's Totem Pole Tales- E. J. McClutchey-Shoemaker's Grocery Store and gas station
Totem Pole Tales-E. J. McClutchey-Shoemaker's Grocery Store and Gas Station
Submitted by Nute Chapman
From Onaway Outlook October 19, 2012

Picture: (no caption)
width="600" The gentleman in front of the store is Edward J. McClutchey. We do not know the exact date that Edward started his store and gas station, but research finds his ads in the 1922 Outlook and the Onaweea.
Edward's children, Ruth, Sam, Carl and Hyde, all attended the Onaway school and we find Sam and Carl's name in the Amiti yearbook from County Normal.
Carl taught in the Onaway school system and sometime in the thirties he started the school band program that became very successful.
Ruth became part of the Perry Oil Company in Alpena, while Hyde took over his father's business and ran the McClutchey Store until the next owner, William Shoemaker, took over.
Sam started the McClutchey Clothing Store in Indian River and it is still owned and operated by the third-generation McClutchey's. The athletic field in Pellston is named in memory of Sam McClutchey.
As you look at the photo, take note of the gas pumps. You had a choice of regular or premium.
When we bring to light the Pickle Station history, the back part of this gas station was used for sorting cucumbers that would be shipped out on the D & M Railroad.
The picture does not show the outdoor grease and oil racks but we will talk about them next week, when we move on to Shoemaker's Grocery.
-Onaway Outlook, October 19, 2012, p.3. Retyped by J. Anderson.

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