Onaway Death Certificates
Contributed by Janet Anderson & B.J. Kemme

January 10, 1920 Siddle, Lois Catherine f w s       18y7m3d Onaway peritonitis East Tawas, MI student Fred Siddle Canada Nellie French Canada Elmwood Cem. January 12, 1920 Dr. C. A. Carpenter E. K. Shirtum Fred Siddle  
September 23, 1908 Simmons, Dorothy Louise f w s       0y8m17d Onaway enteritis MI   Chas. O. Simmons OH unknown unknown unknown September 24, 1908 Dr. C. A. Carpenter I. J. Barnett C. O. Simmons  
March 30, 1922 Simons, Benjamin C. m w s       49y6m17d Onaway sudden death in sleep; aortic stenosis MI/PA? laborer Julius E. Simons MI unknown unknown Elmwood Cem. April 1, 1923 Dr. C. A. Carpenter E. K. Shirtum Mrs. Julius Simons  
February 4, 1918 Simons, Charlett Fay f w s       0y0m10m26d Onaway acute congestion of the lungs Onaway, MI   Julius Earl Simons Centreville, MI Bra Higgins Park Lake, MI (?) Elmwood Cem. February 6, 1918 Dr. H. D. B. Dustin E. K. Shirtum Julius Earl Simons  
February 19, 1920 Simons, Julius Earl m w m       24y9m3d Onaway influenza Alma, MI or Curtisville, MI laborer Julius Simons PA Eliza Couch PA Elmwood Cem. February 21, 1920 Dr. V. W. Shirley E. K. Shirtum Mrs. Cora Simons  
May 27, 1928 Sitzes, Edward H. m w m Anna Sitzes 15yrs. October 2, 1868 59y7m25d Onaway hypertension with auricular(atrial?) fibrillation Ontario, Canada laborer John Sitzes PA Susan Brown Canada Elmwood Cem. May 29, 1928 Dr. L. D. Mc Millan E. K. Shirtum    
November 18, 1946 Sloan, Mary Ellen f w wd     September 24, 1875 71y1m25d Onaway cerebral hemorrhage, arterio sclerosis, hypertension Ontario, Canada housekeeper William Watchern/Watchhorn(?) Canada unknown Canada Elmwood Cem. November 22, 1946 Dr. Nicholas Lentini, Cheboygan, MI Harold M. Karr Ruben Sloan 1559 Buena Vista, Detroit, MI  
April 3, 1926 Small, William John m w m   24yrs. February 26, 1870 56y1m7d Onaway pernicious anemia Canada common laborer John Small Canada Jessie Hayes Edinburgh, Scotland Cheboygan, MI April 5, 1926 Dr. C.A. Carpenter E. K. Shirtum Mrs. William Small In U.S. for 40 years
May 3, 1928 Smiley, Hattie f w m John Smiley   September 12, 1863 63y8m25d Onaway diabetes; influenza pneumonia Stockway Co.(?), NY house work Nathan Emerson Stockway Co.(?), NY unknown NY Elmwood Cem. May 6, 1928 Dr. C. A. Carpenter E. K. Shirtum John Smiley  
March 14, 1930 Smiley, John m w m Delia Smiley 25 yrs. December 15, 1857 72y2m29d Onaway angina pectoris Susquehanna Co., PA draying-self employed John Smiley unknown Cassia Day unknown Elmwood Cem. March 16, 1930 Dr. C. A. Carpenter E. K. Shirtum Bert Spencer, son-in-law 529 N. Oakley, Saginaw, MI  
February 9, 1914 Smillie, Gerald Joseph m w s       0y1m13d Onaway whooping cough Onaway, MI   Wm. Smillie Ontario, Canada Mary Sweeney Ontario, Canada St. Paul's Cem. February 10, 1914 Dr. V. W. Shirley I. J. Barnett Wm. Smillie  
January 27, 1958 Smith, Agnes f w m     January 30, 1886 71y11m28d Onaway terminal bronchial pneumonia; hypostatic pneumonia; bilateral C.V.A.(cerebro vascular accident) Mecosta, MI housewife Alfred Sprague unknown Caroline June unknown North Allis Cem. January 30, 1958 Dr. D. E. Finch Rollin P. Chagnon Eugene Smith  
January 30, 1925 Smith, Alfred Charles m w s     January 30, 1925 0y0m0d Onaway stillborn Onaway, MI   Edward B. Smith Morland(?), MI(?Moreland, MI) Evelyn King unknown South Allis (Hillcrest Cem.) February 1, 1925 Dr. C. A. Carpenter E. K. Shirtum Fred Smith  
April 7, 1911 Smith, Alice Augusta f w m   2yrs. March 7, 1857 54y1m0d Allis cerebral apoplexy NY housewife Sept Porter NY Louisa Shimel unknown Allis April 8, 1911 Dr. C. A. Carpenter I. J. Barnett   Note that she is the sister to Grandpa Myron Burial was in South Allis (Hillcrest Cem..)
September 21, 1906 Smith, Bessie f w s       1y2m20d Onaway gastroenteritis MI   Wm. Smith MI Martha Geneman MI Forest Lawn September 23, 1906 Dr. C. A. Carpenter P. K. Kimball    
April 30, 1938 Smith, Charles Henry m w m Flora Smith 13 yrs   68y8m25d Onaway infirmities of old age Sanilac Co., MI laborer unknown unknown unknown unknown Onaway, MI May 3, 1938 E. K. Shirtum, Coroner John F. Borzyskowski, Rogers City, MI Mrs. Chas. Smith Buried in Elmwood Cem.. Cemetery
September 16, 1939 Smith, Claud Morrison m w s     September 16, 1939 0y0m0d 0naway stillborn, strangulation by cord Onaway, MI   Charles Smith Rogers City, MI Mary J. Morrison Onaway, MI Tower, Cheboygan Co., MI September 16, 1939 Dr. J. M. Trudeau Grant Chaney Mrs. Guy Morrison  
April 3, 1959 Smith, Cynthia Almira f w wd Melburn Smith   December 15, 1884 74y3m19d Onaway coronary occlusion; coronary thrombosis; coronary arteriosclerosis Clayton, MI housewife B. F. Doolittle unknown Eunice Jackson unknown Elmwood Cem. April 6, 1959 Dr. D. E. Finch Rollin P. Chagnon Hazel Smith  
October 3, 1911 Smith, Donald Melburn m w s       0y10m15d Onaway ileocolitis MI   Melburn Smith MI Synthia Doolittle MI Alpena, MI October 4, 1911 Dr. L. C. Kent H. F. Preston Melburn Smith  
August 19, 1903 Smith, Dora Lu f w s     May 8, 1902 1y3m11d Onaway Ileocolitis MI   Morris G. Smith MI Mary Irwin MI South Allis (Hillcrest Cem.) August 19, 1903 Dr. C. A. Carpenter I. J. Barnett    
February 14, 1906 Smith, Elizabeth f w wd       68y3m29d Onaway dropsy Canada housewife Robert Hull Ireland Mary Burbond Canada Forest February 17/18, 1906 Dr. V. W. Shirley C. S. Stewart    
June 24, 1932 Smith, Elmer J. m w s     May 24, 1932 1m Onaway Pyloric stasons (stenosis?) Onaway, MI   Elmer Smith Sandusky, MI Elizabeth Kimby? MI Ocqueoc, MI June 26, 1932 Dr. L.D. Mc Millan Grant Chaney Elmer Smith Possible a twin. Possibly buried in Ocqueoc Twp. Cem..
August 4, 1932 Smith, Elmer Jay m w s     May 24, 1932 2m10d Onaway enteritis Onaway, MI   Elmer Smith Sandusky, MI Elizabeth Hurelay(?) MI Ocqueoc, MI August 6, 1932 Dr. C. A. Carpenter Grant Chaney Elmer Smith Possibly a twin. Possibly buried in Ocqueoc Twp. Cem..
May 27, 1921 Smith, Erma Helen f w s       0y1m10d Onaway whooping cough; not well nourished since birth Onaway, MI   Norman J. Smith Alpena, MI Hazel May Andrews Alpena, MI Elmwood Cem. May 29, 1921 Dr. H. D. B. Dustin E. K. Shirtum Norman J. Smith  
February 3, 1965 Smith, Grace M. f w m Charles Smith   April 11, 1894 70y9m23d Onaway coronary occlusion; coronary thrombosis; coronary arteriosclerosis; generalized arteriosclerosis Dayton(?)/Dighton(?)/Dalton(?), MA housewife Waylon Jones unknown unknown unknown North Allis Cem. February 6, 1965 Dr. D. E. Finch Rollin P. Chagnon Charles Smith  
March 7, 1906 Smith, Hattie May f w s     September 9, 1884 24y5m2d Onaway pulmonary hemorrhage Canada   Josiah Smith Canada Elizabeth Hull Canada Forest March 10/ 11, 1906 Dr. V. W. Shirley C. S. Stewart    
October 16, 1906 Smith, Helen Beatrice f w s     March 19, 1906 1y7m Allis catarbhal (catarrhal?) eutaviti unknown   Fred Smith MI Mabel Jacobs MI Allis October 18, 1906 Dr. D. C. Howell F. E. R. Lacy   Burial was in South Allis (Hillcrest Cem..)
November 17, 1913 Smith, James m w s       77y Allis heart disease Ireland none Alexander Smith Ireland Efhja Ash Ireland Elmwood Cem. November 21, 1913 S. M. Towers, coroner I. J. Barnett    
March 12, 1933 Smith, James m w m Leota Smith   January 29(?), 1883 50y2m11(?)d Onaway labor pneumonia MI   John Smith NY Estor Walton Ontario, Canada North Allis Cem. March 15, 1933 Dr. A. C. Huebner Grant Chaney Mrs. Leata(?) Smith  
February 26, 1929 Smith, Julia f w m Nathan Smith 23 yrs. October 16, 1856 72y4m10d Onaway cerebral embolism Buffalo, NY housewife Wm. Carrington Toronto, Canada Harriett Phelps Toronto, Canada Elmwood Cem. February 28, 1929 Dr. C. A. Carpenter G. R. Bannan Nathan Smith  
February 20, 1963 Smith, Julie f w wd Neil Smith   June 22, 1873 89y7m29d Onaway coronary thrombosis and occlusion; coronary thrombosis; coronary arteriosclerosis; hypertensive heart disease MI housewife Henry Stinchfield(?) unknown Abby Nuite unknown Pine Hill Cem., Cheboygan, MI February 23, 1963 Dr. D. E. Finch Rollin P. Chagnon Clayton Smith  
January 14, 1926 Smith, Lorenzo D. m w m Rhoda Ann Smith   February 20, 1864 61y10m24d Onaway burned to death in factory fire Lakeview, MI millwright Azro Smith unknown unknown unknown Elmwood Cem. January 17, 1926 E. K. Shirtum, Coroner E. K. Shirtum Mrs. Rhoda Ann Smith  
May 20, 1904 Smith, Lydia f w m     June 25, 1879 25y10m25d Onaway kidney- miscarriage & cold MI housewife Cameron Dunn MI ? Deanny MI Forest March 22, 1904 Dr. A. A. Stuart I. J. Barnett    
December 2, 1959 Smith, Mabel f w wd Fred Smith   March 3, 1880 79y8m29d Onaway gastro-intestinal hemorrhage; erosion of blood vessel; peptic ulcer; cardio-renal edema OH housewife William Jacobs unknown unknown unknown Hillcrest Cem. December 5, 1959 Dr. D. E. Finch Rollin P. Chagnon Thetis Liguia  
January 6, 1907 Smith, Martha E. f w m       38y8m1d Onaway tubercular enteritis MI housewife Edward Geusasau NY Harriet Grady MI Forest Lawn January 6, 1907 Dr. C. A. Carpenter P. K. Kimball    
November 6, 1926 Smith, Mary Alice f w s     October 1, 1926 0y1m6d Onaway ileocolitis Onaway, MI   James Smith Onaway, MI Leota Moore Omer, MI North Allis November 8, 1926 Dr. L. D. McMillan E. K. Shirtum Jas. Smith  
January 23, 1964 Smith, Matilda f w wd Angus Smith   July 7, 1864 99y6m16d Onaway coronary occlusion; coronary thrombosis; arterisclerotic heart ; bronchopneumonia Canada housewife James Pyne unknown Isebell Cravin unknown Forest Lawn Cem., Tower, Cheboygan Co., MI January 26, 1964 Dr. D. E. Finch Rollin P. Chagnon Dr. D. E. Finch US citizen
December 27, 1926 Smith, Melbourn Joseph m w m Cynthia A. Smith   May 11, 1880 45y7m16d Onaway tetanus following from removal of pematoma( hematoma) from leg Alpena, MI laborer at Lobdell Emery Mfg. Co., also deputy sheriff of Presque Isle County Thomas Smith Canada Elizabeth Brooks Alpena, MI Elmwood Cem. December 30, 1926 Dr. L. D. McMillan E. K. Shirtum Ida Mae Merritt  
February 26, 1920 Smith, Melfern f w s       3y0m5d Onaway bronchial pneumonia; influenza Rapid River, MI   Earl Milton Smith MI Elma Hunt MI Elmwood Cem. February 28, 1920 Dr. V. W. Shirley E. K. Shirtum Earl Smith  
August 20, 1906 Smith, Nellie f w s       30y10m8d Onaway general tuberculosis Canada dress maker J. Smith Canada Elizabeth ? Canada Tower, Cheboygan Co., MI August 21, 1906 Dr. C. A. Carpenter Phillip Cole  
April 11, 1938 Smith, Ray Dueltgen m w s     August (?) 22, 1918 19y5(?)m19d Onaway killed in car accident, broken neck NY sailor Oscar Smith MI Louise Dueltgen Rogers City, MI Rogers City, MI April 14, 1938 E. K. Shirtum, Coroner John F. Borzyskowski?, Rogers City, MI Oscar Smith Rogers City, MI  
August 11, 1948 Smith, Roger Allen m w s     August 9, 1948 2d Onaway cerebral embolis from heart clot Onaway, MI   Veren Smith Onaway, MI Maris Allen MI North Allis Cem. August 13, 1948 Dr. T. N. Duncan Harold M. Karr Vernen Smith  
April 19, 1907 Smith, Ruth Marie f w s       0y1m13d Onaway marasmus Onaway, MI   Chas. Smith MI Louise Hauldried MI Onaway, MI April 20, 1907 Dr. C. A. Carpenter I. J. Barnett Alva Blumark Burial was in St. Paul's Cemetery
May 26, 1903 Smith, Sabra Ethel Eileen Annie f w s     November. 27, 1902 0y5m29d Onaway intussusceptions Onaway, MI   A. E. Smith Ontario, Canada Lucy M. Williams England North Allis May 28, 1903 Dr. C. A. Carpenter I. J. Barnett    
March 9, 1929 Smith, Thomas m w m Maude Smith 9 yrs. May 19, 1850 78y9m20d Onaway apoplexy, auricular fibrillation due to mitral regurgitation Canada farmer Wm. Smith England unknown unknown Elmwood Cem. March 11, 1929 Dr. L. D. Mc Millan G. R. Bannan Norman J. Smith, Rogers City, MI  
July 31, 1903 Smith, Thos. m w s     July 8, 1902 1y0m23d Onaway cholera infantum Petoskey, MI   Thos. Smith MI Nona Briggs MI South Forest August 1, 1903 Dr. D. C. Howell I. J. Barnett    
October 27, 1906 Smith, unnamed f w s       0y0m0d Onaway premature birth MI   Melburn Smith MI Cynthia Doolittle MI Allis October 28, 1906 Dr. L. C. Kent L. Abbott    
December 19, 1908 Smith, unnamed m w s       30min Onaway premature birth MI   Clark Smith OH Charlotte Vaochers MI Forest December 19, 1908 Dr. L. C. Kent B. E. Sisco Clark Smith  
June 25, 1915 Smith, unnamed m w s       0y0m0d Onaway stillborn MI   Norman Smith MI Hazel Andrews MI Elmwood Cem. June 25, 1915 Dr. L. C. Kent G. T. Sedgeman Melburn Smith  
January 21, 1954 Smith, William m w s   1 yr. November 27, 1879 74y Onaway bronchial pneumonia, virus infection, upper respiratory infection, intestinal obstruction MI farmer Jarvis Smith unknown Jane Walters unknown North Allis Cem. January 24,1954 Dr. D. E. Finch Mark S. Karr Harry Hyde, Tower, Cheboygan Co., MI  

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