/24/192310/1/2000Wife of Shirley-Married 10/5/1940
Switzer, Shirley C.3/30/1921N/AHusband of Marcella-Married 10/5/1940
Szabo, Elizabeth Rose1/14/19086/25/1989Age 81-Wife of Louis
Szabo, Louis A.19038/13/1978Age 74-Husband of Elizabeth
Sztanyo, A. Emil1921N/AHusband of Iris-Married 6/18/1943
Sztanyo, Iris A.1925N/AWife of A. Emil-Married 6/18/1943
Tarzwell, Robert J.7/17/18896/30/1953Age 63
Taylor, Agnes4/22/18714/23/1949Age 78-Wife of George
Taylor, Bertram Daniel9/13/19015/8/1940Age 38-Son of James & Rose
Taylor, Donald Jack3/8/19327/15/1985Korea
Taylor, Richard John4/10/18972/5/1977Age 79-Husband of Mildred
Taylor, Richard M.5/1/19285/25/1986World War 2
Tester, Carl6/20/19376/20/1937Age 5 Hours-Son of Leonard & Sarah
Tester, Charles19079/24/1979Original Section Lot 74-Age 72
Tester, Emma M.18721921Mother
Tester, George Joseph4/11/190610/3/1906Age 5 Months-Son of William & Emma
Tester, Georgia J.4/12/190610/11/1906N/A
Tester, Leonard E.19101971N/A
Tester, Leonard Richmond5/25/19355/26/1935Age 1 Day-Son of Leonard & Sarah
Tester, Norman R.7/16/194012/25/1967U.S. Army
Tester, Sarah D.3/16/19072/28/1967Age 59-Wife of Leonard
Tester, Stella L.9/30/19182/26/1922N/A
Tester, William185211/27/1933Age 81-Father
Thomas, John A.10/11/18899/14/1952World War 1
Thomas, Violet1/11/19049/7/1970Age 66-Mother
Thomas, William Arthur5/25/18834/5/1950Age 66-Dad
Thompson, Avis Arlene7/29/19297/29/1929Original Section Lot 9-Daughter of Ernest & Bertha
Thompson, Baby Girl12/4/194312/4/1943Daughter of Donald & Dorothy
Thompson, Bertha May6/2/19022/22/1970Original Section Lot 8-Age 67
Thompson, Brian Michael5/2/19755/2/1975N/A
Thompson, Darlene D.N/AN/ADaughter
Thompson, Donald William8/2/19235/26/2012Age 88-Husband of Dorothy-Married 3/20/1943
Thompson, Donna Lee2/20/19387/17/1989Age 51-Mother
Thompson, Dorothy M.8/18/1923N/AWife of Donald-Married 3/20/1943
Thompson, Erna Virginia10/29/19103/5/1999Age 88-Wife of Roy
Thompson, Ernest G.3/1/18992/22/1970Original Section Lot 8-Age 70
Thompson, John F.6/22/18662/13/1954Age 88-Husband of Rosetta-Father
Thompson, Kristan F.1945N/AN/A
Thompson, Lola2/18/18978/19/1983Second Addition Lot 46-Age 86
Thompson, Mabel A. Nelson5/12/188712/29/1949Age 62
Thompson, Marion S.19082002N/A
Thompson, Matthew B.19045/20/1985Original Section Lot 169-Age 80
Thompson, Ralph Judson5/21/18968/27/1958Second Addition Lot 46-Age 62-Husband of Lola
Thompson, Robert D. Sr.1938N/AN/A
Thompson, Rosetta M.5/29/18707/5/1961Age 91-Wife of John-Mother
Thompson, Roy Frank12/28/190712/24/1986Age 78-Husband of Erna
Thomson, George S.6/10/184512/29/1913Age 68
Thomson, Sarah7/10/18612/27/1915Age 55
Thorn, Harriett Burton3/18/18574/23/1934Age 77-Wife of Joseph
Thorn, Joseph RansomMarch, 18591/11/1945Original Section Lot 80-Age 86
Thorn, Joseph RoyCA3/25/18969/30/1898Son of Joseph & Harriet
Thorn, NelsonN/A4/26/1927N/A
Thorn, William Harold5/13/19018/18/1903Original Section Lot 18-Age 1-Son of Jos. & Harriet
Thorne, Elizabeth EntivistleN/ACA12/7/1950Age 89
Thorpe, Freda M.11/2/18827/16/1957Second Addition Lot 96-Age 74-Wife of Dec
Tibbetts, Edward P.N/AN/AN/A
Tibbitts, Edward18846/26/1956Second Addition Lot 26-Age 73
Tibbitts, Esther V.19033/4/1983Second Addition Lot 26-Age 74
Tibbitts, Guy H.12/12/18804/24/1964Second Addition Lot 26-Age 83
Tibbitts, Leroy D.19001982N/A
Tong, Evelyn Marie10/4/19221/7/1995Second Addition Lot 66-Age 72
Tong, Laura Grace9/19/190211/11/1974Second Addition Lot 66-Age 72-Wife of Ralph
Tong, Ralph Vernon4/27/189712/28/1976Second Addition Lot 66-Age 78-World War 1
Tong, Rita Grace5/20/19394/21/1949Age 9-Daughter of Robert & Sarah
Tong, Robert J.18991981N/A
Tong, Robert W. Sr.12/10/18634/24/1944Age 80
Tong, Sarah Ann4/16/185512/23/1936Age 81-Wife of Robert
Toth, Emil Frank9/20/19297/21/1961Second Addition Lot 16-Age 31-Korea
Toth, Helen4/18/18903/29/1959N/A
Toth, James5/4/191210/27/1978Age 66-Husband of Elsie
Toth, John18725/3/1951Age 79
Toth, Stephen12/23/187710/1/1938Age 60-Husband of Helen
Toth, Stephen6/20/19107/24/1979Second Addition Lot 16-Age 69
Tousey, Grandus C.1/16/18352/2/1910Age 75-Civil War
Townsley, Robert10/17/19028/6/1971Age 62
Tracy, Harold G.2/22/191712/4/2001World War 2
Tracy, Marie5/16/19243/24/2003N/A
Trask, AnnaN/ACA1/21/1926N/A
Trask, Lloyd W.10/2/1899CA5/12/1963Second Addition Lot 58-M.D.-Age 64-Husband of Murial
Trask, Lloyd W.10/2/19005/9/1963Age 62-Husband of Muriel
Trask, Muriel C.4/17/19041/7/1968Second Addition Lot 58-Age 63
Trazwell, Robert J.7/17/18896/30/1953Age 63
Treachler, Baby Girl12/25/19061/18/1907Age 24 Days-Daughter of Wm. & Martha
Treachler, Frederick Christian186010/10/1937Original Section Lot 11-Age 77
Treachler, George Willard8/?/190011/3/1903Original Section Lot 11-Age 3-Son of Fred & Phoebe
Treachler, Martha B.18808/16/1910Original Section Lot 15-Age 30
Treachler, Phoebe S.18623/17/1942Original Section Lot 11-Age 79
Treachler, Willard11/19/19032/29/1904Age 3 Months-Son of William & Martha
Tripp, Ernest9/19/19208/20/1992aka Wilful Stumble-Age 71-Husband of Ila-World War 2
Tripp, Ila MaeN/A3/5/2012Age 87-Wife of Ernest-World War 2
Trudeau, Edward3/17/183712/28/1909Age 72
Turbok, Louis8/1/19143/6/1977Second Addition Lot 116-Age 62-Husband of Marguerite
Turbok, Lucile F.19121967Wife of Steve
Turbok, Marguerite19202006N/A
Turbok, Mike4/7/1880CA12/3/1925Age 45-Husband of Thresa
Turbok, Steve John7/29/19111/6/1978World War 2
Turbok, Thresa1883N/AWife
Turner, Esther Levar10/31/191311/1/1913Age 1 Day-Daughter of Seth & Gwyndaline
Turner, Robert W.12/25/19265/22/1955Second Addition Lot 12-Age 28-Husband of Betty-World War 2
Tyre, Hugh Edward4/21/19524/26/1952Second Addition Lot 65-Son of Charles & Evelyn
Umphrey, Mathew1822CA4/22/1897Father
Unknown, Blanche5/5/187112/15/1931N/A
Unknown, Charles L.10/14/188710/22/1887N/A
Unknown, Hobert C.3/15/18922/9/1893N/A
Unknown, JamesN/A1908N/A
Unknown, Lillie A.18881945N/A
Unknown, Mabel4/5/18818/11/1881N/A
Unknown, Maggie M.18731910N/A
Unknown, Myrtle M.10/25/189011/3/1890N/A
Unknown, Perry19391952N/A
Unknown, Richard EugeneN/A2/24/1941Son of Cleo & Ann
Unknown, Twins4/27/19254/27/1925N/A
Valeck, Helen L.2/16/19249/3/2009Wife of Joseph-Married 10/18/1941
Valeck, Joseph A. Jr.10/2/195410/9/2009Vietnam
Valeck, Joseph A. Sr.3/28/1920N/AHusband of Helen-Married 10/18/1941
Valent, Elizabeth1/21/188710/2/1954Age 67
Valent, Fannie E.19091992N/A
Valent, John M.6/28/192710/14/1994N/A
Valent, Stephen12/12/188111/2/1948Age 67-Husband of Elizabeth
Valent, Stephen19081976N/A
Valley, DuncanN/A9/10/1974Original Section Lot 169-Age 79
VanAllen, Alfred E.18953/12/1974Original Section Lot 99-Age 78
VanAllen, Ervin A.11/17/19211/16/2000World War 2
VanAllen, Hattie H.19064/2/1984Original Section Lot 99-Age 77
VanAllen, Lloyd1/?/19079/23/1907Age 9 Months-Son of William & Ettie
VanAllen, Magdalina9/6/181811/30/1901Original Section Lot 6-Age 84
VanAllen, Melvin Orville12/10/19203/22/2005World War 2
VanAllen, William Henry4/9/19032/24/1904Age 9 Months-Son of William & Ettie
VanAllen, William Merit8/2/18788/13/1906Age 28
VanDeBoe, Peggy11/23/18989/11/1948Age 49-Wife of Louis
VanMeer, Baby Boy10/10/191710/10/1917Son of Harvey & Sadie
VanMeer, Clara Pauline Fegan8/21/188811/29/1950Age 62-Mother
VanMeer, Francis M.7/21/19373/19/1996N/A
VanMeer, Henry Nelson190812/2/1991Original Section Lot 141-Age 83-World War 2
VanMeer, Jerry9/2/185110/11/1906Age 55
VanMeer, Jerry N.4/18/19588/20/2007N/A
VanMeer, Jerry Nelson1/10/18768/16/1952Age 76-Father
VanMeer, Paul7/11/19348/11/1934Age 1 Month-Son of Nelson & Clara
VanMeer, Robert L.3/24/193211/18/1985Age 53-Father
VanMeer, William A.12/12/192910/23/2002N/A
VanSickle, Anna18811959N/A
VanSickle, Baby Boy8/5/19088/5/1908Son of Francis & Nettie
VanSickle, Clifford D.5/22/19062/13/1927N/A
VanSickle, Clifford K.10/20/19319/17/2015Age 83
VanSickle, Everett Jr.9/24/192412/16/2013Age 89-World War 2
VanSickle, Everett Sr.2/18/18993/31/1941Age 42-Husband of Imbi-World War 1
VanSickle, Frances E.18744/4/1953Original Section Lot 59-Age 78
VanSickle, Hazel I.5/9/19034/10/1965Age 61-Mother-Wife of Percy
VanSickle, Imbi A.8/11/18993/26/1973N/A
VanSickle, James M.2/17/196512/5/1997Age 32-Military Service
VanSickle, Jerry5/30/19405/30/1940Son of Everett & Beatrice
VanSickle, Maitland Dunham7/6/18732/23/1939Age 65-Husband of Meta & Susan
VanSickle, Margaret M. Kelly2/25/187310/26/1910Age 37
VanSickle, Nettie18834/23/1954Original Section Lot 59-Age 70
VanSickle, Orland10/22/19011/25/1992Original Section Lot 128-Age 90-Military Service
VanSickle, Oscar7/27/19097/27/1909Son of Maitland & Margarette
VanSickle, Percy3/31/18974/26/1969Age 72-Father
VanSickle, Percy Duane11/30/19354/26/1989Age 53-Military Service
VanSickle, Susanna C.10/23/187912/14/1974Original Section Lot 29-Age 95
VanSickle, William Russell3/24/188012/8/1956Age 76-Husband of Annie
Varga, Benjamin9/26/18763/2/1956Age 79
Varga, Victoria18703/3/1934Age 64-Grandmother
View, Starli8/11/19793/30/2016Age 36-Wife of Richard
Voorhees, Baby Boy9/7/19459/7/1945Original Section Lot 48-Son of Charles & Josie
Voorhees, Baby Girl8/21/19098/21/1909Original Section Lot 48-Age 2 Hours-Daughter of G. S. & Maude
Voorhees, Charles Glenn12/18/19125/30/1998Age 85-Husband of Josie
Voorhees, Dr. Grant S.N/A1/11/1931Original Section Lot 48-Age 60
Voorhees, Josie Mae3/20/19181/18/2001Age 82-Wife of Charles
Voorhees, Maude P.8/16/18794/20/1957Original Section Lot 48-Age 77
Voorhees, Thelma Belle7/27/19072/11/1909Original Section Lot 48-Age 1-Daughter of G. S. & Maud
Wager, Emily Mae11/24/18896/22/1974Age 84
Wager, George18581938Age 84
Wager, George18891964N/A
Wager, Mae18891974N/A
Wager, Nora Wilson1/31/18692/16/1949Original Section Lot 37-Age 80
Wager, Russell Leroy10/7/19202/10/1997Age 76-Military Service
Wager, Viola1/2/19263/1/1992Age 66-Wife of Russell
Waider, Christine4/23/19113/30/1990Second Addition Lot 77
Waider, Russell F.3/23/19119/21/1978Second Addition Lot 77-Age 67
Walden, Amy V.19121970Daughter
Walker, Euphemia2/6/186611/26/1928Age 63-Wife of Thomas
Walker, Thomas Charles1/1/18611/3/1943Age 82-Husband of Martha
Ward, Baby Girl4/18/19014/18/1901Daughter of Robert & Hannah
Ward, Edna ClarkN/A3/28/1984Age 84-Wife of John
Ward, GertrudeN/ACA4/21/1932Beside Mother
Ward, Isabella7/26/187610/2/1960Original Section Lot 81-Age 84-Wife of James-Mother
Ward, James A.1/31/18701/26/1961Original Section Lot 81-Age 90-Father
Ward, James Russell7/21/18961/19/1923Original Section Lot 81-Age 26-Son of James
Ward, John W.18982/28/1990Original Section Lot 109-Age 91
Ward, Mary18451928N/A
Ward, Mary Ann7/13/18237/18/1905Age 82-Wife of Luther
Ward, Myrtle K. Rye189410/16/1978Original Section Lot 109-Age 84
Ward, Robert18574/21/1926Age 68
Warner, Annie8/3/18688/25/1941Original Section Lot 130-Age 73-Wife of Wilson
Warner, Arlie E.4/18/18984/14/1956Age 57-Husband of Ethel
Warner, Bill A.N/A1949N/A
Warner, Dolores A.19272000N/A
Warner, Ethel3/7/190712/24/1994Age 87
Warner, Etty9/7/18657/5/1942Original Section Lot 186-Age 76-Wife of William
Warner, Gilbert5/27/189410/30/1982Age 88-Husband of Lavina-World War 1
Warner, John Hubert Sr.1/15/19061/6/1983Age 76
Warner, John Louis8/30/19395/30/2008"Jack"-Age 68-Husband of Lois
Warner, Lavina May4/12/19008/3/1975Age 75-Wife of Gilbert
Warner, Lilly D.2/18/188212/12/1961Age 79
Warner, Lois E.1939N/AN/A
Warner, Margaret Mary6/24/19073/9/1982Age 74-Wife of John
Warner, William G.6/4/18745/23/1951Age 76
Warner, Wilson3/22/18632/2/1949Original Section Lot 130-Age 85-Husband of Jayne
Webster, Frank19231923Son of Charles & Nettie
Webster, Fred E.N/A6/18/1978Second Addition Lot 10-Age 71
Webster, John M.18691941Father
Weir, Boy2/8/19382/17/1938Age 9 Days-Son of Henry
Weishuhn, Ada B.12/22/18891/18/1904Original Section Lot 44-Age 14-Daughter of Charles & Laura
Weishuhn, Anna M.18659/1/1957Wife of James-Mother
Weishuhn, Charles H.18604/23/1929Original Section Lot 44-Husband of Laura
Weishuhn, Charles O.189210/2/1973Husband of Margaret-Father
Weishuhn, Donna G.3/27/193310/26/2008Age 75-Wife of Gerald-Married 12/8/1951-Mother
Weishuhn, Edward Charles10/2/19609/23/1998"Chuck"-Son of Robert & Carol
Weishuhn, ChesterN/A8/4/1961Husband of Lucy
Weishuhn, GeorgeN/A8/26/1900Original Section Lot 44-Age 14-Son of Charles & Laura
Weishuhn, Gerald E.4/6/19281/30/2006Age 77-Husband of Donna-Married 12/8/1951-Korea
Weishuhn, Harry R.9/16/18925/3/1907Age 14-Son of Richard & Carrie
Weishuhn, Helen M.3/31/19206/19/1941Wife of "Obie"
Weishuhn, Henry4/24/19313/28/1904N/A
Weishuhn, James A.185510/12/1924Husband of Anna-Father
Weishuhn, Kenneth L.19074/27/1973Husband of Mathilda
Weishuhn, Laura A.18629/26/1926Original Section Lot 44-Wife of Charles
Weishuhn, Laurel A.19025/21/1975"Lew"-Husband of Lula
Weishuhn, Leota M.189511/28/1918Original Section Lot 44-Daughter of Charles & Laura
Weishuhn, LucyN/A1972Wife of Chester
Weishuhn, Margaret Myrtle8/15/18942/13/1934Age 39-Wife of Charles-Mother
Weishuhn, Marie5/25/18408/24/1904N/A
Weishuhn, Mathilda J.19082003"Tillie"
Weishuhn, Maude18931965N/A
Weishuhn, Okie Gene8/6/19522/13/1953Age 6 Months-Son of Gerald & Donna
Weishuhn, Percy Trombley8/21/19233/24/1939Age 15-Son of Charles & Margaret
Weishuhn, Rachel N.3/10/1921N/AWife of Russell-Married 8/2/1941
Weishuhn, Robert Junior2/27/192610/2/1997Cremation-Husband of Carol-World War 2
Weishuhn, Russell F.5/13/19212/22/1999Husband of Rachel-Married 8/2/1941-World War 2
Weishuhn, ViolaN/A3/7/1961Daughter of James & Anna
Weishuhn, Walter189010/1/1941Son of James & Anna
Welch, Phyllis Beverly8/18/19302/26/1935Age 4-Daughter of Ford
West, Emma Lou2/21/190312/30/1975Second Addition Lot 27-Age 72
West, George Warren Sr.3/20/18946/4/1954Second Addition Lot 27-Age 60-Husband of Emma Lou
Wheaton, Alice J.3/13/18855/25/1962Original Section Lot 78-Age 77
Wheeler, Elsie Amelia1/26/19101/21/1992Age 81-Wife of Joe
Wheeler, Harley R.5/19/190210/22/1969Second Addition Lot 89-Age 67-Husband of Leona-World War 2
White, Abraham Lincoln2/12/19097/25/1972Age 63-Husband of Gladys
White, Avis E.19201975Mother
White, Gladys Irene12/7/192010/24/2004Age 83-Wife of Abraham
White, Richard G.N/A10/15/2012Age 79-Husband of Carol
Wier, Danny LeeApril, 19595/13/1959Second Addition Lot 13-Age 22 Days
Wier, Edward David10/22/193612/9/1989Age 53-Husband of Helen-Military Service-Second Addition Lot 13
Wier, Edward David Jr.1/31/19564/24/1956Second Addition Lot 13-Age 2 Months
Wier, Kenneth Leroy2/8/19382/17/1938Age 9 Days-Son of Henry & Mabel
Wilder, Hannah Jane8/13/18688/1/1916Age 48
Wilkins, Lizzie BeardslyN/A1/17/1956Original Section Lot 166-Age 90
Wilkins, Noble H.18611917N/A
Wilkinson, Arthur3/3/18664/22/1936Age 70-Husband of Nellie
Wilkinson, Leona Amy Moore8/17/190612/9/1933Age 27-Wife of Eugene-Mother
Wilkinson, Nellie Lenore Kellogg3/31/18681/23/1938Original Section Lot 154-Age 70-Wife of Arthur
Williams, Donna J. Yearkey12/27/19286/19/1987Wife, Mother & Grandmother
Wilson, BillyN/A9/4/1928Son of John
Wilson, Catherine18499/3/1921Original Section Lot 36-Age 73
Wilson, CatherineN/ACA7/8/1926Daughter of John
Wilson, John8/3/183910/9/1903Original Section Lot 38-Age 64
Wilson, Laura M.9/14/19141/5/1972Daughter of Charles & Margaret Weishuhn
Wilson, Ralph6/23/19406/23/1940Age 1 Hour-Son of Clarence & Dorothy
Wilson, Rose May6/27/18774/8/1951Original Section Lot 147-Age 73
Wilson, William H.18442/14/1926Original Section Lot 35-Age 82-Civil War
Wilson, William Henry Jr.4/7/187511/26/1915Original Section Lot 21-Age 40
Wilson, William HenryN/ANovember, 1974Original Section Lot 29
Wiltfong, Belle18842/6/1973Original Section Lot 61-Age 88
Wiltfong, David1848CA9/1/1932Original Section Lot 61-Father
Wiltfong, David Lige3/11/18884/17/1908Age 20-Son of David & Sophia
Wiltfong, Donald2/6/19367/27/1993Age 57-Husband of Joan-Married 8/11/1962
Wiltfong, Frank12/14/18794/25/1947Age 67-Husband of Gertrude
Wiltfong, Gertrude5/6/18929/2/1953Age 63
Wiltfong, Joan10/26/1944N/AWife of Donald-Married 8/11/1962
Wiltfong, John Henry9/9/18891/14/1972Original Section Lot 61-Age 83
Wiltfong, Keith F.9/14/19345/2/1995Age 60
Wiltfong, Sophia3/20/19203/20/1920Original Section Lot 61-Daughter of Coleman & Emma
Wiltfong, Sophia9/26/18595/29/1919Wife of David
Wiltfong, Walter2/22/19132/28/1989Age 76
Winekoop, Catharine8/10/18346/2/1903Age 68
Wismer, Philip18485/27/1880Age 32
Wood, Julia1/19/19085/13/1980Age 71
Woodcock, Acil I.6/22/18926/5/1956Age 63-Husband of Lenora-World War 1
Woodcock, Lenora1893N/AMother-Wife of Acil
Workman, Carlene G.19251980Wife
Yates, Esther A.6/11/19149/3/2003Age 89-Wife of Walter
Yates, Henry Arthur19029/29/1923Age 20
Yates, Lorie Ann6/30/19636/30/1963Second Addition Lot Daughter of Donald & Joann
Yates, Walter Percival11/26/19048/2/1966Age 61-Husband of Esther
Young, Lillian M.7/2/18868/13/1958Original Section Lot 170-Age 72-Wife of Samuel
Yuhas, Andrew1883April, 1966Husband of Katherine
Yuhas, Katherine3/10/18893/12/1973Wife Of Andy
Zaherniak, Dorothy M.7/11/192812/26/2004Age 76-Wife of Stephen
Zaherniak, John4/11/19256/24/1976Age 51-Husband of Carol-World War 2
Zaherniak, Stephen11/4/192111/27/2003Age 82-Husband of Dorothy-World War 2
Zanon, Ricky Lee9/24/19669/24/1966Son of James & Sharon
Zeran, BabyN/A9/24/1966Second Addition Lot 102
Zeran, Henry1/11/18618/10/1944N/A
Zeran, Rebecca J.5/10/18683/11/1944Age 76-Wife of Henry
Zeran, William Henry5/13/188611/3/1923Husband of Hazel
Zidley, AleckCA18793/23/1946Age About 67
Zierler, Leonard Edward Sr.9/20/19212/2/1991Second Addition Lot 73-Age 66-Husband of Virginia-World War 2
Zsidi, Anton19351936N/A
Zsidi, Ernest10/15/18959/22/1941Age 46-Husband of Mary
Zsidi, Mary Helen10/4/190010/4/1977Age 77
Zupan, Carol5/3/194911/4/2013Age 64-Wife of Michael

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