Totem Pole Tales-Davies-Pierson School
Submitted by Nute Chapman
From Onaway Outlook August 3, 2012

Caption: THE TEACHER is Mrs. McNaghton. Students are Arthur Dietrich, George Tran, Vern Tran, Earl McAtee, Nellie Thornton,
Esmer Newsted, Olive Dietrich, Lily Lynn, Mae Dietrich and Perl Collins. The rest of the little guys in front of the teacher
we do not know.
width="600" Records show that the Davies School came to light in 1884 and was the second school in Allis Township to organize. This school was located in Section 29, T.34N-R.2E of Allis Township. This location was on Three Mile Highway where Pickett Road and Three Mile intersect. The land was on the Walter Davies homestead.
Wallace Caldwell was the first teacher. Wallace was from Rogers City. There were three students then, Fannie Davies, Rose Davies, and Fred Gebo.
The next teacher we find was O. W. Pierson in 1888 who had 10 students. Mr. Akins is listed in 1889 with a few more students. In 1890 Mrs. Elishe Pierson had 16 students.
From records we find that some of the first teachers were Mattie Shaw. Mrs. O.W. Pierson, Mattie Towers, Mrs. McNaughton, Mrs. Walling and Mrs. Earl McAtee.
Some of the janitors were Chas Pickett, C. E. Newsted, Mrs. McAtee, Archie Davies, S. W. Pierson. Fannie Newsted and Ray Warren.
Some people who furnished wood and kindling for the school were Geo. Mudge, Louis Collins, W.P. Davies, Isaac Tran, Walter Collins and Perry McAtee, just to name a few.
The first record of paying tuition to Onaway, for our older students, was in 1910.
In the late 1800s and early 1900s we find they bought shingles and wood from Lobdell & Bailey, lumber from Gardner & Peterman, paper supplies from the Onaway Outlook, furniture from Bill Gregg and paid John Dell for digging the well. They also paid Chas Pickett, in 1906, for delivering the school bell and O. Steal & Company for paint.
We know that the first Davies school was a log cabin, but we have no picture of it. Today's picture is the replacement school for the log cabin school around 1910.
Our next lesson will be with Cliff Peterman growing up and going to school at the Pierson School. To be continued next week.
-Onaway Outlook, August 3, 2012, p.3. Retyped by J. Anderson.

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