Totem Pole Tales-Onaway's Original Main Street
Submitted by Nute Chapman
From Onaway Outlook Mar. 30, 2012

CAPTION:  HERE'S a photo of the Hotel Greenwood from 1910.
width="600" As I bring to light some of Onaway area history, I find that I should talk about some of the early history to shed light on the fact that Onaway's State Street of today was not the center of attraction.
First Street, which led from the depot to State Street, was the location of our saloons, hotels, liveries, city hall, the jail, The Outlook, Scotty's Place, the telephone company, hose house No. 2, The Onaway Interlake, and many more.
I find many of our early business places were relocated or rebuilt on other sites after a fire or as business got better.
One such move was the Advent Church on the corner of Lynn and Spruce streets. It relocated from State Street where Henry's brick building was torn down. Henry Lipshield built two wood buildings before his brick store.
The Advent Church group at that time wanted to get away from the growth of State Street. The Advent Church building is still there today, being a drop off for clothing to be shared with the needy.
The Hotel Greenwood was one of the large buildings that was located on the corner of First and Spruce streets. This building was history that came and went before my time.
J.D. Cox & Son ran the Hotel Greenwood. It was as good a house as northern Michigan affords for $1.50 and $2 a day.
The Greenwood was centrally located and well furnished.
When Jim Cox came to Onaway March 29, 1898, there were just 28 people in Onaway.
The Greenwood had a well-stocked sample room. The slogan was "When in Onaway make your home at the Greenwood and enjoy life."
The picture from Dad's collection was taken on April 4, 1910. It was during the campaign for local option to eliminate the sale of booze.
-Onaway Outlook, March 30, 2012, p.3. Retyped by J. Anderson.

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