Goodar School District #1 is located in the Northwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of Section 1, Township 24 North, Range 4 East, Breen Road at Goodar Road, South Branch, Goodar Township, Ogemaw County. The district was named for Charles Goodar who was among the earliest of settlers in the area. The first school was built on the Wade Harden farm, southeast of the present school location. It was then moved to the present location and the original school was eventually used as the woodshed when a new school was built. Records are sparse on who donated the land, who built the school, who taught there, and when the school closed. This school was also known as the Byce School. The property is now in private ownership. Anyone having additional photos or who can identify students in the existing photos is asked to contact the Ogemaw County Coordinator, Grace Dooley.

Most of the existing records have been compiled by The Rose City Area Historical Society, Post Office Box 736, Rose City, MI 48654

1903 - Maude Churchill
1907 - Edna Stewart
1905 to 1906 - Mynnee Clayton
1908 - Ivor Berry
1909 to 1910 - Gertrude Mills
1910 - M. Allen
1917 to 1920 - Ivor Berry
1928 to 1929 - Fred Runyon
1929 to 1932 - Beatrice Cline Townsend
1935 to 1936 - Nellie Townsend
1936 to 1938 - Vera Craft
1938 to 1939 - Marjorie Thayer
1939 to 1940 - Luella Ludwig
1940 to 1942 - Aletha B. Mellon
1954 to 1955 - Mrs. Fern McKay
1960 - Evelyn Berry
Unknown Date - Sarah Warren McCray
Unknown Date - Margaret Reeves
Unknown Date - Mrs. Fred (Ethel Berry) Guilford

Goodar School, Ivor Berry, teacher

Christmas Souvenir, 1903; Maude Churchill, teacher:
Names of Pupils: Elmer Byce, Henry Byce, Inez Byce, Willie Byce, John Coburn, May Coburn, Susie Eno, Viola Eno, Pansy Blossom Harrington, Susie Patrick, Clyde Taber, Glen Taber, Jennie Taber, and Mattie Taber,

Souvenir, 1905-1906; Mynnee Clayton, teacher:
Names of Pupils: Guy Alderton, Orinda Alderton, Charlie Byce, Charlotte Byce, Elmer Byce, Henry Byce, Inez Byce, Louis Byce, Willie Byce, Archie Bovia, Maggie Bovia, Michael Bovia, John Coburn, May Coburn, Ferdinand Greve, Pansy Harrington, Susie Patrick, Elsie Sperling, Clyde Taber, Glen Taber, and Mattie Taber.

Goodar School, 1907-1908; Edna Stewart, teacher:
Back row: Sheldon Cowey, Bob Trudell, Clarence Purks, Edna Stewart (teacher), Zella Purks.
Front row: Clarence Cowey, Walter Perry, Clinton Montney, May Roe, Mildred Montney, Mary Quigley, Iva Roe, Mamie Angel, Ettie Parks, Florance Montney and Fay Montney.

Goodar School, approximately 1909 or 1910; Gertrude Mills, teacher:
Top row: Don Bell, Charlie Byce, Lew Byce, Guy Alderton, Billie Byce, Glenn Taber, Henry Byce, Inez Byce, Gertrude Mills (teacher), Grace Alderton, Charlotte Byce, Vera Alderton.
Bottom row: Eddie Greve, Ted Bell, Ruby Byce, Dora Greve, Tillie Alderton, Flora Byce, Elsie Alderton, Jessie Alderton, Goldie Guilford, Rita Alderton, Faith Alderton, and Alice Greve.

Goodar School, approximately 1910; M. Allen, teacher:
Fred Quigley, second boy from left in white shirt.

List of Students, 1933-1934:
Charles Berry (8th), Albert Humphrey (8th), Essie Humphrey (8th), Lillian Peters (8th).

List of Students, 1935-1936; Nellie Townsend, teacher:
Geraldine Berry (8th), Betty Byce (8th), Dorothy Byler (8th), Mary Smiley (8th).

List of Students, 1937-1938:
Catherine Eno (8th), David Humphrey (8th), Irwin Lepper (8th), and Betty Senyko (8th).

List of Students, 1938-1939:
Raymond Belden (8th) and Ione Humphrey (8th).

List of Students, 1939-1940 (27 students):
Dale Goodrow and Shirley Thrasher.

Goodar School, 1960, Evelyn Berry, teacher:
Class List: Bobby Bohley, Jacky Bohley, Virgil Bohley, Jim Dunham, Charles Harrington, Dana Harrington, Hugh Harrington, Irwin Harrington, Ronald Hiltibrand, Patty Hiltibrant, Rhoda Hiltibrant, Walter Hiltibrant, Billy Humphrey, Wilda Humphrey, Billy Huntley, Clifford Huntley, Irwin Lepper, Ruth Lepper, Steve Peters, Eugene Roe, Eddie Scolfield, Lane Tabor.There is a photograph of this class, but because of the newness of the picture, it will not be posted here. If you wish to request a copy, please contact the County Coordinator below.

Goodar School, As it looked in 1990.

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