Godin School/ Gordan School
Contributed by Nute Chapman,Jim Hall,Sally Beatty

 				GODIN SCHOOLGORDAN SCHOOL Godin School is located in Ocqueoc Twp. on the NW corner of N. Allis and Dittmar Rd.  (T.35N.-R.3E.-Sec 18 � SW1/4, SE �)  This was the first school built in Ocqueoc Twp. in 1884.  Michael Fitch was the first teacher. This school still stands today.  This school was also called Gordan School  TEACHERSEd FillabaumMichael Fitch � first teacher -1884Adeline Reiger STUDENTSAllen ChildrenCole ChildrenEdward HarwarthEzadore HarwarthGrace HarwarthJosephine HarwarthFrier Children Godin  ChildrenAlice LoundEdna LoundCora LoundGlen LoundNora LoundOrin FrierPomranke Children The woodshed from this school was moved to the Fitzpatrick home in Millersburg by Alger Freel in the 1950�s and is still in use.    Compiled and Contributed by Nute Chapman, Sally Beatty, & Jim Hall   

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