Methodist Episcopal Church
Oqueoc Twp., Presque Isle Co., MI
Contributed by Carole Dunston

Methodist Episcopal Church, Ocqueoc Twp. Presque Isle Co. MI Sometime during the year of 1912 Rev. Bert HOLLIDGE began holding meetings in the Glawe School, his
purpose was to found a Methodist Society and build a church. Only a few people attended those first meetings,
but little by little more of the Ocqueoc folks attended. There was but one church in Ocqueoc, three miles north,
the Catholic Church. We read in a 1914 newspaper of raising money by having oyster soup suppers, some of those hosting the
suppers were Ferdinand BRUDER, Jr. and the Paul FRIERS. In March of 1914 the trustees, (Norman KING,
Paul FRIER, Marion PATTERON, and John CURTINDALE,[a Methodist from childhood] and Ferdinand
BRUDER) purchased ten acres for $20 from Andrew KIDNEY. Lib. 49 p. 481-2 recorded 10 April 1914. In
charge of the men and work buildings the church was William DOMKE of Bearinger Twp. His family is buried
in the church cemetery. One did not have to be a member of the church to be buried here and there were
funerals held from the church and taken to different burial grounds. Some of the other families belonging to
this church during this time were KERRS, DOOLITTLES, LOUNDS, PERKINS, MERCHANTS,
KIRKENDOLLS, GODINS, VILBURN, and KINGS. The men and boys of the congregation cleared the ground, fenced it in and hauled stone for the foundation. The
church was �24x40, with pretty windows, a belfry, and the inside is finished with oak and good maple floors.�
The organ was a gift of the Waverly M. E. Church, which was hauled by the Rev. Orrin DOOLITTLE, who
preached in the Waverly and Onaway area at that time. The pews were padded and the pulpit was a gift of the
Birmingham, MI. M. E. Church. The church was dedicated 3 January 1915 by Dr. DYSTAND of the Straits
District. It is interesting that the sermon, and before the dedication, the treasure was asked to give a statement
which showed that the church cost in the neighborhood of $1,000.00, some $250.00 yet needed to be free of
debt. With in five minutes $275.00 was pledged, thus leaving $25.00 for some finishing touches. In the M. E. Church notes for Ocqueoc, May 4, 1915, �at the regular service the Lord�s Supper will be
administered. All Christian people welcomed to the Lord�s table�. and �The usual thing happened again
Sunday. What is it? Why, the church was full�. �Ladies Aid, headed by Mrs. Jettie KIRKENDOLL president
met and after the meeting, they all showed they meant �business� by thoroughly cleaning the new church.�
This church was used by the Glawe School for many years for their Christmas Program. It was at its height in
attendance during the 1920�s, during the 1930�s, little by little, attendance began to wane. The new Trinity
Lutheran Church had been built, some of the members moved, or died, or drifted off to the Millersburg M. E.
Church, and by the 1940�s only the cemetery and the use and upkeep of it remained. The building was sold in
the late 1970�s, moved to Huron Beach, where it is now a lovely home. The cemetery is in use today. With no longer any members donating for the upkeep of the little cemetery, something had to be done. The
Township of Ocqueoc was approached to take it over. In June 1998, this change was approved by
the Township Board Source: Presque Isle County Register of DeedsPresque Isle County Advance 1914 and 1915Mr. Orrin FrierMrs. Sterling FrierMrs. Hugo BruderMrs. Beatron Doolittle Contributed by Carole DunstonRoots & Shoots Summer 1998

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