Totem Pole Tales-Loon Lake Log School House
Submitted by Nute Chapman
From Onaway Outlook October 12, 2012

CAPTION: LOON LAKE log cabin school, the two boys sitting in the snow are Roy and Ted Skinner.
width="600" This school was located in South Allis. T33N-R.2E-SEC 11 on West 634 or 6 Mile Highway. This school sat on top of the big hill where the old road went to Loon Lake. This road is still used today to go across country to Loon Lake. It comes out near the swimming beach. This open field is where the first Price Homestead was before they moved to 5 Mile Highway.
The school site can still be located at the turn off from 6 Mile. There still are mounds of dirt that banked the old log school. There is a hole that was, no doubt, the dug well for the old pump in this week's picture.
There are two apple trees still standing there that sometimes have apples. I have picked apples from these trees for a snack while hunting in this area.
In an interview with the late Joe (Albert) Tennant, he told me that many families got together here in the summer for picnics and family gatherings.
Mabel Burns was one of the schoolteachers here. Some students that attended this school were listed as Bertha Minier, Francis Bird, the Burns children, Charlie Shea, Roy Skinner, Ted Skinner, Herb Tennant, Bill Westcott and Thelma Westcott.
Other families in this area were the Curtises, Tennants, Robinsons, Powers, Hoffmeyers, Lambersons, Hillikers, Kinneys and Prices. I am sure that Joe and I missed a few others.
We do not know all of the people in this picture but we do know that the two little guys sitting in the snow are Roy and Ted Skinner. Maybe Donna can help us out on this one.
This old unique schoolhouse with bell, woodshed and pump must be like our grandparents talk about. You could not get there without going up the hill.
-Onaway Outlook, October 12, 2012, p.9. Retyped by J. Anderson.

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