Eastside School District #5 was located in the Southwest Quarter of the Southwest Quarter of Section 25, Township 22 North, Range 2 East, West Branch Township, Ogemaw County, Campbell Road at Gallagher Road. The District was annexed to West Branch School in 1964. No records exist on who donated the land, who built the school, who taught there or when the school closed. If you have any information concerning the Eastside School, you are asked to contact the Ogemaw County Coordinator, Grace Dooley.

Most of the existing records have been compiled by The Rose City Area Historical Society, Post Office Box 736, Rose City, MI 48654

1915 - Mrs. Smith
1923 - Norma Nelson
1924 & 1926 - Eva Nelson (Madison)
1928 to 1929 - Edwina Parkinson
1929 to 1930 - Jennie Norris
1930 to 1935 - Frances Nelson (Butler)
1935 to 1936 - Ada Fritz
1936 to 1939 - Irene Nelson
1946 - Donna Valley Nelson
1952 to 1955 - Miss Marion Snyder
1966-67 - Mrs. Dennis
Unknown Dates - Miss Brown

Eastside School, 1912 or 1913

Eastside School, 1913 or 1914

Eastside School, 1915, Mrs. Smith, teacher:
Top row: Mildred Sutherland, Angeline Gallagher, Julia Lang, Mrs. Smith, Mary Down, Mary Siegle, Ester Husted, Emma Rhinehart, Helen Perkins, Isadore Doron, Harold Bradley, Laverne Gambler, Thomas Gallagher, Edmund Lang, Hazen Cooley, Floyd Taylor, Ned Winters.
Center row: Patience Doron, Janice Buckingham, Johnnie Buckingham, Mildred ?, Edna Siegle, Beatrice Doron, Elizabeth Siegle, Alice Rhinehart, Edwinna Rhinehart, Rosa Lang, ??, Helen Husted, Gladys Husted, Hilda Hennen, Leona Hart.
Bottom row: Russel Husted, Ray Perkins, Clyde Winters, Garnet Williams, LeRoy Williams, Vivan Valley, Harold Cook, Henrietta Winters, Ruth Gallagher, Vera Hennen, Clyde Buckingham, ??, ??, ? Sutherland, Kenneth Bradley, Ralph Perkins, Albert Lang, and Ray Williams.

Eastside School, 1924, Norma Nelson, teacher:
Back row:: Walt Lang, Louis Nelson, Joe Gallagher, John Buckingham, Frank Ostrander, Roy Sutherland.
Second row: Ellis Buckingham, ???, ???, Lyle Wilcox, Robert Fisher, ? Gamber, Erma Sleeman, Ruth Gallagher, ???, Olive Doron, Hallie Sedore, Nellie Kroll, Floyd Sutherland, ???, Norma Nelson, teacher.
Third row: Verl Bohlinger, Albert Sutherland, Maurice Hennen, Murce Cross, Wilson Gallagher, Daisy Morris, Nora Sedore, Augusta Ostrander, Irene Nelson, Merceda Winter, Edith Crow, ???, Dorothy Sedore.
Fourth row: Ernest Sutherland, Lawrence Gallagher, Floyd Buckingham, Art Gallagher, Lois Hennen, Marjorie Hennen, Jack Winter, Jack Richardson, Ben Richardson, Carl Sutherland, Ralph Sedore, Alice Nelson, Mary Sutherland, Lynne Carr, Eulalia Fisher, Betty Fisher, Dorothy Hennen.

List of Students, 1929-1930:
Erma Sleeman (8th).

Eastside School, 1931, Frances Nelson Butler, teacher:
Back row: Opal Hart, Marjorie Gallagher, Delores Ostrander, Marie Gallagher, Lynne Carr, Marjorie Hennen, Juanita Hart, Frances Nelson Butler, teacher, Carl Sutherland, Lawrence Gallagher, Jack Richardson, Melvin Bohlinger, Robert Nelson, Jack Winter.
Middle row: Harold Vandenberg, Donna Valley, Dorothy Perkins, Joan Hennen, Junior Crow, Keith Richardson, Harold Sutherland, ???, Howard Vandenberg, Donald Ostrander, Lee Priest, Harold Newberry.
Front row: Bernice Hennen, Donna Vandenberg, Aileen Husted, Gladys Hennen, Eugene Morris, Annabelle Perkins, Wayne Walker, Ted Richardson, Betty Sleeman, Eugene Reinhardt, Nora Fisher, Keith Bohlinger, Delbert Walker, Norene Valley.

List of Students, 1933-1934:
Lyle Buckingham (8th), Arthur Fry (8th), Juanita Hart (8th), Harold Newberry (8th), Howard Vandenberg (8th).

List of Students, 1934-1935:
Marie Gallagher (8th), Dolores Ostrander (8th), Donna Valley (8th).

List of Students, 1935-1936; Ada W. Fritz, teacher:
Rosemary Beale (8th), Luella Dunlap (8th), Marjory Gallagher (8th), Dorothy Mier (8th), R. Eugene Morris (6th), James Nelson (8th), Donald Ostrander (8th), and Betty Sleeman (8th).

List of Students, 1937-1938:
Evan Crowe (8th), Annabelle Perkins (8th), Dorothy Perkins (8th).

List of Students, 1938-1939:
Grace Hart (8th), Bernice Hennen (8th), Eugene Morris (8th), Eugene Reinhardt (8th), Ted Richardson (8th), Norine Valley (8th).

Eastside School, Unknown Date, Irene Nelson, teacher
Students included in photo: Bernard Wangler, Abner Valley, Bert Morris, Ken Perkins, Mary Ida Poling, Joan Hennen, Joyce Slosser, Joan Neubecker, Mary Lou Wangler, Raymond Zahm, George Zahm, Betty Parish, Jackie Wangler, Betty Perkins, Betty Husted, Frank Poling, Paul Poling, Tom Poling, Margaret Husted, and Helen Wangler.

Eastside School, 1946, Donna Valley Nelson, teacher:
Back row: Betty Perkins, Helen Wangler, Shirley Cummings, Lorraine Scott, Carol Cummings, Ronald Parrish, Dallas Wangler, ???, Donna Valley Nelson, teacher.
Second row: ???, ???, Margaret Husted, Edwin Ostrander.
Third row: Verlyn McIntyre, Dallas Ostrander, Ronald Benjamin, ???, Raymond Parrish, Delbert Perkins, Carol Jean Nelson, Louis Doron.
Front row: ???, Jimmy Stringer, Chuck Folsom, Gloris Steelman, Karen Nelson.

Eastside School, Late 1940s, Miss Brown, teacher:
Back row: Shirley Cummings, Vivian Bentley, Lorraine Scott, Miss Brown, teacher.
Second row: Louis Doran, Edwin Ostrander, Carol Cummings, Ronald Parrish, Nancy Andrews, Margaret Husted.
Third row: Dallas Wangler, Vinton Bentley, Emma Elmore, Raymond Parrish, Sally Andrews, Verna Bentley, Dallas Ostrander.
Front row: Charles Folsom, Ronald Benjamin, Gloria Steelman, Mary Jane Mogg, John Elmore, Delbert Perkins.

Eastside School, 1952-1953, Mrs. Snyder, teacher:
Judy Allen, Don Beck, Richard Beck, Beverly Benjamin, Carol Benjamin, Gary Benjamin, Don Black, Nancy Black, Sue Black, Bobby Buckingham, Bonnie Buckingham, Gary Gallagher, Pat Gallagher, Louann Gray, Marion Grow, Bud Hamilton, John Hart, Lois Hennen, Maureen Hennen, Chuck Husted, Don MacLean, Mary Jane Mogg, David Neubecker, Larry Neubecker, Ron Neubecker, Bonnie Peck, Bill Steelman, Kay Steelman, Barb Stringer, Eugene Tabaco, Gene Tabor, and Kathleen Wilson. There is a photograph of this class, but because of the newness of the picture, it will not be posted here. If you wish to request a copy, please contact the County Coordinator below.

Eastside School, 1954-1955, Mrs. Snyder, teacher:
Jim Allen, Don Beck, Richard Beck, Beverly Benjamin, Carol Benjamin, Gary Benjamin, Linda Black, Nancy Black, Bobby Buckingham, Bonnie Buckingham, Davis Clayton, Jerry Clayton, Lloyd Fournier, Danny Gallagher, Gary Gallagher, Pat Gallagher, Marion Grow, Bud Hamilton, Sheri Hamilton, John Hart, Lois Hennen, Maureen Hennen, Don MacLean, Richard Nelson, David Neubecker, Larry Neubecker, Ruth Ann Neubecker, Bill Steelman, Don Steelman, Barb Stringer, Gene Taber, Diane Trout, Kathleen Wilson, and Marion Winters. There is a photograph of this class, but because of the newness of the picture, it will not be posted here. If you wish to request a copy, please contact the County Coordinator below.

Eastside School, 1966-1967, Mrs. Dennis, teacher:
Mike Smith, Brenda Parliament, Joyce Ferguson, Chuck Drumm, Tom Morris, Debbie Trout, Brent Ferguson, Donna Selmes, Kurt Klemmer, Nanette MacAlister, Jeff ??, Diane Grenier, Amber Shepherd, ???, Albert Grezeszak, Vicky Seltz, Carol Oyster, Sandy Miller, Ronnie Wangler, ???, Mrs. Dennis, teacher. There is a photograph of this class, but because of the newness of the picture, it will not be posted here. If you wish to request a copy, please contact the County Coordinator below.

Eastside school, modern times

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