During the Cuban War for Independence and the Philippine Revolution in the late 1890s, hostilities erupted between Spain and the United States. Trade with Cuba had been curbed, causing losses in U.S. shipping entities and import businesses. President McKinley, desiring a peaceful solution, sent negotiators to Spain in late 1897. The USS Maine had been deployed to Havana to insure the safety of U. S. citizens in Cuba, and on February 15, 1898, an explosion onboard took the lives of 266 sailors. Hostilities escalated until war was declared by Spain on April 25, 1898. Revolution had also erupted in the Philippines and U. S. forces were in Manila Bay. The war lasted ten weeks; the cease fire established August 12, 1898.

An effort has been made to establish names of those men who had connections to Ogemaw who served in this war. If you know of anyone who should be listed on this page and isn't, please contact the Rose City Historical Society, Post Office Box 736, Rose City, MI 48654

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General Info
ANDERSON, EUGENE ADDAN/AN/AN/ABorn June 24, 1877 in Bethel, Indiana/Died November 16, 1947 in Edwards Township/Buried in Detroit/Death record states he served in this war.
BENEWAY, LOUIS M.Private33rd MI VolunteersCompany DBorn May 16, 1853 in Grand Rapids/ Died November 6, 1923 in West Branch, age 70/Buried Brookside Cemetery.
BRINKET, PHILIP J.Private33rd MI VolunteersCompany DWest Branch
CAMPBELL, ALBERT C.Private35th MI VolunteersCompany HGreenwood
CLARK, CLIFFORD S.N/AN/AN/ABorn June 3, 1880 in Michigan/Died December 6, 1957 in West Branch/ Buried in Mt. Pleasant/Death record states he served in this war.
DOBSIN, DAVID D.N/AN/ACompany KDied March 22, 1938 in Port Huron/Funeral in Port Huron/Newspaper accounts state he previously lived in Lupton and served in this war.
DOBSON, HENRY B.N/AN/AN/ABuried Lane Heights Cemetery/Tombstone states: Corp-78 Ohio Inf/Co I/Served in Civil War/Cemetery records indicate he also served in this war.
FILSON, JAMES LEROYN/A161st IN InfantryN/ABorn December 22, 1858 in Big Rapids/ Died November 10, 1929 in Rose Township, age 71/Buried Brookside Cemetery.
FLEMING, EDDY W.Corporal35th MI VolunteersCompany ABorn February 9, 1868 in Perry/Died January 30, 1953 in Saginaw County/Buried in Shelby/Resided Rose City for 35 years.
FRANKLIN, WILLN/AN/AN/ABorn January 19, 1875 in Michigan/Died July 3, 1955 in West Branch, Ogemaw County/Buried Hillside Cemetery in Ingham County.
GARDNER, JAMES EDWARDSergeantMarine CorpN/ABorn in Rhode Island/Died about March 8, 1941 in Washington, D. C., age 62/Buried Brookside Cemetery/Also served in World War 1/Served 30 years in Marine Corps.
GREENFIELD, ALBERT H.N/AN/AN/ABorn October 14, 1874/Died March 13, 1962 at VA Hospital in Saginaw/Buried Rose City Cemetery (no tombstone)/Newspaper article states he was in this war.
GRIFFITH, WILLIAMN/AN/AN/ABorn September 7, 1850 in Canada/Died July 6, 1951 in West Branch/Buried Selkirk Cemetery (no tombstone)/Death record states he served in this war.
HILLIER, ROSS L.Private33rd MI VolunteersCompany DDied August 12, 1936 in Flint/ Buried Selkirk Cemetery
HINTON, FRED G.N/AN/AN/ABorn March 11, 1874 at Lowell, Massachusetts/Died April 7, 1939 at Sage Lake,Age 65/Buried in Hale/Obituary states he served in this war.
HUTTON, WILLISPrivateN/AN/ABorn November 24, 1877 in Mt. Clemens/Died February 5, 1939 in West Branch/ Buried Brookside Cemetery/Graduated West Branch High School in 1895/Also served in World War 1/Retired in 1931 after 30 years as Master Sergeant.
INGALLS, FRED D.Private33rd MI VolunteersCompany DWest Branch
KURZROCK, WALTER S.Musician33rd MI VolunteersCompany CBorn December 4, 1876 in Bay City/ Died July 28, 1948 in West Branch/Buried Brookside Cemetery.
LINSEMAN, ALBERT aka LINZEMANPrivate35th MI VolunteersCompany LBorn September 30, 1881 in West Branch/Died September 8, 1962 in Pontiac at age 80/Buried Pontiac.
MC GOWAN, JOHN C. "JACK"Private33rd MI VolunteersCompany KBorn January 3, 1878 in West Branch /Died May 17, 1945 in Grand Rapids at age 67/Buried Brookside Cemetery/Obituary lists him as Spanish-American war veteran/He also served in World War 1 in the Coast Guard.
MC HALE, SIDNEY F.Private33rd MI VolunteersCompany DWest Branch
MC KENNA, MURRAY A.N/AN/AN/ADied July 11, 1937 in Ludington at age 59/Buried Richland Cemetery/ Obituary states he served in this war.
NEWBERRY, HORACEN/AN/AN/ABorn July 29, 1877 in Michigan/Died October 19, 1957 in West Branch/Buried in Macomb County/Death record states he served in this war.
OWEN, BERTN/AN/AN/ANewspaper article states he was in the Philippines during this war.
PEARSON, WALTER J.Private1st PA InfantryN/ABorn September 16, 1875 in Pennsylvania/Died February 13, 1950 in Hill Township/Buried in Selkirk Cemetery.
RUSSELL, WAYNEPrivate35th MI VolunteersCompany EWest Branch
SNOOK, FREDPrivate33rd MI VolunteersCompany DRose City
WARNER, ARCHIE J.Private35th MI VolunteersCompany HDamon
YATES, WILLIAM D.Private33rd MI VolunteersCompany DWest Branch

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