A Ghost Town
Contributed by Jody Doran & B.J. Kemme

Providence is now a ghost town but was once located near Millersburg around 1900.  According to the 1901 
census approximately 200 people lived there.  By 1905 the post office was closed.  The fire of 1911 destroyed 
what was left of the town.  The following are individuals or families that were associated with the area in 
and around Providence. 
Bennett, William E. - surveyor 
Brown, Isaac & family 
Case, Charles E & Dora - first known residents 
Crawford family 
Dalton, John & family 
Deny, W. O. - Railroad and telegraph agent 
Derry, S. F. - owned a saw mill 
Disberry, Arthur & family 
Ducap, Ed - lumberman 
Ducap family 
Flewelling family 
Hamilton, J. - owned a sawmill 
Harrison family 
Hart family 
Harris, Elmer & family 
Heibel, Mamie Dalton - born in Providence & the village historian 
Holihan, R. P. - owned a sawmill 
Hurford, Eli - lumberman 
Lawlor, Jim 
Leach, Tom & family 
Leister Mr. - owned a saw mill  
Lewis, Edwin M. owned a saw mill 
Little, Reverend 
McCall family 
McDonald, Dan - worked at the S. F. Derry Mill 
McDonald, John & family 
McDonald, Malcolm - real estate 
Millmine family 
Mitchell, Reuben - owned saw & planing mills, postmaster, store owner 
Orcutt, Leona Wilson - lived in Providence 
Palmeter, Fred & family 
Parris, George & family 
Parris, Hearvey & family 
Peel, Walter - owned a home 
Preer, Joe & family 
Soule family 
Wilson, Jim family 
Wilson, Red 
Woods family 
Stores or Business: 
S. F. Derry Mill 
Grinden & Company - saw mill 
Hamilton Mill 
Leister & Company - saw mill 
Doran, Jody Banks, Village of Millersburg, Est. 1901 Millersburg Centennial 1901 - 2001

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