O'Neil School, District #2, was located on State Road east of Selkirk in the Northeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of Section 10, Township 22 North. Range 3 East, Churchill Township, Ogemaw County. The first school was of log and built in 1877 on the Cooper Farm just west of Selkirk. The second school was built about a mile east of Selkirk in 1883. It was a log building and was later enlarged and bricked. The District was annexed to Rose City School in May, 1963 and the building later burned. Few records exist on who donated the land, who built the school, or who taught or attended there. If you have any information concerning the O'Neil School, you are asked to contact the Ogemaw County Coordinator, Grace Dooley.

Most of the existing records have been compiled by The Rose City Area Historical Society, Post Office Box 736, Rose City, MI 48654

1890 - Mae LaDue and Harrison Dodds
1928 to 1929 - Delores Parliament
1931 to 1932 - Orlin Wise
1935 to 1937 - Wilma Oliver
1937 to 1939 - Wilma Gage
1939 to 1940 - Mrs. Mason
1954 to 1955 - Mrs. Ivadene Wangler
1958 to 1959 - Ms. Carol Gibson
1961 to 1962 - Karen Ferguson
Unknown - George Mantle
Unknown - Lois Richardson Morris
Unknown - William Montgomery

O'NEIL SCHOOL, Early 1900s
This photo includes Basil Hilts, Russell Hilts and Vern Winslow.

O'NEIL SCHOOL, Unknown Date:
Front Row:
Theresa Kerblewski, Ted Peter, Harriet Harshall, Clara Nelson, Bonnie Jean Thompson, Richard Blancher, Nels Nelson.
Middle Row: Ellen Quigley, Arnold Quigley, Harold Quigley, Henrietta Peter, Howard Thompson, Hilda Nelson and Donald Brindley.
Back Row: Viola Peter, Lottie Peter, Alice Thompson, Idella Marshall, Rachel Brown, Lucy Brindley and Elizabeth Grezeszak.

Front Row:
Ernie Hodgins, Ernest Thompson, Francis Blancher and Arnold Quigley.
Second Row: Marion Walrath, Ruth Diehl, Alice Thompson and Lucy Brindley.
Third Row: Lottie Peter, Elizabeth Grezeszak, Idelia Marshall, Effie Brindley, Berdeia Meadows and Doris Hodgins.
Fourth Row: Beulah Lower, Ida Hiltz, Caroline Peter, Clarence Brindley, Alice Brindley, Wendell Thompson and Viola Peter.
Back Row: Irene Rose, Elsie Quigley, Henry Houck, Bert Brindley, Clifford Cook, Pete Miller and Clyde Hodgins.

Front Row:
??, Mary Ellen Marshall, Geraldine Brindley, Elizabeth Grezeszak, Alice Thompson, ??, and Arnold Quigley.
Middle Row: ??, ??, ??, ??, Ernie Hodgins, Alice Brindley, Francis Blancher, Viola Peter, Lottie Peter, Idella Marshall, ??, Ellen Quigley and Effie Brindley.
Back Row: ??, ??, Clyde Hodgins, Clifford Cook, ??, Caroline Peter and Irene Rose.

Front Row:
Ted Peter, Richard Blancher, Nels Nelson, Harriet Marshall, Bonnie Thompson, Beth Hodgins, Lois Thompson, Mary Ellen Marshall, Geraldine Brindley, Magnus Nelson and Elmer Kerblewski.
Back Row: Arnold Quigley, Harold Quigley, Henrietta Peter, Howard Thompson, Hulda Nelson, Theresa Kerblewski, Clara Nelson and Donald Brindley.

LIST OF STUDENTS, 1933-1934:
Harriet Marshall (8th), Hulda Nelson (8th), Henrietta Peter (8th), and Harold Quigley (8th).

LIST OF STUDENTS, 1934-1935:
Theresa Kerblewski (8th), Clara Nelson (8th), and Howard Thompson (8th).

LIST OF STUDENTS, 1935-1936:
Doris Miller (8th), Theodore Peter (8th), and Bonnie J. Thompson (8th).

LIST OF STUDENTS, 1937-1938:
Geraldine Brindley, Don Bryan (8th), Glenna Mae Bryan, Frank Grezeszak, Harry Grezeszak, Evelyn Katsburg, Marie Katsburg, Elmer Kerblewski, Bobbie Marshall, Mary Ellen Marshall, William Marshall, Delorain Miller, Anna Page, Burdella Page, Donna Page, Luella Page, Wilfred Page, Henrietta Peters, Merlin Purks, Audrey Schinkeo, Donald Schinkeo, Lloyd Schinkeo, Bobbie Thompson, Bonnie Thompson, Gladys Thompson, Lois Thompson, and Wendell Thompson. Schinkers left for Iron River in April, 1938)

Geraldine Brindley (8th), Billy Bryan, Glenna Mae Bryan, Albert Grezeszak, Harry Grezeszak, Lorraine Grezeszak, Raymond Grezeszak, Elmer Kerblewski (8th), Mary Ellen Marshall (8th), Alvin Miller, Frederick Miller (8th), Joan Miller, Helding Nelson, Magnus Nelson, Elizabeth Page, Merlin Purks (8th), Bobbie Thompson, and Lois Thompson (8th).

LIST OF STUDENTS, 1939-1940 (33 students enrolled)
Glenna Mae Bryan.

O'NEIL SCHOOL, 1954-1955
Top Row:
Irvadean Wangler (teacher), Dale Remilong, Charlene Brindley, Virgil Grezeszak, Josette Miller, Roger Remilong, Christen Peter and Phil Foltz.
Second Row: Jim Remilong, Luana Peter, Ron Quigley, Fran Page, Les Quigley and Thedus Hodgins.
Third Row: Maryann Thompson, Jimmy Thompson, Mary Quigley, Jesse Page, Carol Remilong, Keith VanWormer, Sally Hodgins and Russell Miller.
Bottom Row: James Brindley, Judy Grezeszak, Earl Grezeszak, Bessie Page, Bob VanWormer, Wanda VanWormer, Paul VanWormer and Mike Quigley.

LIST OF STUDENTS, 1958-1959:
Charlene Brindley, Patricia Brindley, Karen Ferguson, Jimmy Hamilton, Gerry Miller, Josette Miller, Gary Nelson, Kenny Nelson, Owen Page, Alan Peter, Christine Peter, Les Peter, Luana Peter, Ted Peter, Mike Quigley, Terry Quigley, Carol Remilong, Jim Remilong and Maryann Thompson.
There is a photograph of this class, but because of the newness of the picture, it will not be posted here. If you wish to request a copy, please contact the County Coordinator below.

LIST OF STUDENTS, 1961-1962:
Patricia Brindley, Cary Ferguson, Jim,my Hamilton, Calvin Marshall, Gerrol Miller, Gary Nelson, Johnny Nelson, Kenny Nelson, Robby Nelson, Owen Page, Alan Peter, Les Peter, Ted Peter, Terry Quigley, Greg Tisdale, Dennis Webster and Jeanette Williams.
There is a photograph of this class, but because of the newness of the picture, it will not be posted here. If you wish to request a copy, please contact the County Coordinator below.

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