Atherton School District #3 is located in the Northeast Quarter of the Northeast Quarter of Section 25, Township 22 North, Range 3 East on the corner of Henderson Lake Road and M-55 in Churchill Township, Ogemaw County. The district was annexed to West Branch Schools in 1964. Records are sparse on who donated the land, who built the school, and who taught there. There are, however, several class photographs available. Anyone having additional photos or who can identify students in the existing photos is asked to contact the Ogemaw County Coordinator, Grace Dooley.

Most of the existing records have been compiled by The Rose City Area Historical Society, Post Office Box 736, Rose City, MI 48654

1910 - Harrison Dodds
1912 - Suzie Richardson
1923 - Ansel Abbott
1924 - Mr. Abbott
1925 - Mrs. L. Jones
1928 - Clarence Cooley
1931 - Arzell Walker
1933 - Miss Rice
1935 to 1939 - Miss Mona Mills
1939 - Donald DeMatio
1948 - Wenonah Gibson
1955 - Virginia Shimmons
1959 - Rosella Dennis
Unknown Dates - Minnie Bennett Dodds

Atherton School, 1910 & 1911, Harrison Dodds, teacher:
Top row: Rissie Peterson, Jennie Myers, Grace Dodds, Gladys Dodds, Ola Bowman, Lena Myers, Helen Myers, Harrison Dodds (teacher), Earl Bowman.
Bottom row: Hattie Wyman, Myrtle Snooks, Pearl Myers, Elmer Dodds, Blaine Peterson, Dewey David, George Eastman, Wendel Mason, Mable Dodds, Mabel Mason, Lila Norris, Viola Snooks, Ralph Bowman, Steve Mason.

Atherton School, 1912, Suzie Richardson, teacher:
Top row: Earl Bowman, Dewey David, Iva Eastman, Mary Sue Bowman, Suzie Richardson (teacher), Rissie Peterson, Myrtle Allen, Ralph Allen.
Middle row: Hattie Wyman, Fern Mason, Mabel Mason, Lela Norris, Mable Dodds, Neva Eastman, Jennie Norris, Myrtle Snooks, Viola Snooks, Mary Jane Snooks.
Front row: Elmer Dodds, George Eastman, Steve Mason, Wendell Mason, Blain Peterson, Ralph Bowman, Johnny Snooks, Ezra Hostetler, ?? Richey, ?? Richey.

Atherton School, 1931, Arzell Walker, teacher:
Top row: Willard Atherton, Howard Eastman, Dewey David, Edward Houck, Arzell Walker (teacher), Marion Dodds, Elaine Wyman, Dorothy Switzer, Lila Norris, Velma David.
Middle row: Byron David, Frank Holshoe, Maynard Norris, Harold Bauman, Leighton Horning, Thelda Atherton, Hazel Houck, Thelma Dodds, Ivadell Holshoe, DellaMae David.
Front row: Arthur David, Chester David, Donley Norris, William Thorne, Dean Rowe, Oren Atherton, Emerson Peterson, Mae David, Agnes Holshoe, Lotamae Horning, Joyce Rowe, Arlene Norris, Viola Thorne.

List of Students, 1934:
Velma David (8th grade), Marion Dodds (8th grade), Victor Holshoe (8th grade).

List of Students, 1935:
Thelda Atherton (8th grade)

List of Students, 1936-1937; teacher Mona Mills:
Oren Atherton (8th), Harold Barnum (8th), Byron David (8th), Della David (8th), Jack Eastman (8th), Iva Holshoe (8th), Pearl Peterson (8th), Dean Switzer (8th), William Thorne (8th).

List of Students, 1937-1938; teacher Mona Mills:
Donley Currie, Agnes Holshoe, Twila Mason, and Harold Switzer.

List of Students, 1938-39: teacher Mona Mills:
Roy Bayn, Flora Best, Margaret Curry, Arthur David, Janice David, Louis David, Richard Holshoe, Arlene Norris, DeVere Norris, Joyce Rowe, Howard Stone, Dean Switzer, Alfred Thorne, and Viola Thorne.

List of Students, 1939-40; teacher Donald DeMatio:
Janice David, Wilbur Good, DeVere Norris, Floyd Peterson, Willard Peterson, David Ryan, John Ryan, Howard Stone, and Dean Switzer.

Atherton School, Unknown Date

Atherton School, Unknown Date, Minnie Bennett Dodds, teacher:
Back row: Steve Mason, Elmer Dodds, George Eastman, Tom Martindale, Leander ??, Leona ??, Viola Olson, Hazel Payne, Gladys Olson, Minnie Bennett Dodds (teacher), Marcella Myers, Mae Payne, Alma Payne, Helen Myers, Esther Martindale.
Front row: ?? Ritchie, Earl Houck, Ralph Bowman, Elmer Payne, George Payne, Ezra Hostetler, Alla Norris, Mable Dodds, Eva Olson, Eva Eastman, Hattie Wyman, Hazel Moats, Pearl Myers, Vera Moats, Kenneth Norris, Lila Norris, Helen David, Mabel Mason, Ethel Olson, Ilene Martindale, Jennie Norris, Alice Martindale, Florence Moats, ?? Weiwork, ?? Weiwork, Louis Belanger, Mabel Bowman, Ora Norris, ?? Olson, Bird Switzer.

Atherton School, Unknown Date

Atherton School, Unknown Date

Atherton School, Unknown Date, Ansel Abbot, teacher:
Persons in this picture but not in order: Fern Mason, Vera Moats, Alice Martindale, Aliene Martindale, Lois Moats, Raymond Horning, Berdie Switzer, Florence Moats, Alla Norris, Jennie Norris, Edith Moats, Lois Moats, Wilbur Good, Orville Good, Orland Good, Harold Mason, Ruth Horning, Viola Martindale, Helen Migan, Mildred Good, Marjorie Horning, Charlie Switzer, Zeta Moats.

Atherton School, Unknown Date:
Persons in this picture but not in order: Louise Belanger, Alice Martindale, Aliene Martindale, Elmer Payne, George Payne, Emelda Belanger, Corrine Belanger, Edith Moats, Raymond Horning, Ruth Horning, Marjorie Horning, Erma ??, Florence Moats, Hazel ??, Wilbur Good.

Atherton School, Unknown Date:
Background: Ada Good
Back row: Arliene Martindale, Charles Switzer, George Payne, Alice Martindale.
Front row: Louise Belanger, Neva Eastman, Jennie Norris.

Atherton School, 1948, Wenonah Gibson, teacher:
Persons in these pictures include: Billy Good, Bobby Good, Jack Belanger, Goatbe girls, Florence Copeland, Alfred Thorn, Stella Barnum, Sonny Good, Geraldine Good, Norene Holshoe, Geneane Good, Mildred Barnum, Nancy Good, Barb Good.

Atherton School, 1958

Atherton School, 1990s
As a residence

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