Millersburg Cement School #1
Contributed by Nute Chapman,Jim Hall,Sally Beatty

MILLERSBURG 1ST CEMENT SCHOOL TEACHERS Ruth (Trafelet) (McDonald) Winn Nina Jacob 1912-1913 Teacher Henry J. Ponitz 1918 Principal W. C. Masten 1922, 1923 Principal Mary Craig 1924 Virgil Rowland 1929, 1930 Principal Vera Mallison - Teacher O. A. Webster 1934, 1935 Principal Edwin Schalk 1937 Teacher Ed Phelps - 1952 Principal Mrs. Pregitzer -1952/1953 Teacher Lucy Steele Mills 1954 Kindergarten & 1st Grade Grace Atkins 1954 2nd, 3rd, 4th grades Lucy Rogers 5th-6th Grades Don Mercer 1954 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th grades Ed Phelps 1954 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th grades MILLERSBURG 1912 1913 Dalton, Mildred -5th Duval, Pearl 5th Friers, Clare 5th Fortier, Delia 5th Hart, Sadie 5th McKee, James 5th McKee, Marion 5th Moore, Leora -5th Nowland, Elizabeth 5th Robbins, Earl 5th Valley, Burdette 5th Adams, May 6th Burnham, Ethel 6th Domke, Lena 6th Kreft, Anna 6th McQuaid, Donald 6th Moran, Harry 6th Nowland, William 6th Phelps, Harry 6th Robbins, Freeda 6th Robbins, Homer 6th Robbins, Roy 6th Robbins, Walter 6th Stedman, Florence 6th Waltanburg, Manilla 6th Archambaul, James 7th Burch, Foster 7th Craig, Helen 7th Crow, R. J. 7th Duval, Bert 7th Domke, Emma 7th Douglas, Lester 7th Friers, Clifford 7th Hill, Sarah 7th Kroening, Conrad 7th Schuler, Lee 7th Whitsitt, Florence 7th Willings, Gertrude 7th MILLERSBURG CLASS OF 1918 Burnham, Ethel (died just before graduation) Moore, Leora Nowland, Elizabeth Valley, Burdette Vilburn, Gladys MILLERSBURG CLASS OF 1922 Banks, Erwin Leach, Clare Lown, Elmer McDonald, Clinton Roadhouse, Rudolph Smith, Alice Smith, Geneva MILLERSBURG CLASS OF 1923 Boadway, Bernice Leach, Leo Mills, Helen Parris, Mary Peters, Grant Phelps, Winifred Robins, Irma Trafelet, Ruth MILLERSBURG STUDENTS IN 1927 Beatway, Margaret Bonner, Leone Crooks, Henry Crooks, Leora Duncan, Ed Freel, Basil Freel, Billie Freel, Bruce Freel, Ervin Freel, Evelyn Freel, Fred Freel, George Freel, Maurice Freel, Neil Freel, Ruth Freeman, Dan Haines, Gertrude Hanke, Clarence Hanke, Gladys Hanke, Mildred Kerr, Charlotte McDonald, Donald McDonald, Kenny Mills, Faye Belle Mills, John Portice, Margaret Robbins, George Rose, Frank (Baldy) Rose, Jane Sinclair, Bob Sinclair, Hazel Sufftin, Evelyn Valley, Dale Warner, Louis Wilder, Helen Wilson, Leone MILLERSBURG 7TH - 10TH GRADE CLASSES OF 1929 - 1930 Arkwood, Leona (7th or 8th grade) Banks, Hilda Bonard, Bob (7th or 8th grade) Brenner, Albena (9th or 10th grade) Crooks, Ellsworth (9th or 10th grade) Crooks Elsie (7th or 8th grade) Crooks, Henry (9th or 10th grade) Dempsey, Ruth (9th or 10th grade) DeWitt, Eva (Dempsey) (7th or 8th grade) DeWitt, Floyd Disberry, Azel (9th or 10th grade) Disberry, Theodore (7th or 8th grade) Fitzpatrick, Ford (9th or 10th grade) Freeman, Bertha Freel, Geneva (7th or 8th grade) Freel, Ruth Kerr, Charlett Mills, Betty (9th or 10th grade) Mills, Ruth (Schalk) (7th or 8th grade) Nichols, Charlotte (9th or 10th grade) Orcutt, Leona (9th or 10th grade) Parris, Alice (Smith) (7th or 8th grade) Parris, Mildred (7th or 8th grade) Peel, Doyle (7th or 8th grade) Peel Jr., Walter (9th or 10th grade) Peetz, Alice Peetz Jr., Charlie (9th or 10th grade) Reed, Thelma ( Eisinhart) (7th or 8th grade) Rieger, Lorrine (Sorgenfrei) Robbins, George (9th or 10th grade) Robbins, Mildred (9th or 10th grade) Robins, Francis Rose, Bertha (9th or 10th grade) Rose, Phoebe (9th or 10th grade) Sinclair, Robert (9th or 10th grade) Skinner, Bertha (9th or 10th grade) Sorgett, Alice (7th or 8th grade) Suftin, Joyce (7th or 8th grade) Szymoniak, Lucy (Keesee) (7th or 8th grade) Charles Walters Welch, Albert (7th or 8th grade) Whitsitt, Neil (7th or 8th grade) Wilson, Wanona MILLERSBURG CLASSES OF 1929 & 1930 Banks, Hilda Dempsey, Eva DeWitt, Floyd Disberry, Theodore Mills, Ruth Parris, Alice Reed, Thelma Rieger, Lorene Sutfin, Joyce Szymoniak, Lucille Walter, Charlie Whitsitt, Neil GRADUATING CLASS OF 1932 Esther E. Banks Robert F. Bonner Albena G. Brenner Ellsworth C. Crooks Elsie M. Crooks Bertha E. Freeman Geneva E. Freel Elizabeth J. Mills Frances E. Robbins Phoebe D. Rose MILLERSBURG CLASS OF 1934 Beatway, Margaret Freel, Maurice Lange, Margaret Mills, Fay Peel, Everett "Bud" Szymoniak, Agnes Wright, Freda MILLERSBURG CLASS OF 1935 Banks, Harold Bonner, Leone Freel, George Inglis, Maxwell Lincoln, Valentine McDonald, Donald Russell, Mae Valley, Dale Wilder, Helen Wright, Grace MILLERSBURG CLASS OF 1936 Freel, Fred Freel, William Hanke, Mildred King, Fern McDonald, Ken Mills, John Nokes, Eleanor Russell, Ed Schuler, Lloyd Valley, Faye MILLERSBURG CLASS OF 1937 Crooks, Ethyle Eldridge, Robert Fitch, Beryl Freel, Bruce Holland, Geraldine Mills, Claire Phelps, Ruth Schuler, Keith MILLERSBURG CLASS OF 1952/1953 - SIXTH GRADE Arkwood, David Boucher, Mary Brenner, David Campbell, Lelia Devitt, Bev Freel, Kay Freeman, Donna Hartley, Calvin Hoedel, Linda Houghmaster, Kenny Minier, Sue Mueller, Jim Peel, Hilda Rogers, Don Rogers, Ron Trafelet, Warren VanGuilder, Ruby Winfield, Penny MILLERSBURG 9TH GRADE CLASS OF 1952 Banks, Cara Mae Brenner, Beverly Ellenberger, Virilene Freel, Alan Freeman, June Hartley, Storm Houghmaster, Ethel Inglis, Wally McDonald, Peg Minier, Herb Nichols, Joyce Schaedig, Loretta Schultz, Darwin Skinner, Faye Winfield, Chet MILLERSBURG'S 8TH GRADE CLASS OF 1952 Brassuer,Gerald Brenner, Don Campbell, Loretta Freel, Dean Hartley, Dewey Heron, Connie Hoedel, Linda McDonald, Carol Mueller, Cynthia Orcutt, Gwen Schaedig, Loretta MILLERSBURG'S 9TH GRADE CLASS OF 1954 Boucher, Judy Brenner, Sally Corriveau, Helen Freeman, Ralph Henke, Gertrude McDonald, MaryLou Minier, Faye O'Connor, Grace Olson, Ralph Rachuba, Barry Schultz, Duane Trafelet, Arnold Walker, Melvin "Tony" On Friday, February 13, 1953 at 6:00 P. M. someone noticed that the school was on
fire. People responded to the emergency. The fire had apparently started in the
basement and had eaten through the floor of the first story before the fire equipment
arrived. School was no in session for one week. Classes for the grades 7-10 were held in the
Community Hall. The grades 2-6 were housed in the Village Hall. The kindergarten and
first grades met in the Methodist Church. This arrangement continued until Christmas vacation of 1953. The school board
immediately placed a millage issue for $50,000 before the electors of the township.
This passed and with the insurance on the school, - construction was begun on a new
school fronting on Main Street and was connected to the Community Hall. Following the
holidays the move was made to the new building January 1954 the desks were cleaned up (those that had not been touched by the flames)
and were ued in the new building. Books that were only smoke damaged were used until
money was available to purchase new ones. A smoky scent invaded the hair and
clothiung of the youngsters who used these-and parents could often detect the odor
when their children came home after school. Compiled and Contributed by Nute Chapman, Sally Beatty, Carole Dunston, & Jim Hall

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