Gravel Road School District #5 is located in the Northwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of Section 3, Township 21 North, Range 4 East, Hardwood Heights Road, Richland Township, Ogemaw County. The school was built of brick. No records exist on who donated the land, who built the school, who taught there or when the school closed. If you have any information concerning the Gravel Road School, you are asked to contact the Ogemaw County Coordinator, Grace Dooley.

Most of the existing records have been compiled by The Rose City Area Historical Society, Post Office Box 736, Rose City, MI 48654

1918 to 1920 - Mary Coulson
1923 - Claude Palmer
1933 to 1936 - Eugenie Rice McDonald
1937 to 1940 - Wanda Erickson

Gravel Road School, About 1920, Mary Coulson, teacher:
Back row: Mabel Clark Streeter, Viva Hall Kleinsmith, Katie Kelly, Cecil Arnold, Kenneth Frownfelter, Mary Coulson (teacher).
Front row: Willis Frownfelter, Clifton Arnold, Arthur Hall, Claude Best, Clarence Clark Jr., Joe Ponack, Sydney Clark, Kenneth Roby, J. D. Hall, Freda Arnold, Luella McGillivary, Genevieve Roby, Mildred Hall, Edna Hall.

List of Students, 1933-1934:
Lyle Krantz (8th).

List of Students, 1934-1935:
Percy Osborne (8th), George Washe (8th).

List of Students, 1935-1936; Eugenie McDonald, teacher:
George Bontrager (8th), Florence Frownfelter (8th), Eugene Kaiser (8th), Josephine Kaiser (8th), John Washie (8th).

Gravel Road School, Students Attending in 1937-1938:
Buddy Hall, Thelma Hall* (8th), Edna McCord, Wayne McCord, Edgar Osborne, and Carl Washe.

List of Students 1938-1939; Wanda Erickson, teacher:
Wanda Borntrager, Buddy Hall, Gerald Kaiser (8th), Edward Klinesmith, Donald McCord, Edna McCord (8th), Grover McCord, Hallie McCord, and Edgar Osborne (8th).

Gravel Road School, 1939-1940, Wanda Erickson, teacher:
First row front to back: Grover McCord, Dennis Hall, Carl Washe, Wayne McCord, Leighton Clark, Loren Clark.
Second row front to back: Willis Kaiser, Hallie McCord, Elaine Clark, Wanda Borntrager, Vivian Remilong.
Third row front to back: Raymond Remilong, Donna Burtch, Elnora Burtch, Joyce Burtch, Helen Remilong, Helen Hall.
Fourth row front to back: Donald McCord, Stacy Krantz, John Clark, Herbert Hall.
Absent: George Clark, Harold Remilong, Elva Hall & Ruth Remilong.

Gravel Road School, Approximately 1940:
Front row: Willis Kaiser, Grover McCord, Hallie McCord, Leighton Clark, Elaine Clark, George Clark.

Gravel Road School before it was torn down.

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