Dale School District #1 is located in the Northeast Quarter of the Northeast Quarter of Section 32, Township 24 North, Range 3 East on the corner of Heath Road and Reasner Road in Rose Township, Ogemaw County. The District was annexed to Rose City School in 1947. Records are sparse on who donated the land, who built the school, who taught there, and when the school closed. Anyone having additional photos or who can identify students in the existing photos is asked to contact the Ogemaw County Coordinator, Grace Dooley.

Most of the existing records have been compiled by The Rose City Area Historical Society, Post Office Box 736, Rose City, MI 48654

The Dale School, in total decay, was torn down in 2004.

Unknown Dates - Cora E. Janson
Unknown Dates - Mrs. Emma Walker
Unknown Dates - Rachel McKellar Howard
1896 & 1897 - A. L. Dunlap
1914 - Mary Hammond
1928 to 1929 - Donna Nye
1931 to 1933 - Ada Fritz
1935 to 1936 - Harold Freeman
1936 to 1938 - Mrs. Rosella Dennis
1939 to 1940 - Lorene Blackledge

Dale School, 1896 & 1897, A. L. Dunlap, teacher:
Students: Gerald Arthur, Lily Atherton, Rosa Atherton, Stella Atherton, William Atherton, Georgie Bailey, Anna Boreland, Lottie Boreland, Bert Clark, Alma Emerson, Bulah Emerson, Thomas Emerson, Gracie Fayette, Lydia Fayette, Mary Fayette, Agnes Hawley, Clinton Hawley, John Hawley, Clara Ingram, Hamilton Ingram, Laura Ingram, Sarah Ingram, Trueman Ingram, Fred Laberge, Rocky Laberge, Fannie Lewis, Mary Lewis, Virgie Mailoux (sic), Rosa Mailloux, Clyde McDonald, Jessie McDonald, Ida Moore, Jennie Moore, Mary Moore, Phebe Pawson, Ray Pawson, Charley Porter, Jake Porter, Willis Porter, Wm. Porter, Cora Smith, Gertie Smith, Mina Spafford, Minnie Spafford, Bertie Stinson, Jimmie Stinson, Abbie Talbot, Ada Talbot, Dora Talbot, Ida Talbot, Geo. Thayer, Jane Thayer, Myrtle Thayer, William Thayer, Alice Waite and Eudoras Zimmerman.

Dale School, Unknown Date, Cora E. Janson, teacher:
Students: Richard Alvord, Georgia Atherton, Mary Atherton, Olivia Atherton, Charles Boddy, Myrtle Boddy, Cortlon Campbell, Clarence Cheney, Jennie Duvekott, Mattie Duvekott, Gladys Eadey, Hazel Eadey, Aleatha Emerson, Ila Emerson, Imogene Emerson, Juliaetta Emerson, Waldo Emerson, Leo Graber, Alma Kinsey, Lena Kinsey, Viola Kinsey, Joseph Lalonde, Levi Lalonde, Velma Leathorn, Edith Lockwood, George Lockwood, Glen McCracken, Lucy McCracken, Jay Miller, Mirl Miller, Lula Myers, Bulah Oyster, Mabelle Oyster, Martha Rank, Crystal Rankin, Jay Tanner, Jessie Ware, Ray Ware and Leslie Wilder.

Dale School, Unknown Date, Emma Walker, teacher:
Top Row: Grace Fayette, Stella Atherton, Truman Ingram, Ida Talbot, Clara Ingram, Mrs. Emma Walker (teacher), George Bailey, Durfee , Lillie Atherton, Rosie Atherton.
Bottom Row: Johnie Atherton, Roy Lockwood, Elvoid, Liva Atherton, Johnie Talbot, Orvin Ingram, Ada Suggum, Bell Bixby, Frankie Arthur, Herb Bixby, Elvoid, Susie Atherton (Buck).

Dale School, Unknown Date

Dale School, Early 1900s

Dale School, Unknown Date

Dale School, 1914
Back row to front: Charles Boddy, Clarence Conley, Mrs. Boddy, Violet Boddy, Mrs. Reasner, Unknown, Nina Boddy, Mrs. McKellar, Unknown, Anna Oyster, Andy Mayhew, Leeds Turley & baby, Stanley Matthews, Mr. Dougal McKellar, Myrtle Boddy, Mary Hammond (teacher), Mrs. Arntz, Mrs. Turley, Mary Turley, Unknown, Mrs. Ware, Rachel McKellar, Unknown, Irvin Oyster, Mrs. Billy Mayhew, Robert Boddy, Ruben Arntz, Jess Ware, Dewitt Carrington, Raymond Reasner, Donald McKellar, Ray Ware, Vernon Franks, Courtland Campbell, Elsie Turley, Lola Boreland, Beulah Merion, Mable Oyster, Anna Pollington, Beatrice Emerson, Beulah Oyster, Grace Turley, Mable McKellar, Imogene Emerson, Unknown, Unknown, Johnny Arntz, Agnes McKellar, Laurence Marion, Carl Durfee, Alvin McKellar, Ralph Oyster (bow tie), Earl Oyster, Lloyd Ware (hat on), Ernie Boerner (white hat), Berneatta Marion, Inez Boreland, Inez Boddy, Pearl Boerner, Iris Emerson, Elsie Ware, and Helen McKellar

Dale School, 1931-1933, Ada Fritz, teacher:
Some Students: Reva Mayhew, Lawrence Teeple, Twila Mayhew, Wayne Mayhew, Gladys Teeple, Betty Mayhew, Clarence Buck, Avis Cook, Mary Cook, Mayme Cook, Russell Cornman, Ruth Adkins, Martha Moore, and Hazel Moore.

List of Students, 1933-1934:
Earl Boerner (8th), Ella O'Farrell (8th), Elmer O'Farrell (8th).

List of Students, 1934-1935:
Lucille Reed (8th).

List of Students, 1935-1936; Harold Freeman, teacher:
Edwin Edmonds (8th), Martha Moore (8th), Lucille O'Farrell (8th).

Dale School, Students in 1936-1937:
Clarence Buck, Margaret Buck, Hubert Campbell, Marie Corwin (transferred to Neal in February), Elaine Hawley, Norman Hawley.

Dale School, Students in 1938-1939:
Margaret Buck (8th), Elaine Hawley (8th).

Dale School, 1990

Dale School, 2005

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