Harcourt School District #3 was located in the Northeast Quarter of the Northeast Quarter of Section 27, Township 22 North, Range 1 East, M-55, Ogemaw Township, Ogemaw County, Michigan The District was annexed to West Branch School in 1964. Few records exist on who donated the land, who built the school, or who taught or attended there. If you have any information concerning the Harcourt School, you are asked to contact the Ogemaw County Coordinator, Grace Dooley.

Most of the existing records have been compiled by The Rose City Area Historical Society, Post Office Box 736, Rose City, MI 48654

1910 to 1915 - Hazel Minore
Approx. 1917-1918 - Teresa McEachin Scheele
1928 to 1929 - Marie Ehinger Buhlman
1931 to 1933 - Martha Lang
1934 to 1936 - Vera Schwalm Yantz
1936 to 1937 - Wanda Erickson (replaced Vera Yantz)
1937 to 1941 - Pauline Reiter
1954 to 1955 - Mrs. Crystal Bohlinger
Unknown Date - Vera Mutch
Unknown Date - Flossie Strong
Unknown Date - Ruby Pray
Unknown Date - Alice Phelps
Unknown Date - Gladys Edmonds Tulloh
Unknown Date - Marguerite Carroll Hobohm
Unknown Date - Therese Harcourt Slater

List of Students, 1933-1934:
Arnold Matthews (8th)

List of Students, 1934-1935:
Lee Pray (8th), Melvin Reminder (8th), and Edwin Shiel (8th).

List of Students, 1935-1936:
Dorothy Diemert (8th) and Arthur Matthews (8th).

List of Students, 1936-1937:
Virginia Bradley, Nellie Candy

List of Students, 1937-1938:
Buddy Cowles (8th), Frank Crawford (8th) and Helen Hazeltine (8th).

List of Students, 1938-1939:
Paul Diemert (8th), Gerald Green (8th), Alice Yantz (8th).

Harcourt School, Unknown Date

Harcourt School, approximately 1990, as a residence.

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