Grace Harbor School/ Black Mallard River School
Contributed by Nute Chapman,Jim Hall,Sally Beatty

GRACE HARBOR SCHOOLBLACK MALLARD RIVER SCHOOL Grace Harbor School  is located in Bearinger Twp. (T.37N.-R.2E.)  (NW �, NE1/4) Sec. 1
was located about 500 feet north of the Black Mallard River close to Lake Huron. One
teacher was hired to teach in all four schools in Bearinger Twp. � 3 months in
each school TEACHERSWilliam KitchenMuriel (Northcott) Thomas STUDENTSLouise BruderStanley CrossRoy FultonFred GeddardHattie GeddardKatherine IsaacsSusan IsaacsGeorge MorrellMary MorrellRose MorrellSarah PennmanEdna Fulton Stott

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