Geroy School, District #3, was located in the Northeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of Section 26, Township 23 North, Range 3 East, Campbell Road, Klacking Township, Ogemaw County. The school closed in 1956 and burned in 1986. Few records exist on who donated the land, who built the school, who taught there. If you have any information concerning the Geroy School, you are asked to contact the Ogemaw County Coordinator, Grace Dooley.

Most of the existing records have been compiled by The Rose City Area Historical Society, Post Office Box 736, Rose City, MI 48654

1923 - Ruth Lovell
1924 to 1925 - Eva Nelson Madison
1928 & 1929 - Loretta Knepfler
1930 to 1933 - Viola Schick
1932 & 1933 - Vera Winter
1934 to 1938 - Edward Krecow
1937 to 1940 - Malcolm "Mac" R. Humphrey
1954 to 1955 - Wilma Quigley
Unknown Date - Ethel Kuhn Mayhew
Unknown Date - Cordie Rusher Nichols

Geroy School, 1925:
Included in picture: Thelma Reetz Brick, Josephine Schaefer Parkinson, Doris Fisher, Lucille Valley Bently, Hazel Fach Needham, Luella Mier, Erma Mier, and Clara Schaefer Utter.

Geroy School, 1928:
Quoted from Ada Fritz in 1994: "This picture of the cement block Geroy School named after the pioneer Geroy family was taken in 1928. I, Ada W. Fritz, started the first two years of my school life in the Geroy School in 1916. On Arbor Day in 1917 we pupils planted a tree there. Would it have grown more in the 11 years than the one pictured here? Aunt Carrie Meir said Uncle Con was paid $60 to dig out the earth for that basement with a team of horses and a small scraper and small scoop. Year unknown. Original Geroy School was thereafter used as the Township Hall 60 years. A fountain with a flowing well was in a corner of the school room but the other two necessary facilities were in the far corners of the yard. This school property was not returned to the property owner when the rural schools were consolidated. It was used as a home which burned December 25, 1986."

List of Students, 1933-1934:
Edgar Fischer (8th), Iva Meir (8th), Georgina Reetz (8th), Clayton Valley (8th).

Geroy School, 1935, Edward Krecow, teacher:
Back row: Fred Meir, Wilma Dotson, Ione Meir, Marie Schaefer, Clarence Meir, Edward Krecow (teacher).
Middle row: Roy Valley, Calvin Reetz, Keith Reetz, Cecil Perry, Ray Valley, Richard Klacking, Harry Fritz, ?? Dotson, ?? Dotson.
Front row: Harry Dotson, Joan Morgan, Evelyn Schneider, Illa Meir, Frances Meir, Eileen Valley, Gladys Fritz, Katherine Dotson.

List of Students, 1934-1935:
Viola Detzler (8th), Allan Fach (8th), Edna Fischer (8th), Freddie Klacking (8th), Eugene A. Schaefer (8th), George F. Valley (8th).

List of Students, 1935-1936; Edward Krecow, teacher:
Dolores Detzler (8th), Sylvester Fischer (8th), Andrew Meir (8th), Warren Reetz (8th), Betty Valley (8th).

Geroy School, 1937-1938, Teacher Mr. Humphrey, List of Students:
Jean Barrett, Robert Barrett (8th), Gerald Brick (8th), Harold Brick (8th), Marjory Brick, Walter Dotson, William Dotson, Gladys Fritz, Harry Fritz (8th), Laverne Green, Frank Housten, Iona Houston (8th), Richard Klacking (8th), Earl Lawrence, Rubel Jean Lawrence (transferred to Rau in December), Wesley Lawrence (transferred to Rau in December), Frances Meir, Ione Meir (8th), Calvin Reetz, Evelyn Schneider, Eileen Valley, and Wayne Wiltse.

Geroy School, 1938-1939, List of Students; teacher Malcolm Humphrey:
Gwen Baird (age 5), Harry Dotson (age 10), Kathryn Dotson (age 8), Lewis Dotson (age 13-8th), Russell Dotson (age 6), Gladys Fritz (age 11), Francis Housten (age 14), Frank Housten (age 13), Francis Meir (age 12), Ilene Meir (age 7), Illi Meir (age 11), Cecil Perry (age 13-8th), Calvin Reetz (age 14-8th), Keith Reetz (age 12), Evelyn Schneider (age 8), and Roy Valley (age 12).

Geroy School, 1950-1951:
Back row: Marjorie Candy, Barb Meir, Tom Klacking, Carol Reetz, Richard Schneider, Robert Drabek.
Middle row: Ruthann Candy, Mary Klacking, Margaret Meir, Joyce Schneider, Marlene Schneider, Joan Schneider.
Front row: Wanda Candy, Lois Meir, Larry Schneider, Delbert Leonard, Gerald Fisher, Mary Lou Fisher.

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