Erb School District #3 is located in the Northeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of Section 8, Township 21 North, Range 1 East, Stillwagon Road, Edwards Township, Ogemaw County. The Erb School was built in 1903 by Charles F. Erb with community assistance on Erb property. The District was annexed to the West Branch School in 1964. The school and property was sold in 1980 and the school was then torn down. Records are sparse on who taught there and when the school closed. There are, however, several class photographs available. Anyone having additional photos or who can identify students in the existing photos is asked to contact the Ogemaw County Coordinator, Grace Dooley.

Most of the existing records have been compiled by The Rose City Area Historical Society, Post Office Box 736, Rose City, MI 48654

1925 - Loleta Cripps
1928 to 1929 - Patricia Preston
1930 to 1933 - Mary Loney
1934 to 1935 - Miss J. Hayes
1934 to 1936 - Julianna Reiter Kube
1936 to 1937 - Mary Loop Loney
1938 to 1939 - Joan Wright
1939 to 1940 - Mary Loney
1939 to 1942 - Stanley Walter
1940 to 1942 - Cameron Sutton
1943 to 1944 - Helen Powell
1948 to 1949 - Veronica Krengielski
1951 to 1952 - Alice Klann
1954 to 1955 - Mrs. Marie Ehinger Buhlman
1959 to 1961 - Leona Holt Cascadden Riley
Unknown - Marie Alenger
Unknown - Elizabeth Buckel
Unknown - Marie Buckel
Unknown - Nellie Combs
Unknown - Olive Yantz
Unknown - Beverly Buhlman (Adams)
Unknown - Joanna Rivers

Erb School, 1929:
List of Students: Lois Berger Sheck, Arthur Brewer, Hazel Brewer Priddy, Lyle Burgher, Ralph Burgher, Geo. Curtis, Glen Curtis, Jr., Leith Curtis, Nina Eineder, Beatrice E. Green Kartes, Virginia Green Schaeffer, Helen Illig, Leo Illig, Sherman Illig, Marie Knephler Burger, Bed. Post, Geo. Post, Leo Post, Milford Post, Morden Post, Ida Belle Sheltrown, Mary White Sutton.

Erb School, 1930 - 1931: Mary Loney, teacher:
Back row: Floyd Illig, Albert Adolph, Marie Knepfler, Leo Illig, Hazel Brewer, Mary Loney (teacher), Nina Eineder, Erma Sheltrown.
Next row: Herman Illig, Vivian Darling, Helen Illig, Nina Crow, Art Brewer.
Next row: Mary White, Melford Post, Ralph Burgher, Genevieve Illig, Beatrice Green, Virginia Green, Edward Illig.
Front row: Jack Post, Louise Sheltrow, Clarence Burgher, Morden Post, Leith Curtis, Lois Burgher, Glen Curtis, Jr., Lyle Burgher, George Curtis, Leo Post.

Erb School, 1931 - 1932: Mary Loney, teacher:
Back row: Mary Loney (teacher), Leo Illig.
Next row: Evelyne Sheltrown, Kenny Bell, George Curtis, Lois Burgher, Beatrice Green, Genevieve Illig, Morden Post, Elsie Hanson, Helen Illig, Herman Illig, Clarence Burgher, Mary White.
Front row: Don Bowsher, Joe Bowsher, Ed Illig, Glen Curtis Jr., George Hanson, Leith Curtis, Raymond Sheltrown, Ralph Burgher, Melford Post, Jack Post.

List of Students, 1933 - 1934:
Helen Illig (8th), Morden Post (8th), Milton Sutton (8th).

List of Students, 1934 - 1935:
Kenneth Bell (8th), Lois Burger (8th), George Curtis (8th), Herman Illig (8th).

List of Students, 1935 - 1936; Julianna Reiter, teacher:
Clarence Burgher (8th), Virginia Green (8th).

List of Students, 1937 - 1938:
Ralph Burgher, Junior Curtis, Melvia Green, Leona Illig, and Caroline Post.

List of Students, 1938 - 1939; Mary Loney, teacher:
Ralph Burger(8th), Glenn Curtis Jr.(8th), Melvin Green (8th), Edward Illig (8th), and Ronald Sutton.

List of Students, 1938 - 1939; Stanley Walter, teacher:
Josephine Bailey, Maxine Bailey, Carl Curtis, Dorothy Curtis, Ambrose Illig, Irene Illig, Leona Illig, and Jack Sheltrown.

Erb School, 1944:
List of students: Josephine Bailey, Maxine Bailey, Carl Curtis, Clayton Curtis, Virgil Curtis, Tryrus Green, Vern Green, Brace Hanks, Nancy Hanks, Georgina Illig, Irene Illig, James Illig, Tryus Klann, Carl Knepfler, Jerry Oliver, Edward White, Evelyn White, Fred White, Don ??.

Erb School, 1951 & 1952, Alice Klann, teacher:
List of students: Chuck Clayton, Jack Clayton, Jim Clayton, David Curtis, Mary Curtis, Rose Marie Green, Adolph Illig, Charlie Noel, Tom Noel, Frankie Schaffer, Marion Schaffer, There is a photograph of this class, but because of the newness of the picture, it will not be posted here. If you wish to request a copy, please contact the County Coordinator below.

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