Hamacher School District #3 was located in the Southeast Quarter of the Northeast Quarter of Section 30, Township 23 North, Range 3 East, Morrison Road south of Sage Lake Road, Cumming Township, Ogemaw County, Michigan. Few records exist on who donated the land, who built the school, or who taught there. The District was annexed to Rose City School in 1944 and the school was closed in October of that year. The building now serves as the Cumming Township Hall. The school is of built of brick. If you have any information concerning the Hamacher School, you are asked to contact the Ogemaw County Coordinator, Grace Dooley.

Most of the existing records have been compiled by The Rose City Area Historical Society, Post Office Box 736, Rose City, MI 48654

1907 - Edward Scheele
1912 to 1913 - Lottie Chambers (Meadows)
1912 to 1913 - Nellie Spencer (Rosenquist)
1914 - Blanche Keating
1923 to 1925 - Viola Peters (Schick)
1926 to 1929 - Hiram Rose
1930 to 1931 - Alma Nelson (Howard)
1931 to 1932 - Florence Andrews (Munn)
1933 to 1935 - Viola Peters (Schick)
1935 to 1936 - Thelma Hayes
1936 to 1937 - Mary Edwards
1937 to 1939 - Mary Fuhrman
1939 to 1942 - Malcolm Humphrey
1942 to 1943 - Mary White
1945 to 1946 - Lois Thompson (Crow)
Unknown Date - Ivadean Turley
Unknown Date - Paul French
Unknown Date - Mae LaDue (Winslow)
Unknown Date - Harold Freeman
Unknown Date - Vera Shrigley

Hamacher School, About 1910
Front Row: Huey Schick, Lizzie Roll, Iva Delaney, Margaret Lehman, Margaret Ammond, Myrtle Munn, Emery Bailer, Meno Bailer, Ada Lehman, Helen Green, Lucy Neubecker, Dorothy Lobsinger, and Evelyn Bailer.
Second Row: Emery Craft, ?? Beck, ?? Beck, Eliza Schick, Paul Roll, Bill Roll, Frank Roll, and Aaron Schick.
Third Row: Margaret Delaney, George Roll, Eliza Roll, Charlotte Green, Alvinia Green, Oliva Schick, Beulah Lobsinger, Mary Meir, George Mowberry, Val Schmitt, Fred Lobsinger, Alex Schick, and Otto Roll.
Fourth Row: Elta Craft, Margaret Schick, ?? Roll, Bill Neubecker, Carrie Green, Emma Ammond, Clara Beck, Hazel Delaney, Dewey Ammond, and Charlie Craft.
Fifth Row: John Craft, Julia Schick, Clyde Morrison, Vebbie Meir, Leo Roll, Bill Schmitt, Clem Beck, Frank Green, and Raymond Beck.
Sixth Row: Kate Meir, Frank Weltin, Caroline Roll (teacher), Teresa Weltin, Lawrence Dantzer, Leonard Roll (teacher), Will Prior, Martha Schick, Cora Delaney, and Justine Green.

Hamacher School, About 1923
Front Row: Florence Graybill, Violet Simmons, Norma Schick, Elizabeth Kaiser, Chester Green, Floyd Kaiser and Glenn Graybill.
Second Row: Donald Walters, Bessie Munn, Irene Everett, Alice Lobsinger, Clifford Everett, Gilly Beck, and Russell Walters.
Third Row: Margaret O'Connor, Eva Munn, Dorothy Walters and Bernice Graybill.

Hamacher School, 1926, Hiram Rose, teacher:
Top Row: Herman Detzler, Clarence Beck, Elmer Neubecker, Leon Neubecker, Adrian Howard, Huey Schick, Clifford Everitt.
Second Row: Elizabeth Kaiser, Bessie Munn, Alice Lobsinger, Hiram Rose (teacher), Irene Everitt, Norma Schick, Florence Graybill.
Third Row: Chester Green, Edward Neishnick, Floyd Kaiser, Glen Graybill, Irving Neubecker, Clyde Schmidt, Gerald Windleburn, Frank Graybill.
Fourth Row: Beulah Kaiser, Sylvia Neubecker, Bertha Schmidt, Lillian Kaiser, Genevieve Neubecker, Caroline Rohl, Lillian Detzler, ?? Green, ?? Green, Viola Detzler, Dorothy Detzler, Carolyn Green.

List of Students, 1933-1934:
Frank Graybill (8th), Bertha Schmitt (8th), Virginia Wheeler (8th).

List of Students, 1935:
Carolyn Green (8th).

List of Students, 1938-1939; teacher Mary Fuhrman:
Adeline Green (8th).

List of Students, 1939-1940; teacher Mr. Humphrey:
Miriam Morrison.

Hamacher School, 1942:
Front Row: Cal Everett?, Bill Bailer, John Green, Pat Morrison (LaLonde). Second Row: Alice Valley, Carol Bailer, Helen Schaffer, Pat Valley, Helen Beck. Third Row: Verleen Everett (Benjamin), Helen Delaney (Bailey), Bud Morrison, ?? Kaiser, Betty Dantzer, ?? (face hidden). Lizzie Beck, Barbara Drake, Orrel Morrison (Miller), Mildred Dantzer, Red Morrison (Rosebrugh-with pig tails), Gene Kaiser, Jim Green?, and Jack Dantzer (tall boy).

Hamacher School, About 1990

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