Totem Pole Tales- Onaway High School
Submitted by Nute Chapman
From Onaway Outlook April 11, 2014

Caption: 1940-41 Onaway School Paper Staff.  Back row:  George Johnson, Sebe Morgan, Doug Wigglesworth, Meritt Frier,
Alice Stevenson, Gertrude Madden and Ruth Wheelock.  Middle row:  Roxie Mahoney, Muriel Philpot, Janette Aikens, Evelyn
Porter, Charles DeMorest, Doris Wright, Clara Sweeso, Melba Gaudette, June Brady and Clarissa Riley.  Front row:
Terry Daly, Genevieve Gordier, Ida Mae Lorentz, Kay Campbell, Floyd Hilliker, Ethel Brady and Nelson Savoix.
width="800" High school in the beginning was a challenge for me. I was already used to working at the bowling alley, helping local farmers put up hay and had worked at the B & C while Ron Beatty spent two weeks at Major Brown's Summer Camp at the Ocqueoc Group Camp. School was cutting into my plans.
I found out that general math was much easier than algebra I. I also found out that my niche in the music field would be listening to the peepers in the spring, telling me that sucker season was just around the corner.
Mr. Merritt and my Dad were good friends and this landed me a job in the lunchroom. My time spent there helped to pay for our lunches and gave me a little extra to spend. The other benefit was to make friends with the great cooks who worked in the lunch room. I worked wit Mrs. Barden, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Paulus and Mrs. Eichorn. I put out the milk every day and helped the cooks move the big pots and pans. Mrs. Paulus showed me how to put the fork tracks in the peanut butter cookies that would be served the next day.
I sometimes got to help the janitors skin a deer that would be dropped off by the conservation department. A couple of times we were given an elk. The meat from these animals would be used in the hot lunch program.
I managed to graduate somewhere in the upper half of my class and the only regret I have today is not taking the typing class that I thought was only for girls.
From the Onaway Outlook, April 11, 2014, page 3.
Retyped by J. Anderson

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