Name: Jacob RAYMEN


Birth: 5 Mar 1833 Mooshausen, Wuertemmberg, Germany

Death: 10 Jul 1906 Henderson, Wexford County, Michigan

Burial: Hillside Cemetery, Harietta, Wexford Co., Michigan

Occupation: Teamster

Other spouses: Alice ROLLINS

Marriage: 3 Jul 1873 Olive Township, Ottawa Co., Michigan


Spouse: Sarah Jane FONGER


Birth: 21 Jan 1854 Talmadge, Ottawa Co., Michigan

Death: 15 May 1926 Big Bay, Marquette, Michigan

Burial: Harietta, Wexford, Michigan

Father: Peter FONGER (1821-1887)

Mother: Letice LANE (1822-1894)




1 F: Letty V. RAYMEN

Birth: 15 Mar 1875


2 M: Peter F. RAYMEN

Birth: 5 Sep 1877

Death: 16 Aug 1945


3 F: Louella Sarah RAYMEN

Birth: 21 Sep 1879

Spouse: William HULTZ

Marriage: 1898


4 F: Frankie Evelyn RAYMEN

Birth: 2 Feb 1881

Spouse: Leroy RHODES


5 F: Edith Una RAYMEN

Birth: 24 Jan 1886

Death: Oct 1940


6 M: Ray R. RAYMEN

Birth: 29 Oct 1887

Death: 2 Jun 1970


7 F: Mae Zella RAYMEN

Birth: 22 Mar 1890 Copley, Lake, Michigan

Death: 2 Jun 1970 Marquette, Marquette, Michigan

Spouse: Carl Eugene FRENCH

Marriage: 1 Jul 1908 Harietta, Wexford, Michigan


8 F: Florence Elzimina RAYMEN

Birth: 20 Oct 1891

Spouse: Harold Preston MITCHELL

Marriage: 28 Oct 1907 Cadillac, Michigan


Notes for Jacob RAYMEN


Jacob Raymen is an adopted name. His real name was either Jacob Sebastian Einsiedler or Sebastian Jacob Einsiedler - it痴 listed both ways in different documents, for example, his US Civil War records and pension file.

5 March 1833 - born in Wertenberg, Germany (source: certified copy of marriage record). Copy of Wuertemmberg Emigration index lists his birthplace as: Mooshausen.

1848 - Emigrated from Leutkirch, Wuerttemberg, Germany, to North America. This record lists his birth place as: Mooshausen, and the application date for emigration is March 1848. The number: 837974. There is another emigration record for the same date, district, birth palce, etc. for Joseph Anton Einsiedler, so this indeed must be his brother!! (Source: Wuerttemberg, Germany Emigration Index.)


1) Alice Rollins on 4 February 1868;

2) Sarah Jane Fonger on 3 July 1873 (source: certified copies of marriage records)

Died: 10 July 1906 (source: copy of death certificate)

Buried: Harietta, MI (LB?)


Some Background: Peter Raymen, (son Ray Raymen, May Raymen French痴 brother) 5829 Deborah, Long Beach, Cal. 90815-1311. (562) 421-5459. Story he recalls hearing as a child: Jacob Raymen emigrated to the US when he was 11 years old. Real father was a barterer, became rich, died young. Mother remarried a Raymen; didn稚 want Jacob. Put a tag on Jacob and shipped him to his brother in New York. Brother was living in Pennsylvania (Einsidler). (Seems I remember Aunt Florence saying he came to US when he was six years old. FB.)

Betty (Raymen) Olson says "the story I got from Aunt Florence on Grandpa Raymen was that he was born in Germany and his name was Sebastian Jacob Einsidler. His father died when he was very young and his mother married a man named Raymen. He also had a brother no one knows his name. The boys took the name of Raymen although they were never legally adopted by Raymen. Years later when he went into the Army in the US, [Jacob] had to take his legal name of Einsidler. The reason they came to the US was because times were very bad in Germany and the mother felt that they could have a better life in the US and sent them to New York to an Uncle. Somewhere along the line, the two boys got separated and none of us has ever known the whereabouts of the other brother." (Source: Letter from Betty Olson dated 11 September 1979.)

1774 - 22 Oct., Joseph Einsiedler christened in Charleston, Saint John Luterhan Church, Charleston, South Carolina. Father: Robert Einsiedler. Mother: Mrs. Dorothea Einsiedler. IGI record. Batch # C507171. Related?

1833 - 5 March, born in Wertenberg (Wuertemburg?), Germany (source: marriage record)

1838 - Emigrated to US (source: 1900 US Census)

1840 - CHECK CENSUS RECORDS. US Census index indicates there was a Jacob Ensid living in Westfield Twp., Tioga County, Pennsylvania. P. 216. PAS4a842200. (Need to look at this.)

1850 CHECK CENSUS RECORDS. US Census indicates there was a Jacob Raymen living in Wayne Township, Wayne County, Indiana. P. 226. INS7a4391532. (Need to look at this.)

1854 21 Jan., Sarah Jane Fonger born to Letice Lane and Peter Fonger at Talmadge, MI. (Source: family Bible records copied from Betty Artlip痴 work.)

1855 16 October, Joseph Ensidler, a resident of Saginaw County, received 40 acres from the land office in Genesee. Brother or Uncle of Jacob/Sebastian? Document: US Land Office At Genesee, Michigan, I, Joseph Ensidler of Saginaw County, State of Michigan being over twenty-one years of age, and having applied to enter the Northeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter of Section No. Two (2) in Township No. Fifteen (15) North of Range No. Nine (9) East, Containing 40 (40) acres under the act entitled 羨n act to graduate and reduce the price of the public lands to actual settlers and cultivators, approved 4th August, 1854, do solemly swear that I enter the same for my own use, for the purpose of actual settlement and cultivation, and that, together with said entry, I have not acquired from the United States, under the provisions of said act, more than three hundred and twenty acres, according to the established surveys; and further, that the said land is not now in the occupancy of any actual settler whose settlement thereon existed at the date of said law. Sworn and subscribed before me on the 16th day of October, 1855. Receiver. Signed: Joseph Ensidler (Einsidler?) Documents: Two receipts for the sum of $30 for land described above.

Joseph Einsiedler, Musc. 5 Ky Inf. 1886 Sept. 24 (date of filing). App. #345065. Cert. #243322. Filed from state of Indiana. JE was a musician of Band 5, Reg. Kentucky Infantry Volunteers. Was enrolled 3rd of August 1861 at Camp Joe Holt for three years. Discharged 17 Aug. 1862 at Louisville, KY disability. Was in Regimental Hospital. Deployed at Camp Mumfordsville. (POSSIBLY THE BROTHER?)

Benedicta Einsiedler; widow of Joseph Einsiedler. Rank: Musc.; Co.: Band; Reg.: 5th Kentucky Infantry. Rate per month: $12. Cert. Dated 30 April 1888. Sent: 3 May 1888. Joseph Einsielder died 6 June 1880 of asthma/bronchitis.

2 Sept. 1864. Clerk of Perry Circuit Court issued marriage license for Joseph Einsiedler and Benedicta Benziger. Tell City. Perry County, Indiana.

5 Sept. 1864 married. (Found birth record for Remig Einsiedler in States he was born 14 Feb. 1854 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio to Joseph Einsiedler and Benedicita Einsiedler. Family # 1985631.)

Document dated 17 Sept. 1886 Benedicta, age 57. She was previously married to August Benziger, who died 26 July 1856.

Joseph Einsiedler was previously married to Josephine Slottmiller, who died at Tell City, Perry County, Indiana, in October 1863.

Following dates of birth of his children yet surviving:

Remig Einsiedler, born 14 Feb. 1854 at Cincinnati, Ohio.

Victor Einsiedler, born 8th ?? 1856, at Cincinnati.

Josephine, born 14 July 1858 at Tell City.

1860 CHECK OTHER CENSUS RECORDS. Checked US Census for Saginaw County, Michigan. Found only a Laura Raymond; checked Newaygo, Oceana, Mecosta, St. Clair, Van Buren Counties. Need to check Saginaw again (fed records), and check Ottawa. (Source: NARA, 5 March, 1999.)

1860 Census Index for Ottawa County shows four Raymonds living there: Angeline L (OTTA/1271/168); Benjamin F. (OTTA/1271/168); Edmund (POLK/412/55); and Joseph (WRIG/964/128). Source: (

From notes on Saginaw County, Mr. Thompson was the emigration agent in 1848. (Records?)

1860 - the following raymonds appear on the index for 1860 Federal Census Ottawa County, Michigan (Wright: File 3 of 3)

- 18 | 1019 | 964 | Raymond Joseph | 60 M | Farmer | 2000 239 | Germany | | R553 |

19 | 1019 | 964 | Raymond Margaret | 39 F | | | Germany | | R553 |

20 | 1019 | 964 | Raymond Maria | 18 F | | | Mich | X | R553 |

21 | 1019 | 964 | Raymond Peter | 13 M | | | Mich | X | R553 |

22 | 1019 | 964 | Raymond George A | 3 M | | | Mich | | R553 |

1861 - 28 Aug. Jacob Raymen enlisted as private/wagoner in Co. C, Reg. 5 of Michigan Infantry. Records state he also was born as Sebastian Einsidler. (source: pension papers copied from National Archives in Washington)

20 Sept, from the letters of Dr. Moses Gunn of the 5th Michigan Infantry . He was the Regiment痴 physician, and regularly wrote letters to his wife at home. She saved them, and later published some of them in a volume that痴 located in the Library of Congress in Washington. "I have just been called out to the hospital to see a very sick man. My heart bleeds for the poor fellows who fall ill under such circumstances, lying on the floor with a little straw interposed between it and their blankets. Camp Richards."

1 Nov., from the letters of Dr. Moses Gunn of the 5th Michigan Infantry: "Fort Lyon near Alexandria. On through the day until dark the rain continued to pour and the wind to blow. Everything was piteously distressing; the camp was a mud hole, the tents dripping, the men were wet and cold, and yet there was little discontent."

1862 7 May, from the letters of Dr. Moses Gunn of the 5th Michigan Infantry: "Van Allen Farm, James River, Virginia. Gen. Kearney rode in advance to ascertain how the land lay. At 10 o団lock he came back and halted us, telling Gen. Barry to rest the men for 1/2 hour then resume the march without knapsacks to run the men on for three miles at the utmost speed and go at once into action. The scene lay just this side of Williamsburg, in a thick wood where the enemy were fighting Gen. Hooker from a rifle pit in front of strong works. They were driving him gradually back such was the first stern work the Fifth were called upon to do.

"Then in they came constantly terribly shot and maimed some dying as they were brought in. It seemed as though our regiment was being wholly slaughtered. The rain continued to pour, the garments of the men and the ground on which they lay, literally soaking. On we worked until night overspread us and still the rain poured, only darkness stopping the dreadful carnage."

Tuesday, 20 May re: battle of Williamsburg. "The loss in our division in killed and wounded is 426. Of the 300 that belong to Berry痴 brigade, 150 belong to the Fifth Michigan." Dr. Moses Gunn.

1862 - July 12 to Sept. 4 at Yorktown, VA with Reg. teams. (source: pension papers)

1863 - Oct. 31 - Det. service wagoner since Sept. 1863. Now with wagon train. 3 Brig. 1 Div. 3 Corps. Dec. 31 - not on file. (source: pension papers)

1863 Annual Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Michigan for the 5th Infantry of Michigan. "Marching from Leesburg, Virginia, on the 1st of November 1862, via Warrenton, at which place it rested from the 8th to the 15