Lupton School District #5 is located in the town of Lupton in the Southwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of Township 24 North, Range 3 East, Malone and Cherry Streets, Rose Township, Ogemaw County, Michigan. The first school in Lupton was held for a short time in a small building at the rear of Hamilton Hotel. A frame building was later erected on property that was set aside for a school. When the brick building was built in 1903 by Alex Reid, the Methodist church purchased the frame building and moved it to Main Street and it was the Methodist Church for many years. Albert Cosand built on the front and steeple. The 11th and 12th grades were discontinued in 1916. Few records exist on the school, or who taught there. The District was annexed to Rose City School in 1964, and the Lupton School was closed. It was used by a variety of community groups until 1993 when the Lupton Area Senior Citizens donated the building and grounds to the Bible Baptist Church. In October, 1995 the school was dedicated as a Michigan Historical Site. If you have any information concerning the Lupton School, you are asked to contact the Ogemaw County Coordinator, Grace Dooley.

Most of the existing records have been compiled by The Rose City Area Historical Society, Post Office Box 736, Rose City, MI 48654

1897 to 1898 - A. L. Dunlap
1909 - Miss Ella Withey
1910 to 1911 - E. C. Nunn & Ada L. Lupton
1912 to 1913 - William Earl Roberts & Bessie G. Small
1924 to 1925 - Beryl Reid Morrison
1927 to 1928 - Gladys Reetz
1928 - Iva Thiel
1932 to 1933 - D. A. Gibson & Iva Thiel
1933 to 1934 - Leora Jackson
1934 to 1935 - Arzell Walker
1935 to 1936 - Alma Nelson & Delores Parliament & Arzell Walker
1936 to 1937 - Alma Nelson & Arzell Walker
1937 to 1938 - Alma Nelson Howard & Miss Wilma Oliver
1938 to 1939 - Arnold Holmquist & Wilma Oliver
1952 to 1954 - Miss Barbara Koin & Mrs. Ann Quigley
1954 to 1955 - Mrs. Ann Quigley & Miss Barbara Koin
Unknown - Lena Raymoure
Unknown - Eve Lupton Weston
Unknown - Ethel Marden
Unknown - Delia Neal
Unknown - Adelia Lince
Unknown - Luke Kelly
Unknown - Veda Chase
Unknown - Paul Dunlap
Unknown - Ina Thiel
Unknown - Geraldine Stephens Lott

Early Lupton School, later used as Methodist Church.

LUPTON SCHOOL, after 1903

LUPTON SCHOOL, 1897-1898
LIST OF STUDENTS, A. L. Dunlap, teacher:
Belle Bain, Grace Bard, Delia Bechraft, Mae Bechraft, Thomas Bechraft, Albert Cosand, Clara Embury, Emma Embury, Cora Griffith, Sadie Griffith, Tracy Griffith, Charley Hartwick, Irwin Hole, Frank Ingraham, George Ingraham, Clarence Langford, Claude Langford, Gladys Langford, Bertha Mott, Gladys Nickerson, Harry Nickerson, Hugh Nickerson, Russell Nickerson, George Pickett, Katie Richardson, Robbie Stanley, Celia Stark, Lindley Wood, and Bessie Vaughan.

CLASS OF 1910-1911: John Clarey, Etta Kindorf, Malena Mayhew, Herbert Welch, Freeman Whittaker, Mable Young; teacher E. C. Nunn, back left.

CLASS OF 1912-1913: Ray Crozier, Ruth Crozier, Sylvia Maori Griffith, Ida Susan McCallum (10th), Vera Iva Perkins, Joe Nelson Vaughan, Robert Edgar Vaughan, Ulalee Warner, and George Leonard Zellers; William Earl Roberts and Bessie G. Small, faculty.

List of Students:
Elsie Alexander, Esther Crum, Ivan LaFountaine, Leo Ludwig, Jessie Mellon, Edna Nickerson, Leonore Shipley, Rhea Spofford, Earl Stark, Beverly Whybrew.

LUPTON SCHOOL, 1923 or 1924
Front Row:
Betty Killackey, Ruth Parker, Eileen Doll, Glenadine Brady, Violet Purks, Frances O'Meara, Violet Doll, Marian Killackey, Evabell Cosand, Lois Weston.
Second Row: Rich Kelley, Darrell Brady, Heider Purks, Leslie Roberts, Norman Killackey, Cecil Weston, Kenneth Kelley, George Parker, DeVere Rakestraw, Meryl Purks.
Third Row: Grace Bell Purks, Margaret Doll, Myrtle Lince, Lillian Crank, Elaine Blood, Neoma Zimmerman, Alta Rittenberg, Edna Crank, Marian Parker.
Fourth Row: Sandy Parker, Ed Killackey, Lewis Wolfe, Bud Franch, Jr. Brown, Russell Weston, Earl Cosand, Orlin Rakestraw.
Back Row: Gladys Reetz (teacher), Glendora McCracken, Ina Theil (teacher).

LUPTON SCHOOL, 1924-1925
List of Students:
Willis Daniels (10th), Phebe Dunlap (10th), Leone Gitchell (10th), and George Sheply (10th); Beryl Reid, teacher.

LUPTON SCHOOL, 1926-1927
List of Students:
Alice Crank and Arzell C. LaFountain.

List of Students, 1933-1934:
Harold Breekow (8th), George Parker (8th), Edith Perrin (8th), DeVere Rakestraw (8th), Leslie Roberts (8th), Edward Vaughn (8th), and Cecil Weston (8th).

List of Students, 1935-1936:
Beulah Dixon (8th), Eileen Doll (8th), Johnnie Mellon (8th), Alma Nelson (8th), Cecil Weston (10th), and Lois Weston (8th).

List of Students, 1938-1939:
Wilma Colbath, William Ludwig (8th), James Parker, and Jane Parker (8th).

LUPTON SCHOOL, 1940 or 1941
Back Row:
Barbara Parker Drake, Bill Newcombe, Ilah Ranney Ludlow, Arlene Grawburg Eastman (teacher), Ralph White, Margaret Kalembach LaCusta, and Bill Brown.
Middle Row: Leslie Thayer Lauer, John Reetz, Richard Korman, Bill McCracken, Raymond Korman, Bill Jennings, George Matthews, and Kathryn Kalembach.
Front Row: Albert Wade?, Mary Newcombe, ???, Bill Blood, ?? Sweet, Edward Adams, Vivian Parker Short, Joyce Blood Kangas, and Myrtle White.

LUPTON SCHOOL, 1952-1953
Lower Grades:
Barbara Adams, Annilee Bailor, Mike Blood, Buddy Brian, Janice Cosand, Sharon Cosand, Merry Kinyon, Georgann Lautenslager, Colleen Matthews, Ronnie Mellon, Joyce Oyster, Nancy Oyster, Vene Peters, Kathy Rakestraw, Lorna Rakestraw, Tim Reetz, Kenneth Rochefort, Bobby Sims, Mike Sims, Billy Smith; teacher Miss Coin.
Upper Grades: Raymond Adams, Linda Bailer, Ellen Blood, Karen Brian, Carole Cardew, Patty Cosand, Bill Cox, Linda Crum, Danny Korman, Patsy Lautenslager, LaVene Mayhew, Ardena O'Sullivan, Carol Rakestraw, Virginia Rakestraw, Nancy Reetz, Joyce Sims, Jim Smith, Mary Smith, Steven Steinhauser, Larry Temple, Roger Vaughan, Maxine Wickwire; Mrs. Quigley, teacher.

LUPTON SCHOOL, approximately 1990

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