Onaway Death Certificates
Contributed by Janet Anderson & B.J. Kemme

April 2, 1908 Kidd, Isabella f w wd     October 15, 1839 68y5m18d Allis old age Ontario, Canada farmer John Wynn Wales unknown unknown Allis April 4, 1908 N. R. Austin, Cor. I. J. Barnett   Burial was in South Allis (Hillcrest Cemetery)
June 10, 1963 Kidder, Margaret f w wd Clifford Kidder   August 8, 1907 55y10m2d Onaway recurrent carcinoma and metastasis; hydronephroma(hydronephrosis?) KY nurse's aid in hospital W. C. Woods unknown unknown Griffin unknown Hillcrest Cem. June 12, 1963 Dr. D. E. Finch Rollin P. Chagnon Mark Rotarius Usual residence: South Allis Twp., PI Co., MI;
May 2, 1906 Kimball, Mary Caroline f w m       23y4m22d Onaway pneumonia Ontario, Canada housewife Wm. Mills Ontario, Canada Margret Cathwright Ontario, Canada North Allis May 2, 1906 Dr. C. A. Carpenter P. K. Kimball    
May 29,1915 Kimball, Prosper K. m w m       54y5m4d Onaway cerebral hemorrhage & apoplexy Canada merchant James Kimball England Susan Ackins Canada Elmwood Cem. June 1, 1915 Dr. L. C. Kent E. K. Shirtum Mrs. Ada Kimball  
May 24, 1962 King, Elmina L. f w wd John King   April 2, 1876 86y1m22d Onaway terminial bronchopneumonia; metastatic carcinoma of bone; carcinoma of sigmoid colon MI housewife George Gregg unknown Zlda Goromman unknown Forest Lawn Cem., Tower, Cheboygan Co., MI May 27, 1962 Dr. D. E. Finch Rollin P. Chagnon Louisa Dunn Usual residence: Atlanta, Montmorency Co., MI
September 25, 1964 King, Jesse J. m w m Nora King   September 3, 1889 75y0m22d Onaway coronary occlusion; coronary thrombosis; coronary arteriosclerosis;pneumothorax OH laborer Joseph King unknown unknown Stayrook unknown Greenwood Cem., Degraff, OH September 29, 1964 Dr. D. E. Finch Rollin P. Chagnon Nora King  
August 31, 1947 King, John J. m w m Elmina King (age 71 yrs.)   June 12, 1865 82y2m19d Onaway chronic heart disease England laborer Josiah King England Caroline Crane England Tower Cem. Tower, Cheboygan Co., MI September 3, 1947 Dr. G. H. Wood Harold M. Karr Elmina King  
September 15, 1960 King, Norman D. m w wd Doris King   June 15,1886 74y3m0d Onaway uremia, chronic nephritis and prostatism-obstruction Canada retired lumberman Hugh King unknown Elizabeth Bigger unknown Ocqueoc Comm. Cem., Ocqueoc, MI September 18, 1960 Dr. D. E. Finch Rollin P. Chagnon Alex King, Ocqueoc, MI US Citizen
March 25,1944 Kinkle, John Dean m w s     March 25, 1944 3.5 hrs Onaway prematurity Onaway, MI   Carl Kinkle MI June DeMorest IN North Allis Cem. March 28, 1944 Dr. H. G. Slade Harold M. Karr Carl Kinkle  
August 2, 1940 Kiogima, Mitchell John, Jr. m w s     August 15, 1939 11m16d Onaway bronchial pneumonia, probably an enlarged thymus and malnutrition Onaway, MI   Mitchell John Kiogima Cross Village, MI Dora Frasier Pontiac, MI Waverly Twp.?, Onaway, MI August 4, 1940 Dr. H. G. Slade Grant Chaney Mitchell John Kiogima  
November 5, 1906 Kirby, Edna f w s       15y1m12d Onaway typhoid fever & pneumonia MI   Vincent Kirby MI Mary A. Lindsay Canada North Allis November 7, 1906 Dr. C. A. Carpenter L. Abbott    
November 4, 1909 Kirby, Edward S. m w s       0y0m10d Onaway premature birth MI   Samuel Kirby MI Mary Lindsley MI North Allis November 5, 1909 Dr. L. C. Kent S. Kirby Mrs. S. Kirby  
April 30, 1927 Kirby, Vincent E. m w ?     March 18, ???? 77y0m12d Onaway sudden death, immediate cause unknown, probably intestinal cancer Sanilac Co., MI laborer-stone mason Ely Kirby Canada Anna Hardy Canada North Allis May 3, 1927 Dr. C. A. Carpenter E. K. Shirtum Wesley Whaley, Mt. Pleasant, MI  
August 13,1928 Kirke, Mary M. f w wd George Kirke   June 7, 1869 59y2m6d Onaway general paresis(paralysis?) Canada housewife Chas. Westbrook MI Casia White Canada Elmwood Cem. August 15, 1928 Dr. C. A. Carpenter E. K. Shirtum Jesse W. J. Kirk  
February 26, 1910 Kirkpatrick, Hugh Wm. m w s       27y8m14d Onaway edema of larynx MI laborer Thos. Kirkpatrick Ireland Amanda Grey PA Elmwood Cem. March 1, 1910 Dr. C. A. Carpenter I. J. Barnett Jos. Kirkpatrick  
June 24, 1931 Klein, Fredericka f w wd Jacob Klein   November 19(?), 1846 84y7m15(?)d Onaway carcinoma of rectum Germany   unknown Germany Minnie Blacks? Germany Sterling, MI June 27, 1931 Dr. L. D. Mc Millan Grant Chaney Minnie Hunt  
November 5, 1961 Klein, William H. m w m Louisa Klein   July 30, 1875 86y3m6d Onaway bronchopneumonial, terminal; rheumatoid arthritis, severe and decubitus ulcers; cardiac decompensation Canada farmer Daniel Klein unknown E. Brown/Bronan(?) unknown Hillman Cem., Hillman Twp., Montmorency Co., MI November 8, 1961 Dr. D. E. Finch Rollin P. Chagnon Louisa Klein US Citizen; Usual residence: Millersburg, Case Twp. PI Co., MI, PI Co., MI
January 29,1909 Kline, Catherine B. f w s       0y1m8d Onaway pneumonia MI   Jos. Kline Canada May Dekson Canada Catholic Cem. January 31, 1909 Dr. L. C. Kent I. J. Barnett J. Kline  
November 25, 1916 Knapp, Allen Roy m w m       29y4m9d Onaway accident-crushed by sawmill carriage MI common laborer John Knapp MI Effie Coywood MI Elmwood Cem. November 29, 1916 Dr. C. A. Carpenter E. K. Shirtum John Knapp  
February 27, 1954 Knapp, Catherine f w m   80 yrs. February 22, 1862 92y Onaway coronary occlusion, arteriosclerosatic heart disease Canada housewife Amos LaLonde unknown unknown unknown St. Paul's Cem. March 2, 1954 Dr. Arthur L. Foley, Rogers City, MI Mark S. Karr Charles Knapp US Citizen
August 25, 1910 Knapp, Charles Edward m w s       0y1m14d Onaway ileocolitis Onaway, MI   Wm. G. Knapp Ireland Etta Jump OH Elmwood Cem. August 26, 1910 Dr. C. A. Carpenter H. F. Preston Wm. G. Knapp  
November 20, 1917 Knapp, Hellen Fla Vella f w s       2y8m6d Onaway bronchial pneumonia; whooping cough Onaway, MI   Allen Knapp MI Catherine Jasmin MI Elmwood Cem. November 22, 1917 Dr. C. A. Carpenter E. K. Shirtum Catherine Havel, LaGrand, MI  
July 6, 1952 Koepsell, Martin G. m w m   28.5 yrs November 21, 1878 73y Onaway congestive heart failure, pulmonary edema, auricular(atrial) fibrillation, dysmdent edema generalized WI butter maker at creamery Ferdinand Koepsell unknown unknown unknown Memorial Park Cem., Rogers City, MI July 9, 1952 Dr. D. E. Finch Kenneth R. McWilliams, Rogers City, MI Alma Koepsell  
March 25,1950 Kracht, Glorimee Josephine f w m     August 17, 1895 54y7m8d Onaway coronary thrombosis, arterial sclerosis Detroit, MI housewife Jacob Spelisus unknown Pauline Faust unknown Mt. Clemens Cem. , Mt. Clemens, MI March 25, 1950 Harold M. Karr, Coroner Harold M. Karr Ed Kracht, 6670 Craine(?) Ave., Detroit, MI  
November 11, 1923 Kramer, August m w s       0y0m0d Onaway premature infant, born at 6 months Onaway, MI   Max A. Kramer MI Doris L. Gagie MI Elmwood Cem. November 11, 1923 Dr. L. D. McMillan Max. A. Kramer Max. A. Kramer  
June 25, 1926 Kramer, John m w s     June 25, 1926 0y0m0d Onaway stillborn due to prolapse of cord Onaway, MI   Max. A. Kramer Rogers City, MI Doris L. Gagie Antrim Co., MI Elmwood Cem. June 26, 1926 Dr. L. D. McMillan E. K. Shirtum none  
January 16, 1922 Kramer, Richard Max m w s       0y0m0d Onaway atelectasis Onaway, MI   Max A. Kramer Rogers City, MI Doris L. Gagie MI Elmwood Cem. January 17, 1922 Dr. C. A. Carpenter E. K. Shirtum Max A. Kramer  
December 24, 1936 Kruger, Herman m w d     ??/??/1864 72y Onaway angina pectoris, chronic myocarditis unknown laborer unknown unknown unknown unknown North Allis Cem. Dr. Robert Monfort Grant Chaney none  
July 8?, 1918 Kuckorski, Joseph m w s       0y0m0d Onaway stillborn Onaway, MI   Frank Kuckorski Germany Anna Chongeki MI Catholic Cem. July 8, 1918 Dr. C. A. Carpenter Frank Kuckorski/ E. K. Shirtum Frank Kuckorski  

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