Onaway Death Certificates
Contributed by Janet Anderson & B.J. Kemme

July 26, 1924 McAllister, Ruby E. f w s     June 4, 1903 21y1m23d Onaway automobile accident; fractured skull Gaylord, MI factory employee of Lobdell Emery Mfg. Co. Donald McAllister Canada Ida M. Rindlett Gaylord, MI Elmwood Cem. July 29, 1924 Dr. C. A. Carpenter E. K. Shirtum Donald McAllister  
July 10, 1912 McAlpin, Hugh m w wd       58y3m9d Onaway pneumonia & arteriosclerosis Ontario, Canada laborer unknown unknown unknown unknown Alpena, MI July 13, 1912 Dr. John Young I. J. Barnett Minnie McAlpin  
February 9, 1963 McArthur, Daniel m w s     December 13, 1950 12y1m27d Onaway terminal bronchopneumonial with edema; metastasis to lung; femur,plevis, etc.; Ewing's sarcoma cervical spine MI school boy Robert McArthur unknown Lila Dunsmore unknown Forest Lawn Cem., Tower, Cheboygan Co., MI February 11, 1963 Dr. D. E. Finch Rollin P. Chagnon Robert McArthur, Tower, Cheboygan Co., MI Usual residence: Tower, Cheboygan Co., MI
December 14, 1946 McAtee, Janice f w s     December 14, 1946 5 hrs Onaway premature Onaway, MI   Elwayne McAtee Onaway, MI Janice Pillsbury MI Allis December 14, 1946 Dr. G. H. Wood Harold M. Karr Elwayne McAtee  
March 8, 1951 McAtee, Mary Jane f w wd   57 yrs. February 8, 1867 84y Onaway generalized arterialsclerosis, infirmities of old age Ontario, Canada housekeeper Edward Parsons unknown unknown unknown Allis Cem. March 10, 1951 Harold M. Karr, Coroner Harold M. Karr Mrs. Myrtle Kellogg US Citizen; Burial probably in Hillcrest Cem..
August 16, 1911 McAtee, Perry m w s   17yrs. November 4, 1877 33y9m12d Allis chronic catarrh(?) of stomach Canada farmer Joseph McAtee IL Catherine Reive Canada South Allis (Hillcrest Cem.) August 17, 1911 Dr. David A. Hatt I. J. Barnett    
September 16, 1903 McAuley, Murdoch L. m w wd     April 7, 1808 95y5m9d Onaway senile decay Scotland laborer unknown unknown unknown unknown South Allis (Hillcrest Cem.) September 17, 1903 Dr. D. C. Howell R. E. Simpson    
July 9, 1909 McBride, Vera Margaret f w s       3hrs Onaway inanition MI   Wm. McBride Canada Bessie Cooper MI South Allis (Hillcrest Cem.) July 10, 1909 Dr. V. W. Shirley Wm. McBride Wm. McBride  
November 28, 1913 McCann, Elma f w m     February 11, 1863 60y9m10d Allis la grippe MI housewife Louis L. Rice NY unknown Whitbeck NY Allis November 29, 1913 Dr. David A. Hatt I. J. Barnett    
January 22, 1956 McClary, Lula E. f w m   33 yrs. July 6, 1880 75y Onaway hypertensive cardiovascular heart disease right hemiplegia Newago Co., MI housewife George Freeman unknown Nancy Farnsworth unknown Elmwood Cem. January 25, 1956 Dr. E. E. Rlake/Rhlahe(?) Rollin P. Chagnon Virgil McClary  
August 8, 1961 McClary, Sarah O. f w m Ormie/Arnie(?) McClary   April 20, 1895 66y3m19d Onaway cerebral vascular accident; hypertension cerebral; essential hypertension; diabetes mellitus MI housewife Robert Leighton unknown unknown unknown Forest Lawn Cem., Tower, Cheboygan Co., MI August 11, 1961 Dr. D. E. Finch Rollin P. Chagnon Dr. D. E. Finch  
January 2, 1930 McClaverty, William A. m w wd Mary McClaverty 4 yrs. June 9, 1872 57y6m23d Onaway acute endocarditis(ingocardtis) following heavy lift Port Huron, MI farmer Joseph McClaverty Ireland Anna Provost Port Huron, MI Tower, Cheboygan Co., MI January 4, 1930 Dr. C. A. Carpenter G. R. Bannan Wm. A. McClaverty, Jr.  
November 5, 1910 McClellan, Joseph Alfred m w m       60y6m21d Onaway heart disease functional Ontario, Canada carpenter David McClellan Ireland Jane Wilkinson Ireland Elmwood Cem. November 8, 1910 Dr. L. C. Kent I. J. Barnett A. J. McClellan  
June 2, 1942 McClellan, Minnie f w m Wm. McClellan (age 57 yrs)   May 18, 1882 60y0m14d Onaway cerebral apoplexy, hypostatic pneumonia, hypertensive heart disease Sanilac Co., MI   Vincent Kirby unknown Mary Ann Linsey unknown Presque Isle Co, MI June 5, 1942 Dr. H. G. Slade Grant Chaney Elmer McClellan Burial in Elmwood Cem.. Cem..
February 19, 1934 McClutchey, Edward James m w m Kathryn McClutchey 29 yrs. October 7, 1870 63y4m12d Onaway acute heart failure, mitral stenosis Stratford, Ontario, Canada merchant-grocery David McClutchey unknown Mary Ann Sykis(?) unknown Alpena, MI February 22, 1934 Dr. A. C. Huebner Grant Chaney Kathryn McClutchey  
June 20, 1966 McConnell, William m w m Martha McConnell   January 12, 1885 81y5m8d Onaway cerebral vascular accident; cerebral hemorrhage; hypertension; diabetes mellitus MI farmer Sylvester McConnell unknown A. Wilkins unknown Waverly Cem., Cheboygan Co., June 23, 1966 Dr. D. E. Finch Rollin P. Chagnon Dr. D. E. Finch Usual residence: Waverly Twp., Cheboygan Co., MI;
June 8, 1933 McCormick, Alina Maybill f w m Geo. McCormick   September 14, 1874 58y8m23d Onaway diabetes mellitus OH   John S. Fullerton NY Elizabeth Vangilda NY Elmwood Cem. June 10, 1933 Dr. A. C. Huebner Grant Chaney Geo. McCormick  
June 13, 1907 McCreery, Andrew m w m       62y0m20d 124 Lynn, Onaway dropsy of the heart OH drayman Wm. McCreery OH Rhoda Smith OH Tower, Cheboygan Co., MI June 16, 1907 Dr. L. C. Kent L. Abbott Mrs. A. McCreery  
February 23, 1915 McCreery, George Ernest m w s       0y3m11d Onaway bronchial pneumonia Onaway, MI   Floyd McCreery MI May Stone MI Elmwood Cem. February 25, 1915 Dr. V. W. Shirley E. K. Shirtum Floyd McCreery  
October 19, 1943 McCreery, Lee Roy m w m Wava McCreery (age 57 yrs)   November 7, 1880 62y11m12d Onaway generalized metatastic(metastatic?) carcinoma from basal all carcinoma of lip OH laborer Andrew McCreery unknown Mildred Heath IN Elmwood Cem. October 22, 1943 Dr. H. G. Slade Harold M. Karr Mrs. Wava McCreery  
January 30, 1934 McCreery, Mildred f w wd Andrew McCreery   July(?) 6, 1853 80y7(?)m24d Onaway accidental burning IN housewife Edward Heath unknown unknown unknown Tower, Cheboygan Co., MI February 1, 1934 M. H. Nester, Coroner Grant Chaney Lee McCreery  
September 22, 1957 McCullough, Jessie f w wd     April 17, 1887 70y5m5d Onaway cerebral vascular hemorrhage; cerebral vascular accident; severe hypertension; arteriosclerosis-general Scotland housewife J. Rennie unknown Annie Kellman unknown Roseland Park Cem., Oakland Co., MI September 25, 1957 Dr. D. E. Finch Rollin P. Chagnon V. Stewart 10765 Vernon St. , Detroit, MI Usual residence: 138 Glendale, Highland Park, Wayne Co., MI; US Citizen;
May 23, 1916 McDermaid, Marion f w d       30y8m1d Onaway pulmonary hemorrhage MI housewife John McDermaid Canada Isabelle Scott Canada Harrisville, MI May 25, 1916 Dr. V. W. Shirley E. K. Shirtum Mrs. Severance  
March 20, 1936 McDonald, Donald Angus m w s       56y10m14d Onaway carcinoma face left and partial region of scalp and ear, exhaustion Springhill, Canada laborer Malcolm McDonald Springhill, (N.S.???) Canada Kate Smith Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada Millersburg, Case Twp. PI Co., MI March 22, 1936 Dr. Bruce Miller Grant Chaney John A. McDonald, Millersburg, Case Twp. PI Co., MI  
January 23, 1917 McDonald, Fern Adabell f w s       0y6m2d Onaway acute congestion of the lungs Onaway, MI   Allen J. McDonald MI Edna Newstead Canada South Allis (Hillcrest Cem.) January 25, 1917 Dr. H. D. B. Dustin E. K. Shirtum Allen J. McDonald  
April 11, 1938 McDonald, Francis Keith m w m Jeraldine McDonald     25y2m10d Onaway killed in car accident, broken neck Alpena, MI   John McDonald Canada Catherine McDonald Greenbush, MI Rogers City, MI April 14, 1938 E. K. Shirtum, Coroner John F. Borzyskowski, Rogers City, MI John McDonald Rogers City, MI  
February 2, 1914 McDonald, John m w wd   6yrs. June 9, 1859 54y7m24d Allis diabetes mellitus Ontario, Canada farmer Perry McDonald unknown unknown unknown Catholic Cem. February 3, 1914 Dr. V. W. Shirley I. J. Barnett    
June 30, 1913 McDonald, Lottie f w ?       50y Ann Arbor, Washtenaw, MI tuberculosis of esophageal unknown   unknown unknown unknown unknown Onaway July 1, 1913 Wm. J. Beyer, medical attendant Enoch Dieterli, Ann Arbor, MI    
December 17, 1908 McDonald, Maud Elsie f w m       32y7m27d Onaway valvular disease of the heart Ontario, Canada housewife Edward Dacen Canada Elizabeth Hagal Canada Ontario, Canada December 20, 1908 Dr. C. A. Carpenter I. J. Barnett F. D. McDonald  
October 20, 1962 McDougall, Fred L. m w m Phoebe McDougall 22 yrs. January 2, 1887 75y9m18d Onaway terminal bronchopneumonia; severe cachexia condition; fractured left hip; gangrene of foot (left) OH laborer Cyres/Cyses(?) McDougall unknown unknown unknown Elmwood Cem. October 24, 1962 Dr. D. E. Finch Rollin P. Chagnon Phoebe McDougall  
January 9, 1928 McDougall, Seth Wesley m w m     January 14, 1856 71y11m9d Onaway infirmities of old age OH laborer Alexander Mc Dougall NY May Warden NY Elmwood Cem. January 11, 1928 E. K. Shirtum, Coroner E. K. Shirtum Mrs. Seth McDougall  
December 28, 1916 McEvoy, Esther Ann f w s       0y4m23d Onaway marasmus MI   John Francis McEvoy MI Grace Blanchard MI St. Paul's Cem. December 29, 1916 Dr. F. W. Wastell E. K. Shirtum John McEvoy  
September 4, 1923 McEwan, Evelin J. f w s       0y0m8d Onaway marasmus; icterus Onaway, MI   Frederick McEwan MI unknown MI Long Rapids, MI September 5, 1923 Dr. C. A. Carpenter E. K. Shirtum Fred. McEwan  
August 23, 1923 McEwan, Janette f w m       30y6m8d Onaway peritonitis; puerperal MI housewife Henry Williams MI Jeanie Tate Canada Long Rapids, MI August 25, 1923 Dr. C. A. Carpenter E. K. Shirtum M. T. McGowan  
June 6, 1961 McFadyen, Margaret C. f w wd Archie McFadyen   July 1, 1877 83y11m5d Onaway hypertensive heart disease; cardiac decompensation; cardio-renal disease; aortic (abdominal) MI housewife William Lewis unknown uknown unknown Evergreen Cem., Alpena, MI June 8, 1961 Dr. D. E. Finch Rollin P. Chagnon John McFadyen Usual residence: Millersburg, Case Twp. PI Co., MI, Case Twp., PI Co., MI
January 1, 1919 McFalda, Mary Irena f w m       21y10m10d Onaway heart failure following confinement & LaGrippe Alpena, MI housewife Peter Buford Canada Christina June Paten Canada St. Paul's January 3, 1919 Dr. V. W. Shirley E. K. Shirtum Joseph Mc Falda  
November 27, 1915 McGarvey, James Major m w wd       75y0m17d Onaway infirmities of old age PA common laborer Mathias Mc Garvey PA Elizabeth M. Major PA Elmwood Cem. November 29, 1915 Dr. V. W. Shirley E. K. Shirtum Mrs. F. O. Gardner  
December 28, 1944 McGrath, Alonzo D. m w m Hester McGrath(age 62 yrs)   September 15, 1875 69y3m13d Onaway organic heart disease, had pneumonia for 11 wks at 18 years of age Gratiot Co.,MI laborer Daniel McGrath Scotland Emily Louis Scotland North Allis Cem. January 2, 1945 Dr. G. H. Wood Harold M. Karr Mrs. Hester McGrath  
April 9, 1914 McGrath, Frederick m w s       0y4m27d Onaway inanition Onaway, MI   Alonzo McGrath MI Hester Seine/Stein MI South Forest Dr. V. W. Shirley I. J. Barnett Alonzo McGrath  
March 5, 1923 McGrath, Ivan m w s       0y11m21d Onaway acute bronchitis Onaway, MI   Lonzo McGrath MI Hester Stein MI Tower, Cheboygan Co., MI March 7, 1923 Dr. A. C. Huebner E. K. Shirtum Lonzo McGrath  
December 27, 1911 McGrath, Myrtle f w s       0y5m8d Onaway acute bronchitis MI   Alonzo McGrath MI Esther Stein MI Forest Cem. December 28, 1911 Dr. V. W. Shirley I. J. Barnett Alonzo McGrath  
April 3, 1915 McGrath, unnamed f w s       0y0m0d Onaway premature birth Onaway, MI   Alonzo McGrath MI Hester Stein/ Seine MI Tower, Cheboygan Co., MI April 5, 1915 Dr. F. W. Wastell Alonzo McGrath F. W. Wastell  
November 25, 1916 McGrath, Violet f w s       0y2m16d Onaway indigestion Onaway, MI   Alonzo McGrath St. Johns, MI Hester Steine/Seine MI Tower Cem. November 27, 1916 Dr. V. W. Shirley Alonzo McGrath Alonzo McGrath  
April 18, 1959 McGuire, Loretta f w s     April 18, 1959 1h20min Onaway pregnancy uterine; immature delivery; accidental trauma to mother; trauma pre-natal fall Onaway, MI   James McGuire unknown Mary Beth Westover unknown Hillcrest Cem. April 21, 1959 Dr. D. E. Finch Rollin P. Chagnon Dr. D. E. Finch  
July 18, 1960 McGuire, Mark m w s     July 18, 1960 2h Onaway premature birth with age under viability Onaway, MI   James McGuire unknown Mary Westover unknown Hillcrest Cem. July 19, 1960 Dr. D. E. Finch Rollin P. Chagnon James Mc Guire  
May 12, 1907 McHenry, unnamed m w s       0y0m9d Onaway inanition Onaway, MI   unknown unknown Hattie McHenry Canada Tower, Cheboygan Co., MI May 12, 1907 Dr. David A. Hatt L. Abbott Wm. Standen  
January 11, 1920 McKinstry, unnamed f w s       0y0m0d Onaway stillborn Onaway, MI   Edward E. McKinstry MI Maud Howell Canada Elmwood Cem. January 13, 1920 Dr. H. D. B. Dustin E. K. Shirtum Edward E. McKinstry  
August 11, 1925 McLallin, Margaret Florence f w s   7m22d December 22, 1924 0y7m22d Onaway enteritis Onaway, MI   Geo. B. McLallin Wayne Co., MI Elsie Martin Turner, MI Elmwood Cem. August 18, 1925 Dr. C. A. Carpenter E. K. Shirtum Geo. B. McLallin  
November 28, 1912 McLane, Rosa f w wd       43y2m13d Onaway abscess of head Gilsbury, Ontario, Canada (?) housewife Robert Stonehouse England Rosa Lawson Gilsbury, Ontario, Canada (?) Turner, MI Dr. V. W. Shirley E. K. Shirtum W. McLane  
January 12, 1933 McLary, Louis Walter m w s     December 23, 1932 20d Onaway probably epilepsy Onaway, MI   Louis McLary Cheboygan Co., MI Estes Ruffin Hagon Hamtramack, MI South Allis (Hillcrest Cem.) January 14, 1933 Dr. C. A. Carpenter Grant Chaney Louis McLary  
January 16, 1913 McLaughlin, Alexander m w m       75y11m3d Onaway Invalid-injury to esophagus caused by fall from sleigh a number of years ago Antrim, Ireland has not worked for a number of years- day laborer Hugh McLaughlin Ireland Mary Meaney Ireland Au Sable, MI January 20, 1913 none E. K. Shirtum Mrs. Julia McLaughlin  
April 23, 1921 McLaughlin, William m w wd       91y0m24d Onaway infirmity; heart complication; albumen Quebec, Canada laborer Michael McLaughlin Ireland Bridget Bulgar Ireland Elmwood Cem. April 25, 1921 Dr. H. D. B. Dustin E. K. Shirtum Mrs. Steele  
August 26, 1917 McLaurie, Mrs. Margaret f w m       68y5m24d Onaway valvular disease of heart; infirmities of old age Canada housewife Dougal McDougal Scotland Christine Cornnell Scotland Harrisville, MI August 29, 1917 Dr. V. W. Shirley E. K. Shirtum Mrs. Tom Basker  
June 27, 1908 McLellan Jr., Wm. m w s       0y6m10d Onaway marasmus MI   Wm. McLellan Canada Minnie Kirby MI North Allis June 29, 1908 Dr. L. C. Kent L. Abbott A. A. Harrison  
April 13, 1918 McLellan, Duncan Smith m w m       66y0m29d Onaway labor pneumonia Komaka, Manitoba, Canada(?) cook Archie T. McLellan Scotland Isabella Smith Scotland Elmwood Cem. April 16, 1918 Dr. C. A. Carpenter E. K. Shirtum Emma McLellan  
April 4, 1921 McLellan, Elizabeth f w s       56y2m19d Onaway paralysis Canada   Duncan McLellan Canada Ann Beaumont England Elmwood Cem. April 6, 1921 Fred H. Tufts, health officer E. K. Shirtum Mrs. J. F. Morford  
April 23, 1943 McLellan, Emma A. f w wd John McLellan   October 14, 1853 89y7m10d Onaway infirmities of old age Ontario, Canada housekeeper John McLellan Scotland unknown Scotland Evergreen Cem., Alpena, MI April 26, 1943 E. K. Shirtum, Coroner Harold M. Karr Mrs. Hazel Martin  

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