Onaway Death Certificates
Contributed by Janet Anderson & B.J. Kemme

October 19, 1903 Baars, Lizzie f w s     September 14, 1887 16y1m5d Onaway typhoid fever MI   Adrian Baars Holland Lizze Vance MI South Forest October 20, 1903 Dr. L. C. Kent R. E. Simpson    
January 20, 1921 Babcock, Carl m w s       7hrs Onaway unknown; hemorrhage Onaway, MI   Clarence Babcock Alpena, MI Ada Peacock Newago, MI Elmwood Cem. January 21, 1921 Dr. H. D. B. Dustin E. K. Shirtum C. Babcock  
May 28, 1957 Babcock, Clarence W. m w m     March 22, 1890 67y2m6d Onaway coronary occlusion; coronary thrombosis; coronary arteriosclerosis; heart disease Alpena, MI factory worker George Babcock unknown unknown Treudell unknown Elmwood Cem., May 30, 1957 Dr. D. E. Finch Rollin P. Chagnon Ada Babcock  
September 30, 1915 Babcock, Leo Lewis m w s       26y10m10d Onaway Bright's Disease of the kidneys Alpena, MI common laborer George Augustus (Babcock?) MA Clara Trudell Canada Elmwood Cem. October 3, 1915 Dr. V. W. Shirley E. K. Shirtum Geo. Babcock  
December 9, 1918 Babcock, Melda Meda f w s       2y8m22d Onaway bronchitis Onaway, MI   Clarence Babcock MI Ada Peacock MI Elmwood Cem. December 11, 1918 Dr. H. D. B. Dustin E. K. Shirtum Clarence Babcock  
February 22, 1921 Babcock, Norman Augustus m w s       5y8m27d Onaway laryngeal diphtheria Onaway, MI   Geo. A. Babcock MI Susie LaFountain MI Catholic Cem February 22, 1921 Dr. H. D. B. Dustin E. K. Shirtum Geo. Babcock  
January 9, 1918 Badder, Agnes Pearl f w m       20y9m4d Onaway valvular disease of the heart & rheumatism Preston, IA housewife Jordon Ratliff KY Cora Smith Oakwood, IL Tower, Cheboygan Co., MI January 12, 1918 Dr. H. D. B. Dustin E. K. Shirtum Cora Ratliff  
August 3, 1910 Baderow, unnamed m w s       0y0m0d Onaway stillborn MI   Ray Badgerow MI Lottie Van norman MI Elmwood Cem. August 3, 1910 Dr. V. W. Shirley I. J. Barnett Ray Badgerow  
February 26, 1923 Badgero, Harrette f w m       74y7m6d Onaway automyocarditis Canada housewife Chas. Shropshire England Elizabeth unknown unknown Elmwood Cem. February 28, 1923 Dr. C. A. Carpenter E. K. Shirtum L. Badgero  
November 14, 1955 Badgero, Roy m w m     March 9, 1887 68y8m5d Onaway renal uremia; extension carcinoma; prostatic carcinoma; arteriosclerosis Forester, MI barber Lorenzo Badgero unknown Shortshine/Shorpshine(?) unknown Elmwood Cem. November 17, 1955 Dr. D. E. Finch Roland P. Chagnon Merle Badgero WWI Veteran
September 13, 1911 Badgero, unnamed m w s       0y0m0d Onaway stillborn MI   Ray Badgero MI Lettie Van Wormer MI Elmwood Cem. September 13, 1911 Dr. V. W. Shirley I. J. Barnett Ray Badgero  
September 28, 1905 Badgerow, Emily Elizabeth f w s     October 25, 1904 0y11m3d Onaway Ileocolitis Onaway, MI   Marion Badgerow Canada Annie Bartley MI South Forest October 1, 1905 Dr. L. C. Kent P. K. Kimball    
July 12, 1906 Badgerow, Frank m w s       0y0m0d Onaway stillborn MI   Marion Badgerow Ontario, Canada Annie Bartley MI July 12, 1906 Dr. L. C. Kent P. K. Kimball    
March 11, 1910 Badgerow, Raymond m w s       5y1m11d Onaway laryngeal diphtheria MI   Chas. Badgero Canada Laura Green MI Elmwood Cem. March 11, 1910 Dr. David A. Hatt I. J. Barnett Chas. Badgero  
March 16, 1901 Bagges, ?. H. m w m   transient   63y   heart failure Denmark laborer unknown unknown unknown unknown Tawas City, MI Permit March 18, 1901 Dr. C. A. Carpenter W. W. McKuen    
March 26, 1951 Bahel, Catharine J. f w wd     October 3,1857 93y Onaway generalized arterialsclerosis, infirmities of old age Chatam.(??), Ontario, Canada housekeeper Carl Fusee unknown Mary McNally unknown Elmwood Cem. March 28, 1951 Harold M. Karr, Coroner Harold M. Karr Mrs. Grace Pregitzer US Citizen
September 18, 1933 Bahel, Chas. W. m w m Edna V. Bahel   April 10, 1855 78y5m8d Onaway apoplexy, chronic prostatitis PA   Wm. Bahel Newark, NJ Mary Burk Cork, Ireland Elmwood Cem. September 21, 1933 Dr. A. C. Huebner Grant Chaney Mrs. Edna V. Bahel  
July 14, 1916 Bailey, George H. m w s       0y2m19d Onaway acute nephritis Onaway, MI   George Bailey Lansing, MI Lulu Campbell Harrisville, MI South Allis (Hillcrest Cem.) July 15, 1916 Dr. C. A. Carpenter Thos. Watson Mrs. E. W. Bailey  
March 17, 1941 Bailey, Willis Ira m w wd     May(?) 24, 1871 69y10(?)m23d Onaway arteriosclerosis-heart disease, severe decompensation Ontario, NY laborer Orville Bailey unknown Martha A. Baker unknown Tower, Cheboygan Co., MI March 20, 1941 Dr. H. G. Slade Grant Chaney Mrs. Winifred Stow  
April 12, 1910 Baker, Emma Jane f w s       54y9m4d Onaway probably pulmonary tuberculosis & died without an attending physician Canada housekeeper Joseph Baker unknown Clarissy Crump unknown Elmwood Cem., April 15, 1910 Dr. L. C. Kent H. F. Preston Mrs. D. G. Lowe  
September 25, 1916 Balkam, Ray Frederick m w s       0y3m3d Onaway acute gastroenteritis infection MI   Franklin Ray Balkam NY Lida Gorden MI unknown Dr. C. A. Carpenter E. K. Shirtum Ray Franklin Balkam  
January 28, 1916 Ballinger, Kate f w wd     September 15, 1848 69y5m0d Allis probably apoplexy PA housewife Methis Meatrour Germany unknown unknown Allis February 26, 1915 P. J. Cryderman E. K. Shirtum    
January 6, 1940 Bannatyne, Alice Iona f w wd John Bannatyne   October 30, 1873 66y2m7d Onaway influenza, arterio New Jerusalem, OH housewife Joseph Wickersham OH Rebecca Elliott OH Elmwood Cem. January 9, 1940 Dr. C. A. Carpenter Grant Chaney Clifton Bannatyne  
November 29, 1963 Bannatyne, Clifton m w m Thelma Bannatyne   February 20, 1897 66y9m9d Onaway renal( uremic) failure; metastatic abdominal carcinoma; carcinoma stomach MI carpenter John Bannatyne unknown Alice Wickersham unknown Elmwood Cem. December 1, 1963 Dr. D. E. Finch Rollin P. Chagnon Dr. D. E. Finch  
April 13, 1935 Bannatyne, John m w m Alice Bannatyne     77y0m23d Onaway arteriosclerosis; influenza Scotland   John Bannatyne Scotland Mary Clark Scotland Elmwood Cem. April 15, 1935 Dr. C. A. Carpenter Grant Chaney Alice Bannatyne  
May 1, 1963 Bannatyne, John H. m w m Bertha Lena Bannatyne   August 15, 1906 56y8m16d Onaway terminal recurrence lung carcinoma; metastasis to lymph nodes in neck, etc.; bronchogenic carcinoma lung MI laborer John Bannatyne unknown Alice Wickersham unknown Elmwood Cem. May 4, 1963 Dr. D. E. Finch Rollin P. Chagnon Bertha Lena Bannatyne WWII Veteran;
March 15,1952 Barber, Loren Bruce m w m     April 18, 1871 80y Onaway diabetic gangrene, diabetic atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus Simcoe, Ontario, Canada retired Thomas Barber unknown Barbra Brown unknown Forest Lawn Cem., Tower, Cheboygan Co., MI March 18, 1952 Dr. D. E. Finch Emmett R. Moore Mrs. Bruce Barber US Citizen
February 26, 1924 Barber, Phoebia Jane f w m       17y10m6d Onaway endocarditis Onaway, MI housewife Sam McCradry Canada Mary Galsmyar Ireland Tower, Cheboygan Co., MI February 28, 1924 Dr. A. C. Huebner E. K. Shirtum Hazen Barber  
November 25, 1930 Barber, Reva Bernetta f w m Lyol Barber   June 8,????(1903) 27y5m16d Onaway Abortion-self induced, followed by peritonitis MI housewife John W. Mercer OH Carrie Kimmey Clare, MI North Allis Cem. November 28, 1930 Dr. L. D. Mc Millan E. K. Shirtum Lyol Barber  
February 25, 1920 Barden, Lucile Eleanor f w s       2y0m1d Onaway whooping cough; pneumonia-bronchial Onaway, MI   Thomas Barden U.S. Belle Bennam(Benham?) MI Elmwood Cem. February 27, 1920 Dr. C. A. Carpenter E. K. Shirtum Thos. Barden  
February 7, 1941 Barden, Thomas m w m Belle Barden (age 52 yrs)     62y1m26d Onaway cerebral embolism, coronary heart disease Merrill, MI laborer James Barden Ireland unknown Ireland Elmwood Cem. February 9, 1941 Dr. H. G. Slade Grant Chaney Mrs. Thomas Barden  
December 9, 1901 Barker, Mary f w m       25y2m   typhoid pneumonia MI housewife Mieddal Adronley Allanbeacean(?) Annie Wood MI Riverdale, MI Permit December 10, 1901 Dr. Roy D. Hensell W. W. McKuen    
October 5, 1940 Barnes, Ethel E. f w m Earl E. Barnes (age 52 yrs.)   May 12, 1892 48y4m23d Onaway bronchopneumonia, malnutrition, hemorrhage from tumor of caviox (possibly cervix?) East Jordan, MI housewife Daniel Sanford Canada Barbara Woodside Chatham, Ontario, Canada Maple Grove Cem., Elk Rapids, MI October 7, 1940 Dr. H. G. Slade Grant Chaney Erma Barnes Detroit, MI  
August 17, 1924 Barnes, Mary L. f w wd Geo. C. Barnes 7days   83y5m23d Onaway sudden death in attending physician probably angina pectoris unknown housewife unknown Mullen unknown unknown unknown Big Rapids, MI August 20, 1924 Dr. C. A. Carpenter Charles Atkins, Millersburg, Case Twp. PI Co., MI Nellie L. Barnes Big Rapids, MI She was a resident of Big Rapids, MI.
July 18, 1909 Barr, Leland Edward m w s       0y0m20d Onaway intussusceptions MI   Channey Barr MI Alice Kirby MI North Allis Cem. July 20, 1909 Dr. C. A. Carpenter B. E. Sisco C. Barr  
November 6, 1905 Barry, Lydia f w m     August 21, 1863 42y2m18d Onaway chronic pneumonia,la grippe Canada housewife Lewis Bradshaw Canada Sarah Moore Canada South Forest November 8, 1905 Dr. D. C. Howell P. K. Kimball    
May 19, 1960 Bartler, Florence May f w m Delbert Bartler 1.5 yrs August 16, 1888 71y9m3d Onaway coronary occlusion; coronary thrombosis; coronary arteriosclerosis Imlay City, MI housewife Lafayette Newberry unknown Mariah Jane Smith unknown Dryden Cem., Lapeer, MI May 22, 1960 Dr. D. E. Finch Rollin P. Chagnon Delbert Bartler  
September 3, 1923 Bartlett, Augness f w m       22y9m15d Onaway diabetes MI housewife Henry Wate Canada Anna M. Dunn Cheboygan, MI Elmwood Cem. September 5, 1923 Dr. C. A. Carpenter E. K. Shirtum Wm. Bartlett  
August 10, 1922 Bartlett, John Henry m w s       0y0m2d Onaway premature birth Onaway, MI   John Bartlett Standish, MI Agnes Bartlett Cheboygan, MI Elmwood Cem. August 11, 1922 Dr. A. C. Huebner E. K. Shirtum Wm. Bartlett  
July 30, 1915 Bartlett, Louise f w s       0y0m0d Onaway stillborn Onaway, MI   John Bartlett MI Louise Mc Falda MI Elmwood Cem. July 31, 1915 Dr. V. W. Shirley E. K. Shirtum Joe Mc Falda  
June 28, 1925 Bartlett, Nellie M. f w s     June 30, 1889 35y11m28d Onaway pulmonary tuberculosis; pulmonary hemorrhaging Twining, MI housewife William Bartlett Lexington, MI Katie McDongall Peck, MI Twining, MI June 30, 1925 Dr. L. D. McMillan E. K. Shirtum Wm. Bartlett  
May 20, 1928 Bartlett, William m w wd Catherine Bartlett   May 9,1866 62y0m11d Onaway probable intestinal cancer/ contributing myocarditis Peck, Sanilac Co., MI fur dealer/ in business for himself John Bartlett Ireland unknown Canada Twining, MI May 23, 1928 Dr. C. A. Carpenter E. K. Shirtum Mrs. Jacob Wilson  
September 24, 1922 Bartlomiczinski, unnamed m w s       0y0m0d Onaway incomplete development due to premature birth at 6 months; breech presentation Onaway, MI   Edward Bartlomiczinski Alpena, MI Balenia Lavenduski MI St. Paul's Cem. September 25, 1922 Dr. L. D. McMillan E. K. Shirtum Edward Bartlomiczinski  
April 4, 1922 Batdorff, Caryline f w m       71y2m13d Onaway bronchial pneumonia; la grippe, probably OH housewife John Gorman Germany unknown unknown Rose City, MI April 7, 1922 Dr. C. A. Carpenter E. K. Shirtum J. Batdorff  
June 20, 1922 Batdorff, William Elery m w wd       72y9m13d Onaway carcusenia (gastric) OH laborer Joseph Batdorff PA Elizabeth Biddle PA Rose City, MI June 24,1922 Dr. C. A. Carpenter E. K. Shirtum Mrs. Batdorff, Jr.  

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