Deckerville School District #2 is located on Deckerville Road in the Southeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of Section 15, Township 24 North, Range 3 East, Rose Township, Ogemaw County. The land for the school was acquired in 1901. The building is now in private ownership. No records exist on who donated the land, who built the school, who taught or attended there, or when the school closed. If you have any information concerning the Deckerville School, you are asked to contact the Ogemaw County Coordinator, Grace Dooley.

Most of the existing records have been compiled by The Rose City Area Historical Society, Post Office Box 736, Rose City, MI 48654

1911 - Miss Ethel Thompson
1928 to 1929 - Bessie Whiteside
1931 to 1932 - Miss Noffsinger
1932 - Miss McMillan
1934 to 1935 - Louise Lince
1935 to 1936 - Myrtle Lince
1936 to 1937 - Edward G. Papp
1937 to 1938 - Gertrude Atherton
1938 to 1939 - Raymond Reetz
1939 to 1940 - Mrs. Mary Fuhrman
Unknown Date - Beryl Reid Morrison
Unknown Date - Velma Crawford Bemis
Unknown Date - Lena Raymoure (French)

List of Students, 1933-1934:
Jack Anderson (8th), Vivian Byce (8th).

List of Students, 1934-1935:
Henry G. Fox (8th).

List of Students, 1935-1936; Myrtle Lince, teacher:
Marilyn Anderson (8th), Donald Matthews (8th), Marion White (8th), Russell White (8th).

Deckerville School, Students in 1937:
Arlene Byce, Mary Clare, Manley Fox, Sharrow Fox, Margaret Kalmbach, Ollie Mannore.

Deckerville School, Students in 1937-1938:
Billy Newcombe, Carl Newcombe.

Deckerville School, Students in 1938-1939:
Arlene Byce (8th), Mary Clare (8th), Carl Newcombe (8th).

Deckerville School, As it looked in 1990.

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