From the beginning, Ogemaw County has had military personnel to be proud of. Land grants to Civil War Soldiers for their service to our country helped to assure that when the lumber barons left, there would be brave young men and women to carve their homes out of the wilderness. It is hoped that this section can be enriched to include military personnel from early times to the present. Ogemaw families are patriotic people who love their country and serve proudly. A sincere effort is being made to include information on all military personnel connected with Ogemaw. If you know of anyone who should be on this page and isn't, please contact the Rose City Historical Society, Post Office Box 736, Rose City, MI 48654

Compiled by Grace Dooley, who reserves all rights.
WANTED: PHOTOGRAPHS OF MILITARY PERSONNEL, please contact this county coordinator

General Info
ABBOTT, AUSTINPrivate7th MI InfCompany GBorn 1841/Enlisted in Pontiac-Age 24/Served August 29, 1864 to June 1, 1865/Lived Klacking Township in 1880/GAR Post 370 Muster Roll-March 31, 1887 (West Branch)/Lived West Branch 1887, 1890 & 1894/Died September 16, 1898 in West Branch/Buried Lapeer County
ALEXANDER, GEORGE W.Private11th MI InfCompany FBorn June 2, 1845 in Michigan/Enlisted in Genesee -Age 19/Served March 6, 1864 to September 14, 1865/Lived West Branch City 1890 & 1894/Died April 23, 1909 in West Branch City/Age 63/Buried Brookside Cemetery-West Branch
ALMUS, JACOBPrivateN/AN/ARecorded on 1890 Schedule but no information available
AMMOND, HENRY M. SR.Private103rd PA InfCompany CBorn 1814/Served November 13, 1861 to April 26, 1863/GAR Post 370 Muster Roll-June 30, 1887 (West Branch)/Lived Campbells Corners in 1890/ Died May 17, 1891 in Cumming Township/Age 77/Buried Campbell Corners Cemetery-West Branch Township
ASHFORD, CHARLES N.Private105th NY InfCompany DBorn 1845 in New York/Served February 12, 1862 to November 9, 1862/Also served under alias William H??? as private in 97th NY Inf-Company K from July 13, 1863 to October 19, 1864/Disability from service: Rupture/Lived West Branch in 1887/ GAR Post 370 Muster Roll-June 30, 1887 (West Branch)/Lived at Greenwood in 1890/Possibly died January 8, 1933 in Minnesota
ATHERTON, JAMESPrivate10th MI InfCompany ABorn 1842 in New York/Enlisted Genesee County-Age 18 /Served October 10, 1861 to July 19, 1865/Disability from service: Rupture & rheumatism/Lived Oscoda County 1887/ GAR Post 370 Muster Roll-June 30, 1887 (West Branch)/Lived West Branch in 1890/Lived West Branch City 1894/Died December 30, 1894/Buried Brookside Cemetery-West Branch
AUSTIN, FRANKLINPrivate2nd MI CavCompany IBorn 1842/Enlisted Barry County-Age 19/Served September 6, 1861 to November 10, 1865/Disability from service: Rheumatism/Lived Selkirk area in 1890/Lived Churchill Township in 1894/Died November 28, 1919/Buried Kent County
AVERY, FRANCISPrivate14th NY CavCompany GServed October 21, 1863 to August 9, 1865/ Disabilities from service: Shot in hip, saber wound/Lived Luzerne (Oscoda County) in 1890/Lived Churchill Township in 1894
BABCOCK, ROBERT ARNOLDCivil War2nd MI InfCompany IBorn June 28, 1839/Enlisted Homer-Age 24/Lived West Branch City in 1894/Died April 9, 1916 in West Branch City/Buried Brookside Cemetery-West Branch
BAKER, WILLIAM L.Civil War11th MI CavCompany BEnlisted Sanilac County-Age 22/Lived Rose Township in 1894/Buried Rose City Cemetery
BALTZELL, PETERCivil War30th IN InfCompany DBorn December 27, 1837/Enlisted New Haven/Served August 22, 1861 to September 24, 1864/Disabilities from service: Shot left leg, cannon shell in right leg, wounded right arm/Lived West Branch City in 1894/ Died April 30, 1907 in West Branch City/Age 69/Buried Brookside Cemetery-West Branch
BARBER, BURNHAM P.Private22nd MI InfCompany HBorn June 25, 1842 in New York/Enlisted Highland-Age 20/Served August 14, 1862 to December 6, 1862/Disabilities from service: Lung trouble/Lived in Piper in 1890/Lived Foster Township in 1894/GAR Post 442 Charter-March 22, 1898 (Rose City)/Died February 4, 1913 in Rose Township/Buried Rose City Cemetery
BARBER, CHARLES F.Civil WarN/AN/ABorn October 26, 1836/Died May 10, 1935 in Ogemaw Township /Buried Brookside Cemetery-West Branch
BATES WILLIAM ALLENPrivate1st MI EngCompany LBorn December 14, 1844/Enlisted East Saginaw-Age 19/ Served December 14, 1863 to June 12, 1865/Lived West Branch in 1887/GAR Post 370 Muster Roll-March 31, 1887 (West Branch)/Lived Selkirk area in 1890/Lived Rose Township in 1894/GAR Post 442 Charter-March 22, 1898 (Rose City)/Buried Seattle, Washington
BAXTER, HENRY W.Private1st NY CavCompany DBorn New York/Served September 1, 1864 to June 8, 1865/Lived West Branch 1887/GAR Post 370 Muster March 31, 1887 (West Branch)
BAYNE, WILLIAM J.Civil War9th PA CavCompany MBorn February 6, 1838 in Pennsylvania/Died June 27, 1904 in Goodar Township/Buried Oak Grove Cemetery-South Branch
BELKNAP, OSCAR C.Civil WarU.R. SoldierN/ABorn November 15, 1841/Lived Damon Township in 1890/Died March 3, 1911/Buried Rose City Cemetery
BENJAMIN, DANIEL EPHRIAMCivil War1st MI CavCompany LBorn August 2, 1839 in Pennsylvania/Enlisted at Romeo-Age 23/Died November 24, 1915 in Goodar Township/Age 74/Buried Oak Grove Cemetery-South Branch
BEST, CORNELIUS O.Private23rd MI InfCompany DBorn 1835/Enlisted Fairgrove-Age 27/Served August 9, 1862 to June 27, 1865/Lived Prescott in 1890/Lived Richland Township in 1894/Died May 1, 1911 in Richland Township/Age 76/Buried Richland Township Cemetery
BIDWELL, HIRAM H.Civil War17th NYN/AServed 12 months/Disabilities from service: Varicose veins, abs. both legs;Lived Klacking Township in 1880/Received pension in 1883 when he lived at Beaver Lake
BIGELOW, DAVIDCivil War2nd MI InfCompany FEnlisted at Thetford-Age 20/Lived West Branch Township in 1894/Died April 5, 1906/Buried Brookside Cemetery-West Branch
BILLMAN, LEWIS F.Civil War12th IN CavCompany BBorn July 30, 1845 in Ohio/Served to November 10, 1865/GAR Post 442 Charter-March 22, 1898 (Rose City)/Died May 16, 1925 in Rose Township/Age 79/Buried Rose City Cemetery
BITTERS, JOHNPrivate29th IN InfCompany KBorn June 3, 1841/Served December, 1864 to December, 1865/Lived Damon in 1890/Lived West Branch City in 1894/Died July 26, 1916/Buried Saginaw County
BLACKMAN, EMORY PITTCorporal7th MI InfCompany IBorn February 21, 1836 in Ontario/Enlisted St. Joseph County-Age 25/Served August 5, 1861 to December 22, 1862/Held prisoner at Belle Island September, 1862/Lived Prescott in 1890/Lived Richland Township in 1894/Died July 4, 1917 in Richland Township/Age 81/Buried Richland Township Cemetery
BLODGETT, SAMUEL A.Private1st MI Light ArtilleryCompany DBorn 1835/Enlisted Union-Age 26 /Served September 2, 1862 to 1865/Disabilities from service: Blind piles/Lived Prescott in 1890/Lived Richland Township in 1894/Died 1923/Buried Branch County
BORDEN, HIRAM V.Private143rd NY InfCompany HBorn January 18, 1840 in New York/Served August 16, 1862 to June 28, 1965/Disabilities from service: General disability, deafness and loss of thumb/Lived Rose Township in 1878-1880/Lived Churchill in 1890/Lived Rose Township in 1894/GAR Post 442 Charter-March 22, 1898 (Rose City)/Died January 20, 1920 in Richland Township/Age 80/Buried Rose Township Cemetery
BOSHAW, JOHN M.Lieut.5th MI InfCompany GBorn December 17, 1843 in St. Clair/Enlisted St. Clair-Age 18 /Served August, 1861 to July, 1865/Lived Klacking Township in 1887/GAR Post 370 Muster Roll-March 31, 1887 (West Branch)/Lived West Branch City in 1890 and 1894/Died July 16, 1910 in Foster Township/Buried Brookside Cemetery-West Branch
BOSOM/BEAUSOM, LUKEPrivate1st MI EngineersCompany LBorn 1844/Enlisted at Blissfield-Age 19/ Served March 2, 1863 to June 22, 1865/Prisoner at Andersonville for 4 months and 11 days/Disabilities from service: Rheumatism/GAR Post 370 Commander in 1889/Lived West Branch in 1890/Lived West Branch Township in 1894/Died July 26, 1919 in West Branch City/Age 75/Buried Brookside Cemetery-West Branch
BOVEE, ABRAHAM J.Private50th NY EngCompany HBorn March 5, 1820/Served August 13, 1862 to July 13, 1865/Owned farm in Mills Twp in 1889/Lived West Branch in 1890/Lived Mills Township in 1894 /Died November 19, 1911 in Richland Township/Age 91/Buried Brookside Cemetery-West Branch
BRADY, DANIELPrivate5th OH InfCompany ABorn 1839 in Canada/Served August, 1864 to June, 1865/GAR Post 370 Muster Roll-March 31, 1887 (West Branch)/Lived in West Branch 1887 & 1890/Died October 22, 1919/Buried Kent County
BRADY, PATRICKPrivate88th NY InfCompany DServed September 15, 1861 to September 18, 1863/ Lived West Branch area 1890
BRIGGS, WALTER S.Private29th MI InfCompany HBorn 1845/Enlisted Taymouth-Age 19/Served August, 1864 to 1865/Lived Prescott in 1890/Died July 2, 1920/Buried Kent County
BRIGHAM, ALEXANDERPrivate1st MI InfCompany FAlso served 1st MI Cav-Company G/Born 1825/ Enlisted Detroit-Age 36/Served May 1, 1861 to August 7, 1861; then August, 1861 to July 12, 1863; then December 21, 1863 to July 6, 1865/Lived West Branch area in 1887 & 1890/GAR Post 370 Muster Roll-March 31, 1887 (West Branch)/Lived West Branch City in 1894/Died March 15, 1904/Buried Kent County
BROOKS, HIRAM FINCHPrivate11th NY CavCompany A & FBorn May, 1849/Served December 28, 1863 to September 30, 1865/Resident of Rose Township in 1878-1880/Owned farm near Churchill 1889/Lived Churchill in 1890/ Died September 17, 1916 in Rose City/Age 68/Buried Rose City Cemetery
BUCKINGHAM, ELLISPrivate29th MI InfCompany FAlso served 12th MI Inf-Co K-Born 1849/Enlisted Jackson (29th), age 16 and Watertown (12th), age 17/Served March 15, 1865 to September 6, 1965/Lived Damon in 1890 /Lived West Branch Township in 1894/Died about March 8, 1934/Buried Montcalm County
BUSENBARK, JAMESCivil War156th OH InfCompany GBorn April 1, 1836 in Ohio/Died September 26, 1910 in Horton Township/Age 74/Buried Brookside Cemetery-West Branch
BUTTERLY, PATRICK SR.Private3rd NY CavCompany BServed February 9, 1864 to November 29, 1865/ Lived Rose Township in 1879/Lived Churchill in 1890/Lived Rose Township in 1894/GAR Post 442 Charter-March 22, 1898 (Rose City)
BUTTON, WILLIAMCivil War16th MI InfCompany EBorn July 7, 1843 in England/Enlisted Port Huron- Age 22/Died May 18, 1906 in Logan Township/Age 82/Buried Richland Township Cemetery
BUTTS, WILLIAMPrivate27th MI InfE?Owned farm on State Road in 1887/Lived West Branch in 1890/Lived West Branch Township in 1894/Died November 23, 1896 in West Branch/Age 60
CALDWELL, DANIEL M.2nd Lt3rd MI CavCompany GEnlisted Pontiac/Served 1861 to 1864/Lived Klacking Township in 1880/Died July 11, 1885 in Beaver Lake/Age 57/Widow Hellen living West Branch-collecting pension 1890
CAMERON, ALEXANDER G.Private17th OH InfCompany AServed September, 1864 to June, 1865/Lived West Branch in 1890/Lived West Branch City in 1894/Died May 13, 1911 in Ogemaw County/Age 65
CAMPBELL, JAMESPrivateU.S.Bat. ABorn November 24, 1844/Served September 1, 1864 to May 15, 1865/Homesteaded in Ogemaw County in 1871/Lived at Campbells Corners in 1890/Lived West Branch Township in 1894/ Died May 12, 1923/Buried Campbell's Corners Cemetery-West Branch Township
CANAN, CHARLES E.Civil WarN/AN/ALived Damon Township in 1887/Lived Richland Township in 1894
CARRICK, CHARLES W.Corporal1st MI InfCompany E & GBorn 1842/Enlisted in Calhoun County-Age 20/ Served July 27, 1861 to August, 1865/Disabilities during war: gunshot wound/Lived West Branch in 1890/Attended GAR Reunion in 1909 (listed as Rev.)/Died 1912/Buried Calhoun County
CASTER, ALBERT HORACEPrivate10th MI Cav/7th MI CavCompany LBorn 1838/Enlisted in Holly-Age 25/ Served October 15, 1863 to 1865/Owned farm in Goodar Township in 1889/Lived in Hunt (Ogemaw County) in 1890/ Lived in Goodar Township in 1894/Died December 27, 1897 in Ogemaw County
CASTERLINE, ANDREW J.Civil War105th IL InfCompany GBuried Damon Cemetery
CHURCH, O. C.Civil War12th NY CavCompany DServed to September 15, 1865/GAR Post 442 Charter-March 22, 1898 (Rose City)
CHURCHILL, CHARLESCivil War30th MI InfCompany BBorn December 19, 1843/Enlisted Almont- Age 21/Died February 8, 1932, Age 89/Buried Richland Township Cemetery, Sanilac County
CLARK, ERASTUS W.Private11th MI CavCompany EBorn October 15, 1845 in Pennsylvania /Enlisted Ash/Served September 2, 1863 to August 29, 1864/West Branch Postmaster in 1889/Lived West Branch in 1890/Lived West Branch City in 1894/West Branch Village Council and Superintendent of the Poor in 1897/Died February 8, 1921 at West Branch City, age 75/Buried Brookside Cemetery-West Branch
CLIFF, WILLIAM H.Private10th MI InfCompany F or HBorn 1843/Enlisted in Lapeer/Served February 25, 1864 to August 7, 1865/Disabilities during war: crossfire to hostile artillery in 1864/ Lived Prescott in 1890/County Surveyor in 1897/Died March 30, 1922 in Richland Township/Age 78/ Buried Richland Township Cemetery
COCHRAN, CHESTERPrivate56th NY InfCompany LBorn December 16, 1842 in New York/ Served December 15, 1861 to April 23, 1862/Disabilities during war: rheumatism/In Rose Township in 1880/1887-1888 was Justice of Peace/Owned far near Churchill in 1889/Lived Churchill in 1890/ 1891-1892 was Justice of Peace/Lived Rose Township in 1894/Rose Township Supervisor in 1897/ GAR Post 442 Charter-March 22, 1898 (Rose City)/Died February 6, 1901 in Rose Township/Age 57/ Buried Rose City Cemetery, Rose City Cemetery
COCHRAN, WESLEYSargent56th NY VolCompany GServed October 5, 1861 to October 17, 1865/ Owned Restaurant in 1883/Owned farm near Churchill in 1889/Lived Churchill in 1890/Lived Klacking Township in 1894
COLLINS, JOHNPrivate20th NY CavCompany EServed August 24, 1863 to July 7, 1865/Lived Hunt in 1890
COLLINS, WILLARD T.Buglar3rd DE InfCompany DServed February 22, 1862 to May 2, 1865/ Disabilities during war: lost hearing in right ear/Lived West Branch in 1890
COOK ALLAN S.Civil War56th NY InfCompany LBorn 1834/Lived Rose Township in 1880/Lived Churchill in 1890/Lived Rose Township in 1894/Died January 1, 1905/Age 71/Buried Rose City Cemetery (not listed on cemetery index)
COOK, JAMES D.Civil WarN/AN/AMinor children collecting pension 1883 at Beaver Lake
COOK, RALPH R.Civil WarN/AN/ALived Rose Township in 1880/Lived West Branch in 1894
COOK, THOMAS E.Civil War10th MI CavCompany FBorn June 27, 1849/Enlisted in Northfield/Age 16/ Died April 22, 1924 in Rose City/Buried Rose City Cemetery
COOK, WILLIAMSeamanU. S. NavyN/ABorn 1833 in England/Served August 15, 1861 to September 16, 1862/Re-enlisted and served August, 1863 to October, 1864/Lived Rose Township in 1879/GAR Post 370 Muster Roll-June 30, 1887 (West Branch)/Owned farm in Edwards Township in 1889/Lived West Branch in 1890/Lived West Branch Township in 1894/Died May 6, 1909 in Saginaw County, age 75/Buried Brookside Cemetery-West Branch
COUNTRYMAN, DARIUSPrivate15 IL InfCompany C & DServed September 11, 1861 to July 1, 1865/Lived West Branch 1890 & 1894/Buried Kent County
COX, CHARLES W.Private12th VT InfCompany CServed August, 1862 to July 1863/Was bookkeeper at Piper Mill in 1889/Lived Piper in 1890
CRABTREE, JOHIALCorporal57th OH InfCompany CBorn October 16, 1838/Served February 27, 1864 to August 14, 1865/GAR Post 370 Muster Roll-June 30, 1887 (West Branch)/Lived West Branch 1890 & 1894/ Died January 20, 1904 in Klacking Township/Age 66/Buried Brookside Cemetery-West Branch
CRANER, HENRY H.Private11th ?? InfCompany FServed April 5, 1862 to June 23, 1864/Came to Ogemaw in 1869/Lived in Prescott in 1890/Lived Richland Township in 1894/Possibly died about August 21, 1924 in Florida
CRAPO, JOHN W.Private50th NY E&MCompany IServed August 18, 1864 for 4 months/Never discharged but released because of youth/Owned farm in West Branch Township in 1889/Lived West Branch in 1890/Lived West Branch Township in 1894/Died November 7, 1926 in Detroit/Age 78/Buried Brookside Cemetery-West Branch
CRAWFORD, GEORGE M.Private22nd MI InfCompany KBorn 1834/Enlisted Pontiac/Served March 31, 1865 to September 20, 1865/Prisoner at Salisbury/Lived Rose Township in 1880/Damon Township Constable in 1882 /Lived Piper in 1890/Died August 16, 1893/Buried Livingston County/Also served 29th MI Inf Company K
CULP, ISAAC P.Private58th PA InfCompany EServed October 25, 1861 to January, 1862/ Died September 6, 1862/Widow Betsey collecting pension while living at Greenwood in 1883/His widow Betsy lived West Branch 1890 and is buried at Brookside Cemetery-West Branch
CUMMING, ARCHIBALD L.Civil WarN/AN/ACame to Ogemaw in 1873/Lived Cumming Township in 1880/1887-1906 was Justice of Peace/First Coroner & Supervisor in Churchill Township/Owned farm near Churchill in 1889/Lived Cumming Township in 1894
CUMMINGS, IRA P.Civil War8th NY H.A & 10th NY InfCo E & IBorn August 17, 1827/Died November 20, 1906/Buried Brookside
DAVIS, THOMAS A.Private8th MI CavCompany CBorn April 15, 1818 in Maine/Enlisted Holly/ Age 41/Served January 22, 1864 to October 6, 1865/Lived West Branch area in 1890/Lived West Branch Township in 1894/Died May 3, 1909 in West Branch Township/Age 91/Buried Brookside Cemetery-West Branch
DAY, GEORGE W.Private106th NY InfCompany HBorn November 6, 1836 in Vermont/Served August 12, 1862 to June 17, 1865/On GAR Post 370 Muster Roll-March 31, 1887 (West Branch)/Lived in West Branch 1887/Lived West Branch in 1890/Died April 17, 1900/Buried Brookside Cemetery-West Branch
DECLUTE, JOHN EDWARDPrivate9th NY Lt ArtN/ABorn February 6, 1840 in Porter, New York/ Enlisted 1862 Lockport, New York/Age 22/Served October 27, 1862 to January 13, 1865/Died December 18, 1908 in Edwards Township/Buried Edwards Township Cemetery
DEFORD, LEVIPrivate1 MI Lt ArtCompany Haka Lewis Duford/Enlisted St. Clair/Age 25/Served December 18, 1863 to July 22, 1865/Lived West Branch area in 1890/Lived West Branch City in 1894
DENNIS, JAMESCivil WarN/AN/ALived Beaver Lake 1883/On Pensioner's Roll for 1883
DEWITT, HIRAMPrivate8th MI CavCompany FEnlisted Kalamazoo/Age 18/Served July 28, 1864 to September 16, 1865/Lived Ogemaw Springs in 1890/Lived Ogemaw Township in 1894
DEY, ROBERTCorp/Buglar4th MI CavCompany KBorn October 22, 1836 in Scotland/Enlisted Lapeer /Age 23/Served August 11, 1862 to July 10, 1965/Lived West Branch in 1887/On GAR Post 370 Muster Roll-March 31, 1887/Died May 14, 1890 in West Branch Township/Buried Brookside Cemetery-West Branch
DIAMOND, HENRY W. JR.Private3rd MI CavCompany GBorn 1845/Enlisted at Jackson/Served February 29, 1864 to December 9, 1865/Lived Rose Township in 1879/Plains farmer in 1889/ Lived West Branch in 1890/K.O.T.M. member in 1891/Died August 16, 1925/Buried Kent County
DIMOCK, RICHARD C.PrivateMI InfN/AServed August 9, 1862 to July 20, 1865/Lived at Piper in 1890/Lived Rose Township in 1894
DINGS, GEORGE A.Civil WarNY InfN/ALived Ogemaw Township in 1894
DINGS, JOHNPrivate149th NY InfCompany HBorn April 19, 1825 in New York /Served June, 1862 to 1863/Lived Ogemaw Springs in 1890/Died April 10, 1904 in West Branch Township/Age 78/Buried Ogemaw Springs
DISHAW, OLIVERPrivate64th NY InfCompany GServed August 8, 1864 to August, 1865/Son William born in Ogemaw Township in 1888/Lived at Campbell's Corners in 1890
DOBSON, HENRY B.Civil War78th Ohio InfCompany IBuried Lane Heights Cemetery- Lupton
DOBSON, JAMES K.Civil War197th OH InfCompany ABorn August 26, 1846 in Ohio/Lived Rose Township in 1894/Lived Lupton in 1898/On GAR Post 442 Muster Roll - March 22, 1898 (Rose City)/Died March 6, 1924 in Rose Township/Age 77/Buried Lane Heights Cemetery-Lupton
DUNBAR, ALVIN B.Civil War146th NY InfCompany FBorn 1838/Lived West Branch Township in 1894/Died March 4, 1920 in West Branch/Age 82/Buried Brookside Cemetery-West Branch
EARLE, FREDERICK J.Private6th NY Lt ArtCompany MServed August 28, 1864 to June 28, 1865/ Lived Churchill in 1890/Lived Klacking Township in 1894/Lived Rose City in 1898/On GAR Post 442 Muster Roll March 22, 1898 (Rose City)
EGGLESTON, HARRY P.Civil WarN/AN/ALived Rose Township in 1894
FOOTE, WASHINGTONCivil WarN/AN/ABorn 1834 in Pennsylvania/Lived Beaver Lake Township in 1894 Lived Beaver Lake area in 1910/Died January 20, 1919 in West Branch Township/Buried Ann Arbor
FORBES, GEORGE N.Civil War1st NY InfCompany ALived Beaver Lake Township in 1894/Buried Brookside Cemetery-West Branch (no official record)
FRISBIE, WILLIAM A.Civil War29th Ohio InfCompany ABorn May 5, 1835 in Ohio/Served June, 1861 to June, 186?/Lived Rose City in 1898/On GAR Post 442 Muster Roll March 22, 1898 (Rose City)/Died May 20, 1921 in Eames, MI/Buried Rose City Cemetery
FULLER, WILLIAMPrivate23rd NY InfCompany BBorn 1843/Served September 15, 1861/Re-enlisted September, 1862 in 123rd NY Inf. Company B as William Martindale/Lived West Branch in 1890/Buried Montcalm County
FULTON, H. JAMESN/AN/AN/ALived Beaver Lake in 1883/Pensioner's Roll in 1883
GALVIN, THOMAS F.Civil WarN/AN/ALived Richland Township in 1894
GARD, WILLIAM H.Private166th OH InfCompany IBorn Ohio in 1838/Served April, 1863 to August, 1863/Reinlisted as Private in 152nd IN Inf/Company F/Served May 2, 1864 to September 7, 1864/ Lived West Branch in 1887/On GAR Post 370 Muster Roll-March 31, 1887 (West Branch)/Lived West Branch in 1890/ Lived West Branch City in 1894/Died April 14, 1918 in Onaway, Michigan/Buried Brookside Cemetery-West Branch
GAYNOR, WILLIAMPrivate47th Nat InfCompany FServed 1862 to October 23, 1865/Lived Ogemaw Springs in 1890
GEROY, JOSEPHPrivate10th NY H.A.Company BBorn 1839/Also 6th NY H.A. Company G/Served February 18, 1863 to August 24, 1865/Lived near Churchill in 1890/Buried Campbells Corners-West Branch Township
GEROY, WILLIAM H.Corp10th NY Inf or H.A.Company BBorn October 2, 1840 in New York/ Served August, 1862 to January, ??/Had farm at Campbells Corners in 1889/Lived Campbells Corners in 1890/Lived Klacking Township in 1894/Died October 4, 1908 in West Branch/Age 68/Buried Brookside Cemetery-West Branch
GOEBEL, CHARLESCivil WarN/AN/ABorn 1822 in England/Lived West Branch Township in 1894/Died May 10, 1909 in West Branch Township/Age 87/Buried Brookside Cemetery-West Branch
GOODALE, ORIN W.Private1st MI CavCompany AEnlisted Clinton County/Age 18/Served October 23, 1863 to July 24, 1865/Lived Prescott in 1890
GOODRICH, DANIEL B.Private22 MI InfCompany DBorn 1843 in Ohio/Enlisted at Oxford/Age 18/ Served August, 1862 to June 26, 1865/Lived West Branch in 1887/On GAR Post 370 Muster Roll-June 30, 1887 (West Branch)/Lived West Branch in 1890/Died March 31, 1931/Buried Otsego County
GORDON, WILLIAM H.Private89th NY InfCompany ABorn July 25, 1846/Was Logan Township Clerk in 1887/Lived Logan Township in 1894/Died March 1, 1933 in West Branch, age 86/Buried Logan Township Cemetery
GRAHAM, ORRINPrivate7th NY CavCompany LServed January 28, 1865 to July 7, 1865/ Lived Klacking Township in 1880/Lived Rose Township in 1894
GRAVES, ISAACPrivate194th NY InfCompany EServed April 5, 1865 to May 8, 1865/ Lived West Branch in 1890
HALE, GEORGE W.Private103rd OH InfN/AServed August 16, 1862 to June 12, 1865/ Lived at Damon in 1890
HALL, ELLSWORTH W.Private8th MI CavCompany GBorn 1845 in Michigan/Enlisted age 16/ Served March 15, 1865 to September 22, 1865/Lived in Rose Township 1878 to 1881/Damon Township Supervisor in 1889/Died 1919/Buried Ontonogon County
HALL, JOHN R.Private31st MA InfCompany BBorn 1840/Also served 31st MA Inf-Co. I/Lived Richland Township in 1894/Died 1922/Buried Clayton Township Cemetery, Arenac County
HANLON, PETERPrivate10th MI CavCompany FBorn 1848/Enlisted Flint/Age 18/Served February 5, 1865 to November 18, 1865/Owned Prescott Hotel in 1883/Lived Prescott in 1890/Lived Richland Township in 1894/Richland Township Supervisor in 1897/Died March 28, 1903 in Prescott, Age 55/Buried Clayton Township Cemetery, Arenac County
HANSEY, JOHN J. SR.Private140th NY InfCompany ABorn 1846 in New York/Served April 10, 1865 to June 16, 1865/Lived Ogemaw County area in 1889/Lived West Branch in 1890/ Died March 29, 1913 in Ann Arbor, age 66/Buried Brookside Cemetery, West Branch
HARRINGTON, ISAAC HUBERTPrivate10th MI CavCompany IBorn February 8, 1845 in Clinton County/Enlisted Eagle, Age 18/Lived Ogemaw Springs in 1890/Lived Ogemaw Township in 1894 /Died March 2, 1931 in West Branch City/Buried Brookside Cemetery, West Branch
HARRINGTON, LESTERPrivate27th MI InfUnassignedEnlisted Sebewaing/Age 22/Lived Ogemaw Springs in 1890/Lived Edwards Township in 1894
HASKELL, ALBERT J.Private10th MI InfCompany FEnlisted Lapeer/Age 23/Lived West Branch in 1890/ Lived West Branch Township in 1894
HEATH, HENRY L.Private60th NY InfCompany FServed September 12, 1861 to July 17, 1865/ Lived in Cumming Township in 1880/Lived Selkirk in 1890
HENDRICK, WILLIAM H.Private193rd NY InfCompany BServed February 21, 1864 to February 20, 1865/ Died Consumption/Widow & family living West Branch in 1890
HICKEY, OLIVER J.Corp1st MI CavCompany GBorn January 16, 1843/Enlisted Avon/Age 18/ Served August 22, 1861 to May 10, 1866/On Pensioner's Roll in 1883 at Piper/Damon Justice of the Peace in 1886/ Lived Damon in 1890/Damon Board of Review in 1892/Lived Foster Township in 1894/Damon Township Supervisor in 1897/Living in Rose City in 1898/March 23, 1898 on GAR Post 442 Muster Roll, Rose City/Died July 8, 1932 in Kent County/Buried Kent County
HOLLENBECK, GEORGE W.Civil War1st MI SharpshootersCompany HBorn 1842/Enlisted Coldwater/Lived West Branch City in 1894/Veterinary Surgeon in Ogemaw County in 1901/Buried Kalamazoo County
HOPKINS, JOHNCivil WarN/AN/Aaka Levi Sperling/Lived Goodar Township in 1894
HOREN, THOMASCorp29th MI InfCompany GBorn 1829 in Ireland/Enlisted East Saginaw/Age 36/ Served August 16, 1864 to September 6, 1865/Lived Campbells Corners in 1890/Lived West Branch Township in 1894/Died July 28, 1900/Buried St. Joseph Cemetery-West Branch
HORTON, JAMES EDWARDPrivate16th NY InfCompany ABorn September 27, 1843 in New York/Served May 14, 1861 to May 20, 1863/Reinlisted as Private in 26th NY Inf/Served January 1, 1865 to July 5, 1865/ On 1883 Pensioners List living in West Branch/1889 was Supt. of Poor for Ogemaw/Lived West Branch in 1890/Lived West Branch City in 1894/1897 was Commander of GAR Post Died September 12, 1925, age 81/Buried Brookside Cemetery-West Branch
HORTON, SAMUEL B.Private16th NY H.A.Company FServed December 23, 1863 to September 12, 1864/Died June 23, 1878/Widow Margaret C. Horton lived West Branch in 1890
HOSTETLER, HENRY J.Civil War12th IN CavCompany IBorn November 29, 1939/Died February 16, 1914 in Churchill Township, age 75/ Buried Churchill Township Cemetery
HUTTON, ELIAS W.Private5th MI CavCompany ABorn 1840/Enlisted Pontiac/Age 28/Served August 20, 1862 to June 23, 1865/Lived West Branch in 1890/Lived West Branch City in 1894/On GAR Post 370 Muster Roll, West Branch/Died June 8, 1914 in West Branch Township, age 80/Buried Brookside Cemetery-West Branch
INGLES, ORLANDO I.Private3rd MI InfCompany H or IBorn November 8, 1844/ Enlisted Clyde/Age 19/Served October 5, 1864 to May 26, 1866/Lived West Branch in 1890/Lived West Branch City 1894/Died December 22, 1923/Buried Brookside Cemetery-West Branch
INGLES, JAMESCivil War3rd MI InfCompany IEnlisted Clyde/Lived West Branch in 1894
IRRER, CHRISTIANCivil War28th MI InfCompany DEnlisted Bridgewater/Lived Goodar Township in 1894
JOHNSON, JAMES H.Civil War197th OH InfCompany ALived Goodar or Rose Township in 1894
JONES, ABIATHAR M. H.Civil War4th MI InfCompany IBorn 1831/Enlisted Flat Rock/ Died January 1, 1898/Buried Brookside Cemetery-West Branch
JONES, HEMAN F.Private125th OH InfCompany HAlso served 103rd OH Inf/ Born 1831 in New York/Served March, 1865 to September, 1865/Lived West Branch City in 1890 and 1894/Died November 15, 1914/Buried Brookside Cemetery-West Branch
KENNEDY, HIRAMCivil War10th MI CavCompany KBorn 1845/Enlisted Putnam/Lived in West Branch City in 1894/Died May 1, 1901/Buried Brookside Cemetery
KING, THOMAS F.Civil War22nd MI InfCompany DBorn 1841/Enlisted Pontiac/Lived in Richland Township in 1894/Buried Kent County
LAKE, ALONZO SEWARDCivil War6th MI InfCompany HBorn 1843/Enlisted Charlotte, Eaton County August 5, 1861/Reinlisted Port Hudson, Louisiana February 1, 1864/Mustered out August 20, 1865 at New Orleans, Louisiana/Died May 20, 1928/Buried Brookside Cemetery-West Branch
LAMB, GEORGE L.Civil WarN/AN/ALived Edwards Township in 1894/Died August 9, 1898 in Edwards Township
LAPOINT, FREDERICKCivil WarN/AN/ALived West Branch City in 1894
LARGENT, EZERD D.Civil WarN/AN/ALived West Branch City in 1894
LEWIS, WILLIAM R.Civil War24th MI InfCompany GEnlisted Sumpter/Died April 25, 1905/Buried possibly Rose City Cemetery
LYNCH, ELISHAPrivate22nd MI InfCompany DBorn October 20, 1840/Enlisted Pontiac/Age 23/ Also listed in 29th MI Inf-Company D/Died October 13, 1912/Buried Richland Township Cemetery
LYON, GEORGECivil War11th MI InfCompany CBorn 1846/Enlisted Detroit/Buried Edwards Township Cemetery
MAHONEY, JOHNCivil War97th NY InfCompany FLived Rose Township in 1890 and 1894
MANWARING, HENRYCivil War18th MI InfCompany KBorn 1834/Enlisted Whiteford/Died October 18, 1918/Buried Richland Township Cemetery
MARKHAM, SETH A.Civil War20th MI InfCompany KBorn Novmeber 21, 1844/Enlisted Sharon/ Died May 21, 1933/Buried Rose City Cemetery
MARSH, DANIEL EUGENECivil War9th NY CavCompany GBorn 1847/ Lived West Branch City in 1894/Died March 7, 1903/Buried Brookside Cemetery
MARTIN, THOMASCivil WarN/AN/ALived Edwards Township in 1894
MCELROY, BENJAMIN FRANKLINCivil War4th MI CavCompany CBorn March 31, 1847/ Enlisted Flushing/Lived Hill Township in 1894/Died November 27, 1918/Buried Hale, Michigan
MCGOWAN, JOHN C.Civil War1st VT InfCompany CBorn August 1, 1838/Died January 19, 1901/ Buried Brookside Cemetery
MCKENZIE, THOMAS P.Civil War1st MI CavCompany GBorn 1839/Enlisted Port Huron/ Died November 28, 1920/Buried Richland Township Cemetery
MCKENZIE, WILLIAMCivil War1st MI CavCompany GEnlisted Kenochee/Died October 23, 1908/Buried Richland Township Cemetery
MCMURRAY, ANDREWCivil WarN/AN/ALived West Branch City in 1894
MCVAY, ANDREW N.Civil War15th MI InfCompany BLived Goodar-Rose Township in 1890/ Lived Rose Township in 1894
MERRILL, LEANDER F.Civil War22nd CA CavCompany BBorn August 7, 1839/Lived West Branch Township in 1894/Died January 7, 1929/Buried Brookside Cemetery
MILLER, LUTHERCivil WarN/AN/ALived Horton Township in 1894
MILLS, LUTHER L.Civil War38th NY InfCompany HBorn 1842/Lived Piper in 1890/ Lived Klacking Township in 1894/Buried Rose Township Cemetery
MORRISON, HENRY O.Civil War22nd MI InfCompany BBorn 1844/Enlisted Shelby/Lived Churchill in 1890/Lived Rose Township in 1894/Died 1918/Buried Genesee County
MORSE, CHARLES WESLEYCivil War38th OH InfCompany GBorn 1841Lived Klacking Township in 1894/Died March 21, 1907/Buried Brookside Cemetery
MUIR, GEORGE R.Civil War13th NJ InfCompany BDied about November 4, 1887/Buried Lane Heights Cemetery
MYERS, EPHRAIMCivil War1st MI CavCompany IBorn 1845/Enlisted Clinton/Lived in Cumming Township in 1894/Died April 26, 1929/Buried Florida
NAUMAN, CASPER L.Civil War149th OH InfCompany CBorn March 15, 1846/Lived West Branch City in 1894/Died March 3, 1905/Buried Brookside Cemetery
PARLIAMENT, WILLIAM HENRYCivil War52nd WI InfCompany ABorn June, 1837/Died September 13, 1915/Buried Brookside Cemetery
PEASLEY, GEORGE W.Civil War10th MI InfCompany GBorn 1842/Enlisted Vernon/Lived Rose-Goodar Townships in 1890/Lived Foster Township in 1894/Buried Arenac County
PERKINS, PISAROCivil War72nd NY InfCompany EBorn December 15, 1840/ Lived Churchill Township in 1894/Died July 16, 1927/Buried Wayne County
PETERSON, MATHIAS M.Civil War50th NY E & MCompany GBorn 1833/Lived Mills Township in 1894/Died February 5, 1911/Buried Brookside Cemetery
PHELPS, HENRY C.Civil War23rd MI InfCompany KBorn March 22, 1829/ Enlisted at Atlas/Lived Piper in 1890/Lived Foster Township in 1894/Died June 16, 1898/ Buried Brookside Cemetery
PLANT, ROSWELLCivil War8th IL CavCoompany EBuried Brookside Cemetery
RIBBLE, CALVIN N.Civil War1st NY L. ArtCompany MBorn 1846/Died March 24, 1890/Buried Campbells Corners Cemetery (West Branch Township)
RICE, HENRY TYSONCivil War45th PA InfCompany GBorn January 2, 1841/Lived Churchill in 1890/Lived Rose Township in 1894/Died September 10, 1912/Buried Rose Township Cemetery
ROCKWELL, DAVID S.Civil War11th MI InfCompany ABorn 1813/Enlisted St. Joseph County/Buried Richland Cemetery
ROE, JULIUSCivil War15th MI InfCompany HBorn 1832/Enlisted Petersburg/Died April 2, 1913/Buried Oak Grove Cemetery (South Branch)
ROSE, ALLEN S.Civil War28th NY InfCompany HAlso served 56th NY Inf-Co L & 103rd W.S. Cal- Co L & I/Born September 6, 1842/Lived Rose Township in 1894/Died October 16, 1915/Buried Rose City Cemetery
ROSE, HIRAM E.Civil War143rd NY InfCompany HBorn April 10, 1844 or 46/Lived Rose Township in 1894/Died 1906/Buried Rose Township Cemetery
ROSE, SETH B.Civil War101st NY EngCompany ABorn February 27, 1839/Lived Churchill in 1890/Lived Rose Township in 1894/Died February 7, 1924/Buried Rose Township Cemetery
ROWE, CORNELIUSCivil War50th NY E & MCompany HBorn 1830/Lived West Branch City in 1894/Died December 29, 1906/Buried Brookside Cemetery
SCOTT, ABRAM S.Civil War144th NY InfCompany ABorn 1843/Lived Richland Township in 1894/Died October 7, 1917 in Richland Township/Buried Richland Township Cemetery
SHEPLEY, WILLIAM GEORGECivil War7th MI CavCompany GBorn 1844/Enlisted Homer/Lived Rose Township 1894/Died June 7, 1917 in Rose Township/Buried Lane Heights Cemetery-Rose Township
SHIRTS, SIMON J.Civil War10th MI InfCompany EBorn 1840/Enlisted St. Clair County/Lived Logan Township in 1894/Died March 25, 1901/Buried Iosco County
SHORT, DAVIDCivil WarN/AN/ALived Mills Township in 1894
SHORT, GEORGE W.Civil War10th MI CavCompany LBorn March 31, 1839/Enlisted Fenton/Died April 23, 1922 in Hill Township at age 83/Buried Oak Grove Cemetery-South Branch
SHOWERS, OLIVER P.Civil War16th MI InfCompany ABorn 1845/Enlisted at Wayne County/ Lived Piper in 1890/Died June 18, 1922/Buried Livingston County
SLATER, JACOB ALLENCivil War9th MI InfCompany K"Job"/Born 1842/Enlisted Handy on October 15, 1862/Discharged August 28, 1865 at Detroit/Lived Cumming Township in 1894/Died Cumming Township on January 4, 1901/Buried Brookside Cemetery
SMITH, ALONZO B.Civil War1st MI SSCompany C or EEnlisted Reading or Kalamazoo
SMITH, JAMES B.Civil War152nd NY InfCompany PBorn About 1849/Lived Klacking Township in 1894/Died February 6, 1905 in Klacking Township
SMITH, WALTER W.Civil War15th NY CavCompany EBorn 1844 or 45/Lived Churchill Township in 1894/Died May 25, 1921 in West Branch City/Age 76/Buried Churchill Township Cemetery
SOPER, EDMONDCivil War8th MI CavCompany LBorn 1841/Enlisted Pontiac/Lived Churchill Township in 1894/Died September 11, 1920/Age 82/Buried Brookside Cemetery-West Branch
SPERLING, LEVICivil War11th MI InfCompany HBorn 1824/Enlisted Pontiac/Lived Goodar Township in 1894/Died March 25, 1897/Buried Oak Grove Cemetery-South Branch
SQUIRES, THOMAS C.Civil War10th MI CavCompany CBorn 1833/Enlisted Lapeer/Possibly buried Brookside Cemetery-West Branch
STALKER, JAMESCivil War3rd MI InfCompany KBorn 1843/Enlisted Port Huron/Died April 23, 1924 in Bay City/Buried Arenac County
STANSBROUGH, GEORGE R.Civil War20th IA InfCompany GLived Damon in 1890
STEVENS/STEPHENS, SOLOMONCivil War103rd OH InfCompany KBorn September 10, 1842 in Pennsylvania/Died November 2, 1916 in Ogemaw Township/Buried St. Charles
STILLWAGON, GEORGECivil War4th OH CavCompany HBorn 1842/Buried Edwards Township Cemetery
STILLWAGON, PETERCorporal3rd OH CavCompany EBorn 1844/Married in West Branch in 1908/Died 1927 in Ypsilanti, Michigan/Buried Scott, Ohio
STOCKEN, GEORGE H.Civil War5th MI CavCompany IBorn 1841/ Lived West Branch City in 1894/ Died about March 22, 1915/Age 74/Buried Brookside Cemetery-West Branch
STONE, ANTHONYCivil War2nd MI InfCompany EBorn 1820/Enlisted St. Johns/Lived Richland Township in 1894/Died 1915/Buried Richland Township Cemetery
STONE, JOHNCivil WarN/AN/ALived Richland Township in 1894
STRIKER, HUGH W.Civil War9th MI CavCompany DBorn 1834/Enlisted Brownstown/Lived West Branch Township in 1894/Died January 12, 1913 in Rose City/Age 78/Buried Campbells Corners Cemetery-West Branch Township
TEEPLE, MARQUIS D.Civil War6th MI CavCompany HBorn February 11, 1844/Enlisted Cascade/Lived Damon in 1890/Died January 28, 1897/Buried Kent County
THIELECKE, HENRYCivil War4th NY CavCompany HBorn 1835/Lived Rose Township in 1894/Died March 31, 1921 in Rose Township/Age 86/Buried Rose City Cemetery
THOMAS, STEPHEN V.First Lt.10th MI CavCompany CBorn 1838/Enlisted Lapeer-Age 32/Lived West Branch City in 1894/Died February 6, 1905 at West Branch City/Age 74/Buried Brookside Cemetery-West Branch
TOUSEY, GRANDUS C.Civil War13th MI InfCompany EBorn 1832/Enlisted Kalamazoo County-Age 29/ Possibly buried at Richland Township Cemetery
TOWNER, JAY MILLSCivil War15th MI InfCompany HBorn June 8, 1848/Died January 7, 1936/Age 87/ Buried Brookside Cemetery-West Branch
TRACY, HENRY C.Civil WarN/AN/ABorn 1839/Died August 13, 1933/Buried Brookside Cemetery-West Branch
TUCKER, LEONARDCivil War1st MI Lt. Art.Battery LBorn 1844/Enlisted Hillsdale-Age 19/Lived Rose Township 1894/Died May 4, 1926 in Rose Township/Age 82/Buried Rose City Cemetery
VALLEY, JAMES K.Civil War1st MI E & MCompany LBorn 1844/ Enlisted East Saginaw-Age 19/ Lived West Branch City 1894/Buried Churchill Township Cemetery
VAN WAGONER, SIDNEYCivil War6th MI CavCompany EBorn January 2, 1832/Enlisted Courtland-Age 24/ Died March 23, 1889/Age 57/Buried Brookside Cemetery-West Branch
WAGONER, ANDREW J.Civil War7th MI CavCompany KEnlisted Owosso/Died November 19, 1901 in Goodar Township/Age 73/Buried Oak Grove Cemetery-South Branch
WARREN, JAY M.Civil WarN/AN/ALived West Branch City 1894
WARREN, THOMAS JEFFERSONCivil War19th MI InfCompany FBorn May 18, 1849/Enlisted Kalamazoo-Age 18/Died December 30, 1923 at West Branch City/Age 74/Buried Brookside Cemetery-West Branch
WILCOX, DANIEL J.Civil War10th MI CavCompany BBorn 1840/Enlisted West Branch-Age 23/Lived West Branch City 1894/Died March 13, 1914 at West Branch City/Age 74/Buried Brookside Cemetery-West Branch
WILKE, FREDERICK C.Private1st NY L. Art.Company MBorn 1838/Served October 23, 1861 to February 5, 1864/Lived Piper in 1890/Lived Foster Township in 1894/Died April 5, 1917/Age 78/Buried Brookside Cemetery- West Branch
WILSON, WILLIAM H. JR.Private6th MI CavCompany MBorn 1844/Enlisted Keene-Age 18/Served 1862 to 1865/Lived Hunt 1890/Lived Richland Township 1894/Died February 14, 1926 at Rose City/Age 82/Buried Richland Township Cemetery
WHITING, ZENOPrivate7th MI InfCompany IBorn 1840/Enlisted Kalamazoo-Age 21/Served August 5, 1862 to June 23, 1865/Lived Rose/Goodar Township in 1890/Died 1902/Buried Arenac County
WRIGHT, LEVICivil War2nd NY SSCompany BDied January 21, 1890
YOST, JOHN M.Civil War2nd MI InfCompany BBorn 1837/Enlisted Pontiac-Age 24/Died October 23, 1921 in Hill Township/Age 84/Buried Oak Grove-South Branch
ZIMMER, ALBERTCivil War50th NY E & MCompany ABorn 1846/Lived West Branch Township in 1894/ Died November 20, 1912/Age 66/Buried Brookside Cemetery-West Branch

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