Cryderman School/Porter School
Contributed by Nute Champman,Jim Hall,Sally Beatty

 				CRYDERMAN SCHOOLPORTER SCHOOL This school is located on South Porter Road in Allis Twp. T. 34N. � R. 2 E. Sec. 12.   TEACHERSFloyd ChowenErma (Koepke) GrayEmma Comfort PorterRay Swantk STUDENTS Myrtle BessieEunice BurnsGlen CrydermanJay DeYoungMaynard DickersonVernie DickersonBernice HarrisonBetrice LinsleyRalph MorleyMike O�ConnelPhill O�Connell (note spelling)Anna PorterArchie PorterArnold PorterHoward PorterElaine PorterEvelyn PorterSusie PorterThelma PorterInez SmithRoy Thompson The year this school was started is unknown but busing started in 1936.  It was built
between the Cryderman farms and purchased from Bert Smith. William Cryderman and Bert
Smith came to this area about 1904. It is thought Pearl Cryderman helped build it.
When the building was sold to the Adventist for a school it was moved over to where
Moser lives on M-33 and then it was destroyed in a wind storm. Pieces of the building
flew back to the original foundation on South Porter Road and were found. One thing
Glenn Cryderman remembers is that they had a lot bean soup to eat for a hot lunch. Compiled and Contributed by Nute Chapman, Sally Beatty, & Jim Hall

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