New Hope Lutheran Cemetery Cemetery
Belknap Township
Contributed by: B.J. Kemme

Section 31.East side of County Highway 451, Hawks. Near Faith Lutheran Cemetery.Last walked in May 2008

Bates, Bertha L. 1887-"Mother"
Shares stone with French & Josephine
Bates,French1885 - 1938"Father" PFC Army Air Forces Feb. 5, 1916-May 2, 1975
Shares stone with Bertha L. & Josephine
Bates, Josephine 1917 - 1943"Daughter"
Shares stone with Bertha L. & French
Brandt, Wilhelm F. L. February 7, 1844 - June 18. 1932
Brandt, Wilhelmina E. October 10, 1849 - September 14, 1941"God is love and that dwells in love dwells...John 4:16"(quote)
Brandt, William F. 1872 - 1933..
Gross, Henry C. March 11, 1890 - October 1, 1962..
Grossman, August W. 1871 - 1962 "Father"
Shares stone with Ida W.
Grosssman, Ida W. 1879 - 1967"Mother"
Shares stone with August W.
Hurst, Sam1875 - 1965No stone- just a large wooden cross
Kortman, Laurence1913 - 1967"Husand and father"
Kortman, Marie C.1880 - 1943 Shares stone with William W.
Kortman, William F.1879 - 1965Shares stone with Marie C.
Kosloske, Elmer J. July 18, 1905-September 19, 1982..
Kosloske, Evelyn Josepine 1916-1993..
Kosloske, Marie L. May 13, 1903-February 10, 1958"Wife"
Shares stone with Mary D. & Herman K.
Kosloske, Mary D.October 30, 1881 - May 29, 1944"Mother"
Shares stone with Marie L. & Herman K.
Koslowske, Herman K.March 22, 1875 - June 11, 1935"Father"
Shares stone with Marie L. & Mary D.
Kranzo, Frederick1897-1988 Shares stone with Ida, Pierra & William
Kranzo, Ida1874-1945 Shares stone with Frederick, Pierra & William
Kranzo, Pierra1901-1975Shares stone with Frederick, Ida, & William
Kranzo, William 1871-1940 Shares stone with Frederick, Ida, & Pierra
Lefler, Joseph B.October 3, 1940-February 18, 1962..
Luetzow, AugustSeptember 20, 1877 - March 5, 1947"Father" "Christ Jesus is our peace" Eph. 7:14
Shares stone with Malvena
Luetzow, Dorothy M. 1918-1979Shares stone with Roland C.
Luetzow, Eva A. March 30, 1914-June 22, 1994Shares stone with William O.
Luetzow, MalvenaNovember 6, 1884 - August 31, 1942"Mother:
Shares stone with August
Luetzow, Roland C.1911-1968Shares stone with Dorothy M.
Luetzow, William O.June 12, 1907-April 18, 2000Shares stone with Eva A.
Mertz, Carl E.1950-1971..
Mertz, Fred1879-1960"Father"
Shares stone with Lilly
Mertz, Lilly1889-1991"Mother"
Shares stone with Fred
Mertz, SusanMarch 11, 1947"Our baby"
Mielke, Arthur A.April 27, 1906-November 5, 1998..
Mielke, AugustaOctober 9, 1880-October 15, 1948"Mother"
Mielke, Emil F.November 20, 1882-September 23, 1945"Father"
Pichon, Herman September 29, 1888-November 18, 1942"PVT U.S. Army WWI"
Piechan, Colleen G.September 28, 1956..
Piechan, Connie S.August 20, 1951Shares stone with Dennis L.
Piechan, Dennis L. December 11, 1945-April 18, 1996Shares stone with Connie S.
Piechan, Gertrude E.January 5, 1934-November 29, 1987"In God's care"
Piechan, Gladys R.August 17, 1924-Shares stone with Harlan W.
Piechan, James AllenAugust 7, 1948-July 12, 2006"SP4 U.S. Army Vietnam"
Piechan, Orville1916-"S2 U.S. Navy WWII"
Shares stone with Vivian
Piechan, Otto1886-1966Shares stone with Theresa
Piechan, Theresa1894-1951Shares stone with Otto
Piechan, Vivian1919-1964Shares stone with Orville
Piechon, Harlan W.April 10, 1920-February 12, 1987"CPL U.S. Army WWII April 10, 1920-February 12, 1987"
Shares stone with Gladys R.
Prell, AllenDecember 25, 1976"Our son"
Schleben, Fred W.1880-1961"Father"
Schleben, Harry H.1919-2002..
Schleben, Louis W.1913-1938..
Schleben, Minnie1884-1968"Mother"
Schleben, Ruth J.1926-1927..
Sorget, Charles1870-1938Shares a stone with Martha
Sorget, Harold L.1906-1995..
Sorget, Martha1874-1935Shares stone with Charles
Sterns, Elna E.August 2, 1909-May 10, 1968"Mother"
Shares stone with Raymond A.
Sterns, Raymond A.August 11, 1899-May 1, 1968"Father"
Shares stone with Elna E.
Wirgau, Harlan H.1937-1994..
Wirgau, LoreneAugust 22, 1902-April 17, 1988Shares stone with Max
Wirgau, MaxJuly 12, 1908-February 22, 1975Shares stone with Lorene

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