Onaway Death Certificates
Contributed by Janet Anderson & B.J. Kemme

March 6, 1906 Selica, Charles m w s       32y Onaway contusion of the brain Finland lumberman Charles Selica Finland Anna Gerotta Finland Forest March 7, 1906 Dr. D. C. Howell C. S. Stewart    
December 17, 1918 Sevarance, Mary f w m       74y1m16d Onaway chronic albumen; general conditions of old age Lowell, MI housewife Harison Wickham NY unknown unknown South Allis (Hillcrest Cem.) December 18, 1918 Dr. H. D. B. Dustin E. K. Shirtum Frank Sevarance  
February 16, 1920 Severance, Franklin m w s       76y3m8d Onaway labor pneumonia; probably influenza unknown laborer Melvin Charles Severance unknown unknown Cooper unknown South Allis (Hillcrest Cem.) February 18, 1920 Dr. C. A. Carpenter E. K. Shirtum Chas. Severance  
September 10, 1921 Severance, Harry m w s       10y10m20d Onaway accident-dragged by a cow Onaway, MI   Chas. Severance MI Maud McDermid MI Elmwood Cem. September 12, 1921 Edw. McClutchey, health officer E. K. Shirtum Chas. Severance  
January 11, 1903 Sharp, Ellie M. f w s   6 wks. November 11, 1902 2m0d Onaway pneumonia Canada   Wm. Sharp Canada Eva Hicks Canada South Allis (Hillcrest Cem.) Permit January 12, 1903 Dr. A. A. Stuart W. W. McKuen    
April 3, 1913 Shaw, Cecil Channing m w s       3y2m3d Onaway scarlet fever Onaway, MI   Channing Shaw MI Mabel Lintz MI Elmwood Cem. April 4, 1913 Dr. C. A. Carpenter I. J. Barnett Channing Shaw  
January 13, 1922 Shaw, Elizabeth N. f w wd       76y11m10d Onaway infirmities of old age Cassopolis Co., MI   Levi Morten unknown Mattie McAlhron unknown Tower, Cheboygan Co., MI January 16, 1923 Melburne J. Smith, health officer E. K. Shirtum Arthur G. Aikens, Rogers City, MI  
November 19, 1901 Shaw, Georgie s     May 5, 1879 22y6m11d   mitral regurgitation PA at home Thom. E. Shaw OH Elizabeth Norton MI Forest Twp. Permit November 21, 1901 Dr. W. J. Ross W. W. McKuen    
February 25, 1907 Shaw, Louis R. m w s       31y11m10d Onaway la grippe of the typhoid type MI none Thos. E. Shaw OH Elizabeth Norton MI Forest Lawn February 7, 1907 Dr. David A. Hatt L. Abbott Thomas E. Shaw  
September 9, 1915 Shaw, Thomas Elwood m w m       76y0m28d Onaway intestinal carcinoma OH justice of the peace Nathan Shaw OH Miriam James OH Tower, Cheboygan Co., MI September 11, 1915 Dr. C. A. Carpenter E. K. Shirtum Mrs. Thos. Shaw  
December 18, 1954 Shea, Delphine f w wd   46 yrs May 2, 1864 90y Onaway light hemiplegia; subdural hematomice(hematomas???); cerebral vascular accident MI home Gerald Noel unknown unknown Moore unknown St. Paul's Cem. December 20, 1954 Dr. D. E. Finch Mark S. Karr Mrs. J. Vassar  
August 16, 1925 Shea, John J. m w m unknown Shea   April 24, 1885 40y4m3d Onaway paraplegia(syphilitic); influenza Alpena, MI farm laborer Joseph Shea Canada Della Noel Canada St. Paul's August 18, 1925 Dr. L. D. McMillan E. K. Shirtum Mrs. John Shea  
October 16, 1912 Sherman, Elizabeth f w m     January 21, 1849 63y8m25d Allis uramia(uremic?) comma NY housewife Enoch Howard NY Harrietta Wallen PA Elmwood Cem. October 17, 1912 Dr. C. A. Carpenter I. J. Barnett    
August 26, 1913 Sherman, Lucy f w m     September 17, 1896 17y11m9d Allis diabetes MI housewife Marion Parker MI Jessie Northcott MI Elmwood Cem. August 27, 1913 Dr. C. A. Carpenter I. J. Barnett    
October 12, 1917 Sherman, Victor Wilbur m w s     October 3, 1917 0y0y9d Allis inanition Allis Twp, PI Co., MI   Enoch Sherman MI Kittie Parker MI unknown unknown unknown    
January 5,1955 Shimel, William Griffith m w s     January 5, 1955 0y0m0d Onaway stillborn; pulmonary edema; atelectasis; 7# 8 oz. Onaway, MI   William G. Bowman (age 37yrs; laborer) OH Geneva Amelia Shimel (age 20 yrs.) MI Elmwood Cem. January 8, 1955 Dr. D. E. Finch Mark S. Karr Geneva Shimel  
August 9, 1915 Shirtum, Ernest Eugene m w s       0y9m0d Onaway inanition Onaway, MI   Ernest K. Shirtum MI Mary Wise MI Elmwood Cem. August 10, 1915 Dr. V. W. Shirley E. K. Shirtum E. K. Shirtum  
April 20, 1933 Sholtz, Ida May f w wd     June(?) 25, 1856 76y10(?)m26d Onaway coronary thrombosis Niagra, NY   Harry Sawyer unknown unknown unknown Chesaning, MI April 22, 1933 Dr. A. C. Huebner Grant Chaney Mrs. Bessie Post  
December 7, 1906 Shoteloy, unnamed f w s       0y0m0d Onaway stillborn MI   John Shoteloy Canada Olive Goupie Canada Rogers City, MI Cem. December 8, 1906 Dr. C. A. Carpenter P. K. Kimball    
December 7, 1918 Shoults, Henry Frederic m w m       66y11m17d Onaway pleurisy;senile pneumonia Canada millwright Henry J. Shoults Canada Elizabeth Hunsickle Canada Au Sable, MI December 10, 1918 Dr. C. A. Carpenter E. K. Shirtum Mrs. H. Shoults  

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